With A Formula That Will Alert Me If There Are Any Blanck Or 0 Value Cells In A Row

Sep 22, 2006

I created a spread sheet for my four classes and their grades and at this point in the trimester, it has gotten quite long. Too long for me to visually check if a student is missing any work (which I would have recorded with either a 0 or just left blank). I was wondering if there was a way to create a new column with a formula that would tell me if any cell in that row was either blank or had a 0,

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Audio Alert: Alert For When Range ("C4").select Is >=1000 Alert Ring

Dec 7, 2008

I just discovered VBA coding today and was wondering if I could use it as an audio alert. I found a couple examples online but donít understand the coding language of excel. I have a feed link from my trading platform to excel that feeds in live data. What I would like to do is have an alert for when Range ("C4").select is >=1000 Alert Ring.wav and when Range ("C4").select is <=-1000 Alert Chimes.wav.

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Macros Crahes - Alert Alert - Shut Down All Systems

Mar 27, 2007

Each month I get a report that I process using a macro. The problem is that each month the name of the file changes and is different. When I run the macro and it crashes I have to de-bug by going through the code to change all references to the file name from the the previos run and change to the latest file name and then re-run the macro. There must be a better way.

I would like to learn the code that sees the open book and then refers to it for the run.

What is the best way to do this?

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Formula For Alert Or Message

Dec 9, 2009

I have to prepare invoices daily basis..i have to write name in attached sheet i.e cell D7 and Operator name in G13..some time my boss catch my mistake that this operator is for any other company and some time he catchs that this company is for any other operator..

I have a list as there..kindly advise me if my operator is not equal to my company or my company is not equal to my operator as per my list in sheet 1 than a alert massenge should come there so that i would not continue typing till i correct it..

Is there any validation formula or any other advise..

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Alert When Formula Gets Changed?

Dec 3, 2013

existing workbook that has evolved over several years, there are bits of data spread all over the sheets and there are several sheets.

My question is. Is there a way to show/print/email an alert with a reminder message any time any of the formula cells gets changed, something like "Be aware a formula is being changed, make a note of the changes."

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Fill Mismatch Cells - Receive Alert Message?

Jun 16, 2014

I have a table with data in 2 different columns. In the first column there are names of companies given to me by an outside source and they are labeled according to the way this outside company labels them.

In the second coulumn, There are names of the same companies, only this time they are labeled according to the way my company labels them.

I would like to use a formula or any excel function to find when the company name in the first column is at all different from any name in the second. If the name is different, I would like to receive an alert message, or just fill the cell red if it is easier.

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Adapt VBA Code To Stop And Alert If Any Cells Are Blank?

Aug 1, 2014

I have a VBA code that when activated it copies 6 cells from sheet1 to the next available row in sheet2 - A2:F:2.

alerting and stopping the routine if any one of the cells in sheet1 are empty so the user has to input into all cells before the routine will execute.

does it need a check cells for content if error highlight empty cell.

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Audio Alert

Oct 29, 2008

I am trying to add a sound alert to a junior athletics recording program. The date of the meetings is in column (A), results are entered in column (B) for a particular event, say 100m sprint. Column (C) & (D) contain formula that recognise if that athletes result is a personal best (PB) result or a club record (CR). I am after a code that will play a sound when a new PB or CR has been achieved. I have downloaded the sounds I want into the office media file. I am new to VB codes. Any suggestions?

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Mar 8, 2007

In ("a1") i have a time e.g 12:30
in a2 it is 1:40 ......................etc
i want a vba code that play a file.wav when the time exactly as in a1 then play it agin when it as in a2 repeating it self to .............a12

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Msgbox Alert At 2, 4, 6, 8, 12

Oct 28, 2009

I have this
Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range)

If Range("A1") >= 2 Then MsgBox "Check: " & Me.Name, 64

End Sub
but I need to get a msgbox when the value of A1 is >= 2, then when the value is >= 4, then >=6, then >=8 , ............

the value of A1 is going to be increasing by decimal points as I enter data.

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Radio Button Alert

Nov 25, 2008

I have a chart that's being updated with different values when I cklick on different radiobuttons. When the cells that the radio button refers to is empty or the calculation in the cell have an error it pops up a message that I need to click OK to go on. Is there a way to stop these alerts by writing a script that shuts the alert messages off during each click?

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How To Exit Out Of Alert Errors

Jan 13, 2014

I entered an activex object command thing.. and now I'm not sure how to exit out of it.. it just keeps alerting errors messages like reference is not valid and other ones depending on what I type in the formula box.

I just want to remove the object, but I can't get past the error alerts.. they just keep coming every single time I click somewhere on the workbook trying to exit out of it.. so I'm not sure how to even get out of it.. I don't want to open up Task Manager to exit out of the entire program because I didn't save my workbook.

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Macro - Set Up Alert Or Notification

Jul 31, 2014

How to create a macro which would search through certain columns and post an alert/notification with the employee name (at the top of the column) and date (to the left of the column) if the cell value is less than 12.

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Alert In VBA If Amount Exceeds 100%

Oct 3, 2009

If I already have lets say 90% on B9 and I try to enter 15% on D9 it wont allow me because of the total being over 100%, but how can I have an alert to say Please enter 10% or less.


If I already have lets say 50% on B9 and I try to enter 20% on D9 and I try to enter 50% F9 it wont allow me because of the total being over 100%, but how can I have an alert to say Please enter 70% or less (the sum of B9+D9).

Can this be done using VBA?

I've attached the file that has the data validation.

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Email Alert Not Working?

Aug 30, 2012

I have the below VBA code which does not seem to be working. I want to have an email alert as soon as some Excel is saved. THis is the code I am using. Office 2007 is used, I have Enable all macros under trust centre settings.

Private Sub Workbook_BeforeSave(ByVal SaveAsUI As Boolean, Cancel As Boolean) Dim OutLook As Object Dim OutMail As Object Const SendTo As String = "ab@xyz.com" Set OutLook = CreateObject("Outlook.Application") OutLook.Session.Logon Set OutMail = OutLook.CreateItem(0) With OutMail .To = SendTo .Subject = ThisWorkbook.Name & " is updated" .Body = " Needs your attention!" .Send End With Set OutMail = Nothing Set OutLook = NothingEnd Sub

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Alert On Unique Value Entered?

Jun 18, 2014

Is there any way to get Excel to disallow you to enter in unique values into the same column? Like I know you can search for and delete duplicates, but I am wanting to get excel to disallow duplicates from being entered and/or give me an alert that what I just entered is a duplicate.

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Code For Date Alert

May 18, 2007

I have a worksheet with various information contained in each row and using up to columns M. Each row represents a new product and new products/rows are added weekly. In columns H is the date which is formatted like "*14/03/2007" and displays as that.

What i want to do is when the 11 months have past since the date in the cell i would like the cell colour to change to YELLOW. When 12 months have past then i need it to change to RED.

Date in cell is 18/05/2007

When date reaches 18/04/2008 i want the cell to change to YELLOW

When date reaches 18/05/2008 i want the cell to change to RED

I would like the code to apply to all cells in column J.

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Warning / Alert With Conditions

Jun 1, 2009

I am trying to set up a warning. If an amount is entered in columns u,v, w a warning box to appear telling the clerk to enter a comment in col ab or what I would really like is if they enter an amount the cursor jumps to comments with a command for them to write an explainations.

Do you have a way to do this. (excel 2007)

Col U V W X AB
Held Amount
Write-off AmountTransfer from Proj. to Proj. AmountFinal Invoice
Comments $ 5.00 $ - $ - $ 273,143.29

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Error Message Pop Up Alert

Jun 11, 2009

I wanted to make a pop up alert message appear whenever the formula in a cell gives a particular output.

Before posting this i tried looking for similar posts before, but the ones found do not solve my problem. There it asks me to write the following code in VBA,

Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range)
Dim MyRange As String

MyRange = "A1"

If Me.Range(MyRange).Value = "Have Meeting" Then
MsgBox "Have Meeting"
End If
End Sub

But my doing so, I can not use any formula in the cell A1 or any other cell i give reference as MyRange. I will always have to physically type "Have Meeting" or any other word assigned in the above.

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Automatically Answer YES To Alert

Jan 6, 2007

My macro cuts and pastes a section of one sheet over the top of each remaining sheet in the workbook. It pauses before each paste and presents a message box (relating to copying over a named range) requiring the user to manually click on "Yes" in response to the question before continuing on. How can I modify my macro so that it finishes without requiring the user to click on "yes" for each sheet. In other words, how do I get the macro to automatically answer "Yes" to the message box ??

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Stop Save As Alert

Jan 10, 2007

I have to send some data on hourly basis i have a macro that extracts the data from the master sheet and creates a new workbook for the same and saves the same. Problem that i am facing is that i need to save the file with the same name. and on doing that it shows a pop up that do you want to replace existing file. Is it possible to stop this pop up. Code that i am using to save the workbook:

ActiveWorkbook.SaveAs Filename:= _
"C:Documents and SettingsAmritDesktop Training Scedule For Next Hour.xls" _
, FileFormat:=xlNormal, Password:="", WriteResPassword:="", _
ReadOnlyRecommended:=False, CreateBackup:=False, ConflictResolution:=xlLocalSessionChanges

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Filter Alert Or Notification

Apr 20, 2007

I have several linked files to a master excel document that uses filters.

Unfortunately, if I dont remember everytime to turn off the filter before I exit the file, the other files read data incorrectly.

I could set up an alert/notification that tells me these filters are still on before I exit the file?

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Sound Alert IF Condition Not Met

Sep 20, 2007

I am trying achieve the following. I have bracketed each part seperate part for clarity.

(if a1+b1+c1 = 10 or more), and (a2 = 10 or more) and (b2 = 10 or more) (then sound an alert) (and display the number 1 in d1) (if not ignore).

I can do parts of the formula but i am getting very very confused trying to combine them together. I am trying to make this formula work in d1.

Can anyone tell me if this is a valid piece of logic that can be represented by an excel formula.

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Creation Of Audible Alert In Excel

Jan 28, 2013

How to create an audible alert in XL. To be more specific, I would like the system to alert me on various due dates for the data entered. The key filed is the DATE. The due dates for re-validation could be between 07 days to 3 years.

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Alert When Date Expires In Excel

Mar 24, 2014


In the attachment you will see I have two tabes called License-Equanet and License-Dell, on each row i show an expiry date.

The first sheet is called 'Due to Expire'. One month before an expiry date is reached in the licenses tab I need the information in that row to appear in the 'due to expire' tab. This will then alert me one month prior to the license expiring.

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Cannot Remove Alert Box When Deleting Rows

Feb 24, 2014

I can't get rid of the alert "Delete entire sheet row" using DisplayAlerts = False. Here is my code:

[Code] .....

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Alert That Module Code Is Complete?

Feb 20, 2009

I have a vba process that develops statistics/graphical output via SQL queries of pretty large datasets. This usually takes about 2min, so I run it via a form I've build, and then go do other work or play on the net, checking and rechecking if it has completed. I do have a msgbox once the process is complete, but if i am not actively in an Excel window, I will not see it. Is there a way to force the windows taskbar to flash or something so i can see that my process is complete if i am not in an Excel window?

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Alert When Entered A Number Or Word

Jan 21, 2006

Is there a function in excel that alerts you if you have entered a number
(or word!) more than an agreed amount of times??
e.g. If you have agreed not to input the number 7 more than 3 times in a
selected range, but then do so, will excel inform you??

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Refresh TFS Data Without Displaying Alert

Oct 17, 2013

I have an excel workbook that includes data imported from a TFS query. I have a VBA macro that refreshes the TFS data, but since it behaves as though the user is clicking the "refresh" button, it prompts the user, warning that this will overwrite unsaved data.

I need to run this on a loop so that it continually refreshes and writes a status message out to a file that gets used elsewhere, but it won't work if it prompts after each loop.

Is it possible to disable this alert, defaulting to "Yes", as in overwrite? I've tried Application.DisplayAlerts = False, but that doesn't seem to cover this alert.

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Display Alert On Excel Start

Sep 12, 2008

I have created a program to display an Alert based on a Date. I have this program enlcosed in the Workbook Open event. I need to popout this alert everyday, everytime EXCEL starts on a computer.

I had something in my mind though - I thought of plonking this program into the Workbook Open event of the Personal.xls workbook for a computer and thereby I could have achieved my requirement of popping out this alert everytime when Excel starts. However, there is one problem here. Every 3 to 5 days the dates in the workbook are going to change and I do not want the user to tamper with Personal.xls on his / her computer.

So I gave it a second thought. I created a shortcut of this workbook and placed it in the XLSTART folder for a computer and now the problem is - it opens the workbook itself rather than popping out the alert whenever Excel starts on the computer. So this would not work too.

Is there any other way I can make the alert pop out everytime I start Excel on a computer ?

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