Display Some Text In A Cell?

Feb 13, 2014

I am trying to display some text in a cell if the result of a different cell is #REF. How do I do that?

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Auto-populate Cells To Display Text From Another Cell Without Cutting Off Text?

Sep 2, 2013

I am trying to auto-populate text in cells in area A, based on data I enter into other cells in area B. I want the area A cells to be for display only, as all editing will be done in area B. The problem is: how do I do this such that the text I write does not get cut off if is longer than the column width? See the attached document for a clear example and description of what I am trying to do...

Excel Q.xlsx‎

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Text Trimming - Display Part Of Cells Text Value Inside Another Cell

Jun 15, 2014

I want to know how to display part of a cells text value, inside another cell.

Suppose in cell A1 i have "20-Jun-14"

How would I get cell B2 to display just "Jun"?

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Display Text In A Cell

Jan 16, 2009

irst Problem:

I need a little help with the same employee time sheet that I am working on in Excel 2007. I have a dropdown box in Cell E1 that lets the employee select their name. Example, if the choices in the drop down are: Smith, John Jones, Paul Nelson, Bob and Hall, Bill. So the names are Last Name, First Name. Once the employee chooses their name, I would like Cell G1 to display "Hello (E1). Welcome to AA Company." (where E1 is the employee's name but First Name Last Name - so it is reverse order of the choices in the dropdown). If E1 is left blank, I would like Cell G1 to display "Hello. Welcome to AA Company."

Second Problem:

How can I get rid of #VALUE! in a cell without messing up the formula of that cell or the cell it corresponds to??

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Display Url In A Cell As Text

Apr 21, 2006

When I enter a url in a cell it shows up underlined and with a different color (blue). I tried formatting as general or text to no avail. I deleted and reentered without http etc. but it still is underlined and blue. Anthing I type in that cell now is underlined and blue. If I click on the cell it launches my browser. I just want the text of the url in the cell.

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Cell Will Not Display All Text Characters? !

Aug 14, 2008

I pasted in 1369 characters (including spaces) to a cell, and NO MATTER what I try, all characters will not print.

If I have the cell up for formatting on the function line, all text can be seen, but for some reason it cuts off the last sentance or more and will not show it in print preview.

I've tried all kinds of cell text formatting, cell merging, etc. with no luck. The only work around I found is to just have the "missing text" on the following row.

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How Can I Display Another Cell As Hyperlink Text

Oct 16, 2008

I have a workbook that has a main sheet which provides stats from other sheets within the workbook. I have a hyperlink which goes to a certain place of sheet 2 and the displayed text shows the contents of a cell on sheet 2.

I know it's possible to have the hyperlink go to a certain cell on another workbook as opposed to worksheet, but I cant display the contents of a cell on another workbook as the text on the hyperlink.

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Display Text In A Cell That Goes Away Once Something Inputted?

Jun 18, 2013

I am making a list in excel and there are multiple cells where I want the user or customer to fill in their information. For example, In C2, the customer is supposed to enter the name in. How I can put text in this cell that will automatically disappear once they start editing the cell?

i.e. [Manual Entry]

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Display Text And Its Formatting In Other Cell

Oct 9, 2008

Without using a copy/paste macro, is there a way to display the text and its formatting from another cell? Obviously, the usual formula "= A2" only brings the text from that cell. Example:

A3: un-am-big-u-ous

G4: = A3 (but I want the font formatting used here as well)

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How To Display Text In A Cell That Goes Away Once Something Inputted

Jun 18, 2013

I am making a list in excel and there are mutliple cells where I want the user or customer to fill in their inormation. For example, In C2, the customer is supposed to enter the name in. How I can put text in this cell that will automatically disappear once they start editing the cell?

i.e. [Manual Entry]

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Lookup Cell And Display In Text Box

Sep 15, 2006

I am looking for a way to use A VBSRIPT to input a username in an input box that will then use this username, add it to a specific row/column and excel cell in a workbook and then display the result in a popup box that the user has to aknowledge by clicking ok before they can continue with their work. The situation is this: I have a pupil mark book that I wish to ensure that the pupils can access their marks easily without having to "see" all of my markbook.

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Display Text If Another Cell Filled

Apr 26, 2007

Is it possible to display text based on the contents of another cell?

I am creating a report that includes all our data for the year per month - this builds dynamically every time i create the next months report.

So far i have data for,

Column A-- Column B
Jan - have data
Feb - have data
March - have data
April - no data yet...

In this example i would want the following text to appear in another cell,

Statistics: January - March 2007

It would dynamically update to January - April 2007... once April cell had data.

It's probably very easy but after several attempts i can't get it working as such.

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Display Text When Hovering Over Cell

Aug 16, 2007

I have a cell with a number in it. The number refers to a cost center and is validated by using a drop down menu. In another sheet I have a table that gives a text description of the cost center. Is there a way this description can be shown when I hover the mouse over a cell with a cost center number?

(I can of course use vlookup and display it in the next column, but I am wondering if there is a way to show it only while hovering.)

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Display Contents(text) Of A Cell Referenced By A Given Cell

Feb 9, 2009

I want to display the contents of cell B5 in A7 by using cell C7 to show the location of the cell to be displayed. Cell C7 has a formula that shows the cell location of information (text) that needs to be displayed. How can I show in A7 the contents of cell reference shown in C7? In figure attached I show an example to better understand. Want in A7 to show the contents of B5 by reading what is in C7. So A7 cell should show word Road.

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Display Text Value Only If ALL Cell In Range Contain Certain Letter

Sep 6, 2013

I'm trying to have text in a specific column output a letter, only if every cell in a range of 4 contains the letter Y (yes). Using IF/SUMIF formulae I have managed to get he final cell to output the text, but it does it if ay one of the range of four cells contains the data, not all of them, which Is what is desired.

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Display Picture Based On Text In Cell

Feb 28, 2008

Is It Possible To Embed Pictures So That When I Do Lookup A Code It Then Shows Me The Picture Of What It Is Im Looking For. Ie If I Was To Type In Kettle It Would Show Me A Picture Of A Kettle In The Next Cell?

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Find Specific Text In Cell That Matches Range Then Display Specific Text?

Aug 5, 2013

I'm trying to find vehicle make and model in a cell containing a lot of text and then display that in the formula cell. For example if A1 is a paragraph that contains somewhere within it "Ford" & "Ranger". I want B1 to display "Ford" and C1 to display "Ranger". I have a list of vehicles makes (column A) and models (column B) on a seperate sheet.

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Display A String Of Text With Multiple Cell Values

Jul 30, 2009

I am trying to create a formula to display a string of text that refers to multiple cells. for example, =If(A1=0,"insert text here" &B1 "insert more text here" &B2 "insert even more text here" &B3, "insert text here" &C1 "Insert text here").
It works fine for one cell value, like ="Total: " &A1

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How To Make A Cell Display Text Difference Between Two Cells

Aug 30, 2013

Is there a way to make a cell display the text difference between two cells?

For example of cell E2 reads "Thank Goodness it is Friday" and cell F2 reads "Thank Goodness" can I put a formula in H2 that will show the text that is in E2 but not F2 ( "it is Friday")?

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Excel - Display Text In Cell But That Cell Have Different Value?

Jul 31, 2013

excel help.jpg

Basically it is a training matrix.

basically I need A30, A32, A34 and A36 cells to display the characters they are currently displaying but when i copy and past any of them into a new cell on the matrix for example into cell B11 I want to be able to SUM the total of that column and display it in cell B24

So to recap, I would like A30, A32, A34 and A36 cells to hold 25, 50, 75 and 100 as there value but this can not be displayed it is just a value which i can use to calculate.

I am ok if i have to link the cells with another worksheet but i have tried doing this also i dont know if i need to use VBA.

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Display Text In Cell Only If Value Exists In Different Cell?

Jan 3, 2012

Let me see if I can make this succinct and clear. Cell AQ2 (where the formula below resides) looks at the value in cell E2. It then references table $K$3:$U:$100 on sheet "LookupTables" to get the value to display. It does this (and works great) with the formula below:


I would like to add one more argument. I would also like it to reference cell U3 in the LookupTables sheet and if there is anything in that cell to go ahead and complete the formula, but if there's no value in that cell, it should return no text and be blank

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Display Named Range Contents Based On Text In Cell

Aug 24, 2009

I have some dynamic named ranges in sheet1, and in sheet2 I have data validation dropdown list which has the names of all the DNR's in it.

What I want it to do (in sheet3, no less) is for the user to be able to pick a named range from the dropdown list, and have a particular column in sheet3 then display that entire named range.

I have made a 'data' worksheet which is the source for the data validation in sheet2. Each item in the list identically matches the name of each of the named ranges. I was hoping to be able to use some form of =INDIRECT but alas, no such luck.

So it's almost like a copy and paste function I'm after, where:

If you pick "Schedule_From" out of the DD-list, then DNR 'Schedule_From' is what is pasted in Column B in Sheet3.

DON'T want to use a PivotTable.

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Display Chosen Number If Cell Text Begins With Specific Letter?

Apr 3, 2014

I'm trying to write an IF formula that will return a number if the word in the adjacent cell begins with a specific letter. Here's what I want to show:




So "C" would return 01, "E" would return 02 and "O" would return 03.

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Excel 2013 :: Making Numbers Display With Color Based On Text Inputted In Different Cell?

Nov 20, 2013

EXPENSE MASTER 2013 sample color.xlsx

I have numbers that will display in column G. I have payment types entered in column E. So if 'C FUEL','FA','C M/C', is entered in column E I want the number in column G to be red.

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If Cell Text Equals Cell Text In A Range Of Cells Display Value From Range Of Cells

Oct 4, 2012

I have the following formula that is supposed to grab a value from C2 and check for that value in a range of cells and if it matches it is supposed to display the corresponding value in another range of cells. What am I missing??

=IF(C2='Google Doc'!$B1122:$B1266,"'Google Doc!K1122:K1266'","Not OK")

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Cell B1 To Display True If Any Of The Values In Column C Match Otherwise I Want To Display FalseOR Function Confusion

Dec 16, 2008


i m wanting Cell B1 to display true if any of the values in column C match otherwise I want to display false.

A 1
B 0
C 0
D 0

But I can't determine how to get this done.

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Display Text After A Common Starting Text?

Jan 23, 2013

I have a column of locations where all the locations start with 'SHIP TO - ' followed my the actual location which can be of varying lengths. How can I display everything after the 'SHIP TO - ' in an adjacent column. My instinct is to use a RIGHT Function, but I don't know how to get that to only display the variable length text after the 'SHIP TO - ', e.g. in another column I want this


to show


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Text Box To Display Text Randomly

Jan 30, 2009

I have a worksheet that has 20 quotes in cells A1:A20. Is it possible to have a userform display a different quote in a text box each time the form is activated?

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Display Text In Text Box In Userform

Feb 22, 2008

What code should I use to display a certain text (or number) in a text box in a UserForm?

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How To Hide / Display Text

Feb 13, 2013

I am trying to hide/display text by using form fields. I swiped the idea from a spreadsheet I obtained from a vendor and thought I would extend it to suit my purpose.

When I check the box for "table one", I'd like for the data that I have associated with it to display. When I uncheck the box, I would like for that data to be hidden. The goal is to be able to choose one data source and see at a glance which fields come from that source and what their names are. The formulas that currently exist for the cells in column I do a nice job of putting text in a field when the box is checked, but I don't want to have to rewrite the formula in the cell if/when the source of the data changes. It's a lot of long schema/table/field names. Maybe that's the only way, though...

I scrubbed and mocked up column J to try to demonstrate. It's sorta color coded.

And it might be that using form fields is not the best way to hide/display text based on source type.

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