Dynamic Range Name Creation

Feb 8, 2009

I'm needing some code that will program-magically do the following interactive stuff:

1. Go to the first cell that will be the start of my range, say "D1".

2. While holding down the "shift" key, press "end", then "down". All of the desired cells will then have been selected. [side note: how can I detect that the "d2" cell is not blank - I don't really want 65K cells in my range?]

3. Next, "Insert", "Name", "Define", then typein the desired name range ("schoolList", here) and press enter.

This would seem to be a case for using the macro recorder but the range will always come out hard-coded, rather than the cells that would be selected using an "end" "down" selection.

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Creation Of Dynamic Checkboxes

Jun 3, 2013

I have a UserForm with a CommandButton; when I click on it a function creating dynamic checkboxes on another UserForm is implemented and then this second UserForm is displayed (and the dynamic checkboxes are displayed too).

Private Sub cmd_BUTTON_Click()
If MsgBox("Are you sure you want to add Dynamic CheckBoxes?", vbQuestion + vbOKCancel, "") = vbOK Then
UserForm2.Caption = "DYNAMIC CHECKBOXES"
End If
End Sub

Sub Create_DynamicCheckboxes()
Dim CheckBoxTop As Integer
CheckBoxTop = 75
Dim i As Integer
For i = 1 To 10
Set theCheckBox_ID = UserForm2.Controls.Add("Forms.CheckBox.1")

[Code] .........

Everything work fine!!!

Now I have the UserForm2 displayed that include 10 CheckBoxes, which names should be:


Why the following code doesn't work???

Private Sub chk_1_Click()
End Sub

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Dynamic Creation Of List Box

Jan 17, 2007

i am SAP developer and i m working on SAP - excel integration. i am fetching data from SAP tables in to excel and in each row of the excel i want to create a dynamic list box and populate dynamic values.

i know the logic for data fetching but not logic for cretion of list box dynamically and handling events of dynamic list boxes..

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Dynamic Creation Of Validation List

Jan 29, 2007

i want to create dynamic validation list in excel. The logic shd be like
this. i m fetching data from SAP on the click of execute button in sheet2. at this point of time i want to create dynamic validation list in sheet2 in row "E". and data to be filled in the list will be fetched from sheet1. i have added new named range in sheet1 called"mbe"(in sheet1!A) when user will execute excel i will feel data in sheet1 cloumn A. and i have written this code in the click of execute button :

With ActiveSheet.Range("myrange")
.Validation.Add xlValidAlertStop, , "=mbe"

.Validation.InCellDropdown = True
.Validation.IgnoreBlank = True
End With

its giving runtime error "1004" (object defined error)

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Circulating Error On Creation Of Dynamic Validation List

Aug 13, 2014

I've converted to a dynamic validation list which allows for a selection of data to be made available based on the selection of the two previous columns.

Unfortunately since creating the new validation a circulating error occurs when tabbing through the table (B) to create a new line or entry? Additionally I've found the following to occur also;

1. The payments and PO# columns converts a red shade colour?

2. The validation on Table B description column do not work while in excel online edit mode?

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Excel 2010 :: Dynamic Graph Creation Using The Series And Offset Functions?

Jan 7, 2014

I am in the process of setting up some graphs. The graphs will show the last 6 months of data so they move as each month is goes. I saw a slick way of doing this using the count function but this did not quite fulfill my needs. What I was looking for is to be able to input the start month in a cell. The cell would be part of the function within the formula. I created a simplified version of the spreadsheet below.


Then I created my names using the ctrl-F3


I then created the graph I wanted and wanted to use the formula =SERIES(Sheet1!$B$3,!chtCat,!chtIssuesReported,1). This kept getting an error indicated nothing really. It basically says there is something wrong with my Series function. I have a working version of a similiar worksheet I have been basing my entries on. They look almost identical but mine is failing. I also created a new file and tried this and it still fails. I can run the formula evaluator within Excel 2010 against the !chtCat and !chtIssuesReported names and they both return the correct value (which equals areas on the spreadsheet). I have also tried to enter the spreadsheet name and a tab in front of the names to get them to work and still get an error. Basicall I am trying to create the graph below (this grpah is using the hard coded locations)


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Automatic Chart Creation With Range Of 4 Columns

Jun 30, 2014

I need to create 69 charts with 4 different series in every chart displaying information like average stock growth and so on. Is there any smarter way i can do that than manually when i know that the range of these charts will be consistent?

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How To Name A Dynamic Range & Make A Validation List (of 2 Dynamic Ranges)

Dec 22, 2009

I have a range which will change in size & in content, & I want this to be a Named Range at whatever size it is.

Reason I want to is because I want to make a Validation List with this dynamic range. I also want a Validation list which lists the content of 2 or more dynamic ranges which may or may not be on the same worksheet - is this possible?

First dynamic range: called "Milestones" at A11
Second dynamic range: called "Activities" at A25
& make a Validation list that will list content of both

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Dynamic Named Range Sort Including Cells Outside Defined Range

Apr 3, 2008

Im sorting a dynamic range as mentioned in this Sorting a Named Range. My range is called drWarningTypes and is defined as:

=OFFSET(DataSource!$A$2,0,0, COUNTA(DataSource!$A:$A)-1,1)

When there is only one cell in the range, then running the following sort function includes A1 also in the search (and also adjoining columns).....

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Creating Named Range Taking Avg To Date Of Dynamic Range

Jul 15, 2014

I have a column of data that keeps getting new information in it. what i need is a named range that i can use for a chart, first point in the named range will be the first value in the column, second point will be avg. of point 1 and 2, then 3rd point will be avg. of 1,2,3 etc.

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Dynamic Range For Pivot Table :: Error : Range Is Invalid

Oct 28, 2009

I am trying to get to grips with the dynamic ranges for pivot tables. I have named a range data and in the refers to section put:


I was hoping that then when i go to data > Pivot table and it asks for the range i could put =Data but it tells me that the range is invalid. I have attached a copy at the bottom.

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Convert Dynamic Range To Static Named Range

Sep 13, 2007

My searches have not produced anything that I could apply to this situation.

I'm trying to write VBA that would:

1. Search a Workbook for Dynamic Ranges.

2. When a Dynamic Range is found the code would:

A. Determine the current coordinates for the range.
B. Change the "Refers To" value From "=OFFSET...." To "=Worksheet_Name $Column$Row:$Column$Row"

3. Save Changes.

4. Close File.

My apologies but I have very little experience in writing VBA. I understand about variables, arguments, and IF/THEN but just enough to use functions within Excel.

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Dynamic Range 2003: Run Calculations On This Range

Nov 5, 2009

I have a range of data that will grow as the days of the month pass but I need to run calculations on this range. The data is 13 columns wide but the number of rows will increase daily. I remember using a formula in the Define Range that would automatically take into account new additions using the OFFSET function but cannot for the life of me think how exactly to do it.

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Dynamic Range Used Named Cell Range

Jul 7, 2014

Line of code that will Select a Named Range in this case I have Named a CELL "DataSummary" Need to use that named range by selecting 30 columns and 54 rows.

Range("DataSummary),(??,??) doesn't work.

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Set Range Variable To Growing Dynamic Range

Mar 6, 2008

I have been working on part of the code for my spreadsheet and it works fine in the spreadsheet “Databaseform” however when I copied the code to my master spreadsheet “Paul_PartLocDBCombo” it does not work, I get the error:

Method ‘ range’ of object ‘_worksheet’ failed
The code is then highlighted in yellow, the code is:
Set rng = wksPartsData.Range("a1", Range("a65536").End(xlUp))

Meaning this part is incorrect but I don’t know why? To work it: go to Databaseform and press start. Enter 7mm in the product field and press find all. It will then return all the matching results in the userform. Its this I want to try and achieve on the other spreadsheet when the button find label is pressed.

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Add-in Menu Creation

Jul 19, 2007

I am wanting to make a macro into an add-in. An add-in is basically a workbook with macros that is opened when excel is correct? I know how to create an additional menu item under an existing one, but I'm wanting to create my own menu with this add-in item under it. I've used this code to try and create the new menu and placed it in the workbook open:

HelpIndex = CommandBars(1).Controls("Help").Index
Set NewMenu = CommandBars(1).Controls.Add(Type:=msoControlPopup, Before:=HelpIndex, Temporary:=True)
NewMenu.Caption = "&Separate Cashiers"

But ran into an error on the first line of code. I saved the workbook with the add-in macro in it as an .xla and used the addins under tools to have it open each time.

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POPUP Message Creation

Feb 23, 2010

I want to create a pop up message showing count of cells turned red,each time the workbooked are opened.like column "I" has two dates in red colour,so the pop up will say "you have 2 contracts expired"

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Folder Creation With A Macro

Nov 12, 2008

is it possible to write a macro that will create a folder labled "2009" then a subfolder for each month with four subfolders labled "Week 1" through "Week 4", and have the "March", "June", "September", and "December" folders contain subfolders labled "Week 1" through "Week 5"?

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Paste Special Hot Key Creation

Jul 7, 2008

In the new 2007 version , can a specific hot key be created to perform Past Special Values? This key assignment was available in 2003, but we can't find it in the new 2007.

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Multiple Worksheets Creation

Nov 7, 2009

I want a marco for excel which does the following task

There are there are two worksheets namely Sheet1 & Sheet2 in the same workbook.I want to create multiple (new) worksheets in the same workbook based upon the number in cell A2 of sheet1. Further the new sheet that has been created shall be same as Sheet2.

Suppose the value in A2 is 2, then the macro shall create two new worksheets (whose data is same a sheet2).

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Random List Creation

Jun 28, 2006

This might be a little complex to understand but I am going to try to make it clear as to what I am in need of. Basically I have a larger macro that runs and I need to add a pop up that asks for a percentage to be put into a new sheet. The percent is the percent of random rows on the current sheet to be put into a new sheet. Then it would have to create the new sheet with the random information. This is for a audit and we want to have it done randomly and no duplicates. There are no duplicates in the list at this point. The width if needed is from column A to column E.

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Loops Creation For Treeview

Oct 24, 2006

I write macros that creates a treeview according to data from column "A". In attached example I have series of numbers, that means following:

0 is a root (A1), 1 is its nod (A2), 2 are nods of 1 (A3,A4), three appearance of 3 are nods of 2 (A5,A6,A7) , e.t.c.
It means that I must dinamically to create the loops.
How to make it.
All that I know is a static creation.

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Custom Toolbar Creation

Jan 11, 2007

I'm preparing a model which has a few macros built-in. Let's call them Macro A, B, C etc. I want to trigger them via buttons on a custom toolbar (no problem) which a recipient of the model, on another PC, will be able to see (problem).

It was suggested to me that in Customize mode I can right click the custom toolbar and then click "Attach..." but this always causes Excel (2002) to freeze; I must then close Excel.

Someone else suggested that a better way is to have VBA code create the toolbar "on the fly" automatically when a recipient opens the spreadsheet. This is too advanced for me to write at the moment. Could someone give me a steer?

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Checkbox Creation - Vba Code

Feb 26, 2007

I just realized that after create 1200 checkboxes using VBA then excel will prompt an error. Something like object automation bla...bla....bla. What Is the shortest code with VBA to create 2000 checkboxes? I run copy paste function with VBA but seems not working well.

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Automatic Invoice Creation

Apr 7, 2008

I need a macro to copy the data from the rows in Sheet3 into a specific place on "Sheet2" (Column "C" to E10 on Sheet2, D to E11, Q to E12, R to M12, S to T12, G to Y26, H to AF29, M to AF30, N to AF32, and lastly the current date to AC10) then rename the sheet to the Value of "E10" on that sheet then Copy that sheet to a new workbook and then clear the data on "Sheet2" so that only the information that was on the sheet before the data transfer is left and reset the name back to the original. My problem is i'm going to need this macro to do this for every row of data (Customer) that is in my list range of B10:R2114. So i'm looking for maybe a macro that loops an amount of times equal to the counts of data in the address range


I have a macro that Creates a new workbook (which you name and place, which is good) and then copies a specified sheet over to the new workbook. I hope I wasn't to convoluted in what I'm trying to accomplish. heres the current macro I'm working with.

Sub copySht()
'declare the variables
Dim wb As Workbook
Dim ws As Worksheet
Dim fName
With Application
'prevent unnecessary error messages
.DisplayAlerts = False
'switch off screen updating to speed up code and prevent screen flickering
.ScreenUpdating = False

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Dynamic Name Range

Jun 19, 2009

I have this macro named ABC to bring the name ranges to another worksheet. The name ranges are already saved in the workbook with the below name range. I used "***" so that this formular can go to the last cell that has "***" on A column and it worked untill someone typed "(xxx)" and the range now stops right before the "(xxx)"


What would be the best to create the range according to the specific words in a column?

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Dynamic Range Within VBA

Jul 9, 2006

i am coloring cells:

Sheets("MySheet").Range("a1:f200").Interior.ColorIndex = 5

i want a dynamic range, so something that would look like this as an excel function:

=OFFSET('MySheet'!$A$1,0,0, COUNTA('MySheet'!$A:$A),6)

i want the equivalent of this programmed (hard coded) into vba

i don't want to reference to a defined name with vba, because the user can delete that.

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Sum Dynamic Range

Jul 15, 2007

I wonder if there is a way to Sum the total of a Dynamic Range so that the summary will be presented in the upper Cell of the summed column?

(please see the attached picture).

The reason is to anable FREEZING of the first row (display the totals all the time even when scrolling down) as the list will get very long after a while.

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SUM Dynamic Range ...

Jun 24, 2008

I am looking to sum a dynamic range and can't quite figure it out. The data expands down rows every week, and I want the sum formula (the final row) at the bottom to include the newly updated rows. I can't dynamically name the numbers to be summed because the dynamic named range will include the sum number and create a circular reference. For example:


the bottom row (14) is the sum. Next week, my numbers are


I have a macro that will automatically put the sum formula in the correct row and column, but can't quite figure out the formula.

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VBA Automate Footer Creation Code

Mar 29, 2013

Trying to automate footer creation, center header sets ok then errors out on left footer with

Runtime error 1004 : Unable to set LeftFooter property of the PageSetup Class

if I comment out the left footer line the center sets ok then stalls with the same error on the right footer

For Each WS In Worksheets
With WS.PageSetup
.CenterHeader = "&""Calibri""&22 &B" & msg9 & vbLf & "&14 &B" & msg1
.LeftFooter = "&""Calibri""&11" & msg2 & " " & msg3 & vbLf & "Owner: " & msg8
.CenterFooter = "&""Calibri""&11" & msg4 & vbLf & "&11 &B &K4a0c80" & msg5
.RightFooter = "&""Calibri""&11" & msg6 & vbLf & msg7
End With

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