Find Top X Scores Out Of 50 Scores?

Aug 17, 2009

There are scores in B1:B10 (10 scores). I want to take the top 8 scores. So I used this formula which works just fine.

=SUM(LARGE(B1:B10,1),LARGE(B1:B10,2),LARGE(B1:B10,3),LARGE(B1:B10,4),LARGE(B1:B10,5),LARGE(B1:B10,6) ,LARGE(B1:B10,7),LARGE(B1:B10,8))

But I'm trying to make the formula a bit more dynamic. Is there anyway to have a set of data in B1:B50 (50 scores will probably be the most) and take the top x scores? X will be set in a separate cell (lets just say A1)?

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Map Scores To Scaled Scores

Feb 13, 2008

I have a raw score for each case. I need to map those raw scores to scale scores. For example, a raw score of 0 to 0.49 maps to a scale score of 120, a raw score of 0.5 to 0.99 maps to a scaled score of 110, etc. There are a total of 13 possible scaled scores (120, 110, 100, ... 20, 10, 0). Is there a way to do this in Excel2003? (Note, if anyone on the list is 'bilingual' (Excel and SPSS), I'm looking for the Excel equivalent of the SPSS command RECODE raw (lo thur .49=120), (.5 thru .99=110), etc. INTO scale.

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Top 5 Scores

Jul 7, 2009

Is it possible to make a top 5 scores section?

Ive been reading up on Arrays and how to use Arrays etc so i believe that it could be done with an array but i could be complete wrong.

what i have is players names in A4 and there averages in H4. i have 22 players listed but i want to take the top 5 scores from h4 and display them in a different section with there as so: NAME(A4): AVERAGE(h4) repeated 5 times and updates Automatically.

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Look Up Highest Scores

May 9, 2007

What is the best way to look up and return the 10 best performers out of a list of say, 40. I have columns representing people's names, their school's name, their age and their total score. The following formula is to add up the 4 highest scores for each school: SUM(LARGE(($A$2:$A$499=Y2)*($C$2:$C$499),{1,2,3,4})) (entered as an array) Now I want to display the 10 best performing schools (who will be determined by calculating their 4 best scores).

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Placing Value On Bottom 3 Scores

Mar 3, 2014

I am trying to do the following:

901 > 0 pts
851 - 900 gets 1 pts
LOWEST 3 scores gets 2 pts

Example of what i have for the top three

I have tried to change it but cant get it to work for the bottom 3 scores.

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Analyzing Scores Per Subjects

May 2, 2014

I need a formula to analyze the attached sheet.

I need to know
1-Number of students that passed with 70% and above in English, Maths and Biology
2- Number of students that passed with 50%-69% and above in English, Maths and Biology
3- Number of students that scored below 50% in English, Maths and Biology
4-Number of student that where absent for each of the subjects (English, Maths, biology)

Note: Total of all the columns per subject must be equal to the total number of students in the sheet.

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Ranking Top 5 Men & Women Scores

Sep 21, 2008

Hey there needs some help in creating a formula that will list the top 5 men & women scores onto my master sheet.

Work Sheets go from: P1 to P64
Person name are listed in Cell: C1
Person *** in Listed in Cell: T10
Scores listed in Cell: E3

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Ranking Scores Formula

Jan 21, 2009

I have a table of data where i want to rank scores. I know the general formula for this would be =RANK(B2,$B$2:$B$7) as an example however the range of data is not next to each other and I have tried this formula =RANK(B2,B2,B4,B6) but this comes up with an error.

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High Scores And Tiebreaker

Oct 1, 2009

This is for a forestry contest. Students compete in 6 different categories (columns B through G). Teams can have up to four members and the top three member scores are taken to determine a team score. Teams are then ranked. Here is where I need help. I would like to be able to find the high individual score for each category in the contest. (sawlog, pulpwood, tree ID, etc) If there is a tie in the category it is broken using the category in the column to the right. Example sawlog 1st tie breaker is pulpwood, the 2nd tiebreaker is thinning. The last column, Compass, uses sawlog as 1st tie breaker and pulpwood as 2nd tiebreaker.

Will on the RHS team had a score of 112 in Tree ID and a score of 48 in thinning.
Michael on the WHS team also had a 112 score in Tree ID and a score of 44 in Thinning.

So Will is the high individual in that event

How can I create a formula that will bring the winners name down to row 66-71 and also bring the score down to row 66-71 to show who won each event? example spreadsheet attached.

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Aggregate Scores For Some Data

Jan 30, 2014

Just wondering the better way to 'get' a score for some data.

For example, I have a data set where there are a number of records are interrogated for validity across X rules. The returned count of errors of course could include one record for all X tests.....

what is the better way of weighting these to get one score

Please see attached example : XL4M.xlsx‎

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Sheets Contain Different Types Of Scores

Jun 17, 2006

some of the functions in this file, and the problem is that I have one bug I can't fix.

There are four sheets. The first two sheets contain different types of scores.

The fourth sheet ranks each of the different types of scores on both first sheets. The third sheet reports out on the bottom five scores in each category. If one of the scores is missing, the whole thing gets screwed up.

I have attached the file and removed a some of the scores to illustrate.

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Average Of Lowest 3 Of 5 Scores 0

Feb 17, 2010

Needed for a golf league where the average of the best three of five games is needed - so, low score is better but score must be greater than zero. Each row is a player, column A is the players name, B-F 5 different games and the average will be in column G. I tried this formula but if someone didn't play at least 3 games SMALL returns the #NUM! error value. If I enter 0 for games not played then SMALL picks up the 0 as the lowest score. =(SMALL(B3:F3,1)+SMALL(B3:F3,2)+SMALL(B3:F3,3))/3. How to nest the different functions (if>0, small, and avg would be good too)

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Extract Top Scores And Agent

Jan 10, 2012

This formula in AN63 TO AN75 is an array formula


This in AO63 - AO75 is a standard formula


Basically my aim is to extract the top scores and agent.

Now i wanted not have an array formula so to convert the array formula to a non array formula.

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Looking Up Text And Returning Scores

Jan 18, 2007

| item1, item2, item4 |

Elsewhere I have a set of points for these like this:

| item1 | 4 |
| item2 | 2 |
| item3 | 3 |
| item4 | 1 |

(the |'s represent cell borders, if it isn't obvious)

What I want is a formula that can grab the text, then produce a total score. So, for my example, the result would be 7, totalling the scores for item1, item2, and item4.

I know that the score lookup is trivial (just a VLOOKUP), but I can't figure out how to do the scan for the data from a single cell. I want the items to remain in a single cell if possible.

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Ranking Teams Scores

May 20, 2007

The team score is made of of 3 scores, the best from each age group. So the issue is to find the best (=lowest) for each club and for each age group. Add them & rank. Sometimes there may not be 3 scores to add up ( if they didn't have a team member in all three age groups or if their rider was eliminated. I'm easy about how to show who the team members are, could be as I've shown with the rider numbers in a cell or could be by "bolding" the score or anything else thats easy....

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Working Out Scores In Table

Mar 16, 2004

I am having a problem working out scores and games played, won, drawn, lost, etc.

Basically I have two sheets one where I have the football table stored, another where I input the scores. I have managed to work out the points total automatically when the scores are inputted but I was wondering if anyone would know how I can work out a teams games played, won, drawn, lost and have that automatically updated in the table when the score has been inputted in the other sheet.

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Define Number Of Scores

May 10, 2007

The following formula is to add up the 4 highest scores for members belonging to each group:

= SUM(LARGE(($A$2:$A$499=Y2)*($C$2:$C$499),{1,2,3,4})) (entered as an array)

I only want to return results for groups that have four or more members. I am not interested in groups that say only have 3 members.

How can I modify this formula to do this?

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Multiple Plus Formula: Add Scores Of Which There Are None

May 24, 2007

I have a grid set up to add scores of which there are none. The boxes each have a formula, ie: =IF(FIXTURES!D1="","",FIXTURES!D1 ) this produces a blank square until a score is registered. At the end of each column, down and across there is a formula for adding up the scores. Downwards is: = SUM(C2:C25), this works fine.

Across however is: =B3+D3+F3+H3+J3+L3+N3+P3+R3+T3+V3+X3+Z3+AB3+AD3+AF3+AH3+AJ3+AL3+AN3+AP3+AR3+AT3+AV3 This doesn't work, just gives the answer TRUE. It did work before the original formula was added.

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Keep Tally Of Team Scores

Jan 19, 2008

I need to create a sheet probably involving macros where I enter a numerical value into a cell (say B5) I want the sheet to assign a score to the value I enter and then add the score it generates to a table of values. Once ths is done I need it to automatically clear the original value I entered ready for me to enter a new value - rinse repeat..


into B5 I enter 15 - on the right in the results table there are headings v w x y and z

say 15 scores one point for w and one point for z I want the sheet to add 0 to the totals under v,x & y and add 1 to the totals under w and z.

Then I want the sheet to clear cell B5 so I can enter a new value without manually deleting the previous entry.

If I can also copy the value I enter into a "history" which simply lists all the values I enter as I go along so much thebetter.

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Statistics From Golf Scores

Mar 14, 2008

I am creating a workbook to manage golfer scores, teams, winnings, handicap, ect. I am having trouble with the statistics sheet. I Need A Sub To:

1. Column "B" , take the average of the lowest 5 numbers in columns "AB" though "AU"

2. Column "C" , take the average of the lowest 10 numbers in columns "G" through "Z" divided by 0.96

3. Column "D" , take the average of the lowest 10 numbers in columns "AW" through "BP"

this needs to happen for each row where there is a name. (names added daily)

I have included a similar sheet as the one i am working with along with some command buttons typically not included. Should show some of the problems I am having.

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Sorting Bag Tags Based On Scores

Jun 2, 2014

Here is the data i'm working with.

Name of player
Score of round
bag tag the player came in with
bag tag the player is leaving with

Here is what I'm trying to accomplish. I usually just copy and paste (then sort the data) but I want a spreadsheet that I can enter raw data and just look at the results I will already have the players names in my sheet. Before the round I'll get everyone's tags it will not always be in order (EX: 1,3,15,22,34,66...etc) some tags will always be missing. After the round I'll enter the scores. What I can't figure out is how to leave my sheet in alphabetical order and have my spreadsheet populate the "leaving tag" column with the correct tag based on the players score....

name score tagin tagout
bob 22 2 2
carl 44 15 23
ed 33 23 15

Can't tell if that translated, couldn't use a table....

basically I would like to leave column A where it is the whole time add the data to column B and C The use the data from column B to sort the values from column C numerically to column D (basically copy and rank then display the numbers in order). To throw in a twist if the data in column B is the same for two or more people the formula would need to take the lower number from column C to determine who gets the lower tag in column D.

having to create some kind of database in access....

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Plug-in Scores To A Results Sheet

Sep 30, 2009

I have two spreadsheets. One is a listing of football scores from the previous week. The other is the schedule for that week. I would like to be able to populate one from the other.

Even if someone could point me in the direction of which functions to use that would be helpful.

Based on the data in the results spreadsheet in columns M, N and P ... I need to look in the scores spreadsheet and compare to columns A, F, H and I. I would need to retrieve columns G and J for their scores.

I've been looking at SEARCH, LEFT AND VLOOKUP so far!

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Group Scores Based On Value In First Column

Apr 25, 2013

I am trying to analyse a set of scores of different doubles tennis tournaments - new tournaments and new players are continuously being added and so need some dynamic way to analyse. I would like to extract sort of a ranking system based on the scores by each player and one way to do so is to analyse the scores by tournament. Basically the same players play in different tournaments and i want to be able to know who performs better than others i.e. get better total scores during a tournament.

The attached gives an example of the data i have as well as the result i would like to achieve. It does not really matter if a formula system or a pivot solution is provided as long as i achieve the result, and can add to it as new data is populated. I have been trying all sort of solutions using pivots, matches, lookups etc but no luck yet.

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Grouping Numbers To Show How Many Scores Are Between 30 And 50

Feb 14, 2012

if i had a group of numbers , for example, the scores would be 30, 40 , 50 , 60 , 70 and 80 , how would i group that. like it would show me how many scores are between 30 and 50 , it would show up as 3 , then between , 51 and 60 it would show 1

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Transform Series Of 7 Numbers In 0 - 4 Scores

Apr 5, 2014

I have a series of raws with 7 numbers in each raw; sums may vary a lot from raw to raw, and also differences between one number and the other in a same raw.

Now, i need to obtain a much simpler distribution of scores, so reducing differences.

I would need to transform all numbers into a 0-4 score distribution, according to differences between numbers in a same raw. It's like a kind of rank score.

I want to obtain in each raw:

- 1-2 numbers with score = 4 (if three or more numbers have similar values: no 4 scores)
- a maximum of 3-4 numbers with score 2-3 (according to differences between these numbers but also also according to the 4 scores already assigned)
- all other scores = 1 if the numbers are >0
- all other scores = 0 if the numbers are 0

example: |14|23|3|0|45|0|10| => |2|3|1|0|4|0|2|

Would it be possible to do with Excel?

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Ranking :: What Formula Would Be Used To Rank Scores

Jul 31, 2007

what formula would be used to rank scores if you had the following

name score
participant 1 14
participant 2 27
Participant 3 19

to get this result

Participant 2 27
Participant 3 19
Participant 1 14

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Formula To Extract Test Scores

Apr 11, 2008

I teach history to four different groups of students that, in my spreasheet, I have labeled "1", "2", "3", and "4." The number of the group to which each student belongs is listed in CK2:CK100

Each quarter, I give all students a test and list the corresponding score next to each student's name. The scores are listed in CM2:CM100.

The name of each student appears in CL2:CL100.

I am looking for the formulas to extract the highest five scores in each group starting at CS2. So CS2 would contain the value of the highest score obtained by a student in group 1, CS3 the second highest score in that group and so on through group 4.

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Golf Scores: Average X Lowest Of Last X

Jan 15, 2006

I would like to set up a Excel spreadsheet for golf handicaps where it will use the 4 lowest scores of the last 5 entries. It must be able to work even if there are missed entries (someone didn't show up/blanks ignored). I would like it to work if there are only three scores used at the beginning of the season, but when there are 5 or more scores, use only the 4 lowest scores out of the last 5. I want it to average these scores. The scores would start in column d. The following is an example of scores with an underscore being a blank:

Golfer 1 45,50,42,43,46,37,45,45,46,44
Golfer 2 41,43,42,_,41,_,_,47,42,39
Golfer 3 44,43,45,54,_,45,43,40,42,_

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Getting An Average Of Letters. Grade Scores

Aug 28, 2006

I'm doing a course at the mo and get graded monthly. I have a spreadsheet with my grades on 'assignment1, grade A, assignment2, grade B and so on.

What i want to do is have a cell that has the aveage of all grades. So if i had...

Grade A
Grade B
Grade C
the average is B.

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Determine Grade From Test Scores

Jan 9, 2008

I have got students mark list in Excel. I want the grading as under in the last column.

73% and above = A+
63% to 72% = A
53% to 62% = B
44% to 52% = C
35% to 43% = D
30% to 34% = E
<30% = F

Is it possible with VBA?

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