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How Do I Make A Highlighted Cell Blink On And Off?

how do I make a highlighted cell blink on and off?

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Make A Cell Flash Or Blink
Is there a Vba method that will make a cell flash

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Conditional Formatting Certain Cells When Another Cell Is Highlighted
I want to change (via conditional formatting) the background colour of cell H64 and K72 when I select / highlighted / activate (i.e. just left click in the cell) cell C66.

I don't seem to be able to find in the formulae something to indicate if C66 is selected / highlighted /activated.

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Special Data Validation And Cell Highlighted
I need a hint for one complex validation. In column B I am having emails and need to validate that after ” @ “ the extension is If something different from that I need the cell highlighted.

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I have a doc which requires users to enter their info/request, BUT for whatever reason the users always seem to leave a cell/box empty and leaving me guessing

Is there a way to make cells/boxes BLINK and once info/value is entered the cells/boxes will stop BLINKing

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How To Have A Message Pop Up And Blink For A Few Seconds Then Go Away
With all the formulas working (or at least through testing so far they are), I am now in the make the worksheets fancy mode.

I want to have a message pop up when the leader of the meet changes. I would love it if it would blink for a few seconds to alert the individuals looking at the worksheet but then it would disapear so as not to be annoying.

For example:
In event 1, team a is first, and team b is second.
Event 2 finishes, and I post the results in the spreadsheet.

In event 2, team b takes over the lead and team a is now second Place.

I wold like a message to appear (for a few seconds) saying (and blinking something like "Team A, Just Took Over 1st Place!" and then goes away.

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Userform Control Blink
This code works fine on a normal userform But I declared the userform with "New" in my calling procedure

myForm As New form

How can I get it to work??
Or more interesting, why is it not working
Also what exactly is the advantage of using the keyword New
I have propertys set in the userform, but other than that..
Can someone tell me if the load function in this case is better or not

Declare Sub Sleep Lib "kernel32" (ByVal dwMilliseconds As Long)

Private Sub cmd_click
Call blink
End Sub

Public Sub Blink()
Dim i As Long
For i = 1 To 20

' set color
Form.cmd.BackColor = &HFFFFFF
Call Sleep(60)

Form.cmd.BackColor = &HFF& .....................

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Highlighted Cells (enter A Character And For Each Cell Within The Selection That Value Is Entered)
when i highlight any number of cells what i want to be able to do is enter a character and for each cell within the selection that value is entered.

i know this is possible by pressing CTRL + ENTER but is there a way i can code it onto the sheets module?

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Sum The Sales Revenue Column Of The Attached Per Month Into The Yellow Highlighted Cell @ The Bottom
is there a formula i can use to sum the sales revinue column of the attached per month into the yellow highlighted cell @ the bottom?

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Row Highlighted When A Condition Is Met
I want to highlight the row when a condition is met. As by using conditional formating only a single cell will be highlighted.

in the attached file,

I had used the condition in column H, when cell contains "BLI" the cell will be highlighted in Green, but I want to highlight the complete row with green color wherever Column H contains "BLI"

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Make Now () = 06/29/2009 (make To Cells With Dates Equal Each Other)
I need to figure a way to make to cells with dates equal each other if the
day,month and year are the same but are placed into a cell at different times during the day. "Making Date Now () = (06/29/09) In another cell". Therefore, A1= Now() and E11 = 06/29/09

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Counting Highlighted Rows ...
I have a spreadsheet which I have highlighted certain rows based on a certain criteria (I have manually highlted the rows). I was wondering if there is a way to "count" the number of rows that have been highligted?

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Sum If Cells Highlighted Particular Colour
I know I've written a formula like this ages ago, but I can't seem to recall.
I want to write a formula that says to look at a table of cells, and to sum all cells that are highlighted a certain colour.

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VBA- Delete Entire Row Which Has The Highlighted ...
i have over around 1500 pfolios in Col A, i need macro that will delete entire row which has the highlighted pfolios. Now i tried advanced filter which would work but the date in Col A6 will change every month, so dont want to go down that road, is there alternative option other than advanced filter ..

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Copy Only Highlighted To Another Sheet
I want to copy only the highlighted cells to another worksheet

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Count Highlighted Cells
I have a column with data that through code certain cells are highlighted. I want to count the number of cells that are a certain color, such as how many are red,how many are yellow,etc..

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Make A Cell A Color Depending On A Number In A Different Cell?
how to make a cell a color depending on a number in a different cell? Example...if A2 is 92.6 how would I make D2 blue? But if A2 were 91.9 how would I make D2 red?

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Trying To Use Vba Code To Evaluate Each Row In A Highlighted Selection
I have a worksheet (with if statements) that I throw numbers from a report into and it uses those if statements to calculate the number of items and money earned. The problem is that sometimes employees use different key words for their items so the formulas dont pick them up and this skews their results for the month. Also it's hard to see where someone messed so I'm trying to write a code that reads each row for a given selection and calculates the sum and if that sum is 0 then we can look for where the employee made an error. This is what I have:

Dim RngToSum As Range
Set RngToSum = Selection.Rows
For Each Row In RngToSum
If Application.WorksheetFunction.Sum(RngToSum) = "0" Then
MsgBox "Lets play find the error"
Selection.Rows.Interior.ColorIndex = 3 'red
Else Application.WorksheetFunction.Sum(RngToSum) 0 Then
MsgBox "Congrats there's no errors"
End If
End Sub

The problem with the code is that I want it to read every line and if there's no errors then have it say "congrats no errors" after ALL rows have been checked because right now it pulls a msgbox per row and I don't want to go through hundreds of no error msgboxes. However, if even just one line has an error then have a msgbox come up.

Also there's something weird where this code wont pick up an error for a row if i highlight two rows (one row without an error and one with) but if i highlight just rows of zeros then it'll pick it up.

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Copy Highlighted Rows To Another Sheet
I have a spreadsheet worksheet 1 "BOM" and created worksheet 2 "Risk List"

I have multi Rows of highlighed (ColorIndex = 44) and I would like to have a marcro that copys the highlighted rows from worksheet "BOM" to Worksheet "Risk List" starting the entery at row A3 on "Risk List" as row A1-A2 are Header.

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Unable To Get The Highlighted Section To Work
I am editing a Macro from a guy that has left my work and I am unable to get the Highlighted Section to work. In Section 'Paste Values & Formats it appears to work fine until it get down to Selection.PasteSpecial.Paste = x1PasteValuesAndNumberFormats and it throws you out. Is this because the Macro is generating a new workbook….?

In regards to the other sections; I am unsure if it does or does not work because every time I go down to it in Debug mode it highlights it as an error…

Sub Generate_Statements()

'Declare Variables
Dim i As Long, SMax As Long, SPath As String, fso As New FileSystemObject, file As file, statement As Workbook
Dim forma As Workbook, macro As Workbook, OldVar As Long, social As Long, rng As String, rng2 As Range....................

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Reduce The Number Of Lines That Are Highlighted
I have the following code in a User form and I was wondering if there was a way to reduce the number of lines that are highlighted, but obviously still get the required results!

Private Sub cbSearch_Click()
Dim Product As Range
Set Product = Sheets("Master").Range("A1:A300").Find(Val(tbLookFor), lookat:=xlWhole, LookIn:=xlValues)
If Product Is Nothing Then
MsgBox "Incorrect Product code, try again"
'Populate the userform with data
tbData1 = Product.Offset(0, 1) 'Down 1 row, over 1 column
tbData2 = Product.Offset(0, 2)
tbData3 = Product.Offset(0, 3)
tbData4 = Product.Offset(0, 4)
tbData5 = Product.Offset(0, 6)
tbData6 = Product.Offset(0, 7)
tbData7 = Product.Offset(0, 8)
tbData8 = Product.Offset(0, 9)
tbData9 = Product.Offset(0, 10)
tbData10 = Product.Offset(0, 11)
tbData11 = Product.Offset(0, 12).....................

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Counting Blocks Of Highlighted Cells
I have huge sheet with time periods across the top and accounts listed down. I have manually shaded cells red that represent "new" sales. I have used the custom function "colorfunction" to count these red shaded cells in the past. Now, I am trying to count blocks of cells. Each block is a different # of cells and represents sales $ over a different period of months. I want excel to count each block (start to end) ans add them up... I can SEND THE SHEET IF YOU WISH....

J F M Ap M....
acct 1

acct 2

acct 3

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Formula That Will Sum The CCY Amounts As Highlighted In Yellow
is there a formula that will sum the CCY amounts as highlighted in yellow?


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Highlighted Range In Sheet To Be Used In Macro
I need my macro to select the range that I have highlighted in a worksheet.
For every run of the macro the range will be different.

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If Statement Searching For Highlighted Cells
Would like to write an IF statement where it reads if any cells in a column are highlighted and gives the sum of those highlighted while ignoring the ones unhighlighted.

Is there any way to do this or an alternate method that would possibly work?

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[User Forms] Check Box Is Highlighted?
My problem is trivial but annoying. When I initiate my user form, one of the check boxes has a dashed border around the outside as if it was selected. No matter what I try, I cannot get the form to initialize without effecting this box. If I delete the box and recreate it, another box simply inherits this problem.

I have attached the spreadsheet, please Click the button over "A1" to see what I mean if you have the time.

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Summarize The Red Highlighted Parts Of The Code
I have the following code used to fill a listbox control .. and I added some conditions to the code in order to give special authorities to specific users depending on their position and unit? Authority, UserPositon and UserUnit are functions give the user's position, unit and his authority. Can we summarize the red highlighted parts of the code because I am going to use these parts in many other forms of my project?

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Highlight Every Other Row & Stay Highlighted After Sort.
I have an excel spreadsheet that shows every other row in a pale blue. When I do data sorts, the rows loose their order. Is there a way to keep the row color in every other row and still keep it that way after the data is sorted?

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Deficit Cells Highlighted In Red If The Deposits Are Less Than The Expenses.
****** http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8">****** name="ProgId" content="Word.Document">****** name="Generator" content="Microsoft Word 12">****** name="Originator" content="Microsoft Word 12"> Deposits
Monthly Balance
$ 2,058.20
$ 1,509.10
$ 753.86
$ 549.10
$ 2,185.05
$ 1,939.35
$ 999.56
$ 245.70
$ 1,078.90
$ 1,278.50
$ 799.96
$ (199.60)

I want the Surplus/Deficit cells Highlighted in red if the Deposits are less than the expenses.

Can I this? Maybe using a macro or formula not entirely sure
If so how?

I would like to be able to this myself but could not figure it out using conditional formatting in Office 2007.

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Conditonal Formatting Formulas: Value Between 90% And 94% Will Be Highlighted In Orange
In the attached spreadsheet you can see I have a chart with three columns. In the third column, I've inserted a conditional formatting formula so that any value between 90% and 94% will be highlighted in orange. What I'd like to do, based on the results in the third column which I've already formatted, is have the other two columns in the same rows highlighted in orange as well. For instance, you see that the 92.30% is highlighted in the third column because it is a value between 90% and 94% per my formula. When that is true, I would also like the 56.02% and the $4,100 (the two cells to its left) highlighted in the same color. I'm not sure how to accomplish this.

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Delete All Records Below A Variable Row Which I Select Highlighted
1. Is there a way to delete all records below a variable row which I select highlighted ?

2. I have a spread sheet which is located in the folder xl start. How can i find this file to delete it>

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Highlighted Description Whilst Hovering Over Lists
As part of a working spreadsheet there is a section which records faults by way of a numerical list in a dropdown menu. When a number is chosen the fault description appears in the adjacent cell. Is it possible when the mouse hovers over a number in the list the first 20 characters of the fault description could be shown before the fault number is chosen? The attached file is a simple example of the fault numbers and descriptions, in reality some of the faults have longer descriptions with more technical detail.

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Make A Cell Look For Another Cell Value Then Call Up A Drop Down
Is there a way to create a multiple dropdown (Similar to Windows Start menu) so that the user can select the item and its properties then the selections be placed into multiple cells? For example, i select wood from drop down list and i get another drop down list asking for the type of wood, I select MDF and another drop down ask for thickness. when I finished my selections, then the selected Items copy themselves into 3 different cells.

I have a drop down in (A1) cell and I select an item from it. I want (A2) cell to check the name in (A1) then call up another drop down i already made in (A2).

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Make The Cell Display Nothing When A Hyperlink Cell Is Nothing
I have several hyperlinks that may or may not contain data, the linked cell will display "0" if there is no data. When I print I dont want the "0"s printing.

How do I make the cell display nothing when a hyperlink cell is nothing?

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Color Function To Count Cells Highlighted In Different Colors
using =ColorFunction to count cells highlighted in different colors.

Is that function available in Excel 2007 under a different function name?

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IF Statement Formula That Warns If The Three Highlighted Ratios Are Not Meet
The attached worksheet is for giving competitors a score of 1 if they meet certain criteria and 0 if they don’t. Need to write a formula that warns me if the three highlighted ratios are not meet. The last Ratio (15) is on a sliding scale so must be at least 1.

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Make A Cell Value = The Furthest Value To The Right
How do I make a cell value update to equal the furthest value to the right in the same row?

This cell just needs to look along the right in its own row and grab the value furthest away to the right. It will be a letter value, not a number. eg, AB or AC or AD or AE. It will not (in this case) need to look further than about 150 columns or cells.

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How Do I Make It Hide The Row Not The Cell
Dim varFind As Variant

Set varFind = Cells.Find(What:="Closed", After:=Range("A1"), LookIn:=xlFormulas, LookAt:=xlPart, SearchOrder:=xlByRows, SearchDirection:=xlNext, MatchCase:=False)
If Not varFind Is Nothing Then Range(varFind.Address) = Hidden

something like

Then Range(varFind.Address) = Range(varFind.Address).row.Hidden

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Make A Cell A Variable
So I'm trying to use the SEARCH function in excel to search for a particular text in a cell. I am trying to create a macro for it.

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If/then To Make Cell Blank
I am using a “borrowed” formula from a coworker that I do not really understand however it is working for me, sort of.


What this does is read the range of cells and immediately fails a quality check if it is in a critical cell, or fails if multiple non critical items fail.

I want to use an if/then to make cell blank if there is no data in one particular cell (which means no quality inspection performed). Here is what I tried:


The leaving the cell blank part of the formula works however it allows the remainder of the formula to only work if “fail” appears in the first cell it reads (in this case V18). If the “fail” appears in any of the other critical cells, it does not work at all.

Also as a side project not sure what the substituting to $R$2 does so if anyone knows how to clean this up, let me know.

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How To Make Cell Read Only
I have tried the following code, but doesn't work unless I protect the sheet:

Selection.Locked = True
Selection.FormulaHidden = False

If I protect the sheet, then it works fine, but how can I make a cell read only

WITHOUT protecting the sheet?

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Make All Cell Capitalized
I need a VBA code to make everything entered into a particular tab, in excel 2007, all capital letters.

I've seen it done, i just don't know how to write the code.

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How To Make 2 If Functions In 1 Cell
I made a drop down list in cell H11 for Marital status (married,defacto,single,widow). Those are the 4 options in the drop down list.

Now im trying to make in another cell IF (H11="Married" OR "Defacto,950,false)
but wont work, i know im wrong but i learn by trial and error or last resort MREXCEL and m ytrial and error didnt work.

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Userform: Delete All Content Through Double Click But Not The Highlighted Line
I have a worksheet in whichs Column A Cells , there is corresponding string content in Col. Z. Some cells of column Z contain of many lines (up to 100 line) which i want to reduce to one. I want to select one line through double clicking in the listbox of the userform and all other lines should be deleted and only the clicked one should remain. Code should then jump to the next non empty Z cell.

Columns B, C, D, E, F, G and H should also be shown in the userform and they should be live editable. I have attached and example file with userform and example data.

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Advanced Goal Seek: Two Cells Missing Highlighted In Blue
I have the total sales for a company. Then I have four specific segments that fall under those sales. Two out of the four segments I have exact sales figures for. The other two segments I just have the year-end sales and the dollar increase in each quarter. Is there a way to solve in excel for the missing quarters. So each of the four segments would have to add up to the total sales for both the quarter and the year. I've attached my example spreadsheet too. There are two cells missing highlighted in blue but i'm going to try to obtain that data. provided i fill in those two blanks, is there way to back into the rest of this spreadsheet?

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Make A Cell's Values Become A Formula
I have on my Sheet named "Data" in Cell K4


The values of that cell become a formula.

I try to make a macro that pastes 'Data'!K4 into 'Data'!L3 and then have that formula functioning in cell 'Sheet1'!A31.

The problem is when I try to make a macro to do this it will always paste the values that were recorded during the macro rather than the unique formula that is created via cell 'Data'!K4 at the time.

Is there any way to have A31 actively using the values that are created with 'Data'!K4? at all times?

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Ctrl+end Make To Move To The Last Cell
CTRL+END not move to the last cell on the worksheet. How to make to move to the last cell?

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Formula To Make Cell Blank Instead Of Zero
I am looking for a formula that will work with my current formula, and check that cells a1 and b1 contains information. If they do contain info then the original formula should carry on as usual and leave the answer in cell c1. I also need it so when no information has been entered in cells A1 and B1, C1 will be blank instead of containing a zero.

This is the formula I have at the moment:
=IF(SUM(A1=0,B1>0),B1-A1,"No Charge?")


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Make This If Formula Return A Cell Value
Heres my current formula but its justreturning text i would like it to return the cells value


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How To Make Cell Selection Light Up Whole Row
Is there a way to light up a row when a cell in that row is selected?
I'm working within columns A through H.

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Make Cell Apear Blank
I have 2 worksheets, i have one sheet that has a form with lists, when nothing is selected the cells are blank. On the other sheet I have a few cells which = some of the sheets on the other worksheet. when nothing is selected, the cell displays 0 even though the cell its supposed to be displaying is blank.

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