How To Automatically Add Row If Last Row Is Filled

Jun 2, 2014

I'm trying to build a invoice template for my business. Trying to make it as simple to use as possible for my staff to input the data. Currently they will manually type in everything but later on I would like to make the spreadsheet have available drop down boxes for the equipment and it will auto fill the hourly rate in.

Right now my main issue is I have the invoice template the way I would like it, but there are only 5 rows in each category. I would like for it to, once the last row in each category is filled, make a new blank row with the exact formatting of the one above it. Then continue to make blank rows if that subsequent row is filled in as well.

Basically, to better describe what I'm looking for, say I have 15 employees on the job and 10 pieces of equipment. I currently only have 5 rows in each category and would like them to expand out automatically without doing a copy rowinsert. It doesn't matter if the page expands to multiple printable pages as long as it doesn't get jarbled in the process.

I am very new to Excel and not even sure if this is possible. I would also need this to carry on with the .xlsm file so that my other employees can use this invoice template on their laptops.

I attached the invoice template I created so what I'm describing can be better understood.

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Way To A Column Be Filled Automatically By What Is Written On Others

Jan 15, 2009

Is there any way to a column be filled automatically by what is written on others columns.

Example: If one of the cells A2 or B2 and C2 are Nonblank, fills automatically the cell H2 with "ABC2" And If some of the cells D2 and E2 are Nonblank fills the cell H2 with "DE2"

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Index And Match - Data To Be Filled Automatically

Apr 4, 2012

I want to fill some data to be filled automatically but i am not getting the formula. here is what i want...

When i write customaer name in sold field (b3) all the entry should automatically be filled (g3 h3 i3 j3)in his credit account from (a3 c3 d3 e3).

Somehow i managed to get it work(for one field only) but there is a problem in my formula

Here is my formula =INDEX(A3,MATCH($L$1,B3,0),0)

Note:- l is where i wrote customer name in leaves blank spaces when other customer name comes

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Having Cells Filled Automatically When Selecting Options In Lists

Apr 20, 2009

I've been breaking my head over this and i haven't managed to make this work. The attached excel file contains a list of students that participated in exchange programs on the past. What i want this to do is that when i choose the university the student went on exchange with, that the city and country cell fill in automatiocally with their respectuve info. I have a worksheet on excel that has the university name, on the next cell the city, and on the next cell the country.

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VBA Code To Populate A Cell Automatically Whenever Another Cell Is Filled In Manually?

Mar 29, 2014

I have a spreadsheet with 6 hidden columns (B to G). Rows 1 to 14 are frozen and have data that comes from another work book and these rows will be protected. The user will enter data from H14 to U14 and then H15 to U15 for the next row and so on down the sheet. The number of rows of data over a week is variable, a minimum of 21 rows (3 per day) but no maximum.

When the user starts entering new data in the column range H to U I would like to automatically populate the 6 hidden cells on that row with information from particular cells in protected rows 1 to 14. For example B14 would populate with the value from I4, C14 would populate with the value from I5, D14 from I6, E14 from I7 and so on whenever someone enters a value anywhere from H14 through to U14.

I can understand that a worksheet change event would be useful to do this but I guess then it wouldn't want to run every time each cell is populated so I think if it had to activate on a single cell change then the cell in column L would be best. Also, as I understand it, there can be only one block of code per sheet that operates on a worksheet change event, have I got that right? If that is the case then I assume all the code to populate the hidden cells on each row will need to be in this block of code.

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Automatically Delete The Same Value In A Cell When Filled In Other Cell?

Mar 6, 2014

I'd like a code to automatically delete the value in column AK and its corespondent in AL, if the value in AK is filled in column C

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Copy Last Filled Row To Row Below

Jul 8, 2009

I currently use the following code to insert a specified row within a worksheet.

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VBA To Hide Every Row From Last Filled Row Down

Nov 28, 2011

I have the following code:

Private Sub hidefixcells_Click()
'Hide the first 4 columns on all worksheets and adjust cells to fit automatically

Sheets("All Employees Annualized").Select
Selection.EntireColumn.Hidden = True

[Code] ........

I want to add a vba to this code that will hide every row from the last filled row down. This will need to be done for sheets 1, 2 and 3. Currently, I am doing it manually, but I am hoping it could be done by code.

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Calculate A And B If C Filled?

Feb 25, 2012


20 25 a 30 35 b 40 45 c 50 55 d 60 65 e 70 75 f 80 85 g 90 95 h 100 105 i 110 115 j
"20" is cell a1 and "j" is cell c10

my question: how to divide column a and b if column c filled.

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Sure All The Data Is Filled

Jan 23, 2009

I have a spreadsheet that our sales department fills out. They enter a lot of different data in cells all around the sheet which is important information that our production staff and our shipping staff needs, and sometime they fail to enter all of it which leaves questions. I would like to have the screen flash what cells need to be filled in before they save the sheet. Is it possible?

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Number Lines When It Is Filled?

May 8, 2014

Recently I work on a project involving various formulas and functions in it.

At this moment I am trying to add some option to my file and I will explain briefly.

I intend to include formula which will number the cell in a line (row) when it is filled with some data.

I guess it is connected with array formula and also may be COUNTIF function but could not figure out how to use it.

I will upload a sample file which will show the idea.

Sample file: Number the lines.xlsx

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Finding The Last Filled Cell

Oct 18, 2009

I have data entered in rows 2:10. The amount of data is variable for each row. For example, in row 2, columns A:F are filled out, and the rest (G:P) are blank. In row 3, columns A:J are filled out and K:P are blank. The data is always entered from left to right, and to a maximum up to column P. Hope this makes sense.

In column Q, I want to write a formula that will tell me the last filled column of that row (A=1, B=2, C=3, etc.). So in Q2 would display 6. Row 3 would display 10. And so on.

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How To Shift A SUM Row Down When The Above Cell Is Filled

Aug 16, 2013

I've attached a simple spread which gets across the main problem. i need the totals row (currently row 7) to drop down a cell each time the data base above has an extra row added to it its pretty much a cosmetic issue but it can be useful on hugely long spreads.

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Duplicates With Cells That Are Filled?

Jun 5, 2014

Coding that it does the cells that have a color attached to it only and not the cells that are clear. Right now it is doing the clear cells only.

[Code] .....

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Sum Rows Without Coloured Filled

Jun 5, 2008

a macro to sum up rows without coloured.That means the total qty from B11 to B17. For your information, the hightlighted rows vary from time to time. Any guide and help is greatly appreciated.Pls refer to my attachment.

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Delete Last Filled Row (columns A To H)

Jan 30, 2009

I use a macro to copy some data from a .csv file. The data is copied to columns A to H (starting from row 31), the number of rows filled depends on the particular case and is not fixed. The first column gets filled with the serial numbers. the problem is that in the last row cells of columns B to H contain three dashes (---).

I have written a simple code that finds the last filled cells in column A. After having found this row, I would like to clear the cells or delete them. the below mentioned simple code does finds the last filled row but I am not able to find a command to delete or clear the cells of this row.

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Sum Cells Filled With Colour?

Dec 31, 2013

How to sum cells filled with colour?

When I use the colorfunction it works, but I have changed the cells to have different color based on conditional formatting, and now the colorfunction isn't reading the fill color.

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Count Filled Cells

Mar 6, 2008

I have a little problem counting filled(numbers,chars, etc) cells i used |:

subtotal with filters , nothing

i used COUNTA, nothing
i used COUNTIF(range,"*"), nothing
is still counting the blanks

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UserForm Textboxes To Be Filled

Jul 17, 2008

I was just wondering if there is a more efficient method. I have a UserForm that requies textboxes to be filled. I have a commandbutton1 on the form called "next" which is only enabled after all the fields have been filled. If any field is blank, I want the commandbutton "next" to be disabled. I have many UserForms so I wanted to see if there is another way than my own primitive method - I have a code for the change event of each textbox

Private Sub TextBox1_Change()
If Me.TextBox1 = "" Or Me.TextBox2 = "" Then
Me.CommandButton1.Enabled = False
Me.CommandButton1.Enabled = True
End If
End Sub

Private Sub TextBox2_Change()
If Me.TextBox2 = "" Or Me.TextBox1 = "" Then
Me.CommandButton1.Enabled = False
Me.CommandButton1.Enabled = True
End If
End Sub

Private Sub UserForm_activate()
Me.CommandButton1.Enabled = False
End Sub

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Getting Cell To Be Blank Until Another Is Filled

Aug 9, 2009

I am counting days until a part is filled, and would like the unused lines to stay blank until a date is entered. below is a pic of my sheet.

I would like the 40034 colum to be blank (colum k) to be blank until there is a date input into colum b (date req)

My formula for colum k is =IF(ISBLANK(A4),TODAY()-B4,A4-B4).

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Formula Blank If Columns Not Filled Out Yet

Aug 10, 2014

I have this formula:


However i need that formula to be blank if columns C and I are not filled out yet

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Color A Cell If In The Filled Interval?

Dec 16, 2013

I want to create a room reservation sheet, based on the following:

Room 1
Room 2

08:00 am

09:00 am

10:00 am

Where the blank cells should be filled with a color (red, blue, anything), based on another sheet that tells me i.e that the room 1 is occupied from 09:00 to 10:00 and room 2 from 08:00 to 09:00 am.

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Merge Two Columns To One Filled Column?

Jul 23, 2014

I have two columns that are the same field, both Middle Name. The first column does not have every single row filled and the second column has every row the first column does not have and vice versa. I want to merge them to one filled column.

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If Previous Filled Cell Is Equal To

Mar 2, 2009

How could i change this formula so

If the previous cell "filled with a number" in column D is equal to C17 Then C18 otherwise c17

This is the formula
This formula is in D38

This formula is in D65
I also need to apply the same to this formula

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How To Add Common Word In Filled Column

Sep 18, 2013

I have a column in excel sheet of more than 1000 different names. I want to add S/o with each name how can I do that ?

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Print Only Filled Columns After Column J

Oct 29, 2013

I created a lab result page for long term patients. thus, they may have 1 to 1000 lab results. so i need to create an infinite print range, but just printing the filled ones.

Right after column J, print 2nd page if filled, if not, dont. And printing A1:J6 to every page is a good solution to not to lose data in long term.


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Moving On Row To Next Sheet When Field Is Filled With C?

Aug 14, 2014

So i have been working on this and i am so close. I need to make it so when you enter c in column J it will delete that row and move it to sheet 2 to the next available row. At this point i have it deleting the row and moving it over but it keeps using the same row and over writing the the lines already there. Here is what i have gotten so far.

[Code] ..........

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How Do I Sum Up Values Only In Cells That Are Color Filled

May 1, 2008

This thing drives me crazy for the past few days. Please helpI can go to sleep.

I have several columns with numerical data. When certain criteria are met, a person manually makes some of the column fields a green fill color via the color fill button.

Let's say I have data in cells E4 to E14

Below, I have a total field (auto Sum function used to total all),

And, another row with The Colored Green totals.

How do I enter the appropriate code to total only the fields that are green?

I have found some info on verious sites but I have been unsuccesful to implement.

I attach a sample sheet, I was playing around a bit, you can ignore the fill color red, just deal with the green fields.

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Print Range When All Cells Are Filled

Feb 27, 2009

write this in VBA on the Workbook Level, "ThisWorkbook" : IF range (B20:B53, E20:E53, H20:H51) are all filled through user keypunched values--checks and coupon amounts.AND range (C20:C52, F20:F52, I20:I50) are equal to = " "

-- these ranges contain formula that spits out values only when there are discrepancies with the manually keypunched values above' otherwise it's equal to " ".THEN call batch02. batch02 is a macro that prints the specified batch.I have attached the filed I am working with. There are 25 batches, hopefully I can replicate the codes by just changing the ranges and the print macro.

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Histogram Parameters To Be Filled In At The End Of All The Runs

Nov 30, 2009

Those "False, False, False, False" parameters to run a histogram, whatever do they mean? Application.Run "ATPVBAEN.XLAM!Histogram", Range("Inputs"), Hist.Offset(0, 3), Worksheets("OutputSheet").Range("Outputs"), False, False, False, False

Through recorded code, I've seen that to create a histogram, the third False is a "True"... but let's say I've already got the blank histogram created. I'm running a simulation (where the inputs range is being updated with every run), and I want the histogram to be filled in at the end of all the runs. What do these parameters have to do with it? Having them all as false, like I've been told, isn't working.

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