How To Adapt A Formula Destination To Cell

Jan 9, 2014

Im trying to adapt a formula destination to cell.

I have a formula on cell B2 that is directed do other excel file, It appears like [1.xlsx] 1 being the name of the other file.

What I am trying to is make something like:

cell A2 = 1
and ["A2".xlsx]

so whenever I change the A2 cell, the destination also changes.

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Formula Will Adapt And Change If Add New Row To Column?

Dec 30, 2013

I am attempting to solve an issue where for example you have a set simple formula of :


Is there a way to make it so this formula will adapt and change if you add a new row to the column?

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Including Destination Cell Value In A Formula

Mar 28, 2009

There is a big range of cells with normal numbers (ex. 100, 150 .. etc), but I need to convert them in the following formulas that give the same numbers as a result: for example if the cell value is 100, I need to convert it in =if(iserror(100);0;100) and so on with all other values. Is it possible this to be done automatically for all cells?

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Adapt Current VBA Code To Make More Than One Cell Mandatory To Fill In Before Saving

Mar 30, 2013

I am currently trying to adapt the following code which is in VBA (Sheet1). It currently ensures mandatory cell entry of cell C2 before saving, and if this is not done then it would not save the item into the relevant directory. I would like to adapt this code so that cells B2 to R2 are all mandatory, and if they are not filled in a message box with the cell title (which would be in B1 to R1) would pop up. If the cells are not filled in then it will not save (the same function it carries out for cell c2 currently). The code is attached to a command button, i have tried to make the additional cells mandatory by playing around with the If Trim(.cells(2, 3).value) part of the code with the AND function etc however i have had not had any luck.

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AutoFill Destination - General Way To Specify Destination Range

Apr 14, 2013

I want to fill all a column bottom-up but without specify cells in format "A1500:A2" like

Selection.AutoFill Destination:=Range("H2:H1578")

{H1578 have a formula so...}

I have data in the first 7 columns, with a variable(Range) for the first 5 columns

Dim oRange As Range
Set oRange = ActiveSheet.Range(ActiveCell.Offset(0, 0), ActiveCell.Offset(89, 4))

{The first cell in it is A1}

My question is : How to fill Range("H2:H1578") using my ''oRange'' variable?

I try with OffSet but my code didn't work. I need to do the same with the 6 columns to the right and then plot in a chart.

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Copy Formula With Source Destination

Dec 10, 2009

I am sure this is simple but cant get me head around it (tried paste & paste link).. I am wanting to copy formulas in file (A) to file (B) with data source linked in the file (A).

i want is when i copy the formulas to file (B) sheet 2 and it should retain the original path say H:excelfile A[sheet1]$G$1+....xls and source from which the data is being used.

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Adapt AutoFilter VBA Code?

Jun 4, 2014

I have a piece of code (below) that autofilters a table based on a cell value (B7). I am looking to adapt this code so that the table can be filtered by an additional field in B8. This cell may be blank, in which case I want it to select all possible values (not just uncheck them all).

HTML Code: 

Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range)
If (Intersect(Target, Range("B7")) Is Nothing) _[code]....

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Formula To Calculate Speed Knowing Distance, Destination Time And Checkpoint Times

Dec 2, 2008

On my spreadsheet i have a bunch of variables:

A1 = Arrival time at Checkpoint 1 - 5:53:08
A2 = Time to destination from Checkpoint 1 - 1:10:18

B1 = Arrival time at Checkpoint 2 - 6:00:56
B2 = Time to destination from Checkpoint - 1:02:30

C1 = Total distance from Start - 2.83
C2 = Arrival Time at Destination - =SUM(A1,A2)

D1 = Speed determined from the other variables
D1 is SUPPOSED to equal 25.00

It also is where I am stumped!!

Not only can I not figure out the math but also how to format the function to get the right answer.

ps: Arrival Time at Destination is only included in case it would be useful to find the answer!

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Adapt A Macro To Sort Multiple Ranges?

Jun 18, 2013

I'm trying to adapt this macro (without success) to sort a number of ranges rather than just one:

Dim rng As Range: Set rng = Range("B11:F45")
With rng
.Sort Key1:=Range("C11"), Order1:=xlAscending, Header:=xlGuess
End With
Set rng = Nothing
End Sub

I want to ADD some further parameters

to set Rng H11:L45 and Sort Column I11:I45
to set Rng N11:R45 and Sort Column O11:045

There's many more but I've tried to add in ranges but it won't work.

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Changing Cell Destination

Jun 22, 2006

How do I change the destination Cell in a workbook from data entered in a macro?

As an example If I press the command button the first time the Textbox1.value is sent to Cells(11, 5).
The next time I press the Same command button the data Textbox1.value is sent to Cells (12, 5)

Mainly is the rows I want to change not the coloums!

Struggled with this for weeks now which I am sure is a simple issue to code.

I am struggling to make people understand the problem though so I hope this works!

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Adapt VBA Code To Stop And Alert If Any Cells Are Blank?

Aug 1, 2014

I have a VBA code that when activated it copies 6 cells from sheet1 to the next available row in sheet2 - A2:F:2.

alerting and stopping the routine if any one of the cells in sheet1 are empty so the user has to input into all cells before the routine will execute.

does it need a check cells for content if error highlight empty cell.

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Enter Sheet Name To Destination Cell

Feb 15, 2010

I would like a button in (Sheet2) to do this operation when clicked: jump to (Sheet1) and enter Sheet2's name into cell B4, where this button is used in many sheets similar to Sheet2(aka2,3,4,5,6...) that all do the same to jump to sheet 1.

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Edit A Source Value From A Destination Cell

Jul 29, 2008

I'm positive that this is a dumb question that's been answered elsewhere, so pardon my n00bness -- this is a one-time project for a non-programmer.

My manager needs to edit values in a spreadsheet. This person is non-technical and put off by spreadsheets, so I want to create a custom view of the data to show only the editable data (with pretty colors and fonts, etc.)

I have a source worksheet and a display worksheet. I need the display worksheet to show the values in the source worksheet, and I need changes in the display sheet to change the referenced data in the source sheet. For example, if cell Source:A1 = "thingamabob", then cell Display:A1 = "thingamabob". If user changes cell Display:A1 to "hoodgie", then cell Source:A1 changes to "hoodgie".

Essentially, the user has to be able to edit the source cell via the display cell.

Is that possible?

Again, please excuse my ignorance -- for all I know, this may be an automated function in Excel... but I've been trying to figure it out for two hours and so I thought I'd ask you nice people.

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Click To Copy Cell Within Range To Destination Cell?

Oct 18, 2013

My goal would be to click on a cell within a range of cells (in a column) and have the value copied to a specified destination cell. There would be a few different columns with source cells and two destination cells. Each column would to copy to a specific cell. My ojective is basically to deal with different processing times (days, weeks, months).

Here's a little visual, clicking on C4 for example would copy the value "5" to cell B2. Clicking on D4 would copy "12" to A2.


Processing time X (weeks)
Processing time Y (in days)
Processing time Z (in weeks)





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How To Stop Linked Cell Destination From Changing

Oct 30, 2013

This is the current layout I have:

Sheet 1: A1:B20, is linked to Sheet 2: A1:B20.

I need to copy and paste data from the internet into Sheet 2, but it's not in the correct order, so I must swap column A and column B in Sheet 2 only. The problem with this is that when I swap them, the linked cells swap as well, which destroys my data on Sheet 1 columns C-Z.

Is there a way that I can keep the cells on Sheet 1 completely static, so that it only reads the data I put into the corresponding cell on Sheet 2?

Or maybe, is there a way I can just swap the cell information in Sheet 2 without messing around with the formatting? Just a complete swap of A1>B1 and B1>A1?

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Blink Destination Cell When Clicked On Hyperlink?

Jul 31, 2008

I have a sheet where it has got hyperlinks to many cells. When I click on the Hyperlink, the destination cell selected should start blinking.

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How To Create Destination Cell By Concatenating Cells

Feb 22, 2012

I am trying to create a destination cell by concatenating several cells and text together. A1 = Folder Name, B1 = File Name, C1 = Tab and Cell. In D1, I am creating a formula that concatenates all the cells to create a destination. This obviously doesn't work so I run a macro to copy, paste special values which displays this in E1, ='FolderName[File Name]Tab'!Cell. The pasted formula works but only after you click on the cell and hit the enter key. Is there a better way to do this?

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Pasting Cell Values Matching Destination Formatting?

Mar 31, 2014

I have browsed for two days looking for material on effecting this. The technique quoted most is watch for undolist for paste & auto fill then undo the change and paste the value again with specific formatting needs. This technique can be implemented in a worksheet_change event handler. The problem that I am facing is that the user can copy and past while my VBA is running. Once it is caught inside my own application class object event handler all that undo stack is already cleared. Therefore I have nothing that tells me if the user has entered the value via a paste action. By the time the value is pasted, all that formatting would have been entered. For example, a value that is interpreted by another workbook as DATE will have my destination formatting changed to DATE as well even though it is designed to be TEXT at design time.

So far I have not been able to think of a scheme to deal with this.

My basic intention is to always ensure the destination cell formatting remains as TEXT. If something is already interpreted as DATE after the paste even if I can convert to TEXT the string will appear totally differently. I have to find a way to paste the whole thing as TEXT in order to keep the string the same. The problem is that there is no intrinsic PASTE event in VBA. Without a method to undo that paste I cannot catch this at all.

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Copy Folders To New Destination Based On Path In Cell

Sep 27, 2013

I have this code that copies existing folders to a new destination path. How do I change the code so that the From path and To path is based on cell value rather than writing it into the code?

Sub Copy_Folders()Set Fobj = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
Fobj.CopyFolder "C:UsersHengDocuments1243-01234photos", "C:UsersHengDocumentsCasework1243-01234photos"
End Sub

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Custom Copy/paste - Cell Reference For Destination

Jan 30, 2007

i am writing a custom copy/paste routine which will paste data from a selection if the cell being pasted to is not locked.

The user will select the text for coping and then launch the routine.

The routine will query for destination cell and then process the paste.

This is my routine so far:

Sub testCopy()

Dim c As Range
Dim MyRange As Range
Dim Dest As Range

Set MyRange = Selection
Set Dest = Application.InputBox(prompt:="Select a cell", _
Title:="Paste Destination", Type:=8)

For Each c In MyRange
If Dest.Locked = False Then
Dest.Value = c.Value
End If
'dest = ?
Next c
End Sub

What I need to know is how to increment the dest reference so it is in the same 'relative' position from the initial dest that c (from the selection) is in or is there a better way to do this?

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VBA - Setting Paste Of Series Destination Range Relative To Active Cell

Oct 24, 2013

I'm creating a Macro to paste a series of formulas from a template in hidden rows above to cells further down in the same worksheet. My code works fine if I set an absolute range as the Destination - here's a portion of it:

Sub TimelineRow150()
Dim TimelineMatch As Integer, ProjectPlan As Object
TimelineMatch = ActiveCell.Offset(0, -1).Value
If TimelineMatch = 26 Then


I'd like to be able to copy and paste this code to run it multiple times in the same worksheet, (the TimelineMatch variable actually has 26 different options). Is there a way to replace the [Range("E150:AQ152").Select] portion of the code with a range that is relative to the Active Cell? (I'd instruct users that cell E be the Active cell before running the Macro, and E to AQ is still the range I need the copied data to appear.) I've tried using ActiveCell.Offset, but I keep getting an error of Method 'Range of Object' _Global' failed.

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Automatically Paste Data After User Manualy Select A Destination Cell

May 27, 2009

I have two workbooks. I am copying cells data from one workbook A to workbook B with macro - pretty easy. Now, after selecting and copying cell data in workbook A and switching to workbook B I want to be able to pause the macro and wait for the user to chose a correct cell where he/she wants to paste the data. After the selection the macro would automatically paste the data in selected cell. Since I am completely newbie any help would be appreciated. Here is the macro I have so far :

Sub CopyVIN()
' CopyVIN Macro
' Macro recorded 5/26/2009 by Pacific Coachworks
Sheets("For copying VIN").Select
Selection.PasteSpecial Paste:=xlPasteValues, Operation:=xlNone, SkipBlanks _
:=False, Transpose:=False
Application.CutCopyMode = False
Windows("Cami's Production Schedule.xls").Activate
' Here I'd like to have a code for waiting for a user selection and pasting the data automaticlly.

End Sub

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Formula In Destination Workbook Will Not Update When Change Tab Name In Source Workbook

Jul 17, 2014

I am working with multiple workbooks with several tabs in each one. I need the forumula to update the "sheet name" from the source workbook even if the destination workbook is closed.

this is a portion of the forumula I am working with:


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Copy Multi Cell Range To Destination Workbook Range

Dec 23, 2008

Trying to copy a range from Sender.xls (sheet) Lists backstage
onto Userform.xls (sheet) Behind the Scenes

When trying to copy the values within a multicell range, the destination cell range (same size) becomes blank.

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Using Destination Property

May 14, 2009

I would like to Copy the cell value from A1 into the next available empty cell in a column (in this case sheet2 A) so that I can create a list of values from A1 over time and graph it.

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Worksheets Destination

Apr 21, 2007

I am attempting to copy the contents of one workbook (Project) to another (NotesName)

Sheets("Matrix Calx").Copy Destination:=Workbooks(NotesName).Sheets("Matrix Calx")

I can't get Destination: or Before: to get the desired result and can't find any info on the variables.
What would be the best way to copy from one workbook to another when the data has to be transfered to the correct/corresponding worksheet?

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Copy Destination Syntax

Oct 17, 2008

I am attempting to create a macro that opens a file named "shrinkage-billing.xls", searches for a variable "PTOSH" in column A, copies the adjacent cell and pastes the data in another worksheet named "Shrinkage Report 2009.xls"

The code follows ...

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Autofill To Variable Destination

Aug 30, 2009

I have the following code that was achieved using the macro recorder. The only problem I am running into is that during the autofill command, there are never the same amount of rows to autofill. It could be as few as 5 rows and as many as there are rows on the spreadsheet. When I recorded the macro there were 953 lines, and unfortunately I cannot figure out how to change the specific destination of 953 to a variable destination determined by when data ends. Here is the code I currently have:

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Autofill Destination By Columns

Dec 20, 2009

How exactly do I autofill by columns? In this example I recorded a macro and cleaned it up autofilling through E1 but it could be a number up to 50.

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Copy Destination With Formats

Apr 20, 2012

Since you can copy to someplace with one line of code like this:

Sheets(1).Range("A1:Z5000").Copy Destination:=Sheets(2).Range("A1")

is there any way of doing this with formatting, or are things like paste special features only possible by selecting something?

Ie: Values, column widths, formats, etc. Does the copy destination argument only allow simple copying?

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