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Pool League And Use To Track Player Handicaps

I run a small town pool league and use excell to track player handicaps, ect. we use a simple system for handicapping. Players can be from 2- to 7+ (2- 2 2+ 3- 3 3+ 4- 4 4+) and so on. if a player is a 2+ and wins they go to a 3- and so on. I want to be able to just type a W or an L and have it look up the players previous handicap and return a new handicap in the next field. I've allready figured out how to count the W's and L's and return the total for a teams weekly wins on another page, and give stats on a players wins and losses. I then print each sheet out weekly. Teams have 8 players but only play 5 each week so some players might not play for 2,3 or more weeks. I also use access to keep track of all the people that have played in the league. some players play a few sessions then quit for a few. this way i can keep track of their handicaps when not playing and havew a list of all the people that have played in the league. Can i get excel to transfer a players handicap to access each time it changes?

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Automatically Place Player Based Results & Player Ranking
i m creating a formula that will automatically place players in the correct position based on the outcome and there rank.

I have created an example sheet and the results should be in cells E3:E15

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Spread Sheet To Get Golf Handicaps Using The Lowest 5 Of Last 6 Scores
I need a formula to figure the 5 lowest of last 6 sores, since everyone doesn't play every week there would be blank spaces and it needs to just give me the average if they have less than 6 scores!

I have manipulated the formulas until I am blue in the face and cannot get it to work;

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Sort A Pool Standing
I'm running a pool and I would like to sort all the players by the total of points.

It is hard to explain with out showing the spread sheet

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Hockey Pool Formula
This might be a little long/difficult to explain so I have attached the excel sheet for viewing.

I am trying to adapt cell I11, which now equals cell B10 or B12 (depending on where you type in the "x"). I am trying to formulate it to be either cell B10, B12, B18 or B22, I want it to read the highest seed number (5, 6 or & 7) again depending on where you place the "x". Let me know if I have left anything out.

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Filtering Out A Number Of IDs From A Larger ID Pool
I have Excel file A with a full list of IDs that were selected to take part in a study - about 5000 IDs with only one field "ID". I also have Excel file B with about 1500 ID of people from file A BUT who already took part in the study. Now what I need to do is filter out from file A all the people in file B so in file A I am only left with those who didn't take part.

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Displaying Message Box For Top Scores In Football Pool
I have a football pool I am doing with my family. I would like a macro that displays a message box that tells me the leaders of the pool using the grand total number. So in my attachment, the message box would say something like:

Sue is in first place with 12 points,
Bob and Dave are in second place with 9 points,
Larry is in third place with 3 points

It doesn't need to be exactly like that, but you get the gist of what I am looking for. The catch here is that the grand total row changes each week as I add games in, so the row moves down every week. I need the macro to stay with the grand total row from week to week.

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Compare 1 Player To 3 Other Players
I need a formula for comparing the scores of 4 players from games won or tied.
I want to know for each game who won, tied or lost.

Below is how I compare 1 player to another.

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To Set Up A Web Query That Gets The Player Roster
I'm trying to set up a web query that gets the Player Roster from and one column is giving me trouble.

On the web site, this column is the player's height, listed as, for example, 6-2.

When the web query import is complete, this column displays a date instead of the height.... so 6-2 comes in as 2-June.

How do I massage this column to display the height and not a date?

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Age Table To See If A Player Is Too Old By Years
i am trying to make and age table to see if a player is too old by years, months and days all i can do is Years i need something like the following

1/10/2009 cut off date birthday is 8/5/1991

all i can do is the following

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424 Object Required Error With VBA & Windows Media Player
I'm having some trouble with some VBA code written for Excel (Office 2003). I have a video file (in .wmv format) and a list of time stamps in an excel file. When I click a timestamp, I want to pop open the WMV and play it at that given time.

I've made some headway thanks to a few others, but I'm getting this "Run-time '424': Object required" error that I can't seem to fix. I've attached the file, and it occurs at the line "frmPlayer.Show" and I have no idea why!

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Cmd Button Code To Display Video In Windows Media Player Object In Spreadsheet
I have a sample spreadsheet (uploaded to this thread) in which I have 10 command buttons named 'Video 1' to 'Video 10'. Next to these buttons is a Windows Media Player Object.
I require the code that upon clicking any of the video command buttons, the relevant video is opened and shown in the windows media object within the same sheet (sheet1).

I'm sure the code for each button will be the same apart from the cmd button reference number/name and the link to the file to be played.

If we assume all the videos are called as per their buttons i.e. Video 1.wmv, Video 2.wmv ... Video 10.wmv; and the location of these files is under 'C:Films', can someone post up some code for button 'Video 1' making it clear which variables to change for linking to the different files.

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League Cup Draw By Using VBA
i want to make a cup draw, but i don't want to use RAND, I want to use VBA.

What i want is to make a English Football League Cup, so all 92 leagues teams are in it, but as follows

First Round 72 teams
Second Round 50 Teams
Third Round 32 Teams
Fourth Round 16 Teams
Quarter-Finals 8 Teams
Semi-Final 4 Teams
Final 2 Teams

for a team list see attached excel spreadsheet

If you are not sure what i mean google search English League Cup or try soccerway

I want a command box or similar for each round, i dont want it to change unless i click on the command button again.

i will be inputing the scores myself.

Sorry i forget one team in the First round "Darlington"

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League Spreadsheet
We have an archery league that is getting very popular, and very time consuming. We have a spreadsheet now that works, but so much of it isn't annomated that it's not saving a bunch of time for us. It is, however, very accurate, so we keep using it, but I think there is a better way out there to do it, and I bet one you excel pro's know the answer.

Here is how it works:

We have three man teams. Let's say we have 20 teams again this year (we did last year). These teams will have their own unique schedules of other teams that they will play against. We have ten weeks of head to head team matches.

Every week, every shooter's average is computed. So, week one their average is whatever they shot. Week two is the average of week 1 and week 2 combined, and so on. This revolving average keeps shooters from sand bagging.

The team head to head match ups are handicapped. Let's say that team 1 is up again team 2 in week 1:

Team 1 is consisted of bill, bob, and barry. Bill's average at this time is 300, bob's is 290, and barry's is 295.

Team 2 is Larry, Leonard, and Louie. Their averages at this point are 290, 280, 300.

The head to head team match up is consisted of three individual head to head's. The shooters with the best averages, at this point in time, face off, the middle averages face off, then the lowest average shooters on each team also face off. You get 2 points for winning your head to head match. You get 1 point for tieing. Zero points for losing.

The handicaps kick in like this. Bill is the high average shooter on Team 1. He faces Louie since Louie is high man on Team 2. Since their averages are both the same, this match is a head's up, scratch, match with neither shooter getting spotted points.

The middle shooters are Barry with his 295 against Larry with his 290. We use a 80% handicap. So, Larry gets "spotted" 80% of 5 points, or 4 points. The same goes for the matchup of Bob against Leonard. Leonard gets 8 points in his match (80% of the ten points that his average is lower).

Shooters shoot their games, scores are taken, points are spotted points are added in, then winners are declared. Then, the points each shooter wins is added into a team total for that week, then on to the next week's match.

My biggest problem is that the #1, #2, and #3 shooter on each team, each week, changes sometimes. In my previous example, lets say that in week two, lets say louie blows it and shoots a 270. So now his average isn't the highest on his team, so the pecking order of the team changes.

So, my challenge to this board, if you wish to accept it, is how do I set this bad boy up? Lots of issues here. The biggest one is how to get the teams to self rank themselves each week?

I'd love to have a tab where I enter each shooter's score in, and excel takes it from there giving points to winners of adjusted matches.

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League Table Without Macros
I'm after a league table spreadsheet that automatically sorts after entering results but I also want a spreadsheet that doesn't use macros (pcs at work prevent the use of macros - I understand why but its a pain still!).

I know this is possible from looking at this excellent freeware world cup 2006 spreadsheet: [url]

Ideally I'd like to adapt this spreadsheet for my needs but having unhid all of the worksheets I'm blown away by just how complicated it is: For each world cup group the worksheet is 9 PAGES LONG of what seems like duplicated tables!

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Creating A League Table
I started back in august doing the fixtures of my local rugby league league. I have created a league table using excel but i have been having to enter each teams points in manually adding and subtracting the points differences. I was hoping that you would be able to enlighten me in how I could just enter the results and the league table would automatically update.

I dont know if I can upload the file to show you if you can do this please let me know

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Golf League Point Counter
If the number in one cell is larger than the number in another cell then i would need a 2 added to yet another cell.

I the first two cells are equal then I would need to add a 1 to that 3rd cell.

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Handicap System For Golf League
Just starting to use excel and have a problem I hope someone can solve. Trying to set up handicap system for golf league. Column A is players. Column B shows average of last 5 rounds played and rounded to nearest whole number. column C shows the same without rounding. column D and beyond show scores with column D being the most recent. Have this all this working well with one problem. Each week I insert new column D, enter scores, and everything is recalculated. How do I deal with absent players? Is there a way to enter perhaps "A" for absent and excel will know to count the last 5 cells with numerical values only?

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League Table Not Updating Properly
My league table just stopped adding the scores up as of week 22. prior to that they worked fine. I input scores in the "Our Players" sheet, per player per week.... simple. but like i said, as of Week 22, it just inputs that specific weeks scores. See attached file.

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Auto Sorting League Tables
I have collate the results from 3 companies all whom sell a series of products. Each day they submit there sales and productivity results to me and I collate them to a weekly return that I then manually rank each area in a league table to show 1st, 2nd, 3rd....

I'd love to be able to automate this so that the league table page updates and sorts top to bottom automatically from the data entered on the other pages, but don't know how. I think macro's are the answer but I have no idea how to make a macro perform the actions I need.

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Automatically Adjusting League Table
This is for a call centre and sales office. there are 3 tabs. Tab 1 represents the values that we update at the end of each week which then gives a running total over an 8 week period and then an average below. there is a seperate table for each staff member. Tab two is for one team of people and tab two is for the other team. Namely LG team and Sales Team. the tab 2 and 3 are to show league tables that both collect data from tab 1, but then create a league table showing who is top dog over the 8 week period. But this also has to self adjust to be in order.

on tab 2 and 3, the tables on the left will be hidden once complete, but are there to work out the league. the table on the right is then there to put and show the league in the right order. I HOPE THAT MAKES SENSE, COS EVEN I'M LOST NOW. I've followed previous advice on this and inputted what I think are the right formulas, but for some reason it's coming up with the wrong answers and several names are being repeated which are wrong. For example even when ben perhaps is number 2, it will show rahim as number 2 and number 3. why is this?

also, how do I get by the problem of on the odd occassion when perhaps ben and rahim have the same stats and are joint second, but it will only show ben as 2 and ben as 2 again, leaving rahim out of it. WOW. I'm glad I've got that out of my system. I was doing the washing up yesterday donig Excel formulas in my head. But the washing up got done at least.

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Auto Sort A League Table
I have a football pontoon league that works on goals scored, what I am tring to do is to be able to auto-sort the league on the right of the document when I amend the numbers on the table on the left of the document.

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Calculating And Ranking Teams In League Tables
i am trying to make a spreadsheet up which will calculate and sort out teams in a league table for my local football team. basically, i have around 6 teams in the league and they need to be sorted via: points, then goal difference, then goals scored and then by the match between the two teams if still equal. I have managed to work out how to get excel to calculate all of the numbers of wins and losses and goals scored, etc but cannot find how to rank the teams in order regarding how i just explained.

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Fill League Table Based On Value Found Or Not
I am trying to update a league table from a different sheet. The table is not fixed on how many people with be in it as this can grow. This what I have in mind to do what I need but can work out how to implement it.

I need to loop though column "A" in sheet "U8" range A2:A?

The value in column "A" is unique so from "A2" I then take the value in "K2" for this unique id.

I now need to search column "A" in sheet "U8 League Table" for the unique ID place the value of "U8 - K2" into column "D" (Round2) row will be different in most cases to round1.

If the unique ID is not found in "U8 League Table" then add it.

The U8 sheet is populated a fresh per event (fortnightly) and the data fed (riders score will always be in column K, different row) into the League Table. However. as the rounds mount the data will need to go into next column along in the Table i.e Rd1 in C, Rd2 in D, Rd3 in E etc.

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Worksheet Formula - Spreadsheet For Fantasy Baseball League
I am making a spreadsheet for my fantasy baseball league and I have it set up how I want it, minus the correct formula(s) to make it work.

Basically, I have 15 different tabs in one .xlsx file. The first 14 are each team and their players. The 15th is a huge ranking list of all the players in the league basically.

What I want to happen is, as I enter a name in any of the first 14 tabs, somehow on the 15th the corresponding name with be crossed out, colored, etc.

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Track Changes
So I got this code from i followed the directions and pasted it in the workbook module but does not seem to be working. I am thinkning the copy and paste feature is messing something up anyone know what?

I have added a worksheet named Log

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Track Changes On Another Worksheet
I have a list of items that I keep track of when they were last used.

For example:
Item# Last Used
Item#1 8/27/06
Item#2 5/2/07
Item#3 6/30/07

What I would like to do is when I enter a date, it automatically tracks the changes so that I can not only see the most current date but all previous dates if I need to.

The ideal would be to transfer it to another worksheet so that is looks like the original except that is shows multiple dates after it instead of just the most recent.

For example:
Item#1 5/3/05 7/23/06 8/27/06

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Track Users
We have an excel file that I've developed that people in our department are supposed to be using - not that they want to - but it is an edict from our bosses. Is there a way to track who is actually using that file so I can verify that they are using it rather than just relying on them saying that they are?

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Track Changes & Macro's
I have a work sheet that has 113 tabs and I use two macros (both written with help from this forum - thanks), one to protect all of the worksheets and the other one breaks the workbook into 113 separate files. I want to use the tracking feature because I will be sending out these budget templates and want to identify the changes when I receive them back.

Problem is once I enable the tracking I can no longer run my macro’s; I get a VB dialog box with a red X and the number 400. Anyone know how to work around this problem?

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Track Changes From All Worksheets
I have found another user's code that will track changes for a single sheet, if that code is in the sheet. This code uses the Worksheet_Change function. However, I have just stumbled acroos the Workbook_Change function. The workbook function is exactly what I need, since I have multiple tabs that need to be tracked. However, the code does not seem to work. I can switch between the two functions, using the same code afterwards, but with the new workbooks phrase it does not work. I tried placing the Workbooks_Change in the "ThisWorkbook" object in VBA, but it does not seem to work there or anywhere else.

I have attached the file. The code is in the "thisworkbook" function.

For quick reference:

Private Sub Workbook_Change(ByVal Target As Range)
Dim r As Long, OutSht As Worksheet

Set OutSht = Sheets("Log")
r = OutSht.Cells(Rows.Count, 1).End(xlUp).Row + 1
OutSht.Cells(r, 1) = Target.Address
OutSht.Cells(r, 2) = Now
OutSht.Cells(r, 3) = Environ("UserName")
OutSht.Cells(r, 4) = Target.Value
End Sub

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Keeping Track Of Payments
i am a builder and i want to make a spread sheet to keep track of what i have been paid and the labour costs i have paid out

so i am working on 20 houses that all have 7 stages of payment each, and 5 to 8 men working on them who receive a price for each stage, but are paid a portion of that price each week while they are working on that stage

what i am trying to do is set up a sheet to keep track of what has been paid and the balance remaining for each stage and what has been received

i have tried doing it a few different ways but im none to clever with spread sheets and what is causing me the problem is next to each payment made i need to put the date and the name of the person who was paid so it always seems to just look a cluttered mess

have any of you got any ideas of how i could simplify this and make it look neat and easy

or alternatively is there some other software that may suit this application better?

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VBA Can Keep Track Of Total Row Height?
I was wondering if VBA or Excel has the capability to add and total Row Height or Pixels? For example I have my Rows set to a height of 14.25 (19 pixels). My Range that I am working with is A2:T41 for a TOTAL ACCUMULATED ROW HEIGHT of 570 (40 Rows X 14.25) and 760 Pixels (40 X 19).

What I would like to accomplish is that once the TOTAL ACCUMULATED ROW HEIGHT of my Range reaches 570 then Row 1 appears. If the TOTAL is less then 570 then Row 1 remains Hidden.

Does anyone know IF and HOW this can be done? I need this due to the fact that the Rows will Autosize and I need to have my header Row appear. I can't just Freeze Row 1 because my actual Headers are on Row 16.

Hope this makes sense and hope that someone has a solution.

Bye 4 Now,

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Track The Time From 1-NY To 10-Lukket

So if we take first line the defect id is 10. The date entered is 21-08-2007 and the status is 1-NY ( means new)
NExt line the defect ID is still 10 the date is changed to 22-08-2007 and the previous status is was 1-Ny and the new status is 03- under vurdering (to be
Third line the defect ID is still 10. The date is changed to 04-01-2008. The previous status was 03- Under vurdering ( to be evalueted). The new status is 10-lukket.

I want to be able to track the time from 1-NY to 10-Lukket.

Now the even more tricky part. As you can see other defects go over different statuses e.g defect number 1000 here.

The sheet I have is 13000 rows and I have a total of 2300 defects

1021-08-2007 10:491-Ny
1022-08-2007 15:381-Ny03- Under vurdering
1004-01-2008 13:4703- Under vurdering10-Lukket
10029-08-2007 10:051-Ny
10003-09-2007 14:121-Ny04- Afventer tilretning
10012-09-2007 15:2204- Afventer tilretning10-Lukket
100006-02-2008 11:2901-Ny
100012-02-2008 15:0501-Ny04- Afventer tilretning
100015-08-2008 08:5304- Afventer tilretning10-Lukket
100015-08-2008 22:1310-Lukket04- Afventer tilretning
100004-02-2009 14:0404- Afventer tilretning10-Lukket

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CountIf - Track Last Item
How to track the value of last item in CountIf and work backwards? I am trying to do inventory valuation at the end of the month. For example I have 7 purchases in a month for 1000 units in each purchase order, my on hand inventory is 1500 units. from the purchase details I did a countif to tell me there are 7 PO's in a month for the item, but if i want to find how much each units costed starting from last PO in the CountIf is there a way to pull that number? I have total purchase amount by PO & quantity by PO also in separate columns, so I know cost per unit in each PO but can't figure out how to go backwards (starting from last in)

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Track Comments On The Spreedsheet
I have created a spreadsheet for my students on a shared drive. They will be able to go there and make comments..My question is this: I know they can have their name set in Excel...How long will the name stay in it. I have to change the speedsheet daily. Does that mean the students will have to enter their name daily. Also how can I track each student comments on the spreedsheet?

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Track Changes Based On Login Name
I've been looking around for a way for Track Changes to reference the loggedin username of the workstation rather than the name in Excel registration.

I found this
Function UserNameWindows() As String
UserNameWindows = Environ("USERNAME")
End Function

: on this board and another blog.

But I don't know how to enter it to make this work. I had read you make it a new module and assign a formula, but the most I could get through was opening the VBA editor for the workbook, creating a new module, and pasting the code. Changes would still reference the Excel registration name, not the Windows' logged in username.

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Put Together A Basic Spreadsheet To Track
I'm trying to put together a basic spreadsheet to track offensive plays for high school football. I'd like a formula that will change the LOS (Line of Scrimmage) to reflect the yards gained on the previous play. The problem is that you'd probably need negative numbers up to 49, and then back down to 0.

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Worksheet To Track Inventory
I'm trying to make a worksheet to track inventory, not for sales but for tracking how many supplies are on hand in storage rooms, closets, etc. The worksheet will be used by as many as 20 different users probably on a network.

Because it will be used by many people, I'm trying to see if there is a way that the worksheet can be updated after every save. In particular, the amount that are "on hand".

For example, say there are 10 of a particular item on hand to start. Joe takes 2 and goes to record it on the worksheet. He inputs the 2 he takes, which now show that there are 8 on hand remaining. He saves the worksheet. Then, Jerry comes and takes 2 and goes to record it on the worksheet.

I can't figure out how, or if it's possible, to have the worksheet show Jerry that there are 8 on hand to start, not 10. So that when he takes his 2, it should show that there are now 6 on hand remaining. I've attached an example worksheet.

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VBA Codes (track Changes) On One Cell
I created a financial forecast model from scratch. The model is self-contained and has no external links.


Before firing a question at you, let me explain briefly how the model works. I have an assumptions tab, several costs tab from various departments that ultimately feed the Results tab (target price on a monthly basis) . Let's assume that my target price is on line 200. To me more specific, for Jan09, the target price is on B200, Feb09 on C200 and so on.

Management will feed the model themselves, given that they are assigned specific areas that they can input their forecast.

Issue or question to you

I would like to track historical changes to the price on line 200 on my target page. That is for every individual change and their impact on price.

To illustrate this let assume the following:

Let say User A made several changes on his forecast, I would like the macro to automatically record the individual change that has been made and the impact it had on the target price on line 200.

Assume that User A made two changes on his forecasting sheet. He increased the cost of supplies by $50,000 (on one cell) and increased the cost of labour by $10,000 (on another cell).

What I would love to have is a macro that would record the changes that User A changed; (i.e. cell, tab, user) after he entered the $50,000 and after he entered the $10,000. This would be recorded on a separate sheet.

Thus, immediately he entered the $50,000 on the cell and press it would record the change and the impact it had on price on the target page. Then when he entered the $10,000, it would do the same.

The format of the "changes sheet" that would contain the changes would look something like this:

USER..Date..Cell changed...Tab..From value..To value. Price Before Price after Impact (Price before less price after)

I am aware that there's a lot of details but if you don't understand the issue, it's very difficult for you to resolve.

I assume that it requires a VBA code of some sort to set this up. Given that I am not familiar (a true dummy) with VBA, I would need like a step by step instruction.

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Program To Keep Track Of The Hours
i m trying to use Excel program to keep track of the hours he is working. I know there is a way to do it but it has been many years since I used Excel and can not remember how to do it. He would like to insert the time (hours & minutes) he works in column A and have a sum in the next column.

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Track Changes. Project Unviewable
I believe that someone is using excel's coding features to sabotage a file by entering blank and/or false data into a speadsheet using macros / vb code, and the project is locked for viewing so I cannot view the code. Is it possible to track the changes of vb code by using the 'track changes' feature in Excel? I have pictures of the history sheet and a copy of the file if any of the experts here want to take a look at it.

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Track Changing Date
How can I track date of every last change made in certain cells so my boss can monitor if I am keep working on a project?

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Track Deleted Row Or Column
How would I write this in vb. If a row or column deleted in sheet1 insert in sheet2 the date it was deleted, the coloumn or row cell name?

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Track Changes Detail In A Cell
Is there any way to capture the comment that comes when we use "Track Changes", the date & time when the cell content changes should be retrieved in the adjacent automatically. Is there any way to do it using formulas/ VB code.

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Track Changes In Workbook By User Name
I am unable to add which user made the change to the specific cell. The code used is:

Dim vOldVal 'Must be at top of module
Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range)
Dim bBold As Boolean
If Target.Cells.Count > 1 Then Exit Sub
On Error Resume Next
With Application
. ScreenUpdating = False
.EnableEvents = False
End With
If IsEmpty(vOldVal) Then vOldVal = "Empty Cell"
bBold = Target.HasFormula
With Sheet1
. Unprotect Password:="Secret"
If .Range("A1") = vbNullString Then
.Range("A1:E1") = Array("CELL CHANGED", "OLD VALUE", _
End If..................................................

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Race Track Chart
I am running a contest for my office and the theme is 'nascar'. Anyway - we'd like to chart the contestants using a racetrack. Is this possible in Excel or any other MS Office tool?

Basically I'd like to show the placement of ten contestants on a circular racetrack. It would be updated weekly.

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Track Changes & Display Results
I have written an array formula which you can see in the, "Done something cool in excel" bit on here. Part of this project was to changed/replace three diffence cells on each pass of the loop. I used some code off here which allowed me to display ALL changed on a seperate sheet, but there way way to much data on here and really confused the user. What i would like to do is; in 1 column, for it to say "CHANGED" if the data has changed "EXSISTING" if it hasnt changed and "NEW" if its been added, this will be referencing Column I.

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Track/Report User Changes
The module that you wrote on tracking changes made in a workbook was fabulous I had been looking for so long for that. I was just wondering if there was a way to find out WHO made the changes to the workbook. I am on a network and everyone in my office can make changes to this particular workbook, therefore there are some mistakes. I would like to know who is making the mistakes.

Dim vOldVal 'Must be at top of module
Private Sub Workbook_SheetChange(ByVal Sh As Object, ByVal Target As Range)
Dim bBold As Boolean

If Target.Cells.Count > 1 Then Exit Sub
On Error Resume Next
With Application
. ScreenUpdating = False
.EnableEvents = False
End With
If IsEmpty(vOldVal) Then vOldVal = "Empty Cell"
bBold = Target.HasFormula
With Sheet1.............................

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Track Changes Then Delete Unchanged Rows
I have a spreadsheet which is sent to one of my suppliers..they fill in there product information then send it back. When they need to add new products or make changes to existing ones they simply use the same file and re-send it. So I end up with two files, old and new. I need to flag up which cells have been changed in the new file compared with the old one.

At the moment I am copy and pasting the data from the new file into another spreadsheet which has =IF(B10='\HalusersSimon[Copy of Copy of Copy of Book1.xls]enter data'!$K$6,"","Change") in a empty column next to each column from the new file. This displays 'Change' in the cell next to the one I have pasted if it is different from the original file. Unfortunately I am still left with all of the rows where none of the data has changed, so I still have to sort through maybe 10000 rows....BORINGGGGG.

First of all the formula isnt perfect for the there a macro which can do this instead...and secondly is there a macro to delete all rows within a certain area (so that I can keep the field headings and stuff) which dont contain the word 'Change' in them

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Track Number Between Two Tabs On Same Workbook
I'm trying to see if the same numbers exists in two different spreasheets on the same workbook. Both "asset tags" columns are sorted ascending. If the number appears on both table I would like my formula to add a "Y" (for yes) on the proper cell. Not sure if I should use Vlookup, sumproduct or sumif formula. Here is the main table where I want that "Y" to appear in Column D .....

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Can You Track The Date A Different Field Was Updated?
I want Cell B1 to display the MM/DD/YYYY of when Cell A1 was updated.

so when I update A1, B1 is automatically updated with today's date.

Is this possible?

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