Referring To A Cell For The Row Position On A Formula

Jul 8, 2008

I'm trying to find the details required to refer to contents of a cell and then treat the value as the formula. IE for Sum(B5:B8), i'd like to have two cells, one with a 5 in it and one with the 8.

I know its possible if i put "b5" as the cell content using indirect - but I'll be using the same cell value to update formulas in different columns so I cant afford to include the B. I assume theres a very simple method along the lines of Sum((B&(Cell(a4)):B&(Cell(a5)))?

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Referring To A Sheet In An External Workbook By Position, Not Name

Oct 26, 2008

I'm trying to summarize some data from an external workbook. The problem is that the worksheet names there are months (Jan2009, Feb2009 etc.) and the sheets rotate (change position) with time. In the summarizing workbook I would like to use a function to refer to (for example) cell A1 on the third worksheet, regardless of the current name of that worksheet. So I might have a cell in the summary workbook that looks something like "=CoolFunction(ExternalWB.xls, 3, A1)"

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Concatenate Formula Referring To Cell In Another Workbook

Feb 9, 2007

"Smith B" is text in C1.

My current formula in C3 is a simple reference to a cell in another workbook:

=+'Z:Time Records2007[Smith B.xls]Daily Time'!$C1352

I would the formula to refer to C1 to get the "Smith B" part.

This would allow me to copy the formula to the right and reference different text as it looks at D1, E1, F1, etc.

To say it another way. I want to know if there's a way to make a formula that would result in looking at the file Smith B.xls by inserting a refernce to C1 in it?

=+'Z:Time Records2007["C1".xls]Daily Time'!$C1352

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Excel 2003 :: Referring To Cell Value In COUNTIF Formula

May 7, 2013

I am using Excel 2003

Cell B13 contains the row number of the first row of data on the sheet and B14 contains the row number of the end row of data. This is because the number of rows vary over time.

I'm trying to do a COUNTIF to test for duplicates in column R (contains integers) and I want to specify the range to count by referring to the value in B13 and B14 in the formula and so I have the following which returns FALSE for some reason even if the value in R19 appears more than once in the range ...


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Formula Referring To A Sheet Based On Values In A Cell

Jan 31, 2014

How to do this:

I have many sheets called;

Input Jan
Input Feb
Input ....

Meaning 1 for each month.

I have another sheet where I want a formula that can

CapEx.................................... EBITDA...............................EBITDA %
"=('Input Jul 2014'!$BI$3)/1000"

The "Jul" which stand for July, it is possible to have a formula where I can have certain text in a formula that is based on the value in B1 (In this case, B1 being JUL in bold writing.)

Like this;

=('Input &B1 2014'!$BI$3)/1000

Or must I manually go in and replace all formulas for each month?

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Formula For Cell Value Based On Reference Or Position

Jun 23, 2009

HTML Imagine the following table (Ax, etc is the cell position):

A1=John C1=Name D1=Date E1=Version F1=IP
A2=10/2/2008 C2=A1 D2=A2 .... ....
A3=Client version 7.01 C3=A1+5pos D3=A2+5pos
A4= C4=A1+10pos D4=A2+10pos

A8=Client version 7.03

A13=Client version 7.02

I have a table of data on the left side and I want to re-organize just like the right side. Let's take C2 as an example, the value for that cell = A1;
Now, C3 in the other hand, the value for that cell = A1 + 5 positions down;
C4 = A1 + 10 positions down;. The same type of formula applies for the remaining columns on the right. This seems like an easy solution, but it's not easy when you don't know it... :

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Maintaining Cell Reference According To Its Physical Position From Formula Cell?

Jan 29, 2014

I need to make a cell display the contents of the cell immediately below it, regardless of if there are rows inserted at the referenced row or above or below it on the worksheet. ALSO I need to do this at several additional cell locations down the worksheet. Such as : A1 displays A2, A4 displays A5, A7 displays A8 etc.

Example: I want A1 to display whatever is in the cell immediately below it. In this case A2. I need to be able to insert several rows at row 2 and have whatever new value is now in the A2 position displayed in A1.
After the rows are inserted I need the cell that was in position A4 to continue to display the contents of the cell below it.

I tried using the formula in A1 of: =INDIRECT("A2") and it works good except when I insert the rows my similar formulas below the area where the rows were inserted continue to refer to the specific original cell and not the one positioned now below it.

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Position Cell In Top Left Position

Jan 7, 2009

Is it possible to position a predetermined cell (e.g. A42) in the top left corner of the screen. (Not every screen users use has the same size)

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Referring To Worksheet Name In A Formula

Feb 20, 2010

I have the following formula that I want to copy to a worksheet named Tankersley:

=IF('Tankersley Input'!B5=0,"",'Tankersley Input'!B5)

I would like the formula to read the worksheet name rather than entering the word Tankersley directly, so that if I copy it to another worksheet named Tyson, the formula would read:

=IF('Tyson Input'!B5=0,"",'Tyson Input'!B5)

How would this formula need to read?

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Referring To Variable Array In Formula?

Mar 14, 2012

Is it at all possible to refer to a array that may change in a formula?

For example I need to use a Vlookup formula, however the table array will change depending on the value of another cell.

I need the user to be able to select the column heading that the lookup should work off from a drop down list. So if the user selects column heading C, the array should start from column C though it will always end at column Z. If the user selects column heading Y the array would be Y:Z.

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Formula Referring To Empty Cells

Dec 19, 2006

I think I understand what you were talking about now with the generation of the watchbill using the rand() and sort. You were trying to get me to get rid of the whole system I was using before and use only the rand and sort. I thought you were asking me to incorperate the rand sort thing into the randomization process I already had using offset etc. The whole thing works good now, however, because the column Ive designated for the roster names may or may not always be filled the formula sometimes refers to empty cells in that column thus producing 0s on the watchbill. I was thinking maybe (if its possible) having a formula to identify a 0 and if so skip to the next cell down. The formula would repeat until it found a name without a zero in it.

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VBA INDEX And Match Formula Referring To Different Sheet

Feb 16, 2013

I have table as below of raw data. In which data will increase dynamically both for rows and columns from starting column for eg say Column "D".

I want to get ID data on sheet2 to compare it with some other data for the ID by using formula = INDEX(Dynamic range,MATCH(ID Ref- Sheet2,Sheet1! ref -dynamic,0),column ref) and get the referred ID data on "Sheet2").

On Sheet2


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Indirect Formula Syntax For Referring To A Range On Two Worksheets

Jul 5, 2012

B1=Name of WorkSheet
B2=Name of 2nd Worksheet

I am trying to write a sum formula using Indirect so that the end-user can enter the names of the sheets in B1 & B2 (the values are always in cell F5 on each sheet). I thought this would work but it is throwing a REF# error.


with some added spaces for clarity:

=SUM(INDIRECT(" ' " & B1 & " : " & B2 & " ' ! F5"))

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Referring To Empty Cell?

Jun 12, 2014

I need a better way to refer to an empty cell. I'm using “” but if the cell contain a formula but show empty it affect the conditioning format I'm using this =AND(cell <> "", existing_rule)

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Using Countif Referring To Specific Cell

Nov 27, 2013

Can you set up countif to work to refer to a certain cell instead of a specif name or text.. for instance

HTML Code: 

countif(a36:b36, "c1"

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Code For Form Referring To Cell Deletion

Feb 6, 2007

This time ive created a visual basic form that asks for a row number and when you put a row number in this form it deletes what is in column A, B and C of that row and shift the rows up so that there are no gaps between the data in the rows.

I need to know what code i would have on the 'delete' button of the form.

If you want me to describe it any further i would be happy to, just ask.

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Restrict User To Input Certain Data Without Referring To Another Cell?

Nov 27, 2013

I want to restrict user from entering alphabets like I,O,Q and S in a cell. Can we do this using data validation or any formula because I don't wan't to use drop-down list or refer to values in other cells either.

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Referring To A Worksheet Cell Within The Vba Code Of A Custom Function

Jul 26, 2006

How does one pick up the data contained in a worksheet cell (say B5) and use it in the vba code of a custom function without passing the cell as an arguement

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Checking Cell Values And Position On A Row And Setting Summary Value In Another Cell

Apr 8, 2014

I have a tracking sheet that is used to show where a specific project is within the lifecycle and would like to automatically set a summary value depending on the last data entry within a range of cells in a row and also set it to RAG status depending on the value.....

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VBA To Move Shape From Current Cell Position To Cell 1 Row Up

Nov 11, 2008

I require a macro to enable a selected shape to be moved from current cell location to relative position but 1 row up. eg topleft address = A4 and shift shape to topleft address = A3

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Position Of Third Comma In A Cell

Sep 25, 2008

How to know the position of third comma in the same cell.

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How To Check Particular Position In A Cell

Oct 9, 2013

have an assignment to complete and one of the tasks I found impossible to complete. First condition is that it should be completed with a formula (not VBA). So here is the task - I have different cells with IBAN codes in them. The 14th position in the IBAN is used to identify the currency of the account. There are 3 possible numbers - 0, 1 and 2 and each is for different currency. So I have this table where I need to lookup the 14th character in the cell with the IBAN, from there the formula needs not only to check what the number is (0,1 or 2) but also to compare it to another table from where to decide which is the currency. I tried various combinations with FIND/SEARCH but can't find a way to do it.. and I can't find other functions/formulas that can isolate a particular character position in a cell..

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Find Position Of First Lowercase In Cell?

Jan 9, 2013

I have in the first column something like this:

GLOBAL DESCRIPTION1 Particular description1
GLOBAL DESCRIPTION1 Particular description2
GLOBAL DESCRIPTION2 Particular description1
GLOBAL DESCRIPTION2 Particular description2

I want to to have in the second column:

Particular description1
Particular description2
Particular description1
Particular description2

So far I have this: +IF(EXACT(A1;UPPERCASE(A1));A1;+RIGHT(A1;LEN(A1)-(FIND(X;A1;1)-1)))

X standing for the position of the first lowercase, which I don't know how to get.

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Measure Cell Position From Right Of Screen

Jul 26, 2009

I once used a Function to Measure the distance of the lefthand side of the active cell to right of the screen.

But now I can find it anywhere.

can anybody remember the function Name?

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Add Position Shape To Cell Location

Jan 15, 2008

i need to loop through a column of values and get each value

Dim LastRow2 As Long

ActiveSheet. Range("A65536").End(xlUp).Offset(1, 0).Select
LastRow2 = ActiveCell.Row - 1
For Each c In Worksheets("Q2SCNeg").Range("A2:A" & LastRow2).Cells
MsgBox ActiveCell.Value
Next c

i did this but it selects the first blank row (row 15) and gives me an empty message box 14 times (which is right, but i need 14 values) the reason i need the loop is because the number ov values will always change

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Referencing A Cell Based On Position Of Another Cell

Jan 23, 2009

Right now cell B7 is referencing cell D3. However I want this to be dynamic in the sense that suppose I change the Phase 2 (which starts from ww3 (cell D3)) to ww5 (cell F3) then I would like that B7 should also get updated to F3 instead of D3.

Basically the Development phase of "Support" Project starts only when Phase 2 of "Project 1" starts.

ww = Work Week.

In short cell B7 should always be in sync with the ww of Phase 2 of Project 1.

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Adding Up Cell Position Not Values In Cell

Mar 30, 2009

I have a spreadsheet with two columns and 39900 rows, from that data I want to create two new columns so cell C1 = A143 and D1 = B143, C2=A286, D1=B286, and so on. The row location increases by 143.

The simplest thing I tried to do was to say C1=A1+142, but (knowing it is wrong) I get a #value error.

How can I tell excel to grab these values located every 144 rows below and create two new columns?

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Resize Shape Based On Cell Position?

Oct 13, 2013

I want to resize a shape and set the height to a specific cell. How can I achieve that?

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Obtaining Varying Position Cell Value From Different Sheet?

Jan 21, 2014

I want to automate the process of updating my football stats and have delved into getting my data from the web. I have managed to import a football league onto my "standings" sheet but I want my "strengths" sheet to read it's values from this new "standings" sheet.

The "standings" sheet is broken down into 2 tables (home & away) one above the other.

The values I want are Home Games, Away Games, Home Goals For, Away Goals For, Home Goals Against And Away Goals Against from both the home table and the away table. The main problem I have is that the cell information I need is likely to change as I update the league tables from the web. So say one week Team A's data is in row 7 the following week it could be in row 8 so i need the data to correlate with the team name cell in my "strengths" sheet.

So at the moment Atromitos Home games (cell B8 on my strengths sheet) needs the value from cell C8 on my "standings" sheet but by next week it could need the value from C9.

Ps I am assuming that I can just just hit the refresh button on the ribbon and the data from the web site will update. Is this correct?

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How To Get Latest Position Of Certain Character In Excel Cell

Aug 6, 2013

Let's say we have a text string in the excel cell:

Is there any way to get the latest dot's position using excel's functions?

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