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Show Pictures With A Combo Box

Is it possible to show pictures with a combo box instead of using data validation list.

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To Make A Combo Box In Excel That, If I Select It The Sheet Inside The Combo Box Will Appear
I want to make a combo box in excel that, if i select it the sheet inside the combo box will appear.


Inside of combox are: Sheet1

If i click combo box and i choose sheet3 the sheet3 will appear.

How can i do this? theirs a macro code to use?

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Values Of Combo Box Dependent On Selection In Another Combo Box
The first combo box is on a userform so that a subject can be selected

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Combo Box Should Trigger Another Combo Box
I have to create two combo boxes and when a user selects a value from one combo box, the values should get changed in the other combo box.

For example : if one combo box has values like "c/c++ programming" "java programming" and so on.. ... i would like to display the authors recommended (corresponding to combo box1) in the combo box 2.

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Add Drop List Box Or Combo Box In Yearly Time Sheet
how to add drop list box or combo box in this yearly time sheet so every employee has his own record in this time sheet so when ever i select name from drop list all info changed, i did include table in sheet 1 as an example.

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Text Box To Display Info Related To Combo Box Change
I have a combo box named Combobox5 and a text box named Textbox7.

Should this code go in the Userform Initliaze or where? I have tried placing it in both the ComboBox5 Change evnent and no luck so far.

Range("G22:J28").Value = TextBox7.Text
Again this code is dependant upon the user making a choice from ComboBox 5.

I have also tried:

Range("G22:J28").Value = TextBox7.Value
I am using Excel 2003. Any ideas??

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User Form - Select From Combo Box And List Box Should Populate
I've created a user form (click button on 'main page' to display). Combo Box called 'Last name' gets populated with all second names from the sheet 'Staff'

When a user selects a second name from the drop down list, I would like excel to automatically update the list box 'First Name'. Also, If a user changes the first name or Last Name, this should be saved

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Activate A Macro From Combo Box / List Box
I'm trying to figure out how to activate a macro from combo box or list box.
But no success.

I have a list of names:

That I can view through the combo box.

I have created a list of macros, that carry the same names,


The Q is: how can I link each name to its own macro?
so when chosen, will activate the macro?

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Add Combo Box Item To List Box
I use ComboBox to add items to the ListBox in userform

I am tring to loop through the ListBox to check each name in the ListBox, so ifthe name chosen by the ComboBox exists in the ListBox then donot add it,
but both codes do check the number of the item in the ListBox.

I need to check the name of the item?

With ListBox1
For i = 1 To ListBox1.Value
If i = ComboBox1.Value Then MsgBox "u cannot add this item"
Exit Sub
Next i

For i = LBound(ListBox1.List) To UBound(ListBox1.List)
If i = ComboBox1.Value Then MsgBox " u cannot add this item"
Exit Sub
Next i

.AddItem tot.Value
.List(.ListCount - 1, 1) = ComboBox1.Value
End With

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Combo Box To Change The Properties Of A Text Box
i am trying to use a combo box to change the properties of a text box. i think i can do this by having it look at the cell link that i sent and then changing the text box appropriately with something like this:

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Drop Down Or Combo Box Instead Of Input Box
I currently have the following user inputbox that asks the user to enter the company name, of which it then copies the entered name to Cell E1 on the active sheet

Dim strName As String
strName = InputBox(Prompt:="You name please.", _
Title:="COMPANY NAME", Default:="Enter Company Name")
Range("E1") = strName

However, I would prefer it if there was a drop down list to select one of five pre-set company names without having the user to type the name out every time.

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Combo Box Or List Box
I have a list box with a list of text. What i want is if the user selects one of these text values in the list it opens up a user form.

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Search Box Using Combo Box
I am trying to search one spreadsheet and return the results of the entrie row into the combobox for on partial queries many answer could be available. The data sheet contains three columns. I would like to have the results of all three columns listed in the combobox. I have attempted many variations however, with the code below, my results in the combobox only reflect column "A"-

Option Explicit
Sub Locate( Name As String, Data As Range)
Dim rngFind As Range
Dim strFirstFind As String
With Data
Set rngFind = .Find(Name, LookIn:=xlValues, lookat:=xlPart)
If Not rngFind Is Nothing Then
strFirstFind = rngFind.Address
If rngFind.Row > 1 Then
ListBox1.AddItem rngFind.Value
ListBox1.AddItem rngFind.Row
ListBox1.List(ListBox1.ListCount - 2, 3) = rngFind.Value & "!" & rngFind.Row....................

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Let A Combo-box Appear
I have used and adapted the following code for my sheet:

But this combo-box only appears when I change from and back to the first sheet. I would like to either let the combobox appear

-when I open the file or
-when I click anywhere in the first sheet (can be a specific cell, or not)

Another solution would be to "fix" the combobox to a specific cell, ie not make it pop up anymore but just have it there.

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Combo Box
I am trying to set-up a database where a list of people are trained on different items of equipment.

Is there anyway of doing this example please?

John is selected from a drop down box.

If he is trained on certain equipment, the box will turn green automatically. If he is not, the box will be red.

I am assuming, I will have a separate sheet housing all the names and what areas they are trained in.

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Loading Combo Box
I am loading my UF combo box based on data in one of my sheets. I want in a way that if I keep adding to my data sheet, it would add with it.

For some reason it is not loading as I wanted to. I have tried as module and as UF code. Again, for some reason it is not loading.

Here is my code

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VB Combo Box With Vlookup
Private Sub Vendor_Combo_AfterUpdate()
Pricing_TB = Application.WorksheetFunction.VLookup(Vendor_Combo, Range("Del_ID"), 5, 0)
End Sub
I am trying to populate a TB in a user form with the value selected in the combo box. but it is failing as soon as I click on the Vendor_combo box and I am not sure why, as it is set to do the vlookup after update.

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Tab Into And Out Of A Combo Box
I've got a worksheet which uses comboboxes at certain points for users to input data. At other points in the sheet they are entering directly into cells.

I've got the sheet protected, with the input cells unlocked so that it is possible to jump to them using the tab key.

However, I can't seem to make the tab key jump to any of the comboboxes. Ideally I'd like to set the full order for the tab key so that it jumps between input cells and comboboxes at the required stage.

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Populate Combo Box
I have some problem making one Combo Box in excel to be populated by data from a closed workbook.

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Populating A Combo Box
I have a combo box in a report that currently updates using this code.

Sub popcombo_Initialize()

With Sheet1.ComboBox1

.AddItem "Budget Card"
.AddItem "Car Insurance"
.AddItem "Charge Card"
.AddItem "Credit Card"
.AddItem "FRS"
.AddItem "Home Insurance"
.AddItem "ISA"
.AddItem "Life"
.AddItem "Other"
.AddItem "Pension"
.AddItem "PEP"
.AddItem "Personal Loan"
.AddItem "Personal Reserve"
.AddItem "Pet Insurance"
.AddItem "Savings Protection Plan"
.AddItem "Travel Insurance"
.AddItem "Travel Money"
.AddItem "Unit Trust"
.AddItem "Wedding Insurance"

End With

End Sub

But some items on this list are missing from month to month and don't need to be included for selection so I need a more advanced version of this that populates from a list in data.

Is there a way for it to look at a column in a data range containing month, then look at the column containing Product and take a definitive list of all products that match a certain month?? So Credit card might be mentioned 300 times for the month of september but it appears only once in the combobox?

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How To Cause Each Item In A Combo Box To Do Something Different
I have a combo box(form control) and have it populated with data.

I want each item to do something so that when one is selected it triggers and event.

the items are:

Rounds 1 - 5
Rounds 6 - 10
Rounds 11 - 15...just like that all the way to 30

the worksheets are labeled "Rd 1", "Rd 2", "Rd 3" ...etc

When I click "Rounds 1 - 5" in the combo box, besides the "Summary" worksheet (which is where the combo box resides) only "Rd 1 - Rd 5" should be visible, I want all other sheets hidden, and when I click "Rounds 6 - 10" I want "Rd 6 - Rd 10" visible and all else hidden.

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Combo Box Formatting
-To have the text alignment as centered; and

-Have a shading in it (as per the row)

I have attached a spreadsheet so you know what I mean.

For instance the row in which the combo exists, is shaded blue, is there a way to make the box the same shading too?

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Time In A Combo Box
I am missing something really obvious here. This cannot be as hard as I am trying to make it. I am trying to use a cell range to populate 2 combo boxes with the following
Private Sub UserForm_Initialize()
'Set reference to the range of data to be filled
Set rngSource = Worksheets("Reference").Range("A2:A22")

'Fill the listboxes
Me.ComboBox_StartTime = rngSource.Cells
Me.ComboBox_endTime = rngSource.Cells
End Sub

Both combo boxes will use the same source range. The problem is that when the cells are read into the combo boxes, they revert to decimal values instead of time. I have tried several different things to get them to show as time, but nothing seems to work. How do I get them to show as a time value?

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Combo Box Function
I have 8 combo boxes on Sheet 1, which must contain the info from Sheet 2.
The "Group" Combo boxes should contain the letter of the group (A, B, C or D - the information should be used from the D2:D5 cells from Sheet 2).

I want when user clicks on the Group Combo box (the one on the "1st Grade" row for example), and select some group (for example A), in the left combo box (which at first says "Choose Group ..."), all the names of studenst from 1st Grade and A group to be displayed.

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Mandatory Combo Box
I have two combo boxes (created using the control toolbox), and I would like to have the second combo box (pricing analyst approval) be a mandatory field if the combo box value above it (Loss Type) is V-VII only. I would like to have some sort of promt appear that indicates that the Pricing Analyst combo box is mandatory.

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Cannot Remove A Combo Box
I added a combo box to a worksheet and closed and saved it. But I don't want it amymore. I cannot delete it. I try right clicking it but nothing. The worksheet,(workbook) isn't protected.

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Combo Box And Hyperlinks
how to use a combo box to select hyperlinks to take you off to the selected website? I have this, which works but it's hard-coded - I'm looking for something a little more dynamic, i.e. pick up hyperlinks from a range on a sheet.

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Clear ALL Combo Box
How do I clear all combobox at one time? Now i am clearing it one by one and i forsee that if i have alot of combobox, this list will go a long way.

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Using An IF Formula With A Combo Box
I have several worksheets in one file. Each worksheet has sales figures in it which relates back to the combo box in the first sheet which is the home page.

In the home page i have a drop down combo box with over 20 sales reps names in it. These names represent individual locations and states (e.g. NNO, NSO NWE, NCN) (eg NNO -NSW North) and so on. (the information in one worksheet represents one sales rep)

Each sheet shows sales figures for each sales rep for 2003, 2004, 2005 and 2006.

When you select a sales rep from the combo box on the home page it should automatically retrieve the figures from the correlating worksheet and paste it into the relating cells on the home page

i have acheived this using the IF formula however it will only allow me to do it for 6 sales reps and not 27.

The formula I used is shown below;


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VBA Using Combo Box..
I am having a few problems trying to amend the code so that it only uses the text box and combo box below. Unfortunately I am having a few problems. I am new and have amended this spreadsheet / code from another user on this site.
When I delete the combo box on the right, using developer mode, a run time error occurs.

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Combo Box With Calculations
I have a Userform set up and I have a combo box which I have filled with options using the With Combobox.add method with 5 choices; Minutes, Hourly, Weekly, Monthly & Yearly.

I want these choices if slect to represent a value to make this easier say if minutes is slected the value would be 1, hours would be 2 etc..

I want this choice to be stored as a variable say time, which can then be later used in a calculation which is run when I run my main program based on this selection.

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Using Autocomplete Within A Combo Box
I have a long list of clientele in one column, I use a combo box to see all of these. I want to be able to type 'S' and have the drop down list automatically move me to the clients starting with "S". I know I cannot do this with data validation, so I'm pretty sure a combo box is my only choice.

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Change Combo Box When Another Changes
I have 2 combo boxes which appear to have called themselves Drop Down 12 and Drop Down 28. I would like to put a macro on 12 that when a user clicks it DD28 automatically goes blank.

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Insert Combo Box By Macro?
I'd like to use a button to run a macro that inserts a combo box, but can't seem to change the properties of that box within the macro. For example, I need to enter the linked cell, but when I run the macro, the actions in the combo box's properties dialogue don't record (I'm not familar with visual basic, so I'm 'recording' the macro).

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Macro / Combo Box / Chart
How to get a macro that will display a chart based on the values of a combo box?

i have a combo box, with list info

and a button.

what i am aiming for is, if "total A/R" is selected in combo box, when Button is pressed, i want it to display that specific chart.

is that something that is possible?

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Print Many Items From Combo Box In One Go
I have a list of items and I would like to print each of their details without having to select each of them from the combo box and then press the print button for each of them...

Is there a way to do this automatically ?

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Add To Combo Box List
I have a form with a combo box. Is there a way, if a user enters something not one of the current choices, to have that choice added to the list?

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Cannot Add Combo Box To Cell
I am trying to add a combo box to a cell, passing in a variable called testerName from a listbox in a form. I can get it to work by just creating a combo box that displays on a sheet but I want it inside a cell. I think I'm reasonably close ....

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Picture When Combo Box Is Changed
This is the first VBA project i've done on Excel, and its not very big. I've never done any programming before, but i need help on this

What i'm trying to do it to have the Combo box that when an item is selected the respective picture shows next to it (i've got a seperate sheet with the products, prices, pics etc...)

After trying everything to get the picture to show, i switched to VBA because it looked like i could do it in that. The first thing i did was record a macro for each picture - the first one goes like this (its called TEST)

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Combo Box Vba Syntax
I know this syntax isn't right.

I have a form and a combo box that I want ot fill the items in from cell F22.

Here is my
Sheets(PowerAnalysis.xls).Cells("F22").Value = ComboBox2.Text
What is the best way to get this done? I have searched here and on the web and I can't seem to find any straightforward answers.

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Combo Box Selection Will Not Calculate
I am using 3 combo boxes to select the year, month and day for a scheduling worksheet. Each combo box is linked to a cell which is 'named' accordingly.

When I select the year and day, the calculations in the worksheet work. But when I select the month, the calculations will not work.

If I enter the month number into the linked cell using the keyboard and
press 'enter', the worksheet calculates perfectly. Only when the month
number is entered into the linked cell by selecting in with the combo box, it does not work.

BTW: I am intentionally trying to avoid using macros for 'security' reasons.

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Two Pivot Tables With Combo Box
I'm trying to sync a common field in two different pivot tables.

I have 2 pivot tables on a single worksheet.
Each table has its own data source - 2 different databases (had to set it up that way to present all the data requested).

The 2 data sources have one column of data in common. This column is called Projects and all project names are the same in both databases.


Pivot Table 1: Projects is in the ROW area (multi-select dropdown)

Pivot Table 2: Projects is in the PAGE area (single select drop-down)

I would like to link the Projects data items so that when I select a project name in the Combo box, the same project name would seamlessly be selected in both tables.

Each table would populate with its own data based on the project selected.

Basically, I'd like to use the method illustrated in this Flash file:

This method would have worked beautifully if it weren't for this reason:

Table 1: Project data is in the PAGE field
(single selection)

Table 2: Project data is in the ROW field (multi-selection)

If the Projects data was in the PAGE field in both tables, my code would look like this:

ActiveSheet.PivotTables("Table 1").PivotFields("Project").CurrentPage = _ActiveSheet.Range("X1").Value

ActiveSheet.PivotTables("Table 2").PivotFields("Project").CurrentPage = _ActiveSheet.Range("X1").Value

But no, because the ROW field is a multi-select one, I get this kind of

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Hide Combo Box With Row
I've been mucking around and wondered if it possible to hide a row that has a combo box in it, that when I hide the row the combo box will be hidden to as well and if the row gets unhidden it should also unhide the combo box?

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Filter Combo Box Based On Other
The form consists of 3 or 4 combo boxes and a few text boxes.

There are two worksheets "Data" and "ComboInfo".

Worksheet "ComboInfo" has 4 columns to represent the drop-down data.

I want the user to select a value in combo1. This will then repopulate and filter the list in combo2 with rows that matching combo1. I want to repeat the process for the other combo boxes.

Once the combo boxes are completed and a few additional textboxes the data needs to applied to the "Data" worksheet.

My main stumbling block is Filtering the Combo2.AddItem.

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Select Graph With A Combo Box
I currently have a spreadsheet with about 30 graphs, and when I am done there is going to be about double that.

I want to make one sheet, with a combo box that allows me to select which graph to display, so that users don't have to cycle through a large number of tabs.

I have seen this done before, but can't figure out how to do it. The extent of what I know is making a combo box and selecting the data range for the options to select in the combo box.

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Match Required In Combo Box
I have ComboBoxes in a VBA Form and want to prevent users from typing invalid entries into them (their fields are initially empty).

I want to write a custom function instead of using the MatchRequired property.

Here is a sample of code into which im trying to insert such a solution:

Private Sub cboDomain_Change()

If txtGM2 = "" Then
MsgBox "Please enter GM% first."
End If

Dim strSectorPrefix As String
Dim strSectorName As String
strSectorPrefix = Mid(cboSectorName.Value, 1, 1) ....................................

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Drop Down List Using A Combo Box
Trying to create a drop down list using a combo box. Then, when i select an item on that list, it will bring me to the range of cells where that information is stored.

Is that possible? I have no VBA experiance at all.

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Combo/List Box Array
I have a list of combo boxes embedded on a worksheet and I would like to have them accessible through an array. I am an old VB 5 coder and this was a method I used very often and found it to be quite the time saver, but I cannot find a way to do this in excel.

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Multiply Textbox Value And Combo Box Value
I need to multiply text box value and Combo box value, but facing with "Run time error-13,Type Mismatch"

Dim total as Integer
Me.txtQty.Value = ""
Me.txtAmount.Value = Total
Total = txtQty.Value * cboRate.Value

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Use Combo Box Results For AutoFilter
I want to use the selection from a combobox on a sheet to set the autofilter. I know it is probably very simple but have not been able to find the answer by searching this forum. Below is the code I am using. It sets the filter to blanks for some reason.

Private Sub ComboBox2_Change()

Range("D9").AutoFilter Field:=1, Criteria1:=ComboBox2.Value, visibledropdown:=False

End Sub

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Combo Box Code In Userform
I'm a rookie with combo boxes. This is my first one.

I need a pull-down list on a form that has the integers 1 to 40. Seems simple enough, but how do I add the integers to the combo box? I don't see a property to define the list.

I have the integers on a sheet called locked and the range is Y3:Y42 if that is required.

Also, I want the default value for the combo box to be 12 if that is possible.

The form is called frmNewData and the combo box is called cboAWG

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