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Show Pictures With A Combo Box

Is it possible to show pictures with a combo box instead of using data validation list.

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To Make A Combo Box In Excel That, If I Select It The Sheet Inside The Combo Box Will Appear
I want to make a combo box in excel that, if i select it the sheet inside the combo box will appear.


Inside of combox are: Sheet1

If i click combo box and i choose sheet3 the sheet3 will appear.

How can i do this? theirs a macro code to use?

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Values Of Combo Box Dependent On Selection In Another Combo Box
The first combo box is on a userform so that a subject can be selected

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Delete All Pictures
Is there a way to write code to delete all the pictures on a worksheet called "Pictures"?

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Can You Use Pictures In A If Function
is you had two ratings, one bad, one good, could you make a differant picture show up for the differant ratings using an IF function or simmiler fuctions (So like if a 'dance rating' is bad if it is under 13 and is good over 13 then have a picture of John Travolta for good and a picture of a hippo for bad as a bit of a joke on a identinty card sort of thing)?

I know quite alot about exel and have tried to make my formular but as it is saved on the school server i can not acsess it until tomorrow but i will try and make that work and post it if it dose

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Pictures For Comments
im using comments to display images for easy look up

when i save a picture i want it to be that size when i hovver over the comment

but when i insert the picture it doesnt open the size that i saved it as

i manually have to resize the image so its legible

why is this and is there a way round this?

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Name Inserted Pictures
I have imported and deleted several pictures into my worksheet. I want to re- name or re-order my pictures. Right now, a new pictures is name "picture 4" when there might only be two pictures in the sheet. I want to rename to say "picture 2" as I have a macro that calls for "picture 2" I know this should be simple, but I don't know how to do this.

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Change Graphs To Pictures In VB
My macro suppose to loop on every charts in the workbook and change them to pictures , I'm using the Pastespecial method to do it but sometimes I'm getting a 1004 error in the line that do the paste command. Is there is a better way to do it? ..........

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Inserting Multiple Pictures
I am having some trouble with the vba code I'm using to reference pictures. Now please bear with me, I'm don't know vba whatsoever and am copy/pasting what I found on the internet.

The spreadsheet in question is attached....

The issue:

I am trying to show a picture based on the inputs in the cells above. Basically the picture in cell A28 is referenced by the information in cell AI7. The picture in cell D28 should be referenced by the information in cell AI8 and so on.

The problem is that when I enter the code to insert multiple pictures, it comes up with errors.

I'm hoping this is just my lack of programming knowledge and this is an easy fix. Please tell me where I am going wrong.

Also, will there be an issue if I reference the same picture multiple times?

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Conditional Formatting Using Pictures
I am using MS Excel XP and with the basic package. I need to find out is there an easy way to assign a picture such as a smiley face to appear within in a cell when it meets a specific formula condition. Similiar to utilising conditional formatting and shading cells or text; however, a picture would appear instead.

If the cell met another condition that was less favourable a different picture would appear such as and if an even worse condition was met based on the formula another picture such as would appear.

The picture would constantly be able to be changed based on the result of the formula.

* Smilely faces only utilised as an example.

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Inputting Pictures Into UserForm
I discovered this sample database sheet (attached) on the forum I wanted to ask if a picture can be linked included? i.e. when entering a new record a picture (stored in a directory) can be added and linked to that record. Then when reviewing the records the picture is then displayed.

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Some VBA Code To Insert Pictures
I am doing up a spreadsheet for work. I have a master sheet which has important 'feeder' info on it. I also have 6 other sheets where the code will reference.

Here is the Data Entry sheet setup.

ColK --> Contains numbers starting in row 2 and ending in row 116 atm, could expand but no further than 500
ColL --> Same as above but with different numbers
ColM --> contains formulas which produce the sheet name that the data in ColK and ColL is related to (6 sheets)


I require some code that will look at each row from 2 to 500 in ColM for something other than "out of range" or nothing (the "out of range" or empty ones should be ignored), and for each relevant row it should identify the sheet name in ColM and then identify the cell that is at the cross reference of the 2 numbers from ColK and ColL and then insert a picture at that cell. Each sheet (the 6 of them) has numbers in ColA from A2 and Row1 from B1. The numbers will exact match those from ColK and ColL from the Data Entry Sheet.

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Hyperlink Pictures Opening In Ie7
since my pc has updated to ie7 all pictures that I open via hyperlinks from excel now open in and internet explorer window instead of windows picture & fax viewer as JPEG's are set to.

If I open the JPEG files directly they open with the correct program.

I'm sure it must be a setting somewhere but I cant find it.

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Delete Pictures From Sheet
I have inserted pictures to a spreadsheet report and wish to remove them using a macro assigned to a command button. I recorded the macro below but it does not work. When the macro is run a message is returned that says "The item with the specified name can't be found."

Sub Remove_Pictures()
' Remove_Pictures Macro
' Macro recorded 11/17/2006 by
ActiveSheet.Shapes("Picture 33").Select
ActiveSheet.Shapes("Picture 34").Select
End Sub

When recording the macro I just clicked on the image to select it and hit the delete key.

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Inserting Pictures Into Shapes
I have written some code to insert pictures into shapes as part of a facility management problem I have.

Code takes the names from a list of pictures (ConditionList) and places each one into a corresponding shape - therefore populating a report on the facility.

Works to the point of inserting the pictures OK but if I refresh the ConditionList by adding or deleting pictures, my shapes dont refresh.

Sub ConditionPics()

Dim ConditionListCount As Integer
Dim ShapesCount As Integer
Dim ConditionList As Range

On Error Resume Next
Application.EnableEvents = False

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Insert Chosen Pictures To Every Nth Row
I need to insert multiple images into a worksheet every 45 rows in and a specific column. I have sourced from other threads a means to insert multiple images but they are all inserted in the one cell.

What I require is the means to either place them directly into specific cells or move them to the correct cells once in the worksheet.

As you will see I am also attempting to resize the images once they have been inserted.

Below is the code I have thus far.

Sub Insert_Pict()

Dim Pict As Variant
Dim ImgFileFormat As String
Dim PictCell As Range
Dim Ans As Integer
Dim newPicture As Shape

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Extracting Mail To In Pictures
how to take a picture that is hyperlinked with an email address and just extract the email address in the next column over? I have attached a sample.

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Importing Pictures From File
I'm trying to create a geography project for my upcoming primary class but my Excel expertise is limited.
I am trying to import small jpg's from a folder and then make them appear in a userform or Msgbox. Is it possible?

So far I've created a very simple way to display the text in a message box but I would also like to be able to display the flag. Macros 2 & 3 are initiated by clicking on images while macro1 displays the information:

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Add Pictures To Comments With Code
I searched for a code to add pictures to comments with VBA.

I only found this:

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Delete All Pictures In A Worksheet
I am absolutely new to visual basic thing but have a good idea of what I am doing in excel. I have seen some code to delete pics but can't figure out what it is that I am suppose to do. What I am doing is coping and pasting something from the internet. I do not need any of the pics that are pasted into the worksheet and am tired of deleting them individualy.

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Deleting Selected Pictures
I have a worksheet into which have been imported a number of pictures, The pictures have all been imported and sized to appear to fit into cells. I have a program which deletes all of the pictures in one go but I would like to be able to just delete all those in one row. I'm not sure how to address the row as I believe pictures are objects sitting on top of the sheet and not actually in the cells
What I have tried is:

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Sort Pictures With Cells
I have a small table with pictures in column C. I want to e able to sort the table by column B and have the pictures in the cells in column C sort with their corresponding data. How do I do that? Right now, the table sorts but the pictures don't move.

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Add Pictures To Comments From Folder
My pictures are numbered picture1.jpg, picture2.jpg, picture 3.jpg..etc
in the pictures file under documents. My items are in column "A" . What I want to do is asign picture1 to cell A1, Picture2 to "A2", in the comment section and continue the loop until all have pictures

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Pictures: Vlookup And Autofilter
Sheet1 has a number of columns, two of them are 'Name' and 'Signature'.
Sheet2(reference sheet) lists all the names and signatures.
Signatures are all .jpeg files that I have inserted into the relevant cells in sheet2.

I need to do a lookup on sheet2 based on 'Name' and populate the 'Signature' column in sheet1 with the correct signature from sheet2(essentially a vlookup, except that one field is a picture). I discovered that vlookup doesn't work, but I can copy the cell (including the signature). So I run a macro that clears all the pictures(signatures) in sheet1 and then copies the correspnding signatures from sheet2. So first of all, is there an easier way to do this as the macro is taking a long time to run?

Secondly, I also need to filter the rows in sheet1. When I filter the rows, the signatures from rows which are not part of the filtered rows are also displayed. I am guessing this happens because the signatures are not referenced exactly to a particular cell.

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Multiple Pictures In A Price List
Hi, I've got a price list with 2500 different lines which the boss has decided need a picture against each one (the guys a legend!!). Can anyone help me with a macro that will look up the code in Column A, then add .jpg on the end, and insert a picture into Column J?

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Linking Pictures To A Drop Down Link
ive done some data validation and created a drop down list but what im trying to do is

once i have selected what i want from the drop down list i would like a picture to appear next to it automatically

if i select kettle it will show a pic of a kettle

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Inserting Pictures Based On A Cell
I want to be able to a place a picture on a workbook based on a cell. In column A, I will run a sql query to pull a list of items. In column B, I have the items formated thus they have a the .jpg. next to item of the picture i.e Hammer.jpg. whereas column A lists Hammer and Column B Hammer.jpg. In column C, I would like the pictures to reside in this column.

So far I have this macro but I can only get two pictures to come up even though my list has 4 items on it.

Sub pic()
Dim x, c, d, a As Long
d = 2
c = 40
For a = 2 To 6
b = Cells(a, 2)

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ActiveSheet.Pictures.Insert With 2007
I am working on transfering some code from 2003 to 2007. I have gotten almost everything to work, but am now having an issue with the way it places the pictures into my spreadsheet.

The code asks the user to select a folder containing .jpg files. It then places each of the .jpg photos onto a single spreadsheet. Each picture is suppose to be placed in a different cell. When I step through the code, the active cell changes correctly based on the offsets, but it always pastes each photo in cell B4. Through some research I have found others to see this problem with ActiveSheet.Pictures.Insert in 2007.

Following is the
Private Sub BatchProcessThumb2x3()
Msg = "Select a file containing the photos you want to insert."
Directory = GetDirectory(Msg)
If Directory = "" Then Exit Sub
If Right(Directory, 1) "" Then Directory = Directory & ""

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File Becomes Much Larger When Pictures Are Added
I have a form in excel that has a box which prompts you to add a picture when you click on it. It then resizes the picture so it fills the box. The file with no pictures is 2.3 MB. The picture is 700 KB. The file with the picture is 24.5 MB and 49 MB with 2 pictures. I need to E-Mail the form to other people but I can't send anything larger than 22 MB. I tried using th compress pictures option on the toolbar but it only took it down to 23.9 MB for a file with one picture. Why is it doing this and how can I make the file smaller?

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2007 Macro : Inserting Pictures
I had a macro that worked perfectly by inserting pictures into named ranges throughout the sheet depending on user input. However when I switched to Microsoft Excel 2007, the pictures all go into one cell.

My code looks like this:

Application.ScreenUpdating = False

Dim picnme As String
Dim rng As Range
Dim ArrImg
Set rng = Range("B5")
picnme = Range("B5")

picnme = Range("B5")
ActiveSheet.Pictures.Insert( _
"C:ArchivePictures" & picnme & ".jpg").Select
Selection.ShapeRange.ScaleWidth 1.1, msoFalse, msoScaleFromTopLeft
Selection.ShapeRange.ScaleHeight 1.1, msoFalse, msoScaleFromTopLeft
Selection.ShapeRange.IncrementTop 1.5
Selection.ShapeRange.ScaleWidth 0.84, msoFalse, msoScaleFromTopLeft
Selection.ShapeRange.ScaleHeight 0.95, msoFalse, msoScaleFromTopLeft

I only copied in a section of it bit it gets rather repetitive. There are over 50 pictures that get inserted into the spreadsheet and it worked fine in the prior version of excel.

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Format Pictures In Chart Not Avaiable
I am trying to add a picture to a chart and need to format it, but the functions are not available.

What I do is:
1. Format Chart area
2. Fill Effects
3. Picture
4. Select Picture

After I select the picture the "Format" and "Apply to" are not available and I can not change anything.

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HyperLink To Pictures Saved On A Local HD
The default program for opening JPG files is "Windows picture and fax viewer" which is fine with one of my colleagues. Upon declaring and clicking on a Hyperlink, to a JPG fle, the picture is opened in "Microsoft photo editor". How can one define the program in which Pictures opens via Hyperlinks will be displayed!? (WINXP & Office 2002)

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Combo Box Should Trigger Another Combo Box
I have to create two combo boxes and when a user selects a value from one combo box, the values should get changed in the other combo box.

For example : if one combo box has values like "c/c++ programming" "java programming" and so on.. ... i would like to display the authors recommended (corresponding to combo box1) in the combo box 2.

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Search Database And Display Results W/ Pictures
I have very little experience with programming, as a matter of fact the code in the sample file is the extent of my knowledge. I want to use Excel because not everyone in the plant has access to Access, but everyone has Excel.

The idea is to allow searching for parts based on 2 different part numbers, category, drawer, manufacturer, or description (any or all).

My first problem is how to make excel search using a userform and find multiple results, not just stopping after it finds the first match. For instance if you only searched for a category it should find all results that match that category.

(I'll try to anticipate a question here: the part numbers should be unique but may not be, so using the part number as a key will not work.)

The second thing is I would like to know how to populate these results in a listbox and and have the selected part show the matching picture. (This maybe more clear after seeing the spreadsheet).

And finally, is there any way to make the comboboxes on the search userform populate themselves off of the list of data.

I apologize if any of these questions have been answered already but frankly I've been searching google for the past week and haven't found anything, (This may attest to my search skills as well, ha ha ha), and I really just want this to be finished.

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Red X Cross In Place Of Controls/Images/Pictures
I have created an excel application on a PC. Then i moved the file to a PC on which I've just installed office. When I open the file on the new PC - the controls show up where they are but then immediately disappear leaving a transoarent box with a red cross (where the control is supposed to be).

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Auto Paste Pictures With Correct Centering
adjust the following code so that my images are just a bit lower than "top aligned"? The code centers my images perfectly within the cells, but when you top align an image, it's just a hair too high and border formatting does not come out.

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Charts Pictures Surrounded By Black Border
exporting the charts from Excel.
1) Copying the chart into Presentations and then exporting as either .png or .jpg

2) Exporting the image as an HTML page and then right-clicking on the image to copy-paste it elsewhere. This winds up as a .gif.

Format doesn't matter. No matter how I export it it always has the black around the "meat" of the chart. Thus all the axis information is destroyed (i.e. date and price)

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Loading Images/Pictures Based On Cell Value
Is it possible to have an Image Box which opens different images based on the value of a cell. Say when A1 = 1, the picture of one thing comes up....when A1=2 and different picture and so on?

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Load Pictures From Folder Into Image Control
I am able to work out a code to upload pictures from my files using this:

Option Explicit

Private Sub cmdfind_Click()
Application. ScreenUpdating = False
Dim strfind As String
Dim rsearch As Range
Dim strfolder As String
Dim strname As String
Dim strpic As String
Dim b As Range
Set rsearch = Worksheets("m").Range("ap3", Range("ap65536").End(xlUp))
'define path to images
strfolder = "F:SEC FILESMAC2PIC"
'get data from userform
strname = frmsearch.txt201.Value
'check if pic exists
strpic = strfolder & strname & ".jpg".......................

How do i avoid the 'File Not Found' error if the picture is not available in my file folder?

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Save Images/Pictures In Workbook To PC Hard Drive
Assume a workbook with some nice pictures.

How do I save all of those to D:TEMP on my Hard Disk ?

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Inserting Pictures And Resize To Active Cell Shape
I now have this code that inserts a picture and then resizes it the active cell shape.

Sub InsertPicture()

Dim myPicture As String

myPicture = Application.GetOpenFilename _
("Pictures (*.gif; *.jpg; *.bmp; *.tif),*.gif; *.jpg; *.bmp; *.tif", , "Select Picture to Import")

If myPicture "" Then

ActiveSheet.Pictures.Insert (myPicture)
With Selection

.ShapeRange.LockAspectRatio = msoFalse
.ShapeRange.Height = ActiveCell.RowHeight
.ShapeRange.Width = ActiveCell.Width
.Placement = xlMoveAndSize
End With
End If

End Sub

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VBA, Doing Actions On Files With Sheet Data & Insert Pictures
where exactly to add the code under Tools > Macro > VB editor.

My version: Office XP Pro ("2002")

The first code I need should be simple. I want Excel to copy cut delete files from the hardware, using data from a workbook.

There are 3 sheets:
1. "Names" - contains picture file names (without the JPG extence) in one column,
2. "From" - contains a cell with the original path to copycutdelete from
3. "Target" - has a cell with the target folder path (in case of copying/moving).

I made it in 3 sheets for making it user-friendly, since unskilled users will use the method.

I need to have 3 hyperlinks in the first sheet: "Move (cut)", "Copy", and "Delete", and by pressing the matching VB code eill be activated.

The second code should output (and print, if possible) data from a line to a pre-defind sheet.

Let's say there are 4 columns: picture file name, name of photographer, description of the photo, and the date it was taken.
There will be in the end of every line a cell with a hyperlink called "Output photo details" to output the data to specfic cells in the Print sheet (e.g. the date goes to D7, the name goes to A3, etc.). An important thing I wanna output is the picture itself (like from "Add > Picture" ment, in a location I define in the code.

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Measurements Of Feed Of Numbered Pictures From Digital Microscope
I would like to use Excel as a measurement device. I have an inexpensive digital microscope that will store sequentially numbered pictures at the click of a button. I am then going to import the most recent picture into Excel and place a grid of transparent rectangles over the picture to serve as my ruler. Would it be possible to continuous update the Excel workbook with the output from the digital microscope?

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Hide And Password Protect The VBA Code So That They Can't Just Change The Pictures Visible Section To True
I've used VBA to make a picture appear when all the correct answers have been entered and it all works well. However, not to be too mean to 15 year olds, many of my students can be devious little feckers, and I want to hide and password protect the VBA code so that they can't just change the pictures visible section to true. I can password protect the workbook and worksheet, but not the VBA.

I'm entering the Visual Basic editor and I can see my simple script. I then click Tools - VBproject properties - protection. I'm clicking the "Lock Project for Viewing" box then filling in the password and confirming the password and clicking OK. But I can still see and edit my script, despite protecting the sheet and workbook.

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Another Sheet To Show Each Class Down The Rows And The Columns To Show Each School Rule
I have an excel 2003 sheet that collects data from Infopath forms. The forms are to record students who have broken school rules, when, where, repercussions etc. One column shows their class and there is a separate column for each rule broken.

I want to create another sheet to show each class down the rows and the columns to show each school rule. Therefore, each cell would show the number of each particular rule broken for each particular class. I have tried to do countif and sumproduct (if on sheet 1, column B the class is KA and on sheet 1, column M, the rule is bullying = how many times this has occurred).

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Combo Boxes Based On Other Combo Boxes
I would like to create a combo box however the contents of the combo box depends on what i have selected in a previous combo box.

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If A Cell Has Data Show It If Not Show 0
I have a column of data held in column B.

I am required to show the following.

If there is data in the cell then it is to be left. If there is no data in the cell then I would like to show the value 0.

I have tried using a circular reference, using the formula =IF(ISBLANK(B1),0,B1) and other similar formulas but they dont work as the formula overwrites the data in it.

do I need a macro?, or conditional formatting?

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Show Blank Not Show 0
i use function countif "aa" in range A2:F2 COUNTIF(A2:E2,"aa")how i can do, if i do not need 0 to show when it not found "aa". i want it show blank

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Tab Into And Out Of A Combo Box
I've got a worksheet which uses comboboxes at certain points for users to input data. At other points in the sheet they are entering directly into cells.

I've got the sheet protected, with the input cells unlocked so that it is possible to jump to them using the tab key.

However, I can't seem to make the tab key jump to any of the comboboxes. Ideally I'd like to set the full order for the tab key so that it jumps between input cells and comboboxes at the required stage.

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Let A Combo-box Appear
I have used and adapted the following code for my sheet:

But this combo-box only appears when I change from and back to the first sheet. I would like to either let the combobox appear

-when I open the file or
-when I click anywhere in the first sheet (can be a specific cell, or not)

Another solution would be to "fix" the combobox to a specific cell, ie not make it pop up anymore but just have it there.

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Combo Box
I am trying to set-up a database where a list of people are trained on different items of equipment.

Is there anyway of doing this example please?

John is selected from a drop down box.

If he is trained on certain equipment, the box will turn green automatically. If he is not, the box will be red.

I am assuming, I will have a separate sheet housing all the names and what areas they are trained in.

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