Updating Cell Values Automatically

Jun 19, 2014

I'm using this to update a range of cells after an automatic copy and paste procedure;

Sub UpdateBtoW()
On Error GoTo HandleError
Application.Calculation = xlCalculationManual
Dim cell As Range
For Each cell In Range("B1:B50000")
If Not IsEmpty(cell.Value) Then
If cell.Offset(0, 14).Value = "" Then


What it is supposed to do is look in column B and find any non-blank cells. If it finds one, it should check the following and update column W as necessary;

1) Column B shows 1, column P is not empty, column W is empty - UPDATE COLUMN W WITH 'Letter 1'

2) Column B shows 2, column P is not empty, column W is empty - UPDATE COLUMN W WITH 'Letter 2'

3) Column B shows any value, (not blank), column P is empty, column W is empty - UPDATE COLUMN W WITH 'N/A'

The issue is that it is updating the cells as required, but it then goes on to fill the entire sheet with 44819 in every single cell.

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Automatically Updating Numeric Values In Textbox

Jan 15, 2007

In the userform I have several textboxes with default values. There are five text boxes that the user can modify and three whose values I want calculated based on the values of the five modified. This is how I initialized the userform :

Private Sub UserForm_Initialize()
A_BB_and_HBP.Value = Worksheets(5). Cells(2, 35).Value
A_H.Value = Worksheets(5).Cells(2, 36).Value + Worksheets(5).Cells(2, 37).Value + Worksheets(5).Cells(2, 38).Value + Worksheets(5).Cells(2, 39)
A_2b.Value = Worksheets(5).Cells(2, 37).Value
A_3b.Value = Worksheets(5).Cells(2, 38).Value
A_HR.Value = Worksheets(5).Cells(2, 39).Value

Worksheets(5).Cells(2, 41).Value = A_BB_and_HBP.Value
Worksheets(5).Cells(2, 42).Value = A_H.Value
Worksheets(5).Cells(2, 43).Value = A_2b.Value
Worksheets(5).Cells(2, 44).Value = A_3b.Value
Worksheets(5).Cells(2, 45).Value = A_HR.Value
A_AVG.Value = CStr(CSng(A_H.Value) / (130 - CSng(A_BB_and_HBP)))
End Sub

Then I have :....................

When the user changes A_H, A_AVG remains at its default value.

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Updating Multiple Cell Values ..

Sep 3, 2008

I am having trouble writing a code for something I need to do. There is a workbook with a worksheet for each month. At the start of every month a new worksheet is added. The opening data in this new worksheet is coming from the closing data of previous month, and some of this data is modified as the month passes.

So, in a way, some of the data for each month depends on the data of previous months. If there was an error in one of the cells, for say, January, and it was corrected manually, it will affect the cell values for feb, march, and so on. Currently, its all a manual process - from copying previous month's data to a new worksheet, and manually correcting errors in each worksheet, which is error -prone and a time consuming process. Is there any way to link each month's data and create an "update values" button clicking on which will update the values for cells in every month's worksheet following the one which had errors in it and was manually updated. It has to one directional.

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Updating Number In A Single Cell From A Series Of Values In Column?

May 22, 2014

I am trying to read a value in cell A1 and make say cell B1 read the same. The data in cell A1 is a real time percentage value that gets updated every lets say 10 secs. Every time the data is updated the new value goes into the next cell A2, A3, A4..... and so on. Every time it gets updated (i.e into A1,A2,A3,A4.....and so on), I want to read the new value each time in B1.

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Automatically Updating Less Than Or Equals To

May 28, 2014

Why a formula would not automatically update? Possible problem is in relation to "<=" component of formulas'.

NOTE: This is not in relation to calculations option being set to 'Manual'.

This problem only effect two cells on my entire workbook and all other cells within the column affected, with the exact same formula, work fine.

The "<=" part of the formula is in relation to a drop down list with values from 1 to 12 and the formula works fine initially when flicking between the dropdown list numbers. But if I save the workbook on dropdown list number 2, the formula no longer works...

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Cells Are Not Updating Automatically

Jul 1, 2009

I have a long list of sedols and wish to download the last price for each on a limited range of dates (30 dates, hundreds of sedols). So I built my excel file to have the sedol running down a column and dates across the top, with the function:

=BDH($A4&" Equity SEDOL1","PX_LAST",DATE(YEAR($D$1),MONTH($D$1),DAY($D$1)-0),DATE(YEAR($D$1),MONTH($D$1),DAY($D$1)-0),"Dir=V","Dts=S","Sort=A","Quote=C","QtTyp=Y","Days=T","Per=**","DtFmt=D","DTS=H")

the cells are not updating automatically, even when I hit refresh.. the only way is to go into each cell and hit enter (not practical!).

The next problem is that it adds something like ("cols=1;rows=2") to the end of the function and copies down further than I want.

Is it the case that the Bloomberg functions just can't handle having the dates across the top and security identifiers down the side - or is there some work around?

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Automatically Updating Time + VBA

Nov 20, 2009

Based on the attached I want to make the time automatically count down in MS Excel using VBA.

The attached will give you a flavour for what I want to achieve.

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Updating One Spreadsheet Off Of Another Automatically

Mar 6, 2006

I am trying to update 25 different spreadsheets, and have the latest row of data from each of the 25 automatically go to a 26th spreadsheet that is my summary.

My goal is anytime I add a new row of data in any of the 25, that the summary sheet gets updated automatically.

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Automatically Updating Cells

Jan 15, 2009

I am going to try to be as detailed as I can here:

I have been manually inputting the most recent "paid to date" field from one sheet to another within the same workbook.

There are about 20 different payment schedules for each deal. Each of these has their own sheet, and we will call this the "Deal" sheet. Some deals are paid based on a monthly schedule, some are quarterly, and others are annual.

The "deal" sheet looks like this:

Due Date Payment Payment Rcvd Remng Payment Payment Date
8/31/08 $10,000.00 $10,000.00 $0.00 08/1/08
9/31/08 $10,000.00 $10,000.00 $0.00 09/1/08
10/31/08 $10,000.00 $10,000.00 $0.00 10/1/08
11/31/08 $10,000.00 $10,000.00 $0.00 11/1/08
12/31/08 $10,000.00 $10,000.00 $0.00 12/1/08
1/31/08 $10,000.00 $0 $10,000.00

I want to have a macro that will paste the most recent "Due date" based on a zero value in the "Remng Payment" column. For this example, the most recent "Due Date" should be 12/31/08 because that is the most recent zero value.

I want to past this value in another worksheet that contains a report for all 20 deals. Lets call this the "Reports" worksheet. Each of these dates individual deals needs to be applied to its respective row on the "Reports" worksheet in a "Paid to Date column.

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Charts Not Automatically Updating

Sep 8, 2006

I have a worksheet containing 16 chart objects. The source data for each of these charts is located on various other worksheets (all within the one workbook however). Whenever I change data on my Data Input worksheet, the source data is correctly being recalculated, however, the associated charts aren't changing.

The only two ways I can get the charts to update are: (1) save and re-open the file (saving doesn't fix it but re-opeing the file appears to do a full recalculation which then correctly updates the charts); or (2) click on each of the charts individually, go to Source Data and re-accept the data range that is already in there.

I've used the following VBA on my Data Input worksheet to try to do a full spreadsheet recalculation every time I deactivate it but this doesn't solve the problem either.

Private Sub Worksheet_Deactivate()
End Sub

I've also tried CalculateFull and just Calculate in the VBA but to no avail.

My calculation is set to automatic.

I don't know if its relevant or not but this spreadsheet uses a custom worksheet function to derive some of the source data. I've never come across this problem before. Does anyone have any ideas on why its doing this and more importantly how to fix it?

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Automatically Updating Dates Once They Pass?

Apr 4, 2014

setting the dates so that they update by 30 days once they have passed.

For example I need a cell that has an upcoming date to add 30 days to it once it has reached the upcoming date, so it is April 4th today, and I need it to change a cell that reads 'April 14th' to 'May 14th' once it is April 14th.

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Automatically Updating Cells Across Worksheets?

Jun 7, 2013

I currently have three worksheets and I'm trying to keep the data the identical throughout all three worksheets in cells B6-B9. I need to automatically update the same cell on the other two pages with the data from the edited one. Meaning if cell B7 is updated on sheet 2, that same data would be updated in cell B7 in the other two sheets, or if cell B9 is updated on sheet 3, that cells B9 on sheets one and two would have that same data.

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Automatically Updating Summary Sheet

May 21, 2009

I have tabs ranging from RA to DW
Also a summary sheet. As of now i have manually copied data from each tab onto summary sheet
Is there a way to automate the summary sheet so that when i enter data in each tab it gets updated automatically in summary sheet as well

Flexibility needed is:

If row is added in any sheet from RA to DW then the same should be created in summary
IF a resource is added in any tab then the same should be added in Summary.
Similary for delete too

Overall i should be able to update summary automatically when i update the tabs.

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Comboboxes (linking And Automatically Updating)

Jun 5, 2009

I have the following workbook (attached) and it is in various states of disarray but I have two questions concerning it;

First, there are three ComboBoxes that need to be linked to each other in the form. When I say this, I mean that depending on the user, it will be easier for them to enter the property name, versus the property number or AFE number or visa versa. Is there an easy way to have it so that when any of the three boxes (WELL NAME OR YARD, PROPERTY NUMBER, or AFE NUMBER) are selected, the other two populate with the corresponding data?

Second, there is a tab to enter new property details (the tab is not finished) as additional wells go on line. I can get it to the point where the input data will appear on the bottom of the PROPERTY DATA sheet. However, how can I create a dynamic range that will include this new information in the corresponding ComboBoxes on the first sheet automatically? Or, if there is a better way then a dynamic range to accomplish this, I would love to hear that too.

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Automatically Updating Summary Worksheet

Apr 18, 2006

I have several tabs (worksheets) representing purchases for a specific year.
There is one tab (worksheet) that is a Summary of all purchases for all
years. How do I get Excel to automatically update the Summary worksheet
anytime one of the other worksheets are modified?

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Links Are Not Automatically Updating On My Worksheets

Mar 4, 2009

My links are not automatically updating on my worksheets. I was recently working on a sheet that linked to a different sheet in the same workbook. I deleted some cells by dragging other cells onto them, but when I went to the sheet that was linked to this sheet, the old information remained. When I clicked the cells that should have said "#Ref", they said =Sheet1!#REf but still had the old information showing until after I hit F9.

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Apr 24, 2007

I have one work sheet (worksheet #1) that everyone in the company uses. With this worksheet they submit orders to my department.

When I receive it (worksheet #1) I have a macro built in so that all i have to do is click a button and the sheet get's logged onto a certain workbook (workbook #1) on the appropriated tabbed sheet.

On my log workbook (workbook #1) I have two tabed sheets "2005" and "2007", and all of the worksheet#1's go to the next line on "2007"

On occasion a sales person will open up an old worksheet and the macro will log it onto "2005".

I want to create a macro for (workbook #1) that goes something like this:

If any files attempt to write to sheet "2005"
do not allow or (False)
move line item to sheet "2007" to the next open line.

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Automatically Updating Range Names

Dec 28, 2009

I have a range of 9 cells located in A2 to A10. The name of this range should be whatever the text in cell A1 is.

The Problem is that the content of cell A1 can change since it is reflecting the content of another cell on a different sheet.

My probelm is that once i define the range to be named according A1 it will keep that name, even if the content of A1 changes.

How can i program in VBA that the name of the cells in range A2 to A10 always is whatever isthe text in A1 is? If Aq changes the name of the cells in range A2 to A10 should change as well; Plus the old name should be deleted.

I think it might work with some event trigger and then a automatic naming of a range. I tried a few things but nothing really worked. (not very exeprianced vit VBA)

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Automatically Updating Multiple Sheets

Jun 22, 2007

I would like to make my stock sheet able to copy entres to another sheet within the same work book. (avoiding using VB as I can't do that)

If data is entered in sheet2, it is automatically copied onto sheet1.

The reason is that each storage device will have its own sheet and all entries will automatically be copied to the master sheet. This will make things easy for the people who need to use this system for updating and seaching it.

I have seen a similare problem that seems much more complex here @ Copy Data From Multiple Closed Spreadsheets

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Function/Formulas Not Automatically Updating

Jun 25, 2008

I'm using a heavy excel file and I have linked some cells in one sheet to other worksheets in the same file. My problem is that when I change the value in some cells they do not change in the other cells linked to the ones I have modified.

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Automatically Updating Graphs Based On Date?

Jun 9, 2014

I have a number of tables which I update on a weekly basis and I've created a number of graphs based on these values, but I only want the graphs to show the previous full months complete data rather than the most recent update. Also, I'd like the graphs to automatically update from the table at the start of each month for the preceding months complete data without me having to re-select the data range each month.

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Updating Rolling 3 Year Charts Automatically

Aug 28, 2012

I have just been asked to update a file on a quarterly basis which contains a large number of charts based on the performance of various funds against their respective benchmarks. In column A I have dates going back to 2008 and then the fund and benchmark figures in the next columns. Each quarter there will be a need to update the charts to the new rolling 3 year period, i.e. in October when I update the file, the charts will need to show the results from 30.09.09 to 31.09.12

As there are 20 charts this can be quite time consuming? The charts sit on the same tab as the data, under the columns at the bottom.

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Automatically Updating Chart With Changing Inputs In VBA?

Feb 12, 2013

VBA code that would update a chart automatically as you change the inputs which are located in cells in excel. The inputs are located in cells B5:B9 and i want a code so that as you change these numbers the chart would automatically update.

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Updating Workbook From Password Protected Workbooks Automatically

Jul 7, 2014

I've 10 workbooks (which represent different areas around the factory) that populate a master workbook (belonging to HR).

We've now started to password protect the 10 workbooks. When i open the master workbook and click update - i get prompted to enter the passwords of the 10 workbooks

My question - is it possbile to automatically have the passwords entered so that the master can get updated?

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Automatically Updating Spreadsheet - Correct Layout Of Cells

Jan 9, 2014

Any way to automatically update my spreadsheet align all of the cells in the correct row/column.

Attached is a sample sheet. Columns A-D show how they originally look. Columns F-I show how I would like them to appear.


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Updating Summary Report Automatically From Existing Data Using VBA

Dec 20, 2013

How I could generate a report using a Command Button. I have a spreadsheet that contains data in columns, some of which I want showing up in the summary report. Any new data entered should be updated in the summary report when I hit the command button. Existing data in the original spreadsheet does not get erased or written over.

So basically, I have data in column range A:R in Sheet 1. Columns A, D. E, F, G, I, J, P, and R need to show up in the report on Sheet 2. I already have 150 rows of data in sheet 1, so i don't want to start over. So I need to copy the relevant columns, and update the report with any new data that gets entered in the columns in Sheet1, in the next empy row.

I have some vba code that copies individual cells, but I don't know how to do it for columns and for new data.

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Combo Box Dynamic Range Stops Updating Automatically

Mar 25, 2007

I could need a code for a Combo Box to selects the range in Column A. The range includes all non-blank cells.

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Automatically Updating Adjacent Cells Based On Dropdown List Selection Even If Changed

Apr 12, 2013

I have a workbook that has two worksheets. One worksheet is an input worksheet. A user will select a date from a drop-down list and type in the events that occurred on that date in 8 adjacent cells. The user selects a button that advances date and clears form. On sheet 2, whatever was typed into sheet one is saved via VLOOKUP formula. However, if I try to change something retroactively and select a previous date from the drop-down list, it clears everything in sheet 2 that was typed for any selected day.

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Cell Adds Previous Values Automatically

Aug 20, 2009

I have a market data linked to excel through DDE link so prices are updated real time.

Cell A5 contains last traded volume which updates whenever a trade is done.

I would like to SUM/ADD all last trade volume in cell C5. Is there any function or macro can help me to do this?

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Automatically Subtract Multiple Values In The Same Cell

Oct 2, 2006

I wish to have a column with say 100 in it as that will be the initial stock levels

I would then like the next column to be blank so that when you enter say 25 (the number of stock taken away) the third column will show the new number of 75.

Simple? well here is the tricky part

I just want those three columns so the blank one in the middle will remain blank after it has been used so for example

on monday we sell 25 pencils and type 25 in the field and the new total is 70

on tuesday we sell 40 pencils and type (in the same field the 25 was put in the day before) 40 and the total will show up as 35.

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