Very Slow To Load Files

Dec 17, 2009

i had a file with 10,500 lines, 18,000 kb and it seemed slow to load (about a minute) every time i made changes and then saved it or reopened it.

so i broke the file up into 3 smaller files by cutting and pasting. i deleted all empty lines and columns beyond the file content. i defragged my compter. i cleared all excess format in job history - but -

one file now has 3,900 lines, 22,300 kb and takes 4 minutes to load.

one file now has 2,000 lines, 20,100 kb and takes 4 minutes to load.

one file now has 4,900 lines, 14,500 kb and takes 1 minute to load.

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Data Load (search And Load .csv Files Automatically In Workbook)

Dec 16, 2002

I need to do a macro that will open a search window, the user would select a folder and it will search for a .csv file within it. Then after locating the file, it would automatically load it into a specific sheet in the workbook.

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Load External Xls Files

Oct 30, 2009

if it is possible to have one xls file load all .xls files that are inside a folder or a folder with subfolders and so on?

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Load Multiple CSV Files In A Spreadsheet Faster

Jan 5, 2010

In my spreadsheet I load 26 CSV files. Each CSV file has 3 columns and 7 rows. It uses the connection query in Excel. It is only relatively slow to refresh the data. To refresh the data, I can press the refresh data button in Excel.

But in practice I use this code every 5 seconds:

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Slow Vba Running With Xlsm Files?

Aug 29, 2013

i have a simple question regarding vba code involving opening/eleboration/closing of different excel workbooks' format. I saw that with xls/xlsx the macro works with relatively high speed, but it is very slow when it comes to xlsm file. Is there an explanation? Does a command which enhance speed for xlsm file exist?

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Macro To Load All Files Within A Folder To New Tabs With File Name As Sheet Name

Nov 26, 2009

I wish for a macro to look in to a directory which remains constant, but then looks within a folder which is specified via a cell value in order to load a specific sheet from each file in to the workbook I am currently using. I wish for the loading to be done without having to open the workbooks manually, so something which opens them copies the data from the sheet specified and then closes.

This data is then to be pasted in to a new sheets within my workbook which are named after the file names that it pulls the "dump" sheet from.

As a side note, I will be using these sheets to produce calculations hopefully automatically as soon as they are loaded. They all have the same "shape" but contain differing data. Will it be easier in the long run for me to use this method of pasting data to new sheets named as their file names assuming there will be around 25 "dump" sheets needing to be loaded or would i be better having them paste all to one sheet just underneath each other with a couple of rows separating them?

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Load Multiple Excel Files With Given Folder And Carry Out Same Macro On Them

Aug 16, 2013

i am working with a large data set of excel files . I need to format the sheets in a specified way . i have recorded a marco that does this . I now have the problem of creating an automatic loader that opens the files , carrys out my macro , then closes the files.

For example i have a folder X that has 10 files inside it. i would like to be able to load the first file , carry out the macro, close the file move it folder y . Then look back into Folder X , take the first file it see's , carry out the macro , close the file , move it folder y , the go back to folder x and carrying out this until all the files are done and stopping when the folder is empty

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Load & Retrieve Text From Text Files In Folder

Apr 24, 2008

how I would go about addressing this issue. I am given a directory with individual files in it. Each file has critical information I have to extract from it. So, I want the user to provided this directory to the macro and I want the macro to cycle through each file in this directory (excluding super and sub direcories), open it, retrieve info, and close it

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Load List Box

Oct 6, 2009

I have this piece of code that loads a list box and it has worked without 1 problem for the longest time.

Today, there have been 4 or 5 instances when it doesn't work, where I hit the load button and it does nothing.

I have closed down and restarted and it seems to work but this is very annoying

If txtBusinessName = "" Then
MsgBox "Please enter search criteria"
Exit Sub
End If
Application.ScreenUpdating = False

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Load Picture

Feb 25, 2007

I have made the next code

Filename = Application.GetOpenFilename("JPG Files(*.jpg),*.jpg,GIF files(*.gif),*.gif")
If Filename = False Then
Response = MsgBox("Er was geen file gekozen!", vbOKOnly & vbCritical, "Er is iets fout gegaan")
Exit Sub
End If

Userform.Image1.Picture = LoadPicture(Filename)

I can choose a picture and it will be vissible in the Userform.

The problem is it's not saved into the userform it self.
How can i make it so that when i choose a picture it's also the picture i see the next time i open the userform.

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Pre Load Userform

May 30, 2006

how I can pass a value to this function. For example I know the record id that I want loaded, it is 42, so I want to create a button that brings up record id 42 when clicked. I think to do this I would load the form, then call cmbSelect() and pass it Me.TextBox1 = Value "42", but I am not sure on the syntax on how to do this

Private Sub cmbSelect_Click()
Dim r As Integer
Dim cell As Range, rngRecord As Range

' Locate indicated record
For Each cell In MyData
If CStr(cell) = Me.TextBox1 Then
For Each rngRecord In cell.Range("B1:AS1")
If rngRecord.Offset(-rngRecord.Row + 1, 0) <> "" Then
Me.Controls(CStr(rngRecord.Offset(-rngRecord.Row + 1, 0))) =

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Load Many Combobox

Dec 28, 2006

how assign a variable to the combobox into a bucle, (they are many combobox)
can be this way?

Dim combo As String
Dim cell As Integer


For combo= 1 To 10
With combobox(combo)
Do While cells(cell,1).value <> ""
.add item activecell.value
End With

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Load Saved Csv In The New Sheet?

Aug 30, 2013

I created the csv file from excel sheet. Now I have created a copy of that excel sheet in a new sheet, and I am trying to load that saved csv in the new sheet. But when I do that I see some cells formatting mismatch (can be seen in attached picture) though I clicked on preserve cell formatting at the time of import.

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Load The XML File In 2007

Apr 27, 2009

I'm trying to load the following XML file in Excel 2007 (from Excel 2007 VBA Programmmer's Reference) and get the error "Strict Parse Error" when I do so.

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Making A Checkbox Load A Value Of Yes Or No

May 19, 2009

I have a checkbox with a userform. I can get it so that if I enable it and add data then it correctly shows as "Yes" or "No" within excel. However if I open the data using offset the checkbox is greyed out with neither Yes or No. Is there a way to make the checkbox allow and show a value of Yes/No?

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Load Data From One Form To Another

Jul 12, 2009

I have a main form (Form1). From this main form another is loaded (form2) and then if necessary another form is loaded (form3). On form3 I have the following

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Load Userform With Arguments

Jan 18, 2012

Private Sub Userform_Initialize(Change As Boolean, Optional Brand As String)

I want to load a userform with arguments, is this ever going to work?

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Load JPG Specific Cell

Apr 6, 2014

I have some files similar to:


I want in Cell A1 type by sample: GU23 and then presenter or press a button, and in cell E1 display the jpg image with a specific Size, mmm 40x40 is possible?

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How To Load 43 Different Macros Into 43 Sheets In VBA

Jul 6, 2014

I have a Macro that copys all the cells with a 9 digit number in a range and lists them into col CC

However the way it is written Each macro is stored into its own worksheet. the problem is that i need to do this for all 43 tabs in the workbook which means a lot of copy and past when I build a new workbook.

So is there a way to load 43 diffrent macros into the 43 sheets in vba?

Or is there a way i can make the macros Global? so that they can all be stored in the same place but still work?

The below macro is saved under the workseet "PEBBLES" in vba



Sub Pebbles()
Dim objReg As Object, objMatch As Object, objColl As Object
Dim rngWhole As Excel.Range
Dim rngCell As Excel.Range
Dim lngRow As Long: lngRow = 1
Set objReg = CreateObject("vbscript.regexp")


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Spreadsheet Load To Another Computer All I Get Is #VALUE

Apr 17, 2008

Using some custom VB code to put the filename of the document into a cell.

I save the spreadsheet and load it up on another computer and all I get is #VALUE.

How do I fix this so its loaded on every machine without problems? (Multiple people will be using these sheets)

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Load Custom Functions In An Add-in

Nov 28, 2006

I have created some user defined functions and have associated them to a custom category. To simplify things, I wanted to add these functions and the custom category macro to an Addin I already have installed for all my employees. How do I get the the custom category macro to excecute? It should run as soon as excel is opened...but I am not sure what event should be used and where is it installed?

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Load Text In Userform

Jan 26, 2007

I have an userform, with a label and several commandbuttons(for instance, command button A, B, C, ...) . Now if I click the command button A I would like to load in the label A text previously written in sheet1 range A1, if I click the command button B I would like to load in the label another text previously written in sheet1 range b1 (the old text shouuld obviously disappear)

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Load XML With Msxml.dll References

Jun 24, 2008

We've developed some Excel spreadsheets which load in XML data from the web and then parses through it.

Dim oDoc As MSXML.DOMDocument
Dim fSuccess As Boolean
Dim oTimeProperty As MSXML.IXMLDOMNode
Dim oAttributes As MSXML.IXMLDOMNamedNodeMap
Dim oChildren As MSXML.IXMLDOMNodeList
Dim oOpChildren As MSXML.IXMLDOMNodeList

To do this we add "Microsoft XML, version 2.0" in the " References" menu (which is from C:WindowsSystem32msxml.dll). This works fine on Windows XP and 2000 but Windows Vista doesn't have msxml.dll so it doesn't work. I've searched the web and found a page recommended using msxml6.dll as a direct alternative but unfortunatly the VBA script fails when implementing the MSXML object.

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Document Load Up In Full Screen

Jun 18, 2007

How do I make my Excel-document automatically display in full screen-mode when it is loaded?

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Why (Wait For Page To Load) Fail

Jan 29, 2014

If I run this in the editor sometimes it works and sometimes it does not.
If I run this in editor with F8, stepping through the code, it does work.

I can only guess that enough time is passing during the F8 presses that the page can load. But is that not the purpose of adding the wait code?

[Code] ....

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Load Image Based On Cell SKU

Feb 3, 2014

Running a macro that would insert product images in to a sheet based on a SKU that is in a different column. My sheet has an image in Cell A3 based on the SKU code that is inputted in to D3. All of my images are stored in F:Images I will have about 500 SKU's that all need images and will be named the same as the SKU I enter in to Column D.

Can this be done via a VBA script?

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Popup Window When You Load Excel To Say Something

Feb 12, 2009

I am very new to programming in excel, so bear with me. I need to have a window that pops up when you load excel. I need it to say something like

If A2 > A1, then the popup should say "value exceeded in row 1"
If B2 > B1, then the popup should say "value exceeded in row 2"

If both of the statements above are true, then I would like both of the errors to be in the same window/popup, instead of two seperate ones. I hope thats clear.

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Load Values Into Array To Compare

Apr 7, 2009

I have a set of old and new values that I need to compare.

We can assume that values in column X are the master values and values in Column Y are subordinate to column X

For example

Yesterday's values
x y
abc 1
def 2
ghi 3

Today's values

x y
abc 1
def 4
jkl 3

So first i need to find out that GHI is no longer available, and second that the amount for DEF has changed from 2 to 4. Hopefully this makes sense if not let me know and I can provide a sample spreadsheet or the like.

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USERFRM To Load Second Workbook For Compare

Nov 8, 2009

In a previous post I found how to tranfer data from 1 workbook to another workbook, but its hard coded. I been working on a userfrm to load a workbook (WKb2) then do the data tranfer. As the bottom Hard code not good as workbook2 name changes each release (7 days).

I would like to know how can make upper Userfrm code below of the path, Have it provide the WKb2 value for the cod eat the bottom. I know it easy and must be over looking something.

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Load Form From Customized Submenu

Jan 21, 2010

I have created a custom submenu in Excel that uses the "SheetBeforeRightClick" event in the "ThisWorkbook" object to initialize. In the custom submenu, I want to use one of the choices to load a form that I have created. I am trying to do this directly when selecting the submenu entry, by using "MyForm.Show", but this doesn't work. As a workaround I use an intermediary subroutine, "Sub Load_MyForm" where I put the same command, and then it works! Anyone who knows how to load the form directly from the submenu click event without going through an intermediary subroutine?

The workaround (which works) in "ThisWorkbook":

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