Looking Up Data That A Lookup Function Won't!

Dec 7, 2006

I have store numbers and store volume groups (one letter indicating their sales volume). This is sorted in somewhat of a table - the volume groups are in row 4 going horizontal, the store numbers are under their respective volume groups going vertical.

I have all store numbers listed vertically on another sheet, starting in A2. I want to search for the store number in A2 within the volume group data and return the appropriate group header when it's found.

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Lookup Function To Lookup For Data In Another Table

Jul 29, 2008

I am trying to use lookup function to lookup for data in another table (we call it table A). Unfortunately, whenever the code is not in the table A, Excel will return the data from the previous row.... is there any possible way to prevent this... in another word, if the code does not exist in the table A, I want Excel to return 0 or some other figures.

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Nested LOOKUP Function Returns Incorrect Data

Apr 22, 2008

I setup this function to pull my staff's schedule an auto generate the forms i need however the lookup function works properly sometimes and improperly others i checked the syntax and it is correct how ever the wrong data is continually returned. I have attached the file if anyone can help. the VISUAL PLAN tab is the one contaning the formula and it pulls data from PLAN, CURENT SCHEDULE, AND CATAGORY SUMMARY however the only formulas hat i have a problem with are the ones referencing CURENT SCHEDULE.

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Lookup Function (view Data For Any Quarter Of Any Year)

Oct 9, 2009

I have spreadsheet that I use to display quarterly metrics. Within the workbook, there are two spreadsheets; (1) output (2) data.

Part 1: I want the ability to view data for any quarter of any year. In columns O-P, I have created a dropdown for the year I want to view and option buttons for the quarter I want to view.

The data is organized in one sheet and includes all information by quarter.

As an example, say I want to display data for District 112 and I want to display data for the 3rd Quarter of 2007. I am trying to create a formula that would look in the table as follows: (1) look for district 112 then (2) look for 2007 then (3) look for 3rd quarter then (4) look for units sold. I tried using a modified lookup function but didnít have any luck.

Part 2: The second part of my question is similar to the first part but in this case I need to summarize data (cells $B$18:$D:$22).

As an example, say I want to display the total number of sales in the U.S. for the 3rd quarter of 2007. In this example, I would look in the table for the following: (1) look for Division then (2) look for 2007 then (3) look for 3rd quarter then (4) sum all based on criteria.

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Program Or Function To Lookup And Locate Typed In Data Across Multiple Workbooks

Jun 12, 2014

have a formula or something along those lines that will look for the data you type in to the selected cell and will show you on how many workbooks it has been entered in. For example, I have workbook a, b, c, d, e, f. all have 12 sheets. On these 12 sheets there is a place to enter the serial number of an item. What I would like to be able to do is on a different workbook be able to type in a serial number and have it show which workbooks it has ever been typed in and its location on said workbooks. and if possible the results of the item which would be whether it was accepted or rejected( this bit is not totally must have. but the workbook and sheet location is a must.)

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Lookup Data From Multiple Worksheet Using Indirect Address And Match Function

Sep 28, 2011

determining the correct formula to lookup various details from multiple worksheet:

Data as follows:
Sheet1: input

Sheet2: Data


b2,b3 Formula = Indirect(Address(match(a2,????,0),1,1,1,"Data"))

i dont know what is the correct range inside the match fuction to identiy the row number inside the Data sheet, i think the solution would be match(a2,Data!a2:a13,0) but things might get complicated if you have multiple worksheet such as sheet2: Data , sheet3: Data2, sheet3: Data 3

and each table has unsorted details compared to others sheets (Data vs Data 2)

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Lookup Function - Check Batches Of Data / Return Value Dependent Of Multiple Ifs

Apr 3, 2012

Use look up to check batches of data a return a value dependent of multiple ifs?

I have this formula from here


What I am trying to achieve is using the above can it check

C4:C7 Grouped and named "first"
C8:C10 Grouped and named "second"
C11:C13 Grouped and named "third"

If one from each group is selected it returns 1 value, if 2 of each are selected it returns a second value and if 3 of each are selected it returns a third value?

I thought by grouping them it may give me the desired results but all it does is change if I select more than one from any of the groups.

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VBA Lookup Function: Paste Data Into A Cell In Another Worksheet, Based On Criteria Specified In Sheet1

Jan 8, 2009

I'm looking to create a macro that will take data from an input sheet, and paste it into a cell in another worksheet, based on criteria specified in sheet1.

Specifically in the attached example, the macro would copy the data in cells C8:C10 of sheet 1, then paste them into sheet 2 based on the data specified in cell B3 i.e. it would paste them into the column headed Mar-09. I intend to make this cell a drop down, so that the user can then select the next reporting month and run the macro again to paste the data into the Apr-09 column.

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LOOKUP / MATCH Function To Lookup The Owner Name Typed In Cell

Jan 2, 2009

I have a workbook with 2 different types of sheet - 1 containing source data and the others 'collecting' data from the source sheet, depending on what the sheet is for.

For example, the data source contains different pets, their names, ages and their owners.

The other sheets are on a one-per-owner basis.

What I would like to do is use a LOOKUP / MATCH function to lookup the owner name typed in cell A1 of the output sheet and match it with the corresponding owner name(s) on the source sheet. I would then like it to return with each pet and append the results on the sheet accordingly - like below:

John Smith (in cell A1)

Pet - Name - Age
Dog - Rover - 3
Goldfish - Tom - 1
Gerbil - Chewit - 4

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Lookup Table (adjust Which Column The Lookup Function Refers To)

Jun 12, 2009

I am trying to perform a lookup (vlookup) function in a cell in excel and wish to have the range as a variable, so that I can adjust which column the lookup function refers to.

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"wrong Data Type Error" Public Lookup Function

May 4, 2007

I have attached a file called Test2 which has a public function called DBLookup. The function looks in the attached access database simulating a Vlookup just like in Excel. The problem I am having is when that data appears on sheet1. I am getting #VALUE in the cell and the erroe states "a used value in the formula is of the wrong data type".


Dim adoCN As ADODB.Connection
Dim strSQL As String

Const DatabasePath As String = "C:Test2.mdb"

'Function argument descriptions
'LookupFieldName - the field you wish to search
'LookupValue - the value in LookupFieldName you're searching for
'ReturnField - the matching field containing the value you wish to return...

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Set Up A Lookup Function With Two Lookup Values?

Apr 18, 2008

Is it possible to set up a lookup function with two lookup values? For example, say I have a list of items such as:

1 A 14
1 B 22
2 C 84
4 D 25

I'd like to have the lookup go to the above table and find the number 1 and the letter B and return 22. I can't seem to visualize how to make this work.

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Lookup Function Error Mismatching Data & N/a Error

Apr 27, 2007

my lookup isnt returning the correct data- already tried sorting it doesnt work im pretty sure ive put in the correct formula

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V Lookup Or IF Function

Feb 3, 2009

Can I get all the information from Employee & Benefits tab to populate in the 401K worksheet. All information is on these two sheets except status, plan entry date, and 2009 compensation.

True under Employees tab means that a person is still active and I would like for that date to populate the 'Hire Date' column; whereas, 'False' represents a person is termed and I would like for the false date to populate under termed. Can you use the social security number if its a V Lookup because I have thousands of rows and multiple people with the same last name.

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Use Lookup Function In VB

Apr 22, 2009

How do I write a code for the following Excel formula:


I tried the following but not working

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Lookup Sum Function

Oct 23, 2008

I would like to do is reference a table of data using the Vlookup function but add all of the results together. I have a table where I keep track of orders being distributed, and in an inventory sheet I want it to reference that table based on the serial numbers entered and total the results.

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LOOKUP Function

Nov 21, 2008

2 AAA1638
3 BBB7325
4 CCC3847
5 DDD5562

This is what I have. Now I want to see, for each day which has the highest value. so it should return BBB for day 1, CCC for day 2, DDD for day 3 and AAA for day 1.The formula I am using:


Tell you what, it is giving me correct result for column B,C,D but not for E. The formula for column E should return AAA, but for some reason it is returning DDD.

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Using Lookup Function

Jul 14, 2006

I just wanted to use lookup function in my code. But I had to re-write my for..next statement 8 times. How can I state it in one single lookup function used in a for..next statement. Here is my code

Sub iteration(r)
Dim i As Integer
Dim j As Integer
Dim x1(4) As Double
Dim arra(8, 2) As Double
Dim arrb(8, 4) As Double
r(1) = Worksheets("sonuc"). Range("j4").Value
r(2) = Worksheets("sonuc").Range("j6").Value
Dim myRange As Range
Set myRange = Worksheets("giderler").Range("b6:b11")
x1(1) = Application.WorksheetFunction.Floor(r(1), 0.5)
x1(2) = Application.WorksheetFunction.Ceiling(r(1), 0.5)
x1(3) = Application.WorksheetFunction.Floor(r(2), 0.5)
x1(4) = Application.WorksheetFunction.Ceiling(r(2), 0.5)
For i = 1 To 4

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Lookup Function Or Something

Sep 21, 2006

I have 2 worksheets, 1 containing a list of 5000 products and 1 containing a list of 3 columns with classifications in them (about 300 classifications). for example worksheet 1 has 5 products

Mars Bar
Bags Maltesers

The 2nd worksheet has 3 columns with the following info
Column 1 Column 2 Column3
(Catagory) (sub Cat) (Sub Sub Cat)
Minerals Soft Drinks 2lts
Minerals Water 1lts
Sweets Choc Bars Std Bars
Sweets Bagged Lines Std Bags
Grocery Breakfast Cereals

I want to be able to add a classification to the products in worksheet 1. For example to be able to choose a dropdown that has a list of each classification
and after coke select from the "Catagory) drop down, then select the "Sub Cat" drop down and then select the "SubSub Cat" dropdown.

Product Catagory Sub Catagory SubSub Catagory
Coke Minerals Soft Drinks 2lts
Mars Sweets Choc Bars Std Bars

As I said I have to do this manually for about 5000 items so I need to be able to do this as fast as I can. Can you use the lookup fuctions or something like that?

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#REF! In Lookup Function

Jun 27, 2007

how to fix the REF error in this formula. =IF((OR(G3="Hour (Truck)",G3="Hour (Truck + Dog)")),(VLOOKUP(G3,Rates!$A$186:$B$187,2,FALSE)),(IF(F3="Hanson",3.5,(IF(F3="Lakes",10,(IF(F3="NO",(VLOOKUP(E3,TonnesRates,MATCH(B3,Rates!$B$110:$D$110),FALSE))))))))). I have tried to attach the file with the minimal information in it to make it small enough but I can't get it below 48kb.

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Lookup Data Left Of Found Lookup Value

Nov 28, 2006

here is an example....

(this is on a sheet called Summary)

----A--------B --------C------- D
1Names----At Bats----Hits----Batting Average

Using the LARGE function, Excel has created a list based on batting averages(on a separate sheet called Line-up). It looks like this.....

2 -----------.737
3 -----------.700
4 -----------.675
5 -----------.816
6 -----------.649

The problem I am having is figuring a way for Excel to also bring the corresponding names (after using the LARGE function to create the line up list).

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Lookup Matching Data & Subtract From Another Lookup

Jun 12, 2007

I have a very large spreadsheet of customer information(I call it the master spreadsheet). Each row contains only 3 things: Account number, product bought, Price

Later I receive the money from the customer for that product(the pay sheet) that contains the exact same thing in the same order: Account number, Product bought, Price paid.

What I'm trying to do is compare the two spreadsheets so that when i receive the pay sheet of cusomters who have paid with the amount it will deduct it from the master sheet.

So it should compare account numbers when it finds a match then it should subtract the amount paid (column C) from the master spreadheet price column(column C also).

sometimes customers don't pay the right price so it has to be a subtraction so I can see if it was over paied, underpaid etc.

Right now I'm still doing it manually combining the two documents sorting it by account number and checking for matches in column A (account number).

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Lookup Function For Two Columns And One Row?

Aug 1, 2014

I have read through other similar topics and tried using the index and match function to lookup but been unable to make the formula work.

I am trying to use the lookup function to pull data from a table using criteria in two columns and one row. I have attached a spreadsheet for example.

I want to use criteria of Day (eg . 1), Total height (cm), and jar # (eg. 1). I inherited this table from a previous coworker and don't have time to organize the data better.

In the spreadsheet I want to return the value of 8.8 (highlighted in yellow). The criteria I want to use to lookup the value are highlighted in red.

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Lookup-function Used On Months

Mar 25, 2009

The following Lookup-function does not work properly. Ay idea why? My Input in E13 is months.

=LOOKUP(E13, {"Jan","Feb","Mar","Apr","May","Jun","Jul","Aug","Sep","Oct","Nov","Dec"},{"012","001"," 002","003","004","005","006","007","008","009","010","011"})

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Lookup Value And Count Function

Nov 12, 2009

I am creating a spreadsheet to keep track of money and grouping them into categories. I have a column to group a purchase into a category (column E) and the amount spent in column F. I want column T to add up all of the purchase that were made according to the category in Column E.

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Lookup Function For Three Columns

Nov 16, 2012


queens Carrots
Goja Apple

fujja Apple
fujja Apple

Goja Apple
queens Carrots

I tried to write a function so that it would search for a word from Column C in Column B, and then when it found it, give me a a combined result of Column A and B. For instance. I lookup up C1 (Goja Apple) in the range of all of column B; the function finds it in B3 (Goja Apple); then it returns the combined result A3 and B3 (Ca23 Goja Apple). I tried the =lookup, but I think the first column you select must be in ascending order, and that wont work for me.

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MID Function For Different Lookup Values?

Mar 26, 2014

In my spreadsheet, one cell in every row has a string that contains the invoice number. I would like to get the invoice number in a cell of it's own. The problem is that different vendors use different lengths of characters for their inv #, so I can't do a one size fits all MID formula.

What would be the best way of getting the invoice number?

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Set A Range To Use In A Lookup Function

Apr 10, 2007

I'm trying to set a range to use in a Lookup function but it's not working. I've done this other times with no trouble and I don't see why it's not working now.

If Target.Row > 2 And Target.Count > 1 Then
For Each c In selection

If c.Column = 11 Then
' confirm that Activity ID is in the Reference file list
Set Lookup_Vector1 = Worksheets(c.Worksheet.Name).Range("Activity_ID")
Error occurs on the Set Lookup_Vector1 line, Run-time error '1004': Application-defined or object-defined error.

The range Activity_ID is defined in the current worksheet but exists in another workbook. The c.Worksheet.Name correctly gives the name of the worksheet where the range is defined.

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Function With COUNTIF And LOOKUP

Jul 3, 2008

Look at 6 weeks of data, using "Tue" as the search parameter. I need to find the last 3 tuesdays (from current cell) and then sum the corresponding values in the cell I designate.

I'm fluent with LOOKUP and already have it finding and summing last few Tuesdays and corresponding sales totals, but I need it to only back THREE Tuesdays consistently, not 2 or 4, which it is sometimes doing now??? How do I force it to look back at "tue" and when it has found three times, it knows to stop and not consider any other Tuesdays it may find further back in the data?

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Modify A Lookup Function

Nov 1, 2008

i use the formula below in a wb. When it runs its searches col A for what ever is in H36. Is there a way to make it search col A & B for what ever is in H36?


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