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2007 - Protected Workbook - Can't Unprotect It

I have a workbook that many moons ago I protected. Now I want the workbook to be an unprotected workbook so many users can view and update if necessary.

Typically I know you are supposed to go to: Review, Changes, Unprotect Workbook. But all that is available is to protect the workbook, but it is already protected. I know this because every time I open the workbook, I am prompted to enter a password.

Is there another way to remove this workbook protection I do not know about?

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Customised Prompt When Trying To Unprotect A Protected Cell
when the user tries to enter data into Ranges E25:E26, G25:G26 OR I25:I26 I want to have my own customised prompt that says: "You are using Imperial Units. Enter drafts in the Imperial range by clicking the Imperial button on the left".

To make it more interesting, the cursor should go to the range that I have named 'Imperial', when the user clicks on the 'OK' button of the above prompt.

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Protected Sheet - Macro To Unprotect, Refresh Sql Query & Re-protect Fails
I have a protected worksheet containing an SQL query. I have two cells on the worksheet unlocked so that users can enter fresh parameters to feed the query.
Because I have to use MS Query to interrogate our SQL server (current IT decree), the query won't support parameters directly when the query cannot be represented graphically - so I have to manually edit the sql command text and then refresh the query - or at least that was why I wrote the code below

The problem: My macro won't unprotect the sheet before it calls the therefore won't update the sheet to detail the DSN, command text and number of parameters (latter should be 0) - info just used to verify queryit won't run the query / return the data as the sheet is still protected Comment: I have had to remove sheet protection in order to allow the sql to execute and return data. If protection is removed, the query does execute and return data ( changes in the "parameter" cell contents do cause the query to be correctly modified)
I could comment out the debug info but the query still doesn't return data if the sheet is protected.

Activesheet And worksheets(ndx) where ndx has been defined As ActiveSheet.Name
I apologise If my post Is difficult To follow - especially the code.

Sub AgedStockParameters()
nmb = ActiveWorkbook.Name
ndx = ActiveSheet.Name
WkshtQryCon = Workbooks(nmb).Worksheets(ndx).QueryTables(1).Connection
ActiveCell.Value = WkshtQryCon
WkshtQryFld = Workbooks(nmb).Worksheets(ndx).QueryTables(1).CommandText
ActiveCell.Value = WkshtQryFld.......................

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Password Protected Sheet :: How To Unprotect A Sheet?
Does anyone know if there is a way to unprotect a sheet. The person who created this spreadsheet no longer works for our company and although we can see the spreadsheet, the formulas are hidden so we can't figure out where the data is being pulled in from. Any ideas?

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Unprotect A Workbook With VBA And Re-protect It When Saved
I want the excel spreadsheet to "BE Protected" in standard form, and only be "Unprotected" when macros are enabled -- BUT DONT JUMP TO CONCLUSIONS, hear me out, it gets deeper than that

If the user does not enable macros, I want the book to be protected. If they do enable macros, it becomes unprotected.... (On load is good enough, no need to be real-time)..... But, they can save the book, so it would no longer be protected , which is where my question comes in ...

I could use the -unprotect "password"- on load when macros are enabled but this will only work if the spreadsheet was originally protected and is never saved again. This is a problem because this workbook will be given to others and will be saved time and time again.

So, I had a vision :-) .... function 'before save' , protect the sheet using -protect "password"- , allow the sheet to save, and then unprotect back using 'unprotect "password"' so you can continue using - BUT, the problem with this is now I have created an endless loop in theory, because after it unprotects it would want to re-save again because it changed

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Forgotten Password To Unprotect Workbook/sheet
Is there a way to unprotect a workbook and/or worksheet in Excel 2002/2003 if
the original password is forgotten?

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Workbook Enable Macro Protect / Unprotect The Sheet
I need a macro that I can have in any workbook enabling me to protect / unprotect the workbook that I have currently opened with a set password (let say "Password")

I would link this macro to a button in excel 2002. I have try the following but it doesnt work

Would it be possible that the button (first) works (second) understand whether or not protect / unprotected and do the opposite?

Sub Protect
Activeworkbook.protect password:="password", structure:=FALSE, Windows:=false
End Sub

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Check If Workbook Is Protected
I just noticed that if you already have a workbook protected and then run code that will protect it, it will become unprotected! (I have a line of code to protect the workbook in the workbook_open event; incase the last user unprotected the book on the last use). Apparently it doesn't work like protected worksheets, where if the sheet is password protected and you have code that tries to reprotect it with a different password nothing will happen. I can not find a way to check if the workbook is protected (and if so skip, but if not then protect). Worksheets have "activesheet.protectcontents" to tell you True/False.

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VBA Macro Not Working When Workbook Is Protected
I wish I could have been more specific with my Title. This is what I am encountering. I used the McGimpsey code for generating a unique sequential number every time a workbook opens. I tailored the code to fit my needs and stuck it into my invoice sheet. For the longest time I was unable to make it work until I moved the code from a template to a standard workbook. Then I was able to make it work as long as the sheet was unprotected. I realized that to get the code to work I had to then unprotect the cells that the code was writing to. Now that I've done that I am getting errors in the code that weren't there before, rendering the macro useless. The code I am using is:

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Linking To A Password Protected Workbook
My question is as follows:

I have two workbooks in the same folder on a shared drive. Workbook2 is linked to workbook1. I have protected Workbook1 with a password protected to limit access.

When my collegues who use workbook2 try to open it, it asks for the password for workbook1 before opening. When they ignore that and go a head to open the file. The new information from workbook1 is not updated into workbook2.

How can i mentain my password in workbook1, and keep the files linked such that they can be able to see the new information in workbook2 without knowing the password for workbook1.

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Paste To Password Protected Workbook
I've got two files: the one that is the source file and the second one which is the target file. The target file is password protected (let us take the number 1 as the password in this case). I have a macro that would copy the value of an example cell to the target file:

Sub iso()

Dim wBook As Workbook



On Error Resume Next
Set wBook = Workbooks("Test2.xls")

If wBook Is Nothing Then
ChDir "D:"
Set oWB = Workbooks.Open(Filename:="D: est2.xls")

to add a line (or two) to this code, that would open and unprotect the target file and then at the and protect the target file with the same password.

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Enable Outlining In A Shared/protected Workbook
I would like to know how the following code provided in the Excel Help Best Practice Forums , used to enable outlining on a protected sheet, can be applied to a shared workbook.

Private Sub Workbook_Open()
With Sheet1
.Protect Password:="Secret", UserInterfaceOnly:=True
.EnableOutlining = True
End With
End Sub

After enabling 'Share Workbook' and re-opening the file it presents the following error:

Run-time error '1004': Method 'Protect' of object '_Worksheet' failed

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Group/Ungroup In A Protected Shared Workbook
I used some code to allow grouping/ungrouping in a protected sheet. This works great! Enable Outline/Outlining on a Protected Excel Worksheet. However, when I share this protected workbook, all of a sudden grouping and ungrouping is not possible anymore. I get the same error as before, when the workbook was protected, not shared, and did not have the code mentioned above. Error: "You cannot use this command on a protected sheet. To unprotect..." Assumption: Is it possible that the Workbook Open Event is not being triggered if the workbook is a shared workbook?

Question: How can I group/ungroup columns in a shared (and protected) workbook?

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Export (Copy) Sheet From Password Protected Workbook
I was handed a workbook that is password protected. The worksheets are not password protected. Because the workbook is protected, I cannot add or delete worksheets.

I figured that I could get around this by copying the worksheets to another workbook, but I can't even do that. Naturally, no one remembers what the password is.

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Copy A Range And Paste Into Another Workbook - Files Are Password Protected.
I need to copy and paste a range from one workbook to another workbook automatically.

Basically, I have 180 files in a folder. The details are:

1) 90 master files

2) from these a range named "COPYTOE" has to be copied and pasted into another 90 report files.

3) I have list of files & its passwords in a separate file named FNAME.XLS. In this, Sheet1, A1:C the details consist like this: ....

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Autofilter Code Failing On Shared Workbook & Protected Sheet
I have a protected worksheet with some macros running on it, and I have been requested to make the workbook shared. Trying to implement this, I keep getting the standard "1004 You cannot use this command on a protected sheet" error when applying an autofilter.

Here is what is making this problem a little tricky:

- As the workbook is shared, I cannot do Protect UserInterfaceOnly because you can't change the protection settings on a shared workbook without unsharing it. Needless to say, I cannot unshare the workbook.

- When I protect the sheet, I do allow the user to use autofilter. Consequently, Sheet.Protection.AllowFiltering and Sheet.EnableAutofilter both are on. Still, I keep getting the error.

The failing line of code is:

shData. Range("_filterDataBase").AutoFilter lngField, strArg

where shData is the codename of the sheet, lngField is the number of the field and strArg is the filtering criteria.

My guess is, that the error comes from the fact that (for some silly reason) in VBA the .AutoFilter method is used to create a new filter, not only to use an existing one. The members of Sheet.AutoFilter.Filters collection are read-only, and cannot be used to modify the existing filter.

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Unable To Use Arrow Keys To Select Hidden Cells On A Protected Workbook
I have a problem with a spreadsheet I am working on, and I'm not sure if its something I've done, or whether its corrupted.

Basically, Column A is Hidden and not Locked in the protection tab of formatting. The other columns are Locked and not Hidden.

I used to be able to use the arrow keys to scroll through Column A, but this now doesn't seem to work. I can select the cells within column A with the mouse and I can scroll with the mouse and the scroll bars, but I can't move between the cells with the arrow keys, enter button or tab button.

Does anyone know what might be causing this, or is the workbook corrupt?

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Listbox Linked To Workbook Tabs (2007)
I hope I can explain what I am trying to accomplish properly. Many years ago (5+), I had this exact workbook setup, but am having a lot of difficulty remembering VB & Excel and making this again from scratch.

I am looking to create an Excel Workbook. The workbook will contain numerous tabs, each tab will essentially be a template, and contain basic formulas.

On tab 1(Sheet1), I would like to have a listbox. The individual items in the listbox, should have the same name of, and be linked to all tabs in the workbook.

There will also be three buttons.

Button1 - Generates the names in the listbox based on existing tabs within the workbook
Button2 - Opens a new workbook, and copies over the selected tabs (AKA - creates a working copy of the workbook)
Button3 - Clears the selection and resets the listbox.

The number of tabs, and contents of tabs, within the workbook will be changing. So the listbox should know to look for all tabs, be it 5, or 50.

The end result would allow someone, who knows nothing of Excel, to open this workbook, as a read-only file. Generate a list of available tabs, select the tabs they need, generate a new workbook containing these tabs, that they can then edit to suit their needs.

In my line of work (and I am sure everyones) there is a huge problem with consistancy. This leads to a snowball effect of problems carrying over, and being copied from one project to the next. As I mentioned earler, I once already had this workbook setup, and it solved all our consistancy problems. I am hoping to do the same.

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When The Workbook Opens Compile Error In 2007
I have written a very basic Macro code to retrieve a photo off of my server. I want it to run this macro when a person has selected a certain item off of a drop down list. The problem I am having is that when I try and run the macro manually or when the workbook opens I get a an error message that reads "Compile Error: Invalid outside procedure". I click "Okay" and it highlights this portion of the code

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Access Private Module Of The Workbook. 2007
I want to write some code that runs everytime the workbook is initialized. I found out that the code should be placed in the following "Private Sub":

Private Sub Workbook_Open()
'My code
End Sub

I know that this code should be placed in the Private Module of the Workbook! I just can not find where is the Private Module of the Workbook in Excel 2007... =/

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2007 Macro Relative References Works On Only One Workbook
In Excel 2007 I am creating a macro with the "relative references" setting turned on. I want to repeat some tasks like: go to column A, sort, hide columns B thru F, hide columns H & I, return to column A.

Every time I try to create this macro by capturing key strokes, it inserts the workbook / worksheet name in the macro! Kinda defeats the ability to use it in any other workbook.

I am recording the macro in the PERSONAL.XLSX workbook. I have other macros that successfully perform in any workbook they are used in . . . but today I can't create one that doesn't incorporate the name of the original sheet it was recorded in.

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Automatically Minimize The 2007 Ribbon On Opening A Particular Workbook
I would like to be able to automatically minimize the Excel 2007 ribbon on opening a particular workbook. My preference is to be able to apply that minimization to certain worksheets only, but if that's not possible then minimizing the ribbons on all sheets in the workbook will be ok.

Will I also need a BeforeClose code as well to reinstate the ribbon so that it is visible when opening subsequent workbooks?

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Unprotect The Cells
does anyone know if I can do something like this:

Sub warehouse()

Dim Flag As Boolean

If .user = "martin.lucas" then _
Set Flag = True
End if

If Flag = False then _
Msgbox("you are not permittedd to do this. See Martin Lucas")
Set Flag = False

End sub.....

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Unprotect All Sheets
I need a macro code to unprotect all sheets in a book. The sheets may range from 3 to 20 sheets, with a common password. I want to keep this as contol. Only one person will be using this.

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Unprotect The Sheet..
Spreadsheet was created by me and worksheets locked by me with password. Data is maintained by another on the network. Since acquiring a new PC with xl 2003 replacing 2000, none of the worksheets will allow me to unprotect. The "unprotect" menu option is not available (shaded out), and it says "shared" at the top.

I have numerous spreadsheets that work this way, but this is the only one that has this problem. How can I unprotect it to make modifications?

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Spinbutton Unprotect...
When I protect the worksheet with the spinbutton, the spinbutton is no longer accessible. How can I modify the code below (provided by Leith Ross) to make the spinbutton accessible in a protected sheet?

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Unprotect Failing
I have a workbook that has several macros. When the workbook is saved, it cycles through and kicks off several of them.

This works fine, no errors. I have another macro that saves and then emails the workbook. When this macro runs, the same set of macros is launched due to the save method however it errors during one of the macros.

Basically what's happening is that the one macro (derivecountry) unprotects a sheet and inputs a data value. This macro works fine when run independantly but when it runs as a result of the email macr, the sheet does not get unprotected and the error results.

Here is the code line that runs to unprotect but doesn't always work

ActiveSheet.Unprotect (strPassword)

I've also tried

ActiveSheet.Unprotect password:=strPassword

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Unprotect Sheet
I'm working with this workbook and suddenly the worksheets protected! Although I didn't make any password. I checked it but, I coulden't find any password. see code maybe there is a mistake.

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Asking To Unprotect An Unprotected Worksheet
I am working on a worksheet that has been protected off and on. I unprotected this AM, but XL will not allow changes and instructs to unprotect the WS, but it is already unprotected. The WB is not protected and never was. I am at a loss as to how to work around this problem.

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Unprotect Sheets On Saving
I need to be able to protect the sheets in this workbook but then I need them to be unprotected when I click the Save File As button and then have them saved again whenever the file is opened back up.

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Blocking Unprotect Popup
I have a protected worksheet showing results of users maths tests. When users try to add data to this worksheet, a Windows Office window appears, advising it is a protected sheet, then gives instructions on how to Unprotect it.

I do not want users unprotecting this particular worksheet.

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Protect - Unprotect The Sheet
I have a worksheet where the users need to enter time. I have a macro that captures the time when the user hits Ctrl + t

What I want now is a code which protects the cell after entering the time with Ctrl + t.

I tried to do it, but my macro only works when I don't set any passwords to protect the sheet. How can I pass the password to the code and protect the sheet after the code to capture the time is being executed.

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Automatic Unprotect Using SaveAs
way for other staff to do the following...

Open an exiting protected spreadsheet,
SaveAs [newfilename]
Unprotect new sheet
Edit new sheet
Protect new sheet
Save it.

Hence we how have two protected sheets with different filenames and different contents.

Then, next time, the teacher will start again with the new spreadsheet file resulting in yet another version of the same data. etc etc.

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Use Network Id To Unprotect Sheet
We have created a spreadsheet that needs to be protected as it is viewed by several users. We would like, if possible, to update this daily with as little human intervention as possible.

Can we use VBE and the on worksheet open event to unlock the password protection, update the sheet and then lock it again? I know that you can read who opens the sheet using code similar to the following but don't know whether the password protection can be "unlocked" utilising this method.

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Unprotect VBA Project When Shared
I have an educational workbook which I am not familiar with. I cannot open vb project in vbe. When I try to open it says "project is unviewable". As far as I am concerned it should ask a password. But it doesn't. Can somebody tell me why. I am not asking somebody to crack it for me. I just want to learn why vbe doesn't ask a password. I think the only possibility is the creator of the program want nobody to open the code forever.

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Drop Down Click To Unprotect Worksheet
I have a worksheet that is initially protected when a user views it. Certain cells are unlocked.
I have 46 drop down lists on the worksheet, of which none are locked so the users can access them for selections.
I want to unprotect the sheet when ANY of the dropdowns are clicked on.
For each change event I have the following
Sub DropDown34_Change()

Application.EnableEvents = False

However I still get the microsoft error screen showing up telling me that the cell is protected BEFORE it unprotects it and allows me to make changes.

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How To UnProtect An Active Project With A Known Password
How to UnProtect an Active Project with a Known Password?

I have asked so many times in so many Excel Forums,

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Macro: Protect & Unprotect Sheets
Is there an easy way (using a macro) to unprotect and protect sheets?

Most sheets in a certain workbook are protected except a few cells that are open for manual entry. Because I have links to other cells in other workbooks, I must unprotect those sheets/fields before I can edit the links. And I MUST ensure all sheets are protected again when I'm done with my work.

Also, is it possible to password-protect that specific macro so I'm the only one who can run it to unprotect and protect?

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Unprotect Then Reinstate The Protection Query
I am attempting to include protect & unprotect in a macro to allow a specific function to be carried out, then return to the sheet with the protection on. I use the following code to protect the sheet on closing the sheet.

Private Sub Workbook_BeforeClose(Cancel As Boolean)
ActiveSheet.Protect Password:="fred", DrawingObjects:=True, _
Contents:=True, Scenarios:=TrueEnd Sub

My problem is when I run the macro to unprotect the sheet prior to caring out the required function it requests the password. Using this option would mean that I would have to issue the sheet passwords to al the users. Is there a workaround to this.

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Using Macro To Protect And Unprotect Worksheets
I am looking for a way to protect and unprotect all worksheets with a password through a macro. I have excel 2007.

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Unprotect Worksheet Error 1004
Im currently trying to create a macro to protect and Unprotect a sheet.

I have gotten it to work fine with protecting and unprotecting the worksheet in question.

The only problem i have is if the incorrect password is entered when trying to unprotect the worksheet. I get a Error 1004 telling me the password is incorrect and to ether Debug or End the macro.

My question is. Is there any way i can stop this and instead show a message saying to reenter password ?

Current code i have is (please note that the if Err 1004 doesnt work as yet) :-

Private Sub TogAuditSheet_Click()
Dim strPassword As String
Dim strPasswordcheck As String
If TogAuditSheet.Value = True Then
strPassword = InputBox("Enter the password to Protect & Hide the Audit Findings Workheet")
Worksheets("Audit Findings").Protect Password:=strPassword, Scenarios:=True
TogAuditSheet.Caption = "Audit Findings Hidden. Click to UnProtect"
Sheets("Audit Findings").Visible = False

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Unprotect Worksheet Macro With Password
Here is my macro, how do I add the password to make it work properly?

Sub unprotect()
' unprotect Macro
' Macro recorded 12/30/2004 by '

End Sub

Both the sheet and the workbook are protected and use the same password

jiuk - code tags added

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Unprotect & Protect All Sheets With Password
I have a series of workbooks where multiple users are entering data. Most of the cells are locked, and the worksheets are password protected. From time to time, I have to make global changes to all the workbooks. I've recorded a macro to open all the workbooks, but now, I'm running into a problem because for speed, I'd like to unprotect the worksheets and "re-protect" them without having to enter the password 3 million times (exagerration, but not much). What is the proper syntax of code to have VBA enter the password automatically (it is the same for all sheets).

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Unprotect Cell Based On Username Match
Sheets("sheet1").Range("a1").Value = Environ("username")

If Range("a1").Value = Range("H5").Value Then format.cell("c24")Protection=unlocked

I will have someone type in their supervisor's name in H5. When they send the form to their supervisor and A1 matches the entry in H5, I want cell c24 to be unlocked so the supervisor can make an entry.

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Creating Buttons To Protect/unprotect Worksheet
Create a button for protecting the worksheet and a button for unprotecting the worksheet

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Protect / UnProtect All Workbooks With A Single Button Through VBA
I am having some 60+ workbooks in which the end-users are entering data. Each workbook is protected with different passwords.

We have the systems networked. The main compilation file is in the server D:MAIN folder. The workbooks for users are in D:Mainusers sub-folder. The files in users folder are only allowed to have access by the users.

Now, in the compilation sheet I have linked the data from all the individual files (which is in its subfolder). I am facing a trouble that the excel asks password for each and every workbook to update the links in the compilation workbook.

Any possibility to overcome this trouble? A VBA code is the solution? or any other alternative measure is there to solve?

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File Prompts To Unprotect Sheet With Password
In wrote a workbook in Excel 2003 that is causing me a problem I can not seem to figure out. The workbook consists of multiple worksheets that work using both VBA code or cell formulas. The worksheets are protected (though w/o a password) to prevent users from accidently altering a cell formula. When the code needs to write to a cell, it first unprotects the sheet, writes to the cell(s), and then reprotects the sheet.

Everything seems to work fine, often for several months. Then somehow something goes wrong. Specifically, after double-clicking on the ListBox in the worksheet “CRI Calculator” to pick a drug name, it will improperly present a dialog box (see attached screen capture 'Unprotect Sheet DialogBox.JPG') prompting the user for a password to unprotect the worksheet. Again, no password has ever been set; I have tried entering nothing, “password”, and "anonymous". Regardless of how you respond, an error code “Run-time error ‘1004’: The password you supplied is not correct…” occurs. If I press Debug, it takes me (ironically) to the following line of code

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Unprotect/Reprotect Sheet During Email Vba Code
I have an email vba code set up in my workbook that emails the worksheet in an attachment to someone. However, I keep getting an error code saying permission denied when the code tries to finish. It highlights the "Kill Tempfile" field...which in my mind is saying permission denied because I have the worksheet password protected. I kind of want to keep it that way, so is there a way I can enter a line of code in my current script to unprotect what is being emailed in the beginning of the code so that the tempfile created when it is being emailed can be deleted?

Here is my current
Private Sub CommandButton1_Click()If Len(Range("H59")) = 0 Or Len(Range("H61")) = 0 Then    MsgBox "Please enter customer/employee submitting request and click SUBMIT again."    Exit SubElse'   Enter the rest of your code hereActiveSheet.PageSetup.BlackAndWhite = TrueApplication.Dialogs(xlDialogPrint).ShowSet appWrd = CreateObject("Word.Application")Set docOpen = appWrd.Documents.Open("F:groupsdeptservCDTISA.doc")docOpen.PrintOutdocOpen.CloseappWrd.QuitDim FileExtStr As String    Dim FileFormatNum As Long    Dim Sourcewb As Workbook    Dim Destwb As Workbook    Dim TempFilePath As String 

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Password Protect/Unprotect Dialog Macro??? !
Stumbling over syntax on what should be easy. I want to password protect the active sheet using plain vanilla user input box; and then unprotect ALSO via an input box. Doesn't matter about masking the input with **** or whatever. Based on responses below, here is macro code I used:

To protect the sheet:

Sub ProtectSecurity()
Dim pword As String
pword = InputBox("Enter Password", "Password")
ActiveSheet.Protect pword
End Sub
To Unprotect the sheet:

Sub UnprotectSecurity()
Dim pword As String
pword = InputBox("Enter Password", "Password")
ActiveSheet.Unprotect pword
End Sub

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Protect Or Unprotect Cells Based On Cell Input
I am working on my spreadsheet and was wondering if anyone knows if cells can be Protected or Unprotected based on the value of another cell?

Here is what I am looking for:

If cell "A16" on the "Input Sheet" equals AR then Protect Cells J16, K16, L16, M16, N16, and O16

If the value of A16 on the Input Sheet DOES NOT equal AR then leave those cells unprotected.

Has anyone ever done anything like this? On my spreadsheet it would allow the user to skip the unnecessary cells as opposed to having to Tab through them. Not a big deal but definitely would be a time saver and a lot more user friendly.

If you have any questions or concerns just let me know. I will wait to see what the Excel Guru's come up with.

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Unprotect ALL Sheets, Create Folder And Save Copy On Desktop
I have a workbook which consists of 28 worksheets, all of which are protected, and are running on a code which automatically keeps all sheets at "unlocked cells" in the selection field. The sheet is also password protected for write-access…

I would like a Macro, or some sort of code, that when activated… it unprotects ALL sheets (which use same password), creates a folder on the users desktop, and saves a copy of the document in there… entitled "copy of {filename}" It must also remove the "write access" password…

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