Accessing Bank Balances Automatically With Excel?

May 31, 2014

Is it possible to have my Excel cash flow sheet access my bank checking account and automatically update with my current balance?

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Game Points Bank Account (running Total For The Bank)

Nov 5, 2009


RSTUVWX5Your PointsPoints Needed To Level UpCurrent LevelYour CreditWithdrawalDepositCredit67

80You Need 18,000 Pts.IntermediateYour Credit is 0 Pts

911,5006,500BeginnerYour Credit is 0 Pts25004000
1010,4547,546BeginnerYour Credit is 454 Pts

45411125005,500BeginnerYour Credit is 1000 Pts200035001000
Spreadsheet FormulasCellFormulaS8=IF($AB$6$Q$23,"You Are Credited With "&TEXT(X8-$Q$23,"#,##0")&" Pts","Your Credit is 0 Pts")

Excel tables to the web >> Excel Jeanie HTML 4

i have a "Game Points Bank Account" that keeps track of the points users earn or spend in the game...what i need help is creating a running total for the bank..ive tried everything nothing works..

(this is actually like a traditional bank account)

each player starts with 10,000 points

*Row 8 is the only row to have formulas*

*Rows 9-11 are typed in to show my desired results*

Here is the point value "Ranking System" for Column T


AGAH5Tier 16Beginner180007Beginner360008Beginner540009Intermediate7200010Intermediate9000011Intermediate10800012 13Tier 214Advanced12600015Advanced14400016Advanced16200017Expert18000018Expert19800019Expert21600020 21Tier 322Elite23400023Elite25200024Elite27000025Superior28800026Superior30600027Superior325000

Excel tables to the web >> Excel Jeanie HTML 4

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Excel 2003 :: Templates For Personal Bank Account Management

Dec 10, 2013

I really need a comprehensive excel file which can manage my bank account id, savings, transactions, withdrawals, transfers etc etc. could be better if it can show any graphical interface with charts as well. I am willing to have a file so that i can manage more than one bank accounts. ( Excel 2003 is my version)

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Excel / SQL - Accessing DB Where Values Of Column In Range

Oct 5, 2013

First I have a excel with a selection of customers:
Column A = customer id
Column B = customer name
this excel contains about 500 premium customers

Secondly, on an external server I have a database with the details (adress, phonenumber, ...) of about 100.000 customers

Now I would like to display the details from the database into the existing excel. For that I was about to write a sql-query to copy the data I need to have into the excel (sheet2) to access it from sheet 1 with vlookup (based on the customer id).

But the large amount of data makes excel to work very slowly and it is impossible to keep on working like that. So now I was looking for a way to create a selective sql-statement.

Something like this:
select details from db
where customerid in (all the customer id's mentioned in sheet 1)
without writing all customer id's manually

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Excel 2010 :: Counting Bank Cells Based On Changing Criteria?

Oct 30, 2013

I am using Excel 2010.

BTES worksheet:
acct# Oct-13 Nov-13 Dec-13
13245 850
12458 850
12385 1500

MainList - F2= (current month)

Based on the current month (which I planned on typing in) on the MainList worksheet I need to count how many blank cells are in the table above. The information above is on a separate worksheet but I can change that in the formula. Every month gets a new column.

This is what I have but its not working correctly: =SUMPRODUCT(--(BTES!AD1:BQ18=F2),--(BTES!AD1:BQ18" "))

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Accessing Multiple Excel Grids With A Program Or Code

May 28, 2014

I am currently looking for a front end program to access multiple excel files at once. In a nutshell, I work for a company that uses subcontractors. Each subcontractor is graded in about 7 different performance categories. I receive daily excel files that give us the results for each category. I get separate files for each category.

What I do right now is use a master excel file. Every day I take each file I receive from our parent company and add it to the master file. I have a huge excel file that has a separate tab for each performance category. Then I have a "Report" tab where I use various formulas to summarize a sub's performance over a certain date range.

Essentially, the report tab is just a neat and concise way to display the stats of an individual sub, an office, a region or the whole company. I use tons of VLOOKUP and COUNTIF(S) formulas to look over the hundreds of lines of data and bring back the stats. It works but it is just not very efficient as I get hundreds of new lines of data every day.

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Excel 2010 :: Accessing VBA Module From UserForm On Workbook Open

Feb 13, 2013

I am using Excel 2010 and late binding to generate reports. The sheets are blank and unused. I have the UserForm being opened on Workbook_Open and the actual VBA for doing the work in a separate macro in the workbook. All the posts I have found are dealing with accessing cells from the UserForm and I haven't found any dealing with connecting a macro to the UserForm output.

My question is this: I want to return from the UserForm the flags of which reports to run to the (unopened) macro containing the code to do so. How do I open the macro and pass the variables to it?

The UserForm is creatively called "SelectionForm" and the macro is called "DailyFTP" with a Main sub as the entry. I know I can use the code under to capture the radio button and checkbox choices. I have other variables like the names of files set as global variables in the DailyFTP macro. The macro doesn't exist until SelectionForm opens it, so they must be set after the macro is in memory.

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If Formula: Show Only What I Need Instead Of Negative And 0 Balances

Oct 12, 2008

fix my (if formula) so it includes data from sheet 2. Sunday and monday values change but every other remains the same. I was given this formula and cant seem to add to it. Also is there a way to show only what i need instead of negative and 0 balances?

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Macro- List Of CSV Files In A Folder Called Balances

Dec 18, 2008

creating a macro, I have a list of CSV files in a folder called balances, i need a macro that will look into each CSV file and grab all p'folios which have a negative balance in Col D and line them up as per example shown below. The extracted data needs to be copied to file named "Workings" S:RecsalancesWorkings

All data in CSV file looks like this, where header row is row 1 starting at A1

CSV data

CSV filenames all start with ddmm so e.g. 0111

End DatePfolioA/c CodeA/c Native at End1/11/20081GRVMAAUDCUST 1/11/2008AFSBGEAUDCUST 1/11/2008AFSMBEAUDCUST 1/11/2008AFSPEEAUDCUST 1/11/2008AFSTRNAUDCUST 1/11/2008AMPFSVAUDCUST 16,565,587.811/11/2008GIORIQAUDCUST 155,642.251/11/2008GIORISAUDCUST 1/11/2008PINESIAUDCUST 5,654,632.861/11/2008WACCGIAUDCUST 7,457.561/11/2008WCTARIAUDCUST -3,923.721/11/2008WCTARWAUDCUST 1/11/2008WCTASIAUDCUST -73,456.201/11/2008WCTBGFAUDCUST 1,662.651/11/2008WCTDAIAUDCUST 1/11/2008WCTFUNAUDCUST 27,665,698.291/11/2008WCTGMIAUDCUST 31.251/11/2008WCTROWAUDCUST 6.961/11/2008WCTTHSAUDCUST 22,030.01

Macro to line up data as per below


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Prevent User From Accessing The Excel File When It Is In Use By Another User

Jul 22, 2013

An Excel file named CLEARING is availble in thr central server system. it will be accessed by 5 or 6 staffs from some other systems what i need is when one person accesses/edits this file the others should not even able to open in the read only file ,when the file is saved and closed ,then only the next person should access it

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Can't Copy Bank Statement

Oct 12, 2013

So I want to copy my bank statement into excel, but when I do, rather than separating each line into a row of separate cells, it separate it into a column of separate cells. and it does this for each row in the same column.

A1 is in the right spot
A2 should be B1
A3 should be C1
A4 should be A2
A5 should be B2
A6 should be C2

Any way I can sort this out at the touch of a button? (or a few buttons)

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UK Bank Holiday Calculator

May 2, 2006

I found a link to a website on one of the forum pages. I had a look in the website and it showed a formula for calculating when Easter falls - I didn't know it could be worked out, but it can!!

I therefore decided to investigate further. I picked up another formula to calculate the first MOnday in May and I have now put together a little spreadsheet that will calculate all bank holidays in the year entered in cell B1. It also takes into account additional bank holidays that exist when Christmas Day and/or Boxing Day fall on a weekend.

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Bank Interest Calculator

Dec 1, 2006

I'm an amateur to macro as I'm only in a low level class at a university... But I'm attempting to make a macro for a bank interest calculator. It asks your type of account(which then assigns an interest rate to it), how much money is in the account, and also how long th emoney will be in the account. I used a "Select Case" for the account types, but I seem to be struggling for it to work, it won't put the value of the total into the assigned cell, or it's just not computing it(as I get "0" each time I run it)...

Public Function BankCalculator()
'Bank Calculator for different accounts
'declare variable
Dim shtBank As Workbook, strAct As String, intMon As Integer, strLong As Integer, intTotal As Double
Set shtBank = Application.Workbooks("Bank Calculator.xls")
'input box for amount of money, assign address
intMon = InputBox(prompt:="How much money do you currently have in the account?", _ ......................................

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Keep Track Of Bank Transaction In Budget - In And Out

Mar 19, 2014

Solution to keep track of bank transaction in a budget - both in and out




The transaction CATegory and Date place the amount from table - column IN to the corresponding cell in my budget.
I would like my bank account to reflect both income an expenses from 2 columns in Table: IN and OUT

Workbook example: [URL] ...........

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Insert Bank Rows After Each Occurences

Sep 22, 2007

I want to insert two blank after each broker. I am copying each broker's information to another spreadsheet. each broker information may take several rows...after copy one broker information, I want to automatically insert two blank can I do that in VBA excel?

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Temporarily Hide Transactions In Bank Statement?

Feb 3, 2014

I have downloaded some of my bank statements in excel format but they are just static data - ie, they are just numbers in boxes and the BALANCE column does not react when I take out a transaction.

I have put in a formula for the BALANCE column so it does now take its value from the previous day plus or minus transactions, but now I want to do additional things.

- How would I, for example, categorise several transactions as "HOLIDAY" [URL] ....... and then temporarily make them disappear so that I can see the effect of that on my balance? I can see how to hide/unhide transactions but that doesn't actually seem to have any impact on the balance column.

- Second query: how do I make my current spreadsheet a template so that when I download the next bunch of bank statements I can just apply all the formulae in this one to it?

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Bank Transactions - Grouping / Totaling Like Titles

Jun 1, 2014

I'm trying to group a year's worth of bank transactions. The initial data that was cut from pdf files is a date, payee and amount

1) how can I search down col A and give the sum of all like Payees, then total each set of similar payees? Maybe if first 6 characters match, then total until it comes to a different set.
Total each set.

2) then, I need to assign a category to each set of payees, so if contains usps, then add category "postage"

3) formula to find all postage totals and combine for a grand total per category.


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Accessing WinZip Via VBA

Sep 5, 2006

This Sample is the code that I've adopted for my use.

My problem is this. My normal target .zip files are in the neighborhood of 75 - 80 Mb in size. Yes I know that they are huge..... (They are backup files for mainframe extracts ) Each zip file contains in the neighborhood of 2000 files. Currently, I have coded two ways of extracting data. Well really only 1.

1) I specify a location to extract all files. Which is time consuming ast it takes in the neighborhood of ( 5 min I thing for all files to get extracted ).

2) If I let the user specify a file filter parameter ( part of a file name ) while the WinZip shell is extracting files I'm searching all the file names in the dest directory and deleting the files that I don't want.

So what I want to know is it possible ( without buying software ) to be able to get the filenames of the files in a WinZip file.......

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Accessing Controls

Mar 21, 2007

I have a ListBox in my worksheet "A", and I'm tryin to acces to it... I want to use that ListBox like a log to print the error i have found while running my code. The name of that ListBox is "IncongruenciesListBox".

now if that ListBox was in a userform, i can access to it easily, but if it is in the worksheet how can i change (add more rows) to it?

I tried:

Dim WS As WorkSheet
Set WS = ThisWorkBook.WorkSheets("A")
If added = False Then WS.IncongruenciesListBox.AddItem ("error")

And there is a message saying it cant find "IncongruenciesListBox".

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Accessing Isblank In Vba

Apr 6, 2007

Is the following valid code in Excel VBA?

If Application.WorksheetFunction.isblank( Cells(RowIndex, ColIndex)) Then

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Accessing A Worksheet

Apr 26, 2007

I would like to know if it's possible to access a worksheet in an Excel spreadsheet using a pre-prepared string or character-set? Usage is for years consecutive, so worksheets are '1990', '1991', '1992', etc.

In which case I'd like to be able access these with a prepared string '1990', instead of using the hard-coded method for hundreds of data accesses.

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Autofill Dates Excluding Bank Holidays & Weekends?

Feb 26, 2014

Is there a way to autofill dates in excel to exclude weekends and bank holidays?

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Find Specific Withdraw Entries From Bank Statements

Jan 6, 2010

I use online banking for paying my monthly bills. I get different confirmartion for each pay transection. Pls look attached Excel file. Now I want to find specific bills expense with amount from all my 12 months bank statements. How can I get this task done.

Note: Each time get different confirmation which appears on my bank statement beside paid bill name. for example January 2009 statement GAS Z8A.... Feb 2009 GAS S2W. I hope this clarify. What I have to do if I want to get all my 12 months GAS money withdraw from bank statement. I use csv file for bank statement.

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Loan Formular To Capture Overdraft Bank Facility

Aug 30, 2009

how I can solve the issue of creating a spreadsheet (similar to an amortization one) that could deal with unequal re-payment regime as well as unfixed (anytime of the month) payment periods.

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Accessing Different Sheets Via A Formula

Jan 10, 2010

I am currently accessing data from one worksheet to another using: =INDEX(AD!C:C, MATCH($B9,AD!$B:$B, 0)). Ie from my current worksheet ‘Claim’, I’m going specifically to sheet ‘AD’. My full workbook contains 18 sheets, one for each of 18 engineers and of which, the name of the worksheet is the engineers initials. What I would like to do, is to use a lookup table located on ‘Claim’ which will hold a list of all 18 Initials, so that when an engineer selects himself from a drop down list, his initials automatically populate cell K7.

My question therefore is, is there a way of substituting the ‘AD’ in the formula: =INDEX(AD!C:C, MATCH($B9,AD!$B:$B, 0)) with the contents of K7? Or, if you can see what Im trying to do here, is there any other way of accessing specific sheets by inserting the sheet name into a formula?

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Accessing The Properties Of A Shape

Apr 2, 2009

How does one access the properties of a shape? For instance getting the text on a button ( from the forms toolbar ) on a worksheet. This works

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Accessing Elements Within Arrays

Nov 10, 2009

I've been teaching myself VBA for the purpose of processing some time resolved data from an instrument. I've come up against a problem and I just can't work out why the code is failing. (using excel 2007, VBA 6.5)

I declare some arrays as dynamic, then ReDim them to a user defined number (with Option Base 1) and input data from a spreadsheet into the array. I can then output the data into the spreadsheet again and the lbound and ubound functions return the correct values for the array. What I cannot do is actually access individual elements. If I specify array(i) I get the "Subscript is out of range" error. The code relevant to this problem is as below (simplified as there are more arrays):

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Accessing A Closed Book

Dec 14, 2006

I have designed a spreadsheet that updates automatically and shows the company's perfomance on several sheets.

To add to the use of the sheet I would like to offer the user a preference set up. So they choose the sheet it opens on for example.

I am happy with how to do all the above except for the fact that the sheet is required to be available to all staff! so only one employee can have it open in read/write everyone else will eb read only!

I was thinking the only way around this would be to have a second sheet that saves their environ user name and preferences.

That would require using the sheet closed though would it not?

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Accessing Worksheets Via A Variable Name

Apr 21, 2008

i have a simple PO tracking system, i have a workbook with multiple sheets at any one time approximately 20, projects come and go and i need to add a sheet periodically, rename the tab to the project ID - 4x numeric.

All this i have managed to do, and sort the sheets numerically, i now need to copy the last (added) row on the Project specific sheet to the last clear row on the summary sheet.

I have also achieved this, but in order to do it properly i need to switch between the specific Project sheet i am adding the current PO to, (any one of 20) and the summary data sheet, the sheet i am copying to.

To achieve this i thought i could assign the TabName (of the Project) to a variable and then refer to it

Sheets(TabName).Select. using msgbox throughout appears to provide the correct results, however, this produces a {subscript out of range error no9} on this particular line. Any suggestions welcome. Same issue i believe i could address my problem if i could whilst in the Project specific sheet i could determine the codename of the sheet which i believe i could then use to switch between sheets programatically.

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Accessing The Buttons In The Command Bar

May 25, 2007

i am trying to access buttons like ' Format - Column - Hide'

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