Find Specific Withdraw Entries From Bank Statements

Jan 6, 2010

I use online banking for paying my monthly bills. I get different confirmartion for each pay transection. Pls look attached Excel file. Now I want to find specific bills expense with amount from all my 12 months bank statements. How can I get this task done.

Note: Each time get different confirmation which appears on my bank statement beside paid bill name. for example January 2009 statement GAS Z8A.... Feb 2009 GAS S2W. I hope this clarify. What I have to do if I want to get all my 12 months GAS money withdraw from bank statement. I use csv file for bank statement.

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Bank Statements - Formatting / Cell Formatting Won't Change?

Mar 22, 2013

I'm trying to analyse all of my bank statenments to see where all my money went!! I've got online banking so I thought it would be a relatively easy process of copying and pasting each month into excel.

Well, that in itself was easy, the problem is with the formatting of the financial numbers. Excel doesn't seem to recognise them as numbers, so at the moment I can't do any manipulation with the numbers. I have tried everything such as:

Format Cells > Number > Number and Currency
Copy and Paste Special > Values only
Copying into Notepad and back into Excel

Even if it appears to have changed the numbers to 'number' or 'currency' formatting by right justifying the numbers, if I try to add up the numbers using the SUM function, it doesn't want to know.

For some reason nothing seems to work - what am I missing?

For an example, I have attached a snippet of the spreadsheet with my starbucks transactions.

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Game Points Bank Account (running Total For The Bank)

Nov 5, 2009


RSTUVWX5Your PointsPoints Needed To Level UpCurrent LevelYour CreditWithdrawalDepositCredit67

80You Need 18,000 Pts.IntermediateYour Credit is 0 Pts

911,5006,500BeginnerYour Credit is 0 Pts25004000
1010,4547,546BeginnerYour Credit is 454 Pts

45411125005,500BeginnerYour Credit is 1000 Pts200035001000
Spreadsheet FormulasCellFormulaS8=IF($AB$6$Q$23,"You Are Credited With "&TEXT(X8-$Q$23,"#,##0")&" Pts","Your Credit is 0 Pts")

Excel tables to the web >> Excel Jeanie HTML 4

i have a "Game Points Bank Account" that keeps track of the points users earn or spend in the game...what i need help is creating a running total for the bank..ive tried everything nothing works..

(this is actually like a traditional bank account)

each player starts with 10,000 points

*Row 8 is the only row to have formulas*

*Rows 9-11 are typed in to show my desired results*

Here is the point value "Ranking System" for Column T


AGAH5Tier 16Beginner180007Beginner360008Beginner540009Intermediate7200010Intermediate9000011Intermediate10800012 13Tier 214Advanced12600015Advanced14400016Advanced16200017Expert18000018Expert19800019Expert21600020 21Tier 322Elite23400023Elite25200024Elite27000025Superior28800026Superior30600027Superior325000

Excel tables to the web >> Excel Jeanie HTML 4

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Using Macro To Create Financial Statements From Journal Entries

Jan 8, 2014

I'm completely new with macros. I was wondering what you would need so that the information will automatically update itself onto a summary page. For example for entries on one worksheet to create a statement on another worksheet?

Asset Type


The first entry doesn't have a date, because the asset type is classified as OA. (therefore an exception) Each of this information will be linked to it's own worksheet. For example, the OA entries would create their own sheet which will summed.

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How To Get Average Time For Four Specific Entries

Apr 7, 2013

I have a database of over 10,000 entries. I am trying to get the average time for four specific entries (department, test 1, test 2, test 3). I did an averageifs for the tests individually and calculated the average time individually.

The three tests comprise of the department.

Average of test 1 = 40.8
Average of test 2 = 39.9
Average of test 3 = 94.8

Average of dept using the averageifs is 41.3
Average of dept by taking the average of the values above is 58.8

Why is that discrepancy there?

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Removing Specific Date / Row Entries?

Sep 18, 2013

I have this data set which has customers D.O.B's. This a test data set for the MGM Grand Casino and some customers are under aged below 21 or not even born yet (basically wrong inputs). So ultimately I want to retain the row entries of the customers who were born between (1930 - 1992).

mgm_cleaned TEST  ABCDEFGHIJKLM43928-Sep-20048-Sep-200405.4722000004-Oct-194944969-Sep-20049-Sep-200408.5720.25000004-Oct-1949459320-Apr-200423-Apr-2004010.9255000004-Oct-1949469420-Apr-200420-Apr-200409.2941000004-Oct-1949479121-Apr-200421-Apr-2004019.637.25000004-Oct-1949489221-Apr-200421-Apr-2004016.2941000004-Oct-1949499323-Apr-200323-Apr-2003010.96-10.25000004-Oct-1949509623

[Code] .........

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If/then Statements: Find All Blank Cells In Column

Oct 24, 2007

I am manually scrolling through Excel right now to find all blank cells in column L. Some cells have dates, others are blank. IF L is BLANK, I go to row K and copy/paste row K to row L. IF K is BLANK, I got to row I and copy/paste to row L.
Is there a statement I can put into row L to basically say "If blank copy/paste from row K. If row L and K are blank go to row I and copy/paste to L." ???

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Find Column Reference Than Using A Chain Of IF Statements

Aug 31, 2009

I have a table of some numbers, and along the left side is a column representing what each row of data is. So in this case, it is a list of letters. What I'm doing is in each column of the data, I find the maximum number, and then I want to have it list below that what letter that maximum number is from. Here is an example:

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Adding A Column With Variables For Specific Entries?

Jan 31, 2013

I have a table which looks like this:

Name 1 IDNumber Name 2 Name 3 Column 5

Tom20148 John Malmo
Tom20148 Will Malmo
Bob20206 Will Malmo
Tom20206 Will Paris
Bob20206 Rob Rotterdam
Bob20207 John Rotterdam
Ray20207 John Paris
Tom20208 John Malmo
Ray20208 Rob London
Ray20209 Rob Paris
Bob20209 Will Malmo

Is it possible to have excel go through this list and assign each row a number in column 5 based on the names and the IDNumber? Basically, I would want each entry that is identical in name 1, 2 and 3 to be assigned numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 etc based on their IDNumber. So Tom/John/Malmo with the IDNumber 20148 would get the number 1 in column 5, while the next match (Tom/John/Malmo/20208) would get the number 2 in column 5. For each different match of Name 1,2 and 3, I would want the count in column 5 to start at 1. So Bob/Will/Malmo/ 20206 would get number 1, Bob/Will/Malmo/20209 number 2 etc.

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Highlighting Duplicates Entries Across Specific Sheets

Jan 20, 2012

I have 13 sheets of data in my open workbook. Column D, which includes blank cells at times, across each of these sheets maps the same info. of orders. However, I know there are several duplicates, and I want to clean them out. I am trying to figure out a way to highlight all the duplicates that appear only in column D beginning with sheet 4 and ending with sheet 13. I will leave the duplicates that appear on Sheets 5-13 alone, but I want to have them highlighted, so I can review the ones that appear on sheet 4 first, and then delete them.

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Find MAX Value Based On LEFT Of A Number Of Cells With IF Statements?

May 21, 2014

Im trying to pull together a formula to achieve the below. What i have is a spreadsheet to be used by staff in different countries so im looking to make it easy to modify the categories used without the user needing to do anything complex with formulas.

The right hand side of my file (C:E) shows a code for each year we have covered a country with the year as a prefix (2014 - Blah). The left (A:B) is a summary showing the latest year we covered that country.

Current formula:

The current formula works fine if you set the columns to where the data actually is but for ease of use i need it to look at the data in rows 1:2 and match up the Continent/Country and then MAX the dates.

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Google Spreadsheets - Counting Entries On Specific Date

Jan 13, 2014

How to perform this function on Google Spreadsheets (which appears to be slightly different to Excel);

Calculate the sum of the numbers in column D that occur on the 10th January 2014?

And also, Calculate the sum of the numbers in column D that occur between 9am and 10am on the 10th January 2014.

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Find Max Value In Row When Another Row Is Populated With Different Entries?

Apr 2, 2014

Im trying to create a formula that looks along a row and then where theres an entry it looks at the top row and picks the highest number. I've attached a spreadsheet showing a shrunken version of the excel file, the answer to the formulas are in column F for each row.

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Find Ten Latest Entries

Mar 27, 2009

I have a sheet (attached, Excel 2003) that I need an assist on. What I want to do is search the 'All Games' worksheet for the ten latest games a specific player has played.

That by its self might not be so hard, but I want to take those 10 rows (once identified) and take the sum of column G and divide by the sum of column F for those rows only.

I already have a concatenate cell in the 'All Games' sheet for each row that I use to as a link of sorts to get data from column F and G onto the 'Spring 2009' sheet. The way I have the concatenate set up, I can manually sort by it and get the 'latest 10' values I need, but I need to get it all into a formula to place on the 'Spring 2009' sheet without the manual sort.

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Find All Entries Between Two Timelines?

Feb 22, 2013

calculating formula for all the entries whose "Start" time is after 18:00:00 hours and "End" time is before 21:00:00 hours of SAME date.

Basically all entries Start>18 and End< 21.


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Find New And Existing Entries

Feb 12, 2007

I have a list of new payments received (sheet 2) along with their agreement numbers which I want to match to the list I had last month (sheet 1) to see which agreements are still paying, which have stopped and if there are any new ones.

The problem is that the the list of new payments received shows the agreement numbers with random prefixes and suffixes so my lookup returns #N/A

Sheet 1 - 24020130
Sheet 2 = 24020130FLE

My basic thinking (and I mean basic) is to do an edit/replace on sheet 2 entries and replace the FLE's with with nothing thus removing them completely then running the lookup but that doesn't tell me which are new payments received.

Then I could make sheet 1 text blue, sheet 2 text red, combine them, re-sort and manually go through the list but I'm hoping there's a sexy formula just waiting to be unleashed.

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Find Sum Of Unique Entries

Dec 29, 2009

I am using excel 2007.

I am trying to find the sum of unique entries in a table such as below for each respective date.


The results should appear as

Count Unique1/01/201012/01/201023/01/201014/01/201035/01/20101

What formula would I use to calculate this unique count?

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Find Duplicate Entries

Feb 14, 2007

Got a workbook with 4 worksheets and sometimes we need to cut and paste a row from one worksheet to another, now thats easy now as we are all human and sometimes it gets copied and we have duplicate logs.

Now each sheet has usually not got that many rows in it, but that spreadsheet is getting sent to the highest people in the company and any mistakes look poor.

What i'm looking for is a way that i can highligh any rows that a duplicated in each worksheet. I can do it in each worksheet using conditional formatting with something like = COUNTIF($A8:$A$20,A8)>1. but don't know how to check that is not on any other worksheet. On every worksheet only need to check Col A for the duplicate information

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Find Missing Entries For Given Date?

Mar 12, 2013

How I can go about finding missing entries. I have an excel sheet that has column A as employee name and column E with a date. There are 10 employees so there should be 10 entries for each date. I need to be able to determine which employee hasnt entered information for a given date.

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Find And Replace Multiple Entries?

Apr 16, 2014

I would like to search for numbers and replace them with text (multiple entries).

I tried doing this with vlookup, but for some reasons i dont get the good values.

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Find Every Occurrence Of Duplicated Entries

Feb 22, 2007

I've been working on my original problem and have gotten a little closer to the results I'm looking for but not quite there. Basically, I'm now running into a problem of only finding the 1st occurence in a range of cells when I want to find every occurrence and show the result. Also, the range of cells to look for in my argument has 2 criteria, the start date and the end date. Can anyone tell me if there's a way to search through a range of cells and return every instance of that cell even if it's duplicated?

I've also attached my project to better understand what I'm trying to accomplish which is the use of a Gantt Chart as an employee scheduler as opposed to a task (or project) scheduler.

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Multiple IF Statements (skip The Next Two Statements Or The Result Will Be Changed Again)

Nov 22, 2008

I have three IF statements as below. the problem is if the first statement is true I want it to skip the next two statements or the result will be changed again.

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If Statements; List Any Date That Has Three Or More True Statements With The Coresponding Name

May 26, 2008

Sheet one will contain the following:


On sheet two I need to list any date that has three or more true statements with the coresponding name.

2/26/2008 Bill

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Vlookup With Conditions To Find Multiple Entries

Feb 2, 2009

I have a table (table1) with material numbers which have a price . This value is time dependent i.e., a material 999 could have a price of $10 for 1/1/2008-1/15/2008 and $20 for 1/16/1008 - 1/31/2008.

999 1/1/2008 1/15/2008 $10
999 1/15/2008 1/31/2008 $20
998 2/1/2008 - 2/25/2008 $15

I have another table (table2) in another sheet in the same workbook have a material and date.

999 1/10/2008
999 1/20/2008
998 2/15/2008

My requirement to take the material value and date in table2 and match it with table1 and get the value of column D in table 1 to column C of table2.

I have tried using vlookup but it only works for the first match and doesn't check for other values

below is the function that i tried

=if(and(vlookup(A2,Sheet2!A1:D4,2,false)<=Sheet1!B2,vlookup(Sheet1!A2,Sheet2!A2:D4,3,false)>=Sheet1! C2)),vlookup(Sheet1!A2,Sheet2!A2:D4,4,false),"error")

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Macro To Find Duplicate Entries In Different Workbook

Oct 23, 2012

Can I use a macro in workbook (test 1) to look at a differant work book (Test 2) and look at a range of A2:A20 and look for a duplicate date? If it sees a duplicate date I get a message (Date Taken) I would need to compare about 4 or 5 columns to each other, column A to column A, column B to column B etc. Will this work if the other workbook is not open?

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Find And Remove Identical Entries In A List

Feb 13, 2007

I regularly have to add a few new lines to what is in fact a very simple data base I've had running for a long time in Excel. About 1200 lines now, one line per person. I add a dozen or so lines (i.e. people) at a time in a different colour.
When I re-sort the whole thing I run my eye down the list to spot partial double (i.e. duplicate) entries (the new ones in their own colour helps). Then I delete the double entries one by one. Pretty stoooopid, in'it?

How can I do this better, faster and more accurately with Excel to find just two duplicated data ( NAME and ID NUMBER) in a person's line (there are 15 columns altogether)? Or: Where and what can I search for (I've just spent nearly an hour trying to find an answer by myself, but don't really know what to search for)?

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Find Duplicate Data - Identify Which Entries Are In BOTH Columns

Apr 27, 2014

I have data (e.g. PPL0106AU) in columns A (Rows 2 to 104) & C (Rows 2 to 303) and need to identify which entries are in BOTH columns.

I've entered in column B: =IF(MATCH(A2,C$2:C$303),A2,"No")

This formula is resulting in a duplicate of column A in column B.

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Find And Mark The Higher Value In Series Of Duplicate Entries

Mar 19, 2009

I have a approx. 70 excel sheets with thousands of entries. Within a single sheet there are some duplicate entries (based on an account number). I find the duplicate entries by using the excel 2007 conditional formating and then sort by color to only show the duplicate entries. There are often hundreds of accounts that are duplicates. Sometimes there are more than 2 identical account duplicates (could be 3,4 or more). In each entry there is a number representing the rating of said account. These numbers differ within the duplicates. Example............

I am trying to find a formula that will choose a "winner" and enter a "W" based on the highest rating within the duplicate entries and then ideally assign an "L" to the loser duplicate account(s). Sometimes there is no rating, other times the rating could be the same in which case any account (does not matter) can be assigned a "W" and the others an "L"

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Find Copy And Paste All Entries Matching Search String On Mac PC

Feb 8, 2014

This follows on from my previous posting [URL] ..... which produced a solution using an ActiveX Combobox that unfortunately does not work on Mac PCs!

I tried to replace the ActiveX with a Form Control Combobox but could not make it work.

So I am trying to use the alternative of "find, copy and paste" the relevant information.

As shown on the attached 140207 FINDALL test.xlsm, I need to find all records containing whatever string is entered into the "Search" cell, and copy data form three columns onto the Entry sheet.

The User will then select whichever of the entries they want to use, which will populate the relevant cells.

Problem: The following Code is not recognising any of the data in the Column being searched.

Option Explicit
Dim ws As Worksheet, i As Integer, k As Integer, z As Integer, CL, myFind, CHOICE As Range, lr As String, lrG As String,

[Code] ......

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Find Date / Time Entries Within 1 Hour Interval And Remove All But One Of Them

May 8, 2013

I have a large data set which contains four coloumns: Supplier, Supplier number, order number, and date/time of delivery. The date/time coloumn is formatted as YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM with a 24h time notation. What i want to do is to find deliveries that occurs within 1 hour and that are from the same supplier. So i basically want to group (?) the data with regards to the suppliers and then, within these subsets, check for date/time entries that occurs within 1 hour from each others by "reading" each date entry and compare it to the following one(s) (and maybe stop comparing when the 1 hour interval is passed)?

Furthermore, even if this one might be very hard, it would be good if i could make sure that the entries that are "tagged" as within a 1 hour interval, wont be used as basis for a new interval or be included in other intervals.

The result i am after would be number of 1 hour intervals for each supplier and the number of entries in each interval.

Below is an example from the date/time coloumn:

12-03-08 15:32
12-03-08 15:33 ... Interval with 2 entries
12-03-12 14:54
12-03-28 11:57
12-04-16 09:10
12-05-07 13:41
12-05-07 13:46 ... Interval with 2 entries
12-05-28 11:55
12-05-28 12:00
12-06-04 12:01 ... Interval with 2 entries
12-06-04 12:09
12-06-11 08:30
12-06-11 08:31
12-06-11 08:59 ... Interval with 3 entries
12-07-02 11:10

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