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Addition In Base 6

I've got a column of numbers that represent the number of overs bowled in games of cricket. Whilst these are whole numbers (eg. 34 overs + 34 overs) the addition isn't a problem, but when they are incomplete overs (eg. 34.4 overs + 34.5 overs) then the addition if out of kilter as it sums them in base 10, and not in base 6. (As there are six balls in an over, not ten for anyone who doesn't know!)

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Make A Calculation(addition) And Use The Answer To Multiply Against Another Addition Calculation
make a calculation(addition) and use the answer to multiply against another addition calculation....

The sum of (Monday!A1:A4) multiplied by the sum of (Monday!B1:B4) plus (Tuesday!A1:A4) multiplied by the sum of (Tuesday!B1:B4) and so on.

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'Remote' Addition
I am hoping someone with excel experience can be of help to me with an unusual request for excel.

Assume cell A1 = 2, B1 = 3 and i wish the sum of this (5) to appear in cell C1. Very straight forward so far, however i wish the result to appear in C1 when i left click on a cell other than C1, say for example D7.

I can't use any macros for this.

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Vlookup & Addition
I have multiple ranges in a spread sheet. I am trying to write a formula that will go out to each range in succession and look for a part number, upon finding return a quantity and them move on to the next range duplicating the above process. The formula should tally the grand total of all numbers found. I have it working except that not all of my items are in all ranges. If the item that I am searching for is in all ranges my formula works but if there is one or more of the ranges that doesn't have that particular value it returns an #n/a instead of totalling those that do have it. If I use a true instead of false in my [range_lookup] I get an incorrect answer. My formula for a given cell is listed below. This is with the true argument which does not work....

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Addition Of Cells
I wanted to have the weeks of the month down one column = 52 week.

down the next column I have different amounts of money in that week.

some months have 4 weeks and other have 5. I wanted a program to say:

If you see a month "x" look at the next column and take that amount. Then on the next row you have month "x" again (week 2) go to the next column and take that amount and add it to week one. And so on until all 4/5 week are added to give on result.

Then the same for the next month...
month amount/week amount/month
05-Mar 0
12-Mar 70
19-Mar 210
26-Mar 350 1050
02-Apr 420
09-Apr 455......

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Sumproduct - Addition By Name
I need to C8 - C19 only to add up jobs won by andrew (in current orders). It needs to be month specific. what i mean by that is I need the formula to do what its doing now (adding up the jobs by and putting the totals into the according cell depending on what month they were won.

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Addition Formula
I am a new excel user. I a trying to write a certain formula but am having trouble. I want to write the formula to add a column of numbers, say H-10 through H-15. Each cell will have a number in it, but I want only to add the cells if the cell precedding it in the G-10 through G-15 Collumn is blank. For example if cells G-12 and G-14 have an "X" in them, then I do not want Cells H-12 and H-14 to be added. I only want the formula to add cells H-10,H-11,H-13, and H-15. I used just 6 cells for example, the column of cells to be added will be a lot longer.

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Addition Of The Values In The Cells

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Algorithm For Addition (operation For Each ID)
Have an excel table with following data:
- ID
- number of bottles
- number of bottle crates (there are 20 bottles in one one bottle crate)


I need to write a macro which will do this operation for each ID:

(bottles/20)-crates = x

and if "x" is not 0 then write down the value of "x".

There are two points I would like to point out:
- One ID may contain 3 or more rows (see 20168880)
- The macro will work with hundreds IDs so the algorithm should be fast (but it is not necessary)

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Multiplication/addition Function
I obviously know less about functions than I thought I did. I've got the attached spreadsheet set up except getting totals at the bottom. The production total L44, would be column A multiplied by the quantity entered in columns L and summed. Same for Total SF, square footage in column B times quantity in L and summed at the bottom. This would continue daily, needing sums under each column.

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Simple Conditional Addition Function
I imagine this is a simple conditional SUMIF function. I'd like a cell to add values in e.g. column "d" when that row meets certain criterion in column "a".

In other words, I have a column that has times recorded in minutes, and another that says a person's name which correlates with the times. I'd like a cell on another sheet to give a total sum of minutes for each person.

Ideally, part of the function would translate the minute count into hours/minutes, but I think I can figure out how to do that by changing the format in the cell...

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Function Of Addition With An Only Conditional Criterion
I behind developed to a time a function of Addition with an only conditional criterion.
I would like to extend at least for three criteria, this function I function accurately as the function SUMPRODUCT alone that done in VBA.

Function VlookupAllSum(name As String, IntervalSearches As Range, IntervalReturn As Range) As Variant ' as integer para valores até 32.767
Dim Valor, Nome
Dim lin, col As Integer
Dim Total
lin = 1
col = lin
For Each Nome In IntervalSearches
If Nome = name Then
Valor = IntervalReturn(lin, col)................

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Addition/Subtraction With Menu Selection
Included is an example of a spreadsheet I am working on. There are multiple choices within several different drop-down menu's. As of right now I have the 1st menu as the stage of completion of a car. Within the next few menu's are options.

If welded chassis is chosen, none of these options are included. However if roller or turn-key are chosen then some of these options are included. But then there are also upgrades to these parts that are included as well. Is there a way to make 1 option included when a roller is chosen, but then if you want the 2nd option in the menu, you click on it and it automatically updates the price next to it, therefore subtracting the cost of option 1 from the cost of option 2?

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Update Csa Formula With The Addition Of New Rows
I am working on a spreadsheet that matches each cell in Column B (text) with the data (text) in a constant cell; if there is a match, the data that corresponds to the data in Column B (text) will average (Column G, number) using a CSA formula, for example: =AVERAGE(IF($B$3:$B$106=A$110,$G$3:$G$106))

Now the formula above works well, only I have to update the spreadsheet, so when I add new rows the $B$3:$B$106 and $G$3:$G$106 portions are useless.

Trying to use the INDIRECT function that many people successfully use in this forum, produces a #VALUE error,


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Sumproduct, Skipping Columns, Addition
I have Names in column A, Data in Column B. Example

A1 John B1 1000 C1 5:32:05
A2 Jim B2 500 C2 5:56:55
A3 John B3 600 C3 6:45:65
A4 Bill B4 300 C3 7:21:05

In another column I have the names of all the possible people that I will need data from and next to them I will need a formula to tabulate all their totals from column B and then another formula that will skip B and total column C's total.. I have a formula that I used from awhile ago when I needed to offset the data but I can't figure out how to just take the data to the right of it and then another formula to skip column B. Here is my old formula =SUMPRODUCT(($A$1:$A$291=G14)+0,OFFSET($B$1:$B$291,1,0)+0)

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Fill InThe Blanks Addition
I have some great code that HalfAce provided a while back that I think will fit a project I am working on, but I can't see how to modify it to fit this one. I need to have it look at a location and provider and find the most "common" date. Then for that criteria fill in the lines with no dates with that "common" date. Here is the code that I need to modify for this

Sub FillInTheBlanks()
Dim LstRw As Long, _
DescRng As Range, _
AccntRng As Range, _
Desc As Range, _
Accnt As Range

LstRw = Cells(Rows.Count, "B").End(xlUp).Row
Set AccntRng = Range(Cells(2, "B"), Cells(LstRw, "B"))
Set DescRng = Range(Cells(2, "I"), Cells(LstRw, "I"))

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Calculator Formula For Addition Via Columns
I would like to know the calculator formula for addition via columns.

Eg 1. If i were to place 135 into Column A ;
12.95 into Column C ;
i would need to yield a result of 147.95

Eg 2. Place 189 into Column A ;
12.95 into Column C

i would need to yield result of 201.95 and so on. in the attachment is the sample file.

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Addition Of Values In A Single Cell
see the attached sheet. It already has some example....I need the result of the addition in the cells of column F, at the side Say column G, in the coressponding row. e.g for cell F9, I need the result in G9, and so on. For testing, step 1. Select M+R in Col "TOI", enter some value in the pop up. step 2. Again select M+R in "TOI", enter some value in the pop up. the Col F will have some additions (e.g 1+2), for which I need the result in the corresponding next column. i.e col G.

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Basic Addition, Subtraction & Multiplication
Take a single cell in column D, and multiply it by a single cell in column E, which will equal F. Take column F, and multiply it by .02 (2%), which will equal G. Take a cell in column G, and subtract it from F, which will equal I. And this all takes place in the same row. Then have it move down to the next row, and do the same thing..... so it would basically look like this.....

1 D1 E1 (D1*E1) (F1*.02) (G1-F1)

2 D2 E2 (D2*E2) (F2*.02) (G2-F2)

3 D3 E3 (D3*E3) (F3*.02) (G3-F3)

For easier reading.... in each row I want it to do the following math

And then do it for every row that I have data in (excluding the VERY first row). I am -COMPLETELY- sorry if I broke any rules, and am also sorry for the poor representation

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Addition Calculation Not Giving Correct Answer
I have a workbook with calculations for a sale less the assorted fees and at the end giving the final amount from a sale.

I have noticed that some of the rows are not giving the correct amount in them.
In other words the addition of some columns in that row are not adding up correctly. It is only off by 1 cent (either over or under), but I can't figure out why.

I have the feeling that I am going to want to kick myself when someone explains this to me (I just know that I know the answer but for the life of me I can't right now).

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Sumif Formula Needs To Split 2 Criterias Of Addition
you guys very kindly helped me with a spreadsheet a couple of months ago, but i now need to adapt it for another dept. I have completed as much as I can.

I need column C and E in the 'totals tab' to only calculate contract and upgrade sales respectively (found in 'service orders' tab). I also need Scott's and ash's individual sales to be calculated in corrisponding tabs. Most of the formulas are in place so just need them tweaked slightley.

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Array In Data Base
i have used the database from j & r solutions. i have altered it slightly to suit me. the database works fine apart from when using the find all button it will only return 4 entries. if there are more than 4 entries it returns runtime error 9.i have zipped up the code and marked where the error is shown when i debug

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Sumproduct Formula And When To Use Comma's, Double Negatives, Addition
look at my attachment and see what I am doing wrong in my formula? I have a hard time understanding the Sumproduct formula and when to use comma's, double negatives, addition, etc.

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Create Rank Base On 2 Variable
I hv following table :-

Summary Report  FGH1how urgent How ImptRank2highHigh 3midhigh 4LowHigh 5highmid 6Midmid 7Lowmid 8Highlow 9midlow 10lowlow Spreadsheet FormulasCellFormulaF1=+'Mega_Variable (#1)'!R4G1=+'Mega_Variable (#1)'!R5F2=+'Project (1) '!U63G2=+'Project (1) '!U64F3=+'Project (10)'!U63G3=+'Project (10)'!U64F4=+'Project (12)'!U63G4=+'Project (12)'!U64F5=+'Project (5)'!U63G5=+'Project (5)'!U64F6=+'Project (7)'!U63G6=+'Project (7)'!U64F7=+'Project (9)'!U63G7=+'Project (9)'!U64F8=+'Project (4)'!U63G8=+'Project (4)'!U64F9=+'Project (2)'!U63G9='Project (2)'!U64F10=+'Project (3)'!U63G10='Project (3)'!U64 Excel tables to the web >> Excel Jeanie HTML 4

I need code , when run it will fill in the ranking number :-

Summary Report  FGH1how urgent How ImptRank2highHigh13midhigh24LowHigh35highmid46Midmid57Lowmid68Highlow79midlow810lowlow9Spreadsheet FormulasCellFormulaF1=+'Mega_Variable (#1)'!R4G1=+'Mega_Variable (#1)'!R5F2=+'Project (1) '!U63G2=+'Project (1) '!U64F3=+'Project (10)'!U63G3=+'Project (10)'!U64F4=+'Project (12)'!U63G4=+'Project (12)'!U64F5=+'Project (5)'!U63G5=+'Project (5)'!U64F6=+'Project (7)'!U63G6=+'Project (7)'!U64F7=+'Project (9)'!U63G7=+'Project (9)'!U64F8=+'Project (4)'!U63G8=+'Project (4)'!U64F9=+'Project (2)'!U63G9='Project (2)'!U64F10=+'Project (3)'!U63G10='Project (3)'!U64 Excel tables to the web >> Excel Jeanie HTML 4

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Open Worksheet Base On Cell Value
I have multiple worksheets that call one userform.

Each worksheet has a specific word in cell J1 that matches a worksheet name.

How do I select a a sheet based on a cell value in J1?

Code: .....

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Time / Frame Fps Formula (base 75)
I have a formula that calculates only seconds and frames. The frame rate is 75 fps (0-74).

e.g., 49.50 is 49 seconds 50 frames. It will not parse Minutes.Seconds.Frames, e.g., 1.49.50 is 1 minute 49 seconds 50 frames.

What my existing formula does is converts the number to all frames then converts the answer back to seconds and frames.

I need this formula to include minutes in its calculation.

A copy of the spreadsheet is here: ...

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Base Multiple Charts Off One Range
I have a chart that I want to be the same across multiple worksheets. The data ranges don't move, but the data may be different. It is cumbersome to go and retype the name of the sheet every time this chart is placed.

I have tried using named ranges. My named range X is !$A$1:$A$30 so that it will refer to the active sheet. If I place this in cells on the spreadsheet, it works. If I place "=X" in the values entry for the source data of the chart, I get a formula error.

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Use Access Data Base For Project?
I am working on a spreasheet that will automatically calculate the interest rate, loan to value advance, and other parameters from user inputs.

I have found a way to get the calculations to work correctly, but I have about 50 lenders to input - all with different rates and lending guidlines with respect to loan to value advances.

I am sure that I am going about it the hard way and I have no problem going at this to get it right.

I have attached the spreasheet I've started. I've only got one lender completed thus far. So if you need help sleeping at night, go ahead and see what I've done (yes it's boring).

Edit note: I don't know if using Access would make this an easier project to tackle but it is an option (I'll just have to learn
Access if that's the case - I've never used it).

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Macro: Base Row Number On Cell Value
I have a macro that has following line


I want to dynamically change the C38 to may be C37 depending on a value in a cell i.e. F1

so if the value in cell F1 is 31 then I want this statement to look like


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Base Pivot Table Off Different Ranges
I need to read consantly changing shift time/ covered data from a Pivot Tables pivot chart and populate this data into number of shifts covered/ uncovered. This information is then put into a chart over a 24 hour period (from 0700 to 0700). I have been populating the data from the pivot chart by hand by referencing the number of shifts in the covered line and dragging it to correspond to the shift time data part. I then have to do this for the uncovered shifts. As the data in the pivot chart is constantly changing, i need to do this data ransfer 'automatically'. I have started to look at and learn VBA, but i am getting nowhere fast. I enclose a worksheet (blank) to give you an idea fo what i am trying to do.

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Conversions To & From Feet-Inch To Decimal/base 10
I often use feet and inch inputs for calulations. I prefer to input a typical feet & inch input into one cell using this format: ft-n.

example: 12ft 9in would input as 12-9

This would need to be converted into a decimal for calcualtions. Also I would like to convert from Decimal back to ft-in.

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Generate Password Base On File Name In Directory
1. In centain directory I have xls files where name of each file starts from "HR" string, eg. "HG_Control Mike.xls", ora "HR_Control Mark.xls".
2. I have a master xls file where I want to start a macro that will open each of xls "HR" files and copy selected rows to this master xls workbook (need to write this one too).

Problem is that opening of every "HR" files suposed to be protected by password. Users will be adding new xls "HR" files to the directory so I will not be able to change macro everytime new xls is added. So, I need to make a macro that will generate password base on xls "HR" file name and then I will use this password to protect this files and open them by another macro.

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Add Number Of Occurances Base On Criteria On Two Columns
How can I add the number of remarks to the number classes based on their row?

I have a TALLY SHEET which auto computes the number of occurances of each classes
and remarks…can someone help me how to add the class and remarks? In this example
you can see that CLASS A occurred 3x ,YES remarks occurred 2x and NO remarks occurred 1x for A class…

how can I add the occurances of YES and NO remarks to A class?

This should be the output…Remarks are being added according to the class they belong

ABEYESNONot Applicable

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Share Worksheet Base On User/password
I have a workbook which contains multiple worksheets of employees' information. I'm hoping to share this workbook out. Each employee only able to view and update their own worksheet and their manager, being able to view/update everything within the workbook.

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Number A Colum For Sorting As Data Base
totaly new to Excel (just using two weeks) as a database

I need to number a colum, 1 to what ever, so that I can use that colum to re-sort the data base back into original order.

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Calculate The Delivery Charges Base On The Table
what i trying to learn is that im trying to get the delivery price calculate base on the delivery area(F10) and the total qty of the items(G10).

but i've tried with Vlookup, IF, lookup, Hlookup function and i still cant manage to get the right one to put the data in the H10

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VBA- Create A Macro That Will Change 1 Of The Base Salary
Lets say I have

Base Salary
US Duties

Base Salary
Senior Advisor

Is there a way to create a macro that will change 1 of the Base Salary(s). I need one of them to be Base Salary - Admin, or Base Salary ' or something different for my vlookup.

Will this macro work for each different tab I have?

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Count The Number Of Occurance Base On Criteria
how to count the number of occurrences base on a criteria? My sample file contains a Tally Sheet and a template can i count the number of occurrences of Yes and No per class? Say for the A class, how can i count the yes or no?

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Highlight Entire Row Base On A Single Cell Value
i have it to where is highlighting a single cell i will like the macro to highlight entire row base on a single cell value.

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Save And Enumerate Base On Existing Files
I have this macro it save to specific location but if the file name exist then macro fails or wants to overwrite existing file I will like to make this macro to add a number

So It will look like this
DISCONNECTED # 11-09-09.xlsx
DISCONNECTED # 11-09-09 2.xlsx
DISCONNECTED # 11-09-09 3.xlsx
DISCONNECTED # 11-09-09 4.xlsx
DISCONNECTED # 11-09-09 5.xlsx

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Data Base UserForm - Clear ListBox
I have the existing code below. What I would like to do is clear the ListBox of all previous records found prior to the next Find All event occurring. For Example I search for "M" and it finds 3 records and these are listed in the ListBox for the user to select from, then if the user searches for "Grealy" it finds 1 record and puts it in the list but the 2nd and 3rd record from the previous Find All event still remain.

I tried using the following code


which clears the listbox but then as soon as you hit Find All following the above mention sequence you get the result as outlined.

Private Sub cmdFind_Click()
Dim strFind, FirstAddress As String 'what to find
Dim rSearch As Range 'range to search
Set rSearch = Sheet1.Range("b2", Range("b65536").End(xlUp))
strFind = Me.TxtEmpName.Value 'what to look for
Dim f As Integer

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Base Listbox Fill Range On Selection Of Another
Have 2 listboxes, the contents of the second (fmmultiselectmulti) is populated based on selection of first. Sometimes (50%) when I open the workbook I receive a "Object Required" runtime error..

Private Sub ListBox1_click()
Select Case ListBox1.Value
Case "All"
ListBox2.ListFillRange = "_Sheet2!A1:A1"
Case "A"
ListBox2.ListFillRange = "_Sheet2!B1:B18" <--- example of line that gives the 424 - Oject Required
Case "B"
ListBox2.ListFillRange = "_Sheet2!C1:C18"
End Select
End Sub

Looks as though sometimes when it runs, listbox2 is not yet initialized ?? If I go into Debug and look at ListBox2 it shows up as type "Variant/Empty" and not " ListBox/ListBox" ??!!?? Is this some type of timing/race condition on the loading of controls ? I'm out of idea's. Both listboxes are on the same worksheet (Sheet1). The ListFillRange for Listbox1 (which is a fmmultiselectsingle) is hardcoded and also references a range in _Sheet2 - no problems with this control.

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Macro Needed To Fill Down Other Cell Base On Condition
I have accounts that I need to compare to see if they exist on my system the account that has a listed date, exist on my system then if I can fill the dates in the accounts the match then I will be able to delete the other accounts that don’t have a date see attach file for more understanding.

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Sum Alternate Columns Base On Previous Column Entry
I am trying to resolve a calculation issue where I want to sum accross columns depending on an entry in the column immediately preceeding. The layout is an Attendance sheet, The columns are for the days of the Month ( 1 - 31 ) and the rows are the Months. There are 2 columns associated with Each day. The first column is for the type of Time Off ( Vacation, Sick, Personal, etc ) the column next to it records the number of Hours some one took off. The work book has a Sheet for Each Employee and a running total needs to be maintained for the amount of "off time" each employee takes by the various time off categories. I have tried setting up range names but this won't work as there will be multiple sheets. I believe the problem is the mixture of Text and Numeric data but could not resolve.

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Using IF Statement To Carry Over Grand Totals Based On Base Number
I have a number of Grand Totals that equal to Hours of Work in a day ( Based on Demand from Customer Orders)

I only have 95 ( this will be a number in a cell that I want to be able to change if needed) work hours available to me each working day.

I want each day to attempt to fill in up to 95 hours , anything more and it will push the remaining balance forward into the other cells.

IE here is what I have for the next 5 days for Totals


Under the 211 I want it to change to 95 and then carry over the balance to the cell under 120 , I then want that cell to change to 95 and carry over its balance to the next cell and so on down the line. I will always have 22 Working Days I want to work with. So the last day may or may not have a greater then 95 total.

The 95 part I want to be able to change that to whatever number I think I will have available to me and it will adjust accordingly through the line.

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Macro/Code Required For Calculations Base On Pivot Tables Sum
What I required is either a Macro or Code for formulas in column 'F' in the attached spreadsheet that correspond to the SUM of each description and divided by 37.5 e.g. in F10 the formula should be =D10/37.5 the formula should be F12 D10/37.5 and so on all the way down the Pivot table

My problem is as the amount data increases on the Data Tab the formulas in column 'F' will become out of line with the corresponding Sum of each description so I guess I need some code or formula that check every time the Pivot table is refreshed.

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Log Function In A Macro: Take Log Of Each Number (on The Base 2) And Show The Result In The Adjacent Column
I have a lots of number arranged in a column. I want to take log of each number (on the base 2) and show the result in the adjacent column. I want this to be in a macro and the results to be displayed all at a time (I dont want to drag the cursor down to get log values for number corresponding to each row).

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Add Addition If Condition To Existing Formula: Long Formula
This task joins a string together based on a number of characters per cell in the range.

I want to isolate one range, Col N, and add an IF condition to it.

There may be other issues preventing this from happening, e.g. the number of IF that exist in the complete formula. I will isolate the current cell and its requirements and then post the entire formula at the end for reference....

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Cell Show An Addition To A Time In Another Cell
In Cell C4 I have the time 8:00 AM. In Cell D4 I would like to show C4 plus 8 hours.

When I do the simple calculation of:

That doesn't work.

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Macro/function To Take Data From Source File Into Base File
I have a base excel file for summarizing some data, the problem is that the data comes from a different excel spreadsheet. What I want to do is make a function that pulls the data from another spreadsheet into my base file. It would be easy if it were just one excel sheet, but this job would require where the data is pulled from a data file which has many modified versions.

Can anyone tell me how to do this? The files with the data will be structured the exact same but with different data entered in. I just want a button so I can click the file I want the data from and have it show up on my summarizing base file.

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Inset Rows & Fill That Rows Base On Formula
dear friend in my document column "L" has some numbers & formulas.if any cell has formula base in that i need to inset rows below that formula cell & that formula need to spread on that new rows.i have 4 type of formulas.each formula has (1.5).that part is common. it 's like this...

(01.)ex- L1 cell =150*2*1.5 ,need to inset one row below this cell & after running the macro it should change like this..
L1 cell =150*1.5
L2 cell =150*1.5

(02.)ex- L1 cell =150*2*1.5+50*1.5 ,need to inset two rows below this cell & after running the macro it should change like this..
L1 cell =150*1.5
L2 cell =150*1.5
L3 cell =50*1.5

(03.)ex- L1 cell =150*2*1.5+130*3*1.5 ,need to inset four rows below this cell & after running the macro it should change like this..
L1 cell =150*1.5
L2 cell =150*1.5
L3 cell =130*1.5
L4 cell =130*1.5
L5 cell =130*1.5

(04.)ex- L1 cell =150*2*1.5+130*3*1.5+20*1.5 ,need to inset five rows below this cell & after running the macro it should change like this..

L1 cell =150*1.5
L2 cell =150*1.5
L3 cell =130*1.5
L4 cell =130*1.5
L5 cell =130*1.5
L6 cell =20*1.5

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