CPU Usage Shown On Task Manager Is 99 For Excel File?

Jan 13, 2012

Some of my excel files, which are not massive seem to crash my computer when saving or recalulating or even using some filters. The files show as not responding for a couple of mins then come back to life after completing the requested action. Often this is not a complicate task that can cause this.

When this is happening the CPU usage shown on task manager is 99 for the excel file.

This doesn't happen on any other program, I can use word and powerpoint etc with no issues. Its just excel that my computer has a problem with.

This is really frustrating as I can end up twiddling my thumbs for 5 mins unable to do anything, when I just want the file to save or re calculate. I already use manual calculation on anything file more than 500 lines to work with the situation.

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Task Manager Start / End Processes

Sep 27, 2007

code for VBA Excel that

Starts Processes

End Processes - Already got one but not that good.

View Processes

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2 Of Same Workbook Open In Task Manager

Nov 30, 2006

I am running into a problem with my code. It sounds almost exactly like a previously posted problem 2 Copies of The Same Workbook Open in Task Manager but I never saw a fix.

I am also getting two copies of a workbook in task manager. It appears when I do a Workbooks.Open filename.

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2 Copies Of The Same Workbook Open In Task Manager

Oct 3, 2006

I have had some problems closing down a workbook that I have. During a save and close.

A duplicate file appears and causes considerable time delay...sometimes even causes a windows crash. I can't find the source of the problem, but I have noticed that in the Windows Task Manager, the file is there as well, yet not visible on the screen.

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Open Text File From File Manager Vs. Within Workbook

Oct 2, 2006

I've encountered a bit of an odd one. I am opening a tab delimited file, which has been sved as an xls. When I open from file manager, it opens correctly. When I open from Excel, I have to go through 3 screen dictating how the data is set up, and the end result is that a couple of the numbers come through as text, rather than numbers.

Failing an explanation - how do you open workbooks as file system objects - currently I am opening them using

Workbooks.Open Filename:=wb.Path & "/" & ws. Range("B1").Value

If I open them by mimicking the FM, perhaps it will work OK.

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From PDF To Excel - Any Way To Automate This Task

Jun 6, 2013

I have a PDF sheet with info laid out like this:

Peter Paul Mary
Text Corporation
One two three street
Mars, New York 90000 USA
phone: (111) 555-2222
email: tellmewhy@yahoo.com

There are 10 names and addresses like this on each PDF page and the entire PDF file has 50 pages so to manually copy and paste each bit of info into separate cells on the spreadsheet's appropriate cells "Name, Company, Address, State, Phone, Email" e.t.c is too difficult.

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Close Excel Using Task Scheduler

Jun 27, 2012

I currently use task scheduler to open a a spreadsheet at 4am every morning and run a macro. This macro refreshes data pulled from an accounting software. The macro also closes the spreadsheet at a specific time. After this is complete I have task scheduler open a separate spreadsheet and runs a macro to pull the data from the first spreadsheet into a dashboard presentation of sales data.

This all works fine...what I am looking to do is make sure both instances of excel get closed. Currently, this whole process is complete around 6am and when I get to work around 7 or 8 am there are two instances of excel still open. The workbooks are closed but excel is still open. When I am in the office I can just close these instances of excel but if I am out of the office these two instances of excel stay open and mess things up for the next mornings refresh.

Is there a way to make sure both instances of excel get closed? I am using the code below to close the spreadsheets.

Sub Closeworkbook()
ActiveWorkbook.Close True
End Sub

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Excel 2007 :: Cannot Complete Task With Available Resources

Feb 3, 2011

Excel 2007

Trying to insert a row and window popped out -Large Operation. " The operation you are about to perform effects a large number of cells and may take a significant amount of time to complete. Are you sure you want to continue?" I pressed ok , then, says "Excel cannot complete thsi task with available resources. Choose less data or close other applications. "

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Cannot Access Minimized Excel Pages From Windows Task Bar

Sep 3, 2013

After minimizing my Excel form, I'm trying to re access it from the windows task bar. If I click on the Excel tab it shows me the 2 excel files I have open. I would normally just click on one of those and that sheet would be brought up, but I can't get either of them up - as soon as I click on one or other of them the window just minimizes again.

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Excel To Outlook As Delayed Email (was Task) (was Calendar)

Oct 22, 2008

This isnt your typical email request, in this case I would like to set a Calendar event for a list of users with a reminder (Series) in OutLook.

Has anyone tried this, is it possible?

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Excel 2007 :: (Cannot Complete Task With Available Resources) When Trying To Delete Rows

Jul 11, 2012

I have VBA code that attempts to delete an entire row from my worksheet:


This works fine on small data sets, but on larger data sets it gives me the error message, "Excel cannot complete this task with available resources". This happens even when I try to do the deletion manually (without VBA code). Clearly, the code itself is not the problem.

My document has about 250,000 rows and 2,500 columns. While this is big, it is significantly smaller than Excel's documented limit of 1,048,576 rows and 16,384 columns.

I am using Excel 2007. My computer has 2GB of RAM but even when I try it on a computer which has 8GB of RAM it gives me the same error. If I "ClearContents" instead of "Delete" it works fine. For my purposes, however, deletion is entirely necessary.

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Excel 2007 :: Content Shown On Worksheet Different Than Print Preview And Print?

Jul 17, 2014

Since upgrading to Windows 2007 (I was already using Excel 2007) I am having issues with the content in the cells on the worksheet not appearing the same on Print Preview and when I print. On the worksheet the cell show to be at the best fit both horizontally and vertically. When I look at the contents under print preview, the contents are squashed from the top and cut off from the left. This happens whether I have the format in Top or Central align and is even worse if I use Bottom align. It is also somewhat worse if I have thickened boarders.

I am using TrueType Fonts.

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Excel Pallet Lost Colors (hovering Displays Colors But Visual Clues Are Not Shown)

Jul 7, 2013

My pallet lost color-coding - if I hover over each little scare it displays the names for the colors and if I click on them they color the cells with the right colors, but the palette itself lost the visual display of colors except for 8 colors: black, blue, red, magenta, yellow, cyan, and white.

I use color-coding of cells a lot and I find it difficult to work without visual clues. At least the hover-support allows me to get the work done, but with difficulty.

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Save Excel File As Another File Using Current Date As Part Of File Name

Oct 10, 2011

VBA coding for automatically saving an excel file as another file using the current date as part of the file name together with "32ga" as a constant add-in. I also what this macro to run at a particular time of the day let say 00:20hrs. The excel file i want to save as is always open . It has data that changes every 24-hrs.

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IsEmpty Usage

Feb 23, 2009

This seems like it is pretty easy but for some reason it is being goofy for me.

I entered this code to check it.

IF IsEmpty(Range("A1")) Then
msgbox("Yes, It is empty")
msgbox("Not empty")

When it comes up I always get the box with "Not empty" even though I havent typed anything in the cell since I have created it. Even tried Clear Cell. Basically what it is for is to check if cell A1 is empty and if it is, it will create a Data header and if not, it will find the first empty cell and continue inputting data.

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Sumproduct The Usage Of (--) Or (-)

Apr 23, 2009

i have seen lot of formula especially sumproduct where "--" or "-" is used. i understand it is used for giving the conditions when the column has text or dates to be retrieved. But what decides two minus or single minus or no minus to be used.

If somebody can throw some light on this will be really helpful for my excel

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Usage In Application

Jun 26, 2009

done some VBScript spreadsheet reporting involving basically inserting data and some formatting.

I need some advice on what approach to take with Excel on my current project. The basic goal is to scrape project requirements off a word doc and load them into Quality Center (a test management tool from HP, henceforth referred to as QC). I have an hta/vbs process that offers the user choices gleaned from the QC API, scrapes the word doc, and creates a spreadsheet with a row for each requirement and a column for each property a "requirement" has in QC. These values are a combination of data from the word doc and values selected by the user in the preceeding hta interface.

The reason for this Excel step in the process is that all the values chosen up to this point are generic for the entire project. But there are a few properties that will be requirement specific. So all the info is collected in Excel and the user is to then go through each row and choose the "target cycle" (which I pulled off QC earlier in the process and display in Excel as a dropdown list). The "Platform Folder" and the "Module Folder".

Ok, so with that backround, here is my quandry... In the hta interface the user selected all the "Platform Folders" the project will have requirements in. These are then presented in a dropdown in the Excel, so the user can choose which of these Platform Folders this specific requirement should be loaded into. What I need to do is then have the "Module Folders" to be a dropdown that is dependant on the "Platform folder" chosen.

This is difficult enough for me, creating a dynamic dependant dropdown that will be replicated on each row. I don't know exactly how to do this but feel I can probably figure it out with all the help offered on these MVP sites.

What I can't figure out is where to do this. Should I set up the lists, formulas, and control code dynamically? Can these dependant list derive their values from comma delimited lists (like I did the non-dependent lists) or must they be in a worksheet? The only way I see to make the dependent dropdown work correctly is to have it run off a worksheet event. Can worksheet event code be applied dynamically or do I need to have a "template" type workbook containing the code in the application's folder and use that instead of creating a new workbook at exe time? I still have to write the upload into QC code, and that will probably be a macro that the user will have to install into their personal.xls. Can the dependent dropdown code be installed in the same way even though it needs to be event driven? Another aspect is getting the data for the dropdown. I can either get the lists earlier in the process when I already have a connection to QC and pass it along, or I can connect to QC from Excel and get the values dynamically. I am assuming passing them in will be more efficient.

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100% CPU Usage With Many Userforms

Nov 21, 2006

We have designed a data collection program in excel which use's userforms for the data entry and form printing. There are 20 userforms, each with a "Next" button which hides the current userform and shows the next userform. The first "next" button has a copy and paste code which copies a today() statement and paste's it in a different cell to record how long it took to complete the data entry. We are able to go through the program once, but when we try a second time it freezes and the cpu usage goes to 100% resulting in us having to End Task.

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Memory Usage ...

Dec 6, 2006

I'm using a Dell P4, 1.6Ghz, 512Mhz of memory (Win2K & Excel 2003), and it's bogging on spreadsheets that aren't that big and complicated (compared to thing's I did years ago, in the days of 386's and Win98)...

It hits the 100% CPU usage and stays there for minutes (especially when saving) on files that are only around 2M in size, yet it's not using much of the memory...

Spreadsheets large or small seem to have little effect on how much memory is being used... is Win2K allocating a fixed % of total memory for Excel to use?... can this be changed, so Excel gets to use more of the available memory?

I've been cleaning up and redesigning my spreadsheets to make them more efficient, but there seems to be a disconnect between my hardware specs and Excel's performance with files that aren't that big ~:-/

Disabling my antivirus software (Nortons) prior to saving, seems to speed it up a little, but this is not something I should be having to do...

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Name Manager Not Working

Dec 30, 2013

I defined few name in manager but that are not working. I Defined names with multiple sheets with same Column.

See the attachment : Demo.xlsx

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Export From Name Manager?

Jun 15, 2011

Looks like this question was asked in 2009 with no replies. Is there a way to export your list of table names and refers to formulas from Name Manager?

I would like to bulk manipulate some of them in a spreadsheet.

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Formula To Calculate Usage?

Apr 25, 2014

how I have the data arranged... What I need to do is for each type I need to be able to calculate usage, so I will need to make sure it is subtracting say COKE usage the week of APRIL 1ST where beginning inventory on april 1ST was 99 and on April 7th the invnentory was 72, of course the usage is 99-72/7 will give me per day but I need the formula to be able to know which date will correlate to know which inventory to subtract from... So each time I add a new inventory in the sheet it will always be able to find where the data is it needs to subtract from to get the proper usage... Of course do this without manually entering the usage each week...

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Option Button Usage

Jan 2, 2010

I have a worksheet where the user selects between two option controls, which are mutually exclusive. when they toggle an option, a user form pops up, depending on which option they selected, and askes them for a number, which is used in a calculation elsewhere in the page. The user form has a cancel button, in case they decide to back out. If they cancel, I want the option buttons to reset back to their original state.

The problem I'm having is that when I code it, if you select cancel on the user form, it causes the option to revert back to it's previous state, but that triggers the selection of the option again, which pops up the form, making a neverending loop! Is there a better way to do this? I tried it with a toggle button, with the same results.

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SQL And VBA Memory Usage And Clean Up

Feb 3, 2010

I have created an excel tool w/ A LOT of macros in it, and the tool "speaks" to the SQL server (downloads data from it and uploads it back). My big problem now is that every time I run any of the VBA code the amount of RAM that is getting allocated to Excel (2007) is increasing - I am checking it in the Task Manager. So if I work for a long time without closing down Excel - my entire RAM is getting consumed and the system slows down, and sometimes crushes.

I was wondering if there is a way in VBA to clean up memory that is used by Excel.

Do you have any hints? I am using extensively 3 things - screenupdating off; displaymessages off, and calculations off. But this speeds up Excel but doesn't reduce the memory usage.

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Erase Statement Usage

Jan 20, 2010

basically im setting a range type variable to be the a column of data from a table that is on another sheet but in the same workbook. im wondering if im supposed to get rid of certain variables i have created...especially in an instance like this, where the variable seems to be more of a reference to the actual table data.

Dim curtzeNum As Range

Set curtzeNum = Worksheets("RawData").Range("Table3[Curtze_num]")

should there be an erase statement for these at the end of the sub?

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Memory Usage Limited To 1 Gig

Jun 24, 2006

I was reading in the sticky post about the new version of Excel that is due out this year. One of the improvements listed was the increase of usable memory by Excel from 1gig to the amount of Windows memory. In reading this, am I to understand that increasing a machine's physical memory above 1gig is useless for Excel in the current version? My specific issue is I have a very involved worksheet that takes about 2.5 minutes to calculate and this will increase as more data is added, it is heavy formula laden. I was going to increase memory from 2gig to 4gig to assist in reducing the calculation time.

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Lowering Memory Usage

May 12, 2007

I am working on a spreadsheet that is very large. Opening the spreadsheet and even operating the spreadsheet with the cells off of manual calc can slow down the computer quite a bit. The spreadsheet has quite a few sheets, alot of data, very basic formatting, and alot of vlookup (as well as other) formulas.

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Use Last Cell Used In Name Range Manager

May 6, 2009

I'd like to name a range such as

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Name Manager And Conditional Formatting

Dec 25, 2013

My CF formula looks at 2 columns A and D in A there's arrival dates, in D departure dates

I have a whole calendar with this CF rule that highlights any date that falls between 2 dates with this formula:

[Code] ......

Ya, Yaa, Yb, Ybb etc are just the names of the cells that the dates are in. It works great, but because I want to use the same calendar in the same sheet multiple times, I can't use the names. And so I just removed the names from the names manager and changed the formula accordingly to the normal cell names as such:

[Code] .....

Problem is that when I remove the names (ya, yaa etc) from the names manager, the CF doesn't work anymore. The formula is not automatically updated by excel, and so I manually changed the CF formula to contain the normal cell names but this also doesn't work.

The last thing I want is to rename all the individual name-boxes to be able to use multiple calendars in my sheets.

(I want to use approx 100 calendars with CF on 1 sheet, and there are 48 name-boxes in the calendar that are used in the CF formula)

I've attached an example of the calendar for review : cf calendar.xlsx‎

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Lookup Results Using Name Manager?

Mar 14, 2014

I have a workbook that I use to calculate sales by agents. In the workbook I have the following sheets:

Monthly_Report - Where the results are return to the from end user
team_ref_sheet - Where team / manager details are added / updated
data_sheet - Where my raw data is added

On my team_ref_sheet I have created 4 columns that have been renamed using name manager as follows:


On my "Monthly_Report" sheet I have created a table where I want m data to be displayed to the front end user. The table starts in column C8.

In column D10 through to all the other rows I would like my sheet to reference to my "team_ref_sheet" and return all agent names in the range, up until it reaches a blank row.

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