Calculate Wages Based On Criteria

Jun 8, 2006

I am working on my companies tax reports for the first time. The wages for unemployement and FUTA do not calculate IF the total wages are over a certain amount.

Im trying to get the formula to see if the total wages are over $7000 then dont calculate. Ive tried several different things from the links, but still can't make it work.

total wages are $7800, so i only need to calculate it on $7000 and then not calculate it again for the next quarter.

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Calculate Difference Based On Criteria

May 5, 2013

I have a number which consist of 12 digits such as 765432123345. The first two digits denotes the year. I need to create a formula in the next column to calculate the difference in years by comparing to the current year of 2013. In this scenario, the difference will be 37. Is there a way to do this?

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Calculate Increase Based On Criteria

Jan 17, 2009

We typically give out Free Rents (usually a few months) to our tenants, which is always up on the front. And then we would charge a rent increase ($.50 per year in the example) starting 12 month after the rent free rent ends and every year (12 months) afterwards. The rent will be flat between each increase. My questions have two parts:

1. Is this something array formula can handle in one formula?

2. Since I am not an expert on array formula, what I ended up doing was to create a line for "Rent Bump Date" which is defined as the Free Rent + 13 for the 1st rent increase (meaning if you dont get free rent you would start paying increase in month 13 and every 12 months after. And I put in what the rent would be for each rent bump date. My solution is if the rent for each month (1 - 240) would be determined based on the ranges of those bumps. For example,

Month 1-15 Rent $20
16-27 20.50
28-39 21
40-51 21.5
52-63 22
64-75 23
232-243 30......................

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Calculate Percentage Based On Criteria

Jul 29, 2006

I have events in column 1,in my sheet there are about 800 events.

In col 2. each contestant has a label,blue(b),green(g) or red(r)

In column 3 I want to print the % of blue + green of the total for each event,

e.g first event in attached sheet would show 77.7% down to row 10 in col 3 etc.

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Formula To Calculate Based On Criteria

Apr 20, 2007

I have a spreadsheet that has staff id in one column and the work items number that they have done in a daily basis in another column.

The actual list is very long. I need to summarize in another column how many work items that they have completed in a daily basis.

I have attached a sample spreadsheet as an example. I would need to summarize in column H based on the staff ID. Some work items are shared by two staff but it will have to be counted as one work item completed for each staff. If work item B123466 is completed both by staff M56 and M54, then it will be counted as one for each.Currently, I am doing this manually with the filter function which is very tedious and often has mistakes. I would like to formularize this task.

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Calculate Rank Based On Criteria

May 20, 2007

I want to calculate the sales rank of the customer whose CUSTOMERID is equal to my ID? Note that sales rank is what position the salesperson is in terms of DOLLAR VALUE OF SALES.

Just a bit stuck on this. How do I calculate the rank? Is it a If statement or a Vlookup Question?

The spreadsheet can be found here: (It's too big to be uploaded to the forum hosting).

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Calculate Volume Based On Criteria

Dec 22, 2007

Need a way of getting one of 4 values in sheet 2 to perform a calculation with. The aim is to show the total volume of a given item. Because there are four data sources for the actual volume (with varying degrees of accuracy) I've incorporated all of them in one sheet but want to use the values in precedence i.e. the first figure is where I've had someone physically tell me how many fit to a pallet (cubic metre) and know that to be accurate. If the value there is 0 I want to use the next figure as certain other items were measured physically. Column three and four are from some legacy systems and therefore should only be considered if the figures are 0 in the first two columns. Rather than ramble on any more I've attached a sample sheet

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Calculate Data Based On Laid Down Criteria?

Jul 26, 2013

I am trying to create a sheet which will automatically calculate data based on laid down criteria.The criteria are as follows:

Cab Type in cell () Indica

If the value of cell () is less than or equal to 40Km then cell (B3) will be 400.

For every extra km above 40 the cell value in cell (B2) will be extra km done multiplied by 8 in cell (D2)

If the value of cell () is greater than 40 but less than or equal to 80 then cell (B3) will be 800

For every extra km above 80 the cell value in cell () will be extra km done multiplied by 12 in cell (D2)
Cab Type in cell () Indego

If the value of cell () is less than or equal to 40Km then cell (B3) will be 600.

For every extra km above 40 the cell value in cell (B2) will be extra km done multiplied by 14 in cell (D2)
If the value of cell () is greater than 40 but less than or equal to 80 then cell (B2) will be 1200

For every extra km above 80 the cell value in cell (B2) will be extra km done multiplied by 16 in cell (D2)

Ther are about 5 different types of cabs in the sheet.

Cab Type Provided
Total KM run
Basic Amount
Extra km

What I want to achieve is as under:

1. If value of cell A1 = Indica and value of cell B2 is entered as 40

Then the values of cells (C2:e2) should populate automatically as 400, 0, 400

2. If value of cell A3 = Indica and value of cell B3 is entered as 40

Then the values of cells (C3:e3) should populate automatically as 400, 40, 440

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Calculate Formula Based On Cell Criteria

Aug 30, 2006

I only want the formula to operate when there are values to calculate and then ONLY refer back to the last calculation. If there are gaps between the calculations I would like those to remain blank. Is that possible?
I have attached an example of what I am trying to do.

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Calculate Median For Multiple Non-Sequential Columns Based On Criteria

Sep 27, 2012

I have long series of data in 8 columns (B, F, J, N, R, V, Z, AD) starting at row 5 down to row 86404. I want to find the total median for each row, where a condition is met for that row. The condition is if number>10 and the number is located in row 3 for each column (i.e., B3 for column B). So, if B3, J3, R3 are all >10, then I want to find the median for all the numbers in the columns B,J,R.

I assume there is an array formula that could do this? I've tried a few solutions with no luck.

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Calculate Profit And Loss Data Based Off Lots Of Account Criteria?

Jun 15, 2014

I'm trying to design a Profit and Loss template that calculates off an accounting software data dump. I will attempt to explain the problem here but I have included a summary in the linked workbook which would be easier.


I have two problems:

The Formula: Basically, I need to calculate every cell in the Profit and Loss statement based on the below criteria: The Profit and Loss item accounts, e.g. Gross Income has 6 accounts. There is a reference table for these - so incorporate index match/vlookup? User selected data from 4 combo boxes.

I am thinking a SUMIFS formula (using the combo box values) and somehow combining a vlookup to pull the items accounts. I'm starting to think that VBA is the best method?

Tweaking: The attached workbook is a small example. The full data dump contains 60,000 rows.

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Calculate A Multi-variable Equation Based Off Of Data In A Table With Different Criteria

Jan 8, 2010

I'm trying to calculate a multi-variable equation based off of data in a table with different criteria. If you reference the attached spreadsheet I am trying to calculate cost based on weight and zone. For the data entered in cells B1 and B2 944.01 would be the cost. If you look at the table in G2:N3 you'll notice that the values in G2 and G3 are the weight limits G2 is from 0-4999 and G3 is 5000+, this should impact where the value in B1 falls. B2 should select from H1 to N1.

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Wages Calculation For A Week

Aug 1, 2012

I would like a formula to calculate wages for a week. What I have so far is broken into two formulas:

Weekday Calculation

Saturday and public hol calculation

This is at a rate of 1.5 for first 2 hours (or cell P8) and a rate of x2.0 for any remaining hours (cell P7).

This part of the formula is returning a FALSE.


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Time Sheet And Wages Calculation?

May 17, 2014

how to further formulate wages calculation.

I made a time sheet which calculates number of hours worked and so on. Now I would like it to calculate the wages as well. The problem is that there is a higher payment for nights.

- $16 per hour on regular hours
- $24 per hour from 23:00 to 07:00

How can I formulate it that I get the total payment taking into consideration nights?

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Formula For Wages In One Cell From Employee List In Another Cell

Nov 26, 2009


I am working on a costing sheet for work and I need a formula to add in employee wages.

Here is what I am trying to do.

Cell 1A - I have a drop down list of employee names
Cell 1B is where the number of hours an employee worked on the job will be entered
Cell 1C is where the employees wages will come up.
Cell 1D will be 1B*1C

What I am looking for is the formula for 1C where the wage will automatically come up when their name is selected in 1A. I guess this would be a IF command?!?!

Second question.

In order to have a drop down list (the instructions that I found anyhow) requires the list in the dropdown to be somewhere on the same sheet.

Can this be circumvented to retrieve the list from a different spreadsheet altogether? Or from a different sheet within the workbook?

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VBA Code To Calculate When Criteria Met

Nov 25, 2013

In the first tab of my workbook I have a data table. In K2 down of that tab is a list of names, in D2 is their form, in I2 is the Type (there are 3 Types which start with (R), (P) or (S), in J2 is the points score associated with the Type and in H2 is the date they received the points.

For each name in the table I need it to sum the running points totals for (R), (P) & (S) Types and when they reach the minimum points thresholds below I want it to record the earliest DATE this threshold was achieved.

School Award: (R) = 20, (P) = 40, (S) = 20
Bronze: (R) = 40, (P)=80, (S)= 40
Silver: (R)= 60, (P)=120, (S)= 60
Gold: (R)= 80, (P)=160, (S) = 80

The output should look like:

School Award

Anders Peter

Ball Jim

Carter Mark

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Calculate X Ranges With X Criteria

Dec 29, 2007

i want to do is i have an excel spreadsheet...and i have two columns in there that are called Representative and one thats called Result....The Result column has Closed, Rescheduled, and Not what i want to do, im looking for a formula that will calculate how many CLOSED are from a certain if i have 5 Closes for looking for a formula to calculate those 5 for John...but i dont know what formula nor how to use two diff. ranges with two diff. criterias....

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Calculate Sums, Multiple Criteria

Sep 2, 2007

I have a worksheet of hockey player statistics that I need to tally the Career Totals and the Totals for One Specific Team. Since each player has played a different amount of years in both their career and by team I cannot use a simple Sum formula as each player will have a different amount of rows to calculate and the rows may not be congruous.

The statistics also use text "--" to specify when a player did not play and "0" for when they did play but no statistics were registered. When the totals are calculated, I need to know whether they were registered or simply didn't play (i.e retaining the "--" in the totals instead of "0" if they did not play in those specific years). One example is listed, while the rest need filling in... attached is a partial sample of the data

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Calculate Xirr If A Column Meets A Certain Criteria

Aug 12, 2008

Is it posssible to use the xirr function with conditions. For example, an array formula that will only calculate xirr if a column meets a certain criteria or if the dates are within a range?

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Formula To Calculate Duplicate Items With Criteria

Jan 17, 2007

I have a long list of work items based on a 7 digit number. The work item is referenced by a code named DS or WU.Example as below and the work item# has duplication throughout the list.(work item # repeated)

Work Item DS/WU
1234567 DS
1234568 WU
1234569 DS
1234562 DS
1234567 WU

I need to create a formula that counts how many duplications of work items, by the number of DS or WU. Based on the above example, the formula should arrive at the results below

Work Item #of Duplication DS WU
1234567 2 1 1

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Formula To Calculate Time Between Dates And Other Criteria

Aug 7, 2007

attached is an example of a timesheet we use.
now after lengthy discussions the comany say its not 'in their interest' to use acess so i'm stuck with excel on this one.

I need to sum a column on many critiera, which i feel maybe a job for the trusty old =SUMPRODUCT. But thing is i need to sum a column based on a date range, Rate, Day.

I have manually typed in the number i think it should produce but as far as formulas go

1st off need to calcualte date range, which is situated on the top of the spreadsheet.
2nd some how tell the formula that Normal overtime is either classed as rate 1 Saturdays classed as 1.5 and sundays and bank holidays classed as 2.

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Excel 2007 :: Calculate Total Value Depending On Certain Criteria

Jan 27, 2013

I use Windows Vista and Excel 2007.

So to cut to the chase :

On my spreadsheet, I have 6 main groups of columns, each one comprising 4 columns with their own automated calculations across the range.

Group 1: Cell H5, Cell I5, Cell J5, Cell K5
Group 2: Cell L5, Cell M5, Cell N5, Cell O5
Group 3: Cell P5, Cell Q5, Cell R5, Cell S5
Group 4: Cell T5, Cell U5, Cell V5, Cell W5
Group 5: Cell X5, Cell Y5, Cell Z5, Cell AA5
Group 6: Cell AB5, Cell AC5, Cell Ad5, Cell AE5

Then I have two columns following those: Col AG, Col AI

In each one of those two columns, I am trying to sum up a total value using The IF Function.

In Cell AG5 : the sum of the values of cells K5+O5+S5+W5+AA5+AE5,

ONLY IF the values of Cells H5, L5, P5, T5,X5, AB5 is equal to AG3 (which is a symbol (wingding 3 for capital P), this occurs 3 times out of 6, sometimes twice only, and at random, so I need the sum of 3 cells (or 2) out of 6, based on the above criteria.

Same in Cell AI5: sum of the values of cells K5+O5+S5+W5+AA5+AE5

ONLY IF the values of Cells H5, L5, P5, T5,X5, AB5 is equal to AI3 (which is a symbol (wingding 3 for capital L), this again occurs 3 times out of 6, sometimes twice and again at random, so again I need the sum of 3 cells (or 2) out of 6, based on the above criteria.

Using the formula: =IF(T5=AI3,(W5),0) , I retrieved the value of cell W5 into cell AI5; and when I tried the formula :

=IF(T5=AG3,(W5),0) , in cell AG5, it returned the value 0 which is correct again, as T5 was equal to AI3 but NOT to AG3.

But I cannot work out how to add all of the three values relating to each symbol, independently in each column, as they each occur randomly.

This is the way it looks in the spreadsheet:

Cell H5 Cell I5 Cell J5 Cell K5/ Cell L5 Cell M5 Cell N5 Cell O5/
Symbol (for P) Text Text Value /Symbol (for L) Text Text Value

And so on 4 more times across.

I could of course add it all manually for each line but I would rather have a formula to do it for me as all the other calculations are automated and/or conditionally formatted.

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Calculate The Average Of A Range If It Meets A Certain Text Criteria

Feb 25, 2010

I want to calculate the average of a range...if it meets a certain text criteria.

For example, if the product is a "Course", then take the average of pages all those courses together.

ProductNumber of PagesExam316Course46Exam232Course32Exam245Course53Exam155Course246Exam118Course154Exam82Course434Exam80Average # of Pages for Courses = Average # of Pages for Exams =

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Sum Range Based On 1 Criteria Of Column & 2 Criteria Of Another

Mar 4, 2008

i m trying to use the sumproduct formula, and OR but i cannot seem to get this right! =Sumproduct(--(A1:A10="Yes"),--(OR(B1:B10="Yes",B1:B10="Mayby")),C1:C10)

I have also tried Array Formula as follows; {=SUM(IF(A1:A10="Yes",IF(OR(B1:B10="Yes",B1:B10="Mayby"),C1:C10)))}

I have also used UDF to for the sumproduct, but cannot make that work! keep giving me value message

Function Customer(Service as Range, Outcome as String, Service2 as Range, Outcome2 as String)

Customer = Sumproduct(--(Service = Outcome),--(Service2 = Outcome2), Result)

-Didnt get thru this bit to start building on the Function! keep giving me #Value!

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SUMIF To Calculate Number Of Days Between Dates In 2 Columns Meeting Criteria

May 7, 2013

I have 2 Columns of Holiday Dates (Column A is the "FROM" date; and Column B is the 'TO' date) and Column C is Peoples Names corresponding to the Holiday dates:


A1= 2 Jan 13 ; B1= 10 Jan 13 ; C1= Tom
A2= 4 May 13 ; B2= 10 Jun 13 ; C2= John
A3= 7 Jul 13 ; B3= 10 Jul 13 ; C3= Tom
A4= 3 Aug 13 ; B4= 25 Aug 13 ; C4= John
A5= 6 Dec 13 ; B5= 15 Dec 13 ; C5= John.

I am trying to figure out a formula (eg SUMIF) to calculate and summarize the number of Days Holiday based on a person's name (eg Tom's total Number of days Holiday days) based on the above column configuration of Dates and Names.

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Auto-Populating Multiple Values Based On Two Criteria Based In Comboboxes

Aug 7, 2013

I'm starting a dashboard, where on the front page I have two combo boxes on the left, and three empty fields to the right. I'd like the three fields to the right to auto-populate table-based values depending on the chosen criteria from BOTH fields (by store and month/date). I've attached a sample of what I've got so far. I've only provided three tables for this example, and I have a table with the same column/row titles for each metric and I have three different metrics I'd like to auto populate: COGs, Sales, and GM% or in the example, metric 1, metric 2, metric 3. No pattern in the table values, just wanted to populate the fields quickly. All fields are organized by store/month-date and I've set up a link to my combo boxes on a calculations tab.

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Calculate Differently Based On Value

Nov 26, 2008

I'm selling a product to clients. The first one is $20, and every subsequent one is $10. If they don't order any, I need the cell to read $0. I've been trying to get the IF function to work, and can't quite make it work correctly.

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Calculate Formulas Based On Top 20%

Jun 27, 2008

I've got a report that I churn out every month that calculates total spend, average daily spend, median, number of people etc and as well as that I have to calculate formulas based on the top 20% and bottom 80% of the data. The attached sheet shows the number of people under different business areas, and costs in descending order.

At the moment I do it manually so I filter for each business area and work out the top 20% of people in range and then work out the number of employees, mean, median and SUM of the top 20% and bottom 80%. Below I have 20 people and I take the top 20% which is 4 and then I work out the Total number of people, SUM and median of the top 20 and I do the same for the bottom 80.


TOP 20%

Employees - 4
SUM - 4,237.86
Median - 1,033.93............................

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Calculate A X Value From Given Y Value Based On Data

Dec 29, 2006

I have few x values
I have few y values corresponding to the x values.

How to calculate a x value from given y value based on the above data. I tried linear iterpolation, I am not getting good results.

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Calculate Based On Text Value

Aug 4, 2007

I want to apply 4 conditions.

Core ValueCurrent Pricenew Price
a 400
b 600
c 300
d 300

If core value = a then new price should be current *2%, if core value=b, then new price should be current price times 2.2%, if core value = c than new price should be current price times 2.5% and if core value=d, than new price should be current price times 3%?

also would i be able to do a formula if core value is either a or b, than new price should be current price times 2% and if core value is = to c or d, than new price should be current price *3%?

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