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Cell Click Event Open The Form

Is there a way that when a cell is clicked in a worksheet. that I can get a user form to open?

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Cell Click Event
How do I run code if I click on a cell in the workbook, like Cell A1 of Sheet1?

So far I just have...

Private Sub Worksheet_SelectionChange(ByVal Target As Range)


End Sub

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Click On Cell Event
1. I would like to trigger an event once i click on a cell, for example I click one click on a cell (1,1) and it run some macro.

2. When I bring my cursor to this cell, to change cursor pointer to pointer like in hyperlink.

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Copy A Cell With Duble Click Event
what im trying to do is to copy only the last 7 characters in column A:A
when i dubleclick on a cell.

if i click on a cell that has "8peu99s8a" i want it to copy only "eu99s8a" wich is the last 7 characters, and then i will past the data to another program i use.
this code will only apply for any cell in column A:A

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UserForm Initialization: Fill The Form Out Once And Click 'OK' (run The Code To Put The Form Data Into A Sheet)
I'm missing something in my UserForm initialization code. If I fill the form out once and click 'OK' (run the code to put the form data into a sheet), when I go back into the form all the old info is still there. If I then click 'Cancel' (Unload Me) and reopen the form, the old data is cleared out. What am I missing to make it clear it out the first time?

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Open An Application On Cell Click
I tried to get a application to open but can't and I beleive its possible. since in another wb notepad is called.

To see if cell C10 is clicked to open application "GD&T_Font.exe"

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Open PDF File On Cell Click
I use Excel to track all purchase orders for my company. Is there a way to just click on the purchase order number in its cell and have it find and open the purchase order .pdf file that I have saved on the server. The file name is the same as the purchase order number. I do not want to use hyperlinks because there are over 11,000 files I would have to link to. I think it would be easier for me to just select the cell and have the information in the cell be the search name.

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Open Message Box On Double Click In Cell
I am trying to make it so that when you double-click in a cell in column A, a message box opens populated with the text string in the corresponding cell (same row) in column Z. Seems to me like it should be easy enough, but despite spending the last hour searching for clues, I can't seem to figure it out.

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Double-Click Cell On Protected Sheet To Open UserForm
I have spreadsheet with client names. I'd like to build logic that will open a form with client information when a user double-clicks on the client name. But I have a couple of problems.

- First, I'd like to protect the sheet and hide the formulas. But when I protect the sheet, I get the "the cell or chart you are trying to change is protected" error when I double click the protected cell.

- If I deselect the "Select Locked Cells" options when I protect the sheet, I no longer have the ability to double-click on the cell.

how I can double click on a cell yet not allow the user to edit the cell (or see the formula)?

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Double Click Event
I am trying to write some questions on cells of Sheet1 of a workbook. Then I want to write the answers on cells of Sheet2 of the same workbook. I want the user to be able to double click the question-cell on Sheet1 and be taken to the respective answer on Sheet2.

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Copy And Round With Click Event
I use a CommandButton on a UserForm to copy the contents of 12 TextBoxes into the last row on a sheet. I am getting numbers with too many places. I tried to use Round(), but it is not working.

Here is the original With Range("A65536").End(xlUp)
For i = 1 To 12
.Offset(0, i).Value = Me.Controls("TB" & i + 4).Value
Next i
End With

This gives me all of the decimal places.

Here is my attempt to use Round():
With Range("A65536").End(xlUp)
For i = 1 To 12
.Offset(0, i).Value = Round(Me.Controls("TB" & i + 4).Value)
Next i
End With

This gives me a type mismatch error.

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Looping Within Double Click Event
I would like to create a macro in which, when the user double clicks on a cell, that cell will be shaded yellow and other cells within the Workbook containing the same value as that cell will be crossed out. I have come up with the below code, but it doesn't work correctly. Any ideas on what I have done wrong? Would also like it to not cross out the cell the user double clicked on.

Private Sub Workbook_SheetBeforeDoubleClick(ByVal Sh As Object, ByVal Target As Range, Cancel As Boolean)

Dim wk As Worksheet
Dim selectedName As String
selectedName = ActiveCell.Value

With Selection.Interior
.ColorIndex = 6
.Pattern = xlSolid
End With

For Each wk In ActiveWorkbook.Worksheets

For i = 200 To 2 Step -1
If ActiveSheet.Cells(i, 2).Value = selectedName Then
ActiveSheet.Cells(i, 2).Font.Strikethrough = True
End If
End Sub

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Command Button Click Event
I have a UserForm with 2 command buttons.

The first Command Button ( called CommandButton22 ) displays the result of some other calculation as its Caption ... this caption will therefore be changing from time to time.

I would like the second Command Button (called EnterButton ), when clicked, to send the caption from CommandButton22 to whatever cell on the active spreadsheet the user clicked into just prior to clicking on the 'EnterButton'.

I would like each time that I click on the 'EnterButton' for the Caption in CommandButton22 to be sent to the next cell down and so on and so on etc.

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VBA: Recognise Mouse Click Event?
I ask because I would like to change the value of a cell within A:A to TODAY() if the user right clicks on it - or with some keyboard combination.

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On Row Click Event Show Dropdown In The Row
I have some rows in my sheet locked and some unlocked rows. When user clicks on a unlocked row I should be able to enter some information. I am suppose to populate some dropdowns in that row for him to choose. How can this be done??

I know when a user clicks a row worksheet change event is call. I can write a function in the worksheet change event to populate values in the dropdown. I went through some articles, and they say it can be done by hiding and unhiding rows.

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Using Enter Key To Trigger Click Event
I am working with a large legacy file/program which has a lot of issues. Foremost, and unfortunately this cannot be changed, is that all of the controls were placed directly on the worksheets instead of on Userforms.

I had previously posted code from the legacy file which may have been excessively complicated. So I edited my post to this simple example. Sheet1 has one textbox and one command button. Sheet 2 is blank.

If Sheet2.Activate is commented, everything works fine. If Sheet2.Activate is executed, then Excel crashes....

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Enter Key To Trigger CommandButton Click Event
I am working with a large legacy file/program which has a lot of issues. Foremost, and unfortunately this cannot be changed, is that all of the controls were placed directly on the worksheets instead of on Userforms. The actual code from the legacy file is excessively complicated, so I created this simple example. Sheet1 has one textbox and one command button. Sheet 2 is blank. I want to be able to click the command button or use the Enter key on the command button, to trigger the Click Event. Clicking works fine. When using Enter, if Sheet2.Activate is commented, everything works fine. If Sheet2.Activate is executed, then Excel crashes.

Private Sub TextBox1_KeyDown(ByVal KeyCode As MSForms.ReturnInteger, ByVal Shift As Integer)
Dim bBackwards As Boolean
Select Case KeyCode
'Only look for tab, return, down arrow, up arrow
Case vbKeyTab, vbKeyReturn, vbKeyDown, vbKeyUp
Application. ScreenUpdating = False
'Do we need to go back to previous control
bBackwards = CBool(Shift And 1) Or (KeyCode = vbKeyUp)
If bBackwards Then TextBox1.Activate Else CommandButton1.Activate
Application.ScreenUpdating = True
End Select
End Sub
Private Sub CommandButton1_KeyDown(ByVal KeyCode As MSForms.ReturnInteger, ByVal Shift As Integer)
Dim bBackwards, bForwards As Boolean
Select Case KeyCode
Case vbKeyTab, vbKeyReturn, vbKeyDown, vbKeyUp
Application.ScreenUpdating = False...................

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Listbox Click Event Apparently Called Without Clicking
I am writing an application in Excel 2007 VBA (on Windows Vista) which presents the user with a series of 3 userforms, each containing a listbox. The user clicks on an item in the list box of the first form and then I use the listbox click event to process the answer and assemble the list items for the listbox in the second form. This sequence is repeated in the second form (user clicks item in listbox, click event processed and used to generate 3rd userform/listbox). This seemed to work fine at first but now in some cases after clicking an item in the first listbox, I am presented with the third listbox. Apparently a choice was made in the second list box and the third list box created based on that choice but I never was presented with the second userform/listbox.

I don't think it is related to the mechanics of clicking the mouse because it occurs repeatably as follows: I had a list (for listbox 2) that was 3 items long and everything was working. I added a fourth item. Now it consistently chooses the 3rd item in this list without ever presenting me the userform/listbox 2. If I remove the fourth item it presents me with userform/listbox 2 and I click on an item and everything works as intended.

The code for the second listbox callback is very short and simple:

Private Sub SecondListBox_Click()

Dim choice As String

choice = SecondListBox.Value
Unload Me
MakeThirdListBox (choice)

End Sub

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Before Double Click Event Procedure For Multiple Sheets
I have a calendar userform set as Userform1 and I would like it to pop up upon double clicking in two different ranges 'date' which is on sheet 1 and 'dates' which is on sheet 4.

So far I have this code in Thisworkbook, which works perfectly for Sheet 1, but I get the following error on Sheet 4: Run time error '1004': Methed 'intersect of object'_global' failed.

Private Sub Workbook_SheetBeforeDoubleClick(ByVal Sh As Object, ByVal Target As Range, Cancel As Boolean)
If Intersect(Target, Sheet1.Range("date")) Is Nothing Then Exit Sub
Exit Sub
If Intersect(taregt, Sheet4.Range("date2")) Is Nothing Then Exit Sub
UserForm1.Show .............................

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Before Double Click Event Of Worksheet Created By Program
My program(which is an add-in, or will be when I've finished writing it) creates a new worksheet called "Groups Summary" I would like this sheet to be locked so that the user can not modify anything on it. I would also like that if they double click a cell this will launch a userform if based on certain conditions.

I believe this code would have to go in the worksheet itself, so the question is how do I get the macro to enter code into a worksheet that it creates?

Is there a way to write it in a standard module and then automatically copy it when the worksheet is created?

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2007 - Color Palette From A Button Click Event
Need a method for launching the color palette from a Button Click event so that the palette opens, the palette may be used to set a color, then have the color palette return the Long INT color value to the calling click event routine?

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Textbox Click Stops Event Code Running
I have a textbox from the drawing toolbar. When someone changes a cell then clicks in the textbox, Worksheet_Change does not run. If they double click in the cell, that's OK I can capture that event and protect the sheet, stopping them clicking in it. But if they just start typing in the cell, I can't capture that. I have seen some API code which captures keypresses, but it is not practical to use as it loops repeatedly. I could lock the textbox and have the user do something to unlock it, but this is a last resort.

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Double Click To Bring Up Form
I'm using a little sub routine to bring up a pop up calendar when i click in a cell, everythings lovely but it annoyingly comes up when i select a clolumn or row that also contains that cell. modification to require a double click to display the calendar?

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User Form Event Calls
if you can prevent an event macro from running at will.

The problem is occuring when I have a userfrom with various controls, and the change of one control triggers an event macro that changes other controls, this then in turn triggers further control change macros.

I have tried altering the macro name to things like optionbutton1_change, select, enter etc.

The only other way around it I can think of is to introduce a binary variable, but that will mean ensuring it os always the right value and then coding an IF statement on each event macro.

Therefore, I'm thinking there must be an easier way, some kind of switch ??? Something that says ignore any event macro when the control is changed as a result of different event macro.

- I'll include a small example below just to clarify what I am talking about.

private sub optionbutton1_click()

userform1.textbox1.value = "Test Change"

end sub

private sub textbox1_change()

msgbox "Change taken place"

end sub

What I am trying to achieve is getting excel to ignore the second macro when the control is changed by another macro rather than a user entry.

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Show User Form Value With Mouse Over Event
it is possible to add a mouse over event to this Macro so that when a user runs the mouse over the bitmap picture that this macro is assigned to it would show the value in TextBox7 for the record with the specified TextBox1 Value.

For example for the below Macro it would show the Value of TextBox7 for the record that matches "103" in TextBox1

I have searched the Forum as well as a few different VBA books and can not find much on Mouse Over events

Sub crkt_id_103()
Load frmMain
frmMain.TextBox1 = "103"
End Sub

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Getting An Error Message Of Object Reuired When I Click On The Form Button
I have attached my excel database, as think I'm having a funny moment, I keep getting an error message of Object Reuired when I click on the form button to launch the Input Form, where have I gone wrong as to why the Input form will not load?

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Open With Double-click
I seem to have broken something!. Whenever I double-click to open an Excel file (.xls files are associated correctly), Excel opens, but nothing happens. That status bar says "Ready," but my workbook never appears.

If I do a File-> Open within Excel, then I am able to open the workbook. I have no idea what is going on. This occurs for all Excel files whether they contain macros or not.

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UserForm-trying To Open With A Button Click
I have a User Form that I am trying to open with a button click. I made a copy of one workbook with a new name. The Buttons and Macros were all copied as well. I modified the old Userform so that I can release Version 2 of the Userform, and now when I click on the button in Excel, I get the following error : Object doesn't support this property or method. Run-Time error '438'.

The code assigned to that button is as follows:

Sub Button121_Click()
' Button121_Click Macro
' Macro recorded 8/11/2002 by Kale Mayfield


End Sub

What am I doing wrong? HELP! Once you have the Userform populated with ComboBoxes,Textboxes, etc., is there now way of making changes to that Userform? If you make changes and rearrange the locations of the buttons and boxes and labels... does that mess up the button in Excel that opens the form to begin with?

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Open, Search, And Click Through Webpages.
i found some code on chippearson's site to use excel to open a webpage, search for keywords, and click on the links... i'm see a couple different errors waiting for the webpages to load. the errors and code is listed below...

1. method 'busy' of object 'IWebBrowser2' failed
2. remote server machine is unavailable

Sub OpenLinks()
Dim o2

Set o2 = CreateObject("internetexplorer.application")
o2.Navigate "" 'IE navigates to a webpage
o2.Visible = False 'hides IE
While o2.busy: DoEvents: Wend

Set o = o2.Document.All.tags("A")

M = o.Length: mySubmit = -1
For r = 0 To M - 1

If InStr(1, o.Item(r).innerhtml, "SD600", vbTextCompare) Then
o.Item(r).Click: Exit For
End If

End Sub

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Click-able Link To Open Another Workbook
I want to reference a cell from another workbook that is a hyperlink, but I want it to stay as a hyperlink and not text. Example would be workbook1 cell A1= workbook2 cell A5(which is a hyperlink) but in workbook1 A1 shows the text of the name of the hyperlink. I want the workbook1 cell to be exactly the same hyperlink...this way when I have multiple workbooks I just need to change the master workbook.

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Close/Open Userforms On Mouse Click
I have a menu structure in place so when a user clicks a button, it opens a Userform as a menu. The only problem i have is that if the user doesnt want to use that menu, and clicks on the spreadsheet, it doesnt dissapear.

Is there any VBA code that anyone knows that when a user clicks on the spreadsheet, or even just clicks their mouse anywhere (ie other menus at the top, spreadsheet, desktop) like a mouseout code on HTML so the menu will dissapear?

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On Click Method To Open The Find Facility
I was wondering if possible i could use an on_click method to open the find facility in excel. I know it may be easier to use the Edit, Find or Ctrl+F way.

But i have people using excel with no past experience what so ever, and i would like to make it as easy as possible....i.e a click of a button that says "Search".

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DblClick Event To Open Another UserForm
How can I use a ComboBox Dbl_Click event to open another UserForm ??? The event exists, but how it works ???

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Open Non-Excel File Using ListBox_DblClick(...) Event
I have a Listbox which brings up a list of files in 2 folders. The code works perfectly and I have no problems with it however I would like to add a further bit of functionality to the ListBox using:

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Open Another Workbook For Multiple Userform Event Use.
The use of this userform is to find a customer reference number. Im using two combobox's and a textbox.value that are populated from another workbook.

Though the way it is at the moment it opens the workbook and closes the workbook every time a new value is set to one of the combobox's.

I want to open the workbook on the useform initialize and do everthink the useform need from it. And then on the userform terminate close the workbook. Or somehink to this equlivent so this process of finding the customer referance number goes faster.

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Catch The Click Event On "Increase Indent" Command Bar Button
I want to catch the click event on "Increase Indent" commandbar button.

I have this reference-

But not able to execute properly:

Till now I have generated below
Class Module "clsCBEvents"
Public WithEvents colCBars As Office.CommandBars
Public WithEvents cmdDecreseEndent As Office.CommandBarButton

Private Sub cmdDecreseEndent_Click(ByVal Ctrl As Office.CommandBarButton, CancelDefault As Boolean)

MsgBox "Hi"

End Sub.............

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Prevent Event Code Running When Other Workbooks Open
I am having difficulties with my Worksheet_Activate() macro. It works great within workbook1 when it is only workbook1 open - but when I open another workbook2, the macro stills runs, presumably because Sheet1 of workbook1 is still activated as well as the newly activated sheet in workbook2.

Is there a way to ensure that only 1 worksheet of 1 workbook is activated at a time? Or that sheet1 of workbook1 is deactivated when workbook2 is opened/clicked on? I need my Worksheet_Deactivate macro to run to get rid of my Worksheet_Activate macro (which runs an application that resets the function of keyboards keys). Otherwise moving around workbook2 is a nightmare. When I navigate back to workbook1 while workbook2 is still open, I still want sheet1 of workbook1 to be activated and my macro to run .

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Object Defined Error When Code In Workbook Open Event
I have a macro that checks if a username is in a particular list, and if it is, it unhides certain sheets in the workbook.

The code runs fine if I just run it as a macro or off a command button, but I am trying to execute it when the workbook opens and I keep getting a 57121, Application defined or object defined error.

The code is below;

Private Sub Workbook_Open()


Dim Res1 As VbMsgBoxResult
Dim GovRng As Range

For Each GovRng In Sheets("Map").Range("GovernanceMembers")
If GovRng.Value = Application.UserName Then Goto 111
Next GovRng

Exit Sub

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Form Pop-up, When I Open An XL Workbook
I kindly would like to have a form pop-up, when I open an XL workbook.

Once, then the user clicks OK, and all sheets are shown.

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Select Row To Open Form
Am having some trouble expanding the range of this macro, I would like it to go from A5:AA5 so when someone double clicks the cell the form will open for this row.

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Worksheet Open Event: Macro Run Every Time A Sheet In A Workbook Is Accessed
Is there a way to have a macro run every time a sheet in a workbook is accessed? Something similar to the workbook open event, but for worksheets.

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User Form At Workbook Open
How to display the userform when the workbook is opened?

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Form Not Working If Other Workbooks Are Open
I've been developing a form in excel (not userforms, just the usual conditional formatting, validation and macros to show/hide rows etc). It all works fine now except one thing was noticed when a colleague was testing it. If she opens the form from the email, and she already has excel open, then the form will not work when she makes a selection from the dropdown list, which unhides the rest of the form. If she closes down all of excel and opens the form from fresh, it works fine.

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Auto Open User Form
If i have a userform: frmUpdateInfo

How do i have it auto open or at least be ready for use when going to a particular sheet in a workbook (Sheet name: "Matches")

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Use More Rows To Open User Form
Am working on a spreadsheet which has two sheets, one for the visual interface and another for the data, the data is displayed on a form, the form is opened by clicking on the cells.

Currently this is working for the top row of A5 to AA5 or 1-001 to 1-024, however when I try to include A8 to AA8 or 1-025 to 1-048 it fails.

See attached spread sheet for code
The problem parts are in;

Private Sub Worksheet_BeforeDoubleClick.......

Form (Ports)
Private Sub UserForm_Activate()

How to include A8:AA8 and more when needed?

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Open Only The User Form ... Or Close Everything
Assume that the workbook Book1.xls opens a user form named myUserForm.

I'm trying to show only the user form on the desktop when I open Book1.xls, with Book1.xls minimized on the Taskbar.

And , if the Cancel button on the form is clicked, then unload the form and close Book1.xls.

That simple!

In ThisWorkbook, I have the event:

Private Sub Workbook_Open()
ActiveWindow.WindowState = xlMinimized
End Sub
On the Form, I have the Cancel button:

Private Sub btnCancel_Click()
Unload Me
ThisWorkbook.Close True
End Sub

The above procedure shows the form, with Microsoft Excel blank window in the background, and produces a small bar at the bottom left of the screen for Book1.xls
Click the Cancel button, and both the Form and Book1.xls close, but the blank Excel window remain open !

I suppose I would not be able to edit this version of Book1.xls, but that is fine for now!

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Open Data Form When Sheet Is Selected
I have a file with various tabs One of them is called "database"

What I would like is for the "DATA"/"FORM" to automatically open when the sheet is clicked on

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MsgBox Open That States This File Is Confidential And You Click 'I Agree' Button, Or A Cancel "I Decline
Private Sub Workbook_Open()
MsgBox "Insert Text Here" , vbOKCancel
End Sub

What I would like to do is have a MsgBox open up that states this file is confidential and you click 'I Agree' button, or a cancel "I Decline"

I do not want the spreadsheet to be visible until they click on 'I Agree' button, and then if they click cancel, the Excel closes.

This is not a huge security issue, just a reminder for the Top Brass not to email out the file. This is for looks and show only

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Workbook Open Event :: If Workbook Is Already Open?
I have an Excel application in which I use the Workbook Open event to show a userform.

This works fine when Excel is not already open, but if another Excel workbook is already open, the Workbook Open event does not work.

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Click Help On This Function My "Help" Doesn't Open
Why when I click jelp on this function my "Help" doesn't open. opens only grey window....

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2002 Code V 97 Code: Add A Small Workbook Open Event Code Which Works For Me But Debugs For The Others
I use excel 2002 but some of my office are on 97, i want to add a small workbook open event code which works for me but debugs for the others?? The code is basically, go to a tab, on that tab and that range sort..

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