Change ALL CAPS To Initial Caps Only

Sep 6, 2005

Add a column next to the first name. The in that column use the formula
=Proper(A1), A1 being the cell that contains the first name. Then copy that
cell down. Do the same for Last Names. Then keep the cell values, and delete
the original set.

Should be an easier way I think (selecting the entire column and using
conditional formatting) but MS hasn't seen fit to do this yet.

John C. Harris, MPA
JCZ Consulting Services, LLC

"Robert Judge" <> wrote in message
>I have an EXCEL worksheet with columns including first name and last name,
> all capital letters:
> Column A is JOHN
> Column B is SMITH
> How can I change all the names so that, for example, JOHN becomes John and
> SMITH becomes Smith?

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Changing Text From All CAPS To Caps

Apr 20, 2009

Does anyone have a way to change columns of text entered in all caps to the initial capital letter and the rest of the text in small letters.

As in: JONES to Jones.

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Three Little Words Won't Change To All CAPS

Feb 27, 2008

I was handed an Excel Spreadsheet containing a list of names. Within the sheet there are three names (Elizabeth, Amy, and Daniel) that contain upper and lower case letters. The desire is that all names are in CAPS. However, these three names refuse to remain as CAPS when overwritten in the cell. As a note, other names can be typed in those cells and will successfully remain as typed, either U/L case or all CAPS. Another note, if the Replace feature is used, the names remain as Replaced.

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Caps To First Letter Cap..

Mar 30, 2009

I like the proper formula and find it handy, however do you know if there is a formula that would only keep the first letter in the cell at caps and reduce the rest to lower case, ie

proper(A1) = My Dog Is White
what I want is only first letter caps = My dog is white. I'va had a decent look around but can't find anything that would do this?

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Set CAPS-LOCK On And Off

Nov 21, 2009

Would like to set CAPS-LOCK On and Off using VBA. Can someone help please?

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IF Caps At 8 Arguments

Dec 22, 2008

It appears that the excel IF statement caps out at eight arguments. Is there a work around for this? I need to enter 29 arguments... Does excel have a CASE or Array function?

=IF((H3="Weight1"),"A",IF((H3="Weight2),"B",IF((H3="Weight3"),"C",IF((H3="Weight4"),"D",IF((H3="Weig ht5"),"E",IF((H3="Weight6),"F",IF((H3="Weight7"),"G",IF((H3="Weight8"),"H",""))))))))

Example-doesn't work:
=IF((H3="Weight1"),"A",IF((H3="Weight2),"B",IF((H3="Weight3"),"C",IF((H3="Weight4"),"D",IF((H3="Weig ht5"),"E",IF((H3="Weight6),"F",IF((H3="Weight7"),"G",IF((H3="Weight8"),"H",IF((H3="Weight9"),"I""")) )))))))

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Caps Lock In VBA

Nov 1, 2002

How do you programatically enable the CAPSLOCK key in VBA? I've tried:

Sendkeys "{CAPSLOCK}"

When I run this, Excel's status bar flashes "CAPS" for about 1 second then disappears. It seems to have no impact on the keyboard for case-sensitivity - which is what I'm shooting for.

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CAPS/non Cap Reverse Order

Oct 10, 2008

I have a column of cells which looks like this:
"JUMPING LAZY brown fox"

I need to put the non capitals in the front as so:
"brown fox JUMPING LAZY"

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Lower Case To CAPS

Oct 6, 2009

I have looked in conditional formatting, but do not see a way to change lower case to all caps. Is there a way to do this so that when someone types in a cell it returns all caps instead of leaving it in lower case?

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Formula To Converting First Letter To CAPS?

Apr 11, 2014

I have a column with names, where i need the 1st letters of the Names to be displayed in CAPS. If its a Single letter also, the same should be displayed in CAPS

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Format Cell To Display As All Caps?

Mar 21, 2005

Is there any way to format a cell so that text entered will always display in caps?

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Identifying Caps So It Doesn't Add To Current $

Mar 1, 2014

In the attachment 1st tab column Q I want it to show no more than the Location Cap (Column M) UNLESS the Current Hourly Rate (Column L) is higher than the Cap.

If the Current Hourly Rate (Column L) is lower than the cap but with the increase from the 2nd tab (Loc Info) makes it greater than the Location Cap (Column M) then I want it to show Location Cap. There were only a few lines that did not work right and i can't figure out why. I have attached one of the lines that were not working right.

Ultimately I want to do the same from 2015 (Column R) and 2016 (Column S) but referencing the previous year.

Attached File : Help2.xlsx‎

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Testing Caps Lock Status

Jun 9, 2009

I have the following codes to test Caps Lock whether it is on or off. Instead of showing a msgbox when the Caps Lock is on, I there another way to show comment or other object as well as windows UserForms

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Run Procedure When Pressing Caps Lock Key

Jun 20, 2009

I have a userform contains a label control .. what I want is showing that label when Caps Lock is on and hide it when Caps Lock is off.

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Case Sensitive Sorting (all Caps First, Then All Lowercase)

Sep 12, 2009

Is it possible to have this type of case sensitive sorting (first all words beginning with a capital later and then all cells beginning with a lowercase letter):


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Format Individual Cells To Type In CAPS

Jul 29, 2009

how I can format individual cells to put text in caps. I have found how to format the whole worksheet, but I only want certain cells to do it.

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Custom Date Format With Month All Caps

May 31, 2007

I am trying to get a custom date format that looks like:

I can get 30May07 with ddmmmyy but can't seem to find how to get the 3 letter month to display in caps.

Excel 2002 SP3 on WinXP

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SendKeys :: Switch On Caps & Number Lock On Opening A Document

Jan 17, 2010

I want to switch on Caps & Number lock on opening an Excel document. I'm using the following code;

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How To Format All Caps Text Into Properly Capitalized Text

Aug 8, 2014

I have a few tasks which I have been doing manually because I do not know if there is a way to accomplish these tasks automatically via some excel formulas.

My first task requires me to take an address, for example: 1234 CAMBIE STREET, and format it such that it is properly capitalized (only capital letters in the front of words) like this: 1234 Cambie Street

My second task involves taking an address, for example: 1234 1st Avenue W, and rearranging it such that the direction is in front of the street name like so: 1234 W 1st Avenue. What makes this task potentially even more complicated is that not all the addresses I am working with require the rearrangement, so I can't simply have a formula that puts the last group of characters in front of the first group of characters because that may screw up addresses that don't require this formatting.

My third task demands that 2 columns of names are combined into one column, while also simultaneously placing a "&" between the names. For example: Jonathan Parkinson | Sarah Parkinson turns into Jonathan Parkinson & Sarah Parkinson. Now I do understand how to use a simple combining formula (=a1&" & "&b1) but it isn't that simple. The columns are not all filled with names. Some pairs may have no names, whereas others may have only one name. Because of this, the formula I used as an example will result in many instances where all I see is a "&", and other instances where I see the first name, followed by an unnecessary "&".

So far, for the majority of these problems, I've been using a combination of manual data input, and the replace function, but I really do hope there is a faster and better way to go about these tasks.

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Initial Value Of A ComboBox?

Jun 3, 2009

I've created a combobox. It is assigned a certain array of Long Values based on various criteria. I want to set the value of the ComboBox to empty before the criteria are assessed. What is the initial value of a ComboBox? zero, null, or ""

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VBA Initial Array Value

Jan 21, 2007

I have declared arrays for the variables in the code segment below. There is however a problem with the way I've initialized C and F as I the compiler stops C(1) and displays the message: "Compile Error: Expected Array." For the calculation to proceed correctly, the first values of the C(i) and F(i) arrays need to be one and zero respectively.

Is there a way to initialize these variables to these values?


C(1) = 1
F(1) = 0
G(1) = Y(1)
B(i) = C(i - 1) + Q
C(i) = (1 + B(i) ^ (-1)) ^ (-1)
F(i) = 1 / (1 + B(i))
G(i) = F(i) * G(i - 1) + (1 - F(i)) * Y(i)
arrKAL1(i)= G(i)

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Get Rid Of Middle Initial

Jul 6, 2007

how can I do this?

Mike A Johnson
Tomas P. Carbone
Samuel L Jackson
Peter B. Lacrone

some have the period some dont.

im thinking I could just get rid of the periods first with a simple find/replace

so getting rid of just the middle initial ?

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Initial Cap Formula

Feb 12, 2008

I have two cells A1 and B1 both text:

I want the resulting C1 value to the A1&B1 but initial Cap


C1 would = George Smith

What formaula dow i need to put in C1 and thus be able to drag down the page to convert over 1000 rows

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Creating Space After Initial

Dec 14, 2009



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Hyperlink Initial Path

Aug 14, 2008

When inserting a hyperlink in an Excel cell, the default pathname for the new link is always the current pathname of the workbook. After navigating to a distant pathname and inserting a hyperlink, inserting the next hyperlink in the next cell starts all over again at the current path.

Is there a method of telling Excel to start looking in z:\ABC instead of the current path? This would eliminate navigating through the entire path for each link.

A macro that handles the hyperlink and puts up a navigation window or something like that would be ok.

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Check Initial Number

Jun 5, 2009

i need code to check if number is "Initial Number" (3, 7 etc.)

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Extract First Initial From A List Of Last Names?

Jan 1, 2013

I am trying to extract just the first initial from a list of last names into another column. How can I accomplish this?

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Adding Exactly 1 Month To Initial Date

Apr 29, 2009

I have a date on the top left hand corner of my excel sheet. I want to add exactly one month to that date in a vertical list (without using micros)



PS: I tried adding 30 (or a similar number like 29). It works but not if I want a large list of dates, which is what I want.

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Boolean Variable Initial State

Jul 15, 2009

Are Boolean variables ALWAYS initialised as FALSE when they are created?

I am wanting to leave a 'marker' in a function so that I know whether it is the first time it has been used or not. Something similar to this:

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Completing Footer From Initial Userform

Oct 21, 2009

We currently use Excel to make reports of data obtained in field surveys. General data is repetitive throughout report. We have a title page, general particulars (GP) page, table of contents then data table pages. Each data page has info from general particulars page. i.e project name, date, inspector etc. Right now some cells of data table pagess have formulars pointing to applicble cells on GP page.

Presently I am designing a userform to input title and GP page data. So far OK.

Question: Can I take input on userform and add to footer. Info to be added after or inserted within text already there? i.e. Surveyors Name: ?(left footer) something center and something right. What type of code needs to be added and where do I place it .

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