Charting Live Horse Racing Odds

Sep 28, 2009

I have a line graph which I use in conjunction with live horseracing odds. On the vertical axis are the odds which are sourced from a worksheet. Each horse is represented by a data series that moves along the horizontal axis. The refresh rate is determined by the user embedded in the code.

I would like to expand the length of each data change along the horizontal axis as the data can be volatile. Sometimes there are rapid changes on the vertical axis which makes it difficult to interpret. With each refresh the line data moves about 3mm. It would be much better if it were about 5mm, especially as I now use a widescreen display.

There are no values on the horizontal axis as such, only time is suppose set by Excel?

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Horse Racing / Betting Formulas

Aug 3, 2007

I've made my own spreadsheet to record my racing bets. Everything works great, however I want to expand it to become more complex.

There are 2 formulas I'm having trouble creating:

1...the formula for dead-heat finishes including the Rule 4 deductions (2,3 & 4 way dead-hets)
2...the formula for each-way bets including the Rule 4 deductions (the win part & the placed part)

I guess only people with knowledge of horse racing / betting will be able to help me on this.

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Summary Of Horse Racing Statistics

May 6, 2009

i need to do the following on the attached spreadsheet using a macro: SHEET 1. This is an example of the original data i will be working with i need

1) You will notice that the Min and Max columns are not all together, i need these to all be together. I then only want the Race course, race time, date and type, Min, Max and ratings.

2) I then want the following formula added to Column F, Max minus Min. In column G i would like the following formula Rating minus Min. And finally in Column H Rating minus Max.

3) I would the like to Highlight in Yellow the horse with the highest possible number. I want this done for each column (F,G,H) in each race i would like all Horses that dont have a yellow cell in any of the Columns (F,G,H) to be deleted, leaving me with just the highlighted horses. An example of the required final result is contained in Sheet 2 of the attached spreadsheet.

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Horse Racing Odd's Line Formula

Oct 7, 2006

I have odds line numbers on this excel sheet which is the VL column. I'd like to be able to scratch a horse, (delete a horse from the sheet) and the odds line (VL column) will update to the new value after the horses is scratched from this sheet.

Now I do this in a program that uses VBA and transports this info to Access, where then I export to Excel to this sheet.

Here's the formula I use for the odds line...

#EQUAL(#COLVAL(51),1, .00001)*((#COLVAL(53))-(#COLVAL(53)*.4))/(#COLVAL(50))+
#EQUAL(#COLVAL(51),2, .00001)*((#COLVAL(53))-(#COLVAL(53)*.25))/(#COLVAL(50))+
#EQUAL(#COLVAL(51),3, .00001)*((#COLVAL(53))-(#COLVAL(53)*.10))/(#COLVAL(50))+
#EQUAL(#COLVAL(51),4, .00001)*((#COLVAL(53))+(#COLVAL(53)*.05))/(#COLVAL(50))+
#EQUAL(#COLVAL(51),5, .00001)*((#COLVAL(53))+(#COLVAL(53)*.10))/(#COLVAL(50))+
#EQUAL(#COLVAL(51),6, .00001)*((#COLVAL(53))+(#COLVAL(53)*.25))/(#COLVAL(50))+
#EQUAL(#COLVAL(51),7, .00001)*((#COLVAL(53))+(#COLVAL(53)*.40))/(#COLVAL(50))+
#EQUAL(#COLVAL(51),8, .00001)*((#COLVAL(53))+(#COLVAL(53)))/(#COLVAL(50))+
#EQUAL(#COLVAL(51),9, .00001)*((#COLVAL(53))+(#COLVAL(53)*1.3))/(#COLVAL(50))+
#EQUAL(#COLVAL(51),10, .00001)*((#COLVAL(53))+(#COLVAL(53)*1.6))/(#COLVAL(50))+
#EQUAL(#COLVAL(51),11, .00001)*((#COLVAL(53))+(#COLVAL(53)*1.9))/(#COLVAL(50))+
#EQUAL(#COLVAL(51),12, .00001)*((#COLVAL(53))+(#COLVAL(53)*2.2))/(#COLVAL(50))+
#EQUAL(#COLVAL(51),13, .00001)*((#COLVAL(53))+(#COLVAL(53)*2.7))/(#COLVAL(50))

I added a couple of columns in the excel sheet to occomadate this formula which should work if coded into excel properly. Notice the (50), (51), (53) numbers.

(50) = TC in this excel sheet
(51) = 2V in this excel sheet
(53) = TCa in this excel sheet
VL column is where this formula updates to.

I have one other minor problem with something else, but so not to confuse, I'll mention it later.

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Counting Macro Based On 2 Criteria (Horse-racing Spreadsheet)

Jun 21, 2006

Horses have 5 running styles; early speed to late closers; denoted as 1 to 5 in column Z. I'd like to count those noted as 1 thru 3 for each race.

In column FC (the last column with data) I have a race ID # for each race on the spreadsheet, somewhere between 2500 to 5000 races in each one. They're a monthly record. The race ID # is a concatenation of columns B (Track ID), C ( Date) & D (race #). Each is unique to its race. E.G. Aqueduct, jan 1st, 2004, 2nd race is id'd as AQU379872.

Would it be possible to create a macro that would (A) count the number of horse 1s, horse 2s & horse 3s from a specific race ID & then post those numbers in columns FD thru FF & (B) then continue to the next race ID in column FC & count those horses from that race & so on thru the entire spreadsheet?

Would it be simpler if each race ID were changed to a number--race 1 down to race 2500?

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Ranking Horse Sale

Oct 8, 2007

I'm making a spreadsheet to record the results of a horse sale, and I'm trying to make a summary sheet to list various statistics such as the 10 top sellers, 10 worst sellers, etc.

Now, I know I can get the 10 top prices easily by using Large(<Range>, 1...10) in my cells but I can't figure out a way to properly determine the hip # and name. Everything works fine when there's only 1 entry at price n, but when there are multiple I run into problems.


Horse 1 sold for $5500
Horse 2 sold for $8500
Horse 3 sold for $5500
Horse 4 sold for $6000

So, my summary should show
Horse 2 $8500
Horse 4 $6000
Horse 1 $5500
Horse 3 $5500

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Sum Even And Odds Columns

Aug 17, 2012

I found a reference on that allows me to sum values located every 2 columns. My need now is to confirm how to do that for even and odd columns:


I think this is the correct formula to sum even columns.

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Ranking Racing Sheet

Nov 7, 2007

First off, can someone guide me to a better formula to E2:E14 or E21 if used later without the array? Other folks will use this workbook. Next, is there a way to do that without using columns F2 or G2. There are numbers below 0 to take into account that need ranked. The whole idea is to rank them as to whatever #'s are closest to 4.7000. I eventually want it to match the name in column- A2 to the appropriate ranking. 0.0000 is #1 and the highest abs would be #13-(1.0098) in the sheet. If anything in A2:A21 is added or removed I'd like the entire row to remain "blank".

************************************************************************>Microsoft Excel - newstart.xls___Running: xl97 : OS = Windows ME (F)ile (E)dit (V)iew (I)nsert (O)ptions (T)ools (D)ata (W)indow (H)elp (A)boutD2E2F2G2H2D3E3F3G3H3D4E4F4G4H4D5E5F5G5H5D6E6F6G6H6D7E7F7G7H7D8E8F8G8H8D9E9F9G9H9D10E10F10G10H10D11E11F11G11H11D12E12F12G12H12D13E13F13G13H13D14E14F14G14H14=
ABCDEFGHI1Name / Car #1st Pass2nd PassBest Run4.70000 Name2Bartlett 5254.65694.55594.6569-0.04310.00000.00001Moody3R. Stringer 41334.72264.58994.5899-0.11010.00010.00012S. Stringer4Norman 4894.73474.68924.6892-0.0108-0.00030.00033Powell5M. Jones 46594.73534.69934.6993-0.00070.00040.00044A. Mears6Powell 4134.73944.69974.6997-0.00030.00050.00055K. Rierson7Penner 42914.78304.99034.78300.0830-0.00070.00076M. Jones8Moody 49074.81024.70004.70000.0000-0.01080.01087Norman9A. Mears F4094.92884.70044.70040.00040.01180.01188D. David10K. Rierson 450R5.57334.70054.70050.0005-0.04310.04319Bartlett11Muse 47995.84025.70215.70211.00210.08300.083010Penner12LH Newlin 44425.84525.70985.70981.0098-0.11010.110111R. Stringer13D. David 48386.42984.71184.71180.01181.00211.002112M. Muse14S. Stringer 4229.20154.70014.70010.00011.00981.009813LH Newlin15 Sheet1
[HtmlMaker 2.42] To see the formula in the cells just click on the cells hyperlink or click the Name box

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Football Odds Calcultion

Jul 5, 2009

I am compiling odds for football matches using the last 16 match outcome data for each team. Basically I need a solution or formula that counts the number of home wins, away wins and draws for each team in the last 16. This would basically mean allowing for the latest match outcome added into and then eliminating the 17th match back so that formulas from the last 16 matches only are always calculated. I envisage having a the data in a row of of 16 columns for each eam.

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VBA To Compare Racing Times

Dec 30, 2008

I have a spreadsheet of about many rows and 5 cols shown in the attached. I show 3 races..each will have a different time to the previous race. I want to use the rsq function to compare the data for that race in col c with that in col d and produce the answer for the 1st race in each row in col e for that race..then proceed to do the same for race 2,then race 3 etc...

I need a formula in e2 I can drag down...each cell in col e should be filled with the answer for that race..I have thousands of races..

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Random Selection Based On Odds

Jan 10, 2007

Create a random selection based on odds. It would be similar to the RANDBETWEEN function, but in this case I specifically want one of the three values to be selected randomly in cell C2 based on the odds given.

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Convert Fractional Odds To Decimals

May 29, 2007

When exporting a set of historical sports results to Excel 2003 the numeric odds are converted to a date eg 7/2 changes to 07-Feb. Can this be prevented or adjusted to retain the original data.

Also if I may ask can the UK style odds be converted to a decimal style. Eg. 7/2 (UK) needs to be converted to 4.5 ( Decimal equivalent )

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Paste And Calculate Odds Data Into Excel

Aug 19, 2013

Basically all I want to do is paste some odds data in to excel and then get it to just calculate the odds for me example below

9/4 Exotic Isle, 5/2 Greenery, 5/2 Port Alfred, 6/1 Reqaaba, 12/1 Somoud

I know I can use text to columns using the deliminator to split them in cells however I just want to take the odds

So Exotic Isle would be 2.25 (9/4) Greenery would be 2.5 (5/2) and so on

I've tried using the left function basically all sorts.

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How To Pick Random Name Based On Percentage Odds

Aug 21, 2013

I would like to randomly pick a name based on percentage. In the example below Deb takes up 50% of the wheel, if you were to spin the wheel she would have the highest chance of landing on the dial. How you could make excel randomly pick a name based these odds. The list will have over 50 names and each name will be earning points throughout the year. The more points you have the higher percentage of the pie you get and the higher your odds off getting picked in the lottery.

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Charting In VBA

Aug 15, 2008

I have an existing chart and I want to update the plot utilizing data that has been calculated and stored in 2 arrays X(N,1) and M(N,1) via my VBA macro. How do I do it?

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VBA Charting Weirdness

Jul 1, 2006

I am just reusing some code that works most of the time to reset the seriescollection of specific charts. Sometimes is will just error when I try to set the .values object to my range of values. It's strange because it will work for 10 seriescollections/identicle ranges on the same chart and then error out; and sometimes it will work perfectly.

I've checked:
The chart reference object
The range I'm setting
The code I've copied from

It's all correct. Here's a short sample.

ValRng = Range("AR7:CY7")
Set usechart = ActiveSheet.ChartObjects(1)
With usechart.Chart.SeriesCollection.NewSeries
.Name = "Prime 2000"
.Values = ValRng ' (also tried it this way) "=" & ActiveSheet.Name & "!" & Range("AR7:CY7").Address
End With

The series is created fine, and the name is set properly.

On my new sheet here it won't set ANY values, which is a real problem. If anyone knows what is going on, please let me know.

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Live Data Download Through VBA

Jan 26, 2012

I wanted to know how to download live data (stock data from a a website) through VBA.

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How To Capture The Value From A Running Live Value

Jun 9, 2008

I have a cell (for example, "A1") which is inserted with a WINROS formula to retrieve some data into my spreadsheet. And it is running live at all time.

Actually, I can't think of any formulas to capture the value from cell "A1" to "B1". Because I do not want the value that I captured into cell "B1" running live. I just want the value "B1" fixed after captured.

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Consolidating Live Tables

Nov 26, 2008

I have two tables that pull data from two different SQL tables via an ODBC connection and refresh every 5 minutes. The table headers etc are all identical (it is support call information FYI) but what I want to do is display those tables as one as opposed to two seperate tables - can this be done relatively easily and hopefully without the use of VBA? (Unless anyone is willing to provide the code of course!!)

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Logging Live Data

Nov 30, 2008

I'd like to log live update data continuously,i.e. as the data in the cell changes. The problem I'm facing is that the data comes in at uneven intervals-- ranging from 30 to 50 ticks per second. So I can't really use a timer function. I need to use some function which saves the data as the cell value changes. So, for example, if cell A1 gets updated continuously, cell B1 could save the first value of A1 and then cell B2 could save the second value of cell A1-- and so forth.

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How To Get An Actual Live Clock

Nov 29, 2009

I am looking to get a Live Clock changing every minute..

Lets say I put the Total Time in the Cell A2 = 15 minutes and I have a Command Button next to it "Start"..

On the Click Event I want the Actual Time time-stamped at that moment in the Cell A3 and in Cell A4 the Time should keep on Ticking...

Can someone attach a file in Windows 2003 i.e .xls format and also explain the code if possible.

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Live Currency Rates

Dec 7, 2006

I know that Excel has a function to import currnecy rates from the MSN Money web site. But MSN Money doesn't support all currencies. I would like to build an excel sheet where a user can maintain the currency codes and the currency rate is being fetched from the internet. Does anybody have a suggestion from where I could get currency rates into Excel?

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X Y Charting With Supplemental Information

Mar 26, 2014

I have a large number of files containing thousands of X and Y coordinates. I prepared a macro which loads these X and Y data from all the files into one workbook, and it writes the file names into each row. So, in the end I get a file with this formation:

X Y filename

x1 y1 filename_1
x2 y2 filename_1
x3 y3 filename_1
xi yi filename_2
xn yn filename_m

It would be great if I could make then an XY Chart which contains the information of "filename" column too. I didn't mean labling, because in the end I'll have hundred thousands of points, so if I added labels to each point it would be impossible to see anything. I would only set that if I move the mouse to any point of the chart, it would show not only the X and Y coordinates, but the related filename too.

Is it possible to set it so in excel?

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Charting Non-numerical Data?

Dec 2, 2013

produce graphs/charts based on inequalities monitoring information - gender, nationality, age etc. I'm capturing info from several events, one sheet per event. Had a look at COUNTIF but not sure it's what I want and looks like I'd need sub-sheet for each? Capture.PNG

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Charting Information Between Two Given Dates

Nov 22, 2011

I am working on a project at work. I need to track our VIP guests. I only have their arrival and departure date.

Is there a way to graph and track the days between so that I can have a total of all arriving and In-house VIP guests on all dates in the range?

Here's a sample of the data.

10/18/201110/19/2011HOERMAN/SCOTT10/17/201110/21/2011SMITH/JOHN M

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Not Charting Line If Value Equals Zero?

Sep 4, 2012

I have a line graph which plots the PERCENT_YIELD of units built (UNITS_PASSED / UNITS_BUILT) every week. I want to fill all future week cells with a formula so dragging the formula is not a manual operation every week (my overall goal is to automate a complex spreadsheet and charts as much as possible).

The formula is =IF(Q1080,Q109/Q108,)
Where Q108 is UNITS_BUILT
Where Q109 is UNITS_PASSED

My theory is if units were built (Q108 not equal to zero), plot the ratio. If no units were built (Q108 is zero) I do not want to plot any value on the chart.

The chart plots the correct values for the True conditions; however the chart plots a zero value for the False conditions. How do I not plot a zero for a false condition?

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Named Ranges And Charting

Dec 5, 2012

I am having an issue with dynamic charting using named ranges in excel. I quite often create dynamic charts using IF and OFFSET formulas to check conditions in order to create charts of data based on user inputs.

The issue I am having is with linking multiple tables of data in a single named range. In order to make this spreadsheet easy to maintain I am trying to take 3 separate databases and link the spreadsheets through named ranges. The formula I have written is as follows:


For context this is;

=VLOOKUP(VALUE(LEFT(OFFSET("Serial number I am referencing",1,0,"Qty of rows containing data",1),6)),"Value I want to return from separate table",10,FALSE)

[The formatting of the serial number between the two sheets is slightly different but they share the first 6 digits (hence the wrapped VALUE and LEFT formulas).]

This formula is working perfectly except that it doesn't store the entire data table in a single cell, it only returns a single value. If I enter the formula into a cell and drag it down it returns all the information correctly, however if I create a named range using the formula and try to chart it only the first value returned is charted.

Any way to modify the formula to store the entire data array in the single cell value so it will chart when used as a named range?

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Charting With Dynamic Ranges

Mar 25, 2014

So I was looking for reassurance or validation more than anything. From what I can tell you can in order to build a chart that is dynamic throughout a range, you use the offset and count or counta function - 1. That part isn't a problem. My question is once you created that for your charts do you just normally plot your chart range or do you have to reference the named range directly into the chart range?

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Charting A Range Of Values

Aug 31, 2007

I have a simple sheet to record and graph my bloodpressure . The list of values is as follows:
col A is always todays date
cols B and C user input - integer
col D is a constant value 120
col E is also a constant value 80

Currently I am manually charting the range A1:Exx each day after I have added a new line for my daily readings. Whilst this works fine, I'd like to automate the charting process as currently if I select a range full of blank cells then my chart displays loads of blank values.

So I could use a Button on the graph which works out how big my cell range is ie; A1:E66 and graphs it for me or alternatively a background macro that does the same after I have entered the C col entry for each day

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Macro Charting Resources

Nov 9, 2006

i would like to find out about:The different essential building elements for different chart types (like 3DBubble requires XValue, Value, Name and BubbleSize, for example, but what about clusteredColumn and the others?)How to address the building elementsThe optional building elements (changing background color and stuff)

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