Clear Cells In Column Where 2 Cells In Same Row Are Filled

Mar 30, 2008

how do i create a formula or macro that will: Clear the contents of Cell C1 If Both Cell A1 And B1 Are Filled. I will need to check all the cells in column A,B and C.

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Count Filled Cells In One Column Based On Date In Another Column

Apr 24, 2009

I think I am working all around this in Excel 2003 and feel like I am in the neighborhood, but can't seem to quite get there. On sheet1 I have 2 columns of 100s of rows. All of the cells in column A will be filled in with a date as time goes by (1-May-09 for example). Several of them may be 1-May-09 as a matter of fact. In column B, some of the cells will have a number in them and some of them will be empty. On sheet2, I want to construct a formula that returns a count of cells in column B that have a number in them based on a specific date in column A. For example:


If I could get the formula right, it would return an answer of 1 for 1-May in the example, because only 1 of the 1-May entries in column A has a number in the adjacent cell in column B. A formula for 2-May would return an answer of 2 since only 2 of the 2-May entries in column A have numbers in the adjacent cell in column B, and so on for the month. If I understand things right, there are too many arguments for COUNTIF. It seems that SUMPRODUCT should work, but I can't make it so.

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Counting The Number Of The Remaining Cells (yet To Be Filled In) Of A Column

Aug 15, 2009

A column (A1:A60) is being progressively filled in with numbers, and occasionally some blank cells are between.

I need a formula to work out the number of the remaining cells (that are yet to be filled in) from the last entry till the last cell (A60) of the column.

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Cells In Column To Be Filled With Yellow Fill If Value Is Any Date Greater Than Or Equal To Today

Jan 17, 2013

I'd like all Cells in column AC (e.g. AC$3$:AC$517$) to be filled with yellow fill if the cell value is any date greater than or equal to today. Any past dates can be left blank (for now)


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Conditional Formatting: Cells Filled By Red Until The User Enters Text In Those Cells

Jul 18, 2006

Is there a way to set up a conditional format for several cells so that the cells are filled in with red until the user enters text in those cells??

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Prevent Save Unless All Cells Or Certain Cells Are Filled In

Dec 2, 2007

I have a spreadsheet that is emailed to someone to fill in. They then fill in some information and send it on to someone else.

Sometimes they don't fill in all the information so is it possible to have excel check that cells are filled in and to prevent someone from saving unless this is so? Or maybe a message stating that the cells need to be completed if Excel is being closed or saved?

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Clear Cells Based On Another Column (renamed For Erik)

Feb 19, 2007

if A7="in" delete contents of Q7
the contents in the a column are "in" or "out"
the contents of the Q column are all different so it will have to be cell based
i will have to apply this to the whole sheet

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Macro To Clear Certain Cells In Row If First Cells Date Is In The Past

Apr 9, 2014

I would like to run a macro that would check if the date in the first cell of row is in the past.

If yes, then it would clear contents of cell in B,C,F,I,L of the same row (PLAN + SHIFTS). Or even better it would set them to 0 (zero).

Then it would hide the entire row. Is this even possible?

Please see the example: Excel.JPG

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Clear Contents Of All Unlocked Cells (many Are Merged Cells

May 28, 2009

I am looking for a code that will clear all of my unlocked cell in sheet 1. That is not a problem but since many of the cells are merged I know it keeps throwing me an error saying cannot change contents of merged cells or something like that. Does anyone know how to get around this without unmerging the cells. I saw a code to unmerge all of the cells on a sheet but I really don't want to do this as I already have worked around most of my problems with the merged cells.

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Macro To Clear Cells With Numbers But Not Cells With Formulas

Jan 22, 2013

Macro to clear cells with numbers but no cells with formulas with in this macro:

Dim i As Long
i = Range("E3")
If i > 0 Then
' Copy range
Range(Cells(6, 10 + i), Cells(500, 17)).Copy
Range(Cells(6, 10), Cells(500, 17)).Select
' Paste special
ActiveSheet.PasteSpecial Format:=2, Link:=1, _
DisplayAsIcon:=False, IconFileName:=False
' Clear i columns on the right
Range(Cells(6, 18 - i), Cells(500, 17)).ClearContents
End If
End Sub

The range is where the cells with numbers need to be cleared but not the ones with formulas.

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VBA To Clear Contents Of Cells And Keep Some Cells Locked

Jan 25, 2010

I have written this code to clear the contents of certain cells, lock the content of others and protect the sheet again it works on sheet1 but not on sheet 7. This is suppose to happen when the Print button on my sheet is clicked.

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Duplicates With Cells That Are Filled?

Jun 5, 2014

Coding that it does the cells that have a color attached to it only and not the cells that are clear. Right now it is doing the clear cells only.

[Code] .....

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Sum Cells Filled With Colour?

Dec 31, 2013

How to sum cells filled with colour?

When I use the colorfunction it works, but I have changed the cells to have different color based on conditional formatting, and now the colorfunction isn't reading the fill color.

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Count Filled Cells

Mar 6, 2008

I have a little problem counting filled(numbers,chars, etc) cells i used |:

subtotal with filters , nothing

i used COUNTA, nothing
i used COUNTIF(range,"*"), nothing
is still counting the blanks

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How Do I Sum Up Values Only In Cells That Are Color Filled

May 1, 2008

This thing drives me crazy for the past few days. Please helpI can go to sleep.

I have several columns with numerical data. When certain criteria are met, a person manually makes some of the column fields a green fill color via the color fill button.

Let's say I have data in cells E4 to E14

Below, I have a total field (auto Sum function used to total all),

And, another row with The Colored Green totals.

How do I enter the appropriate code to total only the fields that are green?

I have found some info on verious sites but I have been unsuccesful to implement.

I attach a sample sheet, I was playing around a bit, you can ignore the fill color red, just deal with the green fields.

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Print Range When All Cells Are Filled

Feb 27, 2009

write this in VBA on the Workbook Level, "ThisWorkbook" : IF range (B20:B53, E20:E53, H20:H51) are all filled through user keypunched values--checks and coupon amounts.AND range (C20:C52, F20:F52, I20:I50) are equal to = " "

-- these ranges contain formula that spits out values only when there are discrepancies with the manually keypunched values above' otherwise it's equal to " ".THEN call batch02. batch02 is a macro that prints the specified batch.I have attached the filed I am working with. There are 25 batches, hopefully I can replicate the codes by just changing the ranges and the print macro.

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Calculate How Many Cells Are Filled With Color

Apr 16, 2009

I want to calculate how many cells are filled with color, how can

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Ensure All Required Cells Have Been Filled In

Feb 20, 2012

I'm looking for a way to ensure that users of a spreadsheet have filled in all required cells. VBA code which will prompt if a cell is blank which will activate on a button click

All cells are 'Named ranges' so hoping there's a way in which I can point to all named ranges and if they're blank display the below error message.

"Please ensure you have filled in all required fields"

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Macro To Copy Only Filled Cells

Mar 25, 2014

I want to copy only the filled cells of a column from Range N20 to N1000 and have the following code but this code copy even the blank cells. All the cells Range N20 to N1010 have formula and dependent on the value of another cell and if another cell is blank than cell in Column N is also blank.

Please suggest the changes in the following code so that only filled cells are copied.

Dim LstRw As Long, sSaveAsFilePath As String, ws As Worksheet
Application.ScreenUpdating = False
With Sheets("Sheet1")
LstRw = .Cells.Find(What:="*", SearchOrder:=xlRows, SearchDirection:=xlPrevious, LookIn:=xlValues).Row
.Range("N20:N" & LstRw).Copy
End With

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Multiple Cells Filled From One List Box

Jul 2, 2005

Here's what I want to do:

I want either a combo or list box in cell "A2" to list one of several selections full names, i.e., "Compact Disc, Cassette, etc." When you select the full name it returns it's abbreviation, i.e. "CD, CAS, etc." in the same cell "A2," and also returns it's catalog number in B2 and the label in C2.

In this example CD and CAS are obviously short for Compact Disc and Cassette, but not all the codes are that obvious, which is why I require the translation.

I have a second worksheet titled "data" with an array of data that's particular to a given selection. The list of selections run down a column while the selections data runs across the rows.

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Can Sumif Add Only Cells Whose Neighbor Is Filled

May 16, 2007

That is, if I have a range A1:B1 where some cells contain numbers and others are blank, and I want to add just the cells directly to the right of the filled ones, can SUMIF

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Detrmine Mandatory Cells Not Filled

Jan 4, 2008

I want the macro to check the rows 17 to 1000 if there is a value in column E on respective row. I have this, it works fine but I have to cupy it approx 1000times, that is for every row and then change the row 17 to 18 and 19 ...1000, There must be an easier way?

Sub Knapp174_Klicka()
On Error Resume Next
With Blad1 ' CodeName
If Not IsEmpty(. Range("E17")) Then
If WorksheetFunction. CountA(.Range("E17,J17,P17")) <> 3 Then
MsgBox "Du har inte fyllt alla celler p&aring; rad 17"
Application.Goto .Range("E17:P17")
Exit Sub
End If
End If...........................

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Logical IF Functions To Retrieve Filled Cells

Feb 28, 2009

I am working on a sheet to retrieve some cells which are not empty or equal to 0. Like..

Item A
Item B 5
Item C 10
Item D
Item E 5
Item F

I want to retrieve only the cells which have got some values in column B. Like I want to get the list as follows

Item B 5
Item C 10
Item E 5

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Logic Function To Retrieve Filled Cells

Mar 5, 2009

how to apply this function to my sheet given below. In this budget sheet, I want to create a graph which would show all the items percentage (item by item) with the values given in columns C & H only, leaving out the lines which are empty or bear 0 values.

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Populate Combobox In VBA With Only Filled Cells From A Range

Nov 2, 2013

I have a combobox on a spreadsheet it is populated on a sheet called teams :

The Format control has an input range of: Teams!$B:$B

Now this has a few thousand empty cells in the range but I would need it to only populate with the cells that are not empty.

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Macro For Exclusive Cells To Be Filled-in Before Print Out

Jun 16, 2008

Need correction in below macro as this still prints out the workbook if only Cell K13 is filled. I want this macro so that it prints only if all the cells are filled-in.

Private Sub CommandButton1_Click()
If ThisWorkbook.Worksheets("Sheet1").Range("K13,G13,F13,C13,C10").Value = "" Then MsgBox ("Please fill-in complete details") Else ActiveWorkbook.PrintOut
End Sub

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Auto Delete Cells Which Is Filled With Color

Oct 12, 2008

vba to auto delete cells which is filled with color. e.g if from c39 to d39 is filled with lavender i want a vba to delete cell c39 to h39 until all cells with lavender is deleted. If there are other threads like this please direct me.

0.00 00 0.00 00 0.00 00 0.00 00 0.00 00 0.00 00 0.00 00

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Check Non Contiguous Range To See If All Cells Are Filled

Feb 17, 2008

Is there a way to prevent a workbook from closing or being submitted until information has been entered into the following cells? B78, B80, B82, B84, B86, B88, B90, B92, B94, B96, B98, B100, B102, B104, and B106?

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Having Cells Filled Automatically When Selecting Options In Lists

Apr 20, 2009

I've been breaking my head over this and i haven't managed to make this work. The attached excel file contains a list of students that participated in exchange programs on the past. What i want this to do is that when i choose the university the student went on exchange with, that the city and country cell fill in automatiocally with their respectuve info. I have a worksheet on excel that has the university name, on the next cell the city, and on the next cell the country.

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Copy Only Filled Cells When Pasting Into Another Excel File?

Dec 27, 2012

we are working one a Huge database with two other partners. its players name for football clubs and we want to translate them to our langugae. b so one of my partners translated La liga player , and other Premierleague , and me Calcio . but players were sorted randomly . Later when we finished it we faced a huge problem . we couldnt paste all three translation in on file because when you past the cells in an excel file to another it pastes all cells together also empty once. when it paste empty once it removed the filled one too from previous excel file .

More declaration :

for example I filled cell number 1,3,5 and my partner filled 2,4,6 when we try to put 1,3,5 cells into my partner , we have to copy each sells alone and we cant copy all because it will delete , 2,4,6 cells

because its not 1,3,5 cells . we have 90000 cells

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