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Closing Notepad From Excel

In my spreadsheet, a series of macros calls an external program/application three times.

Each time the program finishes, it (and not Excel, as I formerly thought) opens a resource (*.res) file in Notepad, which of course goes into the taskbar. Since I need to run the spreadsheet seven or eight times in a row, the taskbar can get cluttered quickly.

The program opens three different instances of the same filename: iroutine.res.

Is there a way to get Excel to close these Notepad files (if it's simpler to do, it can kill all instances of Notepad) when it finishes running its routines?

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Closing Workbook When Closing Userform
I have a userform which opens when the workbook opens. Ideally Id like to have the userform open without the workbook coming up and have the workbook close when you close the userform. If thats not doable then is there a way to just close the workbook when the userform is closed?

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Notepad To Excel
I am wondering how would one go about turning a notepad file into an excel file without all the data being lumped into one cell?

for example the following notepad file is in this format:

20060102 190100;139.14;139.2;139.14;139.15;14
20060102 190200;139.19;139.19;139.16;139.18;16
20060102 190300;139.19;139.2;139.17;139.17;16
20060102 190400;139.16;139.24;139.16;139.2;22
20060102 190500;139.19;139.22;139.19;139.21;7

and I would like it in an excel file in the same format but with each group of digits seperated by a cell:

so for example my first line......

20060102 190100;139.14;139.2;139.14;139.15;14

I would like 20060102 in its own cell, followed by 190100 in its own cell, followed by
;139.14, followed by ;139.15, followed by ;14

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Export Value To Notepad Using FSO
Basically what it do is it'll extract the value in D2 and use it to saved as the .txt file name.

But I'm wondering if it's possible to write a addition code to extract the value in F2 to Part1 and G2 to Part2.

For short which means Column D is the file name but which file have 2 parts. First is store in F2 and the second part is in G2. I know it's something got to do with "ts.Write ActiveCell.Offset(, 1).Text"

Sub Export_To_TextFile()
Do While Not ActiveCell = ""
Set fso = CreateObject("Scripting.Filesystemobject")
Set ts = fso.CreateTextFile("C:Documents and SettingschanyoDesktopUpload" & ActiveCell.Value & "_Part1", True)

Set ts = fso.CreateTextFile("C:Documents and SettingschanyoDesktopUpload" & ActiveCell.Value & "_Part2", True)

ts.Write ActiveCell.Offset(, 1).Text
Set fso = Nothing
Set ts = Nothing
End Sub

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Opening Notepad And Pasting
I want copy the contents of column A then opens Notepad and pastes it?

I need this because we have dot matrix printer in work. If we printed to it from Excel it doesn't print correctly and will take ages to print, whereas if you print from Notepad it works perfectly.

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Copy And Paste From Notepad VBA
I have two macros. The first one gets a file name and worksheet name. Then it calls the second macro which opens up notepad (with the specified file name) and pastes the information in excel. The problem that occurs is when I call the second macro more then once in a row from the first macro. It runs great the first time but then problems occur as it tries to run the macro again. (Some times it just closes my excel file with prompting me to save). Calling any of the files works on an individual basis (I've tried for all three). I've erased some of the code due to privacy issues but path location is identical for all three files. Here is the code.

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Manipulate Notepad Document
I'm using the following code to copy columns of data in a worksheet of mine. The code once activated will open "notepad" and copy the columns of data in my excel worksheet. Here is the

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Open Notepad Editor
What would be a code to open notepad and paste infomation from column cells A3 to A30 when ever a command button is clicked.

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Launch Notepad Using VB Code
I looking for the VBcode of how to:

1) Launch the Windows Notepad using an Excel VB button
2) Copy the Excel sheet data (valiable range) into the Notepad
3) Get the Notepad "Save As" dialog window to save the Text file

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Open Notepad Files In VBA
What is the code to oepn notepad files?

Get error if uses code below:

Dim noteApp As Object
Set noteApp = CreateObject("notepad.Application")

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Sending A Range To Notepad
i was trying something like this...but it doesn't quite work.

can anyone point me in a direction that works better?

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Count (copy Into Notepad)
Using Excel 2003, if I sum the following numbers :


I get a result of -2.30556906899437E-10!! I have copied them into notepad, and then copied them back in to clear all formatting, but I am still getting this bizarre result? I have tried them in different spreedsheets, I have manually inputted them.

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Copying Data Into Notepad
I am trying to copy data from an excel sheet and I want to paste it into note pad and save it on c drive. Is there a way to write a macro to do that task? Basically copy the data from excel, then open notepad and paste it there, save the notepad in txt extension on the hard drive.

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Import A File From A Notepad
I am trying to import a file from a notepad to excel. I am trying to copy and paste in to excel. When I paste, all the info is in the same cell, although it looks that there is tabs between columns. Is there a way for me import those numbers into a spread sheet in different columns?......

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Copy Cells To Notepad
I want to copy data of two columns ( say col A and B ) from excel to NOTEPAD. When it is copied, the values from the two columns are appearing to be separated by a gap of seven(7) spaces in the NOTEPAD. But I want the values will appear with a single space between , when copied. How to do this? A NOTEPAD file is enclosed.

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Macro For Converting Notepad To Excel
Could someone please suggest how can i convert all the text which is not in format in a squential format.

Iam attaching an sample of it.

It would be an real help if someone does it for me.

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Convert The Notepad File Into Excel
I have a notepad file that contains data. We need to convert the notepad file into excel and then segregate the data after conversion. Segregation point would be the point where in we can find keyword “Summary”. We need to create a macro that finds the occurrence of summary keyword. Then from the beginning till that summary point cut the entire data and paste in other worksheet. Name the worksheet as “Receivables” or “Payables” or “Fee Payable” depending what type of data that summary contains.

After creating different worksheets we need to format the worksheet in specific format.
For example: I have attached the “Recon1” XL file attached. Under Recon1 – “RECEIVABLES 1” contains the as is data converted from notepad. Later we need to modify the same data using macro as specified in “RECEIVABLES 2” and then as per the format available in “RECEIVABLES 3”.

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Copy Some Cells Of Data To Notepad
need vb code for copying some set of cells to notepad file with some file name

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Export Column To Notepad And Save
I have a workbook with a bunch of live data feeds. 2 columns need to be exported to notepad as .zr0 & .zr1 files. Is there a way to copy the selected range, open & paste into notepad, then save the notepad file with a filename based on a cell reference?

I'm sure this is a fairly complicated process but I haven't had any luck in researching the topic because it seems as though the related posts on here are for people who want all kinds of wacky stuff done (ie. not saving, strictly to print, creating a shell and destroying the file... not my intention)

Just looking for some guidance on a simple macro to copy a range, paste it into notepad, save file with name based on a cell in the same column (will overwrite each time the macro is run).

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Copy A Filtered Range To Notepad
I would like to copy a column from a filtered range to notepad. The main steps of this method are these:

1.Copy the original range to a blank range(range1) as text and filter
2.Select the required rows and copy
3.paste the values to A1000 (range2) notepad and set the filename by a cell value
5.paste the range to notepad
6.delete range1 and range2

Unfortunately, I use macros and vb not so often, so I'm not expert in it.
I have found two useful code, but I don't know how can I combine them.

For step 1

Sub Copy_Filter_Range() ...

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Open Text File With Notepad
I have created a macro that auto generates SQL code based on user input from a worksheet. The SQL script is written to a text file. I would just like to visually open the text file with notepad when the macro is finished executing.

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Specify Size And Location On Screen Of Notepad Opened By VBA?
I'm using this code to open a text file. Is there a method to specify the size and location of the window that opens with the textfile?

I'm sure there may be a better method to open the textfile, so feel free to tell me how bad this code is.

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Move A List Of Data From Worksheet To Notepad
I need to do is move a list of data in an excel worksheet to Notepad. The data is 16 numbers long, but the Notepad needs to be left justified to 19 characters. I can't figure out a way to move spaces over to notepad.

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Copying The Data From Two Notepad Files To An Workbook
I'm having problem in copying the data from 2 notepad files into a single excelsheet, i have the below macro which creates two seperate excel sheets. i want to put the data from summary1 to tab1 and summary2 to Tab2....

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Export Into Multiple Notepad Files & Force UTF-8 Encoding
Export into multiple notepad files & force UTF-8 encoding .....

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Code To Download Information From Notepad And Copying Info
Everyday system generates a notepad with the information.. from the notepad i ve to copy paste the info to the excel manually.

Can a code be written where (after downloading information to the excel from the notepad) it automatically fill the information in the excel.

For your reference i ve attached both notepad and excel with dummy datas.
(how i do manually)

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Closing A Sub
Though VBA is very similar to VB6 (which is what I took a course in a few years ago) there are some things I can't figure out. One of them is ending and closing a procedure (i.e. if an "if then" statement is not met). In VB6, if I remember correctly, you would use "Me.Close". What is a similar method in VBA for taking this action?

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Error 91 When Closing
I have an error that just began occuring as I am developing a VBA application in Excel.

Whenever I close the workbook, an Error 91 occurs. The VBA editor opens and a line is highlighted within my combo box change event. It is stating that the combo box item no longer exists.

The combo box actually resides as an embedded control with a sheet.

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Closing Immediate Window
Is there any way to have a macro, that is started from the immediate window, close the immediate window when it's done. My macro closes the immediate window, but as soon as it ends, the immediate window reopens and my cursor is inside it.

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Save Changes When Closing
The following code is not working for me in the "ThisWorkbook" section:

Private Sub Workbook_BeforeSave(ByVal SaveAsUI As Boolean, Cancel As Boolean)
Cancel = True
End Sub

Anytime a change is made it still asks if I want to save changes.

What code could I assign to a CommandButton that only allows a "Save As" function?

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Closing All The Worksheets
I have a macro that once it's run, it quits the application. The problem is that once it activates, it closes all the excel worksheets. What I want to happen is that if it is the only excel workbook open I want the application to quit, but if there is another workbook open I want it to just close itself only and leave the other ones alone.

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Project Not Closing In VBE
I have a macro in a workbook (WB1) that opens another workbook (WB2). After performing several other macros through user invocation with buttons, I close WB2 with the following statement:

ActiveWorkbook.Close (False)

While the WB2 workbook closes okay, the WB2 project is still open in the VB editor. Does anybody know why this code isn't closing the project in the VBE?

The WB1 process can occur multiple times while Excel is open and each time a separate occurrence of the WB2 project is left open in VBE.

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Warning Before Closing
I recently added some code to close a file after a few minutes of inactivity. (Here's the sub code)

Sub time_out()
If Timer - LastEventTime

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Closing Worksheet Via Vba
Ok so my code below works fine except for when the user selects yes to the prompt and cancel in the save box. When that happens excel attempts to close and crashes. I want it so if the user says yes initially and then hits cancel the sub will cancel and the workbook will stay open.

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Before Closing The Workbook
I have some VBA code which opens another workbook, copies data from the first sheet in there and pastes into the current sheet before closing the workbook it got the data from. Is there any way of suppressing any messages associated with closing the other workbook? i.e. do you want to save - or possibly automatically generating a no message to the prompts?

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Workbook_open Runs On Closing
I've a problem with the below code.

Option Explicit

Private Sub Workbook_Open()
Dim x As Date
x = InputBox("Enter End Date!")
Range("B2") = x
With Application. CommandBars("File")
.Controls("Save").Enabled = False
.Controls("Save").Visible = False
.Controls("Save As...").Enabled = False
.Controls("Save As...").Visible = False
End With
With Application.CommandBars("Standard")
.Controls("Save").Enabled = False .................

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Opening One Book And Closing Another
Hi everybody, I'm doing my first excel application program and everything is going good,
but I have one problem.

I want to click on a command button in one workbook that is supposed to lead me to a specific sheet in another workbook and to close the first workbook.

I used the following ....

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Reminder When Closing A Workbook
I have 4 employees who at the end of their shifts have to email me an excel workbook. The issue is that some of them are forgetful and after placing numerous post-it notes on their monitors one particular employees just forgets.

What i want to do if possible is that when the workbook gets closed, a pop-up window shows up on their screen reminding them to send the workbook. Even better would be if their was a button that they could click that would email the workbook as an attachment in the pop-up box.

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Save Pop-up Not Appearing When Closing
Something seems to have happened to my Excel. When I make changes and close the workbook or application, the pop-up box asking "Do you want to save the changes you made to [Book1]?" no longer shows up.

So far I've tried running a macro with Application.DisplayAlerts = True, but that only seems to work while the macro is running.

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Closing Workbook & Excel
How do I SAVE and CLOSE Workbook and it's instance of Excel.

I have other instances of excel open that I do not want closed.

I thought that I had this before, but I can't find it if I did. I do keep a list of all the requests where I ask for help and it's not in this list.

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VBA Code Closing A Document
I have my VBA Code set up to open a specific file and copy paste that information into this open spreadsheet in a particular sheet.

The only problem I have is that I don't know how to close the document once its opened.

I know that I can manually close it, but I want my macro to take care of it for me.

If anybody has suggestions, they would be greatly appreciated.

Here is my code so far to help out.

Sheets("Ann Ret Data").Select
Workbooks.Open Filename:="P:InvINVpubAndrew EdgarMarket Value Projectperformance_data.xlsx"
Windows("Qtr-End Market Value Project2.xlsm").Activate

Also the file I want to close is the Performance_Data.xlsx file.

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Closing A Workbook That Is Open Via VBA
Well I seem to be having an issue in a form i created. What happens is that when the user clicks a button it saves a worksheet of workbook as its own file, problem is that it will actually open the new worksheet as a workbook when I really just want it to save without opening a new instance. Here is the code

Dim IntWirefilename As String
IntWirefilename = "International Wires Database"
Worksheets("Intwires").SaveAs FileName:="File Path" & IntWirefilename & (".xls")
Workbooks("File PathInternational Wires Database.xls").Close
I think the problem lies in the last line or it could be from the select and copy part.

I do not want it to open a new file after it saves it. Also can anyone help create a part that will bypass the overwrite existing file thing so that this file will just continuously save as the same file name rather than prompting the user constantly to Overwrite the file.

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Pop-up Message Appear When Closing Workbook
Is it possible to pop up a message when closing the workbook?

if so, could the message only popup if a certain cell is negative?

For example, This is what i would like to happen.

When workbook close is activated:
If cell A1=(-20), then pop-up "Please check your work and correct".

else, close workbook

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Prevent Closing Of Workbook By Top Right X
I need to alter the Close command on the title bar (the 'X' on the top right corner on the blue bar of excel)

Is there any way to alter the close button on the title bar to have it call a sub I created instead of actually closing excel?

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Closing Internet Explorer
I have a macro that opens a web page, copies data from the page, then paste the data into a worksheet in excel. All that works just fine. however I cannot figure out how to close the connection to the web after I copy the data

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Automatic Closing Of Workbooks
1. I am opening several Excel Workbooks and copy ( consolidate) this one into one worksheet in a separate workbook.

2. I want to close those workbooks automatically that I opened once it was copied and pasted to the Target worksheet.

3. The workbook that should remain opened should be the target workbook.

4. The codes below allowed me to open multiple workbooks at the same time and copy them to target workbook but I do not know how to close them automatically.

Sub OpenFilesOnNetworkDrive()
Dim i As Integer
Dim Filt
Dim FiltIndex
Dim Title
Title = "Select files: Hold Ctrl to select multiple files."
Filt = "Excel Files (*.xls),*.xls," & "Text Files (*.txt),*.txt," & "All Files (*.*),*.*"
FiltIndex = 1

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Closing Userform Event
How can I trigger a code, when closing a userform by clicking on the upper right red "X"?

Where can I catch this CLOSE event?

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Before Close Not Working On Closing Workbook
I am hoping someone can help. I am new to writing macros and have the following in the this workbook page. When opening the macro does exactly what I want and expect, but does not do the "before close" part. If I select the macro in editor and run it, it does just what I want, so dont understand what is going wrong. Do I have to put in some kind of prompt, or manually run this before close - preferably I would like it to just run.

secondly, I have password protected the workbook, but have to put the password in the macro, is there any way of making this invisible to anyone who then reads the macro....

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Closing Loses Macros Until Reboot?
If for any reason I completely close excel during the workday, then when I restart the application none of my macros are active. Even if I manually open the PERSONAL workbook that contains my macros. Any fixes other than restarting the computer?

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Prevent Closing Of One Workbook When Two Are Open
I'm trying to prevent a user from closing a perticular workbook.

Here is some important factors.

Workbook(A) = "LA-01-04-10" This is only one of 52 other but only one is open at a time.

Workbook(B) = "LA.xls" Always the same name and is always opened when one of the workbooks(A) above it opened.

When workbook (A) is opened it will then open another workbook (B) at that time the window is hidden workbook(B) So the user can only see workbook (A) I have a button on workbook(A) that unhides the window to show workbook(B) After the user completes his work in Workbook (B) they need to click another button that sorts the list and returns them to workbook(A) (Which also hides the window for workbook(B).

The problem is I have users that are trying to close workbook(B) instead of pressing the sort list button. So what I want is to prevent the user from closing workbook(B) by displaying a msgbox saying they need to press the button.

Ive tried several approches to this but I'm still having problems. The below script works if workbook(B) is active or shown. The message is displayed and the workbook will not close. However if the user is in workbook (A) and trys to close the message is displayed and both workbooks close like they are suppose to. But why is the message displayed?

One other note I should say is that not only does workbook(A)Open workbook (B) but it also closes it. Which may be why I'm having problems?

I have also included both workbooks so you can see all the code.

I have this code in Thisworkbook of workbook(B)

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Runtime Error When Closing The Sheet
This is a simple macro to hide the sheets if macro is disabled. But I get an error when I close the worksheet. Can anyone please help me with this. Other than that, everything seems fine. The problem is only when closing the worksheet if get an error as " run-time error '1004': Method ;visible' of object' _worksheet' failed". The code is given below.

Public bIsClosing As Boolean
Dim wsSheet As Worksheet

Sub HideAll()
Application. ScreenUpdating = False
For Each wsSheet In ThisWorkbook.Worksheets
If wsSheet.CodeName = "TABLE" Then
wsSheet.Visible = xlSheetVisible
wsSheet.Visible = xlSheetVeryHidden
End If
Next wsSheet
Application.ScreenUpdating = True
End Sub

Sub ShowAll()
bIsClosing = False
For Each wsSheet In ThisWorkbook.Worksheets
If wsSheet.CodeName <> "TABLE" Then
wsSheet.Visible = xlSheetVisible
End If
Next wsSheet
End Sub

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