Comparing Two Cells

Nov 16, 2009

Is there a way to compare two cells and return true if they are the same, false if different? There is text and numerical data. As a side note, can anybody recommend a lightweight reference so I can sit for an evening or two and at least get an idea of what excel can do?

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Comparing The Cells

Apr 6, 2009

I have two spreadsheets I would like to compare against each other, last weeks inventory (Sheet 1) and this weeks (Sheet 2). All items are listed by unit number, is there a way to have all unit numbers on Sheet 1 colored red that are not on Sheet 2 and vice versa?

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VBA: Comparing A Value To Several Different Cells

Jun 8, 2006

I need to compare a value to several cells and print the value into a new cell if and only if the value is not in any of the cells I am comparing to.

Say cells A1, A4, A8 and A12 contains different numbers. I want to compare a value, say 120, to the values of the above cells and if it is not contained in one of those cells I want to enter 120 into cell A16. If A1, A4, A8 or A12 contains the value 120 I want to leave A16 blank or write 0 to it.

Is there an easy way of doing this? Right now I am using a if-test for each of the cells I am comparing to, but this gets very messy as the number of cells increases.

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Comparing Two Cells With Another

Mar 16, 2007

how to compare two cells (say, today's date with the date an order was supposed to be sent out), with a third cell that either has a tick in it, or nothing. If there's an easier way to do this other than VB code, I haven't found it. I tried conditonal formatting but it wouldn't let me have a condition in which it just checked the third cell, it needed to compare it with the selected one.

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Comparing Multiple Cells

Feb 11, 2009

I have two excel files. The data is arranged by column. I want to take 3 or more cells (from three different columns) from a particular row and match them up with three cells (in 3 different columns but in the same row). The three cells should be in the same row. However the matching row may appear in a different order in each of the two lists. When Excel finds a match, I want it to return true. How can I go about doing something like this?

I have attached a file explaining what I mean. I am trying to match the three cells in list one with three cells in one of the rows in list 2. However the number of cells in each list is different and there are some cells in list 2 which are not in list 1 and vice versa. There may also be extra columns, which I have not included for the sake of simplicity.

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Comparing Sheets (cells)

Apr 6, 2009

If u dont mind can i have example xls file please.

i hope u guys will help me to improve my knowledge by uploading attachments ...

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Comparing 2 Cells To Return A Value

Nov 17, 2009

I have column a,b,c. b and c both contain numbers. if cell c1 equal b1 then i want "new" to be displayed in a1. If it does not equal then i want "old". but if c1 is blank then i want a1 to remain blank.

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Comparing The Same Cells In Two Worksheets

Aug 22, 2008

I would like to make a macro which compares the content of the same cells in two worksheets which are in the same workbook.

More clearer I have a workbook with two sheets (Sheet1 and Sheet2). What I would like the macro to do is to check cell A1 in Sheet1 and compare it to cell A1 in Sheet2 and so on till the last cell (IV65536). If there is a differnce between the two cells, then it should highlight the background of the cell in Sheet1.

I know that there has been similar requests on this forum (I searched and read them) but thew were different.

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Comparing Certain Numbers In Two Different Cells

Nov 7, 2008

I was wondering if someone can at least point me in the right direction with respect to comparing two numbers within a value in two different cells. For example:

If one cell has the value "AB123456"
And the cell below it has a value of "AB124658"

I want to be able to determine the difference (with VBA code) between both cells by just looking at the fourth and fifth characters ("23" and "24", respectively) in each cell value.

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Comparing Text In Cells..?

Jan 26, 2005

I have a spreadsheet that has long text sentences in each cell. I have a 2nd spreadsheet which is a slightly updated version of the first spreadsheet. The slight updates consisted of editing the odd word here or there out of the first spreadsheet.

Unfortunately, I didn't keep track of the changes I made, and I need to know what they are.

It's easy to tell if a change has been made, simply by comparing the cells. But I can't find an easy way to find out exactly what change was made. Comparing the cells a line at a time is very time consuming.

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MACRO Comparing Cells ...

Dec 21, 2006

I have a Workbook with two Sheets MAIN and STATS

Col A in both sheets contain text values (names)

I need a macro which will:-

Look at each name in Col A MAIN sheet.

See if there is a match in Col A of STATS sheet.

If there is a match then enter "YES" in Col E

e.g Smith Eddie is is in the Cell A20 MAIN sheet, Smith Eddie is in Cell A55 STATS sheet, so Enter "YES" in Cell E55 STATS sheet.

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Comparing Two Cells With Dates In VBA

Dec 12, 2009

I have trouble trying to get the right sintax of comparing two dates locates in two different sheets.

Sheet 1, cell A1 = 12/11/2009
Sheet 2, cell B1 = 12/11/2009

If I need to do something based on condition that Sheet1 date = sheet 2 date, how will the code be written? I have

If Sheets("Sheet1").range("A1") = Sheets("Sheet2").range("B1") Then
**** my code here

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Comparing Cells And Return Number?

Apr 23, 2013

Thing is, I have an excel sheet for a private competition in sports games. How can I do a function, that automatically calcutes points for every "bet" against the game result?

For example:

If game finishes 4-3 I'd like to compare it for every players guessed score and give points according to this:

1. If the bet is completely correct (4-3) -> Return 10 (points). In case of tie (like 3-3, -> Return 20 (points)
2. If the bet has a correct winner, with correct goals for eather team (4-x / x-3) -> Return 4 (points)
3. If the bet has a correct winner (home/visitor) -> Return 3 (points)
4. If the bet has incorrect winner but amount of goals for eather team correct -> Return 1 (point)
5. If the bet is completely wrong -> Return 0 (points)

At least for me, this sounds more like rocket science but just wanted to check if this is anyway doable.

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Comparing Text If Some Cells Can Be Empty

Aug 13, 2009

I need to compare some cells, but sometimes one or two cells can be empty (but sometimes none of them)

e.g. A1 = January
B1 =
C1 = January
D1 = January
E1 =

and I need to compare this cells A1:E1 and if text in not empty cells is the same then write TRUE to F1 and if not write FALSE.

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Comparing List Of Cells To Each Other Using Macros

Jan 28, 2010

I have a list of authors for about 20 papers. These Papers are listed in sequential order from 1999 to 2005.

I want to track the number of similar authors from paper to paper. Thus I am attempting to create a macros that has the Papers listed sequentially when they were published and the authors for each paper, with the authors name in each cell. I want to create a macros that will compare the Author Cells associated to lets say the Fifth Paper with the Author Cells for the Fourth Paper (the Previous Paper). So that if certain authors come up in the Fifth Paper that were in the Fourth Paper, the # will be noted.

I also want this macros to compare all the Author Cells that have appeared in the past with that of the author cells of the (N) paper excluding the (N-1) Paper, and just note the # of occurences. So using the previous example. If we are talking about the Fifth Paper, it will look through Papers #1-#3 for any matching keywords and note the number.

I have attached my spreadsheet to make it more clearer. For some papers there are more than 20 authors as well just to note.

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Comparing Multiple Cells To The Same Array?

Feb 26, 2014

I am trying to find compare the value in one cell with an array of cells. My problem is when I try to carry the formula down to the next line - my array changes as well. For example:



So, if Before is Column A and After is Column G, the formula I have right now is =INDEX(A2:A3349,MATCH(G2,A2:A3349,0)). When I try carry the formula down to G3, G4 and so on, the array changes as well.

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Sorting Rows By Comparing Cells ...

Mar 13, 2007

the system works by whoever has the most points wins.. i already have my formulas and everything done..

i want the excel program to move the entire row, if possible, by whoever has the most points to the top..

(i.e If ryan d. has the most points he will be is vince v.'s spot)

can this be done automatically in excel or do i have to do it by hand?

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Comparing 3 Cells As Equal Or Unequal

Mar 27, 2007

Columns E and F can have a 1 or a Zero
If e2, d3, e4 = all 0's or all 1's, count = 3 in col F
If either e2, d3 or e4 is not equal the count is 2 in F


0 3
0 1 2
1 1 2
1 1 3

Also, why would this formula work with numbers but not letters?


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Comparing Cells In A Range To A List

May 25, 2006

let's say there's a range of cells A3:C10. Some of the cells will have a number in them. I want to compare the numbers in that range to a fixed list of numbers, let's say 1-10. After comparing the numbers in the range with the numbers in the fixed list I want excel to list the numbers that don't match. In other words if the range contains 3,7,8,9, I would want to return 1,2,4,5,6,10 as the answer either in one cell or a group of cells. I know this can be done, just can't do it in an elegant way. I would have to use a lot of steps when I'm sure there's a few simple lines of code.

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Comparing Two Cells Of Data To Produce A Comment

Sep 10, 2009

is it possible to compare two sets of data (can be numerica or alpha) and produce a different outcome comments.

Attached workbook might explain better.

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Comparing Adjoining Cells- Conditional Formatting

Sep 18, 2009

I would like to compare each cell in a spreadsheet to the cell on its right.

If the numeric value of a cell is less than the numeric value of cell on its right, I would like to highlight the cell on the right light red.

Maybe a better way of putting that is if the value of a cell is greater than the cell on its left, highlight it light red (The problem I foresee with this formulation is in the first row where there are no cells to the left).

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Comparing 2 Colums And Extracting Unique Cells

Oct 19, 2009

Could ye have a look at this sheet. I need to extract the cells that are in ColumnB but not in ColumnA.

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Comparing Cells With Reference Source And Skip Blanks

Jun 25, 2014

I need to compare cell value with information from main source cell.

And I need it to skip blank, return "-" if "-" was entered.

I attached example file for your reference.

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Comparing Values And Returning Info From Separate Cells

Sep 18, 2013

If I am working from cell (D16), I am looking for a formula to compare the value in 2 different cells (D8 and D12) to a value in a third cell (D14) and the one with the closest value without going over returns a seperate value from either (D7 or D11), But if both D8 and D12 are above the value of (D14) then the closest value would be the answer and return the answer from (D7 or D11).

Example: D7=Bob and D8=25
D11=John and D12= 40
D14= 45
D16 (answer cell) =John
D7=Bob and D8=46
D11=John and D12=48
D16 (answer cell) =Bob

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Comparing Multiple Cells Against A User Defined Entry

Dec 3, 2008

I need of a formula that will look through a list of text strings, spread out through two columns) and compare each one to a user defined entry. When it finds a match against this entry I would then need it to compare another set of text strings on the same row as the entry that it previously matched against.

If it was to find a match on only the original text string it would need to return a true result and if it matched on the original text string and also one of the other text strings on the same rowit would need to return a false result.

I currently have a formula to compare all text strings against the user defined entry and if it is contained in the first 2 columns it returns a true result and if it is contained in both ranges of text strings it returns a false result but i need it to apply the rules per row.

Below is the formula that I am currently using if this helps as a starting point. If you need a subset of the data I can supply this.

Current formula:

=IF(SUM(IF('HBO Frequency Projections.xls'!NOT_HOMEBASED"",IF(ISNUMBER(SEARCH('HBO Frequency Projections.xls'!NOT_HOMEBASED,C5)),1)))>0,"NOT HBO",IF(SUM(IF('HBO Frequency Projections.xls'!HOMEBASED"",IF(ISNUMBER(SEARCH('HBO Frequency Projections.xls'!HOMEBASED,C5)),1)))>0,"HBO","NOT HBO"))

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Comparing Text Values In Two Cells And Adding 1 To Result Column

Apr 14, 2013

I have an excel file with some data in it. I have two columns with one of four words in it. For simplicity I'll call them RED, GREEN, BLUE, and Yellow. A few columns over I have columns "Same" "Good" and "Bad". I'm trying to figure out a way to get excel to put a 1 in the appropriate column, if cell A1 is Red I need excel to look at the word in cell B2 and put a 1 in the "same" column if A1 and B1 are the same word. If the word in B2 is Yellow I need excel to put a 1 in the "Good" column. If the word in B1 is GREEN or BLUE I need it to put a 1 in the bad column. The tricky part is each of the four words RED, GREEN, BLUE, and Yellow have a different set of words that will be called "good" or "bad". So if the word in cell A1 if Green for example it will have a different set of good and bad color words.

So it seems I need four different functions depending on what word is in A1. In the column next to these lists of words I have the date which I'll need to use to give me the sums of same, good, and bad for each day. But first things first. I think I need to use a combination of IF functions and MATCH function, but I can't figure out anything that works. Below is what I'm hoping it will look like when I've got the right formulas.

First column
Second column


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Comparing Character Strings In Separate Cells In Excel Spreadsheets?

Apr 1, 2014

I have a large excel spreadsheet with alpha-numeric data. I want to be able to compare two cells in different row side by side and return the difference in another cell.

e.g. I have in cell B2, "tom, rick, mike, I" and in cell C2, "mike, rick". I need to compare the cell C2 to cell B2 and return the difference in cell D2 which in this case would be the characters " tom, I". They are separated with "," and they can be in different order as you can see in the example.

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Delete Row Of Duplicate Column Cells By Comparing 2 Columns Across 2 Worksheets

Mar 14, 2008

I am looking for a macro to look in Sheet 1 column A and compare the values to Sheet 2 column O. When it finds a duplicate I want it to delete the entire row in sheet 1. I dont want to have to manually sort anything if that's possible.

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Excel 2010 :: Comparing Cells And Displaying Text Dependent On The Results?

Aug 15, 2012

I have attached a work book example of what i am trying to do.

Column D is what i originally did in terms of the formula and now i have to have a column display text dependant on what is in column A to C.

I was trying this formula =IF(b2>a2,"Start Target Missed",IF(c2="","Failed","Tracking")) However if this isnt working.

Is there anything i can do to change this?

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Comparing Two Columns And Returning Number Of Cells In One Column With Higher Values?

Apr 8, 2014

I have two Columns C and E that have dollar amounts in them. I want to compare each row in those columns and then total the number in column C that are higher that column E.

So basically C6>E6, C7<E7, C8=E8,C9>E9 should return the result of 2. There are two instances where the price in C is higher than the price in E.

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