Concatenate Duplicates: Concatenate Results Of All Equal P/N's From Any Given List

Oct 6, 2007

I have a list of P/N's that are used in more then one location. and it's sorted by P/N's.


I Want to be able to put in Col A the concatenate results of all equal P/N's from any given list. Or at least select the few cells that i know are duplicates and from that copy the Location to a single Column.

ColA ColB__ColC

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Can't Get CONCATENATE To Work. No Results.

Oct 20, 2009

I have built a formula using CONCATENATE. (Built in G2) When I copy and paste it into a empty cell (E2), one that is formatted as General and is not locked, as text or value or a formula I get the same results. It always shows up as text. I can't get the formula to function and show the results in the cell (E2). Yet, when I singularly build the formula in the cell it works fine. But the moving (cut and paste) from one cell to the other doesn't work.
The concatenated formula is: =CONCATENATE("=LEFT(",G2,",",H2,")") The result is: =LEFT(B2,3) . These results look fine, yet only when built in the cell using Excel's Insert Function builder or doing it by hand it works fine. It returns the first 3 numbers/text from the left side of cell B2. But the data that should result from the concatenated formula and pasted in to the cell (E2) is not showing up as needed. Any help would be appreciated.

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Code To Find Duplicates And Concatenate In One Row

Nov 20, 2013

I have a table that looks like this:



I would like to obtain a table in the following format where I can find

ID HostLocation NDaysinHost
marina.silva USA, Norway, Bolivia, Italy, Ecuador... 100,45,67,8,9...
tatiana.gottig Venezuela, Chile, Peru, Canada 89,54,32,6

Searching in the net I found the following code:

Sub groupConcat()Dim dc As Object
Dim inputArray As Variant
Dim i As Integer
Set dc = CreateObject("Scripting.Dictionary")
inputArray = WorksheetFunction.Transpose(Sheets(1).Range("A2:C9").Value)


However I only obtain the first two columns concatenated. It says that for more columns repeat the loop, however I did and the result was not the expected, it returned me the same two columns again concatenated. How can I arrange this to fit my criteria?

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Concatenate Cells And Remove Duplicates

Jun 23, 2014

I currently have a spreadsheet that contains about 1700 lines of data related to ~400 different clients which I am looking to consolidate.

The data is currently in this format (a set like this repeated ~400 times with anywhere between 3 and 7 services):

Company ID #
Company Name

Company ID #
Company Name

Company ID #
Company Name

I would like to have the data in this format (one row per company with all of the services in the third column concatenated into a single cell, all while removing the duplicate rows.)

Company ID #
Company Name
Service1, Service2, Service3

How to create the code (or describe the process) necessary to do this?

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Concatenate Cells And Delete Duplicates

Apr 1, 2009

I have an excel 2007 spreadsheet that lists
items on multiple rows for the same customer.

Each sheet will list anywhere from 25 to 100 individual customers.

I need to identify the duplicates, concatenate
the "Items" to a single cell on the first row, and
delete the duplicate rows. eg:

Cust #| Item
1 | A
1 | B
1 | C
2 | B
2 | E
3 | A
3 | C
3 | E

The result should look like:

Cust# | New Item
1 | A, B, C
2 | B, E
3 | A, C, E

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Concatenate Duplicates + Delete + More Steps

Oct 15, 2009

I have 2 columns of data with 7,000 rows that I am trying to manipulate in the following way. The first column contains a list of car manufacturers (not really my example, but involves the same concept). The second column contains a list of different models of cars. For instance,

Ford | Taurus
Chevrolet | Avalanche
Saturn | Sky
Ford | Explorer
Honda | Accord
Ford | Taurus

What I want is a list of 2 columns with UNIQUE car manufacturers in first column with a list of UNIQUE car models (comma delimited) in second column. So for this example, the first row could read " Ford | Taurus,Explorer". I don't want Taurus to appear twice. I got a lot of help from JBeaucaire from this post. I just can't add the ability to remove car models from the list also. Thanks in advance for all the help!

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Concatenate Non-adjacent Cells Without Duplicates

Nov 17, 2009

I've been working on a spreadsheet that is used to track the application process of numerous clients. In doing this, I have a row at the top of each client that is used as a sumarry column. Below each cell in the top row, I have up to 30 non-adjacent cells that I'm trying to concatenate in the top cell separated by new lines. I'm also wanting to not display any duplicates, as there are up to only 5 steps that could be shown for each record. I found a UDF that will search an array and return only the unique values, but it accepts the data as an array, and it returns it as an array also. I seem to be having trouble passing the array from the sheet as well as formatting and returning the array with line breaks.

In the worksheet cell: ....

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Concatenate Cells Then Determine Duplicates?

Oct 14, 2013

I need to detect 2 levels of duplication.

I have a data table that is similar to below (actual table is very large 1000+ rows) but duplicate column is empty.

I don't want to add additional data (i.e. formula to perform concatenate) to other columns as it takes a very long time even with screen updating turned off.

I want to use vba to
1) determine how many rows there are in the worksheet (this updates from an outside datasource)
2) Concatenate baseno & altno and determine if the concatenated value is duplicated
3) Within those duplicates for each baseno&altno pair determine if verno is different
4) Set "Duplicate" value for each duped baseno&altno pair where verno is different

So the end resulting table after macro runs would be



I have been for weeks now and just can't get this to work. I can get it so that I can determine duplicates on one column but I can't seem to get it to concatenate inside the script and compare without writing back to the sheet (which is too slow and I don't want to do).

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Find In Table, Then Concatenate Results

Jun 13, 2009

My data is pulled in as a table from QuickBooks, so its many rows consisting of many column entries per row. The columns are laid out like:


I currently have a SUMIFS formula that works well for searching the table and finding PO's that are not paid, for a specific vendor, on a day today or before, and it ads the amounts together and returns the sum opf the amounts for me.

Now, what I would also like to do is to have it return the PO numbers as a concatenated text string all into one cell. So, it shoudl find all the rows where the due date is today or before, the PO has not been paid, and the vendor is a specific vendor, and then concatenate all of the PO numbers into one cell of my choosing.

This sounds just like the SUMIFS function, however, the SUMIFS function adds the values and places the sum in the cell of my choosing. For this, I would like the values found (which are text values) to be concatenated into one cell.

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Concatenate Non Blank Cells But Use Concatenate And Substitute Instead Of IF

Aug 11, 2013

Sampling table :


Desired results obtained via IF =IF(B2>0,A2&" , ",A2)&IF(C2>0,B2&" , ",B2)&IF(D2>0,C2&" , ",C2)&IF(D2>0,D2,"")

one , two , three , four
one , two , three
one , two

Is there any smarter, shorter formula via Concatenate and Substitute or other formulas ?

My closest match, but not good enaugh is =SUBSTITUTE(CONCATENATE(A2&", "&B2&", "&C2&", "&D2), ", , ", " ")
[ returna 2 commad ]
one, two, three, four
one, two, three,
one, two
one ,

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Trying To Use VBA To Concatenate And Display Search Results On A Userform

Sep 16, 2009

I'm using a userform to report on set of worksheets. Two of the functions are:

- reporting on the number of contacts with a client
- displaying the details of all contacts with selected client in one textbox.

I can't work out how to concatenate the text of all the contacts relating to one client in a text box (txtContactHist) on the userform.

Using the countIf function I'm trapping zero matches.

The worksheet containing the contacts has the following data columns:

Col A - Customer ID
Col B - Detail of contact
Col C- Date of Contact

Columns B and C contain the data I want to capture

Column A (the customer ID) is the column that is searched for a match ( via the userform text box (txtLic.Value))

To work out the total number of contacts, I use this bit of ...

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Concatenate Varying Numbers Of Cells Based On Duplicates Found In Separate Column

Jul 25, 2011

I need to concatenate varying numbers of cells based on duplicates found in a separate column, but I'm not sure how to approach it. I have 41,000+ rows of data, so I have to find a formula.


1AB2Denton, PaulFB357D4D3OwensTest, MarcyFB539F934Brennan,
JosephFB539F935Bowser, AmyFB539F936LaRock, ChuckFB667D3B

Based on duplicates in column B, I want to combine the data in column A into one cell. The duplicates in column B could be only 2, or could be 20+.

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Concatenate Multiple Vlookup Results With Dash Exclude Null Values Or 0 Return?

Jun 10, 2014

The 3 vlookup will be in a single cell for concatenation like :


Problem the are 3 vlookups where it will return names (with format -> Fname, Given Name Middle) and probably blank returns.

I have problem with the replace since there are also spaces between the Fname,Gname and Mname sample name with spaces.

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Concatenate A List

Mar 3, 2007

I have a list containing 3 the abbreviations of states in A1:A3 (one in each cell), and I would like to concatenate the list in cell B1 to display the list like this: "CA, TX, FL". At times, the list will only have one state (always in A1), but at other times it may have 2 or 3.

I tried: =IF(ISTEXT(A),A1&", "&A2&", "&A3,A1)

But, if A2 does not list a state then it returns "#value!"; and if A2 lists a state but A3 does not then it returns only the value in A1.

What can I do to get it to list all states listed in column A whether there are 1, 2, or 3 states listed?

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VBA Concatenate Email List Range

May 25, 2012

I get the correct results in K1 when I have a list of email addresses in column D, but when it tries to email it states, "Unknown recipient name found in the list of recipient list. Use a valid name and try again."

Dim x As String, rng As Range, cel As Range
Dim myString As String
With ActiveSheet
Set rng = .Range("D2:D" & Range("A65536").End(xlUp).Row)

[Code] .......

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List Of Email Addresses That Need To Concatenate Into One Cell

Jan 17, 2013

I've got a list of over 170 names in excel rows that I need to quickly turn into a copy and paste list that I can mass email some of my sales people.


I need to combine the names and separate by a semi colon:;

I started a concatenate formula, but because each name is on different row, it was a lot of manual formula tweaking.

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Concatenate Formula Nested Within IF Formula Is Not Producing Expected Results

Aug 24, 2014

I am trying to use a combination of Concatenate and IF formula to produce an email.

My input.

D4: First Name:
D5: Middle Name:
D6: Last Name:

D8: Organization:

Once all these are filled, I want the formula to produce a result like

I have used the following formula.

[Code] .....

Problem is if there is a middle name the formula works fine, but in case where there is no middle name, it produces the following result.

How do I remove the additional (.) in cases where there is no middle name.

Attached File : Email Generator.xlsx‎

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Remove Duplicates From Column 1 And Concatenate Column 2?

Mar 12, 2014

My issue is that I have 1200+ addresses to make more readable - the first column is the street name, the second is the post code(s) relative to the street - what Ideally I'd like to achieve is one row per street, the street name followed by the post codes... i.e. take this...

A33 Relief RoadRG2 0RR
Abbey SquareRG1 3AG
Abbey SquareRG1 3BE
Abbey SquareRG1 3BQ
Abbey SquareRG1 3FB
Abbey StreetRG1 3AN
Abbey StreetRG1 3BA
Abbey StreetRG1 3BD
Abbots WalkRG1 3HW
Aberford CloseRG30 2NX
Admirals CourtRG1 6SP
Admirals CourtRG1 6SR
Admirals CourtRG1 6SS
Admirals CourtRG1 6SW
Ainsdale CrescentRG30 3NG
Alan PlaceRG30 3BW
Albany RoadRG30 2UL

to this...

A33 Relief RoadRG2 0RR
Abbey SquareRG1 3AG, RG1 3BE, RG1 3BQRG1 3FB
Abbey StreetRG1 3AN, RG1 3BA, RG1 3BD
Abbots WalkRG1 3HW
Aberford CloseRG30 2NX
Admirals CourtRG1 6SP, RG1 6SR, RG1 6SS, RG1 6SW
Ainsdale CrescentRG30 3NG
Alan PlaceRG30 3BW
Albany RoadRG30 2UL

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Opposite Of Concatenate

Sep 29, 2006

I have 2,000+ cells containing text that I need to break out into multiple cells. They are names (ex. John M Smith MD) and I need each part of the name in it's own column. I need the opposite of concatenate.

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Concatenate (two Different Cells Into One)

Dec 11, 2008

I'm having a rather difficult time getting this one.

I am concatenating (is that a verb?) a bunch of cells to create an item code.
The combination of two different cells need to be able to give different values so I can dump the appropriate value into the CONCATENATE formula.

A picture is worth a thousand..

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Concatenate The Dropdown

Jun 19, 2009

I am trying to get 2 rows in one drop down without having to create another combined row. im not sure what formula should i use. I have attached an example.

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Increment Using Concatenate

Sep 2, 2009

I want to write formula in cells(many cells!) using concatenate. The desired output:

In Sheet2!D1 - i will write concatenate of Sheet1!C6 and Sheet1F6
in Sheet2!E1 - i will write concatenate of Sheet1!C7 and Sheet1F7
in Sheet2!F1 - i will write concatenate of Sheet1!C8 and Sheet1F

Copy and paste formula would not do so i created a macro stated below. The problem is a can not change the ActiveCell.Formula correction.

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Variable With Concatenate

Jan 2, 2013

I have a simple task and I use the concatenate formula to resolve alot of keystrokes. I now have an issue where I have to edit that formula because of a additional character for the string won't upload into a database. Here's my example:

1. Cell A1= 12345xxxx Cell B1= 67 Cell C1= 8

I use =CONCATENATE(A1,"-000"&B1,"-000"&C1) and my result is displayed in D1= 12345xxxx-00067-0008

Easy enough! Now adding the following is the problem:

1. Cell A2= 12345 Cell B2= 67 Cell C2= 89

I use =CONCATENATE(A2,"-000"&B2,"-000"&C2) and my result is displayed in D2= 12345xxxx-00067-00089

Now D2 has one too many characters from C2

I modify the formula by reducing to "-000"&C2 to be "-00"&C2 manually but now the line items have quadrupled and manually isn't going to work for this being so time consuming.

Is there a way to use a variable with the concatenate or am I using the wrong formula period ??

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Automatic Concatenate

Jul 9, 2009

A1 contains "=2+3+4" which shows 8 as a result. I would like to add a word "Lbs" with it so it would display "8 Lbs" on the same cell. If I entered =1+2+3 on cell A6000, it should give me "6 Lbs".

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VBA Concatenate Formula

Jul 25, 2009

I'm trying to use a macro to write a formula within a column of data.

Here's the

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Concatenate 2 Column

Feb 2, 2010

i trying to merge column A1 (ABC) with column B1(XYZ), B2(LOL), B3(ROF) ..etc

with a simple =CONCATENATE(A1,"-",B1) , i can get "ABC-XYZ" , but when come to column B2 , i only can get "-LOL" , any solution ?

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Nov 2, 2006

Create a column of concatenated values to serve as a "primary key" for a compare and merge tool (Synkronizer). For some reason, the CONCATENATE function isn't being recognized.

If I enter
instead of showing the strings located in A2 and B2 it displays
in the cell.

I tried creating a new spreadsheet and it works just fine. Does anyone have an idea of what might be happening? I have compared all of the options between the two spreadsheets and don't see any difference in them.

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If / Concatenate Into One Cell

Nov 14, 2008

I have 6 columns:

A1 = LastName
B1 = FirstName
C1 = LastName2
D1 = FirstName2

I need to concatenate into 1 cell so it looks like this: FirstName LastName;FirstName2 Last Name2. Now the challenge is that there are many instances where C1 and D1 are blank (don't have values).

So here was my attempt at a formula:
=IF(A1>""&B1>"",CONCATENATE(B1," ",A1))& IF(C1>""&D1>"",CONCATENATE(";"&D1,"",C1),"")

Now this works, but it ALWAYS leaves a semi colon at the end (even when there is no C1 and D1 to concatentate. Thus I put in my IF statement the "".

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Concatenate Function..

Jan 23, 2010

What function can get me the first letter from the first name and the whole last name together and then add Example: Hanry Jones =

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Concatenate Returning Zero

Dec 20, 2011

I have this code

Selection.FormulaR1C1Local = "=INDIRECT(CONCATENATE(""["",R4C26,""]Sheet1!"",RC))"

Which creates this in the excel cell:

But for some reason, it returns a 0. However, when I change the code in the excel cell to this

It works. But I need to be able to change D4 in the macro, so doing it that way won't work for me.

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