Conditional Multiple Column Unlock Via Cell Reference?

Aug 2, 2013

I have an inventory log that requires multiple cells in different columns to be unlocked based on a reference cell's input.

So, if a cell in column E has "MORNING" entered then cells L/M/N are unlocked and said user can input data for that row, and only that row. If anything else is in E, then L/M/N are left locked.

Is there a way to do this without coding, just using regular IF() in the cell directly; IF(ISTEXT(E3)=MORNING, Unlock, KeepLock)? I know that's nowhere close to being a legitimate statement, but it's the best way I can translate my thoughts.

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Conditional Cell Lock Unlock

Dec 10, 2006

None of the information Ive found on the forums seem to work in my sheet and Im not sure why. After protecting my sheet/workbook, I would like a particular input of a cell to Unlock another cell.

ie if the contents of cell A1 is the phrase "TRUE", then cell B1 will be Unlocked for editing. If the contents of A1 is "FALSE", then B1 shall remain locked. From what i can tell, this must be carried out using VBA code. If anyone can resolve this issue, Id be also very grateful if you could explain what each line of the code means

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Conditional Formatting With Reference To The Whole Column

Jun 29, 2006

I have made a sample file with conditional formatting. The file contains 3 sheets which contain a number of orders. Conditional formatting is changing colour of the whole line depending on value in column C. The formatting contains reference to a certain cell in column C. It is very easy to make when the lists are so short: I make conditional formatting for line 2 with reference to cell C2, copy formats in the other 2 lines and change formula references to C3 and C4. However in the original spreadsheet there might be more than 5000 lines per sheet and it will be too time consuming to correct the formulas manually. Does anyone know how I can make a reference to column C without specifying each particular cell?

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VBA Code To Unlock Multiple Sheets

Oct 4, 2007

How I can unlock a range of sheets that are password protected in my workbook.

I have 20 identical sheets one for each department which are protected by the same password.

It would be nice if I could rapidly lock and unlock these sheets.

What I need a set rng command in conjunction with a For Next loop?

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Lock And Unlock Multiple Excel Spreadsheets?

May 29, 2012

Is there a way to lock and unlock multiple excel spread sheets with only one password at one go? For example if I have 5 sheets, I would like to be able to lock and unlock Sheets 2-5 with one password at one go while leaving sheet 1 unprotected. Do not want to type a pwd for each sheet.

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Conditional Formatting Using Cell Reference?

Jun 3, 2014

i want to calculate percentage between A and B and highlight top 10 values in B.

as of now i am calculating % in C and applied conditional formatting in C. filtering C based on color i am formatting B manually.

is there any option to avoid this manual work.

Total countAlarm reported%

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Unlock Columns If Column Is Not Blank In Any Row

Jan 30, 2009

Unlock columns if Column is not blank in any row

Using VBA
On Sheet("Draft Final") , search every row and

If Col A is not blank, then unlock Columns G: M and unlock Columns O:U

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Conditionally Unlock And Unprotect Certain Cells In A Column

Jan 19, 2012

Any way to conditionally unlock and unprotect certain cells in a column. I have been unsuccessful with my attempts at customizing other people's vba code that is a little different than what I am trying to achieve. So here's what I would like to accomplish:

If A23 = "Please See DME", then unprotect (pw=richie13) and unlock D23, then protect (pw=richie13) sheet again
If A24 = "Please See DME", then unprotect (pw=richie13) and unlock D24, then protect (pw=richie13) sheet again
If A25 = "Please See DME", then unprotect (pw=richie13) and unlock D25, then protect (pw=richie13) sheet again

and so on and so on.

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Images Displayed Via Cell Reference Or Conditional Formatting?

Aug 28, 2009

I have a bunch of images which I want to be able to display in different cells depending on certain values or conditions. Say for example you have a drop down box with a list of fruits. When you pick a fruit, it displays its picture. Is this possible? If all of the pictures exist somewhere on the sheet, can you reference the pictures to have them appear in a cell rather than having images always "floating" over the sheet?

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Multiple IFs - Reference Corresponding Value In Column If All Are True

Oct 18, 2012

I am trying to write a code for the following and am having quite a bit of trouble (I am also dealing with almost 1500 rows of data for each of these examples). If a surgery in column A occurs on a certain day (e.g., 10/1/12), at a certain time (e.g., between 7:30am and noon where the times are written in 24hr), in a certain OR room number, (e.g., 10), then I want the value to write the name of the physician in the cell. I've tried multiple IF, COUNTIF, SUMIF, statements and have continued to get errors.



Time In
OR Room

Dr. X

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Reference To Cell Column Letter By Reference To Another Cell Value

Apr 25, 2014

Let's say I've ended up with the number 8 in Cell D4 for example. Is there a formula that can return the letter "G" (The 8th Column) so I can use it in future cell references ? If so, let's say we store that in Cell B5. How do I now refer to a cell in a chosen Row of that same Column by reference to Cell B5 ? For example if I want to refer to Cell G33 can you refer to this Cell in some form like Cell(Contents of Cell B5;33) ??? Don't want to use R1C1 type references if possible.

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Multiple Sheets All Reference The Same Column(s) To Match Data?

Mar 7, 2014

I've created 12 identical work sheets for the year, each has 6 columns of data and 87 rows all containing different information (letters, numbers, dates and characters).

I've also set up a "Conditional Format" rule so that any identical information triggers a strikeout (line through the cell entries) of the entire row for both lines of offending duplicating data. To do so, I created a use cell off to the side (in column AT) with the command =CONCATENATE (u41,v41,w41...) which condenses all data into 1 cell.

Afterwards, I went into Conditional Formatting and created the strikeout command with =COUNTIF($A$T$29:$A$T$116,$AT29)>1; where the $AT29 reference simply identifies the cell to the left and then continues down.

This has worked well but I'm stumped. Now I want the reference to extend to the previous month, lets say I'm in February and want to extend the search to Januarys AT29:AT116 review.

simply use a reference in the COUNTIF formula in the Conditional Formatting rule that takes the search through to the January work sheet, then I can simply duplicate the command for the March sheet which will then review all 3.

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Unlock Cell Using Code

Mar 6, 2009

code that will unlock cell g12 and af9 when cell e9 equals "WF-"

Basically I need it to say (I really don't know how to write code)
If "E9"="WF-" unlock "G12" and "AF12"
If not, clear contents of "G12" and "AF12"

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Unlock A Cell With A Button

Mar 19, 2009

I want to let the user unlock certain cells but only after they have clicked a button. To notify that the cell is unlocked I also want it to change colour.
Is this possible?

I have attached a small example. Password is mg


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Lock / Unlock Excel Cell Based On Contents Of Another Cell?

Sep 12, 2013

How to Lock/Unlock an Excel Cell Based on the Contents of Another Cell?

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Unlock Sheet On Cell Selection?

Jul 4, 2014

I have a table and need to protect the sheet. From searching I see its a common problem as the table wont auto expand on a protected sheet.

I was thinking maybe I could create some sort of change event so if a user selects cells on Column A,B,G,H rows 13-1000 the sheet will auto unlock then lock again once they leave those cells.

I think it may need a few seconds delay to give table chance to autoexpand before sheet is locked again.

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Unlock Cell Range If Row Is Blank

Nov 9, 2012

I have a worksheet with active range A9 thru K200 that is locked. When worksheet is opened, I need it to automatically unlock all rows that are blank, for users to input data. It would be great if this could also require data in column A, C and K before allowing workbook to be saved and closed.

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VBA To Clear And Lock / Unlock Cell Based On Another Cell

Jan 14, 2013

I'm trying to write a vba code that does the following....

There is a question in column A to which the user chooses yes or no from column B. Based on the response in column B, I'd like the same row column D to be formatted so that if the anser is yes, the cell is white, and unlocked. If the response is no, the cell is cleared, locked and the greyed out. (e.g. if B4 is "Yes", the format in D4 will change) So far I've come up with the following which formats the colour:

Dim response As Range
For Each response In Range("$C$10:$C$73")
If response.Value = "Yes" Then

ActiveCell.Offset(0, 2).Range("A1").Select
With Selection.Interior

[Code] .......

How to add in a .clearcontents function, so that the contents are cleared if the response is not "yes", and also what I would need to add to unlock the cell in column D?

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Lock Used Cell. Unlock Blank Cells

Nov 6, 2006

I need to lock cells or ranges in a worksheet which has value (any value)....
The cells which are blank should be unlocked so that the users can enter data.

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Lock & Unlock A Cell Based On Another Cells Value

Dec 20, 2007

trying to put together a formula, I am trying enable two cells to change between being 'Locked' and 'Unlocked'. I am doing this by using a CheckBox which is referenced to cell [E16] so that when it is checked, 'TRUE' will be displayed and when Unchecked 'FALSE' is displayed. From this I have tried to devise a formula for the cells [c26:I26] and [K26] that when cell [E16] shows 'TRUE' the cells [c26:I26] and [K26] are Unlocked and when it shows 'FALSE' the cells [c26:I26] and [K26] then become locked.

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Lock/unlock Cell Based On Another Cells Input

Feb 25, 2009

I want cell g12 to be locked unless cell h7 is Grass Fire or Timber Fire (H7 is a drop down validated cell)

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Unlock Cell/s Dependant Upon Entry In Another Cell

Jan 3, 2010

I've never dealt with vba before and I'm not even sure if that's correct. I wish to lock a worksheet with two cells left unlocked, when an entry is made in one or other of these two cells I need other cells to become unlocked.

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VBA Code To Unlock Cell If Another Cell Value Is Greater Than 6.00

Feb 28, 2013

I have a protected worksheet with most cells locked and some that are unlocked. I also know the password to unlock the sheet. VBA code to monitor a cell(B29 in my case) and if it has a value of 6.00 or more than it will unlock cell B34?

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Reference Every Nth Cell In A Column

Aug 26, 2009

I have a data entry spreadsheet that contains 120 data entry panels each of 10 rows. Each panel is separated by 3 rows (1 of which is hidden). When entering data to the panel the user is required to enter a date in column F of the data entry panel. The number of used rows in each data entry panel can vary from 1 to 10.

The entry of a date in the first Column F cell in each entry panel stamps today's date in Col F in the first row below each data panel (the hidden row) and that date is then linked to a separate summary sheet to show the date of data entry. The code I'm using for the date stamping routine is below, and although it works it is painfully slow and I'm sure very inefficient. I've had to break the code into the three sections as shown below because there seems to be a limit to the number of individual cells I can reference in each of the range statements. (Is there a limit or is the length of the range statement causing some other problem?)

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Excel 2010 :: Unlock Whole Workbook By Putting Password In A Cell

Jul 11, 2014

I'd like to be able to unlock the whole of a workbook by putting the password into a specific cell and then the whole thing locks again when it is saved. I have been able to find the coding to do this for a worksheet but I'd really like to be able to unlock the whole project.

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Excel Live Calendar Conditional Formatting With Multiple Cells In Column

Jul 15, 2013

I have designed a live calendar and am trying to highlight selected dates from a column in the calendar. I am able to select single cell in the column and highlight the date in the calendar, But am unable to select multiple dates in the column and highlight multiple dates in the calendar using conditional formatting.

Eg: calender dates are from B5:H9 and multiple dates are in column J10:J13

J column
J10 7/10/2013
J11 7/20/2013
j14 7/29/2013

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Formula To Add Same Cell Reference From Multiple Sheets

Apr 9, 2014

I have 12 monthly sheets and 1 YTD Sheet ( Total of 13 sheets) in workbook.

I need the easiest formula to sum all values in cell B4 from Monthly sheet and have that in B4 of YTD sheet.

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Locking Multiple Cell Reference Formulas At Once

Jan 15, 2010

I am working on a massive Pivot Table but in order to compile it I have to copy data from many worksheets into one. My problem is that each worksheet contains about 11,500 formulas with references to other workbooks and cells. However, none of these is locked for cell reference (meaning none has the $ sign for row or column) so copying and pasting obviously screws it up since the reference is changing but I need to have the links active in the pivot table.

It would obviously take me a year to add 440,000 individual $ signs. Is there any way, a trick of sorts, where I can just highlight the entire worksheet and add the $ sign to each and every cell reference automatically?

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Keep Reference To A Cell When Column Is Deleted

Nov 28, 2007

I have a spreadsheet in excel with scheduling information, each group of data (job) is made up over 2 columns and 6 rows and is in a block (this is so it is easy to view and manouvre)

I have a link in another worksheet that extracts information from the cell if a criteria in the group is met!

At the end of each day I need to delete the columns (B and C, which make up that day) in the schedule.

When I do this all the references in the other worksheet are messed up, even though the next day is moved to columns B and C.

I would like the link to the other worksheet to automaticaly recognise the new values in column B and C as the reference.

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Layout Cell Reference Column

Jul 8, 2009

I am not sure how this is possible without doing copy pate transpose or individually refereing each cell to source. I would like the heading to be presented as in sheet1 which is sourced from Source sheet but if anychanges are made to source it updates the Sheet1. I have attached an example to illustrate. (Headers are not fixed number)

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