Convert Formula To VB

Jun 16, 2009

the following formula to be converted to vb for my userform.


this is part of the vb that i'm working with and i need to change the part after "Then Amount =" I just can't seem to work out where to put the roundup bit.

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Convert Formula Into Value

Nov 12, 2008

How to convert the excel formula into its value? I know the easiest way is to copy and use paste special then "value" options but is there a way to make it automated in case the desired output value has resulted.

HTML example:
A1 B1 C1 D1
1 2 A1+B1 Yes/No

on the above example, if D1=Yes, the output C1 will become value equals to 3 and the formula will be remove, if D1=No, the formula will still remain.

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Convert Formula To VBA?

Jan 5, 2013

The formula below is in cell H3. My requirement is to remove the formula and instead have a macro do the same thing that formula does.. in cell H3.


PHP Code:


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Formula Convert Into VBA

Jul 7, 2009

=SUMIF(Log!$B:$B,$A$2&" "&$A4,Log!$C:$C)

How would I convert this into VBA

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Convert Vba To Excel Formula

Jul 5, 2012

I want to convert code below to excell formula

Sub Fonksyon171819()
Dim total As Double, i As Integer
total = 0


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Convert Formula Into VBA Code

Feb 17, 2014

Below is my requirement and i have to convert formulas into vba code:

If dt = "A0" Or dt = "A1" Then

Sheet1.Range("K").Formula = "$J/$ I" ' Formula is k=J/I
Sheet1.Range("K:K" & last_row).FillDown

Sheet1.Range("L").Value = "20.00%"
Sheet1.Range("L:L" & last_row).FillDown //Formula is L=20% for now i have just hardcoded the value there.

Sheet1.Range("M").Value = "=($K-$L)* 100" 'Formula is M=(K-L)/*100
Sheet1.Range("M:M" & last_row).FillDown

End If

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Convert Formula To VBA Code?

Feb 25, 2014

How can I write this formula in vba code:

RevName = "Randolph Wakabayashi"

Range("A1").Value =LOWER((Left(Right(RevName, Len(RevName) - Find(" ", RevName, 1)), 5)) & Left(RevName, 2))

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VBA - Convert Result To Value Or Else Keep Formula

Mar 7, 2014

Any way to convert a cell result into value if it meets the criteria or else the formula stays in place

I have same formulas from cell Q17 to Q1000 some of those cell will have different results based on manual inputs that occur daily.

I would like the formula result to convert to value only if greater than -1000 or else keep the formula in place to continue future calculations till it meets the criteria.

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Convert CSE Formula To A Macro

Apr 20, 2009

I am using the following Control Shift Enter (CSE) formula to find a value.

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Need Formula To Convert Minutes Into Hh:mm:ss

Nov 24, 2008

I have a spot on my spreadsheet where I am given an ammount of time in minutes.
I need to convert it to hours:minutes:seconds (ie: hh:mm:ss).

Example: 6214.11 must be converted to 103:43:12
In other words: 6214.11 minutes becomes 103hours, 43mins, 12 seconds.........

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Convert Excel Formula To VBA

Feb 14, 2012

Here is the excel formula that works fine. =INT(EXP(.0003*POWER(x,2)))

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Convert Text To Name To Use In Formula

Nov 5, 2012

I want to convert a calculated numerical value to a text value, but there are several possible conversions, each stored in a separate named range, referenced in another cell on the row. Normally I would use VLOOKUP and manually put the range name into the formula, so in this instance:

Formula D2=VLOOKUP(C2,Advanced,2)
Formula D3=VLOOKUP(C3,Intermediate,2)

But with lots of lines to do, I'd rather take advantage of the range name being present. Is there anyway of getting VLOOKUP to recognise the contents the appropriate cell as the name of a range?




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Convert Formula To RC Notation

Feb 22, 2008

I have got a list of formulae in column A e.g.

(formulae is stored as text, i.e. preceeding with an ')

and i am looking for a VBA macro to cycle through the list and give the relative notation in column B i.e.


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Convert Formula Into Macro

Mar 2, 2008

convert the formula into macro

I hv formula as following :-

=Left(B2, Find(" ", B2, 1) - 1)
I likt to convert into macro,

ActiveCell.FormulaR1C1=_ "=Left(B2, Find(" ", B2, 1) - 1)"
But it cannot work

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How To Convert/speed Up This Formula

Oct 31, 2008

The formula: ={IF(AND(ISNUMBER($A3);($A3-DAY($A3)+1)=F$2);$D3;IF(AND(F$2 > ($B3-DAY($B3));F$2 < DATE(YEAR($C3);MONTH($C3)+1;0));$D3/DATEDIF($B3-DAY($B3);DATE(YEAR($C3);MONTH($C3)+1;1);"m");0))}

I need to use this formula for over more than 30.000 rows and more than 50 columns. Is it possible to speed up the formula? Or maybe to handle this by a macro?

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Convert If & Weekday Formula To VBA

May 12, 2007

Formula in Range("E4")

what this in VBA?

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Convert Text To Number With A Formula

Jun 12, 2014

I need a formula to copy a number stored as a text to the number.

I have a formula in, let's say on Sheet1, cell A1: =IF($M$3,TEXT(N7,"0%"),TEXT(N7,"0.0%"))

I then copy this cell to another sheet, let's say Sheet2, cell A1 =Sheet1!A1. I have then have a bar chart linked to this cell, but it's reading it as text and no bars are appearing in the chart - even though the cell in the second sheet is formatted as a number!

FYI - my work around is to link my chart to the underlying data in the formula above, in this case, N7. But then I'm not getting the whole number (%) or decimal (%) that I want when the value is displayed in the chart.

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Convert Sumproduct Formula For Use In Powerpivot?

Aug 25, 2014

I'm looking for a formula for use in powerpivot, that can convert the following formula (I do not wanna use any VBA, only generate a caluculated column in powerpivot, based on a formula)

[Code] .....

The formula checks for 3 different values, and returns a status code for each. If no match is found it returns "no match".

The formula looks for the criteria (1234 or 1857201 or 1857206) in column2 (item) and writes a status code in column3 (output). At the same time it also checks for simular order numbers (column1). So the same status code is present for all order-number rows. (If a match in column2 / item is found)

See the excample in regular excel here: [URL] ....

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Convert SUMIFS Formula In 2003

Oct 9, 2009

How would I convert the following formula into Excel 2003?


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Convert Concatenated Text To Formula

Feb 4, 2010

I have a formula that I create using concatenate and I get the right formula as below:

Cell B63

The result comes like this:

I would like to use this as a formula, however I cant figure this out
give me a #REF error.

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CONVERT Worksheet Formula Into Vba Code

Mar 11, 2009

I'm manually entering a 10 digit code into Col A; at this moment in time I have the following formula in Col B:

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How Do I Convert A Cell(s) From The Formula To It's Contents

Jan 29, 2006

Using Excell 2000 ...

I have data being retrieved from another sheet

Cell A1 of the Input Sheet, for example might contain the words "This is

Cell A1 of the Output Sheet contains the formula: ='Input Sheet'!$A$1
.... thus displaying whatever the contents is of cell A1 of the Input Sheet.

I want to save the formula results in time ...

I want to convert the cell(s) of the Output Sheet to the results ...
getting rid of the equation(s).

I'm sure I have seen this before, I just cannot remember? ... getting

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Convert SUMIFS Formula For 2003

Dec 30, 2009

Need convert the following formula so that it would work in Excel 2003: =SUMIFS($BB$4:$BB$500,$E$4:$E$500,"Abbeywood First",$L$4:$L$500,"Autumn"). I could play around with it for hours and get nowhere, so I'll just turn to the experts.

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Excel Formula To Convert Time

Nov 18, 2011

I Excel formula to convert time to seconds. For example:

12:05:00 AM Expected asnwer= 300.

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VBA - Replace / Convert Defined Name With Value Within Formula

Apr 23, 2012

I have a formula like

'=vlookup(Test,A$2:B$10,2)' where "Test" is a defined name based on a formula to a data connection (PowerPivot).

I need a macro to do something like f9 on just "Test" everywhere "Test" exists or convert "Test" to something like "test".value with out affecting the rest of the Vlookup formula. In some areas I am also using index match combos.

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How To Convert Excel Formula To VBA Code

Jul 4, 2012

(1) =round(if(bran!g1="raw",if(bran!n1=$f$19,(bran!p1/$g$19)*(bran!n1-$g$19),if(bran!n1>=$f$20,((bran!p1/$g$19)*($f$19-$g$19))+((bran!p1/$g$19)*(bran!n1-$f$19)*2),if(bran!n1=$j$20,((bran!p1/$k$19)*($j$19-$k$19))+((bran!p1/$k$19)*(bran!n1-$j$19)*2),if(bran!n1$f$25,bran!j1*$h$25,if(bran!o1>$f$26,(bran!o1-$f$26)*bran!j1*$h$26,if(bran!o1$j$25,bran!j1*$l$25,if(bran!o1>$j$26,((($j$26-$j$27)*$l$27*bran!j1)+((bran!o1-$j$26)*bran!j1*$l$26)),if(bran!o1>$j$27,(bran!o1-$j$27)*bran!j1*$l$27,if(bran!o1

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Convert Text To Formula In Worksheet

Jan 21, 2013

I have put together an excel sheet for how how long a part is on a particular machine. If there are multiple operations on a machine, I separated the operation times with a comma in the cell. I am now trying to get a sum of the total time the part is in a machine. I cannot just use a sum since the commas change the format from number to text. I was hoping I could do a substitution where I change the commas to plus signs and stick an equal sign in front of it and somehow get it to be recognized as a formula instead of a text string. Even then, I would still have to do a sum for the entire row. This is what I have as an example

_______Machine 1______Machine 2______Machine 3_______Machine 4_______Machine 5________Total Time
Part 1 _____20________ 10, 10, 10_________________________________________________________50
Part 2 ____15 ____________30____________________________10_______________________________55
Part 3_______________________________5, 15, 60, 10________________________5________________95

I need a column for summing the row of times (Machine Time). It doesn't need to be a one-cell solution. If I need to add a sheet to the file to do operations on the data that is fine. Again, I do not want to use VBA code. I already have a solution in VBA and am trying to do it in the worksheet only. I can get a substitution working to get a single cell into a format like 10+10+10, but that's the easy part of the battle.

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IF Argument Limit - Convert Formula To VBA

Aug 29, 2013

I have hit the limit with IF statements in a formula I have in a questionnaire that I made in Excel 2010. How would I create this formula in VBA?

"TRUE" is already returned in those cells where a "Yes" radio button is selected.

I would like the macro to run when a button is selected, and for it to post the return (i.e., "BP Owned Circuit") in cell B6.

Here's the formula:

C17=TRUE,C18=TRUE,C19=TRUE),"BP Owned (Circuit)",

[Code] .........

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Convert Cells Text To Formula

Sep 17, 2003

Is there a quick way, other than VBA, to put the contents of a cell that has the text of a formula into a second cell, but as a real formula?

What I mean is, if A1 has as text: abs(-1), I would like cell B1 to read the contents of A1 and evaluate it and put the results into B2.

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Convert SUMIF Formula Into A VBA Code

Jul 8, 2005

I've been trying to modified the formula below into the code you see below.

= SUMIF(G3:G21,">0",G3:G21)-SUMIF(A3:A21,"=",G3:G21)

So how can to modified the SUMIF formula into a code to the finalrow?

Range("J" & FinalRow + 1).Formula = "=SUM(J2:J" & FinalRow & ")"

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