VBA - Convert Result To Value Or Else Keep Formula

Mar 7, 2014

Any way to convert a cell result into value if it meets the criteria or else the formula stays in place

I have same formulas from cell Q17 to Q1000 some of those cell will have different results based on manual inputs that occur daily.

I would like the formula result to convert to value only if greater than -1000 or else keep the formula in place to continue future calculations till it meets the criteria.

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Convert Result Of Formula To $ From HNL Based On Chose In Validation Column

Feb 20, 2014

We receive payments in either USD or HNL. I want to be able to have a final price (last column) that puts all prices in USD. I have a reference cell on a separate worksheet (drop down inputs) that we will use to store the data for validations and the conversion rate. We use one conversion rate for all transactions for a fiscal year, so only need to update once a year. Not sure how to make this work.

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VLOOKUP Formula Dragdown Copies Previous Cell Result Instead Of Unique Result

Jun 10, 2014

When I drag my VLOOKUP formula down a column in Excel 2010, the return value copies the formula result from the original VLOOKUP formula result. For example, if the first VLOOKUP returns a value of 0.5, I expect to see 0.5 or 1 in the cell below that one. However, I get 0.5 which is not the expected result for the cell below.

When, I click the fx on the cells below, the expected return values appear in the formula result. After I click OK, the expected formula results updates and now appears in the cell.

I'm not sure what is causing this issue. My computer was updated recently from an old machine to a new one. I have never experienced this issue before.

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Copy Formula Result & Paste Value/Result Only

Sep 3, 2006

I created a simple auto numbering function whereby Cell A7 contained =Row()-6, and Cell A8 contained =(A7+1). I then shift, and pasted the contents of cell A8 until cell A600. My aim is to simply copy the increments of 1 - 600 into another column. However when i copy and paste i'm also copying the initial underlying formula ie: =( A?+1), Is there a way to copy the results, not the formula?

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Convert Text Into Multiple Rows And Search Result In Next Sheet?

Apr 11, 2014

vba script to convert the text in a cell(split considering "Space" as delimiter) into multiple Rows and Single column & the resultant row's(A1:A7000) values need to be searched in Column(B) of another sheet,if the search result is false then the value in the row need to be highlighted in red.

I am able to split the values in one column into mutiple rows,but need to have all the resultant values in a single column.

I am able to split it as below:

Column A
Column B
Column C


for second situation - search I could search based on the values by using Vlookup() function,but unable to highlight when search result is false.


if the search string "ACB" in Sheet1 is not available in the sheet2, then value "ACB" should be changed into red.

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Convert Calculation Result To Negative If Positive & Vice Versa

Jul 1, 2008

I have a column of numbers such as


I need add a period in the following locations


I figured this out using a format rule of


I then need to make the numbers negative so I did


but this doesn't "stick", if I filter the numbers by negative numbers, none of them show up. So how do I make the formatting actually become the numbers? Auto Merged Post Until 24 Hrs Passes;After doing some more research I found the "precision as displayed" option. I can't find this option on Excel 2007, but I moved the files into 2003 and the option doesn't do anything. It is not permanently changing the column that I have added the formatting too.

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Formula Cell Showing Formula Not Result

Aug 24, 2006

I know this is an easy one but I'm unsure why I can't easily modify a formula. The key event in this formula is "+190". Every time I change the value the formula no longer works. I've copied to another cell and the formula no longer works. My question is when you have a formula like this one if you have to modify how do you do it and keep the formula working.

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Display Formula Not Formula Result?

May 2, 2012

I have a s/s which is built on IF functions and references other sheets and I have used the s/s in the past without issue. However now I want to ammend the formula a little and excel will only display the formula itself, not the result of the formula. I have tried CTRL ~ to turn on/off the show formula function but this makes no difference.

My reason for changeing the current formula is that I need to turn a 2 (numeric) to 02 (which can be either numeric or text). This is the new formula.


Is there an issue with the formula or some setting in excel?

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Formula - Different Apparent Result

Jun 22, 2007

I have a workbook consisting of 4 worksheets. Cell B5 in each of three of these sheets has the exact same formula (copy/pasted) referring to data in the other worksheet. In one of the three similar sheets cell B5 shows up as a blank. In the other two, this cell shows up as a zero.
Since the formula in each of these cells is identical, I figured the difference in the way the result showed up was a matter of cell formatting.

The cell format for each of the three is indicated as ‘general’. However, with one of these, the ‘sample’ shown when you view the cell format shows as a blank while the other two show the ‘sample’ as a zero (0). How can I go about making all three cells appear the same, namely a blank?

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Getting The Total From The Result Of The Formula

Aug 1, 2009

I have already an existing formula to get only the amount from the previous cell. From a6 to a30 it contains the word "11/05/09 press release $100", so in b6-b30 this is the formula. =IF(ISNUMBER(SEARCH("press",A6)),RIGHT(A6,LEN(A6)-FIND("$",A6)),"") until b30

the problem is in b6:b30 the 100's were not a number you have to copy and paste to other cells using paste special then values then click the smart tag and convert as a number to get all the total from b6 until b30.

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IF Formula And If The Result Is True

Aug 13, 2009

Is it possible to use the IF formula and if the result is true, to run another formula and if the result is false put a "0" in the cell???

Here is an example...

In cell A1, I have an amount of money.
In cell B1, I have a quantity.
In cell C1, I want to use the following IF formula:


At the present time, when I do this, when the result is true, I see ((A1)*(B1)*0.15) in the cell instead of what that formula should give.

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'greater Than >' Formula & Result

Aug 14, 2009

Column B is basically 550 points + column C = Base Roll.

We need to introduce a cap so no more than 1000 points can be displayed/earned. So column G adds all points & column F caps.

So far it's all ok.

Now when i add a value to column E (points spent) those points are deducted from column G instead of the capped 1000.

Entering a value of 500 displays 800 in column F instead of 500.

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Copying Result Of Formula

Sep 10, 2009

I have a formula that returns a string using the concatenate function. Now I want to copy the string to another cell without copying the formula. The string will become a record in a CSV file. I cannot figure out how to make what shows on the screen a label cell instead of a formula cell.

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Output Formula Result

Feb 14, 2014

How do you write a code that will calculate a formula and output the result in a cell?

For example:

A1 = 1 (Named "Cell1")
A2 = 2 (Named "Cell2")
A3 = Results of macro for Cell1+Cell2 = 3

Is there a way to write it if I also want B3 = B1 + B2 and C3 = C1 + C2, etc.

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Formula In Same Cell As Result

Dec 15, 2009

I have a value in Cell A1. Now, I need to be able to enter a number into Cell A3 and upon hitting Enter (or clicking elsewhere), the number I just entered into Cell A3 needs to be replaced with the number I just entered multiplied by the number in Cell A1. For Example: Cell A1 contains the number 1.05. I type 2.50 into Cell A3 and upon hitting Enter Cell A3 reads 2.625.

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Copying A Formula Result

Feb 27, 2007

copying a formula. Basically i want to paste special a formula result automatically.

I have a if function set up so when 2 days corespond then in the 3rd cell it records the value, however when ever the date changes the value disappears, i can keep the value u there by paste special but i would love to set this up as an automatic thing once a value is recorded it records the value and deletes the formula, or the value doesnt change when the date (thus the condition) changes...

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Display Formula In A1, Result In A2

Sep 26, 2007

I have a formula in A1 that I would like to execute from A2. I want the A1 to display the formula (so no "="), but I would like cell A2 to execute the formula in A1.

If A1 contains: "SUM(1+2)", how can I get A2 to display "3" without reproducing the formula?

A1: SUM(1+2)
A2: ????

I suppose I'm looking for something like this:
A2: ==A1
But, of course, that doesn't work.

If I do this it gets close:
A2: ="="&A1

But that returns "=SUM(1+2)" instead of executing the formula.

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Get Legend Along With The Result Of A Formula

Sep 30, 2008

I'm working on an evaluating spreadsheet where I give for several items a rate of 1 to 3 and at the end it calculates an average rate. The average rate would range from 1 to 3 as well and their meaning is:

1 - poor
2 - average
3 - good

How can I work on the formula so when the result is equal 1, 2 or 3 it automatically gives in the cell right beside the related legend?

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Run Macro If Formula Result Is 1

Jan 23, 2012

I have a spreadsheet containing 2 sheets. In cell A3 of sheet 1 I have a formula that generates either a blank or "1". In sheet 2 I have a macro called Index which I would like to run when the formula in A3 displays "1".

Having done some research I know that the worksheet change event does not work with formula changes so have tried the worksheet calculate function but to no avail. I have done a lot of searching but cannot find what the problem is.

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Update WS Name With Formula Result - VBA

May 10, 2012

i am trying to update the name of a worksheet with a formula but cant figure out how to do it.

the formula im using is


basically it needs to return "mm08yy" and insert that as the worksheet name.

i can get it to work for a specific cell by using

Range("A1").FormulaR1C1 = _

but i cant use that when i have Sheet1.Name =

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Result Of Formula In Other Cells

Dec 27, 2006

Is there a function that gives the result of a formula is it was entered in another cell?

For example, if I have named an INDEX/MATCH function, is there a way to get the result of that function if it were entered in an adjacent cell?

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SUMPRODUCT Formula- Getting #VALUE! Result

Nov 21, 2007

I'm trying to use the sumproduct formula to query 3 columns: I want it to look in column E for either a "P" "C" or an "A", multiply the corresponding numbers in column D and F, and put the sumproduct total in cell C5, D5 and E5 for each formula below. The problem is that I keep getting #VALUE! result. It's because some cells in the range have #N/A in them, but I can't control that.

Here is my formula:




How can I use this formula if for example cells D15-17 have no values or are #N/A?

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Sumif Formula If The Value Is 0 I Need The Result To Be 0

Jan 28, 2009

The value in A1 can range from 0-10. If the value is 0 I need the result to be 0, if the value is 1-10 I need the result to be the number multiplied by 613.35 plus 29.35 for example =sum(1*613.35)+29.35 or =sum(2*613.5)+29.35.

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See Array In Formula As Result

Jul 4, 2009

I´m not sure if this is possible: if I have an array in a formula, for example ={A,23,1,O,6} is there a way that I can put "A,23,1,O,6" in the cell where the formula is? so that the result of the formula is a concatenation of the elements of the array?

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How To Reference The Formula Not The Result

Jul 11, 2009

I am setting up a spreadsheet that we can use with EditGrid online so we can post it in Forums. These will be used to track contracts for NFL players. I have used multiple formulas to do this. The problem is that I need to do this for 32 teams over 10 years. So what I want to do is be able to have a master sheet and then just have the other 32 sheets pull those formulas from the master but use the info on the individual teams sheet. I'll give you some basics.

The first year starts out where you type in a players position, name, contract length and his rating. here is an example of one of my formulas. The very basic first one


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Only Show Formula Result If Not Zero

Nov 7, 2006

I'm having trouble with the attached example. An earlier member solved the odd-even problem, but I'd only like it to calculate if there is data in columns B to G.

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IF Condition Formula - Take All Columns In Result

Aug 13, 2012

I'm trying to complete my if condition formula, wherein I've stuck between, how I need to complete, here is the attached one.

The IF formula should take, all 'A,B,C and D columns in result.


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Why Formula Returns Result For One Line And Not The Other?

Jul 27, 2014

I have a two different formulas the return a numbered result(PO Number) in the same column. I then vlookup both of them with the same formula into a pivot table, one returns the result one doesn't. format appears to be the same.

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Keep Trailing Zeros If In Formula Result

Jan 9, 2014

I'm attempting to create a spreadsheet to calculate various things at my work, however I'm running into a problem that I can't solve. In one cell, I have a formula that returns an value to two significant figures. The number of decimal points that this value has is then used at various points throughout the sheet to truncate/round/etc. However, if the first value has a trailing zero as the second significant figure (ex. 0.20), that trailing zero is dropped. This creates problems since downstream calculations are then truncating to an incorrect number of decimal points. How to retain this trailing zero IF the formula results in one?

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Converting Formula Result To A Word

Jan 13, 2014

I have two sheets, the first called 'AF' and the other called 'POR'. For one of the columns in the 'AF' sheet I used the following formula - VLOOKUP(B2,POR!$A$2:$A$111254,1,FALSE) to retrieve a string consisting of 7 numerical digits (Ex. 4678451). Now if I want this result of 7 digits in the same 'AF' sheet to be converted to the word "YES" - how do I achieve this? (All the 7 digits numbers are different or unique). Is there some sort of REPLACE command I use here or some other means?

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