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Copy Rows Represented By Checked Check Boxes

I have created checkbox for all the rows of items in sheet1 so that they will be able to select and then copy to sheet2.


If a checkbox at row 1 in sheet1 is selected, the entire row (which the checkbox represent) will be copy into sheet2 (which would have the same column headers).

If a checkbox at row 2 in sheet1 is not selected, nothing will be done there.

If a checkbox at row 3 in sheet1 is selected, then the entire row of 3 in sheet1 will be copy again into the next avalible row in sheet2 (in this case, row 2 in sheet2)


There will be other informations at the beginning (top) of each excel worksheet which does not need to be touch at all. Only the data portion (starting column C row 16 in sheet1 and column A row 16 in sheet2) will need to have the above function.

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Check Boxes Macro: Macro That Will Check If The Boxes Are Checked And If Not Ignore Them And If So Run A Certain Macro
I have numerous hyperlinks in cells on a worksheet, next to these I have checkboxes. I am looking for a macro that will check if the boxes are checked and if not ignore them and if so run a certain macro.

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Check If Cell Represented In Inches
well in one of my excel reports, i am using a dsum formula and plotting a chart against it. i do not want to show the zeros on the graph, is there anyway i can do that, i could not find anything in the tools -> options.

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Add New Sheet & Copy Checked CheckBox Rows
I need to copy all the cells to a "new worksheet" if the checkboxes are checked.
I have thousand of cell in here but i just narrow it down in this example.

21 22 23 24 25 26 checked
31 32 33 34 35 36 unchecked
41 42 43 44 45 46 checked
51 52 53 54 55 56 unchecked

there is a command button in here that when it was click it will open a "new worksheet",
what I need to see in the new worksheet is this:

21 22 23 24 25 26
41 42 43 44 45 46

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Check Box Name Changing When Checked
I want the name of a check box to change when it is checked or unchecked. I have a box where it is working just fine. I was given assistance to the initial code and have been using that code to create the same scenario with other check boxes on my sheet, but receive errors. I have been trying to decipher the problem to no avail. Can someone look at my codes and explain why when I copy the same formula it is not working.

The UN-Check All / Check All button is the working check box. I am trying to apply the same function to the four boxes next to Check Date and GL Post date fields.
I have reset all codes except for the last check box #34, which I have left so the error can be looked at. What I want it to do is when checked I want the name to be "Payroll GL Post Date" When Un-checked the name should be "Adjustment GL Post Date"

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Inputing Values When Check Box Is Checked
I am trying to create a form and I want the form to put values on certain spaces when box is checked. For example:

apples unchecked box
pears unchecked box
and so on.

I an going to create a list like this

and so on


If I check any of th boxes, I want a certain price to be posted besidesmy listand at the bottom to give me a total.

This is just an example of what Im going to do. No I am not creating a shoping list I just want to learnesd how to create the boxes and run macros.

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Check Box Change Color When Its Checked
Is there a way I can make my check box change color when it's checked? I'd like to have it uncolored and then turn green when checked. Not the cell, but the checkbox itself. I can't seem to make the check box part of the cell, if that would be an easier route to go please let me know. If I have to turn the cell green and not the check box, I'd love for the whole row to turn green.

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Sum Numbers Checked By Forms Check Box
I am creating a worksheet that has multiple pricing options. Next to each pricing option is a form control check box. I would like the worksheet to automatically total the checked rows only. I have linked the check boxes to the corresponding cells with pricing. I did not use Active X controls.

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Change Colour Of Check-box Text When Checked
Qtn.1 - Do i use 'Conditional formating' under 'Format' to change colour of Check-box text when 'checked'
I.e when ticked >> change colour of text to red

Qtn2 - If yes-, what's the syntax to put in 'Conditional formating' ?

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Check UserForm Frame Controls That Options Are Checked
I have a Userform which has a series of Frames that contain Option Buttons. What I would like to do is check that an option button in each of the frames has been selected. If there are any missing then I need to inform the user - I would like all frames to be checked at the same time on the click of a button.

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Check All Check Boxes With CheckBox
I am creating a userform with 10 checkboxes. The first 9 checkboxes are user options. I want the 10th check box to be a "Select All" option i.e. if the 10th checkbox is checked all the other 9 options are deemed to have been selected.

The way I want the display to work is that if the 10th checkbox is ticked all other checkboxes are cleared. Also if the 10th checkbox is ticked and any of the other check boxes is selected then the 10th checkbox should be selected.

I have tried coding this up but the checkboxes don't seem to operate as desired. I placed some code on the click event for the last option button to set the vlaue for all other buttons to false. This works but the 10th check box doesn't get ticked itself. When I try to code up the other bit I get similar issues.

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Determine If CheckBox Is TRUE/Checked Or FALSE/Un-Checked
code below whould return value "a" to specified range(s) The cells are formatted Marlett, 10pt, black, bold, center. Should return a nice tick mark to the specified range if selected shape has value of 1. I double chk'd the name of the shape referred to in code and it is correct Yet value of "a" is not returned, though the chkBox is "ticked". What else can I check?

Option Explicit
Sub cv_ReviewCheckBoxes()
Dim wbBook As Workbook
Dim wsNotesLoose As Worksheet
Dim wsCoinRolled As Worksheet
Dim wsCoinLoose As Worksheet
Dim wsSummary As Worksheet
With Application
.Calculation = xlCalculationManual
.DisplayAlerts = False
. ScreenUpdating = False
End With.........................

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Check Boxes In A Spreadsheet
is there a way to have check boxes in a spreadsheet, that when ticked add a cost to a totals cell

ie cell e5:e25 is the totals
cells d5:d25 would be the check boxes

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Inserting Many Check Boxes
I want to put (control toolbox) check boxes in each cell in a long col.

Each check box is to be linked to the cell next to it.

What is the easiest way to do this ( i dont want to have to manually change the cell each check box is linked to)

is there a way to make the linked cells progress by draging the check box, or some other way?

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Clearing Check Boxes
I have 50 check boxes not on a user form, but on spreadsheet. I attached a button that says "Clear All" (meaning 'clear all checkboxes'). I can write a sub smth like

Private Sub CommandButton1_Click()
CheckBox1.Value = False
CheckBox2.Value = False
End Sub

... and so on for all 50 check boxes. Any simpler way to do this in a loop? Smth like

For i=1 To 50
Checkbox............ .Value=False
Next i

I just cannot figure out the syntax.

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Set All Check Boxes To False
I need a macro that will reset checkboxes if checked and bypass if unchecked.

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Copy Cell When CheckBox Checked
I want to add a checkbox that when checked, copies a value (E3) in the row and pastes it into another cell on the same row (G3). I would also like for it to be cleared when unchecked.

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Counting Columns Of Check Boxes
I am using Excel 2007 on Windows XP. I have written up a questionnaire that allows the user to simply check boxes in the cells. My problem is coming up with a formula to count the number of boxes have been checked. I tried several count formulas without any luck. I think one of the problems is that when I highlight the cells with these check boxes it doesn't actually show in data in the fx line.

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Check Boxes Copied From Internet
I copied a list of data from Vendio Counters for pages in my website, which includes a check Box in their 1st column.

When copying the list, you automatically get the check box plus the data.

When I paste it into my counter tracking spreadsheet, the Check Box is also pasted into one of my columns.

The problem is that I only want 1 column which is the actual count.

I have tried everything to delete the Check boxes to no avail. I've even tried to delete the column and it won't delete.

All the other extra columns can be cleared or columns deleted

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Check Boxes, Variables And Passing Them All
I have a worksheet with a command button, this button opens a userform with check boxes. the user has 4 options and can select them all if they choose, they click the command button on the userform and then the original sheet gets populated with only specific data based on the variablesbut nothing happens.

Private Sub CmdStructStrategy_Click()
FrmStrategy.Lbl1.Caption = "2007 Roll"
FrmStrategy.Lbl2.Caption = "Flat Price"
FrmStrategy.Lbl3.Caption = "Options"
FrmStrategy.Lbl4.Caption = "Time Spreads"
End Sub

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Check Boxes For Adding Up Numbers
I have a column of prices, I would like to have check boxes in a column beside the prices so that I can check the boxes and that they give me the sum of the prices that are checked.

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Force Users To Check One Of My Two Boxes
I have two CHECK BOXES, one says YES and the other says NO

directly after the user opens the worksheet and enables the macros

I want a pop up message box to appear directing them to check YES or NO and not allow them to do anything else until one of the two is checked

once either box is checked, they can continue on to filling in the rest of the worksheet

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Inserting Multiple Check Boxes
Is there a way to a mass insert of Check Boxes without the cell link all being the same cell? I have a huge list of items that I want to put a check box next to each one. This way when my warehouse people check it off in the sheet one of the columns will read "Available".

Problem is when I put the first box in and cell link it to E4, and then copy and paste it, all the boxes toggle based on one another. Otherwise I have to put in 584 check boxes. Solutions or other recommendations are gladly welcome.

Also, is "True/False" the only available "response" when using Check boxes? (I Know I can write an equation based on the true false, but I am just curious)

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Add Data With Check Boxes In Userform
What Im trying to do add some addition data to a spreadsheet, I think a userform is the best way to do this. Worksheet = sheet 1 (Current Data)

I have an Item number in column C of sheet 1 (currently 570 items)
I have a spot for the values of my checkboxes on sheet1

What I would like is to be able to select the item number from a combo box (cmbITEM) And check off all or some of the checkboxes (I have 12 checkboxes = chk01 through chk12) then have that update the data on sheet1

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Macro To Link Check Boxes To Cells
I have a spreadsheet setup which includes a number of checkboxes set up using the forms toolbar.

I would like to link each of these checkboxes (in sheet1) to a cell reference in sheet2. I'm trying to write a macro that will do this for me to save me right clicking, choosing format control etc for each checkbox.

I found the code on this page:
which appears to be similar to what I am trying to achieve. In this case it creates the checkboxes in cells B3:B20 and links them to C3:C20.

I have already created all the checkboxes, and wish to use a macro to link them (for example) to C3:C20 in sheet2.

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Static Check Boxes With Time Stamp
I have a spreadsheet in which a check box fills the corresponding cell with the value "TRUE" if checked and "False" if unchecked. I use this check box for several functions (e.g. assigning a unique ID number). One of the functions I would like to make is a time and date stamp in another column when a user checks a box.

I have perused some of the past topics on this subject and there are a few hiccups in the other fixes.

1. I can't simply set the iterations to one because this sheet also is used to calculate expenditures, fund balances, etc. I need the calculations to be ongoing.

2. I currently have a check box macro that placed a check box on a thousand rows. It may require more rows later on. I need a solution that sets up a time stamp for all of these rows, not just a macro for one row at a time.

3. I need the time stamp to be static. I need to know when entries were made. I cannot use track changes, because we will be using this data to measure the effectiveness of our process. I need to be able to add and subtract the time between the timestamps.

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Hiding Check Boxes In VB Excel 2007.
Im Having trouble with my Visual basic code in Excel 2007.
I'm using the code to hide two rows which works fine, however my code to hide the check box (second line of code)

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Record Macro Uncheck Check Boxes
I would like to create a macro in my personal macro workbook that will uncheck specific "check boxes". I tried recording this process, but had no luck. Is there a trick to recording actions performed on objects, or some other trick to make this work that I'm not aware of?

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Creating A Macro To Clear Check Boxes
I am trying to create a code to clear check boxes from an excel sheet.

I'm trying to use the same type of macro for clearing normal text, but it does not work on the check boxes.

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Creating Multiple Check Boxes Macro
I would like to be able to create multiple check boxes that will accomplish 2 things.

1. When Checked will display a date in the cell one column to the right.
2. When checked will change colors

Secondly, since i will need to make several hundred of these I would like a macro that will allow me to define how the check box is to behave and then have a macro which will allow me to define all of the settings and then input the number of check boxes that I want and it will create that many boxes.

I recall seeing a macro on here some time ago (at least 1 month prior but no more than 6 months prior) which allowed you to type into a form how many check boxes or option boxes you wanted to create in your workbook, and then it would create that many.

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Removing Check Boxes Copied From Another Document
I need to remove check boxes that were added by accident and they would not clear out. I tried clearing content and deleting the whole cell, but I don't want to delete the whole row, as there are important information and it would take a long time to reformat and copy the stuff.

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Check UserForm Text Boxes For Entries
I have a user form with 10 textboxes on and when you press the command button, VBA will send the values in each text box to a cell on the sheet. If a user only wants to enter one value, it zeroes all the others in that row!! Does anyone have any ideas please in very very basic lamens code!! It is only relating to the user form called "Figures1". I had an if command running in the "decweek1" modules, but it makes my procedure too long to do the same with the other one!

If you look at my code, you can see how unadvanced I am with this so really simple code would be gratefully received!! If anyone feels nice enough you could always write the code for this problem for me and send me back the workbook, however I don't expect anyone to do this!

It is too large to attach so it is here:-


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Command Button To Clear Check Boxes
I am trying to create a command button in Microsoft Excel (Office 2000) that enables me to reset the check box status for a worksheet from checked to unchecked. The worksheet contains approximately 50 check boxes and is meant to be reused. Is this possible? If so, how can I program it to do so?

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Extract/Copy Data Where CheckBox Is Checked/TRUE
I have a series of checkboxes, we'll say checkbox 1-5. These are all listed on a sheet called products.

If for example you select check boxes 1,3 and 5 I need those to then be listed in a column in that order on another sheet called purchased.

If I went back and then uncheck 3 and check 4 then purchased would be updated.

I understand that if you take a cell and name it P1 for instance..and then on another sheet enter =p1 in a cell that they will update and share data, but I dont know how to pull from a check box..nor do I know how to assign a row of cells to accept multiple and changing information from those checkboxes.

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When Check Boxes Click Data Appear In A Specifice Cell
I'm attempting to use VB in excel. I've created a form and several check boxes with specific options for each one.

when one box is clicked I want the data from that box (whatever the option is) - to appear in a specific cell (ie: cell 17)

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UserForm To Select Pages To Print Using Check Boxes
I have a UserForm that I want to use as a “Print Selection Page” using check boxes to make selection or multiple selections of pages to print from different spreadsheets but same work book.

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Make Check Boxes Behave As Option Buttons
I have a form with at about 1200 checkboxes and I need to make them behave as radio buttons. What I mean is that just one box can be selected in a group of boxes.

Lets say i want to group all 1200 boxes in 400 groups, with 3 check boxes in every group. I want user to be able to select just one check box in every group.

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Multiple Questionnaire Check Boxes Limited To X Responses
As part of an audit program I have a questionnaire. One of the questions has 10 check boxes, one with a combo box and one with a text box. The user will check at least 2 or more answers, but not all 10. (2-4 average). I don’t want to link the answers to specific cells, because I don’t want the answers to display with blank rows between answer on the sheet. I want the answers to display in 2 columns evenly distributed.

I would prefer, to not have to run a macro, if possible, but the only way I could see to do this is a very long if statement base on every combination of answers. If the only way to do this is thru a macro, I would prefer to tie it to the printing of the sheet, or I could make it part of an error checking macro I plan to do. The actual question is in the attached file

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Create An Endless Column Of Numbers And Check Boxes
I have some code which, which I have modified it to create check boxes for all rows of data, but when I run it, it begins to wipe out the data, and create an endless column of numbers and check boxes. Here is the code:

Sub SelectCell()
Application. ScreenUpdating = False
Dim Z As Range
Set Z = Cells(1, 1).EntireColumn. Find("*", SearchDirection:=xlPrevious)
For i = 2 To Z
Range("A" & i) = i
Set cll = Range("A" & i).Offset(0, 1)
For Each shp In ActiveSheet.Shapes
If Left(shp.Name, 8) = "CheckBox" And shp.TopLeftCell.Address = cll.Address Then
Exit For.......................

I have tried to set it to recognize how many rows are filled with number, give that to variable Z and then apply the code but it simply does not work.

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Multiple IF Statements Check If Words Are Written In Certian Boxes
I am trying to write a formula that will do multiple IF statements checking to see if words are written in certian boxes and if so to do certian things and I need help, never done multiple IF statements in one formula before and can't find anything in the books I have or on the web.

= IF(D30 = "Oceanic",
IF(D35 = "Yes",
Both True
(((D32 * 4) + (D33 * 5) + (D34 * 9) + D31) * 0.15) + ((D32 * 4) + (D33 * 5) + (D34 * 9) + (D31 + 4500)),

Oceanic = "Oceanic", D35 = "No"
(((D32 * 4) + (D33 * 5) + (D34 * 9) + D31) * 0.15) + ((D32 * 4) + (D33 * 5) + (D34 * 9) + D31)

Oceanic = False, D35 = "Yes"
((d32 * 4) + (d33 * 5) + (d34 * 9) + (4500 + d31))

Both False
((d32 * 4) + (d33 * 5) + (d34 * 9))

I got:

= IF(D30 = "Oceanic", IF(D35 = "Yes", (((D32 * 4) + (D33 * 5) + (D34 * 9) + D31) * 0.15) + ((D32 * 4) + (D33 * 5) + (D34 * 9) + (D31 + 4500)), (((D32 * 4) + (D33 * 5) + (D34 * 9) + D31) * 0.15) + ((D32 * 4) + (D33 * 5) + (D34 * 9) + D31), ((d32 * 4) + (d33 * 5) + (d34 * 9) + (4500 + d31)), ((d32 * 4) + (d33 * 5) + (d34 * 9))

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Copying And Pasting A List In Order To Print (using Check Boxes)
I have a sheet which contains a list of products. I have created a check box next to each name with the linked cell in the adjecent column. I have formatted the cell so you can see the TRUE or FLASE.

I need to be able to select different products and then when I run a macro, it places all of the selected products onto the second sheet. I just need it so it lists the products in column A with no blank rows.

Can this be done using Index/Match? Would a macro which achieves all this be possible?

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Date Notation: Dates A Represented As A Number On Screen
In a sheet the first collum is defined as a date field. However the dates a represented as a number on screen. How can I change the way it's showed on screen?

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Formatting ("check Boxes" And Other Certain Cells Can Be Worked With)
I am having issues formatting an excel sheet. Many of its parts seem unaccessable in excel, at least to my knowledge. What confuses me is that the "check boxes" and other certain cells can be worked with, while others including rows and columns can't. How do I format it so that I can work with all of its parts in excel like a normal worksheet?

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Find Values, Copy, Check Date & Copy
The following macro does what it is designed to do and needs to be run from a control sheet called "Guide". When I run it from this Guide sheet it stops at around row 53 (out of 1400 rows) on each of the specified sheets in the macro. I have struggled with this problem and have now discovered that the macro will run correctly when run from one of the worksheets specified in the array, e.g. sheet "200 and 100".

Sub Calculateclosingtrades1()
Dim r As Long, c As Integer, LastRow As Long, rcheck As Long
LastRow = Range("J65536").End(xlUp).Row
Dim shtTemp As Worksheet
Dim vntName As Variant

For Each vntName In Array("200 and 100", "100 and 50", "50 and 25", "40 and 20", "20 and 10", "15 and 10", "18 and 9", "200 only", "100 only", "50 only", "40 only", "25 only", "20 only", "15 only").............

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List Boxes, Combo Boxes???
I am developing a spreadsheet with numerous information on our different suppliers offices in the country for each of our outlets. I am tryin to define a way to do the following:

If a colleague selects a company another list will appear with the region and when the region is selected a list of the offices will appear.

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How To Check All The Rows And Add To The End
I have a problem with my Excel Sheet, i am trying to write a macro that it checks the ids under the id column


ID | Ast Code | Ast 1 | Ast 2 | Ast 3
Id1 | Ast 1 | 1 | empty | empty
Id1 | Ast 2 |empty | 1 | empty
Id2 | Ast 3 |empty |empty | 1
Id3 | Ast 3 |empty |empty | 1
Id3 | Ast 1 | 1 |empty |empty

Than it must check for the duplicates ids what Ast Code they have, than at the result it must write from the previous one or from the after one take the Ast Code and write it near it..

For Example:

ID | Ast Code | Ast 1 | Ast 2 | Ast 3
Id1 | Ast 1 | 1 | 1 | empty
Id1 | Ast 2 | 1 | 1 | empty
Id2 | Ast 3 |empty | empty | 1
Id3 | Ast 3 | 1 |empty | 1
Id3 | Ast 1 | 1 |empty | 1

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Check Cell For Value, Copy Or Other Action
I have a macro to copy/paste B14 to B14 in next months workbook. Once a year the event occurs twice in a month, resulting in B14 and B15 both having values, the other 11 months B15 is blank. For this one month I need to copy/paste B15 to B14 in next months workbook. The macro is quite long. So it is If B15 has value then copy/paste B15 to B14 in Feb workbook, otherwise copy/paste B14 to B14 in Feb workbook. Unable to work it out myself.

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Copy Sheet - Check For Duplicate Name
I have a command button that copies a template worksheet and names it with a date that the user chooses. Problem is, the user can choose the same date more than once. So, I need to have the command button check for all the sheet names, and if it finds a duplicate, prompt the user to enter some text to concatenate to the original sheet name, therefore making it's name unique. My existing code is as follows:

Private Sub CommandButton1_Click()

MsgBox "Please be patient. Creating a new Week Ending sheet can take several minutes!"

Call AddNewWE

End Sub

Sub AddNewWE()..............................

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Macro To Hide Rows When A Check Box Is Chosen
Need a macro to hide two rows when a check box is checked? Is this even possible? I would like rows 44 and 45 to be hidden when the check box next to loan impairment is checked.

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Values In Each Cells(A) Represented Back At Cells(B) But No Repetition If Some Cells(A) Contains Same Value
I did my search, but cant find and knows what key search to look/type for...

If i have data A1 through A10, such as 1 1 2 2 2 2 3 3 3 3

How can i get column B1 through B3 as 1 2 3 ?

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Macro To Check For True Value And Copy To Another Sheet
I need a macro that would sort out the true value in column A, and paste it to another sheet (range A77)

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