Check UserForm Frame Controls That Options Are Checked

May 8, 2008

I have a Userform which has a series of Frames that contain Option Buttons. What I would like to do is check that an option button in each of the frames has been selected. If there are any missing then I need to inform the user - I would like all frames to be checked at the same time on the click of a button.

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Validate UserForm MultiPage And Frame Controls

Dec 3, 2006

I am in the process of creating a module to validate a MulitPage UserForm that is composed of, among other controls, multiple frames, each containing a TextBox and two OptionButtons. I need to identify those frames where the TextBox value is not null and neither of the OptionButtons have been selected. The module will pass as variables the TextBox value, OptionButton captions and Frame caption to another module that will create a UserForm with the invalid Frame/TextBox/OptionButtons sets for the user to correct.

The interim code listed below runs as a command button on a test UserForm. The MsgBox displays only the first of the OptionButton’s caption as Opt1 and Opt2. Can anyone tell me why and where I went awry?

Public WithEvents As MSforms.TextBox, Opt1 As String, Opt2 As String, vtxt As Long, vFrame As String, vTag As String
Private Sub CommandButton1_Click()

Dim pPage As Page, cCont As Control, vCont As MSforms.Control
'Dim Opt1 As String, Opt2 As String, vtxt As Long, vFrame As String, vTag As String

Is there a more elegant way of accomplishing this? (Control Tags are already spoken for.)

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Access Control Properties Of Controls Within UserForm, MultiPage & Frame

Jan 30, 2009

I want to access the Properties of a number of controls in a running form, and these controls may or may not be contained in a Frame or a MultiPage.

In particular I want the Top and Left for these controls, which means I have to first find out if the control is contained in a Frame or MultiPage so I can get the reference for Top and Left. I'm ok with doing this for controls inside a Frame, but the MultiPage is eluding me. I get an error when I try to access these controls and it looks like they are actually owned by the individual Pages of the MultiPage.

how do I find out if a given control is contained in a given MultiPage?

Validate UserForm MultiPage and Frame Controls

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Check Mandatory Controls On MultiPage UserForm

Dec 29, 2006

I have successfully created validation code that operates as a command button. The code listed below identifies in a MultiPage UserForm non- null TextBoxes whose pair of associated OptionButtons have not been selected. (The TextBox and OptionButtons all lie within a Frame and their are 60+ sets of these throughout the UserForm.) A MessageBox alerts user to select one of the OptionButtons.

Private Sub CommandButton1_Click()
Dim cFrameT As Control
Dim cCtrlF() As Control
Dim pPage As Page
Dim cCtrl() As Control
Dim Num As Integer
Dim FNum As Integer
Dim vOpt As Boolean
Dim Opt() As String
Dim lPage As Long
Dim vFrame As String
Redim Opt(Num) As String
Redim cCtrl(FNum) As Control
Redim cCtrlF(Num) As Control

Num = 0
FNum = 0
' Loops through all Multipage pages
For lPage = 0 To Me.MultiPage1.Pages.Count - 1..............

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Controls.add Frame Causing Crashes?

Mar 3, 2008

I seem to have a bug i can't quite figure out with my code - its causing excel to crash each time it reaches this line (when its commented out - the form runs fine - otherwise "excel has encountered an error")....

Set frameFullX = frameFull.Controls.Add("Forms.frame.1", "frameFull1")
frameFullX is declared as a control and frameFull is a frame already on the userform.

Anyone know what I might be doing wrong (I'm going to try restarting and see if was just an issue with my machine or not?

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At Least One Check Box Must Be Checked?

Jun 15, 2013

I am using an array from another application for option buttons. I have attempted to adapt this code for checkboxes but with no success.

Option Explicit
Private Sub cmdadd_click()
Dim wrs As Worksheet, i As Long, x As Long


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Check Box Name Changing When Checked

Jun 2, 2009

I want the name of a check box to change when it is checked or unchecked. I have a box where it is working just fine. I was given assistance to the initial code and have been using that code to create the same scenario with other check boxes on my sheet, but receive errors. I have been trying to decipher the problem to no avail. Can someone look at my codes and explain why when I copy the same formula it is not working.

The UN-Check All / Check All button is the working check box. I am trying to apply the same function to the four boxes next to Check Date and GL Post date fields.
I have reset all codes except for the last check box #34, which I have left so the error can be looked at. What I want it to do is when checked I want the name to be "Payroll GL Post Date" When Un-checked the name should be "Adjustment GL Post Date"

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Check Box Change Color When Its Checked

Oct 20, 2008

Is there a way I can make my check box change color when it's checked? I'd like to have it uncolored and then turn green when checked. Not the cell, but the checkbox itself. I can't seem to make the check box part of the cell, if that would be an easier route to go please let me know. If I have to turn the cell green and not the check box, I'd love for the whole row to turn green.

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Inputing Values When Check Box Is Checked

Apr 25, 2008

I am trying to create a form and I want the form to put values on certain spaces when box is checked. For example:

apples unchecked box
pears unchecked box
and so on.

I an going to create a list like this

and so on


If I check any of th boxes, I want a certain price to be posted besidesmy listand at the bottom to give me a total.

This is just an example of what Im going to do. No I am not creating a shoping list I just want to learnesd how to create the boxes and run macros.

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Sum Numbers Checked By Forms Check Box

Dec 6, 2008

I am creating a worksheet that has multiple pricing options. Next to each pricing option is a form control check box. I would like the worksheet to automatically total the checked rows only. I have linked the check boxes to the corresponding cells with pricing. I did not use Active X controls.

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Change Colour Of Check-box Text When Checked

Jul 5, 2008

Qtn.1 - Do i use 'Conditional formating' under 'Format' to change colour of Check-box text when 'checked'
I.e when ticked >> change colour of text to red

Qtn2 - If yes-, what's the syntax to put in 'Conditional formating' ?

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Copy Rows Represented By Checked Check Boxes

Sep 8, 2007

I have created checkbox for all the rows of items in sheet1 so that they will be able to select and then copy to sheet2.


If a checkbox at row 1 in sheet1 is selected, the entire row (which the checkbox represent) will be copy into sheet2 (which would have the same column headers).

If a checkbox at row 2 in sheet1 is not selected, nothing will be done there.

If a checkbox at row 3 in sheet1 is selected, then the entire row of 3 in sheet1 will be copy again into the next avalible row in sheet2 (in this case, row 2 in sheet2)


There will be other informations at the beginning (top) of each excel worksheet which does not need to be touch at all. Only the data portion (starting column C row 16 in sheet1 and column A row 16 in sheet2) will need to have the above function.

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Opening Frame On Another In UserForm

Jun 25, 2014

I have a UserForm (UserForm61) where I have a popup calender acts like DTPicker. and some other controls . My Problem is whenever I am trying to open the calender it is opening behind every control. changing the z order played no role.

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Scrolling In UserForm Frame By A Code

Feb 28, 2010

Is it possible to scroll down in a UserForm Frame with a VBA Code in excel. My frame in the userform has a scroll height of 600 and a lot of option buttons. Based on a selection in a ComboBox(using If statement), I'd like to scroll down to a certain amount in the Frame.

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Vba Code Using 2 Check Box Options

Jan 22, 2010

I have a userform with two check boxes and four textbox... and i have a command button... i want that when i check checkbox1, the value in textbox1 and textbox2 will appear on cell A1 and A2... and when i check checkbox2, the value in textbox3 and textbox4 will appear in cell A1 and cell A2.

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Caption Of All CommandButtons In UserForm Frame Control

Mar 29, 2008

I have frame on a userform with command buttons. Is it possible to loop thru and capture the command button captions in a textbox. I'm trying to put together keyboard on a userform, so the user can populate a textbox with letters or phrases.

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How To Get Excel To Check All Options To Give Correct Valuation

Dec 8, 2011

I have 64 code ie: a1.c4.f6 etc and 64 corresponding value ie: $160,$180,$200 etc.

How can I get excel to check all the options to give the correct valuation.

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Determine If CheckBox Is TRUE/Checked Or FALSE/Un-Checked

Aug 30, 2006

code below whould return value "a" to specified range(s) The cells are formatted Marlett, 10pt, black, bold, center. Should return a nice tick mark to the specified range if selected shape has value of 1. I double chk'd the name of the shape referred to in code and it is correct Yet value of "a" is not returned, though the chkBox is "ticked". What else can I check?

Option Explicit
Sub cv_ReviewCheckBoxes()
Dim wbBook As Workbook
Dim wsNotesLoose As Worksheet
Dim wsCoinRolled As Worksheet
Dim wsCoinLoose As Worksheet
Dim wsSummary As Worksheet
With Application
.Calculation = xlCalculationManual
.DisplayAlerts = False
. ScreenUpdating = False
End With.........................

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Check Box Controls Move?

Jan 7, 2005

I have a spreadsheet with numerous check boxes. Everything looks great when I do a "print preview", but after I close the preview and return to the spreadsheet, a bunch of the check boxes have moved! Have I got a property improperly set, or is it something more sinister? I've looked all over, and can't find an explanation of what the various property settings mean...

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Check UserForms Controls For Entries

Dec 3, 2006

I have created a userform that contains textboxes, option boxes, and comboboxes. I need to make sure that there are no unanswered fileds when the submit button is hit. Preferably Excel would check for empty fields in the userform when submit is pressed. If Excel finds that some fields are empty it would prompt the user to correct the problem before the userform would post the data to worksheet. My efforts so far have prompted the user to change the data, but still posts the data before the change is made. Basically the submit button keeps running through the code right after it prompts the user for the change.

If textbox1.value = Empty Then
msgbox("Please enter information into textbox1")
End If

With this the msgbox appears, but doesn't stop the submit button from posting the incompleted data.

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UserForm MessageBox Options

Jul 31, 2007

I have the following VB macro that runs after user presses OK on a userform. I don't think it's written correctly. I would like a prompt that gives two options (either yes to return a null value if they've left a field blank, or return user to a reset userform1 if they select no.)

Private Sub CommandButton1_Click()

If Me.TextBox1.Value = "" Then
MsgBox ("You Must Enter a Part Number (eg. 1007821-12)")
Unload UserForm1
End If
If Me.TextBox2.Value = "" Then
MsgBox ("You Must Enter a Lot Number (eg. 6020631)")............

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Assign 1 Macro To Run Multiple Check Box Controls

Sep 15, 2007

I have over 100 checkboxs on an excel sheet. This sheet will be duplicated 25 times in this workbook.

How can I move this code so its not on each sheet.

Private Sub Aerial_Click()
UG = False
Apartment = False
Range("L68") = "Aerial"
End Sub

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Access UserForm Controls From Another UserForm

Jul 2, 2007

I am trying to change the property value of all optionbuttons on userform1 via userform2's deactivate event

Private Sub UserForm2_Deactivate()
If userform1.Controls = OptionButton Then
Value = False
End If
End Sub

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Userform And CheckBoxes - Filter Data According To Options Chosen

Jan 29, 2013

Have got a userform with four checkboxes representing specific salary bands. What I have tried to do is to filter the data according to options chosen, but the code seems not to be working.

Private Sub UserForm_Initialize()
With Me.CheckBox1
.TextAlign = fmTextAlignLeft
End With
With Me.CheckBox2
.TextAlign = fmTextAlignLeft

[Code] .........

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Userform To Enter Data In Different Locations Depending On Selected Options

Jan 22, 2009

xxxxxxxxxxxxxTeam1 | Team2 | Team3 | Team4 etc.
Hours State1
Hours State2
Hours State3

xxxxxxxxxxxxxTeam1 | Team2 | Team3 | Team4 etc.
Hours State1
Hours State2
Hours State3
xxxxxxxxxxxxxTeam1 | Team2 | Team3 | Team4 etc.
Hours State1
Hours State2
Hours State3

Each team leader would then input hours in each state each day on their column. Make sense? Easy Peasy...

My question........... is it posible to have a userform where a TL would select their name (Column) and Day (Monday=Row 3, Tuesday=Row23 etc) from a dropdown and then input figures in txt boxes to submit them in the correct location?

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Replicate Controls Within Userform

Aug 15, 2012

I have a userform that has nested multipages (5 in the outer page, 4 in the inner page).

On each of these multipages, I want to have the same controls (sliders) laid out in the same order - but with unique names, named after their tab location, for each control so I can use their value property later in the code.

I've designed the layout and named all the controls on my first sheet (e.g. Slider1Outer1Inner1). I now need a way of automating the replication of these across the other 19 sheets (including the nested inner multipage!); so that equivalent slider for example would be called Slider1Outer1Inner2, Slider1Outer1Inner3 etc.

I'm not sure about coding VBA to act on items within VBA...

" For each multipage in outer
For Each multipage In inner
For Each Object In current multipage
Copy inner.object -> Next multipage = CurrentOuter & CurrentInner & CurrentSlider "

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Hide Controls On A Userform

Nov 17, 2008

What's the best way to hide controls on a userform? I have a userfrom with 2 datepicker one for start date and one for end date. I want them hidden until I use checkbox and check it to appear. I am using this code but nothing is work.

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Loop Through Controls In UserForm

Jan 23, 2009

I have taken this code from Access and trying to use it in Excel to lock all the TextBox, ComboBox & CheckBox on the form.

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Disable Controls On Userform?

Jul 18, 2012

How to disable different parts of a userform?

I dont really want to go through each control as I reckon it will be handy code to have in the future if I need to add more but so far my code is:

Private Sub UserForm_Activate()
With Sheet2
n = 3


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Does A Group Of Userform Controls Have A Name

Jul 11, 2008

I have a number of TextBoxes across the page, all set to Visible=False.

If these get filled with data then I need to set Visible=True.

Rather than hard code this individually for each one (which is not a problem, it just looks untidy), can I select each row as a Group (whilst designing the form, not in the code) and then set that Group to Visible=True ?

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