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Count Days Between Two Dates

vba excel?

I wish to calculate the days between the starting date (column A) and ending date (column B). For the first 7 days are excluding all the holiday and weekend and the rest of it until the ending date are counted.

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Count Working Days Between 2 Dates, But Return A Zero If The 2 Dates Are The Same Day
Today I am having a very annoying problem that really has me stumped I need to work out the lag between a Due Date and Delivered Date

But as people sometimes manage to deliver on the Due Date it needs to show a zero (as in they got it in on time) but using the formula below the result is a 1 and I want a zero

Can anyone help me please? I have tried putting assorted -1s in to the formula and it looks like it might work until I copy down and find that if a person delivered one day early the result shows -3 for example!

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Count Dates Within Last X Days
I am trying to count the number of dates in a column that are within the last 180 days. I tried using COUNTIF and it did not work. Formula which I thought should work: =COUNTIF(A3:A32,>(A40)). My workaround is shown in Column B, but this method adds one column for each participant.

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Count Number Of Days Between 2 Dates
I have a question, does anyone now how to count between dates, for exemple :


And i wont only to count between 01-02-2009 / 28-02-2009, the result it will be 4.

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In Dates Count The Number Of Days
I have a range of dates. i would like to count the number of days that are earlier than the date =TODAY().

Do i use the COUNTIF function?

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Count Number Of Dates Older Than 30 Days
I need to figure out how to tell Excel to count the number of invoices on a worksheet older than 30 days and display that number in my Summary worksheet. Here's a quick example:

Worksheet '1234' has 10 invoices, 6 of which are more than 30 days old (invoice dates are in column B). Worksheet 'Summary' needs to display the total number of invoices and the number older than 30 days.

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Count Days In Specific Year Between Two Dates
I want to be able to count the number of days in a specific year between two dates.

Suggested formula input: DaysInYear(Date1,Date2,Year)


DaysInYear(3/3/2005,3/3/2006,2006) should return 62 (31 in Jan, 28 in Feb and 3 in Mar.)

DaysInYear(3/3/2005,3/3/2007,2006) should return 365

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Date Formula- To Count The Number Of Days Between 2 Dates
I have been using a formula to count the number of days between 2 dates and if the date was older than 12 months it would work fine.

The data that i was using has been changed and they have decided to change the format of the dates and dropped the year reference no all i have to work with is dates like 27-07 this represents 27th July i can format this date to work fine unless the date falls before 1 jan this year all i get is lots of numbers and it stuffs up the whole calculation.

The formula i am using to compare the dates is


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Add X Days To Dates, For Criteria Count, But Skip Weekends
I am trying to compile a count of dates using a numerical reference which adds x consecutive dates onto the initial start date based on the number in a cell.The dates added cannot fall on a weekend.

The start date for each calculation begins in D4 with the corresponding number of days to add onto this date in K4. In the example below 8/11/2007 -- 2 means that the 8th and 9th of Nov get one added to their count. As the next row also has 9th Nov as a start date one more is added to 9th Nov. As the 10th and 11th were a weekend they are skipped and the count starts again from the next Monday. I have enclosed a simplified worksheet with some sample data.


D4 --------- K4
8/11/2007 -- 2
9/11/2007 -- 3

Expected output:

8/11/2007 -- 1
9/11/2007 -- 2
12/11/2007 --1
13/11/2007 --1

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Days Between Two Dates
I have been using: =DATEDIF(A1,B1,"md") & " days" to calculate the difference, in days, between two dates in a speadsheet, however, the number of formulae in the spreadsheet now is cumbersome so I'm trying to put it together in VB.

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Convert List Of Dates To Count No. Of Dates By Week
Basically I have 2 columns each with a list of dates in no particular order (and containing blank cells too), one planned date column and one actual date column.

What I need to do is plot this on a graph, and since the number of dates has no set limit and I dont want to have to plot maybe 100 dates on the x axis, so i want to group them by week before plotting them, i.e. 10 dates for week ending 10th jan, 25 dates for week ending 17th jan etc

I have a pivot table that counts how many of each date occurs, i.e. 10 x 2nd jan, 7x 3rd jan etc etc but it does not split them into weeks.

im sure theres an easyish way of doing it so i can get the 2 lines on the graph for no. of planned dates each week and no. of actual dates each week, i just cant see it.

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Counting Dates In A Range :: Count Weekend Dates
In Cells B2:B100, i have dates that which have been entered using a combo box (the dates type is for e.g. 14th March 2010 format)

I want a formula that will count the cells that have dates between 1st April 2010 to 30th June 2010 in cells B2:B100

Also, I would like a formula that counts weekend dates between 1st April 2010 to 30th June 2010?

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Count Dates & String Dates After Given Date
The attached workbook has dates in column C, although some of these dates are just strings.

I'm trying to write some vba that will tell me how many of the cells in column C contain a date (or looks like a date) that is greater than (after) the real date in cell G1.

At the moment I loop through the cells in column C and can ascertain, which dates can be counted, then copy one row over at a time, but I'm looking for a slicker (perhaps one-liner) answer, perhaps by copying a block of rows in one go. The aim is to copy those rows to another sheet. There are many more rows than in the attached, and many sheets to process, and I have no control over the format of the dates/strings in column C. Currently it takes about 20 seconds to copy over the necessary rows, but I'm looking for it to happen much more quickly; current thoughts are to sort on column C (sorting on column C anything that looks like a number as a number - which has it's own problems!), have a count of dates satisfying the criterion (say using a worksheet formula such as COUNTIF or SUMPRODUCT, perhaps also using EVALUATE) then copy a block of rows in one go.

not very relevant, but the existing code is something like this which highlights rather than copyies the rows(included in the attached): ...

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Number Of Days Between 2 Dates
I am trying to set up a function to derive a number of days between 2 dates.

Within the table I have an on hire date, and off hire date, and an optional suspend hire date range in 2 other columns - ie. there are 4 columns with dates in.

On hire is in column B; offhire in C; suspend hire in G and recommence hire in H. The optional suspend hire date range will always fall within the main hire date range.

Column I calculates the number of days for the suspend hire period.

My key cut off date is in cell C4.

There are 3 different scenarios I need the function to cover.

1 - if the cut-off date (in C4) is later than recommence hire, calculate the number of days from hire start to cut-off date, less suspend hire period days.

2 - if the cut-off date (in C4) falls within the suspend hire period, calculate the number of days from the hire start to the begining of the suspend hire period.

3 - if the cut-off date (in C4) falls before the suspend hire period, calculate the number of days from the hire start to the cut-off date.

This is the fuction I have written:-


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Counting Dates/Days
a count formula.

Right, Column A on my sheet is the date that the work was completed. First thing is I need to be able to count how much work was completed per month. (I dont know why we have it all in one big sheet rather than monthly sheets but thats too logical!)

Secondly, column I is the number of days that piece of work took to complete. I need to be able to have a formula that looks at the month the work was completed, then total up the number of days that the work took.

(Example, if I have three bit of work completed in October, 1 took a total of 20 days, 1 took 15 and 1 took 10 it would = 45 days)

I know that this should be possible as I've had Excel doing more complex formulas than this.

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Formula On Dates For DAYS
I have a formula in column E: =NOW() for the date.

I need a Formula in Column H from H11:H300 such that:

i) when a date is entered in G11 the number in Cell H11 should be a difference between G11 and D11 as in rows 11, 13, &14 and

ii) Until a date is entered in cell G11 the difference should be between E11 and D11 as in ROW 12

Below is an example of what I want.

D E F G H8 Date Days9DateStatus as of Expected ActualTOTAL10out of order8-Aprin orderin order114-Mar8-Apr14-Mar101210-Mar8-Apr29134-Mar8-Apr6-Apr33141-Mar8-Apr31-Mar30

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Number Of Days Between Two Dates
I couldn't find a solution to my problem in the forum: Is there are formula that will allow me to calculate number of days between two dates? The date format is eg. 07/06/07

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Days Between 2 Dates Inclusive
I have a simple formula to work out the number of dates between to dates
ie: =U6-T6

This works out the days between 9 may and the 31may as 22 days
but i want to show the correct number of days including the 9may so this would be 23 days.

I tried this =U6-T6+1 which was fine but all the empty cells now show the value 1 in them.

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Calculate Number Of Days Between 2 Dates
I have a start date formatted as dd/mm/yyyy in cell A5
I have an end date formatted as dd/mm/yyyy in cell E5

In cell F5 I would like the result of the number of days between E5-A5 (Excluding weekends)
In cell G5 I would like the total number of days in the range F5:F25
In cell H5 I would like the total number of working days from A5 to Today

I am using the following formula to get the result in F5 etc
I have copied this down and in the blank cells I get #NUM!

In cell F? were there is no date entered in cell E? I get a minus number (which I can hide using conditional formatting), but the minus number obviously has an affect on the result in G5, as cell G5 gives me #NUM! instead of the result for the current numbers in row F

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Calculate Work Days Between 2 Dates
i have a few fields with dates in my excel sheet. I also have a field, where i want to automatically insert the business day between two other date-fields! Business date means days without the weekend and public holiday! Is it possible to do that? how?

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Number Of Working Days Between 2 Dates
I'm currently working on a file that has employee holidays/sickness etc. What I want to do is be able to see is a DATE FROM and DATE TO and next to it the total amount of working days between and including those dates. On top of the since employee's sometimes like to take half days I need it so that it can determine half days as well.

So for example I have an employee going to be off work from 29/10/2007 until 09/11/2007 12pm which is 10.5 days in total, but that includes weekends when I don't want it to.

Also it comes out as 11 days at the moment because I can't figure out how to get it to determine is it is half a day.

What formula should I use or if someone could create an example that would be really usefull :D

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Calculating Dates Using Plus Minus Days
I have a static date and military time in B6 (5/10/07 18:00) I have to write various formulas to reflect 1 month (whatever calendar month it ends up in, so not necessarily 30 days) minus 7 days and then the same formula plus 7 days. How is this written?

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Targeting Specific Days/dates
If the 21st of September 2008 was on a Sunday, I need to work out the date for Sunday three months on....

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Calculating The Number Of Days Between Dates
I need a formula that will allow me to put a date in cell a2, and in cell a3 put the the number of days between 2 dates. Example.. For example (A2) shows 08/06/08, a3 to show the number of days from 08/06/08 to 08/14/2008--(a3 )14 and (a4) to shows the number of days from 08/06/08-10/05/2008 ---(a4) 60 days.

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Calculating Days,Dates And Years
I recently manage to create a spreadsheet. On the spreadsheet what I am looking to do is once I change the year in cell U1 from 2010 to 2011 to automatically change the days and the date number, and where Sat and Sun preferably to auto-fill in yellow the whole column within the table as you can see in the spreadsheet.if not then just do not display Sat/Sun columns at all..

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Add Number Of Days To Dates
I have a start date (say 01/04/07) and I need to add a number of days to it to get the start of the next financial period. Unfortunately, I need to ignore a small list of dates (bank holidays, etc).

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Calculating Dates Until 16 Days From Date
I am trying to calculate dates that will happen 16 days from date specified in column A (A23:A200), based off a certain entry in Column B (B23:B200), which is named in cell P5. I can get the date by doing the specified date + 16, e.g. =IF($B$23:$B$200=$P$5,$A23+16,"")

The trouble I am running into is not having the date populate until it has reached 16 days from the dates in column A, show blank if possible until 16 days from date in column A. The dates in column A will always be previous to todays date.

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Calculate Days Between A String Of Dates
I need to calculate the number of days between a string of dates in Column A. There will be blank cells in between the dates and I need to ignore those blank cells. I'm trying to use this formula: =DATEDIF(A13,A15,"d") but it returns an error with a blank cell in the string.

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Calculating Number Of Days Between Dates
is there a way to calculate the number of days between two dates using the excel cells do i put in formulas so excel will calulate the number of days between May 3rd and september 19?

i want to enter may 3 in say a1 then sept 19 in a2 a3 should says days between em

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Days Between 2 Dates Excluding Weekends
how to find the number of days between 2 Dates excluding weekends and holidays using vba. I m using excel 2003. All I know is to figure out todays date using the keyword 'Date'.

Also, this is my second post and I have tried to comply with the rules regarding the title, but if it is still inappropriate and does not meet 'stating the problem' criteria,

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Determine Work Days Between 2 Dates
My workday function doesnt seem to be working correctly, it is including weekends.

My Spreadsheet is like this
A1= 01/01/2008 ( Date)
A2= 30
A3= =WORKDAY(A1+A2,0)

I am expecting the result to be 11/02/2008, but i am getting 31/01/2008.

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Number Of Working Days Between Dates
I need to work out the number of working days between 2 dates, where the working week is Monday to Thursday, ignoring all bank holidays etc.

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Calculate Number Of Days Using 2 Sets Of Dates
I'm new here. I've searched these forums in the past for help, but never had to post, i've always been able to find something by searching. However, this time I couldn't find anything that addressed my specific need so I figured it'd be worth a shot.

Alright, I have two sets of dates, and i'm trying to set up a formular that calculates the numbers of days from the first date range that overlap/fall within the second date range.

For example:

In A3 type "1/1/2006"
In B3 type "1/1/2007"
In C1 type "6/30/2005"
In C2 type "6/30/2006"

Now, in C3 i'd like to insert a forumla that tells me how many days in the date range of 1/1/2006-1/1/2007 fall in the date range of 6/30/2005-6/30/2006. Basically for this is should be half the year, however many days that is.

Is this possible with a formula?

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Calculate The Dates Between Two Days (excluding The Weekends)
I am looking for formula to calculate the dates between two days (excluding the weekends)
I am working in Saudi Arabia and the weekend days over here are thursday and Friday.

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Subtracting Dates :: Percentage Of The Days Worked
I have a minor assignment at work. The manager has given me a sheet that lists each employee's start date, and he wants to know what percentage of them have worked here for more than 30 days, 60 days, 90 days, etc. I know a long way to do it, but there's several hundred names, and there must be a quicker way. Is an array formula the answer? I need a non-VBA answer, but I'm not opposed to learning a VBA method (no pun intended).

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Subtracting Early Dates To Get A Number Of Days
I wish to subtract the date 11/18/1877 from 11/16/1968 to get a result showing the number of intervening days but excel does not want to do it.

When I take 11/18/1900 from 11/18/1968 and format the result to get a number with no decimals the result is 24835 as it should be; but it does not seem to work for dates earlier than 1/1/1900.

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Pull Forward The Dates By 3 Or 5 Working Days
I have a spreadsheet stating a date that my company will deliver a product by but due to a set of certain circumstances we need to pull forward the dates by 3 or 5 working days. Basically it needs to show the dates below but minus 3 days unless this includes non-working days (i.e. weekends)


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List All Days As Dates In Current Month
Is there a formula or code that returns the dates in the month in the current month before today? For example, today is 4th october 2006. so I would like it to return a column of values that include 1/10/2006, 2/10/2006, 3/10/2006, 4/10/2006.

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Calculating Number Of Days Between A Choice Of Dates
I have a spreadsheet where I have an intial date of issue of a warrant. Once this warrant has been executed, then a further column is populated with the date. The data I need to work out (Preferably without using macros if possible) is, if there is no execution date the length of time from issue to todays date, but if there is an execution date then length of time from issue to execution. I can do either on their own, but i would like to have only one column showing this info and if possible to update each time the sheet is opened

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Color Format Odd Days From Dates
I am trying to use Options>View - Zero Values.", "style="background: #FFFFFF;padding: 2px;font-size: 10px;width: 550px;"");' onmouseout='GAL_hidepopup();'>formatting.htm" target="_blank">Conditional Formatting to change the cell color based on wether the content is an even number or an odd number. Actually it is an even or odd date but I figure that it will read the date as it's serial number and that would be a number. I thought I would use something like "Formula is: =MOD(VALUE,2)" but I can't get it to work. I'd like to be able to do this without using the Analysis Toolpack. Even though ISEVEN seems like it might be a good solution.

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Count Last 10 Days
I have a spreadsheet with a list in column A, and starting from column D in row 1 are daily dates e.g. 01/10/06, 02/10/06, 03/10/06. On a daily basis an x is added manually to the spreadsheet where the list criteria matches the specific date e.g

1 01/10/06 02/10/06 03/10/06
2 M123 x x
3 M456 x x
4 M789 x x

What i would like to do in column C is to measure how many x's are in the last 10 days for each row. I have used formulas in the past to do something similar but I can't find them. Sorry I can't upload a sample but firewall won't allow.

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Work Days And Hours Between Two Dates & Times
I am creating a 'HelpDesk Issue Logger' and I am trying to calculate the Network Days and Network Hours between two dates with times. I want to know how many business days and hours are between the two days to give me a TURE 'Response Time.'

I have been to several sites and forums looking for the answer, but I have not been able to find a solutions that works for me. Please find attached a 'stripped' down version of my project.

- 'Date Received' (H11)
- 'Date Actioned.' (I11)
-'Response Time' (K11)

Work Days = Monday to Friday
Work Hrs = 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM (no lunch break)
Public Holidays = (AC13:AC30)

Date Received: dd/mm/yyyy hh:mm AM/PM
Date Actioned: dd/mm/yyyy hh:mm AM/PM
Response Time: d - hh:mm

If there is someone out there wiling to put me out of my missery with this one, you will have a friend for life.

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Comparing Dates And Selecting A Days Worth Of Data
I need to compare dates that include both the date and time of day, to find when the day changes.

I have a large list of dates (also includes the time of day in the same cell). There are specific values in the next column that correspond to that date. Some of the values that are too great and have to be changed. This I have figured out with some help from this forum. When a value is changed I need to add together all the values for the corresponding day, some could be above and some could be below.

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Counting Dates In A Range :: Today And 7 Days Ago
I need to do a total of the dates entered in the RAW DATA sheet that fall in between today's date and 7 days ago. I am comparing it to B3 in sheet 2. Have tried a COUNTIF but cannot get it to work.

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Calculate The Number Of Days Between Two Dates Using The Days360 Function
I was calculating the number of days between two dates using the Days360 function. However, now it is not accurate enough for me... Is there a function that is more accurate? based on 365 days and includes leap years... that I could use as I need this calculation to be exact? For example, number of days between April 1st, 2010 and August 31, 2012 is 884, but the days360 function returns 870.

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Calculate Day Difference Between Dates Excluding Certain Days
I am attempting to get the formula in Column "E" (see attached excel file) to work based off the individual reps 'days off / holidays' (Columns K:P (or more as needed) that they might have. the formula I am using (which works fine) is:

=IF(C2=D2,0, SUMPRODUCT((WEEKDAY(ROW(INDIRECT(C2&":"&D2)),2)={2,3,4,5,6,7})*(COUNTIF($K$2:$S$2,ROW(INDIRECT(C2&":"&D2)))=0)))

My issue comes up when I am coping this formula for say 100+ rows. When I copy the formula to all of the rows, the (COUNTIF($K$2:$S$2) becomes static and does not realize that the row (ie. Row 26 Rep C) has different days off than Rep A. I can manually change the reference for the countif to specify the correct row to their own days but that becomes tedious very quickly. I was wondering if anyone has come across a way to make the countif work based off of that the name in Column B matches the name in Column G then looks 'to the right' and uses the 'days off' that are listed for the corresponding Rep. I have tried a few different ideas but nothing has worked so far.

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How Can I Count Workable Days
when I try to calculate the worked days between two dates using the formula "Networkdays" in excel, the result just count the days from Monday to Friday.


If I want to calculate the workable days from 12/1/08 (Start_date in cell A1) to 1/14/09 (End_date in cell A2) by using the formula: =NETWORKDAYS(A1,A2)

the result will be 33 days, but due to fact that I also need to count Saturdays, the result that I need must be 39 days.

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Count How Many In A Month Days
I need to count how many in a month per day X number is =. I originally used Countif -


The formula above works, but i end up with several long strings of Countif. I'd like to know if there is a way wherein i can use a shorter formula.

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Count Days Formula
I would like to have a formula in a spreadsheet of personal bills that counts down the number of days until each one is due each month.

In one column, I have a digit in each cell to represent the day of the month each month that the bill is due. Someone helped me with a formula that can count down days to a date that is a higher number than the present day of the month, but can I get a formula to count the days from, say, December (or any month) 28th to a due date of the 6th (of the next month)?

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Count Days In Specified Month
I am using the following array to determine the total dollar of contracts reviewed in one month.


Column C has the actual Date
Column H the beginning of the month
Column I the end of the month and
Column D the dollar amount

Now I would like to count the number of contracts that fall in the following categories in a given month. The minimum number is in Column N and the maximum in Column O.

I can get the count for each category but am having difficulty with the count in the specific month. Does any one have any suggestions - other than a pivot table?

I am attaching a small sample.

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Days Count From Specified Date
The union has instated a new policy here and new hires now have a 120 working day probationary period. That comes out to about 6 months. ( 168 days minus the 48 days off) . what Im looking for is a formula that will calculate each date that has passed as one starting at a 48 also adding in to the equation that every day sick counts against that 120 and everyday of OT counts as positive brining them closer to the 120 they need.

I can figure out the math part of adding and subtracting the days. But what I cant figure out is how do I get it to read each date as one starting from the date in cell b3

Example cell b3 has 9/25/06 cell b4 has 3/12/07 all the days that have passed count as one.

The total starts as a 48( due to the days off) with the verabial, d8 is a negative and d9 is a positive. To be added in to the total.

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