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Create Parent Child Relationship From Hierarchy

I have an excel file (see sample attached) with a hierarchy with parents and children spread across different columns and rows. However, I am trying to condense it into one column with parents and one column with children. The only way I've been able to do this is by copying and pasting parents onto children rows, which is both a manual and time-consuming process (when you have a lot of rows). I feel like there must be a way to use VBA or a formula or something to get it to work. I have attached a sample, so you can see what I am trying to do (current data and desired data).

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Display A Tree-like Structure From Parent-child Nodes
I encounter the following problem which has been bugging me for weeks.

I am doing up an engineering spreadsheet which calculate the electrical cable size from node A to node B.

Col A and B goes like this:


So Transformer is the parent of MSB_A and MSB_A is in turn the parent of SSB_A1 and so on.

What I would like to achieve is to put these data into the following configuration:

............................|-> SSB_A1

...........................|-> SSB_B1

NB: Please ignore the "dots" above.

This will give the user an overview of the parents and node relationship.

I can't seem to find a solution how to achieve this.

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Child & Parent Data Validation List
I have data for , say - Cars, Company and Average.

I solve this upto 2 level i.e cars and companies.

But i want a third level also.

When i select Car from drop down list, using data - validation - list , in cells(1,1) , i should get all companies in Cells(1,2) and on selecting companies , i should get Average in cells(1,3).

If i do define name ,and then data validation list , and then use Indirect() function, i can solve it upto 2 level.

Eg. I can get company for car .. but how to get Average Also.

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Align Numbers From 2 Columns In Parent Child Manner
I have searched numerous times for the answer I need, but no joy yet.

I have a spread sheet that has one column (call it 1) of data with a single entry each of 100, 200, 300, 400, 500, and so on.

I have a second column (call it 2) that has multiple entries of 100, 200, 300, 400, 500, and so on, and I want to sort so that the rows wind up with the numbers in column 1 all sorted in an accending order, but I want all the same numbers in column 2 sorted to "list" next to the same number before the next number sorts. See below for a small example of what I hope to see once it sorts.

Auto Merged Post Until 24 Hrs Passes;Unfortunately the example didn't post correctly..perhaps this will work but note that the x's are in column 1 and don't exist.


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IE6 Automation In VBA - Open A (child) Page On Clicking A Button In Main (parent)
My query is regarding internet explorer 6 automation via code in VBA (Excel 2003). I'm trying to open a page on clicking a button in main page.

I'm able to open both parent and child pages via VBA, but now want to automate events (like radio btn click etc) in child page.

below is my initial code -

Sub ListLinks()
Dim IeApp As InternetExplorer
Dim sURL As String
Dim IeDoc As Object
Dim i As Long

'Create new instance of IE
Set IeApp = New InternetExplorer

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Create Hierarchy Of Data Types
My question is about creating a hierarchy of Data Types.

I need to code 3 Data Types:
1.) MealPlan
2.) Meal
3.) MealItem

MealPlan represents a daily meal plan. It should have a certain number of meals. An example of MealPlan would be "Healthy" and have a total of 3 meals. Meal represents a single meal. It should have a certain number of meal items. An example of Meal would be "Meal 1" and have a total of 3 meal items. MealItem represents a single meal item. It should have a certain number of protein calories, fat calories, carb calories. An example of MealItem would be "Broccoli" and have protein calories of .2, carb calories of .8, fat calories of .1.

By using Data Types, I hope to create meal plans, which are made up of meals, which are made of meal items. The following code creates a Data Type hierarchy for two Data Types. I've examined it closely but i'm still having a hard time recreating it for my needs as stated above.

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Rearrange Data In Hierarchy To Table
How do I use VBA to rearrange the data from the hierarchy format of Table 1 into the flat format of Table 2. See attached file >Data_Belinda_June-5-07.xls

Table 1: Each record has information arranged in a hierarchy format.
Level 1 information is indented by one space on one line; Level 2 information is indented by 2 spaces on the next line, etc.

Table 2: Data from Table 1 have been rearranged into 7 columns. Another column has been added to create a field for the Reference ID.

Reference ID: Two types: i) Created by prefixing with the letters BI , adding the first four letters from column 4 and the first four letters from column 5; ii) As in (i) with the addition of the entire word from column 6.

The report I have may have more than one hundred records and there may be more than ten people within each section.

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Creating A Hierarchy Of Non Numerical Data ?
I need to create a table of non numerical data that I can refer to in a formula, which will compare two pieces of data (both also inside this table), and based upon which is "higher up in the hierarchy" - the cell will display a certain result.
Basically it will be an IF function using non numerical data that has a numerical value / "rank" attached.

Specifically - I need to allocate values to this list in cells A1:A5...
....where EUR is highest ranked and USD lowest.

Then in column B and C will be listed each of these values but in various combinations. In column D I will build simple IF functions to show the highest ranked in each combination. eg B1=EUR C1=GBP D1=IF(B1>C1,B1,C1)

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Creating Multiple Drop Box In Hierarchy
I did all the search for multiple drop box or list box that can connect to other list boxes but no luck.

It's the same as when you surf with Internet Explorer, you can click "Views" in menu bar, list box appear and then choose "Encoding", another drop box appear, then when you choose "More", then another box appear.

Is it possible to have this sort of hierarchy list box in excel where drop box connect to another drop box?

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Change Vertical Rolling Hierarchy To Horizontal
The accounts listed on this report change on a monthly basis. I am attempting to create a macro or write a formula that can but used each month to fill in this list automatically. On Sheet 1 is a short example of what the report looks like when exported into excel. The numbers on the left are the numerical hierarchy. The long set of numbers are the account numbers and the others are the categories that each are located under.

Sheet 2 is what I need the end result to look like. One of the problems I am running into is how to handle the fact that the hierarchy re-uses numbers. The hierarchy always runs vertical, therefore "5" always falls under the "4" that is directly above but when there is another "4" it should be ignored and continue on up the chart until it finds the first "3" and place that in the cell to the right then find the first "2" and so on.

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Master-child Relationships In A Userform
I have an application that uses data stored in an excel spreadsheet. Over time the amount of data has become greater, and the application more unwieldy and difficult to maintain. In order to simplify it, I am trying to create a userform that displays multiple levels of master-child table data (for example, clients-orders-items). The data is stored in separate worksheets. The lower levels must allow inserting and deleting lines, moving them up or down, and editing the data. Does anyone have an example of such a userform that I could adapt to my specific requirements?

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Data Relationship...?
I would like to get to a stage when I can type in a part number and it will bring up other part numbers that were ordered with that part number. Ideally the top ten rather than having a huge lists of hundreds of parts.

I.e The top selling part number in the list is 11511607, I can easily make a formula to bring back all of the order numbers this was ordered on but I don’t want the order numbers, I want the other part numbers on the order in which this part was ordered. I am trying to get to which parts are commonly ordered together and thus should be stored close together in the warehouse to speed up the picking processes.

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Relationship Between Width And Pixels
Got two spreadsheets that should be identical, and in both the column widths ARE identical - when you look at the no. of Pixels. However, the other width is different. So what's the relationship between width and pixels? Is this difference to be expected?

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Find Parent Directory
Imagine this:
* Main Category #1
Sub Title #1: "Value"
Sub Title #2: "Value"
Sub Title #3: "Value"
Sub Title #4: "Value"
* Main Category #2
Sub Title #1: "Value"
Sub Title #2: "Value"
Sub Title #3: "Value"
Sub Title #4: "Value"
Sub Title #5: "Value"
Sub Title #6: "Value"
Sub Title #7: "Value"
Sub Title #8: "Value"
Sub Title #9: "Value".................

Main categories and subtitles are in the same column. "Value"s are in the column to the right.

I want to make a list in the columns to the right. This list will only show something if the "value" is not zero. It will show in the first column right from the original list, the main category to which the subtitle belongs to and the subtitle. Something like this (imagine subtitle #2 from cat #1 and #2 and #3 from cat #2 are not zero):

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Copy Data From Child Workbooks And Paste In Master Workbook
I had to copy data from child woekbooks (*.xls) and paste it to the master workbook with same page to page every time when a macro is executed i had done the copy and paste part

But I'm Facing the problem in which i had to deal with

Validations as on both master and child sheet validation (column based combo box is activated )
one is worktype
2ns is time type

i jst had to copy data to the master macro works perfectly fine but the problem is that a msg box appears which signifies that i had to change the name (version ) for both types when i click yes 2 times it pastes the data

I'm attaching my macro as well as pic of that msg box with this attachment

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FORMULA To Display Parent Folder Name
a FORMULA (not a macro) that can be used to diplay the parent folder name in a cell? I don't need the file name or workbook name, just the folder name.

My Workbook is stored in the following location: C:FilesExcelFiles

I want a fromula to return "ExcelFiles", since that is the parent folder

I have searched previous threads but found no resoultion.

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Pull Info From 1 Worksheet Into Another - Not A One-to-one Relationship
I have one worksheet with 238 rows and another with 163 rows. I want to pull information into the sheet with 238 rows whenever there is a match to a record in the 163 rows. I tried VLookup, but as soon as it gets to a record in the 238 that doesn't exist in the 163 it gives errrors and stops. I've looked at =offset and =offset(match) but I'm not finding anything that deals with the situation of not always being a one-to-one (or even one-to many) relationship. Ultimately I want to pull the Category & Project fields into the records matching on IDNumb in Sheet 1 but Sheet 1 has more records than Sheet2. example......

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Update Textbox In Parent Frame
The code below works really great which Andy helped me with, but now I've put the textboxes that are changing in a frame. That is because I need to scroll the textboxes. That works in another form I've got, but for this form I've also got the textbox, TBSum601, which is updated from the sub UpdateTotal() (see below). BSum601 is placed on the form but not inside the frame. When I run the application it stops in Sub TxtGroup_Change() at the line: TxtGroup.Parent.UpdateTotal
I think it's because of that the textboxes for the TxtGroup now are in a frame instead of as before, on the form. don't know exactly what the "Parent" does, but I think it's something I have to do with the code there.

Originally Posted by Andy Pope
Class event
Private Sub TxtGroup_Change()
If Me.TxtGroup.Text = "" Then
Me.TxtGroup.Text = 0
End If
End Sub

Public Sub UpdateTotal()
Dim lngTotal As Long
Dim lngIndex As Long
For lngIndex = 1 To UBound(X) / 4 ..................

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Automatically Generate Relationship And Keycode
I have a excel file which contains Regions Cities and Suburbs in a single sheet. What I need is Regions, cities and suburbs in seperate sheets. Also each must have (except for Region) a unique ID (starting from 1) Name and then the ParentID.

RegionID Region - for region
CityID City RegionID - for City
SuburbID Suburb CityID - for suburbs.

I have attached a sample file for your consideration.

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Recursively & Conditionally Move/Loop Through Folder Hierarchy To Fill Array
i am use dir to put into an array all the folders in a folder then enter the first folder and repeat. the problem i am having is when it encounters a file it also puts it into the array and then errors once it trys to enter that "folder" (which is a file)

right now the code doesnt do anything but the plan is then to call another subroutine that lists all the files im looking for in a folder (that sub does work)

what am i doing wrong? all the things i can find on google show it the way i am doing it.

Sub GetDirList(topfolder As String)
Dim FolderArray() As Variant
Dim FolderCount As Integer
Dim FolderName As String

FolderCount = 0
FolderName = Dir(topfolder, vbDirectory)
' Loop until no more folders are found
Do While FolderName <> ""
If Not FolderName = "." Then
If Not FolderName = ".." Then
FolderCount = FolderCount + 1
Redim Preserve FolderArray(1 To FolderCount)
FolderArray(FolderCount) = FolderName
End If
End If

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Formula: Recognise When A Child Equalled Or Bettered A Club Record In An Event
I wrote a formula to recognise when a child equalled or bettered a club record (CR) in an event. However what I neglected to do and cannot work out is for the formula to recognise the new time as the new club record that will then have to be equalled or bettered from then on to be recognised as a club record. For example CR for 70 metres is 9.28 secs. Formula I was working with was IF(ISBLANK(B3),""),IF(B3

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Set Relationship - Aligning Equal Text
I want to bring in text files that result in a single column and then want to be able to align equal text in the column next to each other. I used to be able to do some moderate programming in FoxPro and used a transaction that was called set relationship to field+field, etc.

If there is no equal text in either of the other columns then I have tried to set it to a column by itself. Of course this comes data comes in all in one column with no spaces. I have searched the help files and the net and just can't find a way to do this. I'm thinking this might be attuned to Access more than Excel but I am not proficient in this. Right now I am doing a cut and paste to make this work but some of the imported text have upwards of 800 lines.

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Save As File Type To Parent Location
I've been searching all morning through various posts on this subject, but I can't find anything that I can adapt to my needs. Here is the code I have:

ChDir "C:Documents and SettingsmynameDesktop"
ActiveWorkbook. SaveAs Filename:= _
"C:Documents and SettingsmynameDesktopBook1.txt", FileFormat:=xlText, _

This file will be used accross multiple computers and therefore the directory will always change. What I need to hapen, is for this code to save the workbook in the same directory as the origional file. I also want the file name to refer to a cells value, as I will be having the user define the name through a userform.

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Find All The Accounts That Have A Loyal Relationship With A Rep And Separate Them
I'm trying to find customer loyalty by rep. So I need to find all the accounts that have a loyal relationship with a rep and separate them. All the other reps that sold to those companies are removed. Then I need to find the accounts that still did business with us from year to year, but not with the same rep. Any not loyal accounts are also removed.

The ultimate goal is a pivot table that shows reps on the vertical axis, years on the horizontal axis, with the data being total number of accounts per rep per year. All of the 2008 accounts will be counted, and of the 2009 accounts, only those that were loyal - retained either by the same or a different rep - will be totaled. For this purpose there is no difference between accounts retained either by the same or a different rep, they will be added together. So a rep may have had 10 accounts they sold to in 2008, and of those 10, 5 bought again in 2009, and the rep also picked up 1 account that bought from another rep in 2008. So the rep's totals would be 10 for 2008, and 6 for 2009. I've attached an example workbook to show you what I mean. A "1" in the 2008 or 2009 column indicates the account bought something that year.

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Propagating Text Boxes Dependant On Cell Relationship
I have been working for three straight days (and nights!) to accomplish something that is very simple in other languages, but I can't make it work in VB

Column X has, with spaces between 4 possible contents:

St1 St3
3Q today
FM today
1Q today
NM today
3Q today

and so on for 1500 rows.

I can write this in Lotus in about 2 minutes, but VB has me stumped. I hope someone can put me on the corrrect path.

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Return Values In Range Based Upon Relationship To Maximum Value
I am looking to select two values from a range based upon their relationship to the maximum value. In this specific case I am trying to calculate the Quality factor based upon the frequency response of a transducer. So I need to identify the Maximum impedance and its corresponding frequency. I also need to identify the 3db points either side of the maximum impedance.

The 3db points are found at 2/3rds of the maximum value of the impedance (Impedance Mag in attached spreadsheet). Calculating the first 3db point isn't overly difficult as I just calculate the value for the 3db point and use the MATCH function to find the closest Impedance value and then work out the corresponding frequency from that. I am stumped as to how to calculate the second 3db point (above the Max impedance value). I have attached a spreadsheet with frequency information in column A, the other columns are used to derive the values found in columns M (Impedance Mag) and N.

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Relationship Between Formula References. Dependents & Precedents
I'm an experienced Excel user working with very large Excel files that contain many sheets with thousands of formulas referencing various cells on different worksheets. I've been searching for an advanced solution for Excel and I am actually having doubts as to whether it actually exists on the market. (If it doesn't take this idea for free!)

I need a program that could generate a visual map that displays different cells and the links among them. For example, such maps are used in social networking to show connections among people - an example here.

In the end I would have a similar map and it would show me which worksheets are more or less isolated (i.e. don't reference directly any other cells).

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How Do I Fill In A Cell Based On The Relationship Of The Number Within A Range Of Numbers
This is a spreadsheet for a real estate office. The boss gave me a spreadsheet that he created to give a seller an idea how much money he will walk away with at closing. The spreadsheet includes all of the pertinate numbers but there is one item that he would like to have filled in automatically. When selling a house, you use a title service that charges a fee based on the price of the house. So, for example, If the house sells for $0 to $50,000, then let's say the fee is $112. If the house sells for $50,000 to $60,000, then the fee is $118. If the house sells for $60,000 to $70,000, then the fee is $125, and so on up to 1.5 million.

The boss' spreadsheet includes 5 different selling price scenarios, which I guess doesn't matter since you do the first one and the rest follow the same pattern.

So how do I automatically fill in a cell based on how one number falls within a range of other numbers? The fee schedule will be within the same spreadsheet, if that matters.

Ideally, I think they should be separate files, but this will be used in various locations as different realtors take it home or use it on their laptops.

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Forumla To Determine Outline &quot;parent&quot;
I have created a quick ouline for a chart of accounts. I would like to have a formula that verifies that all the 'children' sum up to the parent at each level of the outline.

I have a column with the integer value of the outline level, 0 being the "root", and each sub-level going up. i.e. 1's would be children of 0s, 3's children of 2's, etc.


0 Entity Value
1 Child1 Value
1 Child2 Value
2 Child1a Value
2 Child2b Value
1 Child3 Value
0 Entity2 Value
1 Etc...

How would you write a formula that verifies that a row's value is the sum of the children that are associated with it?

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Need To Create A Button That Can Copy Cells, Create A New Sheet And Then Paste There
So I've got Sheet 1 with say


I would like to create a button that can create a new sheet and paste A1 to C3 at the same location on the new sheet

and I need this to create a new sheet and do that everytime the button is pressed.....

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Create A Chart To Create Totals Based Upon Different Keys
Trying to create an excel chart to create totals based upon different keys. I
need to be able to calculate how many customers there are by Manager and then
By Rep. Then to figure out how many were New, Current, Total # of RSVP and
attended for that Rep. Below is how I have started but I am having some
problems getting certain parts. I know when I get one the rest will fall into
place. I can calculate how many total customers by manager and by rep just by
doing a Countif command but how do I determine the # of New, Current etc. Is
there a If Than command? Managers Totals are simply his reps totals.

1 Manager Rep Customer New Biz Current # RSVP # Actual Attend

Need totals to look something like this....

1 # of Cust # New # Current #RSVP #
Actual Attend
2 Manager
3 Rep 1
4 Rep 2

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"PC" To Show Up If I Type A Sentence Containing "Called Parent", "Called Dad", Or "Called Mon"
I need "PC" to show up if I type a sentence containing "Called Parent", "Called Dad", or "Called Mon". Here is what I'm trying.

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Need To Create 2 Columns From One
I have a spreadsheet in which I want to extract or create two different columsn one will have the name of the store and the other will have the SKU item number. the way it is right both are on same column. I have attached a sample.

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Create A Pyramid
to create a pyramid in excel.

Suppose, if the user writes 7 in a cell, then the pyramid should have 7 rows. The first row will have only one "*" the second would have 3 "*"s and so on... and yes, the whole structure should look like a pyramid.

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To Create Loop
how to adjust this code.

What I want is a loop.

Highlighted in red near the top is cell a1, this needs to change to a2 then a3 then a4 and so on for as many times as i need it to.

highlighted in blue near to the end of the code is cell a1,this needs to change to a41 then a81 then a121 then a161 and so on(so +40)for as many times as i need it to.

Code: ...

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Create This Userform
I have created an order form and what I am trying to do is:

I would like that when our customers open the order form they should get a page with our Terms and conditions (maybe as User form), which they have to accept it or not. If they accept it, they should get the message i.e. “welcome to ....." but if they don't accept it they should get the message i.e. “the order form will close in 5 seconds " (and it should close after 5 sec.).

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To Create A Macro
to create a macro

the database just like pic in the link


and the report need to genarate out is like pic in the link


the part namber and the quantity on hand
if the a part number have the same location but not same lot/serial, then need to sumaries the quantity on hand if location is same.

and the
Location (Quantity On Hand)
need to put in one cell
this is my table

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Create Toolbar
how i can create a replacement toolbar within excel, that will run once the file is opened. replacing the file, edit, etc.

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How To Create UDFs
I know this is a mess - I am just learning how to create UDFs. I am trying to extract first and last name from an email address is this format - This is what I have and of course it does not respond . .

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Create A File
Here I am Attachiching a MHTML file which has multilayer in the left panel. If You Open it in excel u can edit it and navigate through the layers. I want to know can I create an excel file like this one.
(sorry excel forum is not accepting mhtml file for attachment)

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Create A Two Way Formula
I want to be able to create formulas where the output can act as the input.

For example, I tried to write a simple proof of concept script where you can convert between pounds and kilograms. So if you type in a value for pounds, it'll update the kilograms cell. And if you type in a value for kilograms - it'll update the pounds cell.

This is what I came up with:

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Create A Button
I have a userform, with a save button.

The Save button transfers data from my userform to a worksheet via variables.

It then proceeds to use the variables to generate further data, dependant on a combination of the variables, as this process creates a row of data on the first available empty row, as this script is being used in a loop, ie add another record yes or no.

I need to incorporate a method whereby the user at any point can click on cell S(x) where (x) corresponds to the row clicked, which will then run a macro which will allow me to change a value from OPEN to CLOSED and also add a userentered date into a field called DATECLOSED, it is imperative that this process only work on the row in question.

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Create If Then Loop
I have an excel sheet that will have a column with out of sequence numbers. I need a script that will evaluate each row and insert a row and the missing sequence. Below is the code I have written but I keep getting a compile error saying Else without If.

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Best Way To Create A Report
As it is now I use several loops to scan one sheet to collect the data and paste it onto a second sheet. The first sheet has several rows of data, denoted by one of four colors, that I have to collect and put into a report grouped by color. Each color represents the current status of a part of a project. The while loops stop on no data in column one. So each loop runs down the sheet, looks at the data row color and rejects it if it is not the right color for that section of the report. I am sure there is a better way to do this. I was thinking maybe create a temporary data base, collect the data adding fields for the current status then use a sql for each section of the report and insert rows as required.

While Worksheets("All Work"). Cells(iGetRow, 1).Value <> Empty
Set Cell1 = Cells(iGetRow, iGetCol)
Set Cell2 = Cells(iGetRow, iGetCol + 4)
Set rCurrent = Range(Cell1, Cell2)
With Selection.Copy
If rCurrent.Interior.Color = Purple Then 'Purple is a constant
Worksheets("Report").Paste Destination:=Worksheets("Report").Cells(iPutRow, 1)
iPutRow = iPutRow + 1
End If
iGetRow = iGetRow + 1
End With

Data Structure:.............

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Create New Worksheet
how do I copy the last worksheet (e.g. sheet3) using the name keyed in the textbox1 as a sheet name? I got the following code but it creates 4 worksheets instead of just one with the new name.

ActiveWorkbook.Sheets.Copy after:=Worksheets(Worksheets.Count)
Worksheets(Worksheets.Count).Name = Ucase(Textbox1.value)

If I got 10 names in column "C", can I use the following code to create the worksheets with names in column "c"?

For k= 1 To 10
ActiveWorkbook.Sheets.Copy after:=Worksheets(Worksheets.Count)
Worksheets(Worksheets.Count).Name = Ucase(range("c" & k).value)

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Create Hyperlinks With Shapes
This code finds and matches the Text value of a Shape to the value of a cell on seperate worksheets within the same workbook.

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How To Create Signals For Top 20%?
As you can see from the chart or picture. I want to create a =IF function signal so that on the right column it will show which of the hours is the top 20%/top 5 hours

Is there anyway possible in excel to do this? To create a signal on the right showing which of the days hours, is the top 5 hours with the highest volumne?

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Create Summary Sheet
I have a sheet in my workbook named Summary, from this I would like to run a macro that cycles through every sheet except "Summary" & "Variables" & "Cash" and puts the sheet name in E5:down and cell AH30 from every sheet in F5:down.

I know it's possible, but I'm not sure how to set up the loop.

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How Do I Create A Drop Down List
I do not know how to create a drop down list to ensure the user inputs only the values from that list. Once I figure this out I would love to add a drop down calender for a cell as well.

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Create Random Number From 3-10
I have a formula to generate a random number between 0 and 10.

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Create A Table Of Combinations
I have a list of variables, each of which has an associated list of possible values. Simple example:

Fruit (apple, pear, peach)
Snack (Snickers, peanuts, crackers, pretzels)

Now, I need to build a table that for each line has every possible combination:

Fruit Snack
Apple Snickers
Apple Peanuts
Apple Crackers
Apple Pretzels
Pear Snack
Pear Snickers
Pear Peanuts
Pear Crackers
Pear Pretzels
Peach Snickers
Peach Peanuts
Peach Crackers
Peach Pretzels

My table will have over 18000 lines, so building it from scratch will take there an easier way (I'm real rusty on VBA, so that would take a while just to figure out the syntax again).

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