Roll Up Data Based On Hierarchy

Dec 4, 2011

I have case where i need to roll up data based on the hierarchy. I have hierarchy of 4 level as follow:

Level1 Level2 Level3 Level4 Country Region1 Dept1
Unit 1 Country Region1 Dept1
Unit 2 Country Region1 Dept1
Unit 3 Country Region1 Dept1
Unit 4 Country Region1 Dept1

[Code] ........

The data in all sheets is I created a macro to create template based on the rage. The problem is that the template is good for level 4 but not good for other level.

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Creating A Hierarchy Of Non Numerical Data ?

Jan 28, 2009

I need to create a table of non numerical data that I can refer to in a formula, which will compare two pieces of data (both also inside this table), and based upon which is "higher up in the hierarchy" - the cell will display a certain result.
Basically it will be an IF function using non numerical data that has a numerical value / "rank" attached.

Specifically - I need to allocate values to this list in cells A1:A5...
....where EUR is highest ranked and USD lowest.

Then in column B and C will be listed each of these values but in various combinations. In column D I will build simple IF functions to show the highest ranked in each combination. eg B1=EUR C1=GBP D1=IF(B1>C1,B1,C1)

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Create Hierarchy Of Data Types

Apr 28, 2009

My question is about creating a hierarchy of Data Types.

I need to code 3 Data Types:
1.) MealPlan
2.) Meal
3.) MealItem

MealPlan represents a daily meal plan. It should have a certain number of meals. An example of MealPlan would be "Healthy" and have a total of 3 meals. Meal represents a single meal. It should have a certain number of meal items. An example of Meal would be "Meal 1" and have a total of 3 meal items. MealItem represents a single meal item. It should have a certain number of protein calories, fat calories, carb calories. An example of MealItem would be "Broccoli" and have protein calories of .2, carb calories of .8, fat calories of .1.

By using Data Types, I hope to create meal plans, which are made up of meals, which are made of meal items. The following code creates a Data Type hierarchy for two Data Types. I've examined it closely but i'm still having a hard time recreating it for my needs as stated above.

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Rearrange Data In Hierarchy To Table

Jun 6, 2007

How do I use VBA to rearrange the data from the hierarchy format of Table 1 into the flat format of Table 2. See attached file >Data_Belinda_June-5-07.xls

Table 1: Each record has information arranged in a hierarchy format.
Level 1 information is indented by one space on one line; Level 2 information is indented by 2 spaces on the next line, etc.

Table 2: Data from Table 1 have been rearranged into 7 columns. Another column has been added to create a field for the Reference ID.

Reference ID: Two types: i) Created by prefixing with the letters BI , adding the first four letters from column 4 and the first four letters from column 5; ii) As in (i) with the addition of the entire word from column 6.

The report I have may have more than one hundred records and there may be more than ten people within each section.

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Get Hierarchy Chart Automatically With Given Data Through Macros

May 25, 2014

I have been trying to think of a way to get a hierarchy chart automatically with given data through macros
In the attached excel sheet

Org. Charts (hierarchy) question.xlsm

Would it be possible to get the chart to do by itself if say I were to add items or remove items? Is there any way to do it for data automatically?

I extract the data from primavera as attached and I want to make the chart in excel automatically.

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Roll Data Into 1 Sheet & Rank

Jun 22, 2007

how to take text data that will be regularly added to vaious sheets and roll them up into a single "master" sheet that automatically updates and ranks them by priority.

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Roll Up Data To Create One Customer Row - With A Difference

Jan 7, 2008

I have a simple list of all purchases made. ie)

Name.......Purchase date

I'd like to roll up the sames to create one customer row, but so I see the varience between purchase times. ie)

Name.......Ist Pur date....2nd pur date.....3rd pur date....time from pur 1 to 2
John........01.01.07.........01.05.07..........07.07.07........120 days
Susan......06.08.07...................................................(not sure to include this)

Is this possible in excel?

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Need Odd # To Roll To Even #

Jan 29, 2010

I have the following formula =IFERROR(ROUNDUP((+G5+G23+G41+G59)/4,0),"") that if it returns an odd number as in 3 or 5 or 7 or etc i want it to display 4 or 6 or 8 or etc

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Roll Over Cell

Aug 15, 2007

if it is possible to roll over a cell in column B2 and have a little box pop up with the value that is in cell Z2? B3 and on and so forth?

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Hyperlinking Texts In Hierarchy Chart?

Jul 2, 2013

I have created a hierarchy chart using smartart. Is there a way to hyperlink the texts in each box to other sheets in the workbook?


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Creating Multiple Drop Box In Hierarchy

Apr 30, 2009

I did all the search for multiple drop box or list box that can connect to other list boxes but no luck.

It's the same as when you surf with Internet Explorer, you can click "Views" in menu bar, list box appear and then choose "Encoding", another drop box appear, then when you choose "More", then another box appear.

Is it possible to have this sort of hierarchy list box in excel where drop box connect to another drop box?

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Only Roll One Item In Formula

Nov 30, 2013

When copying the formula =SUMIFS(G3:G103,I3:I103,"3") how do I modify it so that only the "3" rolls to the next integer and the rest of the formula remains constant? In other words the 3 would roll to a 4 when copied down a column and the rest of the formula does not change?

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Macro To Roll Down Values

May 17, 2006

I have been supplied a spreadsheet (see attached example sheet) which contains data on a project I am working with. Essentially the guy who has supplied me the data has been lazy and only provided values once within the sheet which makes filtering extremely difficult. I have made the cells on the sheet A3:F23 in the format I ideally require. Cell A26 onwards is the format in which the data is currently supplied to me.

Column A (Box No) should roll down the same value until the value changes, where a blank row should be left as already exists and the same process of roll the value down until it changes, leave the blank line and then roll down the next value. This should continue until the data ceases at the end of the sheet - I have made the example sheet short but there are tens of thousands of box numbers. Columns B (Box Type) and C (No of Bundles) should also remain constant where Box No remains the same and should be rolled down until the value of column A (Box No) changes.

Finally column D (Bundle No) should be rolled down independently of A,B,C and needs to change whenever a new value appears within the sequence for column D. Again when this changes the blank row should be left and then the new value rolled down until it changes again. I have tried in vain to try and create a macro within Excel to do this but have failed miserably.

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Multiple Criteria On Index / Match With Hierarchy

Dec 29, 2011

The below formula was provided by PGC, and works great:


In post:
Complex Array(?) Search

Now, I would like to add the ability to perform this same action/concept, but using two different criteria.

So I want to keep the hierarchical listing of importance, but lookup/match within using more than one criteria.

I have an order of superseding to apply to results of a search for Fruit.
(so Good supersedes, Great; Fair supersedes, Good; etc.)

Column A____Column B____Column E

I want my verification to return all the worst Red fruit:
For Apple Red: Poor
For Pear Red: Fair

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Change Vertical Rolling Hierarchy To Horizontal

Sep 19, 2007

The accounts listed on this report change on a monthly basis. I am attempting to create a macro or write a formula that can but used each month to fill in this list automatically. On Sheet 1 is a short example of what the report looks like when exported into excel. The numbers on the left are the numerical hierarchy. The long set of numbers are the account numbers and the others are the categories that each are located under.

Sheet 2 is what I need the end result to look like. One of the problems I am running into is how to handle the fact that the hierarchy re-uses numbers. The hierarchy always runs vertical, therefore "5" always falls under the "4" that is directly above but when there is another "4" it should be ignored and continue on up the chart until it finds the first "3" and place that in the cell to the right then find the first "2" and so on.

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Create Parent Child Relationship From Hierarchy

Feb 7, 2008

I have an excel file (see sample attached) with a hierarchy with parents and children spread across different columns and rows. However, I am trying to condense it into one column with parents and one column with children. The only way I've been able to do this is by copying and pasting parents onto children rows, which is both a manual and time-consuming process (when you have a lot of rows). I feel like there must be a way to use VBA or a formula or something to get it to work. I have attached a sample, so you can see what I am trying to do (current data and desired data).

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Making Time Roll Over After 24 Hours

Nov 25, 2009

I'm creating a calculator to determine the distance & travel time on a xy grid for a game. I'll share what I have so far to display the big picture. Hereís what Iíve accomplished so far:

#1) Cells A1 & B1 are dynamic, they are frequently changed so distance and time may be displayed. Cells A2 & B2 do not change.

#2) I use the following formula to determine the distance between cells, displayed in C2: =SQRT((A2-$A$1)^2+(B2-$B$1)^2)

#3) Next I multiply C2 by a number so that distance is measured correctly per unit type for this game. (I hide this column). Therefore, cell D3 has the following formula: =C2*20

#4) Now my problem, cell E3 - Correctly displaying time. I have the following formula in E3: =TIME(0,D2,0)

This works great!! That is until the time goes beyond 24 hours, then it rolls over. I've tried right clicking and setting the custom format of E3 to [hh]:mm, it still rolls over. Iíve also tried setting formatting to d:[hh]:mm, if I do this then the output time displayed is incorrect.

Ideally I would love a simple fix so that the time will roll over and show days. (I would like a display similar to d:hh:mm).

Iíve done a fair bit of research online and either I'm missing something simple or this is more complex than I thought. And not to make this any more confusing, but I would love whatever I accomplish here to be useable in compatibility mode ...

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Dynamic Roll Chart With Formula?

Feb 5, 2014

[URL]...... I need to put more dynamics and fill this data set from other sheets, so I'm putting formula into column A, and this force chart react and insert another category. In other words I want to have this fill only if data present on different tab(worksheet).

That what I have now:

[Code] ........

is there any other COUNTB,C,D???
Counts the number of cells that are not empty and the values within the list of arguments. Use COUNTA to count the number of cells that contain data in a range or array.

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Vacation Accrual With 3 Month Roll Over

Apr 26, 2014

I'm trying to make a vacation accrual sheet, and I think I have the basics of it down, but I'm running into a problem figuring out how to put in roll over days from the previous year.

Every year on January 1rst, accrual resets. Any days that haven't been used are eligible to be used for 3 months after January 1rst, but after that (on April 1rst), the old days are gone, and the employee is back to using the year's current accrual days. I'm not sure how to do that.

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How To Roll Over Total After It Reaches Thousand

Apr 20, 2012

The problem that I have is rolling over the sum total after the meter read reaches thousand it starts at 1 again, but I need the total KMs traveled for example in the car dash board the odometer shows 945 when I started my trip and end at 24, how would I set up a formula in excel to calculate the total KMs traveled

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Roll Through Random Numbers In TextBox

Sep 4, 2007

how to make a code that will display a random number 1 by 1 and fast in a single textbox so it will make un illusion that it is searching numbers..

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Slicer Hierarchy Value Sorting - Selected Values Won't Sort To Top

Nov 25, 2013

I have two slicers that are in a hierarchy. These are attached to a Pivot table whose data source is an OLAP cube. Every Partner Parent is part of a Partner Group:

Partner Parents Slicers.png

My problem is that when I click SI Alliance in Partner Group, the Partner Parent slicer does not re-sort in any way. The corresponding selected Partner Parents are scattered throughout the alphabetical list. However, in a different document, I have slicers in a similar situation, except their Pivot table’s data source is a SQL Server database. When I click on a member of the higher up group (Accenture Global Client) the lower level group (Microsoft Account Name) sorts to show only the selected values at the top of the list:

This is with all selected - Accenture Slicers All.png

This is with just one Accenture Global Client selected. Note how the selected Microsoft Account Names have moved to the top of the list - Accenture Slicers Selected.png

How I can configure my Partner Parent/Partner Group slicers to behave like these Accenture/Microsoft slicers? Is there something that I can change in Excel or in the OLAP cube to make this happen? I have already tried right-clicking the slicer and going to Slicer Settings. The settings on the Parent/Partner Group slicers mimic those of the Accenture/Microsoft slicers exactly.

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Got Stuck In Middle To Display Hierarchy Of Employee In Organization

Aug 5, 2014

I am supposed assign macro to track all employees hierarchy in an organisation.

In Sheet1 I have Employee ID's in D Column and Supervisor ID's in N Column.

And In Sheet2 I assigned macro...

What exactly I need is when I give number and click the button I need all the employee id's in his hierarchy


The number which you give should search in N Column and Display D Column Values...and those D column values should search in N column and display D column on.....

So far, it is showing 1 level hierarchy...but I need till end...

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Macro To Fit Items On Roll With Specific Length?

Mar 6, 2014

have a look at the attached file. The task is to fit the items in Column A on rolls that are 17.5 meters long. Each item has a specific length which is defined in row 2. I would like a Macro to automatically draw a line as soon as the maximum length of 17.5 meters is reached. Then start with the next items until a maximum of 17.5 is reached and so on..

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Print Labels To Continuous Roll Printer

Dec 4, 2006

We have a an existing spreadsheet which uses a query from Excel to Sage Line50 Accounting software to create labels for stock items. The number of times a label is printed is dictated by the number of items that are required for a particular sales order.

For example -
1006abc 100 No.
2003abc 20 No.

The program would produce 100 labels for item code 1006abc, and would produce 20 labels for item number 2003abc.

However we have recently acquired a heavy duty industrial printer which prints to labels on a continuous roll and I am unable to alter the spreadsheet to work with the new printer layout.

I have attached the spreadsheet and, I hope, the VBA code. PLease also see this link to my previous post - Print Labels Dependant on Content

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Roll Sequential Numbers Back & Forward

Jan 28, 2008

I am running a worksheet that runs through 4 week periods.

Example: 10.1 10.2 10.3 10.4 11.1 11.2 11.3 etc.

I wish to insert a formula that will roll forward or back this data when required.

I have no problem rolling whole numbers & dates.

Iam using Excel 2000.

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Recursively & Conditionally Move/Loop Through Folder Hierarchy To Fill Array

May 7, 2008

i am use dir to put into an array all the folders in a folder then enter the first folder and repeat. the problem i am having is when it encounters a file it also puts it into the array and then errors once it trys to enter that "folder" (which is a file)

right now the code doesnt do anything but the plan is then to call another subroutine that lists all the files im looking for in a folder (that sub does work)

what am i doing wrong? all the things i can find on google show it the way i am doing it.

Sub GetDirList(topfolder As String)
Dim FolderArray() As Variant
Dim FolderCount As Integer
Dim FolderName As String

FolderCount = 0
FolderName = Dir(topfolder, vbDirectory)
' Loop until no more folders are found
Do While FolderName <> ""
If Not FolderName = "." Then
If Not FolderName = ".." Then
FolderCount = FolderCount + 1
Redim Preserve FolderArray(1 To FolderCount)
FolderArray(FolderCount) = FolderName
End If
End If

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Hierarchy Chart - Connect 1st Tier To 3rd Tier

Jun 21, 2014

I have a ppt chart with several tiers as you can see in attachment. Can I connect 11 to 12? Tier 1 to tier 3?

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Roll On Date 11 Months In One Cell When Another Cell (date) Is Amended

Jun 5, 2009

I have had a look via search for similar but I'm not good enough to recognise whether other threads bear any relation to my query.

I have a small spreadsheet with basic conditional formatting (my level!) where we record agency staff for eleven months service to enable us to ask them to take a four week break.

I want to add a formula or similar to automatically roll the date forward eleven months when we amend the re-commencement date on their return.

E.g. we type in A1 01/01/09, B1 updates to 30/11/09

Is this possible?

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Pull Data From Sheet Based On Criteria - Populate UserForm And Ask For Missing Data

Feb 8, 2014

I have a spreadsheet that is updated weekly -- but every week new info is added that needs a user to input corresponding info. I use a vlookup function to link to another spreadsheet that populates the info from previous weeks and the info that is missing shows up as #N/A...

First I was using a msgbox function to get the info:

HTML Code: 

For Each b In myrange
If Application.IsNA(b.Value) Then
Employee = b.Offset(0, -2).Value
SSID = InputBox("Please enter ID# for " & Employee & " :", "New Employee Found")
b.Value = SSID
End If
Next b

But it can be up to 30 different new employees... and that is time consuming.

I would like to make it more user friendly by creating ONE userform that displays all of the employees as labels -- has a text box in which to put the ID # -- and then has a drop down box to choose the type of employee (2 options). I want all of that info to go back to the reference spreadsheet so it will be saved for following weeks, and then redo the vlookup to get the info into the new weekly spreadsheet (I can do that part)....

HTML Code: 

Private Sub CloseButton_Click()
Unload UserForm1
End Sub

Private Sub ComboBox1_Change()

[Code] ......

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