Debug F8 Stopped Working

Jun 22, 2008

I recently got a new laptop. I now have excel 2007 and vista. The debug step key, F8, does not work. It toggles out of excel when pushed. If I start the procedure in the debug menu, the SHIFT - F8 will step through though. Is there a setting I am missing? It must have somehting to do with VISTA since in the debug section it says to use F8.

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Keyboard Stopped Working In Excel

Apr 18, 2012

I have been working on a workbook, and all of a sudden, my keyboard no longer worked in Excel. No shortcuts, no CTRL+C, no CTRL+V, no CTRL+S, no CTRL+A, no F12 to save, no letters, no numbers.... The only button that is working is my ALT key, and I use the other letter keys just fine to navigate after pressing ALT.... But that's it!

I have still been able to work on it because I can still write in Word, and I can still write more code in the Visual Basic window, and I can still click the buttons I create under the Developer... but it's still frustrating to not be able to type a thing in any of the cells, formula bar, or be able to use any of the shortcuts. And now when I tried to close it, I can still select everything else, and I can close this workbook, but it won't close Excel.

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Application.SendKeys Stopped Working

Aug 17, 2007

I have a simple macro that from Outlook Express sends emails, with the last code line to mimic ALT+S on the keyboard to send the message

Application.Wait (Now + TimeValue("0:00:02"))
Application.SendKeys "%s"

Yesterday I needed to install some new software that required at the end reinstalling of Microsoft Redistributable 2005. Not sure if for that reason but now the last line (the SendKeys) is not sending the email automatically anymore. What happens is:
-the email message windows pops up but is not being sent unless i do it manually (if i get rid of the two seconds pause ahead of that)
-have a VB error message that takes me before the SendKeys line (if I keep the two secs wait ahead of that)

It looks to me that either:
-the pc is not active anymore on the email message therefore the SendKeys doesnt work
-somehow the instruction finds the "door" shut by something else
-worse of all, the software has messed up with those send keys commands (tried to reinstall it but to no avail)

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2007 Macros Have Stopped Working

Dec 14, 2007

All my macros have suddenly started crashing Excel 2007 when I try to run any one of them. I can record a new macro but even that newly recorded macro will crash Excel.

Service Pack 1 was downloaded and installed by Windows Update two days ago and I had successfully run macros after SP1 was installed.

Today, it's a no go and I'm at a loss as to what may have caused this problem. I have not installed any software lately, other than the Windows updates on patch Tuesday.

This is on a Vista Home Premium machine.

When I try to run a macro, Excel crashes with this info:

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Macros Have Suddenly Stopped Working

Jan 16, 2012

why my Macros have suddenly stopped working for no apparent reason?

For Example - one macro would run when a Cell in Column A was selcted. It would trigger a macro to save the workbook.

I'm not giving details of what the specific macros do as it's more of a question as to why macros in a workbook just suddenly cease to function.

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Days360 Function Has Stopped Working?

Feb 25, 2014

I use this formula in a depreciation schedule to determine months in service.


G12 is my start date and $Y$1 my end date. Every month I update this to the current period end date and up until now, it has recalculated.

Today, I changed $Y$1 from 1/31/2014 to 2/28/2014. The cells with that didn't update. For giggles, I entered in previous dates, and it worked fine.

Is it because 2/28/14 is a future date? I tried 2/24/14 with no joy...

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Autofilter Code Stopped Working

Feb 20, 2007

What could make this line of code stop working. It has worked for weeks, and just yesterday it stopped working. :x

ActiveWorkbook.Sheets("Email").UsedRange.AutoFilter Field:=2
The sheet is unprotected, and events are enabled. I don't know of anything different than before. What do I look for that would not allow this code to run?

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Formulas Referencing Cells Stopped Working

Aug 11, 2009

I made a spread sheet last year that used various COUNTIF formulas that referenced other cells. =COUNTIF(I40:ER40,"A") It worked perfect.

I copied that spreadsheet to use for this year. I cannot get this formula to work. I have reentered in various locations and forms, but to no avail. If I enter the data and then enter the formula, it works.

However, if I enter the formula first and then enter the data (which I will do over the course of the year) it does not work. I even tried to reconstruct all of this in a brand new spread sheet and it still is not working, although last year's spread sheet still works.

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Microsoft Excel Stopped Working Error

May 15, 2014

I have a Macro button in my Excel Spreadsheet, every time I close the spreadsheet it gives me this error "Microsoft Excel Stopped Working" .

I have attached Spreadsheet to show example : Inventory List.xlsm‎

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Macro Has Stopped Working After Date Change

Dec 1, 2009

When the date changed today it stopped working and I cant see why as i have altered the dates that it looks at.

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Excel 2003 :: Auto Filter Stopped Working?

Sep 12, 2013

I've got a spread sheet at work that is shared between 4 people. It's password protected and its been protected so only four of us can edit it. It was working fine until yesterday for no reason the auto filter stopped working. The drop down arrows are still there but nothing happens when you click on them?

The sheet was made on excel 2003 but one of the users uses the newer excel which we will all eventually get.

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VLookup Stopped Working Unless Hit Enter While Cursor Is In Formula Bar

Aug 3, 2012

This vlookup has been in this workbook for years. All of a sudden any of the cells that have formulas won't work without placing the cursor after the formula in the bar and hitting enter.

It is keeping a marco from running correctly.

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Excel 2010 :: Stopped Working When Building Charts?

Jan 15, 2013

I'm working on a macro that does the following:

1. Pull data from the internet
2. Perform calculations on the data
3. Graph the calculated values

- As I run the macro, Excel dies in step 3, where I graph the calculated values.
- It works about 5% of the time and gives me the "Excel has stopped working" error 95% of the time - I can't isolate any difference in the attempts
- I've located the area in the macro where it dies, but I can't identify the exact line since it seems to shift around in this area
- It works perfectly fine when I step through using F8
- I've attempted DoEvents and Application.Wait to debug. Application.Wait for 5 seconds allows the macro to work about 50% of the time and increases in efficiency the longer I wait
- Steps 1 and 2 work perfectly fine (I've used that code in many macros), so I'm pretty sure the issue is in the below code:

I'm running Windows 7, Office 2010

'Chart variables
Dim ChartRange As Range


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VBA Lost Access To IE And Stopped Working - Runtime 438 Error

Feb 17, 2013

I'm scraping a website for some data using the following program. The program was working as expected until I decided to add a save file element that was a copy paste of some code a friend gave me (attached below). Funny thing is the save file functionality works but now I can't get IE to load the webpage - I get a 438 Error. I'm thinking there's a problem with something in the references menu.

Dim Days_in_Month(1 To 12) As Integer
Dim Name As String


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Code Stopped Working - Can No Longer Copy And Save Worksheet

Jul 31, 2012

I have been working on this application for the past couple weeks and I have this module of code that copy's a worksheet into a new workbook and changes everything into values. However I have added buttons onto this sheet and after running the code again it froze the program, in which I had to manually end. It gave an error afterwards however I don't remember what it said. Now everything I try to run or step through it, nothing happens. And I have turned Events and ScreenUpdating on.

I would also like to note that it won't allow me to perform actions like unhide sheets or unprotect them. The code has not been changed either so what has happened to disable all functionality.

[URL] .....

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VBA / Code Stopped Working - Can No Longer Copy And Save A Worksheet

Jul 30, 2012

I have been working on this application for the past couple weeks and I have this module of code that copy's a worksheet into a new workbook and changes everything into values. However I have added buttons onto this sheet and after running the code again it froze the program, in which I had to manually end. It gave an error afterwards however I don't remember what it said. Now everything I try to run or step through it, nothing happens. I have turned Events and ScreenUpdating on.

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Errors - Microsoft Excel Has Stopped Working - Crash In Pivot Table

Jun 10, 2013

I have created several reports containing pivot charts with slicers, pivot tables and data sets. Total file size is around 5MB. Need to do an update in my pivot table Like adding an additional grouping on one of my dimensions. As soon as I start doing so the Microsoft Excel stopped working error message pops up and my file crashes! Removing existing groupings seems for some reason to be impossible as well: nothing happens when I do this. Ahow to solve this without having to rebuild all my reports?

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Cut / Copy / Format Painter Stopped Working (Don't Have Skype Click To Call)

Aug 23, 2013

When I copy or cut, I usually get a dashed border around the cells I have copied (or cut), I can then right-click somewhere to paste, but at some point in time recently this functionality has stopped working. The format painter doesn't work either - the paintbrush icon stays pressed for about half a second, then just goes away and I can't paste my formatting.

An operation I often do in excel is to copy a date from one cell, then highlight a few cells elsewhere and press enter to paste the date into them. I also like to right click on a row and Cut, then past it further down my list to re-order things, but this won't work either.

I don't know what I've done to make it go away. If I restart my computer and open a workbook, then I can copy/paste at least once (maybe a few times) then it stops again.

This is caused by a Skype 'click to call' function, but I don't have that installed here. I have actually just tried installing it, so I could run through the uninstall (thinking there might be debris from something previously), but it made no difference.

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Udf Stopped Updating

Mar 18, 2009

I have made a series of of udf's and used them without a problem in my worksheet. One of the variables used by udf's, " commission " is a named range on the "vrs" sheet in my book. All was working fine, all the udfs updated whenever i changed the value of "commission" by directly entering a new value in the cell referenced by "commission" I then wrote sub to call an input box wich collected a value for commission and put it in the ranged cell. Since then, of the 4 columns of data that commission acts on only 3 now update automatically. The recalcitrant 4th column will only update if I select the cell, place the cursor anywhere in the formula and press enter.

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IF, WHEN Formula? (say Plane Has Stopped)

Nov 24, 2009

I have a list of 500 values calculating when a plane will stop on a carrier deck, i have IF formulas for each row saying whether the plane has stopped or is slowing. At some point the plane stops then this column reads "stopped". However i would like to see when this point is without having to scroll down 400 rows to find where this column changes, basically i want this:

=IF(L8="Stopped",D8,IF(L9="Stopped",D9,IF(..... 500 times over, however this wont fit in the box!.

What i need is a cell that says when the force stopping the plane is greater/equal to the total energy of the plane, the plane has stopped.

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Difference Between Stopped Actions

Jul 15, 2014

I am working on trying to make a macro I wrote run faster, and I understand that one way to do this is to stop certain actions from occurring. However, I am having a hard time understanding what stops what, specifically among these:

[Code] ......

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If Then = Debug

Sep 23, 2009

Why does this give me a debug error?

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Pause In VBA Loop Then Restart From Where It Stopped

Jun 17, 2013

I'm looking for a simple solution to pause a VBA loop and then restart it from where it stopped.

Is it with a boolean value, i dont know the code.

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Macro Stopped Finding The Next Empty Row

Apr 10, 2007

I am using the code below to copy data from a sheet that updates externally to copy to a database. For some reason it has quit finding the next empty row to paste data. It is currently over writing the data to row 61. any help advice or suggestions will be greatly appreciated, I am an armature if there is a better way please let me know.

'Copy SUSD data to datbase
Sheets("Summary - SUSD").Select
Sheets("SUSD Database").Select
Range("b6" & LastRow + 1).Select
Selection.PasteSpecial Paste:=xlPasteValuesAndNumberFormats, Operation:= _
xlNone, SkipBlanks:=False, Transpose:=False
' Sort Data..............

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Two Different Passwords Without Debug

May 9, 2008

I have a problem with a HUGE macro project I'm working on. The macro itself isn't huge, but it's being applied to about 10,000 files. The macro is updating information on three spreadsheets in each workbook, but the problem is that the password protection (and Macro in general) fails to unlock when the password was entered in UPPERCASE. So the password is "king" and/or "KING" depending on the sheet. There is no way of predicting which sheets will be caps and which will not, but it's frustrating when my macro stops every 5 files with an error because of a wrong password (even though it's always one of those two).

Is there an IF THEN statement or something that I can do so that the macro doesn't stall every 30 seconds to 2 minutes... I have 10,000 files to crawl through.

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Debug Error 13

Jun 22, 2009

I have a working Excel 2007 macro that accesses two worksheets. I then added a third worksheet and want to access it from the macro. I get a debug error 13 Type Mismatch when the macro tries to access the third worksheet. I know I need to add the third worksheet on a pop-up but I don't remember how to open it.

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Debug Statement

Dec 5, 2008

I am trying to put together an automation. I am having problem debuging the code. I am trying to have the automation autofilter with "Interior" and "Exterior" at column P. I am using a statement as follow to pick the cell that is showing at at second row each time after the autofilter ran. (the first row of Exterior and Interior are different) However, when i pick Exterior, the automation was able to locate the second cell after picking Exterior, but when I try Interior, then i will have a debug meesage.

Range("Q2:Q" & Cells(Rows.Count, 1).End(xlUp).Row).SpecialCells(12)(1).Select

The code that I used is as follow:

Sub Macro4()

' Selection.AutoFilter
Selection.AutoFilter Field:=15, Criteria1:="=*Fixture*", Operator:=xlAnd
Selection.AutoFilter Field:=16, Criteria1:="="
Range("P2:P" & Cells(Rows.Count, 1).End(xlUp).Row).SpecialCells(12)(1).Select
ActiveCell.FormulaR1C1 = _

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Debug :: I Get: Division By Zero

Dec 15, 2009

When I debug this script I get: division by zero!

In 3 lines over the debugging line, the script are writing out the variable "prosentref" as 1. Whatt can be wrong?

(the value in cell T8769 is 1)

Option Explicit
Sub optimaliseringDrift()
Dim Pgm1 As Integer
Dim Pgm2 As Integer
Dim PL As Integer
Dim lamda_gm1 As Double
Dim lamda_gm2 As Double
Dim deriv1 As Double
Dim deriv2 As Double
Const Pgm1_max As Integer = 200
Const Pgm2_max As Integer = 300
Const Pgm1_min As Integer = 45
Const Pgm2_min As Integer = 40
Const deltaP As Integer = 5

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Debug: Subscript Out Of Range?

May 29, 2009

trying to copy some records across from once sheet to another?

butt it keeps debugging?

any idea why.

i'd like to keep the user defined type because it's neat and is good practice for myself?

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Customizing Debug Pop Up Window

Aug 23, 2006

If a user decides to hit the esc key right in the middle of one of my procedures (bug free, etc), this will leave the file in an odd state. The file is set up so if the routine is re-run it cleans the file up and restores it to proper form.

But hitting esc exposes my code which is password protected when the file is idle. I employ a little trick that makes it hard to hack into my worksheet code, but one achilles heel is the esc button.

What I want is to have the file close if the routine is stopped in mid stream. This way the code is not exposed, and the user cannot monkey with the file.

I wanted to set the file up where i have a custom debug window that when a button is pressd the file closes OR when the user escapes out of the debug window the file closes as well.

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