Delete First Character If Blank

Oct 21, 2009

My range is A2:T600 on one single worksheet. In many cells, the first character is a blank space (a mistake of mine when creating the initialize code in the user form into which the info was entered). I only need to do this once ever for this worksheet, but I hate to go through them all by hand. So what I need is to select the range, and IF the first character of a cell is a blank space, delete just that character.

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Enter Blank Row Every Time 2ND Character Of Field Changes

Oct 31, 2011

I am trying to enter a blank row everytime the 2ND character of a field changes...

sample cells (ALWAYS COLUMN B)(last row needs to be calculated as it changes daily):


when done:


was trying this:

Dim chkConfirmRw, LastNameRow As Integer
For chkConfirmRw = LastNameRow To 1 Step -1
'Compare the current cell to the one below it
'If they don't match, insert a row row below the current Row
If Range("B" & chkConfirmRw) Range("B" & chkConfirmRw + 1) Then
Range("B" & chkConfirmRw + 1).EntireRow.Insert Shift:=xlDown
End If
'Decrement the counter and do it again

but it does not work.

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Add Character To 1st Blank Cell In Multiple Rows

Jun 28, 2008

I am looking for VBA code that will add the character ")" to the first blank cell in each row. The amount of columns in each row changes and the amount of rows change. I attached a sample spreadsheet.

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Delete String Before Some Character?

Dec 21, 2012

I have some columns in the excel file:


And I would like to delete everything before the LAST slash(just filenames)


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Delete Last X Characters If It Contains A Certain Character

Dec 8, 2007

Sub rightval()
Dim myrange, mycell As Range
Set myrange = Sheets("Sheet1").Range("A1", Range("A65536").End(xlUp))
For Each mycell In myrange
If Right(mycell.Value, 1) = "." Then
mycell.Value = Left(mycell.Value, Len(mycell.Value) - 3)
End If
Next mycell
End Sub

I'd like to delete the last three values of one cell only if it contains a period.

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Combined If Statements - Make The Second Character In The Blank Cell?

Mar 6, 2014

I have a spreadsheet that i want to create a part number that contains 4 parts. Ex 1rl9. The cell i want this to be in is blank. What formula do i use to make the second character in the blank cell = r?

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Using Script To Delete First Character Of Cell

Mar 6, 2014

The script below is used to delete the first character of every cell. I want the commas ',' in the cells starting with a comma to be deleted.

However, it ends up that even for the cells not starting with a comma, the first character is deleted.

[Code] .......

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Macro To Delete One Character In A Cell

Oct 2, 2007

I'm trying to use Excel 2003 macros for the first time and am very frustrated by it's recorder function. I've used several standalone TSR macro recorders several years ago and they were much easier but certainly not as feature rich.

I have a spreadsheet that I've been using for a couple of years where I have manually entered data. My company has recently started to dump data into an Excel sheet but instead of pure numeric or date values being used they are extracting the values with the ' character starting the value. I want to strip this ' character.

What I do is select the cell I want to edit and invoke the macro. Then press {F2} to edit the contents of the cell, {Home} to move to the left, {Del} to delete the first character - the apostrophe, and {Enter} to complete the edit and move down one cell.

Using the recorder captures the following. Unfortunately it doesn't simply delete the first character, it copies the value of the previous cell to the next cell when I invoke the macro again.

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Delete Range Name (control Character?)

Dec 6, 2006

I have a defined range in my workbook which I have not been able to delete (I think it got there through some malware because I didn't create it!)

The main annoyance is that the name refers to another workbook (to which I don't have access) and to a non-existent range therein (resulting in a #REF! error) - so I get the unwanted Update Links message each time I open the workbook. I have created my own workbook with the same name as the workbook referred to by the name, hoping that I may gain some level of control over this gremlin, but to no avail.

The name is "Flow" immediately followed by a thin-lined empty square (like the ANSI character 042 formatted using Wingdings2 font). It could be a line-feed character.

Whatever it is, I have not been able to delete this range name - either directly through the Insert / Name / Define / Delete commands or by using VBA. Using the menu commands I can select the name, edit it (even add a valid cell reference to the workbook name), and click Add - but that just adds a new name "Flow" without the control character and the original name remains! The original name also remains if I select the name and click Delete.

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Delete Row Based On Starting Character 1st Then Contains

Jun 23, 2007

I would like to create a macro that deletes all rows starting with an open parenthensis in column B. The contents of what is in parenthis varies from 2 letters up - so anything starting with a parenthis is sufficient criteria.

After the initial deleting (mentioned above), would also like to delete (from column B again), rows containing specific, multiple phrases.

None of the functions I have see so far will facilitate this...

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First Character In Cell Is Text Then Delete Row

Aug 16, 2006

In a column I have cells where the first character is numeric and the rest text and also cells where the first character is text.

I want to delete the rows where the first character is text.

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Excel 2010 :: Delete Unwanted Character In VBA

May 15, 2012

I'm using excel 2010. I'm working with columns of values where most of the values are numbers - which is fine, and there are some numbers that have a "p" at the start of them.

e.g. Column has 49, 52.2, p56.7, 34

OK, I want to preserve the 56.7 but I want to delete the "p". I'm thinking I've got a mental block as to how to delete the unwanted "p"s but I can't think of how to do it at the moment! My code goes as follows:

If Left(Cells(1,1),1) = "p" then
'delete the "p" and leave the remaining number in tact
End if

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Delete Unrecognized Character In Text File

Apr 2, 2008

I am trying to read a text file into a variable with VBA. The files I try to read usually have a bunch of unrecognized characters in them and I can't seem to read through them. I am looking for some code that will delete all unrecognized characters until it finds a string I specify.

Example of file

 J Y D Y F Y ZE Y B Z 6 Z

My code works fine if I manually delete all this stuff before GOOD DATA, but wont work if I dont. My "responseposition" is always 0 unless I delete all the nonsense.

Sub findvalues()

Dim strText As String

strText = GetFileContent("C:currentday.gdbm")

cardstring = "GOOD DATA"
responsePosition = InStr(1, strText, cardstring, vbTextCompare)

MsgBox (responsePosition)

End Sub

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Delete Characters After Last Specific Character Occurence

Jun 11, 2008

I have one column with many numbers. Some have one dash and some have two.


Is there a way that I can remove all characters after the last (dash) in the number?

If number is 123-123456-65
Then 123-123456

If number is 98B12354-889
Then 98B12354

If someone could just lead me in a direction, I might be able to figure it out. However, my code is elementary and most of the time, I record macros and the play with the code until it does what I want.

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Excel 2007 :: Find And Delete Single Character?

Jan 23, 2014

Following the tips doesn't allow to remove a character.

I exported email addresses from Outlook and they have the following character ' in front of the email address.

Using Excel 2007.. it says :"check if your search formatting and criteria are defined correctly. If you are sure that matching data exists in this workbook, it may be on a protected worksheet. Excel cannot replace data on a protected worksheet"

So I made a new file, and copied and pasted the cells into the new spreadsheet.. same message.

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Button To Cut/paste To Blank Row In New Sheet And Delete Blank Row In Old Sheet

Sep 2, 2009

I have spent several hours searching the forum but have not been able to find any code that I could tailor to my specific need.

Basically, when I press a button on a 'Util' sheet, I need to cut every row on the 'Source' sheet with 'Closed' in column 'B', paste the rows to the next blank row on the 'Closed_Requests' sheet, and delete the resulting blank row from the 'Source' sheet.

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How To Delete A Blank Row If The Row Above That Is Blank

Apr 9, 2014

I've got some code set up to add a row above any row containing the word "Task" . I've realised that in some cases there is already an empty row, so I don't want a second blank row. How can I change the code to say add a row, unless the row is already blank?

this is the code:

Option Explicit
Sub emma()
Dim lr As Long
lr = Range("A" & Rows.Count).End(xlUp).Row
Dim i As Long


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Delete Blank Row

Jan 21, 2010

I have the following code which i have adapted. I used it to Hide blank Rows but now i wish to delete the row:

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Delete Every Second Blank Row

May 5, 2007

I have data ranging from A1..AF2001 . The problem is that every second row i.e. a2, a4 and so on is a blank row. Please provide me the macro to delete every second blank rows at once.

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How To Remove Special Character Without Disturbing Other Character

Nov 27, 2012

To all sifus out there, how can i transfer from these:


To these:


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Append All Digits Before Character To All Numbers Between The Same Character

May 18, 2008

I have got a list of numeric abbreviations, for instance 10739011/21/31/41. What it should really display are the numbers 10739011, 10739021, 10739031 and 10739041 (the first six figures stay the same). All the numbers in my list are 8 figures long. I want to change the list from the list seperated by the backward slash to the complete numbers. I have uploaded an example of the list with backward slash between the numbers. Is there a way that Excel can automatically change these numbers to the full numbers?

Because all the numbers are 8 figures long, I thought the first 6 figures of the 1st number can be copied and those 6 figures pasted before the other two figures after the backslash. Auto Merged Post Until 24 Hrs Passes;sorry, pressed OK too quickly. The problem is that there are sometimes 4 numbers in the cell, sometimes 6 and once three. I would like Excel to complete all the numbers in the cell and then move on to the cell underneath it and so on. Also, I would like each number to have it's own cell.

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How To Delete About 86k Blank Rows

Jun 17, 2014

I have been trying to delete about 86k rows in my table in a worksheet. It has been over 5 hours now and it is still running to delete. any better solution? or how long do i need to wait for the system to finish its work?

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Delete E&F Row If F Row Finds Blank Vba?

Mar 13, 2014

i want delete row E&F depends upon blank cells in range of F:F column...though vba

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How To Delete Blank Cells

Nov 20, 2011

Up till now I have been using the code posted not realising it fails in certain conditions, The data in column A can contain what look like blanks but are not and therefore do not get removed. Can any tell how to get around this problem, as wish to delete those as well


Sub GetRidOfBlanks()
Dim RO As Integer
' GetRidOfBlanks Macro
' Macro recorded 21/07/2011 by Peter Hayward
' Keyboard Shortcut: Ctrl+Shift+B


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Only Delete Rows When Whole Row Is Blank

Jan 19, 2012

I have a real problem with a file I'm working on. It has invoice numbers in one column, followed by payment milestones. In the row underneath, there is an 'x' to mark if payment was made in a particular zone, e.g.:


The problem is that there are two rows with data, a blank row, then another two rows with data. I have thousands of rows and need a quick-fix to delete the blanks.

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VBA To Delete Blank Rows

Feb 23, 2013

a VBA code to delete blank rows.

The current worksheet has data which is retrieved from other worksheets.

For example:

Current worksheet A1= Sheet1!A1
Current worksheet A10= Sheet2!A1
Current worksheet A20= Sheet13!A1

The range of this current worksheet is A1:F1287 and inbetween there are blank rows. The cells in the current worksheet are not technically blank, because each cell (A1:F1287) retrieves the information from the respective worksheet.

I would like to know of a VBA code to delete a whole blank row/-s (all columns of this row is blank) inbetween the range. Therefore, if there is a whole blank row, this row to be deleted and to go to the next row that shows information . In other words, instead of me manually searching and deleting whole empty rows; a VBA code for this task.

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Delete Row If Column Is Blank?

Jul 16, 2014

I've recorded and edited a macro for a worksheet I have, but there is one function I can't figure out - if it can even be done.

My sheet has 134,000 rows of data extending to column AS but, in column K, I have approximately 9 - 10,000 empty cells. I need to delete the entire row of data where there is an empty cell in column K. Can this be written into the macro?

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Too Many Blank Rows To Delete

May 9, 2007

modified my code to have the data continue to the next row where it left off before jump to other sheets. The code below creates too many blank rows of all sheets (9213, 9316, 9501 and 9601).

After the code stops execute, I have to delete all the blank rows. This takes too long, approximately 5 minutes for each sheet...

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Delete The Blank Cells

Sep 3, 2007

I have data in a workbook which has blank cells in columns D and E. What im trying to find out is the a macro that will delete the row if the cells are blank in both columns D and E right the way down the workbook.

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Delete Row If Range Is Blank

Oct 3, 2008

I need a bit of code that will delete a row if a range in the row is all blank
ie, if all cells in range between I and AZ are blank then delete the row
I also need this to happen from row 5 downwards as top 4 rows are headers etc.

I have been trying to modify this piece of code but with no luck

Dim fn As WorksheetFunction
Dim rngDelete As Range

Set fn = Application.WorksheetFunction
Set rngDelete = Range("I1:AZ1")
NumberOfRows = Range("a10000").End(xlUp).Row

For x = NumberOfRows To 1 Step -1
With rngDelete
If fn.CountA(.Offset(x, 0)) = 0 Then .Offset(x, 0).EntireRow.Delete
End With
Next x

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