Delete Row Based On Starting Character 1st Then Contains

Jun 23, 2007

I would like to create a macro that deletes all rows starting with an open parenthensis in column B. The contents of what is in parenthis varies from 2 letters up - so anything starting with a parenthis is sufficient criteria.

After the initial deleting (mentioned above), would also like to delete (from column B again), rows containing specific, multiple phrases.

None of the functions I have see so far will facilitate this...

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Excel 2007 :: VBA Code To Delete Rows Based On Text Starting Content

Oct 25, 2013

Using excel 2007. I am interested in writing a VBA code to delete rows based on the text starting content. I would like to delete rows with cells that do NOT start with an "S" or "SA"



I would only like to keep the last 3 lines.

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Return Nth Character In A Cell Starting From The Left

Nov 15, 2006

How do I return the Nth Character in a cell starting from the left.

For example, cell A1 has the word "Baseball". What formula will give me the 6th character to the right, which would be "a"?

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Sum A Range Based On A Starting Lookup Value

Mar 2, 2009

I'm trying to sum a range of data consisting of 12 cells (each range is in a unique row going across adjacent columns). The range of data to be summed is based on a lookup value which is a column header - I want the range to start with this lookup value. In column B of my spreadsheet, I have a 'First Activity number code' going down...In Row 4, I have the same First Activity Codes going across the row (the column headers). In Column U, going down the column I am looking for my formula.

So For example, in row 5 of my spreadsheet, I am looking at 73 as my base code (the value in column B), and I want a range of data summed that lies in the same row where the column headers are 73 - 84 (12 rows) - always starting summing the range with the same number that is in column B. So in row 18, 78 is my base number; so I would want the sum of the numbers in the same row where the column headers are 78-89 ( 12 columns).

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Delete First Character If Blank

Oct 21, 2009

My range is A2:T600 on one single worksheet. In many cells, the first character is a blank space (a mistake of mine when creating the initialize code in the user form into which the info was entered). I only need to do this once ever for this worksheet, but I hate to go through them all by hand. So what I need is to select the range, and IF the first character of a cell is a blank space, delete just that character.

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Delete String Before Some Character?

Dec 21, 2012

I have some columns in the excel file:


And I would like to delete everything before the LAST slash(just filenames)


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Delete Last X Characters If It Contains A Certain Character

Dec 8, 2007

Sub rightval()
Dim myrange, mycell As Range
Set myrange = Sheets("Sheet1").Range("A1", Range("A65536").End(xlUp))
For Each mycell In myrange
If Right(mycell.Value, 1) = "." Then
mycell.Value = Left(mycell.Value, Len(mycell.Value) - 3)
End If
Next mycell
End Sub

I'd like to delete the last three values of one cell only if it contains a period.

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Remove Cell Content Based Upon Not Starting With A Word

Jun 16, 2008

I am working on a macro and, as part of it, I would like to look at column A of my spreadsheet and remove all cell contents where the text in the cell does not start with the word "total." For instance, if the text of a cell in column H is "total money" I would like it to remain unchanged. However, if the text of a cell is "George Baker" I would like it removed. I ONLY want the text in column H to be considered ... no other column.

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Using Script To Delete First Character Of Cell

Mar 6, 2014

The script below is used to delete the first character of every cell. I want the commas ',' in the cells starting with a comma to be deleted.

However, it ends up that even for the cells not starting with a comma, the first character is deleted.

[Code] .......

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Macro To Delete One Character In A Cell

Oct 2, 2007

I'm trying to use Excel 2003 macros for the first time and am very frustrated by it's recorder function. I've used several standalone TSR macro recorders several years ago and they were much easier but certainly not as feature rich.

I have a spreadsheet that I've been using for a couple of years where I have manually entered data. My company has recently started to dump data into an Excel sheet but instead of pure numeric or date values being used they are extracting the values with the ' character starting the value. I want to strip this ' character.

What I do is select the cell I want to edit and invoke the macro. Then press {F2} to edit the contents of the cell, {Home} to move to the left, {Del} to delete the first character - the apostrophe, and {Enter} to complete the edit and move down one cell.

Using the recorder captures the following. Unfortunately it doesn't simply delete the first character, it copies the value of the previous cell to the next cell when I invoke the macro again.

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Delete Range Name (control Character?)

Dec 6, 2006

I have a defined range in my workbook which I have not been able to delete (I think it got there through some malware because I didn't create it!)

The main annoyance is that the name refers to another workbook (to which I don't have access) and to a non-existent range therein (resulting in a #REF! error) - so I get the unwanted Update Links message each time I open the workbook. I have created my own workbook with the same name as the workbook referred to by the name, hoping that I may gain some level of control over this gremlin, but to no avail.

The name is "Flow" immediately followed by a thin-lined empty square (like the ANSI character 042 formatted using Wingdings2 font). It could be a line-feed character.

Whatever it is, I have not been able to delete this range name - either directly through the Insert / Name / Define / Delete commands or by using VBA. Using the menu commands I can select the name, edit it (even add a valid cell reference to the workbook name), and click Add - but that just adds a new name "Flow" without the control character and the original name remains! The original name also remains if I select the name and click Delete.

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First Character In Cell Is Text Then Delete Row

Aug 16, 2006

In a column I have cells where the first character is numeric and the rest text and also cells where the first character is text.

I want to delete the rows where the first character is text.

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Create Range Based On Starting Cell Plus A Number Sent To Formula

Mar 13, 2014

I'm using the VBA code below for a piece of code.

[Code] .....

However, I want to use this same function in another place, without the limit set on the cells that will be cleared.

What I would like to do is send the formula the cell to start at (E14), offset that by one column, and then send a number of rows. With that, create the range to be cleared.

Something like:

[Code] .....

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VBA To SHADE Cells Based On: Step-size & Starting Cell

Mar 4, 2009

I have a spreadsheet that will monitor payment schedules, in which both payment frequency and the payment start date are inputted by the user.

As such, to make filling out the column(s) fool-proof, I want to grey out cells in which data should not be entered.

For example, if the payment frequency is every 6th day, and the payments are to begin on day 0, then days 0, 6, 12 (etc) should be left white, whereas the remainder of the cells should be shaded.

I can achieve this using multiple conditional formatting rules in excel2007 with iterations of formulae of the type:

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Excel 2010 :: Delete Unwanted Character In VBA

May 15, 2012

I'm using excel 2010. I'm working with columns of values where most of the values are numbers - which is fine, and there are some numbers that have a "p" at the start of them.

e.g. Column has 49, 52.2, p56.7, 34

OK, I want to preserve the 56.7 but I want to delete the "p". I'm thinking I've got a mental block as to how to delete the unwanted "p"s but I can't think of how to do it at the moment! My code goes as follows:

If Left(Cells(1,1),1) = "p" then
'delete the "p" and leave the remaining number in tact
End if

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Delete Unrecognized Character In Text File

Apr 2, 2008

I am trying to read a text file into a variable with VBA. The files I try to read usually have a bunch of unrecognized characters in them and I can't seem to read through them. I am looking for some code that will delete all unrecognized characters until it finds a string I specify.

Example of file

 J Y D Y F Y ZE Y B Z 6 Z

My code works fine if I manually delete all this stuff before GOOD DATA, but wont work if I dont. My "responseposition" is always 0 unless I delete all the nonsense.

Sub findvalues()

Dim strText As String

strText = GetFileContent("C:currentday.gdbm")

cardstring = "GOOD DATA"
responsePosition = InStr(1, strText, cardstring, vbTextCompare)

MsgBox (responsePosition)

End Sub

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Delete Characters After Last Specific Character Occurence

Jun 11, 2008

I have one column with many numbers. Some have one dash and some have two.


Is there a way that I can remove all characters after the last (dash) in the number?

If number is 123-123456-65
Then 123-123456

If number is 98B12354-889
Then 98B12354

If someone could just lead me in a direction, I might be able to figure it out. However, my code is elementary and most of the time, I record macros and the play with the code until it does what I want.

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Select And Copy Set Of Data In Column Based On Starting And Ending Values

Aug 26, 2013

I have a macro that copies three sections of data from a word document and pastes it within the Excel worksheet. The column of data is pasted in a single column (data to be space-delimited and evaluated later), and what I would like the MACRO to do is separate the three sections of data based on the starting and ending values of the section and place them in different columns.

Section 1 : starts with the word "Team"
Section 1 : ends with the word "City"

Section 2 : starts with the word "Location"
Section 2 : ends with the word " Date"

Section 3 : starts with the word "Member"
Section 3: ends with the word "Age"

So section 1 would be pasted into cell C1, section 2 pasted into G1 and section 3 pasted into J1.

Each section will have vary in number of rows between the starting/ending values, so to cut and paste the section based on the starting and ending value is vital.

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Excel 2007 :: Find And Delete Single Character?

Jan 23, 2014

Following the tips doesn't allow to remove a character.

I exported email addresses from Outlook and they have the following character ' in front of the email address.

Using Excel 2007.. it says :"check if your search formatting and criteria are defined correctly. If you are sure that matching data exists in this workbook, it may be on a protected worksheet. Excel cannot replace data on a protected worksheet"

So I made a new file, and copied and pasted the cells into the new spreadsheet.. same message.

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How To Use Mid Function Based On The 2nd ( X ) Character

Jan 20, 2010

I have random descriptions that have the case dimentions within the text
The descriptions are NOT standard length.
the only thing I can think of is the dimensions in ALL descriptions have this in common:

Length ( x ) Width ( x ) Height

I am looking for the Height value
How can I use the =mid function based on the 2nd ( x ) character?

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Search Column For Cell Starting With X Then Copy Row To A New Tab Based On A Cell Value

Jan 13, 2014

I have an tab with 20,666 rows that I need to separate into different tabs based on what a cell in a specific row starts with.

Data Tab
001-020-002-000 Walker River Irrigation DistPO Box 820 YeringtonNV89447
001-020-005-000 Walker River Irrigation DistPO Box 820 YeringtonNV89447
001-020-006-000 Walker River Irrigation DistPO Box 820 YeringtonNV89447
001-020-007-000 Walker River Irrigation DistPO Box 820 YeringtonNV89447
001-020-008-000 Walker River Irrigation DistPO Box 820 YeringtonNV89447


So what I am looking to do is search the APN row in the Data Tab that starts with the number from the APN # row in the APN Tab and then copy the row to a new/existing tab named after the Description on the APN Tab.

I think that I have explained what I need to do

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Break Contents Of A Cell Based On Character?

Dec 18, 2013

We do large loads of new part #'s/descriptions/UPC's/etc from excel into our database. The fields are limited on character count and I would like writing a formula to break the contents of a cell based on character count without breaking a word.


Column A Current Data
Row1: 12Pt HD Offset Striking Wrench 1-3/8" & 35MM (44 characters)
Row2: 12Pt 1/2" Drv Socket 27MM (25 characters)
Row3: 12Pt Satin Combo Wrench 11/16" (30 characters)
Row4: 12Pt 1/2" Drv Deep Socket 1-1/8" (32 characters)

Results I'm Looking For

Row1: Column B-12Pt HD Offset Striking Wrench Column C- 1-3/8" & 35MM
Row2: Column B-12Pt 1/2" Drv Socket 27MM Column C-No Data Returned
Row3: Column B-12Pt Satin Combo Wrench 11/16" Column C-No Data Returned
Row4: Column B-12Pt 1/2" Drv Deep Socket Column C-1-1/8"

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Highlight Row Certain Color Based On Character From Cell?

May 11, 2013


I have a attached an inventory spreadsheet that I use at work. The only active column that gets data entered into it, is column E "Qty (Pcs)". I enter quantities of inventory in this column.

In column B is the part numbers for product. The letters at the end of the part numbers are associated with certain colors that you can see in the small chart to the right of the report. H=Yellow, M=Blue, S=Green, V=Orange and P=Purple.

What I am trying to achieve is when I type a value in the Qty (Pcs) row. I would love for the entire row that contains data to highlight in the respective color based on what letter is at the end of the part number in column B.

Example - I type 100 in E2 and the entire row of data turns Orange because the V at the end of 13001 is associated with Orange.

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Getting Filename Without Extension And Separating Value Based On Character?

Jan 22, 2014

I want to develop a macro for getting filename without extension and seperating the value into two variables.


I have a folder with 3 subfolders inside.

Each subfolder has few files in it.

I will give main folder as input and it should check all subfolders/main folder for files and take that files and modify as shown in below example:

Example of one file: TEST-123_REV00.pdf

Here TEST-123 is the document name
REV00 is the revision of the document
pdf is as usual the extension.

Now my requirement is to prepare an output file with all these files in a text file.

The output is in this format..

Document Name | Revision Name.

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Splitting Cell Contents Based On Character

Mar 22, 2012

I need a formula that splits a cells contents based on a character. Example:


I want a forumla that returns everything right of the #. the number of charters changes so i need to reference the #

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Condition Statement Based On 2nd To Last Character Of String?

Apr 10, 2012

I am trying to pull certain members loads from our global design force spreadsheet and because of the naming convention we used for our structural members the 2nd to last character is unique to what I am looking for. I am trying to get a simple condition statement that will display the load only if the 2nd to last character of the name of the element is satisfied.

For Example, if "T" is what I am looking for then :

EDT4 will be true and give me the value accordingly
D10T1 Will also be true and return me the value
D10B2 Will not be true

I know how to use the Mid() and right() function, but I need to check the 2nd from the right.

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Excel 2010 :: Increase Character Limit In Text Box That Is Based On Formula?

Mar 7, 2012

I have a text box that is set to "=B1". B1 is a cell from an Access table import with memo format. The text memo is long, probably on average between 1000-2000 characters. I have set up the text box to automatically resize for the text, but the text stops at what I assume is 255 characters, even though cell B1 displays the entire memo.

How can I set it up so that this text box (or any other similar shape) displays the text and retains its resize/wrap property?

This is done in Excel 2010.

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How To Remove Special Character Without Disturbing Other Character

Nov 27, 2012

To all sifus out there, how can i transfer from these:


To these:


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Append All Digits Before Character To All Numbers Between The Same Character

May 18, 2008

I have got a list of numeric abbreviations, for instance 10739011/21/31/41. What it should really display are the numbers 10739011, 10739021, 10739031 and 10739041 (the first six figures stay the same). All the numbers in my list are 8 figures long. I want to change the list from the list seperated by the backward slash to the complete numbers. I have uploaded an example of the list with backward slash between the numbers. Is there a way that Excel can automatically change these numbers to the full numbers?

Because all the numbers are 8 figures long, I thought the first 6 figures of the 1st number can be copied and those 6 figures pasted before the other two figures after the backslash. Auto Merged Post Until 24 Hrs Passes;sorry, pressed OK too quickly. The problem is that there are sometimes 4 numbers in the cell, sometimes 6 and once three. I would like Excel to complete all the numbers in the cell and then move on to the cell underneath it and so on. Also, I would like each number to have it's own cell.

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Look For Character In Cell And Insert New Character - For More Than One

Sep 20, 2009

I have a cell which will contain SER01+SER02+SER03

and what i need it to contain is [SER01]+[SER02]+[SER03]

and shocker is i've got this to work for the first instance but not the other two

code as below... be grateful for your help

Sub measure1()
Dim list As String, pos As Integer, refl As String, refr As String, newlist As String
list = Cells(1472, 16).Value
pos = InStr(list, "+")
refl = Left(list, pos - 1)
refr = Right(list, pos + 1)
newlist = "[" & refl & "]"
Cells(1472, 17) = newlist
End Sub

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