Deleting Parts Of Text In Cells

Dec 8, 2011

I'm developing a fixture list (involving 26,000 individual fixtures) I'm trying to come up with a Macro which will enable me to delete part of each cell containing the two team reference numbers and the match number, and paste it in another column. I'd like to do this for all 26,000 fixtures.

In case you didn't understand that too well. For example, with the cell value of '1v2-54', I'd like to get rid of the '-54' and put it in another cell.

But the key thing is, using this principle, I'd like all 26,000 fixtures to be done this way. Obviously I'm not going to do it by hand.

As you can see from the screenshot, the pattern of how the column goes:

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Find Text In Workbook And Then Deleting Range Of Cells Above It

Jan 29, 2014

I want to create a macro that will find a text string called "Season Average" in the entire workbook and delete a range of cells above it 4 cells longs starting right above the text and then going left.

Example is if "Season Average" is in cell D11, than I want the cells D10, C10, B10 & A10 Deleted and the cells to shift up

This happens throughout the entire workbook and multiple times on each work sheet in different spots not consistently same cells.

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Print Parts In Portrait Parts In Landscape

Dec 21, 2006

I have a document needed to be printed with some pages in the middle in landscape page type, the rest in portrait. If using Word it would be easier, but in Excel I cant find the section break to chage page setup separately. Is there anyway to do it. Currently I'm printing the document separately in portrait and then landscape with some page break added and page number modified. However it's quite troublesome and easy to make mistake.

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How To Select Parts Of Text

Mar 1, 2010

Does anyone know of a way to select fragments of the following text?

The string is "toby.cameron1".

I need to be able to select just the "toby" and "cameron" parts.
Also this string is variable in that it might be "james.brown" or similar without the number at the end.

I can't use a Left or Right statement because of the varying length of names and the uncertainty of having a number at the end.

Is there a way I can copy the start of the string until the period. And do the same from the end but ignore the number whether it's present or not.

From that, is there anyway to copy the numbers off the end of a string?

i.e. my string is ASY-623 or DRGN-12 or WDSR-7

The string will always be letters a dash and then numbers.

How do I copy only the numbers?

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Extract Parts Of Text From Cell?

Jan 7, 2013

I have several cells with text as such:

cell A1: john doe (
cell A2: jane smith (jane

How can I extract just the name? I want the formula results to be john doe and jane smith

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Selecting Only Parts Of A String Of Text

Nov 18, 2013

I need separating parts of a string of text to go into separate columns.

Fortunately the spreadsheet is in the same format in relation to spaces and numbers of characters with the exception of the red text which can be any where between 2 and 50 characters.

I actually need AL46 to go to Col B, 001488616 into Col C, Valve, Pressure Equalizing, Gaseous into Col D and D03079/0002 into Col E.

(65) AL46 ALSPO 0299999999 A20LS DISPOSALS.(001488616) Valve, Pressure Equalizing, Gaseous.D03079/0002

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Lookup Function: Compare Every Part In The All Parts Worksheet To See If The Part Number Exists On The Active Parts Sheet

Dec 10, 2008

I have a spreadsheet with 2 worksheets. On the first "active parts" I have a list of active part numbers and on the second "All Parts" I have all of the parts available.

I want to compare every part in the All Parts worksheet to see if the part number exists on the Active Parts sheet - if it's there, I would like it to return the value "Active" in column B in All Parts. I have a formula in column B in All Parts that seems to work for the first few, but as soon as it finds one that is active, the rest of the cells below all return "Active".

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Summing Variable Number Of Cells And Parts Of Cells

Mar 18, 2014

In my financial modelling I often have a calculated number of months of inventory. This number varies. I need to use this number to calculate the actual inventory value. For eg. it may be 3.2 months of inventory; in this case I need to sum 3 cells (current month, current month -1, current month -2) plus 0.2 of the fourth cell (current month -3)

But I may need to change the number of months of inventory to, for example, 4.2. In this case I would need the sum of four cells plus 0.2 of the fifth cell etc etc.

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Combining Parts Of Two Cells

Jul 27, 2009

I have a list of dates in column A as follows:


In column B I have set of data as follows:
C 2010@101.0
C 2011
C 2011@101.0
C 2012@101.0
C 2013
C 2013
C 2014@101.0

I need to combine the day and month only in column A with the year (in positions 3-6) in column B

As an example I have "11/1/2015" in column A and "C 2010@101.0" in column B. The desired result in column C is "11/1/2010".

I have tried using the left function in column A with the mid function in column B but haven't had any luck so far.

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Search Cells For Parts Of Words

Jun 8, 2006

I am looking to search a column of data (text) and have copy relevant cells to another spreadsheet.


Enter "Cat" in a userform, and the program would copy all of the following rows to a new spreadsheet:

your cat
the cat
123 cat

Think you guys may get the picture...if cat appears in any way in the cell, I would like that cells contents on a new spreadsheet.

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Search Parts Of Columns Looking For Matches In Parts Of Other Columns In A Row

Mar 1, 2014

I have sheets with names of people in columns....some married...some not. When they are married, here's a sample format...

Jones, Donald T | Baker, Sarah Jane | Jones, Sarah Jane | Smith, Sarah J | Jones, Sarah Jane Smith

In this example, I would like to be able to determine which of the Sarah's belongs to Donald w/o having to visually look at each record ( 100,000's of records). (FYI: the names for Sarah would/could be her Maiden Name and possibly a name or two from a former marriage). What I need to be able to do is match and extract the names of Jones, Donald T and Jones, Sarah Jane and Jones, Sarah Jane Smith and eliminate Smith, Sarah J and Baker, Sarah Jane.

In my example, Donald is in the first column, but can be in any column on a row so the name positions are random across the columns. However, the format for each column is then same...Last Name, First Name Middle Name(or Initial) with a comma always after the last name in each column. The length of the last name also varies.

VBA or Formula that will search the cells in the columns of each row and return the names (complete contents of the cells with matching last names) that have a matching last name for that row.

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Deleting Text From An Open Text File

Feb 22, 2007

I'm using excel to parse txt a file with account numbers in it. If it finds a dodgy number I want it to delete the entire line in the text file. I have manage to write the code that opens the file and locates the dodgy numbers, however I'm not sure whether it is posible to select the line and delete it.

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Deleting Certain Text From Array?

Dec 14, 2011

I have an array where every cell's text starts with "Sum of" then the rest on the information. Each cell's text is different except for the "Sum of". There are thousands of cells. Is there a way to select them all and edit out the "Sum of" part only and leave what is left?

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Deleting Rows That Contain Certain Text

Aug 1, 2014

I have a sheet where individual actions are listed and then subtotaled.

ElementError Code
Action NAC-01
Action NAC-02
Action NAC-07
Action NAC-08
Action NAC-14

[Code] .......

I need to remove all the subtotal rows.

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Deleting Rows That Contain Certain Text

Aug 23, 2007

I have a spreadsheet nearing 10000 various products with columns A-M.
I need to do the following:

Delete the entire row and shift up
If column H contains "this text" or "File Server Manager" or "ABT". Column H being the product description.

Basically, I have customers that are authorized only to sell certain products. So instead of filtering threw and saying, ok he cant sell "File Server Manager" delete that entire row. OR he cant sell these 10 products cause it says oracle in the product description then delete that row.

I was researching the fourms and saw something on AutoFilter. Will that work?

It was something along the lines of:

.AutoFilter field:=1, Criteria1:="ENTER TEXT HERE"

I appreciate all your help!


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Deleting Rows With Certain Text

Feb 21, 2008

I have downloaded my pay pal transactions and need to go through and delete rows of debits that are not debits for my business, but do not know how to do this automatically. I know very little about excel so I hope this can be fairly easy.

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Deleting Text From Numbers

Dec 1, 2009

I have the following numbers in excel, with letters next to it, for example:


I want to remove the alphabets, and be left with just the numbers, example:

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Deleting Text With Conditional Formatting?

Nov 14, 2013

A2 contains the word Yes. If A1 is blank, I need to clear the text from A2. Can this be done with conditional formatting? I know I could just change the text to white, but I actually need the text cleared from A2 if A1 is empty. My boss doesn't want me to use VBA so I can't code this.

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Deleting Extraneous Text At End Of Cell Value?

Jun 11, 2013

I have a file with 1000+ rows. The values in column A have text that I want to keep and then extraneous text tacked on. The good thing is the extraneous text ALWAYS start with the same characters. How can I systematically delete the extraneous text values at the end?

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Deleting Rows With Text Or Blanks

Sep 19, 2006

Id like to thank ByTheCringe2 for getting me to this point. Now I need just a little bit more help before I can take over and work on it on my own. I have attached a sample sheet of the current problem im having. I messed up in the previous post by not giving an example of text underneath invoice.

This is what I need.

1) I looked in to this and I think the best way to go about this would be to say that if a cell in Column H does not have a numeric value, then to erase the entire row. The reason for this is that Column H is the only column that remains constant in that it is the total balance of the invoice therefore if it doesn't have a balance or there are letters in the cell, it is not a valid cell and not a valid row. I highlighted the example of my problem. This is the formula im using...

=IF(ISERROR(MATCH($E20,'Imported Data'!$E$6:$E$30,0)),"",IF(INDEX('Imported Data'!K$6:K$30,MATCH($E20,'Imported Data'!$E$6:$E$30,0))=0,"",INDEX('Imported Data'!K$6:K$30,MATCH($E20,'Imported Data'!$E$6:$E$30,0))))

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Deleting Text After Carriage Return

Oct 25, 2006

A cell contains the name, tel number and address of a user. Those 3 fields are separated by a carriage return (alt+enter) in the cell. I need a macro to keep only the name, which is on the first line of the cell. The macro should be generic and should work for any particular name.

John Smith
Hollywood Street

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Deleting Blank Rows (without Any Text Or Data)

Jun 17, 2009

In a rage of rows I have some rows that are blank - without any text or data. Is there a macro I might enter that will look at the range of rows, determine which are blank and then delete the blank rows?

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Deleting Page Breaks From Text File Formatted

May 30, 2006

I am trying to figure out how to create a Macro code in Excel that will delete text file page breaks. Each page break starts with a square in column A and ends with the word continued in column D. I've tried several times, but when I test the code and I highlight the section to delete, it only deletes those specific rows next time. How can I get it to delete the rows from the square to "Continued" throughout the document without making reference to specific cell numbers?

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Not Deleting Any Cells

Aug 15, 2007

The loop cycles through my sheet correctly but wont delete any cells.

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Analyze Cells Of Text-return Defined Text Phrase If All Cells Have Same Text

Apr 30, 2014

I have 10 cells in a column. I have a drop down list in each that is the same in each. If all 10 cells have the same item selected from the drop down list, I want a separate cell to list Yes or No. I've tried a few variations with no luck.

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Deleting Groups Of Rows When Specific Text Data Is Populating Row?

Feb 14, 2013

I have a complex report with thousands of lines I am trying to clean up. In order to do this, I need VBA that recognizes specific text data starting after row 9. When it sees this, it will need to select and delete the 2 rows above it, the row it is in, and the 6 rows below it. 9 rows in total, some of which are blank. The text will repeat every 47-50 rows, but I cannot say exactly when it will repeat again. When it is repeated, I need the 9 rows deleted. At this time, there is only 1 column in the report because I need to split out the data in the cell into adjoining cells. Since I have not solved that yet, I need to just delete the entire row.

The text is written with spaces between each letter and a double space between words. It reads, "B I L L I N G M A S T E R I N V O I C E S E T U P L I S T I N G"

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Deleting Visible Cells?

Apr 30, 2014

I have a data in which I have inserted a table with headers.

I then filter the type of data I want removed from the table using the drop down

Then goto special, visible cells only, press delete.

Now, the data is gone, but when I select all again to pull up the entire table, the data is gone, but rows are still there. So now I have tons of empty rows in between the rows of needed data. Any way of removing the rows in between as well as the data?

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Number Cells Deleting 0s

Jul 7, 2014

I need to store some numbers, all of which are prefixed by four or five zeros. When I format the cells as number, the zeros are erased. So, 0000012345 becomes 12345. The zeros are preserved when I store them as text, but I cannot do the functions that I need to do with the cells formatted as text.

How I can preserve the zeros in number format?

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Deleting The Name For A Group Of Cells

Feb 3, 2009

When you highlight a group of cells and give them a reference name- that name seems to be permanent. How do you delete one or add cells to the reference? Example attached book1.xls Cells A1-B3 are named "TheGroup".

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Deleting Specified Number Of Cells Using If

Mar 29, 2009

I have a column with "1" and "0". I'd like to have something like, if the value in a cell within the column is "0", then delete the 4 cells previous to the cell that contained "0" within the row.

Instead of deleting, the values can also be replaced with anything e.g., zero or n/a etc.

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