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Designing A Random Seating Arrangement

Designing a Random Seating Arrangement

I have been given a Task of Designing a layout for seating arrangement for an Exam....

I would know the Total Number of Students appearing for the exams and their respective roll nos...

I would also be given the No of Rows and No of Columns that can be accomodated in the Examination Hall to form a Matrix...

Considering that I have around 65 students appearing for the exam and there are 10 Rows and 7 Columns to accomodate students in excess of 65..

So I need to have a mechanism which can give me the Roll Nos allocated from 1 to 65 randomly in the such a way that the Roll Nos don't get repeated as well as they are not in series next to each other...

In Deciding the Size of Matrix providing the No of Rows and No of Columns if possible...
Lets say Sheet1, Column A has a Heading Roll No and all the Roll Nos from 1 to 65 and Column B has all the Names..

Then I would like to have a code which can generate the Matrix Size in C2 which captures from the Max(A:A) and a Matrix Generated in the Sheet2 from the Starting Point being cell B2 till the cell A1 would contain text as Row/Column and from cell $A2 till end will display Row Nos i.e. Row-1,Row-2,Row3 etc.. and cell B$1 and the entire 1st Row would have headings as Column-1,Column-2,Column-3 etc..

Is this possible as these exams are held every week and its a tedious task to Manually design a Random Seating arrangement as well as the Matrix...

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Table For Seating Arrangements
I am looking to create a table for seating arrangements. The number of seats (columns) and rows varies from event to event. I need alternating rows to be offset so that seats are not directly aligned so that a viewer looks between the two seats in front. Each seat needs to be numbered and the first cell in each row is +1 the number of the last cell in the previous row. I can build the table manually each time but would like a simpler and more efficiently way to do so.

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Designing A Sheet
What I need the sheet to do:

1.Rows containing; Costumers name, invoice number, date of service, subtotal, tax, total, and whether or not they have paid yet.

2.I then need to take that data and group it to see how much each person still owes, which individual bills they have paid, and which individual bills they have yet to pay.

3.Then take all that data from each separate bill statement, and make an account balance for each person he does work for.

I had already done this for over a year’s worth of work he did. But after all the data was in, for the life of me I couldn’t think of a way to do step 2-3. The problem is that on some jobs he does, the people will pay him upfront, in which case he marks paid on the bill. But other times they will send him a check in the mail 1-3+ months later and some times not for the full amount they owe. Now I have a list of all those checks he receives, but I can’t find a simple way to subtract those checks from what people still owe him.

I need a way to sub-total each customers bills, but still be able to add in payments, or future bills and payments that person may have. Each month he does more work, and sometimes for the same people, so I need to be able to just sit down, look at each bill, and just type in the data I need off it into each person’s separate account.

The only way I could think to do this, is to give each different customer he has their own work sheet. But this makes the file size huge and organizing totals a pain. Not to mention editing the data in individual accounts for future work/payments a pain.

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Designing A Workbook Patch
I created a large workbook (let's call it Workbook X) that might not be completed yet. As a large group of colleagues use a copy of this workbook and already entered their data... I need a quick way to upgrade their copy with the changes I made in my version.

I learned before that running a macro from within one workbook could alter things in another workbook. Based on that idea... and the knowledge that I am more a designer than a programmer... I need help to bring my ideas into practice.

The idea is as follows. I record any changes made in the mother workbook into a macro. I migrate the module with the code into an empty workbook and rename it auto_open. I send the patch workbook to the colleagues and ask them to place the workbook in the same folder as the workbook X. When opened the patch workbook the code is executed; it opens the workbook X, it shuts off the use of macro's in workbook X, executes the change-code and finally saves and closes workbook X as well as the patch workbook.

Need isn't? Well, is it possible to create such a patch workbook and how can this be done? Other suggestions are welcome too...

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I've vertically data in each cell like this.

A1 john
A2 sam
A3 robin
A4 xxx
A5 xxx
A6 yourself
A7 xxx
A8 no need

So on..... in very large amount.

But need substitution here.
I dont want "xxx".

I mean I need data in B row vertically but like this.

B1 john
B2 sam
B3 robin
B6 yourself
B8 no need

Please suggest any formula for the "B" cells.

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Designing A Macro To Copy Data From Web Pages Into Spreadsheet
I have a folder full of uniformed web pages ( name and design) and I was wondering if it's possible to create a macro that will open up each page, copy specific data from each page, and paste it into an Excel 2002 spreadsheet. Unfortunately, my skills in VBA are very limited at best and I'm not sure if this is doable or is it something I'll have to go into each page and copy the data.

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Change The Arrangement Of Text In A Cell
I have a range of cells that have text formatted in the following way;......

I need to change the arrangement of the cells so that the Brackets and numbers appear in the cell before the text, how can I achieve that? Poor example but each cell will only contain one of the above variants, not all of the variants.

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Lookup Functions & Data Arrangement
I'm at an impass and need some help please. I'm trying to create a spreadsheet that will look up UNSORTED data in Column A and return the value of the corresponding Row data in the adjacent column. Can this be done? It is my understanding that LOOKUP functions only work with sorted, ascending data, but this is not possible with the data I'm trying to analyze.

(eg. COLUMN A - contains unsorted list of names
COLUMN B - contains numbers indicating skill level of the person in the next column

I need the formula to look at column A, pick out "Joe Smith" and return the number value from COLUMN B)

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Charts Colour Fills And Sequence Of Arrangement
If is there a way to get more styles or increase the colour schemes for the charts.

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Generate Random Numbers In Random Cells
I am working on a Random Cycle Count Generator that provides random SKU#s based on 3 separate columns of SKU listings. The user clicks a button to generate the SKU#s to cycle count for that day. What I would like to see is a date stamp in the columns next(B,D,F) to the referenced SKU listing(A,C,E) based on which SKU#s are generated. This will let me see the last date that the SKU was generated. I would also like it to automatically save after generating.

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All Possible Random
I have eight teams and i want them to play each other i.e

1 v 2
3 v 4

and so on till all teams have played each other, can i do this randomly

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Random Numbering
I have a list of names in Column A going from row 2 to 15. I want to randomly assign them a number ranging from 1-14, but that random number can not be assigned twice. I only need each number once.

I am putting the formula in column B.

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Random Input
First time poster, long time viewer for help.

this one should be an easy one for you experts.

i am in charge of making an assignment list in my classroom .

cells A1 all the way to A20 have a single childs name in them.

in the corresponding box ,B1 which is next to the first name and B2 next to name 2 , etc etc. i would like to put 3 random chores they need to do for the week. the first chore being in column B the second chore in C and thirs chore in D . in other words, each child listed in column A , 1-20 will have 3 chores to do over the week .

all 3 chores for each child will be in the same numbered row as their name.

i have a list of all the chores at the bottom of the spreadsheet, theyre from A20 to A40 (20 chores in a row) . i want excel to randomly put A20-A40 in the corresponding boxes next to the kids names.

im tired of having to mix all their chores up for the week next to their names.

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Random Number In VBA
How can I make sure that I can generate random numbers that don't repeat using the rnd function in VBA.

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Random Draw
I was looking for some code to randomly generate a number for a prize draw I am doing. I found a great piece on this site, which I have slightly changed to give me what I have below.

It works great except for one thing I cannot work out, I have the code below working on cell "C1", I would like it to work in cell "C5", but I can't seem to work this out.

Sub SlotsNum()
Dim w As Long, x As String, y As Long
x = Format(Int((Range("B2") - Range("B1") + 1) * Rnd + Range("B1")), "0000")
For y = 1 To 1
For w = 1 To 250
Range("C" & y) = Int(8000 * Rnd)
Next w
Range("C" & y) = CInt(Mid(x, y, 4))
Next y
End Sub

Also, whilst here. i will have one other problem, with it being a prize draw I do not want to draw the same number twice. At the moment I have a small macro that copies the winning name that appears on the main screen (via a vlookup) onto a winners spreadsheet. I am thinking of then creating another macro that replaces the winning name on the master list with an "Already Won" entry, so we can just select again.

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Random Number
How do I make a row of 5 random numbers in A2:A6 that are not the same as each other. It's basically for a Bingo card. I have a formula that can calculate the random numbers =INT(RAND()*15)+1 under the B's for example, but I can't seem to figure out how to make it so they are not the same.

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Random List
i have entered some values in excel like this

A1 B1
1 a
2 b
3 c
4 d

i will put a command button, like "Randomise"
what i wanted is , if i click that command button, the Value in cell A1 should be remain same. but the values in B1 has to be randomly changed that is, eachtime i click the randomise button the value of b1 must keep changing for every click. someting like this
A1 B1
1 d
2 f
3 h
4 a

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Random Assignments
I have a worksheet that has weekly meeting dates in column A and in columns B through M different responsibilities/task. Each week, I have to schedule 1 person to perform each task. A person can only perform 1 task each week. I have a list of 40 people that are eligible to do this.

Currently I am assigning each person to a task while trying to evenly assign people and space out the timing as to how often they're assigned. Of course, being human has led my results to both favor and overlook some people. Is there a way to randomly assign any 12 people from my list into each week?

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Random Sorting ...
When I sort a list of names to rand next to it for some reason it doesnt seem to work anymore. I've done this before and its never given me problems

rand() john
rand() Jack


I sort it to the rand column

It should shuffle the names by pressing f9 but its not working.

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Random Numbers ...
I have had some difficulty searching this on the web, but how would I generate a random number between 1 and n?

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Random Name Generator
I'd like a spreadsheet that pulls out a random name.

I'll put in a lookup table, George, Fred, Ralf, Steve, Peter.

Sometimes Fred will come up, sometimes George will.

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Random Select.
I want to random select one of the following,red,yellow,blue,green,orange & white. (as text) in cells A2:A1001.

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Random Numbers (1 To 40)
What do I need to do please to have a number in a row 1 to 40 as an example below

1,23,9,25,33,40 each row needs to be 1 to 40 but number no more than once
six rows deep yes the other rows can have the same numbers as above or below


=RAND() copied H1:H60

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Random Shuffle
I am making a barrel racing spreadsheet. In Column B I am putting the participants names, in Column C I am putting the name of their horse. So Row 1 will be my header row. What I am trying to do is a random shuffle, but the participant and their horse have to stay together. Also is there a way, where I can put the stipulation, that if a person is randomly put in number 5, that she has to be at least 3 spots away from that number.

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Random Number Counting
If I generate a random number in cell A1 ranging from 1 to 3. Can I count how many times the result is equal to 2 if I was to run it 100 times and then show the results in cell A3.

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How To Generate Random Text
I was just wondering if there is a way to make rand or randbetween functions work with text. Alternatively, is there another function that will allow me to do this, without adding numbers in the parallel row.

I want the column, to randomly choose between "male" and "female". I do not want to add additional rows or columns preferably..

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Random Number Select
I need a macro that will select a random number between 1 and 6. ie select the number of a dice. It needs to input 1 random value into one cell and another random value into another. Like the dice values of a monopoly game.

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Sampling/Random Selection
I have a file (see SAMPLE file attached) with over 2000 records. I need to know if there is a way to do a sampling or random selection by ethnicity and gender in order to get a diverse population for only 60 individuals. The selection criteria should be on ethinicity and gender.

Is this possible?

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Create Random Number From 3-10
I have a formula to generate a random number between 0 and 10.

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Hyperlink To Random Cell
I want 2 cells to display the following:

1: A hyperlink to a random cell in a particular column

2: A hyperlink to recalculate the spreadsheet (to generate another random hyperlink in the cell above, but obviously it need not be linked, literally to 'refresh').

Now, I can't find anything about number 2, but for number 1 I tried the following:

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Correlation Between Random Numbers
I wonder if you think it can be possible to constraint the RAND function so that it gives off its result commensurate with the result of another RAND function with certain probability N? For example,

Say there are two random functions and the first generates 0,5667 the correlation is at 0,5 so there is a 50% probability that the second random function will generate the result very close to it, say, 0,6012….Do you think the second random function can be tweaked so that it performs in this manner….when there is a 100% correlation – the results of both random functions will agree…when it is 80% it will be very close… you think this can be done with NORMINV?

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Shuffle Random Password
I am working on a Random Password Generator. Our requirements are that the password should contain the following:

- mixed case letters
- at least one number
- at least one "special" non-alphanumeric character

I created a UDF to do this that works. However, the way that I did this was like this:
- 1st character: special character
- 2nd character: numeric
- 3rd character: lower case
- 4th character: upper case
- rest: any alpha-numeric characters

So while they are "random", they all follow the same "pattern" for the first four characters.

What I would love to do is once I have created the random password, to "shuffle it up" or "mix it up" in random order. So something like:
would be "shuffled" and would would return something like:
(all the same letters, just in random order)

I was trying to do it with Arrays, but I have to admit, arrays are not my strong point. Can anyone help with the last piece? Here is my code that creates the random password.

Public Function RandomPass(myLen As Byte) As String
' Generates a random alpha-numeric password (with special characters) of specified length
' If this is stored in your personal macro workbook and not in the workbook itself, you must qualify the personal macro workbook file to use it
' i.e. =PERSONAL.XLSB!RandomPass(8).......

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Random Sampling Without Replacement
I'm trying to take a random sample without replacement. The sample is also partially representative, e.g. if a certain proportion of the data are Class A and a certain proportion is Class B, that proportion is maintained in the sample. After the proportions are set, the observations within each class are randomized.

Is there anyway to sample a number of rows, where the number of rows is based on the value in another cell, without having to use a lookup function or index match? Sorry if the question is a little unclear; please let me know if you need any clarification.

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Random Numbers With No Duplicates
I want to set up a column of numbers that will be random without any repeating numbers.

Example: If I set up for 1,000 rows, I would like the random numbers to be 1 to 1,000, but the catch would be to have no duplicates in the column.

It has been several years since I worked with Excel and I am sure this can be done with a macro, but I am not sure how to go about it right now.

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Pull Random Sample
I want to pull a sample of 15 numbers from column A, the catch is that the contents of column B cannot match once the sample is pulled. How do I do this.

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Produce Random Numbers
Im wondering is there any way/method to make a certain number of cells randomly produce to an amount you want.

For Example:

1 92
2 150
3 37
4 86
5 38
6 97
7 =500

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Random Names Generator
I like to know if this can be done using vb.

If I have a list of names of associates B2 to B32. Can I randomize the list in any order.

Then if I need to want that list to only randomize B2 to thru B30
Then if I need to want that list to only randomize B2 to thru B28

And so forth.

Sort of being able to pick from a pop up message box or userform that will ask you how many names to randomize in that list.

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Random Password Generator
I wrote this to help me generate a random password for a workbook. I am happy with it so far, but I was wondering if there is a way, to shuffle the order of the variables? So, instead of MyPassword always being A, B, C, D, E etc

Sub RandPass()
Dim A As String, B As String, C As String
Dim D As String, E As String, F As String
Dim H As String, I As String, J As String
Dim K As String, L As String, M As String
Dim MyPassword As String
Dim v

ReDim v(33 To 47) As Variant
A = Chr(Int((UBound(v) - LBound(v) + 1) * Rnd + LBound(v)))..............

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Creating A Random Serial #
I have a mastersheet that once I open I would like to generate a 3 digit serial number in cell C22. Once this file is opened and the number is generated I do not want the number to change at that point. I have a macro to save the file with data in certain cells. Once this macro is run and the file is saved I will need to be able to open that file to view info but the serial number can't change.

I would like to do this without an add-in so that any client can use file no matter there settings if possible

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Random Numbers Not Divisible By 3
With a formula, how could I generate random numbers between 1 and 100 that are not divisible by 3?

I made this part of a formula that generates the numbers not divisible by 3:


But I am unsure how to use it to help to generate random numbers between 1 and 100 not divisible by 3.

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Award Prizes At Random
I have an Excel 2003 sheet with a list of 27 names in the first column.
Den I want too, randomly give away 6 prices, how do I make a new column and insert those six price number?

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Statistics Of Random Numbers
I have two rows in a sheet with random numbers (1 till 90).

Those numbers in those two rows I change them every 5 minutes with new one still from 1 to 90
I need a "way", in one side of my sheet (lets say in column B) to count how many times a number was repeated after finish my work (example after 2 hour's)

Is that possible with excel 2007?

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Random Name From A List That I Have Created
How do I get a random name from a list that I have created? The random feature only deals with numbers. I want to be able to push F9 or click on something and have a cell randomly pull a name from the list.

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Random # Genration -every 3 Seconds
I want to generate Random # which should keep generating after every 3 seconds.

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Generate Random Number
is if there is a way to generate random numbers between 0001 and 9999. I always need to always have 4 digits. The first couple of numbers can be 0 so that I can maximize the number of variations.

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Creat Random List
I need to create a file with random purchase list that have some restrictions.
I’ve been working on this file for few days, but I couldn’t get desirable results.
Attached a sample file that describes what I did. It build up as the final file (just the final file has many more items).

I’ll try to explain what I need and how it works:
There are 4 categories: Theater, Salon, Kitchen & garden.
I need to create random lists of purchases (each list should be a line at the total sheet)
there is budget limitation of $100000. Each category has minimum items that must be purchase (headlines are in red color, total of 9 items).

The minimum items that can be on one list are 11 (9 red columns & another 2 random columns). Maximum are 15 items (9 + 6). Same item shouldn’t appear twice at the same list.
This file chooses randomly 19 items and check if the list stands up the budget.

There are 3 issues that I couldn’t solve by myself:

1.I should define the file to stay within minimum & maximum items per list (11-15)
2.Make sure it doesn’t go over the budget
3.Stabilize the list the values will not change each time I’m doing changes to file

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Random Numbers With No Repetition
I want to generate 12 random numbers between 1 and 75 w/ no repetition.

I was using the aleatórioentre which translate ro "randombetween" function.

But, obviusly, I cant figure out how to make them unique, with no repetition.

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Generate A Random Integer
I want excel to generate a random integer between 132 and 321 and place it into cell B10. What formula would I need to enter into cel B10 to do this

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Random Distribution/Allocation
I have a spreadsheet which has a list of staff (column B) and work categories (row 3).

Row 4 is updated each day with a count of the incoming work for each work category.

I want to be able to randomly distribute (as evenly as possible) the no of work items in Row 4 between the doers (B7:B13). Each item of work also has to be checked so I would also like to randomly distribute the checking between the checkers (B16:B18)....

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Random Word Generator
Has anyone seen an Excel program that will generate words based on letters entered. For example, if I had 10 cells in a row, and each cell contained a letter (duplicates are okay), what words could be derived from arranging those letters in random sequences.

It would need the ability to accept any letter of the alphabet, A thru Z

___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___

How many words could it generate, and what are the words?
I assume it would have to reference a spelling dictionary.

It could be used as a spelling learning game, etc.

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Random Numbers Without Duplicates
Is there a way to generate random numbers between 1 and 63 without any duplicates?

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