Excel 2000 :: Include JavaScript Snippet When Save As Webpage?

Jul 8, 2012

I have a single spreadsheet that I save as multiple web pages [the sort and total options differ].

Is there an easy way to include a javascript snippet in the saved page without having Excel mangle the code by &ing the "<" and so on?

Excel 2000 on XP

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Excel 2000 :: Unable To Hide Hidden Column When Save As Webpage?

Aug 15, 2013

Currently I'm using excel 2000. Can't hide hidden column when save as webpage?

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Excel 2010 :: Save Open Worksheet To File And Include Date Of Save?

Mar 11, 2014

am using Excel 2010 and having issues trying to save a worksheet to a specified file location with the save date....

I have tried several posts form this forum and elsewhere and can't seem to get the macro to do what I want.....

I want to save a 'worksheet' from an open workbook that I use for updating information to the same file path as the workbook with the date the file saved...

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VBA Code For Webpage Save As MHT File

Feb 12, 2014

I want o write a vba code for below: I want to download and saves a list of webpages (and contents like images, animated GIFs, sounds, videos,...) as MHT Files (1 MHT file for each link from the list). In the below files there's an example of how it should look like.



I am familiar with the URLDownloadToFile function, but it doesn't download the webpage's contents. What I need is something like a URLDownloadToMHT function that downloads the entire webpage and its contents and packs it into a MHT file. The MHT file, obviously, needs to link the content files locally for offline browsing (I don't know exactly how a MHT file works, but what I mean is that src="http://www...file.jpg" should be replaced by src="file.jpg", something like that)

I am also familiar with softwares like WinHTTrack, that do something similar(with HTML files), but I think the downloaded files get too messy and disorganized, that's why I need something simple like MHT files saved in a folder of my choice. I need this Excel file to work in any Windows XP/Windows 7 computer, without dependencies from other files like third-party dll's or any other files.

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2000 - Save Data As A Web Page

Apr 20, 2009

Using excel 2000 on windows XP (home). When saving data as a web page the grids do not show despite having the page setup "show grids" box ticked. It makes reading the file on line hard to follow.

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Automatically Save As PDF But Include Location

Sep 13, 2012

I have a workbook with 4 worksheets the first is called "input" which I use to enter information which goes to the other worksheets which arecalled engine, gearbox, doors.

I am stuck on the following; after inputting the information. I want to save as pdfs in various locations.

Is it possible to have 4 buttons on the input sheet which automatically :

Button 1 - Save "engine" worksheet as a pdf to a specified folder
Button 2 - Save "gearbox" worksheet as a pdf to a specified folder
Button 1 - Save "doors" worksheet as a pdf to a specified folder
Button 1 - Save the sheets as multiple excel files to a specified folder

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Click On Particular Name In Webpage Using VBA In Excel

Apr 8, 2014

I want to write a macro with which i can click on a particular hyperlink in that website.

For example...the website is [URL]...In this websote I want to click on the particular country (Let say "Gabon")...but I want to click it by using vba from excel.

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Copy PDF From Webpage To Excel?

Jan 15, 2013

I have a number of macros which i use to open up a web page in IE, copy the data and then paste it into excel. however i have a problem which i cant solve.

The issue is that the web page is a link to a pdf. So while i can open the page i cant seem to copy the data.

Note that the data that i am trying to copy out of the pdf is a table of data

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Macro Bombs Excel 2000

Jun 1, 2009

I've developed a workbook with macros in Excel 2007 (Compatibility

Mode), Windows Vista Operating System. The purpose of the Macos

is to allow auto complete on a validated data entry field.

The macros run fine on this platform. I then copied the workbook

to my desktop, Excel 2000, Windows 2000 Professional Operating

System. One of the macros is killing Excel on this platform.

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Dates Copied From Webpage Not Recognized By Excel?

Nov 8, 2013

I copied some columns of dates form a website into an excel workbook. Unfortunately excel does not recognise the text and therefore I can't sort the columns from oldest to newest.

I have tried the operations here [URL] as I though spaces might be the problem but with no success.

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Click On Webpage Link Through Macro In Excel?

Jan 29, 2013

I am trying to prepare macro to navigate web page and click on some tasks to complete it. As this web link is not access-able from outside or remotely. I am trying to work on it in bits. I have came across with a first problem of clicking on one of the link of this web page, below is the web page html source code. I want to click on last link "Total Outstanding Tasks".

HTML Code:
<td width="29%" nowrap>
<a id="A6" href="FindTask.aspx?StatusID=1,2,5,3&SLAhour=10&pageMnuOpt=4&mnuOpt=1|4&OtherMenu=true&SortOrder=1&CreatedBy=485&PreDefinedFilter=6&IsAssign=0" class="bodylink">Total Outstanding Tasks</a> </td>
<td width="29%" nowrap>
<a id="OutTasklnk" href="FindTask.aspx?StatusID=1,2,5,3&SLAhour=10&pageMnuOpt=4&mnuOpt=1|4&OtherMenu=true&SortOrder=1&AssignedTo=485&PreDefinedFilter=6&IsAssign=1" class="bodylink">Total Outstanding Tasks</a> </td>
<td width="29%" nowrap>


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Excel 2000 - Show Billable Days

Dec 16, 2008

I have been asked to create a spreadsheet that will contain three fields;

Date of placement (the day the person arrived)
Date of release (the above + 60 days)
Billable days for the current month

The first is simple, the clerk will enter the current date when the person arrives.

For the second field I am using:: =SUM(H5+(60),) (H5 is todays date, and will display the results in I5). When H5 is blank, I get the " #VALUE!" error in I5? Is there a more effective function to use?

For billable days, I am using; =SUM(J2 - (H5),) (J2 is simply the last date of the month; 12/31/09, and H5 is the placement date). I want to show the number of billable days in the current month. This will be repeated on 12 sheets (one for each month).

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Excel 2000 :: Change Tab Colors On Spreadsheets?

Dec 27, 2011

color tabs for Excel 2000 add-on

Any freeware (or shareware if necessary) program that will allow you to change tab colors on spreadsheets in Excel 2000. Later versions do have that ability built in, but 2000 does not.

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Finding The Right Javascript Function To Fire On

Mar 10, 2007

I am having a problem finding the right javascript function(s) to use in my macros. Use Google homepage as an example. The line

.Navigate "javascript:_dlsetp('ss=2')"

will open the page for customizing your Google page. But what is the function you fire on in the macro to execute the general search? I can send text to the search input box, but I can't find the function that runs the search.
Is there some way to quickly identify the function and the correct syntax without having to learn how all the source code in the web page works? Finding the right URLs, links, and input boxes is fairly straight forward. But not the functions.

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Editing Macro To Include Multiple Rows And Include Text Formatting For Leading Zeros

Apr 2, 2014

I need the values that are copied from the template to copy over in text form from the "Data" Tab. Secondly, the master sheet has multiple lines for each vendor. For the area highlighted in red I'd like for it to copy all cells in column C for the vendor and search the vendor by name. Then, move to the next sheet.

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Excel 2010 :: Creating A Chart With More Than 2000 Dates (each Day)

Apr 26, 2014

I am creating a chart with more than 2000 dates (each day). How can I format the axis so it only displays the 1st day of each quarter (01/01/2010, 01/04/2010, 01/07/2010...).

At the moment I cannot format the axis and minor/major units remain numbers.

I am using Excel 2010 and European date format.

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Excel 2000 :: Find Duplicates Then Calculating Dates?

Aug 28, 2013

I record all jobs that come into my department. Column A contains the Job reference. Column B Contains the date that the job arrived and Column C contains the date that the job was complete.

The job can be split into several sections and can arrive on different days and the sections can be completed in different days.

I am looking to create a table that will show how long the complete job took to complete, so I am looking for the earliest date and the latest date for specific job reference numbers.

An example of my data is:

Column A Column B Column C
Ref No Date In Date Out
2013-0055 01/03/2013 25/03/2013
2013-0061 01/03/2013 03/03/2013
2013-0061 02/03/2013 20/03/2013
2013-0055 07/03/2013 28/03/2013
2013-0061 08/03/2013 19/03/2013

From the above data I am looking to create a table that will show

Ref No First Date Last Date Number of Days
2013-0055 01/03/2013 28/03/2013 28
2013-0061 01/03/2013 20/03/2013 20

I am using Excel 2000.

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Excel 2000 :: Macro Calling Unrelated Function?

Jun 9, 2014

the macro works fine until it executes the paste values. At that point, the macro jumps to the "CountThem" function which is located in another workbook. The data that I am copy/pasting is in no way connected to any cells that are using that function. Although, other values in the workbook are passed down from data that uses that function.

I am still in the dark ages using Excel 2000.

This is the code for my macro.

Sub Current_to_Raw()
' Current_to_Raw Macro
' Macro recorded 2/12/2014 by


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Loading Excel Range With Vba-array Blows Up In Office > 2000

Jul 18, 2008

I am using the following

xlrng.cells(5,1).resize(5,5) = myarray

If my array contains a text column with any text cell element > 900 bytes
office 2003 and greater blow up

in office 2000 it automatically truncates it without blowing up

if i write my own load loop, and load each cell individually
it works great no-poroblemo, its just extremely slow!

Is there any magic way to get this working correctly without truncation
and without blowing up?

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Snippet Of Spreadsheet To Board

Oct 8, 2011

How do i share parts of my spreadsheet on the board?

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How To Add To Rather Than Replace Using Code Snippet

Jul 1, 2012

How to modify this code so that it actually adds to the list of results rather than replace:

Sub EncID_IP()
'.:: Extract EncID
Dim lRow As Long ' East to West
Dim bCount As Byte '1,2,3

[Code] .......

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Snippet Code For Sum Two Values

Jan 1, 2013

I would like to see a snippet code for adding two simple cells, I would like to write a number in A1 and another in A2 and get the result in A3

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VBA Merge Cells - Put Together Script And Snippet?

May 22, 2014

I'm trying to put together a script, a snippet of which is below; which applies formatting to a given array of sheets.

In the code below I'm trying to merge B5 across three columns and B38 across 5, but I can't get this to work, depsite all the internet searching.


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VBA Snippet To Check If Instance Of Outlook Running

Jun 9, 2014

VBA snippet for the following:

If an instance of outlook is running then
bind to it
Create new instance and bind to it

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Excel 2007 :: Table Autoexpansion Does Not Include Formulas

Nov 30, 2011

I am working with Excel 2007 and have an occurring problem when I resize a table. Some of my forumlas copy to the new rows, while others do not. How can I ensure all my formulas copy to the newly created rows. Also sometime when they do copy to the new row an #REF! in the formula where the range should be , yet if I copy and paste the formula from the above row it works.

Here is an example of one of my Formulas Note Sheet1!$J$3:$J$500 is also a table Called Data

=SUMPRODUCT((Sheet1!$J$3:$J$500)*(Sheet1!$A$3:$A$500=$A14&DP$4)) and this is how it is inserted into a new row


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Excel 2003 :: Unable To Allow Users To Make Changes To Workbook But Only Be Able To Do Save As Not Save

Dec 3, 2012

I have an expense report, which was originally done in Excel 2003. It still prompts users to open as read only however if they select no, they are not prompted for the password, and it has allowed them to save, so when the next person opens it, they have the previous person's report instead of the clean workbook. I have tried everything to put a password onto it. I know this is really basic stuff, but maybe I am missing a step? I want the end user to be able to make all the changes they want in read only mode and then do a save as, but if the select No when prompted "Open as Read-only?" they should have to put a password in.

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Excel Save As Should Default File Save Type To XLSX Using VBA

Aug 21, 2012

What I am trying to do is that I have an excel file with macros and it is a read-only file. In order for the user to save, I want them to only be able to save as a .xlsx file as it disables all macros. If for whatever reason, the user wants to save the file as another .xlsm file, they should be allowed but before they save, a "are you sure you want to save as .xlsm?" message should pop up.

All the options in the save as box should still be available in case they want to save in that particular format. Just that the .xlsx should be the default.

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Excel 2003 :: Sort To Include Only Work Orders With All Numbers?

Aug 27, 2013

Using Microsoft Access to pull from a database work orders. Some of those are what we call "dummy" work orders and have a letter in them, real work orders are signified by a 10 digit number. I would like to sort and eliminate the letters to find appropriate data. I am assuming I will need to copy into excel and do some sort of formatting but not sure where to start.

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Excel 2007 :: NETWORKDAYS Function - How To Include Saturdays As Workdays

Nov 26, 2011

I have never worked on workdays before so I do not know most of the available formula and play around. I googled across and found this one: [URL] .......

Where Bob has given an ARRAY formula.

Following is my layout in A1 to C3 grid (for testing purpose):
Start Date11/1/2011HOLIDAYEnd Date11/30/201111/3/2011NETWORKDAYS2011/22/2011
The formula resides in B3.

Is there any other development in 2007+ versions of Excel which can handle 6 working days in a week?

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Excel 2003 :: Changing Colour Palette To Include Patterns?

Dec 19, 2011

I'm trying to change the colour palette to include patterns (for charts). Is this possible? We use Excel 2003.

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