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Extract Hour From Time In Cell Using VBA

If I had a cell containing a time, 06:30 in A1 for example, how would I use VBA in the following argument:

If the hour in A1

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Changing Date/time To Run A 12 Hour Production Schedule, And Not 24 Hour
I have created a daily schedule which has a number of factory variables taken into consideration which determine the date and time a particular product should, barring any mechanical problems, come off the machine. (see attached spreadsheet).

The date at the top will be editable by me only so that when I update the production quantities, the “date/time off” column automatically re-adjusts to the remaining quantities.

The formulas are a little long winded, but I have left them that way whilst I try and develop it. I should be able to figure out how to condense them later.

My problem is that the “date/time off” on the right works excellent, but over a 24 hr period.

Ordinarily, we work a 12 hour day (6am to 6pm) with overlapping shifts to cover breaks, and 20 mins warm up at the start of the day for the machine, thus maximising a 12 hour day.

Of course if demand exceeds the allotted time we put on overtime.

Is it possible to specify that normal days are only 12 hours so that if a product exceeds 6pm, it flows into the next day with the balance starting at 6:20am?

And, if the production for the week exceeds the time could I stipulate particular days which we deem are suitable for overtime? Ie, we decide Wednesday is a 14 hour day and not 12.

I had toyed with the idea of creating a 365 day table/calendar, on another worksheet which would have its individual allocated hours in an adjacent column and somehow link them to the date/time off, perhaps by way of a VLOOKUP, but I have been chasing my tail trying to figure out how to implement it.

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Add Hour/minute To Time On Other Cell
I am creating a Little League Schedule and want to start Saturday games and have the lower cells ad 2hr 45min to whatever time I post in the upper cell

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CONVERT 24-Hour Time To 12-Hour Time
I have a list of FLIGHT departure times that are listed in MIL TIME, however, there is no : in the format. Its just 4 or 3 digit numbers. I need to convert these to time in 12-hour clock. If I go to FORMAT/CELL/TIME and select 1:30pm it simply makes the time ZERO!

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Convert To 12-hour Time From 24-hour Time
I'd like to convert from 24 hour standard time to 12 hour time using VBA code. For example: instead of 13:00 I need 1:00.

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Time Sheet :: 12 Hour Time Format With AM/PM
I found a formula for calculating time in the HH:MM AM/PM


This formula was to give me total hours in the cell for which it is entered, and cell format for the formula was in military format.

I cannot find this post. The formula worked in OpenOffice Calc program, but when it came to converting to excel, I came up with #value!

I want to enter the time in 12 hour format and using am/pm to designate. I am making it for someone to make work schedules with and they do not know military time.

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Time W/in Each Hour Of Day Btwn A Time Range
I need a formula to calculate the time (in hours/fractions of an hour) that is "covered" for each hour of the day between a range of times. In other words, I have a "START TIME" and an "END TIME" and for each hour of the 24-hour clock, I want to know how much time this range covers.

For example, if my start time is 3:30am and my end time is 5:15am, for the 3am hour, the formula would return 0.5 hours, for the 4am hour it would return 1.0 hours, for the 5am hour it would return 0.25 hours, and for all other hours it would return 0.0 hours. The range of START TIME and END TIME can be up to 24 hours (but not more), but the tricky part is that the START TIME can be on the day BEFORE the END TIME (e.g., START TIME of 10:35pm and END TIME of 5:45pm the next day).

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24 Hour Double Time
I have a timesheet which for certain days of the year calculates double-time. What i would like to do is have a formula that gives double time for a 24 hour period. I have a formula setup with a start time and end time for my double time, but it wont stop at midnight.

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24 Hour Time Adding
I have a start time in cell A1 (say 9am entered as 900), cell B1 has a time interval (25min), Cell C1 gives total (925). Cell B2 has the next time interval (56min). How do I get cell C2 to give total of 1021 rather than 981? Values in columns B and C continue on down.

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Working With Time: Blocks Every Whole Hour
I have a spreadsheet that users input the temperature each hour, for a 24 hour period. The time used is 24hr clock, as example, cell A1 will be 03:00, and cell B1 would be the forecasted temperature.

On another sheet, the user inputs the temperature for the specific time a airplane is going to take off, i:e: 07:32. Is there a way I can have the second sheet look back to the first sheet and grab the temperature for the correct time (using the hour block it falls into). The first sheet time blocks are every whole hour, i.e 08:00, but on the second sheet, the time could be any hour/minute, 07:32.

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Count Time (entries Per Hour)
I have a bunch of data and I want to be able to count the number of entries that fall within each of the 24 hour increments in a 24 hour clock. (military time)

For 12:00:00 all times would be between and including 12:00:00 and 12:59:59

Column B | Count
12:00:00 344
13:00:00 44
14:00:00 5

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Calculating Time Across A 24 Hour Period
Calculate certain time increments for various work-shifts. I have a start time,finish time and increments of time across the spectrum of 24 hours. There are also multiple start time across the 24 hour period with some start times begining on one day and ending on the next day.


In B5 Startime is 22:00
In C5 Finishtime is 06:30

In I3 increment begins at 00:00
In I4 increment ends at 00:30

The employee working the shift from 22:00 - 06:30 would fall into the time increment of 00:00 - 00:30 where another employee working a different shift (08:30 - 17:00) would not. I'm looking for a formula that would return a 1 in a cell if the employee fell into the 00:00 - 00:30 time increment and a 0 in a cell in the employee did not fall into the time increment.

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Convert Hh:mm.* To 12 Hour Time Format
I have a ton of time in the above format (hh:mm.*) that needs to be converted to a 12 hour format (2:15 PM). I'm not wonderful with formulas, but if it's explained "simplistic" enough, I can probably get it. Please help - I've googled this to death every possible way. I can go in an manually change 19:37.5 to 7:37 pm - but it will take me FOREVER!

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Extract Text From Cell (Time And Date)
In Cell A1 Value is: 20070322_023047_002035_1112223333

above code is like Date(YYYYMMDD)_Time(HHMMSS)_Agent#_Phone#

I want result As per Following:

In Cell B1: 03/22/2007 Date(MM/DD/YYYY)
In Cell C1: 02:30:47 Time([HH]:MM:SS)
In cell D1: 002035
In cell E1: 111-222-3333

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12-hour Time Entry Stored As Text
I have a problem with entering 12-hour time data in excel.

If I key in 3:00, Excel will recognise it as 3:00 AM.
If I key in 3:00 p, Excel will recognise it as a text entry. To get Excel to recognise it as 3:00 PM, I have to use the 24-hour format. i.e. I have to type 15:00.

I have checked the Regional and Language option in the Control Panel. Everything looks fine.

Does anyone have such encounter with Excel before?

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Autofill Date/Time: Increment By 1 Hour
I have a column with dates + time under this format: 2005-01-01 00:00:00. I wanted the same thing for the whole year, so, I wrote 2005-01-01 01:00:00. in the cell below, and then did an autofill.

Unfortunately, at some point, the cell goes from
2005-01-05 03:00:00
2005-01-05 03:59:59
which is a problem for me, because I was using the hour as an indicator.
And hour(2005-01-05 03:59:59) returns 3 and not 4!

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Round Total Time To One Hour Multiples With A Minimum Of Two
I need a basic formula that will take my start time from my end time and round it up to the next hour with a two hour minimum. I formated my cell to not have decimals and I tried to use round and roundup along with and if/then formula but no luck. If it makes any difference, all times are in 24hr format.

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Date Format: Extract Only Time And Paste It To Cell A56 In Same Sheet
I get one report.xls workbook by FTP. This book contain date and time in cell A14 in sheet1. e.g. 30-04-2006 19:38:00

I need to have macro to extract only time and paste it to cell A56 in same sheet. How can I do that. The date format is 30-04-2006 19:38:00 and it may be 05/05/2006 7:15 am. Or it could be any type of date format. Please send me how can I work with different date and time format to extract the only time and paste to other cell.

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Round Up A 24HR Format Time To The Nearest Quarter Of An Hour
Is it possible to round up or down a 24HR time format.

ie. 18:06 would be 18:00
18:28 would be 18:30?

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Calculate Work Hour Phone Time By Day, Week & Month
I am trying to figure out a way to count the minutes used from 8am-5pm Monday-Friday. I have this years worth of data. I would like to do it by month and by week and by day. I use office 08 for the mac and its my understanding that it doesn't have VBA. I would also like to be able to figure out if on a certain date a employee made over x amount of phone calls in a day. But have several employees. I have columns that are labeled date, employee, minutes used.

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Calculate A 24 Hour Cycle Time Which Excludes Weekends And Public Holidays
I would like to find out if a job took more than 24 hour cycle time (eg. 6:00 am to 5:59:59 AM next day). data:

A1 = received date & time (format "m/d/yyyy h:mm")
B1 = completed date & time (format "m/d/yyyy h:mm")

my formula is '=if(B1-A1>"24:00"+0,"Yes","No"). The problem with the formula is that it doesnt exclude weekends nor public holidays. I couldnt formulate a solution using networkdays function......

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Extract Time From Custom Date And Time Format
I have a file that has the Date and Time combined into one cell. I want to separate the two, and cannot find anywhere on the net to do so!

This is the cells format:
d/mm/yyyy h:mm

Cells look like this:
28/05/2008 12:30

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Extract Time From Date & Time
have a date & time eg. 27/06/2008 17:39:00 and all I want to do is extract the time but everything I try returns the excel 39626.7354

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Extract Date & Time From Text
i currently have a table/template in which external data is pasted... however there are 2 colums titles DATE and START TIME (amongst others) now although where the data is pasted from the information is in the correct format. After the information is pasted both the columns have exactly the same information in them. I'm pretty sertain the only reson for this is that the source the records/data actually comes from formats them on the screen differently to how the records are stored on the database using code....

so after the expanation which hopefully made sense is there any way i could convert a record like this

Thu Jun 28 21:54:33 GMT 2007 (this is how the information is pasted into the 2 columns)

to both

28/06/2007 for the DATE column
21:54:33 for the START TIME column

the cell format makes no difference because the information is both text and numbers....

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Extract Minutes And Seconds From A Time Value
I have a formula that gives me a time value (ie 12:53). I need to perform another formula that will use this data but I need the numbers seperated (12 in one cell and 53 in another)

In essence, what would be the formula to pull off the minutes number and the seconds number into individual cells. I know anything is possible in Excel, I just can't figure this one out.

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How To Extract Data With A Preset Time
I have a big group of test data each has a list of record of the format (time, parameter). But they have different time step, ie. the records have different number of data set in the same duration. I would like to make them the same, so I need to extract data from the records. For example, I have a list of the original record (in column A & B) as follows: ..

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Reverse Concatenation To Extract Time Data
I have an excel data file which is the result of an extraction from a medicxal software program's backend database.

One of the fields is a description of start time and end time of a case, along with some other info like whether or not the case was an emergency.

Here is an example of the Column of interest for this question. Note please that the column is fomratted as "general"

TIME 1155 TO 1351

TIME 0745 TO 0820
TIME 0740 TO 1050
TIME 0835 TO 0945 1 HR 10 MIN
TIME 0945 TO 1230
TIME 0730 TO 0930
TIME 0728 TO 1020
TIME 1130 TO 1330

How can i extract the start time and the end time from these fields into seperate columns, eachof which is formatted as a clock time. The end goal is to be able to subtract the end time from teh start time to get the total time.

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Speed Improvement - Macro Extract Higher/lower Values And Note Time Differences
I have a macro that needs a major improvement in performance. I have a Quad Core 2.67GHz single processor computer and with the current logic it calculates 20 values per minute. I have data sets that can be up to 400,000 data points, which means it will take 333 hours. The attached Sample file has over 9000 point. For this data set it takes 7.5 hours.

The core logic of the macro is to extract what I call “Break Point” into column M and “Time Difference” between the Break Points to column O.

I got the code from this forum (thank you DonkeyOte) and made some modifications. The modified logic does the following:

1) The user inputs the starting cell. In the Sample I use G200.

2) From cell defined in button, It moves down one cell in that column and compares that value to the original cell.

If the value is greater than original cell then there are 2 possible outcomes:

a) move down 1 cell in column and if that value is less than original cell, then extract that value and copy that value to the column M (Break Point value) and copy the Time Difference Value to column O. “Time Difference” is calculated as the difference between the 2 point breaks in Column A. In this case I’ve hardcoded 0.003472222 to get 5 minutes which matches up with each incremental time in column A, but I would like the Macro to automatically calculate that by the difference between Column A values.
b) move down 1 cell in column and if that value is greater than original cell, then move down again, until find lesser value than original cell. Once we find value less than original cell, extract value and copy value to column M and copy the Time Difference Value to column O.

Once lesser value has been copied to new cell, logic is now:
a) move down 1 cell in column and if that value is greater than original cell, then extract that value and copy that value one cell to column M and copy the Time Difference Value to column O.
b) move down 1 cell in column and if that value is less than original cell, then move up again, until find greater value than original cell. Once we find value greater than original cell, extract value and copy value one cell to column M and copy the Time Difference Value to column O.

At any point in the process if we find a value equal to the starting cell, we ignore it and the logic continues. The logic continues flip flopping like this to the last value of column G.

Here's the logic now in reverse I need:

If after moving down 1 cell of original cell, the value is less than original cell then logic has the following 2 outcomes:

a) move down 1 cell in column and if that value is greater than original cell, then extract that value and copy that value one cell to column M and copy the Time Difference Value to column O..
b) move down 1 cell in column and if that value less than original cell, then move up again, until find greater value than original cell. Once we find value greater than original cell, extract value and copy value one cell to column M and copy the Time Difference Value to column O.

Once greater value has been copied to new cell, logic is now:
a) move down 1 cell in column and if that value is less than original cell, then extract that value and copy that value one cell to column M and copy the Time Difference Value to column O.
b) move down 1 cell in column and if that value is greater than original cell, then move up again, until find lesser value than original cell. Once we find value lesser than original cell, extract value and copy value one cell to column M and copy the Time Difference Value to column O.

Again, at any point in the process if we find a value equal to the starting cell, we ignore it and the logic continues. The logic continues flip flopping like this to the last value of column.

Once all the Break Points and Time Difference between Break Points are extracted for each value in column G, the AVERAGE, STDEV and MAX values of column O are calculated in column Q, R and S.

There is a loop that controls the execution of the core logic until the last value in column G. In the macro I’ve hardcoded last row being 9171, but I’d like the Macro to figure out what the last row is automatically.

I know this description is a bit long but I’ve worked for many hours on getting it work properly. I just need some help to make it run much faster. I hope someone can help me out on this. I have the right logic, just need the speed now and I really can’t figure it out.

Attached is a sample files demonstrating showing how the logic to flips back and forth as moving down the column starting in cell G200.

The sample shows the results first 4 loops (Rows 200 to 203). The values in M and O are the results of the fourth loop.

Again, assistance is very much appreciated because I've taken this as far as I can with my limited experience.

EDIT - I can embed the Macro, but it'll probably much easier to actually see it in the sample file.

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Extract Date/Time To Date And Time
In Cell A1 = 01/12/2008 12:00:00 AM

I am trying to extract in cell A2 = 01/12/2008 and A3 = 12:00:00 AM.

But I will end up having a string of numbers each time I try to right (A1,11).

My end result is I will use the values in A3 if between 12am to 5am, assign a value in A4 as "Night Shift"

A1 = 01/12/2008 12:00:00AM
A2 = 01/12/2008
A3 = 12:00:00Am
A4 = if(And(A3>12,A3<5),"Night Shift","Day Shift")

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Automatically Change Cell (With Time) Color After Time Period Has Passed
I have a protected worksheet. Users wish to be able to track changes in the input cells. The suggested approach for this is to temporarily disable sheet protection and allow them to change the font color, then protect afterwards. What I would like to do is:

i) check whether they are in an input cell
ii) if so, then prompt the user with the 'Font Color' dialog box
iii) apply the font color selected to the input cell

I'm struggling to find the dialog box I need. I can launch the one to change the interior color, no problem (Application.Dialogs(xlDialogPatterns).Show). But that's no use to me, I just want a color palette that specifically relates to the Font Color

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Split Date & Time Cell & Format Time As Hundreth Of Second
I have one column with as many as 50,000 or more rows. The data format for each row/ cell is unique as shown below ( date and time). I wanted to split the data as shown in "Formatted Data" below. Have Tried Text To Column formatting but didn't work right.

Raw Data: Formatted Data (2 cells):
2005/11/02 23:55:15.758 ==> 2005/11/02 23:55:15.758
2005/11/02 23:58:16.698 ==> 2005/11/02 23:58:16.698
2005/11/03 00:07:13.830
2005/11/03 00:10:14.971

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Date/time Macro: Inserts The Current Date And Time In The Selected Cell Regardless Of Where That Cell Is
What is the code i need to use to assign a macro to a command button which inserts the current date and time in the selected cell regardless of where that cell is?

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Copy Row If DATE & Time In Cell Is Between Time Span
I have a problem regarding sorting data having date and also time within a single cell.

Example data (I have written it as code to preserve formatting)


12/5/2008 02:072/5/2008 06:0128804833363
22/5/2008 18:012/5/2008 18:0599271297

Column B is start date and time whereas Column C is end date and time.
My aim is to cut and paste the whole row automatically to Sheet2 if the time is within 2AM to 8AM else leave as it is.Also I don't know anything about VBA Script.

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IF Function To Compare Specific Time To Time In Cell
I am looking for a formula to change a condition based on the time of day. Essentially, before 1pm I would like the formula to be:


After 1pm I would like the formula to be


I tried various ways with "=if(now()> ..." formulas to no avail because of the way Excel handles Now().

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Format Date & Time Cell To Hide Time If 0:00
I have a Excel Dates & Times column where the time is not always used. In these cases the time is 12:00AM. Is there a way to Custom Formats the cell so that the time is only visible if it is not 12:00AM?

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Continually Compare Time In Cell With Current Time
I need a way to compare the time of the computer with the one in the cell and bring up a message box if the time matches.
Yet i don't want it to be a one time makro. What i want is to be able to work with the worksheet and that at the same time i want a paralel function to check whether the time in the cell matches. Something like agenda in Outlook.

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Hour (now)
I have this

Select Case Hour(Format(now, "13:00"))
Case Is >= 7, Is = 15, Is = 23, Is

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Remove The Time From A Cell With Date And Time In It?
I have data exported from a defect management tool (that reports all the defects that have been recorded in the defect management system). This data has unique columns for name of originator, defect ID, date originated, priority, etc. The date originated column has the date and time. I want to create a report that tells me how many High, Medium and Low priority defects were created on each date - and I am using a pivot table to do this.

However, because the date column is actually the date and time the defect was reported/recorded, the time element of this is making all the dates unique eg, I have three defects recorded on 29/01/2009, a High priority defect (reported at 29/01/2009 12:23) and two Medium priority defects (reported at 29/01/2009 13:02 and 29/01/2009 13:32). My pivot table is showing each date as a unique date - with a count of 1 against each, whereas I want to see 1 date entry (for 29/01/2009) with a count of 1 against High and 2 against Medium.

I have tried custom formatting the date column to dd/mm/yyyy - which appears to work in the data (but doesn't in the pivot table, because the time stamp is still there, just not visible). I have tried copy and paste special [Values] (on the custom formatted date column) -but the time stamp is still there. I have tried formatting the date column to "General", but this changes the dates to the number format - eg 29/01/2009 12:23 becomes 39842.5166203704.

I have tried inserting a new column and using the =Left function for the first 10 characters of the cell (ie the 29/01/2009), but that gives the first 10 characters of the number form of the date, ie 39842.5166. Basically, without going into every date cell (and I have thousands) and manually deleting all the times, how do I quickly change the date column into just having the date in it (ie how do I strip off the time element)?

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How To Get A Macro To Run Exactly On The Hour And Day
I do not understand how to get a macro to run exactly on the hour, each hour of a day, day after day?

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Change To Hour
How do I change a column of times from "h:mmAM" to just "h"?

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If Statement For Hour And Min
how to change the below statement to allow for when the time in B9 is 1:01 so it displays as 1 Hr 1 Min. I tried an IF statement to change the hr but i cant seem to find a way to change the Mins at the same time.

HOUR(b9)&" Hrs "&MINUTE(b9)&" Mins

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24 Hour Timesheet
I am having trouble with this formula

=IF(E4-D4 < 1/24*7.1,E4-D4,E4-D4-1/24)*24

it works well unless the staff member works past midnight. I get a negative hours worked value returned.

for eg

E4=8AM and D4 is 5PM i get an answer of 9 hours in F4, this is all good but if the start time E4=4PM and the finish is D4=1AM then I get the result of -15 hours in F4

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Run Macro Every Hour
I have a macro I need to run every hour. I have tried 3 different macros that seem to work the first few times but then the code executes and will run 2 or more times.

Application.OnTime ("01:00:01"), "macro1"

Application.OnTime Date+TimeValue("07:05:00"), "macro1"

I then tried this

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Extract String From Cell
In the following rows I want to extract the string that ends in K (ie everything after the final space). But I don't know the starting position or how long the string will be.

C2 9K
C1M (RB57) 4K
C2 4K
C6 FM (RB78) 120K
C2 9K
C1M (RB57) 3.5K
C2 (RB68) 12K

Can this be done?

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Extract Last Two Words In A Cell
how do i extract the last 2 words in a cell?

ex. 8137 Plaza Amber, Ortigas Center, Pasig City

how do get just pasig city?

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How To Extract Some Data From A Cell
I have a series of numbers like the one below in Column A and I need to end up with everything between the dashes in Column B.


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Extract Numeric Value From Cell
I have compiled data from accross my branches, where in a 14 digit voucher number has been fed into the system along with data. The problem is that there is no unique format as this voucher number is fed in free format area.
i need to extract this consignment number from the cell value. for example,
A10 Contains "voucher No 12345678901234 paid"
A11 Contains "spl cons 15454563218921 thru person"
A12 Contains "incurred for recurring exp 45678932145826"
writing a macro to extract this 14 digit voucher number.

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Extract Numbers Only From Cell
I have a data set that I imported from Access. One of the columns contains the code for specific work activities, for example 13Z or 9A. I need to extract the numbers only from the cells in that column so that they are in separate cells in a separate column. I've been trying to use left, right, or mid functions, as well as text to columns with varying degrees of success.

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Extract The Defined Name From A Cell
So on my Excel spreadsheet I can select cell B2 of Sheet1 and using the name box give that cell a name such as "Important_Cell". I know using VBA I can access the cell using the name, such as:

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Extract Text From A Cell
I need a formulla which will extract the data from one cell into three different cells, I have three diffterent syntax added at the end of the text, for example I have below text in cell A2, I need to have Office installed on 69 PC s Below are the IP addresses {MS Office Issue} ~Excel~ *Client Not Reachable*

{MS Office Issue} ~Excel~ *Client Not Reachable* are the three syntax that are there in the text, want need is, in cell B2 it should show "MS Office Issue", in cell C2 it should show "Excel" and in cell D2 it should show "Client Not Reachable" (without the quotes)

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Extract Pattern From A Cell
I'm trying to write 'user-defined' function in Excel, that doing following:

Getting two arguments: cell and 'like' pattern (_ _ , *, e.t.c).

As a result returns data that match this pattern.

For example:

1. Cell = "golf car is really comfort", pattern = "_ _ _ _" will return "golf"
2. Cell = "toyota is number one", pattern = " num*" will return "number one"

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