Extracting Data From File In Directory And Extracting Filename

Mar 20, 2014

I have a directory folder with an active workbook and another workbook id like to copy data from. The Following macro opens up a file in the same directory, copies some data and pastes it in the active workbook. However with this code I have to specify the filename, 'Data.xlsm' in the example code. I would like it to copy data from the only other workbook in the current directory WITHOUT having to specify the name in the code, so just opening it up no matter what filename it has.

In addition I would like to extract the filename from the workbook im copying data from and paste it into the activewoorkbook in sheet 1 Cell A1. I had a look at getopenfilename function but cant seem to make it work for my purpose.

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Prompt User For Directory And Filename; Then Save File In Directory With File Name

Jun 10, 2009

I am trying to prompt the user for the directory to be saved in and file name to be saved as; then save the workbook in the input directory with the inputted file name.

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Error 424 - Extracting Filename / Last Author?

Apr 3, 2014

I have the following code which successfully opens the specified workbook and copies the values to the active workbook, but then gives an error on the line of extracting filename, and when extracting last author. However, the code works fine if I use 'getopenfilename'.


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Extracting Current Worksheet's Filename

Feb 9, 2007

how to extract the current/active worksheet's file's name using VBA code. Let's say I have a an excel file with the name "Test.xls" Which function do I use to return Test (with or without the extension)?

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Extracting Data From Different File Using VBA

Jan 28, 2010

i have file A3R-(345).xls, B1Z-(235).xls etc files inside folder called MyFolder.

another master file Master.xls which will extract data from files inside folder MyFolder.

what i need is to put values from file names inside Master.xls. It will loop through all files inside that folder and extract the numbers between ().
So column A in Master file will have:

How to do this using VBA? (only Master File should have the VBA code)

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Extracting Data From A Txt File

Jul 31, 2006

I have a txt file which contains a large amount of data. I need to write some code to extract the data and convert it into a number of columns...

So, the txt file contains around 200 x the following: ...

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Extracting Data From File Names

Oct 4, 2013

We use a bunch of equipment at work that spits out a pdf file that is going to consist the results of a particular test.

Those files are named in a unique format. It looks a bit like this:-


Out of this file name it consist of the serial number (F30C3105E00) of the equipment which is the first set off italics/bold and time(08_39) and date (2013_09_10) this test was performed.

So My question is there a way or a vbs macro or anything that will be extract these three different information and save them in three different cells on the spreadsheet. BTW Also I should mention that these files are going to be stored on a network drive

PS- The only way I have figured out to do this is to create a .bat file that runs the dir command and saves it to a text file.

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Open File In Directory With Part Of Filename As String

Mar 11, 2014

I have a Workbook "forecast.xlsx" and several Workbooks which have a individual Number in the Filename (E.g. "3960........xls", "3961.......xls etc.) in the same directory as "forecast.xlsx" + projects"

Now, I would like to browse through "forecast.xlsx" in column H, searching for hyperlinks. In Column H are these Projectnumbers located which are used in the filenames above. Whenever the Cell cointains a hyperlink, following should happen (that far i managed it by myself):

- Store the Cellvalue in a String Variable
- Go to the Directory this.workbook + projects
- browse this folder, searching for a File which contains the stored string in its filename
- open the file
- copy a range
- close file
- This.workbook.Activate
- follow the Hyperlink which has been stored as String before
- paste selection
- continue browsing through column H, looking for the next hyperlink.

I have a VBA which runs bugless, but it copies the wrong range, but to the correct destination.

See the code below:

Dim cell As Object
For Counter = 1 To 1000
Set cell = Worksheets("Projects overview").Cells(Counter, 8)
If cell.Hyperlinks.Count > 0 Then

[Code] ......

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Extracting The Extension Of A File

Dec 7, 2009

I have a list of file names in an excel sheet. The requirement is to find the extension of each file in the next column. For example
file name 123.456.789.jpg
extension jpg

file name 123.abcd.789.xlam
extension xlam

is there a worksheet function equal to InStrRev in vba?

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Extracting File Information

Jun 5, 2008

I have a macro that lists all documents in a selected folder and am looking to add the author/owner, created on date, last saved date as shown in the document properties.

The code I'm using is: ....

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Extracting Value From External File

Jan 29, 2004

I have been trying something like this before, i could not get it fixed. Let's give it another go:

I have a number of files in a specific folder. I need to extract values from cell Sheet1!G42 out of [b]every file[b] in this folder. Problem that occurs, is that I do not know how many files are in this folder, neighter do I know what the filenames are. I need some magic to perform extraction of the desired values.

As for the files in the specified folder I have this VBA code, that suits my needs just fine:

Private Sub Workbook_Open()
Dim fileList() As String
Dim fName As String
Dim fPath As String
Dim I As Integer

This code will display all found files, including their path in column AD. (as plain text)
[b]Question that remains:[b] how am I to fix a formula In (column AE) that will extract the value found in Sheet1!G42 of each file? This must be very easy, but i can’t get this to work….

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Extracting Month And Year From File?

Sep 12, 2013

I have the Month and Year in the name of the workbook for eg Sales July 2013.xlsm

I would like a macro to extraxt the month and year from the file name and put this in shewet2 in cell E1

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Extracting Text Fields From A Txt File

Jan 24, 2010

I have a file from PubMed with a bunch of citations in it, which often go above 10,000. There are fields that mean certain things and I would like to be able to import the text file into Excel and parse certain fields into columns.

The text file looks like this:

PMID- 19782657
STAT- In-Process
DA - 20091109
IS - 1872-6240 (Electronic)
VI - 1303 .......

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Extracting Sub-folder From File String

Apr 13, 2007

I've got a host of files within a host of directories, e.g:

c:ContractsJim BobJim Bob Site.xls
c:ContractsJane JonesJane Jones Place.xls
c:ContractsJeremy HillsHills House Lvl 1.xls

I'm working in VBA to try to extract the site name from the file string. Unfortunately there is no other reliable location where I can find an accurate name of the site, so it needs to be taken from the second subdirectory. So I'm using the following code to get the file location:

Sub FilePicker(fileToOpen As String)
ChDrive "C:"
ChDir "C:Contracts"
fileToOpen = Application. GetOpenFilename(FileFilter:="PPM Files (*.xls),_
*.xls", Title:="Select a PPM Scope File", MultiSelect:=False)
End Sub

This returns a string along the lines of "c:ContractsJeremy HillsHills House Lvl 1.xls". From this string, I need to isolate the string "Jeremy Hills".

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Extracting File Names Into A Master Worksheet

May 18, 2006

As above, how do i retrieve excel file names in a specific folder and place the names into a specific column?

Say there are 2 files named UAT1.xls and UAT2.xls and i have a master file to put all this data in.

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Adding Date Modified To PDF File Extracting Macro

Jul 3, 2014

Below Macro which I am using to extract .PDF files. Now, I also want to see the Date moified while extracting the .PDF files. Hence, adding date modified to this macro.

Sub get_pdf_name()
Dim FR As Long, sh As String, FPath As String, FName As String
sh = Sheets("Sheet2").Name
FR = Sheets(sh).Range("A" & Rows.Count).End(xlUp).Row + 1

[Code] .....

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Extracting / Importing Tables From Several Word Files To Excel File

Jul 17, 2013

I have several word Files which has standard letter format and contains some tables which needs to be extracted / imported to Excel sheet

The File name is "employee name" which also needs to be extracted , if possible in same excel file.

Attached is the sample of word file. There are 3 tables which needs to be extracted

I have several files and I want to avoid doing it manually.

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Extracting Bad Data

Jan 5, 2009

I have two exported lists of data to compare from my newsletter program. One is the list of email addresses that I sent the newsletter to and the other is a list of the bounced email addresses.

Question: How can I extract the bounced emails from the list of sent email addresses?
In other words I want a list of clean, sendable email addresses.

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Extracting Data From A Website

Jul 30, 2013

I am trying to extract data from a website:

[URL] .....

I looked at the source code of the website and realized that if you notice (above) that the variables listed in the link (i.e year, month, day) are exactly what i need to change in order to get the data for a specific date. how can I accomplish this using VBA. so say I have in on an excel sheet year in column A, month in column B, and days in column C (time interval is constant so we don't have to worry about stime and etime). and i run the macro and it loops through each row taking year,month,day for all rows and saving the data as .csv or xls files?

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Extracting Data Between Two Strings?

Feb 19, 2014

how I can extract data between two strings?

Example: My string is: -_creativename-_spongecell-_creativesize-_300x250-_creativetype-_spongecell-_

How can I create a column that contains everything AFTER 'creativename-_' and before '-_creativesize-_'?

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Extracting Data With The Criteria Specified?

Aug 4, 2014

I have created a table of data with Serial No, Name, Age & Common Friends field. Now i need to extract all the data (complete Row item) where the condition matches a certain criteria. Basically a formula or function which will say what are the names of people along with all other corresponding fields (Age & Common friends) who have common friends as "Jill" or "Jack" (For example). Note : I cannot use filter option and copy/paste the filtered data in new sheet as i am working with thousands of data items. Due to the nature of report software/data extraction report, multiple data items appear in single cell only (Multiple friends name appear in single cell).

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VLOOKUP Not Extracting The Data

Jan 7, 2009

I have a problem with VLOOKUP not extracting the data I need from 1 workbook.

I want to populate 4 different sheets in the "108" workbook with data from the "1st" workbook. I've uploaded the workbooks to show the formulas I have already. The data in "1st" workbook changes daily and can have upwards of 2000 rows. I've simplified the list for the example.

In the "108" workbook I want to fill in the first three columns with the formula down to about row 500.

I've tried different formulas to do this using EXACT, MATCH, and VLOOKUP but to no avail.

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Extracting Rows Of Data

Jan 15, 2009

I have a table of data on 20 employee performance stats for my department. It is in the format of col A names and corresponding values for multiple skills and performance data from Col B to M in rows. I have a worksheet for each employee within the workbook. What I would like to do is to be able to extract the individual row of data to each employee sheet. I have played with OFFSET but can't get it to work other than in a column..

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Extracting Data From Table

Jun 18, 2009

I have table that has a list of agents (Colum B) and then corresponding appraisal dates; 3 Month (Colum C), 6 month (Colum D) and annual (Colum e).

What I would like to be able to do it to have something that looks at the table and tells me all the 'appraisals' that are due the same month we are in, and the date that it is due, as well as the 'agent' that is due the apprisal.

I have played with the INDEX MATCH formulas and also pivot tables but have not found a solution, is it something that is going to require VBA or is there a simpler solution?

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Extracting Data From A Calander

Mar 25, 2008

Let's say 1 Feb starts on week 5, 1 Mar starts on week 9 and 1 Apr starts on week 14. As such, feb has 4 weeks and march has 5 weeks. I have a spreadsheet of data on a weekly basis, and i want the data from week 5 to week 8 to be under feb and data from week 9 to week 13 to be under march. The data is to make a graph. Is is possible for excel to be linked to the calander so as to detect which month has 4 weeks and which month has 5, depending on the 1st of each month?

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Extracting Form Data

Nov 5, 2008

I have many company-specific Excel files containing given data fields such as company name, company address, commodities supplied, etc. An example is attached here under the tab "Company Profile". I would like to extract all the information from the different "Company Profile" Excel files and put it into a more usable format, as shown in the attached tab "Results," where the company data runs horizontally across.

I tried to record a macro to do this ("CompanyProfile" -- included in the attached file), but I am not able to make it do what I want it to do. I also do not know how I may be able to capture the information in the "check boxes."

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Data Extracting...Not Counting.

Feb 1, 2010

In one cell i have a dropdown. Depending on what is in that dropdown, i want a table of data to be written. I'm not too hot with pivot tables but my understanding is that is predominantly to do with counts. This is more of a multiple vlookup i guess. I want to pull from a list of data (3), all the cases matching the dropdown (1) and deposit into a list (2). What is the best way of doing this? I don't want to use filters. See attached.

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Extracting Data Using INDEX

Aug 4, 2009

I am using INDEX functions to extract up to 2 items of data which I now need to extend to upto 6 items.

The spreadsheet shows a list of staff initials and a day by day work rota of (M)ornings, (A)fternoons, (N)ights and (O)ffs. What I am needing to do is to identify only those staff who are rosterred Off and to place those intials in the two sets of colored cells in rows 5 and 7.

The attached spreadsheet, Tester1.xls shows the 2 existing INDEX functions in use. These can only detect the first occurrance of "O" and the next. I now need to be able to extend this functionality to cover all "O"'s in both section 1 and section 2. So, eg if 12 Aug is input to B15, I can only select IB and GG, but I now want to be able to see MG in the next blue cell.

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Extracting Data After A Dash

Nov 9, 2011


This entire link is in one cell i would like the data Iowa_Health_System

What formula can i use

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Extracting Data From Chart?

Nov 11, 2011

how I can extract data from a non-linear line graph to be used in a calculation. The graph will be made based on user input data and the values to be obtained will not be entered, but read off the graph. Again, it is non-linear, and while it could be log-normal data, it may not be any particular function. Basically, I want the program to read off an x-value for a particular set of defined y-values.

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