How To Have Open Hidden Sheet / Hide On Closing

Feb 24, 2014

I've got this function where you can select from a list of names, and when you press go it unhides the sheet and goes to it, problem with that was after closing the sheet it was no longer hidden. So now, I have


So when you press go, it unhides the sheet, goes to it, and hides it again, but then the sheet is hidden it pushes the user back to the page they was on, so it would appear you can't have a hidden sheet open.

Is there a way for excel to determine when the sheet has been closed, to be able to hide it when the user navigates away?

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VBA To Hide Sheet In Workbook And Copying Hidden Sheet

Dec 12, 2013

I have a userform which clones the latest sheet and produces copy of it on the next sheet. The first sheet they will be cloning is the sheet called 'template', I however want this to be hidden since I do not want anybody to modify a sheet which basically serves purpose of a template. And once cloned, it is no longer needed.

On the click of the command button, the macro will create sheet1 taking the info from sheet named 'Template' in the same workbook . And now on the next click of the command button, Sheet 2 is created taking the info from sheet1 and Sheet 3 is created taking the info from Sheet 2 and so on. Here is what I currently have, so how can i modify it in order for my scnerio to work?

To select the last sheet in the workbook


To create new sheet


Sheets(Sheets.Count).Copy After:=Sheets(Sheets.Count)Sheets(Sheets.Count).Name = MyEvent & " " & MySCN & "(" & ThisWorkbook.Sheets.Count - 2 & ")"

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Open Hidden Sheet With Clicking Button?

Aug 23, 2013

I have a workbook including several sheets.

I'd like to hide all worksheets and in the excel there is only one visible sheet which is Navigation Page. I want to add several buttons on this sheet and each button will be clicked to call the other sheets.

For example, there is a sheet called Sales_Approval_Form and I'd like to add a button on navigation page called Sales Approval Form and when the user clicks the button the sheet will be open for entering data.

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Automatically Check For Existence Of Hidden Sheet Upon Open

May 1, 2009

I use the code below to check and see if a sheet exists or not when a workbook is opened. If it does not, continue. If it does I need to run a different sub on it.
Twist, I need to check for a hidden sheet. How would I chg the code to do this?

Private Sub Workbook_Open()
'Also need to check the code in the userform. Has On.Time command.
Sub Sheet_Test_1()
Dim sh As Worksheet
On Error Resume Next
Set sh = ActiveWorkbook.Sheets(" total")
If Err.Number <> 0 Then
MsgBox "The sheet doesn't exist"
On Error Goto 0
MsgBox "The sheet exist"
End If
End Sub

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Hide One Sheet And Open Another

May 8, 2014

I have been reviewing various methods of doing this and I had one that worked and for some reason it has now stoped?

The Code is:

Sheets("Main Dshbd").Visible = True
ActiveWindow.SelectedSheets.Visible = False

This is activated by using a button on the BCDashbd Page. I want it to hide the BCDashboard sheet and Unhide the Main DshBd Sheet. Currently it opens the Main Dshbd sheet but does not hide the BCDshboard Sheet?

What have I missed?

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Open Another Sheet And Hide Rows Based On Cell Value?

Oct 29, 2013

I wish to have a button on one sheet wich opens another sheet and hides all rows without "NO" in F4:F300

Starting code for button below:

Private Sub Kilaneset_Click()
Sheets("MSDS").Visible = True

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Open Formula Sheet And Hide All Sheets Except Clicking Hyperlink

Feb 22, 2013

I have a file having around 57 sheets.But here,I have taken a example.I want a file whose show me only summary sheet.But when,I click the cell no.C7 then the related sheet should be open i.e.FNDADRSCC,and all the sheets should be hide.I have little knowledge of HYPERLINK formula but not to the desired stage.

For more clarification, refer attached file.i.e. BOM Sheets

Desire result file have attached also i.e. Excel_formula

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Visible Sheets To Be Hidden With The Exception Of The Sheet Called "open". Then Is Saves The File

Sep 9, 2008

i am using the macro below to get excel to hide all sheets but the one called "open"...

Sub savemini()

ActiveWorkbook.Unprotect "letmein"

  For Each sh In ThisWorkbook.Worksheets
       If Not sh.Name = "open" Then sh.Visible = xlVeryHidden
   Next sh

End Sub 

So the workbook is protected with the password "letmein", and the VB code above in theory should unlock the workbook, allowing all visible sheets to be hidden with the exception of the sheet called "open". Then is saves the file.

Now heres the odd bit... it works for certain people, but not for others. I have made sure those it wont work for are not doing anything weird and they are not.

The workbook i am using has a code that only opens certain sheets for certain users. I as a master user have access to all sheets. I can go into the users sheets and click the button that activates the macro above myself and it works fine, but for some users it wont work.

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Closing A Workbook That Is Open Via VBA

Jul 2, 2008

Well I seem to be having an issue in a form i created. What happens is that when the user clicks a button it saves a worksheet of workbook as its own file, problem is that it will actually open the new worksheet as a workbook when I really just want it to save without opening a new instance. Here is the code

Dim IntWirefilename As String
IntWirefilename = "International Wires Database"
Worksheets("Intwires").SaveAs FileName:="File Path" & IntWirefilename & (".xls")
Workbooks("File PathInternational Wires Database.xls").Close
I think the problem lies in the last line or it could be from the select and copy part.

I do not want it to open a new file after it saves it. Also can anyone help create a part that will bypass the overwrite existing file thing so that this file will just continuously save as the same file name rather than prompting the user constantly to Overwrite the file.

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Auto Hide And Protect Worksheets Before Closing

Nov 15, 2011

I wrote the following code to hide & password protect an excel sheet :

[Code] .....

How could I alter it so that it hides and protects this sheet automatically before closing the workbook ?

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Prevent Closing Of One Workbook When Two Are Open

Sep 23, 2009

I'm trying to prevent a user from closing a perticular workbook.

Here is some important factors.

Workbook(A) = "LA-01-04-10" This is only one of 52 other but only one is open at a time.

Workbook(B) = "LA.xls" Always the same name and is always opened when one of the workbooks(A) above it opened.

When workbook (A) is opened it will then open another workbook (B) at that time the window is hidden workbook(B) So the user can only see workbook (A) I have a button on workbook(A) that unhides the window to show workbook(B) After the user completes his work in Workbook (B) they need to click another button that sorts the list and returns them to workbook(A) (Which also hides the window for workbook(B).

The problem is I have users that are trying to close workbook(B) instead of pressing the sort list button. So what I want is to prevent the user from closing workbook(B) by displaying a msgbox saying they need to press the button.

Ive tried several approches to this but I'm still having problems. The below script works if workbook(B) is active or shown. The message is displayed and the workbook will not close. However if the user is in workbook (A) and trys to close the message is displayed and both workbooks close like they are suppose to. But why is the message displayed?

One other note I should say is that not only does workbook(A)Open workbook (B) but it also closes it. Which may be why I'm having problems?

I have also included both workbooks so you can see all the code.

I have this code in Thisworkbook of workbook(B)

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Hide Workbook Opening/closing Operation On The Screen

Jul 6, 2007

I am running a script that populates about 70 or so workbooks based on information from the database. Naturally this script is quite slow but what seems to take the most time is opening and closing workbooks. Is there a way to "hide" the workbook opening/closing operation on the screen? I have tried using the

Application. ScreenUpdating = False

this sped the code up but you still see the workbooks opening on the screen.

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Closing 1 Form Closes Both Open Forms?

Oct 9, 2012

I have 1 main userform and I need to open another userform using a command button from within that 1st form. The 2nd userform appear right in front of the 1st userform. When the 2nd userform is closed either via VBA or clicking on X, it closes both forms.

why this happens and how I can make only the 2nd form close when it is finished with?

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Hide The Hidden Files When You Dir A Folder

Sep 28, 2009

Hide the hidden files when you dir a folder. So far I got a code that will dir all files in a selected folder.

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Open The Hidden Worksheet When Clicked

May 2, 2006

1) I cannot figure out how to write VBA so the "Show Results" button will open the hidden worksheet when clicked.

2) When I use the userform to add new info, it does save to the worksheet, but when I cose the userform and try to open the spreadsheet, I get the following message, "Userform is already opened. Reopening will cause any changes to be disguarded". If I answer yes, I lose my changes, if I answer no, the changes are saved. I want this message to go away and data from the userform to automatically be added to the spreadsheet.

3) I want to make sure the "Account Number" field has a 9 digit number in it before it can be saved. If there is not a 9 digit number I would like an error message saying "Please enter a 9 digit account number" as a pop up.

4) I want to make sure both the "Account Number" and the "Assignment" fields have been populated before the data can be saved.

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Spreadsheet Open But Not Visible. Hidden

Nov 8, 2006

I was working on a multi-tab spreadsheet (7 tabs to be exact) and I went to hide one of the tabs and all of a sudden the worksheet went away and I was left with my empty personal.xls spreadsheet. If I go into tools and visual basic I see my spreadsheet listed as VBAProject (Durex Sales Oct 1 to Oct 28 06.xls) with the 7 sheets listed below it within a folder called Microsoft Excel Objects, but I can't get it back in spreadsheet form.

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Excel 2000 :: Unable To Hide Hidden Column When Save As Webpage?

Aug 15, 2013

Currently I'm using excel 2000. Can't hide hidden column when save as webpage?

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How To Zoom Sheet Particular To 80% Using VBA On Closing

Mar 21, 2013

When user close the file, I want to make sure certain sheets can zoom to 80%. How can this be done using VBA?

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Runtime Error When Closing The Sheet

Apr 20, 2006

This is a simple macro to hide the sheets if macro is disabled. But I get an error when I close the worksheet. Can anyone please help me with this. Other than that, everything seems fine. The problem is only when closing the worksheet if get an error as " run-time error '1004': Method ;visible' of object' _worksheet' failed". The code is given below.

Public bIsClosing As Boolean
Dim wsSheet As Worksheet

Sub HideAll()
Application. ScreenUpdating = False
For Each wsSheet In ThisWorkbook.Worksheets
If wsSheet.CodeName = "TABLE" Then
wsSheet.Visible = xlSheetVisible
wsSheet.Visible = xlSheetVeryHidden
End If
Next wsSheet
Application.ScreenUpdating = True
End Sub

Sub ShowAll()
bIsClosing = False
For Each wsSheet In ThisWorkbook.Worksheets
If wsSheet.CodeName <> "TABLE" Then
wsSheet.Visible = xlSheetVisible
End If
Next wsSheet
End Sub

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Warning Message On Closing Of Excel Sheet?

Jun 24, 2014

I want when Mold Capacity is more than available. i.e only Show warning Message to user

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Automatically Save Sheet To New Workbook When Closing

Jun 30, 2008

I am in the process of setting up an Excel invoice. So far I have managed to implement the following:

On open: Incrementing invoice number
Cells cleared ready for next use

Private Sub Workbook_Open()
Sheets("Sales Invoice").Range("H2").Value = Sheets("Sales Invoice").Range("H2").Value + 1 .....................

There is only one task left I need to automate. On closing the document I would like a copy to be saved in a specific folder and be given the file name of a cell (B9). Obviously I would not want the 'saved copy' to retain the Incrementing invoice number or the clear cells function. Even if the invoice copy was exported as a flat jpeg that would be fine. I am using Office Exce 2003 (Sp2) - I have attached my invoice should anyone be kind enough to take a look.

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Automatically Re-name Sheet To Cell Value & Create Copy Of Hidden Sheet

Aug 10, 2008

I have a workbook with a hidden sheet ("Template") and a visible sheet("New Job"). I need code so when cell F1 in "New Job" is populated:

1-the sheet is renamed to the value of F1,
2-a new tab is made (a carbon copy of the hidden sheet "Template")
3-the new tab is named "New Tab" and marked as unhidden.

Public Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range)
ActiveSheet.Name = Range("F1").Value
End Sub

Function WorksheetExists(SheetName As String, _
Optional WhichBook As Workbook) As Boolean
Dim WB As Workbook
Set WB = IIf(WhichBook Is Nothing, ThisWorkbook, WhichBook)
On Error Resume Next
WorksheetExists = CBool(Len(WB.Worksheets(SheetName).Name) > 0)
End Function..................

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Message Box ( To Access The Sheet Without Closing The Msgbox Window)

Dec 27, 2008

I have created a message box but when the Message box window appears

I still wanna be able to access or edit thing in my sheet without closing the message box window.

I know in the UserForm you just have to set the "Show Modal" in the properties window to "False"

But how do I do this with Message Box?

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Importing CSV File To Hidden Sheet Without Selecting Sheet

Mar 14, 2014

I have this code that first selects a sheet (data) and then imports a csv-fil to the data sheet.

I want to hide the data sheet and the the code doesn't work.

How do I change the import code so that I do not select the sheet?

[Code] ......

I believe it should be something like this: With Sheets("DATA").QueryTables. Add..... but I am not aware of the syntax.

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Keep Hidden Sheet Made Visible As Active Sheet

Mar 2, 2007

I have a button on a sheet that runs a macro to unhide another sheet. That works, but I want the sheet made visible to remain forward. Instead, the button unhides the sheet and the sheet the button is on comes forward again. I am unable to figure how to keep the sheet made visible forward. Here is the macro 'as recorded'.

Sub UnhideSheet1()
Sheet2.Visible = True
End Sub

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Closing Workbook When Closing Userform

Sep 14, 2006

I have a userform which opens when the workbook opens. Ideally Id like to have the userform open without the workbook coming up and have the workbook close when you close the userform. If thats not doable then is there a way to just close the workbook when the userform is closed?

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Hide On Open

Jun 11, 2009

Ok what i would like is when i open a certain excel file it hides the command bars the sheet prity much all of excel. though Must still be able to show the userform.

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Open Userform And Hide Application

Jan 31, 2014

I have got a Useform. I want on Sheet1 when i click on Userform button to open it ; then excel application should be hide and only userform should be show.

I do not want it on startup.

I have attached Excel worksheet with userform.

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Open, Hide, Unhide, Close

Oct 22, 2008

this has to be the easiest thing ever. I want to (on opening one file) open another, and hide it (the second file), and then when closing the first file, I want to close the second file as well....

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Activation Of Userform Hide Worksheet And Closing Userform Activates Worksheet

May 14, 2014

I want activation of userform to hide worksheet, but as soon as the Userform is closed, the worksheet should show.

I have attached file to aid.

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