Identify Junk Characters In Excel?

Aug 12, 2013

I have a DB2 table imported to Excel which has some junk characters in some of its columns. This is a huge file and I need to identify which are the junk characters exist in this file. Is there a way to find this in excel or by using any other tool?

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Excel Shows Junk Characters?

Dec 8, 2013

In my PC it's showing all correctly but show some junk characters as shown in attached screenshot in other's PC

How can I configure Excel version to show it correctly?

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Identify BOLDED Characters In A String

Jul 6, 2009

I have many text strings (sentences of text) in the body of an Excel file. In some of those strings there are bolded words. I want to search through those strings for the bolded characters so I can extract those words and go on from there.

I know how to set up the search across the rows and columns and how to step through the strings for the bolded characters. (I'd just "brute force" my way by counting through the strings one character at a time). I just don't know what the search criteria would look like.

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Getting Junk When Doing A Mail Merge

Jan 1, 2008

I am doing a mail merge and one of my columns is an interest rate. It appears normal in my spread sheet but when I do the mail merge some of the number are extending about ten digits, for example, on my spreadsheet it is 5.75, on the mail merge it would be 5.759999999. It appears to be totally random.

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Excel 2010 :: Clear Chevron Characters And Characters Inside Chevrons

Jan 17, 2012

Is there an Excel formula to remove the spacebar + characters in red, as shown below? I need to be left with only the last name, first name and the semicolon.

Mouse, Mickey ;

Microsoft Outlook has changed the way that email addresses from the global addressbook copy and paste (from version 2003 to version 2010).

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Identify Characters In A Cell And Put Corresponding Word Into Another Cell

Apr 30, 2014

As you can see, in D5, I have the charactor chain SRG-DC01-RA-xxxxxxx, and in D6 I have the charactor chain SRG-DC43-RA-xxxxx.

With the formula that I have entered, I would have thought that E5 would have generated "Lawnton". I don't want the formula to pick up the SRG, the RA, or the number, just the DCXX component.

This is what I have now:
=IF(OR(ISNUMBER(SEARCH({"DC43","DC01"},D5))),"Erskine Park","Lawnton")

which has not changed a thing from:
=IF(OR(ISNUMBER(SEARCH({"DC43"},D5))),"Erskine Park")

Surely I am not far off the mark??

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VBA / Excel - Identify Columns With More Than One Value?

Apr 9, 2014

I have a macro-routine that generates a table of all sheet-headers (+/- 100-120 sheets) in a workbook. It's crusial that all headers - row("1:1") - have the same values in respektiv columns -so I have this routine to check that this really is the case, before new prosess. The table is rather huge - so I should som way or another identify the columns with more than one value (f.ex back-ground-color in column-top-cell). In this case I must edit and correct the header, and run my routine once again - until all headers are the same

Table is plased in Sheetc("HeaderCheck")

My routine works, but I dont know how to fix this mark-up stuff.

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VBA Syntax To Identify Last Row And Last Column In Excel Sheet?

Apr 12, 2014

Macros and Often I find it challenging to locate the last row and/or column on my worksheet.

Any specific syntax, command or function I need to use?

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Excel 2007 :: Identify Duplicates Within Same Cell?

Mar 30, 2012

I use excel 2007 and need a formula to identify cells that have duplicate values within the same cell. For example, some of my city fields have the city twice, like baltimorebaltimore.

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Identify User With Native Excel Function? Get?

Jun 14, 2007

I am trying to identify the current user, similar to Environ("Username") in VBA

I have a vague recollection of a formula from an old version of Excel (4.0??) that I've read about that might acomplish the task.

I seem to recall reading about a function, I think it was Get
that is not supported, and not that well documented.

Does anyone out there know what I'm talking about.

Otherwise does anyone know of a native worksheet function that would return the current username?

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Excel 2003 :: Identify All Sheets Related To One Sheet

Oct 13, 2011

I have been given an excel model to review;the workbook has 53 sheets. I would like to know if there is a way to create a flowchart/matrix with the relation of all the sheets. I would like at least to get a list of all the sheets related to each sheet. All what I was able to do is to get all the sheet names in one sheet. (I am using Excel 2003).

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Excel 2010 :: Identify Range Of Dates For Given Date?

Jul 26, 2012

I've gotten the desired result in Column B, but this will not work going forward as we add to the table in columns E:G .

I'm looking to search between columns E:F, Identify the date-range where my dates in column A belong, and pull the corresponding rate from column G into column B.

Excel 2010


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Uniquely Identify Cells In Excel Sheet Programmatically

Dec 19, 2013

So I have a bunch of not so simple excel sheets in a Excel file. I'm trying to automate the testing of these (right now, I'm doing the testing manually).

To simplify, let's say there are two sheets - both of them have a cell called "Total" at the end, which is nothing much a total of some column. My test is to check if these two totals are the same. We don't know the number of rows before hand (it is coming from a database). The way I'm doing right now, is searching for the cell containing the text "Total" getting it's row and column, and adding 1 to the column, to get the cell that actually has the total value. Do this for both the sheets, and I have both values, and it's easy to compare now.

If someone changes the text from "Total" to "Totals" then this will fail.


1. Is there a better way to do this? Say, setting a unique parameter or something on the cell that actually has the total value, and using that unique parameter to search the cell?

2. Or is there a totally different (better) approach to this type of testing?

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Excel 2003 :: Identify Difference In Text In Cells

Feb 10, 2014

I am running a text comparison between customer names in 2 systems and although I can identify where they dont match I would like a bit more information as to what the differences may be:

See below sample data - 1 system may have Mr/Ms and middle initials whereas the other simply has the name is it possible to write a formula that will look at the cell and when it does not match identify the extra characters. Or if it totally doesnt match then just state incorrect.


System 1
System 2
Desired Result

Anne Duffy
Anne Duffy

[Code] ...........

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How To Remove Special Characters In A Excel

Jan 10, 2014

I want to remove all the special characters i need only texts and numbers.

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To Validate Special Characters In An Excel

Feb 2, 2009

I need to check whether a description of a certain product in my excel has any of
below special characters
! @ ' " ] [ } { | & $ # ^ ~ %
and also the description should not exceed more than 40 characters.
i tried using the "If" condition but it does not seem to check the same.

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Excel 2010 :: Maximum Characters In A Cell?

Feb 4, 2014

I was wondering with regards to the max of 32,767 characters in a cell.

1) is it still the same number of characters in excel 2010?

2) is that including spaces or not?

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Excel 2013 :: Remove First 5 Characters From A Cell?

Mar 5, 2014

I have attached a spread sheet with some code I recoded with macro recorder. I have been searching for some extra code to insert in the middle of the recorded code which will remove the first 5 characters from the active cell and past the result to the next page. I have seen a lot of relevant code but haven't been able to get any to work in my code.

[Code] .....

I am using Windows7 with Excel 2013.

Attached File : DeleteFirst5Char.xlsm‎

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Excel 2007 :: Mask Certain Characters In A String

Jul 11, 2013

Is there a formula that I can put in AI that will mask the text character from text position 3 through the 2nd to last text position of each business name in AH? Where in the heck do you find XLGenie in the Excel 2007 ribbon? I have it installed and its in my addins list, yet nowhere to be found in the ribbon!


ABC Rental

Professional Tool Service

Wonder Plumbing

Jim's Bar & Grill

Bobs Hair Salon

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URL Longer Than 256 Characters - Importing From Web Excel Sheet

Jun 20, 2014

When trying to import an excel file (.xlsx) from the web to a local excel file on my computer, I have tried to set up a macro to automate this process. I recorded a macro using the "record macro" function, but when trying to import the .xlsx file, the URL was too long and Excel does not allow for such long URLs.

The URL in question is:


One solution which I thought of was to shorten the URL with, which converted the URL to: [URL] . I then used this in the macro recording and it indeed worked. I then tried to substitute all instances of the tinyurl in the VBA code with the long URL, but the

.SourceDataFile = ""
was regarded as an invalid cell/argument.

Is there any way in which I can make this work? I need to have the whole URL, as in the end I plan to have an automated process with the URL changing every 10 seconds with the system clock (and thus refreshing the imported table every 10 seconds), so going through tinyurl every time is not an option.

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Excel 2013 :: Remove Characters Before / Between And After Certain Occurrences Of Quote

Jan 27, 2014

I am using Microsoft 2013 and am looking for 4 formulas in order to split 1 cell in to 4 (across same row). Number of characters varies between each instance of """.

I would like the formulas to start in column B-D (data in A)

I am looking at formulas based on specific instances of a quote mark in cell from data in column A

Formula 1 - Return with characters up to and including the 5th instance of """
Formula 2 - Return with characters after 5th """ and up to and including 6th """
Formula 3 - Return with characters after 6th """ and up to and including 7th """
Formula 4 - Return with characters after the 7th instance of """

Example below...
Cell A1

Desired results
Cell B1 - Formula 1
Cell C1 - Formula 2
Cell D1 - Formula 3
Cell E1 - Formula 4

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Excel 2010 :: Save CSV File With Non-English Characters?

Dec 5, 2012

I run excel 2010... I have xls file (see file attached) with both English and Non English characters.

When I save this file as xls or xlsx - everything is good, but when I save the file as CSV and try to open it later - I see that the English characters stays the same but the non English characters become gibberish.

How can I save a file (that include some non English characters) as CSV without loosing the non English characters? Is there a way to do that from within the excel 2010 menus? Or maybe there is an external tool?

Attached file : 913365454523.xls‎

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Excel 2003 :: Restriction On Number Of Characters In A Cell

Jan 18, 2012

Does 2003 restrict how may characters that you can put in a wrapped cell? Is there anyway to expand?

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Excel 2010 :: Set Row Height Based On First 14 Characters In String?

Feb 23, 2012

Excel 2010; I am setting row heights on the basis of some parameters. I have the following statement;

If targetCell.Value = "Photo Comment: " Then
targetCell.RowHeight = 185

But what I really want is to recognize only the phrase;

"Photo Comment:" in a text string that might be much longer e.g,

"Photo Comment: The photo above depicts yata, yata.........."

So, I want to recognize the first 14 character as "Photo Comment:" and then have the row height adjust to 185. So it involves "Left" and "Len" (I'm thinkin') but the syntax is beyond me.

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View Hidden Characters Inside Excel Cell

Dec 14, 2012

How can I view hidden characters inside an excel cell. I have an excel file that I receive from our vendors. After verifying the data, I save the file as a tab delimited .txt format. When I open the .txt file I see some data with " " at both ends. i.e. "800 North Ave. Suite A". The thing is I don't see the " " in excel. This tells me that these are non-printing characters.

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Excel 2007 :: Adding Characters In A Cell With Various Fonts

Jun 18, 2013

My group is putting "marks" in Excel (2007) work papers & sometimes they may want to add additional marks to those previously added in a selected cell. What I have below actually works, but I just got my VBA book last week & there has to be a better way.

Specifically, I've saved the "target" off in the same worksheet (That can't be good.) and delete it when I'm done writing it back. Can I save the original characters virtually, or to the personal.xlsb.

Sub addMarkInCELL()
Dim charCount As Integer
Dim charStart As Integer
Dim rngTarget As String
charCount = ActiveCell.Characters.Count

[Code] ..........

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Lookup Formula With Wildcard: Force Excel To See * & ? As Characters

Sep 8, 2006

There might be an easy solution for this, but I can't seem to figure it out. I'm trying to do a vlookup with the lookup value being #CFDMSMCSA*4. But the lookup table also has a value #CFDMSMCSAM4 in it.
It keeps returning the value for this #CFDMSMCSAM4 because of the * in the first string. Any ideas.

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Excel 2013 :: How To Translate All Characters Of Selected Cells To Unicode

Apr 19, 2014

In Excel 2013, how do I translate all characters of selected cells to Unicode?

There is a formula to translate the first character into Unicode [=UNICODE(text)] and that formula would have worked fine for me .Only if it could translate all the characters to Unicode not just the first one.

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Excel Formula To Split Words With Characters Limit Per Cell?

Dec 6, 2010

I am suffering with split a long descriptions into 3 cells with criteria 1st cell not more than 30 characters, 2nd cell not more than characters and 3rd cell will locate the remaining characters there. I think this is quite easy if I use LEN/MID/RIGHT/LEFT formula. However, I wish the formula will smart enough to split word by word. refer to example below:-

"My lecturer replied, that i really did very bad in final, nothing's gonna change my plan."

If I use left(A1,30) formula, the result is "My lecturer replied, that i re"however, the word "really" is cut half way. I am finding the formula that split description to not more than 30 characters and won't cut my string and become incomplete word. Expected result should be 1st cell "My lecturer replied, that i", then "really did very bad in final," at 2nd cell.

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Excel 2013 :: Translate All Characters Of Selected Cells To Unicode?

Apr 19, 2014

In Excel 2013, how do I translate all characters of selected cells to Unicode? There is a formula to translate the first character into Unicode [=UNICODE(text)] and that formula would have worked fine for me .Only if it could translate all the characters to Unicode not just the first one.

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