Insert Rows Within Loop Code

Apr 3, 2008

I have a requirement where I have to add a row with x columns using vba. this is the code I am using now

k = 17
prodetails = .GetFieldValue("Product Details")
sSeats = .GetFieldValue("Seats")
If isRecord Then
While isRecord
Sheets("Products").Rows(k).Insert Shift:=xlDown
Sheets("Products").Rows(k + 1).Insert Shift:=xlDown
Sheets("Products").Rows(k + 2).Insert Shift:=xlDown
ThisWorkbook.Sheets("Products"). Cells(k, Prod6Col) = prodetails
ThisWorkbook.Sheets("Products").Cells(k, Unit4Col) = sSeats
isRecord = .NextRecord()
End If

In this code I have declared Prod6Col and Unit4Col as constants. instead I need to use them as variables like in this modified code. However if i use this code, I get an object definition error.

k = 17
m = 20 (20th column)
l = 18 (18th column)
prodetails = .GetFieldValue("Product Details")
sSeats = .GetFieldValue("Seats")
If isRecord Then
While isRecord

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VBA Code - Loop Through And Delete Rows

Oct 12, 2013

I use this code to delete some rows, how I would modify it to work in another spreadsheet where it would "Loop" through and delete rows that start with "User:Kellcyna" down to where the rolls start with "Numbers", and delete the rolls that start with "Total cost center" down to where the rolls start with "Numbers".

The data can contain up to 50000 rolls at times.

Sub Finally()
Application.ScreenUpdating = True
[a:a].AutoFilter Field:=1, Criteria1:="="
If [a1] = "" Then [1:1].Delete
ActiveSheet.AutoFilterMode = False
[Code] ........

Here is a sample of the data I need the macro to work on. The rows I need deleted are the rows that are highlighted.

User: Kellcyna STANDARD HOURS BY COST CENTER Date: 09/29/2013 Time: 15:10:04 Page: 10


Order Op Emp Post Work ctr Setup Unit Planned Earned Total Actual Actual Actual Total Total Orde C R

# Date SU Unit Plnd Stds Setup Run Tme Brd Tme Prod Run Time E

104527059 0010 00000000 09/25/2013 HSW01 0.000 0.4 HR 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 PP01

104523849 0010 00000000 09/25/2013 HSW01 0.000 0.2 HR 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 PP01

[Code] ...........

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Insert Empty Rows Code

Jun 26, 2007

Can VBA code that inserts between written rows a certain number of empty rows (and to be able to specify somewhere in the code the number of rows to be inserted)

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Code To Insert Rows In Next Sheet In Order Of Column B?

Apr 24, 2014

The below code used to work for me perfectly but in the last couple days it's been acting up. The code is supposed to cut out 2 rows from sheet1 and insert it in order of column B in sheet2. Up until a few days ago the code was inserting the 2, cut, rows properly but now it inserts it at the top of the sheet.

Here is the workbook I'm working with TEST.xlsm

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Store Row Number Within Loop And Delete All Stored Rows After Loop?

Sep 11, 2013

I have working code that returns a row number within a for loop based on parameters I set.

Each time the for loop runs I would like to store this row number, then after the loop has finished, delete all stored rows.

for rowNum = 1 to x (some variable end row number which I already have worked out using End(xlUp).Row)
if x = y then
*storedRow = rowNum
end if
next rowNum

Lines with a * are the bits I can't work out. I've been trying to understand arrays by reading posts on what other people have done, but I can't fit (or fully understand) the reDims, or reDim preserves into my code. I've seen what appear to be quite complex ways involving uBounds and LBounds, but unfortunately I can't see how to use them.

All I want is to simply keep adding a row numbers to a variable, (i.e. row 2, 5, 20, 33, 120, etc) and then delete those specific rows.

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Do Loop Insert Row?

Sep 19, 2013

Is it possible to 'loop through a spreadsheet a7 - a5000 and where 'portfolio code :' is found in col A insert a row above it ?

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Insert Values From One Sheet To Another With A Loop

Oct 5, 2008

I need to insert values from a column in one sheet to another sheet with a Loop mentioned here.

(I have attached a sample workbook for your kind reference.)


i.e. First time, it should be 1 to 10
Second time it should be 2 to 10 and 1
Third time it should be 3 to 10 and 1, 2
Fourth time it should be 4 to 10 and 1,2,3
Fifth time it should be 5 to 10 and 1,2,3,4. And so on, till the last row with a value in ColA.

THE VALUES IN Col A of NOS Sheet MAY BE CHANGED WHENEVER REQUIRED. There it is 1 to 10, but it may be Alphabets or any other words also.
Hence, whatever values in Col A of NOS sheet should be taken for looping.

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Loop Through A Spreadsheet Insert Into Another Wb Then Email

May 5, 2006

I am trying to create a macro that loops through a spreadsheet, copies data over to another workbook then emails the new document.

I have taken this code from an old macro that I found but cant seem to get it to work.
This is the code

Sub EmailAssessments()

Dim strTempName As String
Dim strForename As String
Dim strSurname As String
Dim strBookingNumber As String
Dim strReportingTo As String
Dim strBookingGivenBy As String
Dim strJobTitle As String
Dim dtmStartDate As Date
Dim strEndDate As String ''Need to use a string as there maybe no end date
Dim strDepartment As String
Dim strTierName As String
Dim r1 As Range ''For loop
Dim intNumberOfRows As Integer ''Count how many rows.........

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VBA Loop Range And Insert Values In New Column?

Mar 21, 2014

I built a Microsoft Access database for my church to track member information. I was able to import a lot of the needed information to create the records for each individual and household easily. What I can't do is import their offering donations until it is "Normalized." Which means that I need each row to be 1 record with the fields listed as the column headings. My church has a spreadsheet with several sheets one of which is named Input. I've attached the desensitized file for you to view/play with.

What I need to do is loop through the input sheet and find all the values in range B:4 to GN:387 that are greater than zero or not null (I believe they entered the default as zero so their other calculations would work). Then I need those values to be transferred to the column labeled Offering Amount on the ImporttoAccess sheet. Somehow I also need to define three variables associated with the cell that is contains a value greater than zero.

1. I need the row heading value for the envelope number (Column A of input sheet) which intersects with the amount

2. I need the column heading value (3 field merged) for the date (Row 1 of input sheet) which intersects with the amount

3. I need the column heading value (labeled: GenFund, WLA, or Missions) for the designation of the offering (Row 2 of input sheet) which intersects with the amount

Each of these I need to attach to the value offering amount and insert into their corresponding column fields for that record. I have entered 2 example rows of data into the ImporttoAccess sheet for you to see what I am after. I am sure it's possible since the data is there, But how to go about it.

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Macro To Loop And Insert A Page-break

Feb 2, 2010

I have lurked and learned but now this is beyond me-Attached is a sample file - The tab Data is where I start the macro and it is the file( after I have cleaned it up) that I get once a week-I added Column K/L-Blank Count Sheet Format is where the macro puts the info- count sheet is what I want it to look like- Old version is how I used to present the sheets-using subtotals etc-See the print preview to see what old ver and sample look like--

This macro below starts in data and puts Column K / L on the blank and then fills them in. Field 1-5 is all one loc sequence -I have the macro going the first few steps what I have been pulling my hair out attempting to do is --If the part# stays the same keep putting the locations under each other-As I show on Count Sheet and when the part# changes put a page break in and start over again with the new part# and assorted info. The file I get each week to do this with will have from 150 to 200 part #'s. I need a page for each--Each part has from 1 to 10 location's ( The loc consists of Field1-5 alfa-numeric )

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Loop Through Customer List And Go To Sheet And Insert Data

Mar 18, 2014

I have created a excel workbook in which I use for keeping up with storage unit rent. I have a tenant list sheet and each tenant has a sheet on which I keep up with charges and credits. What I want is a macro the will loop thru each tenants sheet based on tenant list and insert data and go to the next sheet. I found this on the web:

[Code] ......

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VBA Command Loop Through Spreadsheet Rows Until Blank Rows

Apr 22, 2012

Using excel's text to speech I've put together a basic spreadsheet.


Function talkit(Speech)
Application.Speech.speak (Speech)
talkit = Speech


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Maro, Insert Rows Where Rows Determined By Number Of Carriage Returns

Feb 17, 2010

The best way to explain my problem is to look at the table below:

How it looks now: ApplePrice 1
Price 2
Price 3FruitDeliciousPearStore 1
Store 2FruitVery DeliciousHow I want it to look:ApplePrice 1FruitDeliciousApplePrice 2FruitDeliciousApplePrice 3FruitDeliciousPearStore 1FruitVery DeliciousPearStore 2FruitVery Delicious

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Macro To Split Rows Into Groups Of 5 And Insert 3 Blank Rows In Between

Feb 9, 2013

I would like to have my macro code search column A (supplier numbers) and split the rows into groups of rows of 5 or less and then insert 3 blank rows between each group of rows. The split needs to start on a new supplier number and cannot split a supplier number into two different groups. Here is a sample:

Invoice Date
GL Date
Invoice Amt


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How To Dynamically Insert Rows With Duplicate Data Of Previous Rows

Oct 30, 2013

I have a spread sheet with values in the area of A1:H834

In column H, I have number values from 1-7.

Essentially that number value means that the values in the row are duplicate.

So, for example, if H2 has a value of 4, that means that $A$2:$G$2, really should have an additional 3 rows underneath with the EXACT same data in each cell, however, the way the sheet was created, was to remove the duplicate values and just indicate in column H, the number value of how many duplicates $A$2:$G$2 really is.

I need to unpackage this and create what it was originally. What type of formula can I use, to look at the value in H2, and then insert underneath that number of rowes with the exact same data as A2:G2 and do the same for the remainder of the table all the way down to A834:G834

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Macro To Insert New Rows Based On Commas In Previous Rows?

Mar 15, 2014

I'm a macro novice and have been trying to teach myself how to write the correct one for a task I need to do, but I cannot seem to get it right. Basically, I have bunch of data and for one of the variables, different values are separated by commas. What I want is to create a row copying the info below for each piece of data after the comma.




I suspect there is a fairly easy way to do this, but I cannot figure it out from searching the forums (or rather, I can't get it to work right).

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Insert Blanks Rows In Alternate Rows But Ignore If Already Blank

Jun 26, 2014

i have this code which inserts blank rows in alternate rows,

Sub insertrow()
' insertrow Macro
Application.ScreenUpdating = True
Dim count As Integer
Dim X As Integer
For count = 1 To 20
If activecell.Value "" Then
activecell.Offset(1, 0).Select


what changes should i make in this code to insert rows only when ther are now blank rows. So first time i run, blank rows are already there, and when i update some data at the bottom and re-run it inserts blank rows again.

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Oct 28, 2008

I have a worksheet named mylist, that I delete, then recreate everytime I run a specific macro. However, I have code in this worksheet that I require, so is there a way for me to insert code to "insert code" on the "re-creation" of the worksheet?

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Loop With Below Code

Nov 10, 2008

Loop with below code. I have the below code:

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VBA Code To Loop To The Next Row Down

Dec 7, 2009

I just need to get it to loop down to the next row

Sub ConcatenateAll()
Dim x As String, rng As Range, cel As Range
With ActiveSheet
Set rng = .Range("B1:AC1")
For Each cel In rng
x = x & cel.Value
.Range("a1").Value = x
End With
End Sub

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Insert Rows Subject To Conditions In Rows Above And Below

Jun 21, 2008

as per the attached, need to insert those grey rows subject to the following condition :

if current row date <> next row date, .and. current row latitude / longitude <> next row latitude / longitude , insert grey row with date = current row date, else insert grey row next row date

note that the coordinates in the repeated grey rows, for the "Home" location, are the same through the sheet, should be entered by the user, at the beginning of the process, since there will be a spreasheet per user.

date is in column K
latitude / longitude are in columns B / C

this will be of tremendous assistance in automating mileage claim review.

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Loop Code Through Certain Worksheets?

Nov 15, 2013

I am trying to loop the following code for a total of 15 worksheets without copying and pasting that same code 14 more times for each worksheet. Right now it is only executing the code on the "CAN" tab. Is there a way to make it loop where indicated below?

The 15 worksheets are:


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VBA - Trying To Loop Code Until Last Row Of Column

Feb 24, 2012

Private Sub Workbook_SheetSelectionChange(ByVal Sh As Object, ByVal Target As Range)
Dim rw As Integer
Dim LastRow As Integer
LastRow = Sheet8.Range("B16:B300").End(xlUp).Row
For rw = 16 To LastRow

[Code] ........

Cannot get the loop to run. I am trying to make it so the loop will stop when it reaches the last non empty cell.

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How To Write A Code For Loop

Mar 20, 2014

i need a code that can get parameter like a date and put it in a cell in the same column but different rows .

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VBA: Loop Through Sheets And Run The Same Code

Apr 5, 2007

I am trying get a set of code to run through the sheets in the workbook... All sheets EXCEPT 1 named "Summary".

How can I code the proper statement? This is my current
Private Sub cmdAddDistribution_Click()

Dim ws As Worksheet
Dim lCount As Long
Dim rFoundCell As Range

'check for selected cash flow
If Trim(Me.cboxCashFlow.Value) = "" Then
MsgBox "Please select a Cash Flow."
Exit Sub
End If...............

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Print Loop Code

May 7, 2008

I have a print code that I want to run on a loop. In column A Sheet UPSLabels, I have record numbers 1 through 94.

I have a vlookup in "C1" of another sheet that looks at the record number in "B1" and pulls in the correct information from UPSLabels based off the matchin record number in column A. I would like my code to print, update the number in "B1" by 1, and keep printing the records until it reaches 94.

I've probably supplied too much information, but the point is, I need the loop to run until "B1" reaches 94.

Sub print_loop()

Dim cnt As Range
Set cnt = Range("L1")

ActiveWindow.SelectedSheets.PrintOut Copies:=cnt, Collate:=True
Range("b1") = Range("b1") + 1

End Sub

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Code Stops During The Loop

Apr 9, 2009

I am using Excel 2003 work PC, and when i run this simple code it stops during the loop, I have had this problem a bit its like something is hitting the esc key or ctrl - break. But no keys are being hit or are sticking.

I have closed Excel and created new work book pasted the code in but it still stops at r = r - 1, haven't done a restart yet.

Sub Macro2()
Dim r As Integer
r = 10
Do Until r = 0
ActiveCell.Value = ("Shut down in " & r)
Application.Wait Now + TimeValue("0:00:01")
r = r - 1
End Sub

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Shortening Code With Loop

Jan 16, 2007

How would I shorten this code using a loop and arrays? It is working correctly but needs to be shortened down.

Sub cr()
Dim j
Cells(1, 1).Interior.Color = RGB(250, 155, 100)
j = 0.09
Cells(1, 1).Value = j
Application.Wait Now + TimeValue("00:00:02")
j = 0.094
Cells(1, 1).Value = j
Application.Wait Now + TimeValue("00:00:02")
j = 0.043
Cells(1, 1).Value = j
Application.Wait Now + TimeValue("00:00:02")
j = 0.05
Cells(1, 1).Value = j
Application.Wait Now + TimeValue("00:00:02")
j = 0.034
Cells(1, 1).Value = j
Application.Wait Now + TimeValue("00:00:02")
j = 0.032.........................................

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Loop Code Does Not Stop

Feb 24, 2007

I enter 1 record using the form, the next records does not populated correctly. It looks like the code just keeps looping by ....

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Insert Raw After Certain Code?

May 12, 2014

i need to insert a raw after a certain code like "TRUE" is the code which is mentioned in column A at different intervals , after that i need a blank raw.


I have a huge data (approx 45000 lines) items .

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