Invalid Procedure Call Or Argument Adding Conditional Format Condition

Oct 4, 2006

I would like to apply different conditional formatting at different times with a click of a button. I setup a dummy and turned on the recorder and recorded this

Selection.FormatConditions.Add Type:=xlExpression, Formula1:="=$C7=1"
Selection.FormatConditions(1).Interior.ColorIndex = 37
End Sub

I tried changing to this

'/Conditional Format - OTHER EXPENSE B/L
Set rngConditional = wsData.UsedRange
With rngConditional...............

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Invalid Procedure Call Or Argument

Nov 7, 2007

This error occured me, and i clicked "Debug" to see where was the error and i found a strange thing that i don't know how to solve it:
The line has the following

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Invalid Procedure Call Or Argument On Second Run

Jan 10, 2007

I have some VBA that appears to work perfectly on the first run, but I get the following error if I run it again or any alternate runs;

Title: Error (App_WorkbookBeforeClose)
Number: 5
Message: Invalid procedure call or argument

The only way my code currently works is if Excel has just been launched. The VBA creates, saves and modify's files so I imagine it has something to do with the ThisWorkbook object when a file is being saved or closed. I have googled the error but didn't really get anywhere as it is pretty generic and seems to be returned for a number of Excel products.

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Dir Function - Invalid Procedure Call Or Argument

Jun 25, 2013

When I step-through my code below, it always opens the first file in the directory "C:Pyramid Files", but when it comes back to the Pyramid Files sub after fully processing the first file via various other subs, the VB Editor apparently doesn't like something about this line: StrFile = Dir(), since it quits after "snapping-back" to the previous sub Initialize(). I have also tried StrFile = Dir, but that doesn't work either. I did Dim Strfile in the General Declarations. When I set Watches for Dir and Dir(), I get the value "Invalid procedure call or argument" for both, as if the directory function lost the value. I can't determine why this is happening.

Dim WSM As Worksheet, WSB As Worksheet, WS1 As Worksheet, [U]StrFile As String[/U], StrDirectory As String, ClientCode As String
Dim Filename As String, LastRowb As Long, LastColB As Integer, LastRow1 As Integer, NextRowC As Integer, x As Integer, y As Integer

[Code] .......

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Invalid Procedure Call Or Argument In Function

Aug 30, 2012

This error message in line vpp:

Invalid procedure call or argument

Function fn1(ByVal a, ByVal i, ByVal e, ByVal N, ByVal w, ByVal ta)
Pi = Application.WorksheetFunction.Pi
mhu = 398600
vpp = (mhu / Math.Sqr(mhu * a * (1 - e ^ 2))) * (-Math.Sin(ta * Pi / 180))
fn1 = 2 * vpp
End Function

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Runtime Error - Invalid Procedure Call Or Argument

Jun 24, 2014

Dim LR As Long Dim Dash As Long, _
Whole As Double
Dim pi ', WorkSheets, Range
LR = Sheets("Sheet3").Cells(Rows.Count, "A").End(xlUp).Row

[Code] .........

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Invalid Procedure Call Or Argument Referencing Files

Nov 6, 2006

I am using a procedure to loop through all files in a folder and am encountering an

Invalid procedure call or argument, error on the ChDrive line:

mypath = "\Eo1
ChDrive mypath

Is it something to do with the mypath syntax? Recently our drives have been reorganised. I used to just use "G:Surveys..." which always worked. Does anyone have any thoughts? I hope I've explained properly - you can probably tell I don't know much about this sort of thing.

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Invalid Procedure Call Using ASC

Jan 27, 2008

I am getting an invalid procedure call when the portion of the code that has the ASC function runs. The only change I made to the workbook was to increase the available rows that this macro is totaling from 150 to 300. If I don't increase the rows I do not get the error.

What this code is doing is grouping information from 20 different sheets and totaling them and placing the total in the correct group. Most of the totals will begin with a number, however there will be a small amount that will begin with a letter. The items with letters need to be grouped in the 17000 category.

Dim c As Range
Dim rng As Range
Set rng = Range(Cells(3, "R"), Cells(lastrow, "R"))
For Each c In rng

If c < 20 Then c.Offset(0, 1) = "01000"
If (c > 19) * (c < 26) Then c.Offset(0, 1) = "02000"
If (c > 25) * (c < 161) Then c.Offset(0, 1) = "02600"
If c > 159 Then c.Offset(0, 1) = WorksheetFunction.Text(c, "000") & "00"
If Asc(Left(c, 1)) > 58 Then c.Offset(0, 1) = "17000"
If c > 170 Then c.Offset(0, 1) = "18000"
Next c

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Run-time Error '5' Invalid Procedure Call (CommandBars)

Nov 13, 2009

I create and load a commandbar, prior to loading it I attempt to check if it exists, then delete it, and recreate.

I dont understand why this seemed to work for months and now creates an error.
It appears that every now and then the created commandbar is not created when I open a file. Thats when the error pops up. I can manually run the Create_Bar sub and it will be fine, for a while.

Run-time error '5':
Invalid procedure call or argument

This section is in my personal.xls file in "ThisWorkBook" of personal.xls.

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Could Not Get Column Property - Invalid Argument Error?

Feb 4, 2014

I have got a UserForm which pulls data from Excel sheet and show it on UserForm.

UserForm1 has One ListBox name "ListBox1" and Thirteen TextBox's.

TextBoxBatch...... Showing Batch number
TextBox1 ........... Showing Year 1 data
TextBox2.............Showing Year 2 data
TextBox3...............Showing Year 3 data
TextBox12...........Showing Year 12 data

It shows data correctly in UserForm1 for TextBoxBatch and TextBox1 to TextBox9 but when it reaches TextBox10 it give error "Could not get Column property, Invalid argument"

And it does not show data in TextBox10 (Year 10), TextBox11 (Year 11), and TextBox12 (Year 12).

I have attached workbook and userform.


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Pass More Than One Argument To Procedure

Dec 11, 2006

I want to be able to call a procedure and pas 2 variables that it will need to it.
The code looks like this:

Private Sub UpdateScreen(StartLine As Byte, EndLine As Byte)

End Sub
UpdateScreen(104 , 140)

For some odd reason I get an "Expected: = "error when I enter the last line. I works if I send only one variable, but not when I send 2.

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Combo Box Additem - Run-time Error - Invalid Argument

Nov 28, 2008

I've written an Excel (using 2007, compatibility mode to 2003) app for our stock control. Basically it's a protected stock sheet which the user adds/removes stock via a form.

When the user runs the form the following code loops through the stock list header adding item names to a combo box. Problem is I get a run-time error if there's more than 60+ items but while the error always occurs, it happens at different places in additems.

Run-time error '-2147024809 (80070057)
Invalid argument.

In the code I've allowed a loop to 1000 items but in reality they'll be no more than 150.

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Passing Argument To Procedure From Onaction

Jun 28, 2006

I am calling a procedure from a commandbar button using on action.

With oButton
.Caption = "&Progress Report"
.OnAction = 'this bit please
.BeginGroup = True
.FaceId = 576
End With

Private Sub ProcessingRequest(ByVal shtRequest As String)

End Sub

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Save Conditional Format Colour But Delete Condition Format

Dec 19, 2006

I have a Sheet ( Named "Summary" for Example ) of about 4,000 Rows that has a LOT of Conditional Formatting.

I Added Another 100 Rows this Morning and when I Tried Saving it a Message Saying that Not All the Formatting for the New Data that had Been Added had Been Saved. Is there a Macro or Something I can Run that will Make the Conditionally Formatted Cells Stay the Colour that they are but Delete the Conditional Formatting Part of it Achieved Using "Format" & "Conditional Format" from the Menu Please.

Ideally I would like to be Able to Enter the Number of Rows ( From Row ? to Row ? ) that I want this to Apply to.

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Compile Error / Invalid Outside Procedure

Nov 21, 2011

Compile Error: Invalid Outsid Procedure

I have Compile error coming up when I try to run Sub DeleteRecord on Sheet 2. It brings me to the VBE with sheet 1 code brought up and the Compile Error showing, with the xlup portion of the code highlighted. I okay the error and it highlights the Sub DeleteRecord on Sheet 2 with a yellow arrow.

Sheet 1 code as follows:

Dim y As Long
y = Range("A65536").End(xlUp).Row
Range("A1").AutoFill Destination:=Range("A1:A" & y), Type:=xlFillDefault
Range("J1").AutoFill Destination:=Range("J1:J" & y), Type:=xlFillDefault
Range("K1").AutoFill Destination:=Range("K1:K" & y), Type:=xlFillDefault
Range("L1").AutoFill Destination:=Range("L1:L" & y), Type:=xlFillDefault
Range("M1").AutoFill Destination:=Range("M1:M" & y), Type:=xlFillDefault
Range("N1").AutoFill Destination:=Range("N1:N" & y), Type:=xlFillDefault
Range("O1").AutoFill Destination:=Range("O1:O" & y), Type:=xlFillDefault
Range("P1").AutoFill Destination:=Range("P1:P" & y), Type:=xlFillDefault

Sheet 2 code at follows:

Sub DeleteRecord()
' DeleteRecord Macro
Application.ScreenUpdating = False
ActiveCell.Offset(4, 3).Range("A1:H2").Select


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Macro Error: Invalid Outside Procedure

Feb 18, 2008

I'm adding a new macro and getting the error message Compile Error:Invalid outside procedure. I'm using the following code

Dim wSheet As Worksheet
Dim vFound
On Error Resume Next
For Each wSheet In ActiveWorkbook.Worksheets
With wSheet
Set Tble_Array = .Range(Tble_Array.Address)
vFound = WorksheetFunction.VLookup _
(Look_Value, Tble_Array, _
Col_num, Range_look)
End With
If Not IsEmpty(vFound) Then Exit For
Next wSheet
Set Tble_Array = Nothing
VLOOKAllSheets = vFound
End Function

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Call Macro With An Argument

May 7, 2007

i want to create a lot of buttons, one in each line, that, when you click on them, open a file. The filename is in a cell in the same row as the button.

Of course every button should open a different file, and that is the problem. As far as i know (not very much) the buttons can only call other subs, and not with an argument.

What should i put into the "onAction" property of each button, so that each button opens a different file? I really dont want to create hundreds of subs just to get this done, there must be another way.

PS: By the way, how can i delete all but one buttons of a sheet with a vba script? Or shall I open another post for that?

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Compile Error: Invalid Outside Procedure (making Changes To Row)

Jan 16, 2009

I'm making changes to row A, but am getting an invalid outside procedure, not sure why. Don't even know what it means. It's not even in the same worksheet....

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Call Procedure From Add-in

Nov 27, 2007

I have a userform in an add-in (which is loaded), when I try and call it from an excel sheet, I get the following error "Variable not defined"

Private Sub CommandButton3_Click()


End Sub

The code in the userform is all private subs.

Similarly when calling a public sub from the add-in such as;

Private Sub CommandButton3_Click()

Call SillySub

End Sub

I get the error "Sub or Function not defined".

How should I be doing this?

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Call A Sub Procedure From Another

Jun 19, 2008

how do you call another sub's function from another sub? For example:

Sub Worksheet_SelectionChange(ByVal Target As Range)

Static STempHolding As String
If STempHolding <> "" Then OldStartingDate = STempHolding
STempHolding = Target.Value

Static ETempHolding As String
If ETempHolding <> "" Then OldEndingDate = ETempHolding
ETempHolding = Target.Value

End Sub

If i just wanted to call the StartingDate function, from my Worksheet_Change sub how would i do that?

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Compile Error: Invalid Outside Procedure (execute Macro On Pivot Refresh)

Jan 27, 2009

I keep getting this error:

"Compile Error: Invalid outside procedure"

What I am doing is having a macro execute every time my Pivot table is refreshed, the macro invokes a format change.

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How To Call A Procedure / Function

Mar 2, 2012

I have found some code that does what I want- but i do not understand how to use - call it. The programmer says ...

' can be called from a worksheet cell using the formula:
' =GetNetworkIPAddress()

I have put this in a cell but i ger an error #Name?

what should i do ?

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Feb 12, 2009

I need to call a Stored Procedure in a SQL Server from VB, but do not have the minimun Idea about doing it....Could you help me ?...I made a lot of attemps copiying code from other treads and scratch it, but so far results = none.

Server name: VAIO/SERVIDOR
DataBase: CEDRO
Im using Excel XP.

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Call Procedure From Another VBA Project

Sep 21, 2006

In my VBA Project I try to call procedure from another VBA Project, but I get syntax error. The code is like: call Automation.xls!convert_numb

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Use A Variable To Run Or Call A Procedure By Name

Sep 8, 2007

I have 46 drop downs that I need to call from a main sub. I want to create one loop that will call each one to perform its function. Below is a simple example of what I am trying to do, but where I need help is with the 'Call Y' line. I am not sure what character to use to tell excel to look at what is in the value of Y, not 'Y' itself

Sub testitout()
Dim y As String

For X = 1 To 2
Sheets(" Lookup"). Range("E3").Value = X + 4
y = "dropdown" & X & "_change()" 'this will return "dropdown1_change()" for the first loop
Call y 'i want to call dropdown1_change() below

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Call / Run Commad Button Procedure

Jan 10, 2008

Is it possible to call a Forms Command Button procedure from a Module?

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Conditional Format To The Colour Of A Particular Cell If The Condition Is Met?

Jun 13, 2007

is there any way to set the conditional format to the colour of a particular cell if the condition is met?

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Conditional Format Cell Based On AND/OR Condition Of Another

Feb 8, 2008

i m trying to format a cell so that it colours in red when a specific text is chosen in another cell, ive tried conditional formatting but I cannot get it to work. e.g column A has a drop down list, if GB or IEN is chosen in that cell then cell in column K will become red. (as if these two are chosen then they have to input a number into column K). Once they have inputted the number into column K i want it to go back to its original format. Or if they dont select GB or IEN then it would stay in its original format aswell.

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Call Procedure And Pass Range Info

Mar 22, 2007

Have a spreadsheet for creating employee schedules (any number of employees, 3 rows per employee, 5 columns for each day). I want to move all employees' info for one day (5 columns and XX rows) to another area and then clear the employees' data for that day. I have the code working for Monday but I don't want to duplicate it 6 more times for Tue -Sun. I have set up named ranges (i.e. MonFT, TueFT, etc.

I would like to call one subprocedure to do this and pass parameters for each day so the ranges can be changed to reflect the desired day?

I am doing this for holidays; i.e. if there is a Wed. holiday, store all of Wednesday's data and clear Wed. Then restore all Wed data when preparing the schedule for the following week.

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Auto Call A Procedure By Selecting From A Dropdown List

Oct 30, 2008

I have a worksheet with a Drop Down list (Set up with Data Validation).

All I want to do is a call a procedure when a particular option is selected from the list, without have to run the macro manually.

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