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Macro To Bring Up A Pop Up Box

how I would go about writing a macro that would pop up if a value in a certain cell is greater than a set value. For example, if the cell b1 has a value of >50, I would want an alert box to pop up saying "Over Range". Ideally this should be automatic as soon as another value is entered into cell a1.

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Macro To Bring Up Save As Dialog Box
I am modifying a corporate macro that is used in to create a standard technical letter. This standard file has 6 macros, that once used to create the letter, are never used again. I know, the first thing that jumps out is to create an add-in. I'd prefer not to got hat route at the moment for various reasons.

What I'm looking to do is after the letter is created, and the print macro is called and prints the letter, all macros are removed (already found help for this on this site), then check to see if the file has been saved, or still has the template name, and then either save or bring up the save as dialog box for the user to save the file with the appropriate name and folder.

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Macro For A Pop-Up Box
I have a spreadsheet which is used for a daily schedule of contact centre advisor staff. I want to create a macro that will throw up a pop up box when the sheet is opened using the date as a reference....

So on e worksheet named 'realtime' i have row 2 from cells B to AZ containing a date ie B2= 01/07/2007, C2= 02/07/2007 etc.

Column A has various 'headings' A4= Earlies, A5= Mids, A6= Lates, A7= Total

So under each date is the corresponding figures for the stuff in column A.

So if I open the sheet today (03/07/2007) I would want a pop up that shows this data....

Earlies + the data in D4
Mids + the data in D5
Lates + the data in D6
Total + the data in D7

But obviously it needs to reference today's date and show the figures under that date?

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Pop Up Box
how do you reference cells in a popup box? i want a box to come up at the end of a macro and have cell values referenced in it.

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Message Pop Up Box
I am wanting a pop up box to appear when a certain value is reached in my worksheet.

My worksheet is a schedule of training, and we have the same columns duplicated over monthly tabs, i want a message to appear if a certain column named " Trainers" has reached 30. Would this be possible? I would like it to pop up with what cell it is that has reached this number.

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Pop Up Message Box
I have following code to pop up the message box, but it does not pop up itself, I have to run the macros evry time. Is there any solution.

All I want if in Cell "C20" has the message " Check your Margin" than the message box pop up and should have the message as defined in my below code. Also, is this possible that the message should come in one box.

Private Sub Find_Criteria()
Dim i As Variant
Dim FindRange As Range
Set FindRange = Range("c10")
For Each i In FindRange
MsgBox "a) Check Provisional Sum allowances and Discounts"
MsgBox "b) Check with Brian if a base price review was required and missed"
MsgBox "c) Check for double ups in Timberline"
MsgBox "d) Check all big ticket items in Timberline ie. Trusses, bricks, plaster, paint and Site Works)"
MsgBox "d) Check if any items were underpriced in the contract and provide feedback to Brian"
MsgBox "e) Review and discuss any allowances with me." & " "

End If
Next i
End Sub

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Pop Up Box If Value Is Changed
I have a forecast spreadsheet with 10 data tabs and a summary tab.

On the summary tab, cell R131 contains the year end profit figure.

What I would like to do, is whenever this value changes and I am in a different tab, a small pop up appears in the current tab telling me what the R131 value has changed by. eg "Profit up 1000"

At the moment I keep having to go back to the summary tab to see the effects of changes across the whole spreadsheet.

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Pop Up Box Upon Opening
i've been working on VBA for a file that i'll be sending out to a bunch of people. There are three questions that i want answered after the file is opened...not allowing them to proceed until they enter data.

1. Please enter Management Unit.
2. Please enter GL Account. (US only)
3. Please enter Earnings Code. (Non US employees)

The first question MUST be answered with a 6 digit number. The 2nd and 3rd may or may not be answered. simply hitting is acceptable.

After that i would like the answered populated in 3 rows below the lastrow in column B. thus, if there is data in B50, then answer 1 in B53, answer 2 in B54, and answer 3 in B55.

And if "MU:" could proceed the answer to 1, "GL:" before answer 2, and "EC:" before answer 3.

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Pop Up Box To Remain On Worksheet
I have a number of sub routines that manipulate data in various ways to which I have assigned various shortcut keys (Ctrl + whatever) However as there are quite a few of these I wondered if it was possible to create some sort of pop up box in which I could list the shortcuts, the box being able to be opened and closed at the users request.

I can of course do this with some sort of userform but when this is open I can't then work on the sheet. Also as this would presumably be opened from within some code, waiting for the user to click the close button then wouldn't this prevent the other sub's from executing.

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Link To Workbook Pop Up Box
I have a macro that works across 2 workbooks. In the middle of the macro, a message box pops up "This workbook contains links to other data sources" and I need to select yes or no. This is because I am using a vlookup. Is there a code that I can put in to the macro to select Yes to this box and therefore not stop the macro half way through??

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Import, 2 X Pop Up Box & Consolidate
Then it will ask the user what name it wants to find.... then user inputs the name and the macro searches the 2 newly imported worksheets in column A and B, and if it 'contains' the name then will copy it to a results worksheet (and copy row 2 as a static line from each of the work book to differentiate which sheet it came from) ....

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Message Box To Pop Up When Cell Active
I have used to code below to active message boxes for 3 different cells - however the 2nd and 3rd time the code is not working....

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Cancel A Message Box Pop Up Action
If I press either the "OK" or "Cancel" button without entering any states in (because I changed my mind and want ALL states in there, or I pressed either button by accident), the macro eliminates ALL the rows because it needs criteria.

Can this code be modified so that the message box does the following...

1. If I press the "OK" button but I haven't entered in any criteria in the message box, bring up another message box saying "you have not entered in any states in" which brings up an "OK" box and brings you back to the original message box.

2. If I hit the "Cancel" button, bring up a message box that says "No states will be removed" with an "OK" button, essentially cancelling the "State" macro portion of the sub, but continuing with the rest of the code in the sub if there is any.

I would like to have this message box work this way even if states were entered in the input box but the user pressed the "Cancel" button anyway.

3. Create a NEW button named "Keep ALL States" which essentially does the same thing as the "Cancel" button. (I'm trying to "idiot proof" this).

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Change The Pop Up Box Formatting After Creating A List?
Is it possible to change the Pop Up box formatting after creating a List.?

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Message Box To Pop Up Every 10 Mins Or So Prompting The User To Close The Workbook
how do i go about setting a message box to pop up every 10 mins or so prompting the user to close the workbook.? i want it to be as irritating as possible! iv'e had a look at ontime but cant get my brain into gear!also don't some of these timers fire even if workbook closed?

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Macro For Pop-up Window With Picture
A macro, which would allow me to click on a particular cell, which will have an ID number (1 through 34), each ID# is attributed to a particular employee. These ID# are located in my spreadsheet in columns B & G, and the ID #'s begin initially in B6 & G6 and continue downward to B34 & G34. These ID #'s are used in a vlookup type formula which covers 35 pages of this workbook. What I'd like to do is be able to click on any cell between B6& B34 (and/or the same in G6&G34), which has a particular ID # in it and have the photo of that particular employee designated with that ID# pop up in a window generated by the macro. I hope this makes sense! Any help would be greatly appreciated. My 1st sheet in my workbook is my "lookup" tab, which contains my ID# list and numbering sequence affiliated to each employee. So I'm not sure if I'd need to put the photograph of the employee in a column next to the employees name or have a folder designated with all my pictures in a certain directory, etc.

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Pop-up Tip Text For Macro Buttons
Is there a way to add a reference to a button, which could show the user what the button does before he clicks on it. I'm thinking something similar to moving the mouse to a program in the Windows taskbar.

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Macro For Sending Emails :: Pop Up Confirm And Cancel
I'm using Excel 2002 on and XP machine. I am creating a spreadsheet to track a work plan.

Column A: Name
Column B: Date
Column C: Time
Column D: YES
Column E: No
Column F: New Date
Column G: New Time

What I'm looking to do is input click able buttons in Columns D: Yes and Column E: No.

When a user clicks on YES, a pop up window should appear with the data in columns A,B,C.

The p0p-up should contain CONFIRM and CANCEL buttons.

Asking the user if they want to confirm the date and Time.

If CONFIRM is clicked Excel should then send an email to me and the user to say that the work schedule has been confirmed.

If CANCEL is clicked the pop-up window closes.

Secondly if the user clicks NO, a pop-up window should open with two free text boxes. One for Proposed date and One for Proposed time. And again 2 buttons for Confirm and Cancel.

If Confirm is clicked then Excel should record the data entered in the free text boxes into Column G and Column H and send emails to me and the user with the Proposed date and Time Data.

If CANCEL is clicked the pop-up window closes.

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Macro That If I Hold Control + Shift + A I Will Get A Pop Up Saying "Your Amount Is (value Of The Cell)
I have an excel sheet and I want a Msg pop up to show a certain amount from a specific cell. So if the cell shows $100. I want to a do a macro that if I hold control + shift + a I will get a pop up saying "Your amount is (value of the cell).

I can only get it to work if I want the vale from an active cell.

MsgBox "The value in the active cell is " & ActiveCell.Value & "."

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Activate A Macro From Combo Box / List Box
I'm trying to figure out how to activate a macro from combo box or list box.
But no success.

I have a list of names:

That I can view through the combo box.

I have created a list of macros, that carry the same names,


The Q is: how can I link each name to its own macro?
so when chosen, will activate the macro?

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If Cell = "ERROR", Need Pop Up (user Form?) Message With A Macro.
If cell K6= "ERROR" I need a message to pop up on screen with the message "Wrong Entry click OKAY to find, Click CANCEL to ignore". Clicking OKAY would simply go to worksheet named "MONITOR". Clicking Cancel would just clear the pop up from on screen.

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Bring In The Values From The Table
I would like to download historical stock quotes from yahoo and then bring them into a worksheet. I have used the Webbrowser control to bring in the Yahoo page but I have no idea on the code to use to bring in the values from the table.

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Bring Values Beneath Each Other...
I have a sheet made of 3 columns, every column has several rows, I am trying to bring the values of the second column beneath the values of the first column and then the values of the third column beneath them all. Attached are 2 sheets showing the current and required scenarios

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Using If And Formula To Bring Back Company Name
Name Qtr Year
Org 112007
Org 222006
Org 332006
Org 442006
Org 542007
Org 612006

I want the code to say, If Qtr = 1 And Year = 2007, then bring back Org Name, If Qtr = 2 And Year = 2006, then bring back Org Name and so forth.

The code should loop through a range of constant data (Region Name), until the Region Name is blank.

Dim OrgCell As Range
Dim OrgTargetCell As Range
Dim RegionCell As Range
Set OrgCell = Sheets("DATA Removed").Range("A2")
Set OrgTargetCell = Sheets("Overdue").Range("A3")
Set RegionCell = Sheets("DATA Removed").Range("C2")
i = 0

OrgCell.FormulaR1C1 = _
"=IF(AND('DATA Removed'!R[-1]C[11]=1,'DATA Removed'!R[-1]C[12]=2007),'DATA Removed'!R[-1]C,0)"
OrgTargetCell.Offset(i, 0).Value = OrgCell.Offset(i, 0).Value
i = i + 1
Loop Until RegionCell.Offset(i, 0).Value = ""
End Sub

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Bring All Rows Into My Template Spreadsheet
I've created the code below from scratch (ever so proud of myself even though it's basic lol)

Dim N As Long
Dim LR As Long
N = Range("A2").Value
LR = Application.WorksheetFunction.CountIf(Worksheets("Overview").Range("AJ:AJ"), N)
For N = 1 To LR
Here, 'N' is a project number. This code succesfuly counts the number of sub-tasks linked that that project in my data sheet. Now I want to bring all those rows into my template spreadsheet, but dont know how to start

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Double Click To Bring Up Form
I'm using a little sub routine to bring up a pop up calendar when i click in a cell, everythings lovely but it annoyingly comes up when i select a clolumn or row that also contains that cell. modification to require a double click to display the calendar?

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Bring Back Complete Printer Name
create an array of active printers. I edited the code to write the array to a range, then populate a data validation list with the printer names. All works great. The goal was to select a printer name from the list and run a macro to print some sheets. However, the function doesn't bring back enough of the name to do this. how to edit the function to bring back the whole name.

For example: after running the function the 1st printer returned ="\rizzoHQ-ENG-04"...when i record a macro to print to this printer it needs ""\rizzoHQ-ENG-04 on Ne05:". Here is the function unedited, I bolded the part i think is controlling the name:

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Sort : Bring All The Baskets Under Column
My rows and columns are as below

Basket 1 3 Basket 1 4 Basket 2 5
Basket 3 7 Basket 3 2 Basket 9 4
Basket 4 2 Basket 5 2 Basket 11 1

I want to bring all the baskets under column A in one row and Oranges in B, Apples in C and Lemons in D like this

Items Oranges Apples Lemons
Basket 1 3 4 0
Basket 2 0 0 5
Basket 3 7 2 0
Basket 4 2 0 0 and like wise.

What is the best way to do this.

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Format To Bring Decimal Point Forward
Is there anyway to be able to bring decimal point forward without affecting the numbers using any formatting, which will still be there even after refreshing the query.

For example, 0.0531 to 53.1

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If And Vlookup Formula (bring Up The Corresponding Product Description )
I'm trying to get a cell {in the attached spreadsheet 'Order Form' Sheet- Cell 'B13'}, to bring up the corresponding product description {'Products' Sheet- Column C}. For the cell that is to bring up the product description {'Order Form' Sheet- Cell 'C13'}, the following is the formula I'm trying to use, but is coming up "#N/A":
=IF(C13>1000,VLOOKUP(A13,Products!$A$2:$D$12,3),IF(C13>287,VLOOKUP(A13,Products!$A$14:$D$25,3),IF(C1 3>0,VLOOKUP(A13,Products!$A$28:$D$38,3)," "))).

I haven't attempted the "Cost/Bottle" formula yet {'Order Form' Sheet- Cell 'D13'}, but it needs to correspond the product number {'Order Form' Sheet- Cell 'A13'} and the quantity ordered {'Order Form' Sheet- Cell 'C13'}, with the cost/bottle on the that quantity found on 'Products' Sheet, Column D.

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Bring To Front (Most Recent Workbook Opened)
I've got a macro that searches & opens a most recent file. I'm trying to figure a simple way to bring to the front the workbook which is opened by the macro.

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Multiple Search Criteria To Bring Back Data
I have a dataset which is dumped into my model every month. The Report tab is a "user form" whereby the user can select multiple search criteria. The dataset is then filtered according to the search criteria entered by the user.

Problem is, that if the user only selects 1 of 3 search criteria and the other 2 cells are left blank, the filter filters on these blank cells and doesn't retrieve any data. Any ideas how I can overcome this?

Sub PopulateReport()

Application.ScreenUpdating = False

Dim MyFilter1 As String
Dim MyFilter2 As String
Dim MyFilter3 As String

MyFilter1 = CStr(Sheets("Report").Range("C2").Value) ' convert cell value to string
MyFilter2 = CStr(Sheets("Report").Range("C4").Value)
MyFilter3 = CStr(Sheets("Report").Range("C6").Value)


Dim Rw As Long
Dim Rng As Range

Rw = Range("A65536").End(xlUp).Row
Set Rng = Range("A1:W" & Rw)

With Rng
.AutoFilter Field:=20, Criteria1:=MyFilter1
.AutoFilter Field:=2, Criteria1:=MyFilter2
.AutoFilter Field:=13, Criteria1:=MyFilter3
End With

how to display my excel worksheet using HTML maker as I've downloaded the software but have no idea how to use it!

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Bring Data From Certain Row Based On Cell Number
I'd like to bring data from Sheet2 to Sheet1. If value at Sheet1 f2=5 it should copy from sheet2 b5:k5 tosheet1 a2:j2 If value at Sheet1 f2=10 it should copy from sheet2 b10:k10 tosheet1 a2:j2 etc.

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Look Through A Sheet, Find A Text Reference, Then Bring Up Something In A Cell
I'm in the leadup to my A2 ICT controlled conditions piece where i have to make an Excel system. My chosen subject for this is to use the school house points system. I'm going to make a system where the results of house matches are inputted and points are awarded accordingly.

I just have a couple of queries after looking at my initial designs.

1. Is it possible to get excel to look through a sheet, find a text reference, then bring up something in a cell located in the same row? For example, for it to locate one of the House team names, then go along the row and find the ammount of house points they have in order to make a total for them. Is this also possible over a number of sheets? (In order to keep a running total on a separate sheet).
E.G. House, Games Played, Wins, Losses, Draws, House Points

2. For the house cross country event they use a different system which differs from everything i have designed. What i basically need to do is be able to use a drop down against each finishing position where you can select one of the four house teams, then it takes the points won for that finishing position and puts them into a table.

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Vookup: Bring Back The Info In The Last Populated Cell On The Row
I want to lookup some data and bring back the info in the last populated cell on the row, rather than column 4. I have written the below but it is bring back info from Column Index number 4.


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Search Criteria Bring Values Back To A Results Column
i have the following macro which finds instances of a search criteria and brings them back to a results column. what i need is instead of having the word GD: appear before each result i need it once at the begining of the results

LastRow = Sheets("design owb").Cells(Rows.Count, 10).End(xlUp).Row
Application.ScreenUpdating = False
For i = 26 To LastRow
Target = Sheets("design owb").Cells(i, 10)
With Sheets("design")
For J = 2 To 54
For K = 4 To 11
If Target = .Cells(J, K) Then
Sheets("design owb").Cells(i, 11) = Sheets("design owb").Cells(i, 11) + "GD: " & .Cells(J, 15) + " | "
End If
Next K
Next J
End With
Next i
Application.ScreenUpdating = True

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If Any Cell Is (red) Has A Color Index Of 3, Bring The Whole Row To The Top
I have a worksheet with several columns and 1,000's of rows. I have code that makes all "good cells" grey (color index 15) and all "bad cells" red (color index 3).

I would like to do 2 things...

1. If ANY cell is RED, cut the WHOLE ROW and "insert cut cells" below the header row (even if ALL other cells are grey), then repeat the process up the whole worksheet until ANY row with a red cell is at the top.

2. Create a new worksheet named "Trouble Cells", copy the header row along with any rows with red cells.

I would like to keep the formatting the same (for example, the title row is always yellow and is "28" high and all other rows are a height of "12").

I would also like to keep the column width of each column in the new worksheet as well.

Excel 2002

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Search For A File And Bring Back Data To Master Spreadsheet
To set up the problem, I have a folder that contains files that are all named numerically, ex. 08-100, 08-101, etc. Each file is identical in format but contains different data, ex. cell B1 is alway "material weight", cell B2 is always "estimated man hours" and new files are added weekly.

I am trying to set up a master spreadsheet that all I have to do is enter the file name (08-102) in the first column, and the second column will return the data in a specific cell of that file.

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Search Page To Bring Back All Transactions Based On A Primary Key
I have this spreadsheet that has over 20,000 rows. I was asked to build a search page to will bring back all transactions based on a primary key (account number). Here is a sample:

Account NumberDateComments2343566/2/2009 $ 111.43 3453465/1/2009 $ 89.34 5676552/5/2008 $ 643.23 8078989/3/2008 $1,245.34 12543612/5/2008 $ 56.65 2343562/2/2009 $ 343.54 3482459/9/2008 $ 78.76 9345641/2/2009 $ 356.22 2343565/3/2008 $ 529.66

The idea is to enter an account number like 234356 click a button and bring back:

Account NumberDateComments2343566/2/2009 $ 111.43 2343562/2/2009 $ 343.54 2343565/3/2008 $ 529.66

I got the button part done and using vlookup it brings back the first line. The problem is that it won't bring back all the rows just the first one.

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VLookup To Find The Customer And The Dates And Then Bring Me Back An Asterisk In A Separate Column
I have 2 spreadsheets. One is a promotion calendar that lists the dates that promotions on a certain product runs. The other is a shipment grid of shipments of that product to the customer.

I want VLookup to find the customer and the dates and then bring me back an asterisk in a separate column to show me that that certain week that product was delivered was a promotion week. The problem I have is using Vlookup to lookup 2 things at once (and if they match to the promotion calendar) and return me an asterisk.

Here is my formula now:

=IF(VLOOKUP(J2&" "&L2,'East Data'!M:AU,2,FALSE),"*",0)

J2 is the customer name
L2 is the week
"East Data" is the spreadsheet with all of the promotions and customers.

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Hide The Sheets By Option Box & Check Box And Help For Creating The Message Box
I have attached my spreadsheet.
Problem no.1:- I want to make all the sheets hidden except Main Index sheet.The concern sheet should gets visible when I select option box or Check box.

problem no. 2
I have given the data of Japan & China Plants. Now the total production of japan Plants are sum of plant 1,2 &3. But production of China plants are variable & need to fix by us. We will put production terget in China Plant 1, 2 & 3 in such a way so that one message box written "please check your data" should be appread whenever the K25/26/27/28/29 dont match with E25/26/27/28/29.

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Mixing VLOOKUP And LEFT Functions (bring Up The Model Type Of A Product Based On Its Material Code)
I need a formula that will bring up the Model type of a product based on its Material code. All the models I need to generate have a "root" number in them (the first 6 digits define model type). This is what I need to fill out:

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Cell Referenceing (display The Value In The Cell Offset By X So I Can Bring The Numbers From Sheet1 Over)
Sheet1 is a list of names, then a few columns of numbers.
Sheet2 contains calculations based of the numbers in sheet1.

Each sheet from 2 on is names after the names in sheet1 column A...
A large cell at the top of each sheet contains the formula to display the sheet name:

So what I want to do now is...
in cell, look for the cell in sheet1, and display the value in the cell offset by X so i can bring the numbers from sheet1 over.

In plain english the cell would say like...
"look in sheet1 for "Name" then display the cell next to it"

I know to look in the next sheet its "=Base!B2" if i wanted b2 on sheet base.
I know to use "=OFFSET(Base!B2, , 1, , )" too look at B2 and go right 1 column.
But the issue is i dont want Base!B2.. i want whatever cell in Base column A that has the text that A1 has.

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Macro PopUp Box
to create a macro that will launch a pop up box once cell B5's value is equal to "3".

I need the pop-up box to say, "You win the game!"

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Insert Combo Box By Macro?
I'd like to use a button to run a macro that inserts a combo box, but can't seem to change the properties of that box within the macro. For example, I need to enter the linked cell, but when I run the macro, the actions in the combo box's properties dialogue don't record (I'm not familar with visual basic, so I'm 'recording' the macro).

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Confirmation Box Before Running A Macro
How do I ask for a confirmation box before running a macro, but only one time. What I mean is some of the macros I use loop and it wouldn't be practical to click on "ok" for each time the macro ran.

So again I just need some code to tack on to the beginning of a couple of my macros that will ask me before they run but only once.

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Input Box Next To A Macro Button
I have this macro in which the user clicks a button and it formats a file for them. I want a box next to the button where the user can enter a number first then click the button and then the file will use that number to calculate a column. Any help is appreciated.

For example part of my macro is this.

Lcol = Range("IV5").End(xlToLeft).Column + 1
Cells(5, Lcol) = "Total Cost"
Worksheets("sheet1").Range("u6").Formula = "=IFERROR((RC[-1]/RC[-3])*the number the person entered first,0)"
Lrow = Range("A" & Rows.Count).End(xlUp).row
Range("u6").AutoFill Destination:=Range("u6:u" & Lrow), Type:=xlFillDefault
With Range("u6:u" & Lrow)
.PasteSpecial Paste:=xlAll, Operation:=xlNone, SkipBlanks:= _
False, Transpose:=False
End With
Application.CutCopyMode = False

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Sort Macro And Input Box
With guidance from this board in the past, I was directed to a macro that sorted information on a sheet (using values in column 1), opening a new sheet named by the sort title then copy/pasting all the relevant entries

The only restriction for this macro is the fact it is set to only sort information on sheet named Sheet1

I wanted to change this to an InputBox so the user can tell the macro which sheet to sort

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Macro / Combo Box / Chart
How to get a macro that will display a chart based on the values of a combo box?

i have a combo box, with list info

and a button.

what i am aiming for is, if "total A/R" is selected in combo box, when Button is pressed, i want it to display that specific chart.

is that something that is possible?

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Hyperlink - Text Box To Macro
How do I hyperlink a text box ( button ) to an existing macro?

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Creating Text Box Using Macro
Ok, I have a situation that I would love to have some help with. I have a command button that when clicked takes the user through a few questions via input boxes. The final objective that I need help with is a large typing area. Either the input box typing area needs to be larger or I need a text box to appear. After user is done typing and presses ok, I need what they typed to go into an area where I have merged some cells/rows to make a paragraph.

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