Macro To Create Worksheet, Change It's Position, And Paste Date Into It

Apr 26, 2009

I need a macro that will create a new blank worksheet, move it to the last spot and paste the entire contents of the sheet named "master" into the newly created sheet.
I have tried to do this with the recorder but have been unable to get it to work.

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Create Macro That Can Create Dynamic Copy / Paste Loop?

Feb 12, 2014

I need to create a macro that can create a dynamic copy/paste loop. So far what I have is horribly inefficient. Each row in colmn A(minus the header) has a unique number in it. For each unique number, I need to paste it based on the number of column headers in row 1(minus column A). So, if there are 20 column headers, I need to copy cell A2 and paste it 19 times in another sheet. Then, I need to move to the next number in column A and do the same thing. Here's what I have:

[Code] .........

You can see that this is not dynamic. If I add another row to my table and rerun the macro, it will not catch it. I've attached a sample file to show you the big picture of what I'm trying to do. The data that I have is in Sheet1, and I'm trying to get it into the format in Sheet3. Rows/columns will be periodically added to the table in Sheet1, so the macro needs to be dynamic to catch that. The data in Sheet3 will always remain, and the macro will add the updated data below the old data in Sheet3.


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Create Macro That Can Copy / Paste Or Cut / Paste Rows Into Different Spreadsheet

Oct 1, 2012

I have one workbook that needs two macros.

On the "Complete Backlog" tab of my workbook, I want users to enter in the requested information based on the column header. Then I would like a Macro attached to a button that says "Refresh" that the user would click after they have entered in all of the information. This macro should look in Column M (WIP Status) and if any of the cells say "Close", it should Cut the entire row from the spreadsheet(Ex. A2:M2) and Paste it into the speadsheet titled "Closed Jobs".

This is so that as jobs are closed/finished, they are removed and stored on a separate sheet. The items would have to be pasted so that it pastes into the next available row - not just on top of each other.

I also need another macro that i can put into a button that doesn't "delete" a row from the sheet, but just copies over to another sheet - so that there are two instances in the workbook.

If would look something like: If a cell in "Column G / Director" of the "Complete Backlog" speadsheet is equal to "Snodgress" then copy columns A-L of the same row to the spreadsheet titled "Snodgress" - of course skipping down the rows to the next blank row. equal to "Herr" copy row to "Herr" spreadsheet. equal to "McCormick" copy row to "McCormick" spreadsheet.
and so on.

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Create Macro That Filter Date In A Column From One Week Previous Till Current Date

Mar 14, 2014

I have an excel sheet wherin there is a column that has the data where in the dates are displayed and many other columns.

I get this excel every Thursday so i want to filter this date column in such a way that it give me the data related to the date of the previous week only yet there is a catch here. When i say previous week i mean.

Suppose today is 03/14/14 then i want the data from 03/07/14 till today ie Last week friday to this week full( so cant use Current week option) and then paste it in a new sheet.

I tried the Record part but in that it is taking a hard coded value as i am selecting the date myself. I dont want to change the date manually every time.

this was the macro that was created

ActiveSheet.Range("$A$1:$BX$58").AutoFilter Field:=1, Operator:= _
xlFilterValues, Criteria2:=Array(1, "3/10/2014")
ActiveCell.FormulaR1C1 = "=COUNT(R[-4]C:R[-1]C)"

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Create Macro That Will Copy And Paste Inventory With Corresponding SKU?

May 10, 2014

I am trying to create a Macro that will let me copy and paste the Inventory with the Corresponding SKU on a different spreadsheet, I have attached the Spreadsheet, Sheet 1 is the Missing Quantities and Sheet 2 has the updated Quantities that will need to be identified by SKU from Sheet 1 to Sheet 2.

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Cut And Paste Shape Into Same Position

Aug 6, 2008

I am trying to cut and paste an object (an excel shape to be more precise) into its same position. It could, for example, be relative to the top left corner, but how to modify the paste method will be welcome. Surely this is a piece of cake for most of you, but I haven't been able to find the answer for objects floating on the screen.

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How To Create Macro To Change Value In CSV File

Aug 21, 2012

I have a CSV file contain many fields and all fields have value (positive & negative values). I have 3 questions here:

1) This file is created on Friday. So the date in Field1 is Friday's date. I want to change the date to Saturday date. How can i change it using macro?
2) I want to set the value for fields 24 until 26 to 0. I want the script to force the field value to be 0. How can i do that by using macro?..and fyi, my CSV file have header in the first row. Below i illustrate my original csv file and the expected output.
3) How can i automate the macro to run every Friday afternoon?

Original csv
Field1, Field2,....,Field24, Field25, Field26, Field27

Expected output csv
Field1, Field2,....,Field24, Field25, Field26, Field27

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VBA- Create A Macro That Will Change 1 Of The Base Salary

Jan 28, 2010

Lets say I have

Base Salary
US Duties

Base Salary
Senior Advisor

Is there a way to create a macro that will change 1 of the Base Salary(s). I need one of them to be Base Salary - Admin, or Base Salary ' or something different for my vlookup.

Will this macro work for each different tab I have?

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Date Stamp On Worksheet Change

Apr 23, 2009

I have the following little piece of code that adds the date to C3 whenever the workbook is saved:

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Date & Time Of Last Worksheet Change

Dec 28, 2009

I have a workbook with 120 LOI worksheets that all tie to one master data sheet, and I need to know the date and time of the last change on each worksheet and not the date and time of the last save. The date and time could either be located in a worksheet cell or in the individual worksheet header

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Create CommandButton With Code & Position It On Sheet

Aug 25, 2008

How can I create a commandbutton with code & position it.

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Using A Start And End Date To Copy Paste Rows To Another Worksheet

Jan 31, 2014

I'm trying to get a VBA code that will allow me to copy and paste rows based on a date range, for example

Column A = (Blanc)
Column B = Line Number
Column C = Date


i need to have a pop up box that i can input the start date and then another pop up for the end date (mm/dd/yyyy), then using these dates copy the whole row which are within the date range to another sheet called Summary.

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Create New Worksheet And Copy Data Based On Date Field?

Apr 8, 2012

copy the excel sheet data from one sheet to another sheet?

-> I have one excel sheet (name: Test.xls, sheet name: SHEET1)

Sn Code Type next calib
5BPR CORR7-Apr-12
4BPR CORR7-Apr-12
73BPR CORR7-Apr-12
9BRG CORR8-Apr-12
10BRG CORR8-Apr-12
11BRG CORR8-Apr-12
17BRG CORR9-Apr-12
311DP CORR9-Apr-12
227DP CORR9-Apr-12
227DP CORI R9-Apr-12

Want to create a new work sheet and copy the today's date(next calib - filed name) records to new sheet.

Example: Today's Date is 8-Apr-12

So, I want to copy following record to new work sheet (when I click the button / run the macro).

Sn Code Type next calib
9BRG CORR8-Apr-12
10BRG CORR8-Apr-12
11BRG CORR8-Apr-12

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Change Position Of Where Subtotals Are Placed?

Dec 31, 2013

Formula/code to change the position of where the subtotals are placed. I don't want them appearing at the beginning or end of the data set but in a separate column beside each data set. how to access the code so I can try and alter it myself.

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Change Position Of X & Y Axis?

Nov 1, 2006

I have a large database with names down the left and numbers across the top. I want to "tilt" the entire table so that the names run across the top and the numbers run down the left side while keeping all the data together.

from this:

a b c d e f

to this:

1 2 3 4 5

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Change Chart Position

Nov 6, 2006

I have a chart that needs to be positioned at the bottom of a table of data. (The table of data is created by some VBA which extracts data from another sheet based on user input). The chart is a pivot chart built on a pivot table from another worksheet. I've read the suggestion that the chart should be positioned above the table of data which I would do, however as there is already a series of tables and charts above, it would be too confusing for the user to see the chart out of sequence.

As I already have a fair bit of VBA to generate my existing sheet, Id like to have something very simple that I can insert in various places depending when the user makes a change, which requires the chart to be repositioned. Something like:

Change chart position To Range ("B65536").End(xlUp).Row

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Macro To Copy / Change And Paste With Different Criteria?

Aug 5, 2014

I have a file that needs to copy/change and paste data if column H has the following 3 abbrev but each of them has its paste criteria. see details below.

1) In column H, if abbrev ="Prod 10", insert 9 rows and then copy and paste but the codes in column G of the copied rows need to change to different numbers.

2) If abbrev ="Prod 4", change the code of the following 3 rows to 44298.

3) If abbrev ="Prod 14", insert 13 rows and then copy and paste.

Is it possible to have a macro to do these tasks?

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Copy And Paste Non-contiguous Cells In Same Position

Jan 31, 2014

I want to paste a group of non-contiguous cells, and paste the values elsewhere on the sheet while maintaining the same relative position. is this possible via macro somehow?

for example, in column A i want to copy A1,A2,A5,A9; and paste into D1,D2,D5,D9 in one step.

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Change Worksheet Change To Macro

Oct 23, 2008

Is there a way to either change this so that it lets me to select the whole area or a way to make a macro to do what this does to one cell?

Private Sub Worksheet_SelectionChange(ByVal Target As Range)
If Not Intersect(Target, Range("M13:IR458")) Is Nothing Then
Select Case Target.Value
Case "1"
Target.Font.ColorIndex = 20
Target.Interior.ColorIndex = 10
Case "Good"
Target.Font.ColorIndex = 2
Target.Interior.ColorIndex = 35
Case "Stable"
Target.Font.ColorIndex = 2
Target.Interior.ColorIndex = 27......................

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Worksheet Change Macro Takes Too Much Time When Run With Update List Macro

Feb 1, 2009

I have a worksheet in which I have a worksheet_change macro. This worksheet_change macro makes sure that a few cells will keep their colors, even if the user copies and pastes a new value to that cell. This worksheet_change macro runs each time there is a change on the worksheet. Now my problem is that on the same sheet I have an update list macro which updates around 20.000 rows and two columns (which is alltogether around 40.000 values) and it takes a while to run. So.. it takes a loooooooooot of time (too much) when these two macros both run.

My question is that can I somehow disable the worksheet_change macro while the update list macro runs. I mean something like when I start the update list macro to disable worksheet_change macro and when the update list macro finishes, then reenable worksheet_change macro?

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Macro To Create New Worksheet?

Feb 26, 2008

I need to create new worksheet with all the rows which has qty (column A) value of 1 and above by clicking on a submit button....

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Change Shape Size / Keep Its Position?

Jul 10, 2014

I have an autoshape on an sheet, and use this code (it's a circle), to rezise it....

[Code] ....

However, it does rezise it, but the shape doesn't keep it's central position. Is there a bit of code I can add to stop the shape from moving? In other words, have the shape rezise around it's center of location?

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VBA To Change Position Of Images In PowerPoint

Feb 20, 2014

I have written a macro to export many bmp image files to different PPT slides. Everything works fine, but for few slides I am not able to change the co-ordinates. I am using the below code to position the image files. But no matter how much I change the values, the images sits in the same place. And I dont get any error.

PPSlide.Shapes.AddPicture Filename:=slide4pic2, LinkToFile:=msoTrue, SaveWithDocument:=msoTrue, _
Left:=475, Top:=240, Width:=245, Height:=100
PPSlide.Shapes.AddPicture Filename:=slide4pic3, LinkToFile:=msoTrue, SaveWithDocument:=msoTrue, _
Left:=475, Top:=340, Width:=245, Height:=100
PPSlide.Shapes.AddPicture Filename:=slide4pic4, LinkToFile:=msoTrue, SaveWithDocument:=msoTrue, _
Left:=475, Top:=440, Width:=245, Height:=100

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Macro To Cut And Paste To New Worksheet

Apr 3, 2012

I'm in need of a macro that can look for a specific text in a column, cut the entire row and paste it in a new worksheet.

Row 0Column AColumn BColumn C
Row 2XXXX Green XXXX
Row 4XXXX Green XXXX

Based on the above example I would need a code that look for "Green" in Colum B and Cut and paste that to a new sheet called "Green". I also need to add something that will copy the first row (Row 0 or header) to the new sheet. So far I'm able to find green and copy it but I can find a way to delete from the original worksheet.

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VBA Macro To Create New Worksheet, Charts, Etc.

Oct 23, 2008

I need a macro to create the following worksheets and charts from an Excel data set:

Three (3) worksheets (already created manually in attached Excel file):

1. Chart Data.
(a) Column A in Chart Data is always numbered 1 - 600 (50 years x 12 mos/yr).
(b) Column I and column Y data sets (from Prod_Month) created in Chart Data. Each data set can be identified and collated with column F in Prod_Month (API) which is unique for each dataset.

2. Rate vs. Month - plot of Daily Gas (col. Y in Prod_Month) vs. Months (col. A in Chart Data).

3. Rate vs. Time - plot of Daily Gas (col. Y in Prod_Month) vs. Calender Time (col. B et. al. in Chart Data)

At a minimum, could someone help me create the Chart Data worksheet from the data in PROD_MONTH? Charting all the columns takes time from Chart Data but any data manipulation macro(s) help.

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Macro Will Not Create New Worksheet And Workbook

Oct 28, 2009

Im trying to create a document that creates a new workbook when certain functions are selected and have written a macro to assist with this. Basically im working on a comprehensive checklist with all possible scenarios that will need to be tailored for use, so you can create a document with just what is applicable to you and not the whole checklist. I have attached a sample of what i mean, along with clearer descriptors of what the document is designed to do.

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How To Create A Macro To Add New Worksheet And Rename It

Aug 25, 2009

I tried recording a macro to add to a new worksheet, but it gives error while running.

Issue as I understand is, by default excel gives a new worksheet a name (Say Sheet 4), and when u run macro worksheet, new created name may be different.

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How To Create Macro To Add New Worksheet And Rename It

Oct 3, 2012

I need to have many users press a button within the excel sheet that duplicates the form from the current page, opening a new tab (copying the form) that also prompts to input a specific name e.g. "Enter date and day or night shift" to name the tab itself.

I have just worked out how to put a Command Button in and used the above code to create the new page assigning the code to it.

I need the "my sheet" to be prompted and customisable.

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How To Create Worksheet Within A Macro With 10 Tabs

Feb 6, 2014

I need to create a Worksheet within a macro that has 10 tabs. I had something running, then I made some changes and I got Application-defined or object defined error.


Sheets.Add after:=Sheets(Sheets.Count)

I was looping thru this up to 10 now its not working. This isn't too complicated,

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Create The Clock In Worksheet Through Macro

Mar 9, 2007

I would like to create the clock function.

This is my function name. - Clock()

If i put this function in Cell A1. Then from now onwards cell A1 will display system current time. It will keep showing the every seconds changes.

And clock will run itself independenly.

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