Macro To Prompt For Password When Protecting Sheet

Nov 12, 2009

Macros are just not my strong suit. I can usually find my answers here but this one has me stumped. I have rewritten this thing everywhich way but loose and this is my latest version.

Sub SetProtect()
' protect Macro
' prompts for password protection
' Keyboard Shortcut: Ctrl+p
Dim Response As String
Dim Answer As Integer


Response = InputBox("Enter password")
If Response = "safety2" Then.......

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Password Prompt Macro

May 3, 2007

I need to put together a macro, which will be assigned to a command button, that will prompt the user for a pre-specified password, and, if the password is correct, return a pre-specified value in a different cell. Is there any way to do this?

To put it in perspective, at my company we have approval sheets that need to be signed by several executives that are scattered all over the building. The first executive gets the copy, signs it, sends it off, etc. They tend to dissappear on occasion, so we are looking to make it all electronic, where they can access the file in a shared folder, and the if they enter their password correctly, their initials are input into the specified cell. They can than save the file for the next executive to do the same.

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Macro With A Password Prompt Routine

Feb 11, 2009

I am trying to complete a toolbar that will lock and unlock all the sheets in a workbook. While I can set the password automatically I'd like to have the macro ask for the password instead of hardcoding it.

Here is the code I currently have and works so long as I have already set the password in the workbook to match what is in the macro

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Database Query Macro- Password Prompt

Feb 26, 2009

I have created an Excel sheet that retrieves data from a ODBC source. I have created a macro using macro recorder to refresh the data by re-connecting to the database. However, the connection requires a password prompt and when the macro is run, you are still required to enter the password.

Is there anyway to make the macro so that the password is automatically entered and the user will just have to press a button to fully run the query update?

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Password Protecting VBA

Sep 10, 2008

I'm trying to use the Tools|VBA Project Properties dialog box to stop folks from unhiding an xlveryhidden sheet, but even though I check the "lock" checkbox and input passwords in the password and the password verify boxes, Visual Basic fails to stop me from selecting the sheet in question from an Alt-F11 spawned VBA, and editing away.

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Macro For Protecting A Sheet

Dec 23, 2009

Excel 2002

I have a sheet that has some cells already protected by a password. I want another person to be able to make changes to the unprotected cells and then be able to push a button (macro) that will then unlock the sheet activesheet.unprotect ("mypassword"), change all the cells to "locked" and then have the protect sheet window pop open so that they can type in their own password and save it. Is that possible?

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Protecting Worksheets Through Password

Nov 10, 2008

Im trying to protect worksheets in a document by licking...Tools>Protection>Protect Sheet. I am also wanting to password porotect it but every time I think I have protected it, i can still click in all the cells, there are some cells that can be left unprotected....but either way I have not manged to do either.

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Password Protecting More Than One Worksheet

Dec 22, 2008

I have set up a workbook with a tab for each month. in the workbook open module i have the following code (below marked Password protect) that allows for three passwords to unlock certain ranges of cells, what i would like to do is for this code to apply to each worksheet.

Now in the main this works except for one range of cells H11 to H1000, on every sheet all cells are locked except for this range which is unlocked in every sheet except sheet one when you enter the password staff. The only other code i have is for a time stamp (marked time stamp) so that i can monitor when the user has entered data. this again has reference to the sheet name.

their must be something really straight forwad i am doing wrong here as everything works on an sheets except this range being locked.

I am in excel 2002 but my users are on 98, which is why i am protecting in VB rather than using the prtect range option.

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Protecting Worksheet - With Password

Oct 26, 2009

modify the code below to do the following:

When I recorded this macro shown below, I entered in a password (twice) as prompted by Excel 2003.

So when I run this code, it seems to work fine. However, when I want to unprotect the worksheet, I am not prompted to enter in the password.

modify the code so that when I need to unprotect the worksheet, I am prompted to enter in the password?

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Password Protecting A Tabs

Jun 9, 2009

I'm new to the message board so I'm not sure if this question has been addressed. I am creating an excel workbook that two groups need to provide data for, but I do not want the two groups to see each other's tab for inputing data. I know how to protect a sheet in the workbook, but a viewer can still see the contents on the sheet. Is there a way to show the tabs, but when you click on them, it automatically asks for a password before the tab contents can be viewed.

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Password Protecting A User Form

Nov 22, 2008

How would I code a button on a userform to request a password input before opening the form? And as a second level of protection - can I code it to only display asterick's when typing in the password.

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Protecting Individual Worksheets With A Password

Jan 8, 2009

Which works really well, unless when the password box comes up you click cancel. if you do it just allows you to go into the worksheet anyway.

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Password Protecting A Range Of Cells

May 6, 2009

How can I password protect a certain range of cells (titled 'list'), that when someone tries to edit them, a password dialogue box appears, saying only bob can edit these cells please enter password

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Password Protecting Hidden Sheets

Jul 25, 2007

I am using some VBA I found here to password protect a hidden sheet. It works perfectly for 1 sheet, but I am trying to hide 6 but am having problems. Under the HideSheets part I've modified it fine, by using

Sub HideSheets()
'Set worksheet to Very Hidden so that it can only be unhidden by a macro
Worksheets("Confidential1").Visible = xlSheetVeryHidden
Worksheets("Confidential2").Visible = xlSheetVeryHidden
Worksheets("Confidential3").Visible = xlSheetVeryHidden
End Sub.........

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Macro For Protecting Sheet (with Same Name) On Multiple Files At Once?

Jul 19, 2014

I have a macro that duplicates a excel file into how ever many files I need... so If I need 150 copies of the the file, it will make it 150 times.

However, each file the first tab called "Clients" has information that I want protected so users can't alter it. I can't protect it before I run the duplication because the data is added by a group of people and I need it unprotected until they add the information.

What I am looking for is a macro that I can click and run, allows me to select multiple files, then it will automatically Protect Sheet 1 "Clients" on all the files I select so I don't have to open all 150 files after data is entered and Protect sheet 1 manually.

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Input Box Prompt For Password

Dec 5, 2007

How The Vba Code Used For

My Excel File Name "eai.xls" ,when I Click The File , It Open The Sheet Name "menu" With The Inputbox Prompt:="put Your Id"
When The User Put The True Id , It Will Show The Input Box Prompt:="your Password" . If The Password True Will Activate The Sheet Name "data" .and Hide All The Menu Bar.

If The Wrong Id Name Show The "re Enter Your True Id " ,that Also For The Wrong Password In Which If User Put More Than 3 Times Wrong , Will Close The Workbook And Exit File.

The User Persons Allow 10 Person Id . Keep In The Table Of The Sheet Name " Id And Password" The Id No. Are In The A1:a10
Password No. Are In B1:b10
This Sheet Name Is Hide And Protect

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VBA Password Prompt Keeps Popping Up?

Dec 13, 2013

The VBA password prompt keeps popping up when I closed my workbook even though I haven't opened up the VBA window. How do I stop this?

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Prompt Password When Edit The Cell

Aug 7, 2014

I have a macro that locks the cell (cell rangeis given) after entering data into cell & thereafter if we have tochange the value of cell it asks for password. It works well.

I want somechanges in this macro - currently if I move cursor on locked cell then alsoit prompt for password & i want if i edit that cell by double click or F2then only he ask for password.

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Password Prompt - VBA Code Advice

May 11, 2006

I have created a workbook that mostly works with VBA codes. Within the code I have ensured that certain worksheets remain hidden. However, I have also written a macro to access what I called the ADMIN worksheet, which has several commands enabling updates and troubleshooting. Long story short, I would ideally like to prevent users from accessing that worksheet. I have already created a prompt (Msgbox) asking the user if he/she wishes to proceed with the macro but I would prefer being able to have a password prompt to run the macro.

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Prompt For Password On Cell Entry

May 22, 2008

I am trying to password protect user input on a specific text entry, for example if a user tries to enter the letter A they are prompted they require a password (I am trying to do this for authorisation.).

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Protecting Cells So That Password Is Required Only To Insert Comment

Dec 3, 2013

I've found many resources that tell me how to allow for the insertion/editing of comments within a protected worksheet. When I protect the worksheet, I can select "Edit objects" to allow anyone to insert comments.

However, my issue is that I'd like the Insert/Edit comment functionality to require a password, and this happens to be the opposite of what those resources instruct. I also want the content in those same cells to be editable by anyone.

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Macro To Prompt Protect Sheet Box On All Tabs?

Jun 20, 2014

Macro to Run all tabs in a workbook and prompt a pop up asking about sheet protection for each tab, such as Select locked cells, and select unlocked cells.

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Disable Password Prompt Upon Opening Spreadsheet

May 29, 2008

have a password protected spreadsheet with a userform for people to enter data. This allows them to enter data, but stops them from editing or deleteing data once entered.

When the spreadsheet is opened, it asks for a password to unlock it. Hitting cancel allows the user to continue and the userform pops up for the user to enter data. I would like to disable the initial password prompt when the file is opened to avoid confusion on the users part.

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Prompt User To Open Sheet As Macro Enabled - VBA

Jun 19, 2013

I have got a protected sheet with macros, how can I ensure that users can only open the sheet as Macro enabled only otherwise the sheet would not open?

I understand that some users may have different Macro security settings?

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Macro - How To Remove Delete Prompt When Deleting A Sheet

Jul 22, 2013

I have a Macro which deletes a sheet called "Pre selection" with:

Sheets("Pre selection").Select

It asks me every time if I am sure and I have to click to continue. Is there any way to remove this prompt or set it to continue without my intervention?

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Login And Password Prompt Prior To ODBC Connection?

Apr 23, 2013

i currently have an excel based application with VBA code. I'm trying to add some controls around the app by prompting user for login and password credentials prior to ODBC connection at runtime. So when application is launched, prompt appears, user enters login and password, if correct, it goes on to verify user has ODBC connection at runtime.

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Unexpected Password Prompt Prevents Workbook Close

Jul 1, 2008

When I close one excel document, I get prompted for a password.. And it won't close (I don't know the password) The only way I can get it away is by terminating it in task manager. I have read alot of threads in here, where the solutions should be to uninstall Google Desktop..

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Macro: Protection From Same Password To All Sheet

Aug 1, 2007

i have a spreadsheet with about forty different sheets and all of these sheets are protected with the same password, and wheni come round to doing an amendment to the spreadsheet i have to unprotect and then re protect each sheet in turn, very time consuming

each sheet is naturally named different

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Creating A Macro To Lock A Password Protected Sheet

Feb 23, 2007

I've got a work book with numourous password protected sheets which i quite often have to update (as i use around 10 of these with at least 10 sheets in each its time consuming). I've had several goes at creating 2 macros to unlock and then lock the sheets (with my password). I've managed to create on that unlocks the sheets using the password but i can't get a macro to lock the sheets up again using the password.

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Macro To Unprotect Sheet Unlock Cells And Protect Worksheet With Same Password

Jan 23, 2012

I have been really trying to get this sorted myself and I can get it to work with one exception. I can't get the sheet to lock with a password. It locks, but if I try to unlock it again, it does so without prompting me to enter a password.

Essentially I am wanting to unprotect two sheets, unlock the cells that were previously locked (so users couldn't enter data in them when the sheet is protected), then reapply the same password to protect the sheet, but now they will be able to enter data in the unlocked range of cells).

The second macro is to reverse the changes made in the first and 're-lock' the unlocked cells) (and again apply the same password to the sheet).

this is the code I have used.


Sheets("2012 Calculator 1 week").Select
ActiveSheet.Unprotect "taado"
Selection.Locked = False
Selection.FormulaHidden = False
Sheets("2012 Calculator 2 week").Select


I am assuming I have superfluous code in there, in addition to my mistake with the reapplication of the password.

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