Manage Addin Behaviour Via Registry

Mar 14, 2007

Is it possible to make a setting in the registry, so next time excel opens
the addin is not "marked" in the addins-list. I can't do it manually because, because the close_event in the addin will be executed and that will screw things up.
Currently I'm looking at the regkeys: addin-manager and options, I see a change in the registry if I close XL when I unchecked an addin from the addin-list. It looks promising, but Iám not familiar with it

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Macro To Save Shared Addin To Personal Addin Folder

Dec 30, 2008

I have an addin in a shared folder which was created by someone else. (it is a user form). I need to create a macro which will go to its existing folder and then save it in the users personal addin folder also picking up their user id. There will be about 100 users so easier this way than going round doing it for them.

So I suppose the query is three fold.

1, pick up the addin and save it in a personal addin folder.
2, Find the username as part of the path file. For instance my personal would be:

"C:Documents and SettingsO033116Application DataMicrosoftAddIns"

The "O033116" is where I will need a search completed to obtain the user id.

The addin is called ServiceCredt.xla

3, Activate the installed addin.

The reason I want it this way is so the user is unable to access any of the code and we are in control.

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Disabling Windows (Copy Addin To Addin Folder) Dialog

May 23, 2012

I have an Excel Addin that I deploy as a read-only addin on a server share. I instruct my co-workers to add the Add-In as they would any other Add-In, but I tell the to answer NO to the Windows question "Copy 'AddinName' to the Addins folder for John Doe?".

That way, everyone will be working with the server version of the addin, and any time I want to roll out an updated version I just place a new addin file on the server. The next time the users restart Excel, the new version is loaded.

Except users never follow directions and some of them click the default 'Yes' when asked and get a local copy of the addin and never receive updated versions of the addin.

How do I disable the "Copy Addin" question completely? I don't want to depend on the user. I know this is possible because I have this 3rd party addin that we use that is installed from c:Program Files and it just stays there and you're never asked to copy the addin when you install it in Excel.

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Print Behaviour Changes

Aug 14, 2008

I have a workbook which prints the sheets I desire using my default printer when I click the Print button in the Standard Toolbar. However, my macros must not be written entirely correctly, for whenever I want to print using a different printer by clicking File/Print... my sheets immediately print without letting me choose any options - so with other words, using File/Print does exactly the same thing as hitting the Print button.

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2007 Registry Key For Recent Files

Jan 7, 2010

I've had my Excel 2007 set up for the longest time to show the 30 most recent files when clicking on the office button. After changing it to 50 the office menu in Excel runs off the bottom of the screen and I can no longer get ot the options at the bottom to change it back. Does anyone know the registry key to modify this setting back to the 30 that allowed the full menu to be visible?

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Get File Path From Windows Registry

Sep 4, 2006

How to search and get the path of a folder present in windows registry using VBA excel.

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Userform Controls Behaviour When Moving From One Control To Another

Feb 27, 2013

I have built a quoting tool and Userforms to act as a user interface to this tool. The userforms basically just feed user input back to relevant sheets. I have a number of textboxes, listboxes and radio buttons on multipages. Now the issue is that each control has an Afterupdate or Change event associated with it. Consider this scenario:

I have 4 product categories (represented by radio buttons) : Cat A, Cat B, Cat C, Cat D

Each category can have up to 10 line items which are represented by combo boxes.

Now lets say the user has selected Cat A radio button, he selects a product from the combo box (the cursor or focus is still on the combo box) and clicks on Cat B radio button. Here is the issue: on the first click, Afterupdate or Change event of Combo box fires but radio button is still unselected. The user has to click Cat B radio button AGAIN to select Cat B radio button. So essentially it takes two clicks with a slight pause between them to change categories.

One way to avoid this is to press Enter or 'tab through' each field. But this is not very intuitive. I have tried using Exit, Afterupdate, Exit, Change events without success. I can't use ControlSource option because the cell to input info to is dynamically selected. I have used xlCalculationManual for some text boxes but can't use this since some inputs on the userforms depend on the right value being calculated on the sheet.

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Retrieve Windows Install Date From Registry?

Mar 23, 2014

how to retrieve Install date of Windows from registry (or form any where else). I know this date is saved in key "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindows NTCurrentVersionInstallDate", I used RegRead but it return "0" (zero)

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Create Registry Of Users In Order To Push Out Updates

Jul 17, 2013

I have created an excel application using VBA that is posted publicly on a website and currently being downloaded by users around the world. I would like doing either of the following:

1) create a simple way to keep track of who has downloaded the application (e.g. is there a way to have people register with their email when they open the program for the first time?) so that I can send a mass email whenever a new version of the application is available


2) be able to automatically send a notification to users when an update to the application has been made (e.g. is there a way to tap into Microsofts' update notification system so that it automatically updates the application for users with internet connection?)

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Replicate Default Behaviour When Passing Ranges To Functions

Oct 13, 2013

I've got this relatively simple file I use to calculate some values for a game mod. Its currently using ad-hoc excel functions, but its maths related to aerodynamics and they get unreadable quickly. I'd like to move to VBA functions for ease of maintenance, and programming the maths part of the code has been no issue so far.

However, I don't understand how to replicate the functionality of the default maths functions regarding range inputs.

Simple example, one of the intermediate values is the Aspect Ratio of the wing:

=ROUND(2 * Semi_Span / Mean_Aerodynamic_Chord, 3)

This works fine with both numeric inputs, cell references, or, as shown here, defined range names.

However, my VBA version:

Function AspectRatio(b_2 As Variant, mac As Variant, Optional round As Integer = 3) As Variant
AspectRatio = Application.round(2 * b_2 / mac, round)
End Function
Only works with single-cell references or numeric inputs.

When called as:

=AspectRatio(Semi_Span, Mean_Aerodynamic_Chord)
It fails.

From my limited understanding - I've only started looking into VBA about 2 hours ago - I need to do a IsNumeric test on the inputs in question, and then use the row from Application.Caller.Address to select the right cell if the input is a range? Am I on the right track?

How to craft a Sub I can call in the 15+ math functions I made.

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Code That Manage Add-ins

Feb 17, 2007

Is there a code that manage Add-ins?

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Manage Multiple Checkboxes

Feb 23, 2007

I'm having problem in managing 4000 checkboxes in a sheet. My sheet containt 2000 rows with 2 coloum of checkboxes. The question is, how to know when checkbox tick in one coloum then it will automatically tick the other one. I know how to do it with small quantity of checkboxes (i.e.: 10 checkboxes). But 4000 checkboxes make me headache.

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Using Select Case To Manage Production

May 21, 2014

I'm trying to use a Select Case to log production time-tables.

I've tried a couple angles - one being Select Case.

Every time I run the Macro I get the default ERROR "Wrong Model Entered...."

[Code] .....

I'm thinking the problem lies within

[Code] .....

but I'm not certain.

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Formula To Manage Output Orientation

Feb 9, 2010

Assuming I’ve the following sample data and wishing if the output data could be formatted using some excel formulas, refer to below sample.

Sample data (Sheet1):
StudentA | Lesson1
StudentA | Lesson21
StudentA | Lesson10
StudentA | Lesson5
StudentB | Lesson5
StudentB | Lesson6
StudentC | Lesson9
StudentC | Lesson8
StudentC | Lesson9
StudentC | Lesson15
StudentC | Lesson11
StudentC | Lesson30
StudentC | Lesson13
StudentD | Lesson1
StudentD | Lesson2
StudentD | Lesson3
StudentD | Lesson4
StudentD | Lesson5
StudentD | Lesson6
StudentD | Lesson7
StudentD | Lesson8

Sample output (Sheet2):
StudentA | StudentB | StudentC | StudentD
Lesson1 | Lesson5 | Lesson9 | Lesson1
Lesson21 | Lesson6 | Lesson8 | Lesson2
Lesson10..................Lesson9 | Lesson3
Lesson5....................Lesson15 | Lesson4
.................................Lesson11 | Lesson5
.................................Lesson30 | Lesson6
.................................Lesson13 | Lesson7

The sample data could be long and a lot, so it's best if the formula can be made flexible to cater for this requirement.

Please refer to the attached file for some sample data.

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Manage File With Bunch Of Tabs?

Mar 5, 2013

I just inherited an excel spreadsheet that has 10 tabs per every month in the year. Right now it is not that bad as there are only two months in the spreadsheet but I can see this being a headache to tab through later on in the year.

My initial thought is to make a table of contents worksheet that has a bunch of buttons (with macros) to hide/show tabs based on month. (Note: It would not make sense to consolidate the month worksheets into one as each worksheet already has a lot of data in it to begin with.

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IF-formula- IF Function Only Manage 7 Commands

Jun 16, 2009

I would like to make an IF-formula in excel. The problem is that i would like to to it for 12 different commands. i.e "IF(A1=14;243;"") but for 12 commands I saw that the in-built IF function in excel only manage 7 commands, is this true?
And how do I write the formula,

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Insert, Read And Manage Comments Fields

Jun 20, 2006

I know how to insert, read and manage comments fields in Excel, however I want to be able to refer to a comment in another spreadsheet. For example

Spreadheet One contains a series of figures, against one of which a comment has been attached.

Spreadsheet Two has links pulling information from cells in various spreadsheets including the cell in Spreadsheet One which has the comment.

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Spreadsheet To Manage My Players In A Virtual Sports Game

Dec 13, 2007

I have been working on a spreadsheet to manage my players in a virtual sports game. I have worked out that the optimum skill scores for all the positions and want a way to compare a player to the optimum.

For example:

Position 147.1737.6742.0533.8313.6711.3317.33

These are the averages for Position 1

How do I find the player who closest matches this optimum. Players have scores in the same 7 skill areas.

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How To Manage New Year File Name Change When Linked To External Workbooks?

Nov 12, 2009

I have a set up a workbook which is linked to numerous other workbooks to provide a summary of information in one location.

However, when we reach April the names of all the linked worksheets will change from 'name 09 - 10' to 'name 10 - 11'.

What is the best way of handling this transition, will I have to manually change all of the links?

I have attached a much simplified example, unfortunately I cannot post the original due to sensitive data.

Apologies if the explanation isnt clear enough, let me know and I'll give further detail.

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"istext" Behaviour/recognition

Apr 4, 2009

was workin' on a text recognition question with someone here:

and another user posted this:

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Protect An Addin

Nov 18, 2008

I am trying to protect an addin I have. I can protect the shared woorkbook, but when I save it as an addin the code is visible to the addin.

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Class As An AddIn

Jul 28, 2009

I have written a class that can be used as a replacement for Application.FileSearch in Excel 2007, that will take the same parameters etc. with no, or minimal code adjustments.

How do I now alter this so that it can be used as an AddIn by others?

I think that I have to remove all the sheets apart from 1 from the document, and save it as an .xla, but I am struggling with making this an addin, and then being able to use the addin from other code.

Does anyone have some instructions or a link to a website that could direct me? I have done a google search, but search for Excel, VBA, and classes (as well as AddIns), just gives lots of links to classes (as in teaching).

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Addin Modification

Jan 18, 2007

I did modify some codes inside my addin, then did save the modified addin file by pressing the save icon from the VBA window..........but i found that the addin file was saved without the modification made to it. so i lost all modification did to the file. i donot know what i did wrong ?

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View Addin's Worksheet?

May 11, 2009

I'm stuyding the book "Professional Excel Development" which has a Project Template and an addin with several modules and a worksheet. I can view the addin's modules but not it's worksheet - is this normal for addin's? I haven't worked with them much before.

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Converting Personal.xls To Addin

Jul 7, 2009

Basically, I want to convert my Personal.xls VBAProject to say, MyMacros.xla so that I can then create a menu bar item with those addin Macros listed... I've got the code for that part ...

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Addin Worksheet Function In VBA

Mar 20, 2008

I have found an addin ( that adds a worksheet function smoothing data. It operates with 2 arguments:
- a range for the input data to smooth
- a parameter detailing how to do the smoothing.

It outputs a matrix of smoothed results, and therefore requires the Ctrl-Shift-Enter on a spreadsheet. Until there no problem, the function works properly. However I need to repeat the process about 100 times. Therefore I extended my ranges to duplicate the calculations, and that also worked fine. But because I don't need the intermediate data (100 columns by 1000+ rows) and I don't like to wait 2 minutes for the calculations to finish each time I open the saved file again, I thought I could just use VBA and only output the final results.

This is how the working syntax is in a cell:
=SMOOTH(B3:B1032, "5RSSH,5RSSH,>,5RSSH")

And there the nightmare starts :
- I cannot apply it even once: I get a type mismatch whatever I do to calculate the range and put it as an argument of the function. I used a string to store the range name and use it as is (B3:B1032 or even "B3:B1032") or with the Range function Range("B3:B1032"). I even tried to put manually "B3:B1032" with the same result. First major issue

- Because the worksheet function requires a range, I cannot use an array, or at least I tried without success. Therefore I need to output the result on the worksheet each time it is processed, and reread it through the formula, for n times the loop is running for... Kind of inconvenient... So I tried to modify the original smooth() function to create a new one that would accept an array as argument instead of range, but with the same consequence: Type mismatch when I feed the new function with an array (which I checked contains the data to process).

I have tried an example I found somewhere using a built-in Excel Worksheet function MMult and it worked with ranges:

Sub SomeSub()

Dim xArray As Variant, yArray As Variant, zArray As Variant
Dim Fn As Object
Set Fn = Application.WorksheetFunction

xArray = Range("A1:B2").Value
yArray = Range("D1:E2").Value
zArray = Fn.MMult(xArray, yArray)

ActiveCell.Resize(2, 2).Value = zArray

End Sub

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Disappearing Addin List

Jul 8, 2008

I have workbook which automatacally 'installs' an addin, i.e. ticks the box.

When I open the workbook without Excel running, the code fails to install the addin. When I then use Tools > Addins, the panel of addins is completely blank.

I can only restore the addins list by closing Excel and reopening it.

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VBA Message When Activating Addin

Nov 7, 2008

I have an addin "My Menu" that runs several routines. These routine require the sheet to be converted to text "Sub text ()" no problem so far. But I want to warn the user that the sheet is about to be converted to text.

Is there a VBA way of displaying a message box when "My Menu" is clicked on that says "Sheet will be converted to Text OK ?"

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AddIn Automation Sequence

Aug 1, 2006

how to automate AddIns sequence when opening Excel? I have 5 different AddIn (xla) and I have to launch them in a specific order (after the menu Essbase is installed - with xll) cause I'm adding rows in that menu. Excel is launching my xla's in alphabetical order but before Essbase is installed.

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Force An Addin To Be Installed

Mar 26, 2007

Is it possible to force an addin to be installed in Excel 2003 using VBA? I have a spreadsheet that uses the solver.xla addin in a vba macro. It works fine on my machine, where I have manually ticked SOLVER in Tools>Addins and manually added a reference. However, it does not work when I send to someone else. It seems that the addin is not being installed. I have VBA code that opens it:

On Error Resume Next
s = Application.LibraryPath & "solversolver.XLA"
Workbooks.Open filename:=s

but even with this, i get a "Unexpected internal error occurred, or available memory as exhausted" when I try to run the following

On Error Resume Next
ActiveSheet. Unprotect
Application.Run "Solver.xla!SolverReset"
Application.Run "Solver.xla!SolverOk", "$D$46", 2, "0", "$L$13:$L$14"
Application.Run "Solver.xla!SolverOptions", 100, 100, 0.000001, False, False, 2, 1, 1, 0.05, True
Application.Run "Solver.xla!SolverOk", "$D$46", 2, "0", "$L$13:$L$14"
Application.Run "Solver.xla!SolverSolve"
ActiveSheet.Protect DrawingObjects:=False, Contents:=True, Scenarios _

The one way to make it work is manually going into Tools>Addins and ticking it. This is confusing me as the above, along with the code that opens it, should not even require a reference, but it doesn't work without it

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